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College Executive Principal – Regan Neumann ■ College Deputy Principal – Elizabeth Foster ■ A/Business Manager – Paul Hillier
Principal Senior School – Duncan Steel ■ Principal Middle School – Mike Loftus ■ Principal Junior School – Damien Greig ■ A/Senior Deputy Principal – Kerrie Richards ■ Middle Deputy Principal – Linda Greitschus
Dear Families
During the first part of this term the college has been emphasising with
students the importance of making our vision real in our college practices
– the pursuit of excellence with all our might. We have been trying to
make the point – in everything we do – studies, sports, interaction with
others, helping out – we do it to the best of our ability. We would
appreciate it if you can also take some time to reinforce this at home.
Our values underpin our vision. Our college values are:
Courage and resilience – “With All Thy Might”
Refuse to give in to doubt and fear. Draw on moral and physical
courage in times of adversity. Realise that no matter what
happens, you can cope with dignity and strength.
Creative and critical thinking - “Scientia ad Sidera – The Pursuit of
Excellence Through Learning
Engage in lifelong learning. See empowerment through
problem solving, analysis and creativity, enjoy the pursuit of
excellence through learning.
Integrity and honesty – Think and act ethically.
Do what you know to be right rather than what is easy or
convenient. Be accountable for your own actions. Ensure
consistency between what you say and what you do. Be honest.
Respect – Believe in the inherent worth of each person.
Respect yourself and others and act with compassion. Show
empathy by working to understand the viewpoint of others and
how they are feeling.
Responsibility – Recognise the connections among personal, social
and environmental wellbeing.
Act responsibly, ethically and in a disciplined way to make the
world a better place. Understand that our choices and actions
affect the rights of others, including future generations.
Valuing Diversity – Recognise the common humanity of all peoples.
Advocate for fairness and support the rights of others.
Challenge injustice and promote understanding.
These values shape our culture of trusting relationships, allowing all
members of the college to build a productive community where Happiness
is valued.
DATE 27 February 2015
All students at our college are currently undertaking a formal
program that talks about these values. This happens during the first
term each year at the college. They are also revisited at various
times during the year. We encourage students to live out these
values in all that they do at school and beyond.
Warm regards
Dr Regan Neumann
Last week I included information from the ‘Learning Curve’ which is
associated with our Senior School Diary. Throughout the students
diary there are weekly tips to help students to manage themselves
throughout the school year. Here is some further information from
the Learning Curve on memory coding and reviewing notes.
Taking accurate and comprehensive notes is an essential
component in high level student understanding and thus
achievement. More importantly, these notes have to be reviewed
regularly to embed them in students’ long term memories.
Following are facts relating to how much the brain retains:
1. Should notes not be reviewed within 24 hours, 60% to
80% of the learnt material is forgotten by the brain
2. After a month with no reviews, only 3% to 4% is
3. When the brain doesn’t see learnt material regularly, it
doesn’t see it as important because there are no patterns
and as such dumps it.
4. When 50 minutes of learning is not reviewed regularly, it
takes 30 to 40 minutes to relearn it - why learn it in the first
As renowned Polish pianist, Ignace Paderewski, once said, “If I miss
one day’s practice, I notice it. If I miss two day’s practice, the critics
notice. If I miss three days practice, the audience notices it.”
Whereas when the material is continually revisited the brain sees it
as important because there are patterns. Real learning occurs when
students are required to retrieve it regularly through reviewing. An
excellent way to review notes is to use interactive
Thinking Tools to organise the learnt material visibly in students’
brains. Students regularly train for sport and practise their musical
instruments to improve their skills and capabilities; the brain is no
Duncan Steel
Senior School Principal
 Wed 4 Mar
 Thurs 5 Mar
 Mon 16 Mar
Yr 8, Yr 10 Vaccinations
Non Uniform Day
P & C Meeting, AGM
Student Absences
Please note the following direct phone numbers
and email addresses:
Junior School (Years 1 – 5)
or email: [email protected]
Middle School (Years 6 – 9)
or email: [email protected]
Senior School (Years 10 – 12)
or email: [email protected]
We have reached the mid - point of Term1 and things are starting to get
really busy in the Middle School. Hopefully, by now all parents should be
aware of the assessment schedules that their children have (if not, please
consult the College Web Site and if further help is needed please contact
the relevant Year Coordinator).
This week our Year 8 students have received the first of three
presentations around Cyber Safety. This week, the topic was cyber
bullying and the further presentations will be around inappropriate
materials and posting and then online predators. I would like to thank one
of our Year 9 parents, Tricia Munn, for her time and effort in presenting
these topics.
All Year 8 students should now have received a letter about the Year 8
camp which is in the first week of Term 2. Please contact Adam Gilmore
the Year Coordinator if you have not received one.
Finally, I would like to finish this week with :A quote to note
‘Success,’ writes Colin Turner in Born to Succeed,
‘is the continuous accomplishment of planned, meaningful objectives.’
‘The majority of people measure their success as compared with others,
but genuine success is what people do with their own potential, their
development and improvement of it, and must be related to their individual
objectives and personal goals.’
‘Success, however, does not lie in the achievement of the goal, although
that is what the world would have us consider success; instead it lies in the
journey towards the goal.’
Yours sincerely
Mike Loftus
Middle School Principal
State Principal Conference
The 2015 Principals' Conference was held on 26 and 27 February at
the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.
The conference brings together all Queensland state school
Principals. The theme of this conference was 'A great school has a
great school down the road - Collaborate, Innovate, Elevate'. The
two day event featured keynote and guest speakers with panel
discussions. Many new ideas and initiatives from the conference will
be discussed as a college over the coming weeks ensuring that all
children have the best learning opportunities at KG and have access
to the most current education practices and initiatives.
Facilities Update
Over the last two weeks further work has taken place around the
school to repair some of the damage from the storm last year. The
windows in each of our classrooms have been replaced as has some
of our shade sails. Over the coming weeks we are hoping that the
main sails over the handball courts are reinstalled.
We have also been monitoring our oval and will be advised by the
company that have been contracted to complete the work as to a
date when the children will be able to play on the surface. There is
still some top dressing and levelling to occur however, we feel that
work is proceeding as expected.
Camp Payment
The Year 5 Mudjimba Camp is getting closer. The dates are
Wednesday 18 March to Friday 20 March, 2015. Final payments are
due by Friday 06 March at the latest.
From our Staff
City District Swim Carnival
KG took a team of 17
swimmers from the Junior and
Middle schools to compete in
the City District trials at the
Valley Pool.
We had a
fantastic day and all students
competed strongly in various
events and did so in the right
sportsmanship and determination and represented our college
The Junior school students that attended were Emma P (5DK),
Chloe M (5G), Arabella G (5G), Isaac R (4D), Finn L (4KD), Willem L
(4P), Claudia C (5P) and Julien A (5G).
Emma, Chloe and Finn all swam qualifying times to be eligible for
the City District Team, with Emma smashing a 100m freestyle
record! Emma and Chloe are to compete in the Met North trials this
week. A huge congratulations to all swimmers for doing themselves
Mr Philpot
Year 5 Teacher + JS Sports Co-ordinator
Damien Greig
Junior School Principal
Snapshots from Home – March 12, 13,14 7pm
“We just carried on... even with our loved ones away for so long. Everyone
shared things... food, knitting and dressmaking patterns. There was this
great feeling of pulling together... of making do.”
Snapshots from Home, Margery Forde
Students, staff and parents of the College have been enthusiastically
working towards the 2015 Production, Snapshots from Home. Based on
the wartime memories of men and women from Brisbane and the
Sunshine Coast, Snapshots from Home shares the stories of ordinary
people living through extraordinary times. An honest, heartbreaking, and
hilariously funny glimpse at the realities of life on the home front during
World War Two. Commissioned to commemorate the 50th anniversary
of the end of WWII in the Pacific, the play combines a series of
‘snapshots’, linked together by visual images, radio broadcasts, dance,
music and song.
The production promises to be a poignant step back in time. The College
hall will be transformed to the era with tabled seating for guests who may
purchase a ‘ration pack’ of refreshments. Please note that the evening
performances are now SOLD OUT. Ration packs are available
We are especially pleased that Margery Forde, the scriptwriter, will be
attending the Friday evening performance.
Music and Instrumental Music News
The Music Excellence classes have been busy working with ICT
Edstudios. One of the Year 7 Music Excellence classes has been
working with John Willsteed, Director of Music at QUT to create a
soundtrack for the short animated film The Bowl. The workshops
have been a great introduction to the benefits of the BYOx program
in the class and its relevance for music composition.
The Instrumental Music program classes and ensembles have
commenced for 2015. Ensembles rehearsals are on the College
website and are as follows:
Corelli Strings
Piccolo Strings
Percussion 1
Percussion 2
Wind Ensemble
Wind Ensemble
Allegri Strings
Percussion 3
Big Band
Centre, JS campus
JS Music Room
Auditorium MS/SS
Auditorium MS/SS
Auditorium MS/SS
7:20 am
Auditorium MS/SS
Hall Foyer
Auditorium MS/SS
Auditorium MS/SS
*Beginner Band and String Ensemble will start in Term 2.
Over 400 students are currently enrolled in the program for 2015
across the subschools. Student timetables are displayed on
noticeboards in both the Junior School Music Classroom and Music
H Block in the MS/SS campus. Students have each been issued
with a new Kelvin Grove black music folder that must be returned at
the end of the school year. Any parent/carer who is not currently
receiving email communication regarding the program, needs to
contact the Music Department in H Block 3552 3341.
Instrumental Music Camp 2015
This year the Music camp is at Camp Warrawee from Sunday April
26 to Tuesday April 28. Students involved in the following
ensembles will be attending camp:
Allegri Strings, Corelli Strings, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Wind
Ensemble, Big Band.
This is a wonderful opportunity for Instrumental music students to
have intensive rehearsals, develop team spirit and work with visiting
Instrumental specialists.
On Wednesday February 25, selected Performing Arts students
were able to attend the production of Wicked at the Queensland
Performing Arts Centre. A fantastic evening was had by all who
attended. Many thanks must go to Ms Bonnie Logan who organized
the event.
Pay On Line
An easier way to pay for your students accounts and activities is on line.
Use your internet banking provider and our College Bank Account is BSB
064157 Account 10000544
In the reference area ensure you identify Your Surname, Initial and student
EQ ID and an abbreviation of the activity.
Eg: Smith B 0583736254H Camp
Please see attached documents regarding up coming
P & C meeting
From Monday 2nd March, 2015
The IT infrastructure team have been extremely busy in the first few weeks
of the year enabling and supporting students who wish to connect their
devices to the College wireless network. As you can imagine this means
dealing with a wide variety of hardware platforms (Mac, PC, Android and
Chrome) and to a similar variety of operating systems (Mac OS, Windows
7, Windows 8, Android). Not all devices have been connected without
difficulty and we are still investigating technical issues that have arisen in
the process. Please encourage your child to bring their devices to the
TechHub where Rad, Serge and myself will do our best to see they are
connected without fuss.
We are noticing a few student-owned laptops have malware installed.
Malware is short for malicious software - any software used to disrupt
computer operation, gather sensitive information, or gain access to private
computer systems eg. Trojans, worms, nasty browser plugins, etc. If we
discover malware or other viruses on your child’s laptop we will not allow
the laptop to connect to the College network. Please ensure that anti-virus
and anti-malware software is installed on the private device. The following
sites have free malware protection software which you can install at
http://windows.microsoft.com/en-au/windows/securityessentials-download (Microsoft called Microsoft Security
Essentials for Windows 7 or higher - free for home users
and up to ten users in a business environment
https://www.malwarebytes.org (click on the Free Version
Download – or pay the money if you wish)
Do you have an eLearning, BYOx or PYOD question or issue?
Please contact the Head of Department, Teaching and eLearning,
preferably by email using the following email addresses:
[email protected] (general eLearning queries)
[email protected]
[email protected]
… The 393 bus will be travelling from Teneriffe
Ferry Terminal (at bus stop at Skyring Terrace)
to Kelvin Grove State College (drop off is in
L’Estrange Terrace, right in front of the
school). While we would have preferred for the
bus to come down into New Farm, we see this is as a positive
The timetable below shows the ONE morning bus at 8:15am and
then the ONE afternoon pick-up from school (directly across from
where the children got off in the morning in L’Estrange Terrace) at
3:12pm. Of course we’d like more services, however this is it for the
duration of the trial period, which will finish at the end of Term 2.
If our Kelvin Grove/New Farm families could support this change and
give this new route a go, we’d appreciate it. Your child can catch the
199 from New Farm up to the Teneriffe Ferry Terminal and then
catch the 393 to KG . In the afternoon, they just reverse the trip.
This will save them a trip through the City AND some time (18
minutes + the 199 trip, so a lot better!).
If you have any questions, please
[email protected]
Kind regards,
Tracy Musgrave