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Wells Wood Works Wins national award
Personalized Name Puzzle Wins Fat Brain Toy Award
Wells Wood Works, LLC, located in rural Fredonia has had a remarkable year.
The manufacturing company owned
by gReg and deBRa WeLLS is the
maker of Personalized Name Puzzles.
The Wells were awarded the 2012
Fat Brain Toy Award, which means
that visitors to Fat Brain Toys website
have chosen it as the best-of-thebest in specialty toys, games and
The award-winning puzzle encourages logic abilities, motor skills, letter
recognition, name spelling and early
Their toys were even featured in
Martha Stewart Living magazine.
“We received a phone call from
our daughter, Lisa [Huebner of emporia] that she had just received her
September issue of the magazine and
two of our puzzles were on the front
cover,” Wells said. “We also noticed
an incline in sales after the magazine
came out.”
“We are expecting our largest
sales year ever; based on sales of 7,000
puzzles in 2011, we are anticipating
sales close to 10,000,” Wells said.
Wells Wood Works, LLC, is the
first manufacturer to mass produce
the puzzles. With the use of a CNC
router, a computer controlled shaping
machine, the company has been
Employee Joanne Betts is laying primary colored letters
into the Personalized Name Puzzles with pastel colors
shown in the foreground.
able to reduce waste, frequency of errors and the time the finished product
takes to get to its customer.
Greg Friend is the computer IT
guru; he has been responsible not just
for creating the programs that track
inventory, but also for all the computer programming required to cut each
name as well as the letters. This allows
Wells to invoice automatically from
the purchase orders.
“If it requires a computer program,
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page 16-Bf
DeCeMBeR 2012
KanSaS CountRy Living
Continued from page 16-Af
Thinking about
ordering a puzzle
for your little one
for a Christmas gift?
The last day to order
is December 15.
he can figure it out and has
saved us countless hours
and many dollars in bringing
this to life,” Wells said.
The CNC router is controlled by a computer which
uploads coordinates into
the machine controller from
a separate CAD program.
The puzzle board is made of Birch veneer medium density fiber (MDF). With its beveled edges,
it is run through the router with the end result of
a personalized name puzzle.
All puzzles, boards and letters are sanded to
ensure no splinters. The letters are made from
Plum Creek medium density fiber board. The
high quality wooden letters are available in solid
primary colors or soft pastels and are sleek and
The individual letters are two by threeinches, accommodating small hands. The letters are coated in water based paint, free of
No need to worry if your child’s name is
available, even for uncommon name like “Igna-
The CNC router begins cutting the name Morgan.
KanSaS CountRy Living
DeCeMBeR 2012
tius,” or a differThe September 2012 issue of Martha Stewent spelling like
art Living magazine featured the Personal“emilee,” delivery
ized Name Puzzles on the cover.
will be no problem. The letter
pieces are all in capital letters and are available
with up to nine letters per puzzle.
The puzzles can be used as a baby gift for a
baby’s room and then used as an educational toy
as the child grows into toddler age and begins to
learn their colors and letters.
“Our puzzles are made to be handled and
played with by toddlers,” Wells said. Also, if the
dog happens to chew on a letter or is lost, that
letter can be replaced.
The Personalized Name Puzzle can be
bought from www.fatbraintoys.com. Look at
the 2012 Fat Brain Toy Award Winners and the
Personalized Name Puzzle will be listed along
with other award winners.
If you are in the Fredonia area, orders can
be placed at “Heartstrings A Flower Boutique”
located at 412 N. 7th Street or by calling 620-3784248. Heartstrings is owned by Radiant member,
Sherri Wickham.
Greg and Debra Wells and their business Wells Wood Works,
LLC, are members of Radiant Electric Cooperative. Permission was granted by Fat Brain Toys for information used in
the article.
Radiant Will award $4,000 in Scholarships in 2013
The Radiant electric Cooperative Board of Trustees
has approved $4,000 for the 2013-2014 Radiant electric
Cooperative, Inc., Merit Scholarship. The scholarships will
be announced at the Annual Meeting of Members on
Thursday, April 4, 2013.
Scholarship committee members include Barbara
Curtis, elk City; Sharon Frankenbery, Altoona; Marilyn
Kidd, Fredonia and Randy Studebaker, Thayer.
The scholarship committee will meet in January 2013
to finalize the scholarship application.
Graduation seniors and college students that are dependents of Radiant electric members or a member that
is planning to attend a four-year college for the 2013-2014
school years are eligible to apply.
i have to Pay Because My electricity was off?!
Our customer service
representatives (CSR)
have heard that stateRadiant will assist members as much as we can, but the responsibility for equipment
ment a few times and
then the member tells
on the load side of the main breaker (illustrated below) belongs to the member. Any
their neighbor “you
damage or deterioration to the line from the meter pole to the residence/structure is
better not call in, your
the responsibility of the member. Service charges can apply if Radiant does any type
cooperative will charge
you to repair your outof maintenance on the line from the meter pole to the residence/structure.
age problem.”
When you call our
office to report an outage, the first question
the CSR will ask you is,
barn or other
“Have you checked your
that is NOT
breakers or fuses?”
the property
In a number of
of Radiant
outages you may have
checked the breakers
Member’s Responsibility
Radiant’s Responsibility
in your home but may
not be aware that in
most rural areas there
are breakers under the
Radiant’s responsibility stops at
the main breaker
meter and many times
that is the cause of the
outage. The breakers
under the meter are the property of
digital meters, it is very easy to check. With the price of fuel, labor and
the home owner and, in an overtime
Look at the digital readout; in most
equipment it is costly to send our
callout situation, you will receive a bill situations if you can read the meter,
crews on unnecessary trips, and we
for the lineman to reset your breaker.
the power from the transformer to
continue to try and keep our cost
He may not have the equipment or
the meter is good so the problem is
down as much as possible.
material to repair your problem as an
probably on your side of the meter.
Take a few minutes on a nice day
electrician would.
If it is blank, then the power to
and check out your electric service
your meter is probably off and you
breaker points and how the meter
Radiant electric is proud of our
should call in and report the outage.
looks during normal operation. If you
linemen; they are very caring and will
have any questions, give us a call at
do what they can to help you in any
help us help you!
Your cooperative does not enjoy
Radiant electric Cooperative is
how do i know if it
sending you a bill for resetting your
here to serve you 24 hours a day, 365
is my problem?
breakers or other problems that are
days a year. Call us if you need us, we
With the installation of the new
on the member side of the meter.
will be happy to respond.
Where Does the Cooperative’s Responsibility Stop?
Radiant Transformer
Radiant Meter Pole
DeCeMBeR 2012
KanSaS CountRy Living
Local Event
December 6 –Caney Christmas Parade: At 6
p.m. in downtown Caney.
December 9 –4-h annual tasting tea: Martin
and Osa Johnson Safari Museum.
December 9-13 –Christmas Lane on Main.
December 7 –Chamber Christmas Parade:
Annual chamber Christmas parade and first
Chamber Cash Bucks giveaway drawing.
December 17-18 –Mercy auxiliary holiday
Sale: In the Round Tower on Monday from 10 a.m.
to 7 p.m. and Tuesday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
December 10 –annual Christmas Parade:
The parade begins at 11 a.m.
Welcome New Members
Tamara Scaletta–Buffalo
Brandon J. Wood–Buffalo
Justin M Lyons–Caney
Brandy D Stout–Cherryvale
Elizabeth Clark–Coffeyville
Shawna Nickle–Coffeyville
Stephen Funk–El Dorado
David Darby–Fredonia
Kenneth Russell–Independence
Samantha Frick–Neodesha
Lorena Meadows–Neodesha
LaForge Construction Corp.–Parsons
LR Energy–LLC–Sycamore
Destry Dyke–Thayer
Joe Thornton–Thayer
Trampas Benson–Stockton, MO
Holiday Office Closings
Radiant Electric wishes our
members a Merry
Christmas and a
Happy New Year.
Our offices will
be closed December 24-25 and January 1 in
observance of these holidays. If you have
an electrical outage, please call our dispatch
service at 1-800-821-0956. Radiant line crews
are on standby to restore your service.
KanSaS CountRy Living
DeCeMBeR 2012
Bright ideas for Safe Lighting this Season
Sparkling lights and dazzling decorations are hallmarks of the season.
Make sure your holiday decorating is
done with safety in mind.
Use only holiday lights that have
been safety tested and have the
UL label. Before decorating, check
each light strand for broken sockets,
frayed cords, or faulty plugs. Always
be sure to unplug the lights when replacing a bulb. Don’t string together
more than three standard-size sets
of lights or you could risk overheating the circuit.
Outdoors, use only lights, cords,
animated displays and decorations
rated for outdoor use. Cords should
be plugged into outlets equipped
with GFCI’s. Use a portable GFCI if
your outdoor outlets don’t have
Take extra care not to throw
strings of lights over tree branches
that are near power lines and service
Radiant offers these additional
tips for safe holiday decorating:
f Match plugs with outlets. Don’t
force a three-pronged plug into
a two-pronged outlet or extension cord, or remove the third
prong. Keep electric cords out of
high-traffic areas. Do not run them
through doorways, staple, nail,
or tack them to the wall, or hide
them under rugs or carpets. Always
unplug lights before going to bed
or leaving your home. Make sure
extension cords are in good condition and are UL-approved cords
rated to carry the electrical load
you will connect to them.
f Don’t let children or pets play
with light strands for electrical
f If you spot an electrical danger,
make sure to unplug the malfunctioning appliance immediately and
get a replacement.
Holiday cooking and entertaining should also be undertaken with
safety in mind. More than 30 percent
of home fires and injuries are caused
by cooking, according to the National Fire Protection Agency. Follow
these tips to avoid shocks or fires:
f Inspect all small appliances and
electric cords to make sure they
are in good repair before using.
Don’t use appliances with cracked
or frayed cords.
f Read the operating instructions
of any appliance before use. When
purchasing new kitchen appliances,
look for UL-Listed appliances with
automatic shut-off features.
f Keep cooking areas empty and
devoid of grease. Stay focused and
attentive to baking, brewing, and
simmering foods.
f Make sure outlets near sinks are
equipped with properly tested
ground fault circuit interrupters
(GFCI’s) to prevent shocks.
Radiant electric non-discrimination Statement
The Radiant Electric Cooperative, Inc., is the
recipient of Federal financial assistance from
the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).
The USDA prohibits discrimination in all
its programs and activities on the basis of race,
color, national origin, age, disability, and where
applicable, sex, marital status, familial status,
parental status, religion, sexual orientation,
genetic information, political beliefs, reprisal,
or because all or part of an individual’s income
is derived from any public assistance program.
(Not all prohibited bases apply to all programs.)
Persons with disabilities who require
alternative means for communication of program (Braille, large print, audiotape, etc.) should
contact USDA’s TARGET Center at 202-720-2600
(voice TDD).
To file a complaint of discrimination,
write to USDA, Director of Civil Rights, 1400
Independence Avenue, S. W., Washington,
D.C. 20250-9410, or call toll free 866-632-9992
(voice) or 800-877-8339 (TDD) or 866-377-8642
(relay voice users). USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.