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 Dear Sirs! We are opening a new platform for discussion of important and exciting business of all of us -­‐ questions -­‐ UNICOMPLIANCE CLUB. The first meeting will be held on February 24th at 17:00 in Moscow, the hotel Avialuxe! Theme of our event “Indetermination. People. Opportunities of Compliance Management System”. We will discuss the opportunities and threats of human recourses and business-­‐processes in modern company’s conditions. What we plan to discuss? -­‐ Management practices and management company's decisions in today's challenging environment -­‐ New and additional opportunities to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the company, which is in the modern business -­‐ environment -­‐ Ideas Compliance Management System Who we are waiting for the event? -­‐ Owners and CEO of companies -­‐ Top -­‐ managers of companies of different levels -­‐ Director of Quality and auditors of quality management system -­‐ Management consultants -­‐ All those who are interested in questions of regulation and standardization of business -­‐ practice -­‐ All those who are willing to look at familiar things from a different perspective What will be the format of the event? -­‐ Speech speakers with real situations and practices in business -­‐ Discussion with the participants to discuss issues -­‐ Informal communication "on the fields» UNICOMPLIANCE CLUB with tea and coffee How do we choose the theme? It depends on the current trends in the business -­‐ environment. Working with companies of different levels and areas, we can see what issues concern the owners and managers, which causes the greatest interest and the greatest excitement. When we perform and what are the conditions of participation? Last Tuesday of the month, from 17 to 20. The cost of participation -­‐ 1500 rubles. Join us! Kind regards, ©LCBS Moscow, Gazentny per., h.5 , office 5, tel. + 7 (906) 095 22 75; www.lcbs-­‐ 1 Veronica Yarnykh, Ph.D., partner Lean Compliance Business Solutions (Russia) certified lead auditor in ISO 19600: 2014 coordinator of the Association UNIQUALITY in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan Associate Professor, Faculty of Journalism RSHU Contacts, programs and additional materials on the website www.lcbs-­‐, + 7 (906) 095 22 75, [email protected]­‐ Agency LCBS (Lean Compliance Business Solutions) -­‐ international Business -­‐ agency created in 2014 by consultants from Russia and Italy. We specialize in: -­‐ Audit of the second and third party and service «mystery auditor» on behalf of the international certification bodies; -­‐ Training courses for certification of lead auditors and auditors Compliance Management System and other systems; -­‐ Implementation, development and management systems auditing company in accordance with the new international standard ISO 19600: 2014; -­‐Consulting services for the implementation and certification of management systems in accordance with basic international standards ISO; -­‐ Selection and assessment of certified professionals ISO, with all necessary certificates in Russia and around the world. ©LCBS Moscow, Gazentny per., h.5 , office 5, tel. + 7 (906) 095 22 75; www.lcbs-­‐ 2 
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