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Newsletter –October/November 2010
Convenor : Lindsay Holland: 5 Buchanan Place
Ashburton. Phone 308 3201
[email protected]
Treasurer: Marilyn Ellis:
3 Cherry Lane
Ashburton Phone 307 2253
[email protected]
Secretary & Editor: Alice McLaren: 5 Pages Road Ashburton. Phone 308 7580
[email protected]
Committee: Linda Blackmoore, Anne Epps, Rothery Reesby, Ann Cairns, Shari Early, Heather Ralston, Lynne Armstrong, Merv Beauvais, Rita
Cemetery Records Officer: Michael Sheate: [email protected] Phone 03 3025 665
Church Records Officer: Rita Wright slightly [email protected]
Early Settlers & Intentions to Marry Register: Heather Ralston [email protected] Phone 03 307 0084
Librarians: Lynne Armstrong [email protected] . & Marilyn Ellis
Research Officer: Linda Blackmoore [email protected]
School Records Officer: Ann Cairns Phone 308 2141. [email protected]
Library Hours: Rooms (254 Cameron St.) are open:
every Wednesday - 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
2ND & 4th FRIDAY OF EACH MONTH – 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.
(Public Holiday weekends excepted)
UPCOMING MEETINGS: (put these dates in your diary!!)
THERE WILL BE NO MEMBERS’ MEETING in October - about a dozen members are
planning a Research Trip to Christchurch on 14th October in place of our usual meeting – to car pool, meet
in car park at Hotel Ashburton (Racecourse Road) at 8.30p.m. (clutching payment for drivers). For further
information, phone Lynne at (03) 308 4115 ASAP!!
Possible/probable places to visit are as follows:
National Archives (wills, shipping records etc) N Z Room at Canterbury Museum
Cant. Branch NZSG Library
LINZ – land information etc. - BMD place on Peterborough St. Public Library
(Church Registers for Christchurch & surrounding areas etc.)
9 November 2010 – Tuesday at 7.30p.m. Annual General Meeting and Election of Committee, following
which Lindsay (and maybe Elizabeth) Holland will share some of their Scandinavian experiences with us.
Supper will follow.
8 February 2011 – Tuesday at 7.30p.m. – Ven. Jacqui, and Craig Paterson – sharing their experiences in
UK exploring the areas where their ancestors originated, etc.
A Very Warm Welcome to New Members:
Marion Harrison and welcome back to past member, Jill Cribb. – We hope you enjoy the various activities
arranged for members, and wish you every success in your research!!
30 September marks the end of the 2009/2010 financial year.
Our Treasurer, Marilyn Ellis is standing at the ready, receipt book in hand, to accept subscriptions for the
2001/2011 year!. Subscriptions remain the same – i.e. $25 per annum - Or $35 for two people in the same
These may be posted to Marilyn – 3 Cherry Lane Ashburton 7700 or left at our Rooms.
TWO NEWSLETTERS ONLY (this one & one more) will be sent while subs remain unpaid.
Convenor’s Comment:
Well, Elizabeth & I have arrived back refreshed from a most interesting visit to Scandinavia.
If we go back far enough most of us will have Viking ancestors in our trees. In Denmark and Norway
particularly they seem to like reminding us of the links to Great Britain. I found Norwegians were very keen
on genealogy and were quite knowledgeable about their ancestors, and were quick to claim a link to early
Vikings. In most cemeteries gravestones were decorated with fresh flowers on a regular basis, according to
one woman I spoke with the only time you get flowers is on your grave!! Mind you, most graveyards charge
an annual fee, and if you don’t pay your plot is allocated to someone else!
Home a few days and we were shaken and stirred by the big earthquake, and all those unsettling
aftershocks, then looking around the house for signs of damage. Ashburton was rather lucky compared with
those living near Christchurch. A visit to that city a few days after made us realize how bad things were for
those in older brick houses, or who worked in similar buildings.
The libraries, Archives and offices which hold materials we use in Christchurch suffered some
damage, library shelving dumped books and materials on floors. Canterbury University Library is a huge
mess with 100,000 books on the floor. The City Library and the Canterbury Branch Rooms all had some
damage, and books thrown from shelving. It raises questions about placing records in centralized archives,
and the importance of keeping copies in other places.
Michael is working out a plan for the Headstone imaging project and we should start this soon. This week
has been busy also; our team has been looking through the books at Rotary’s Bookarama again and has
come away with another hundred or so books and pamphlets to add to our library.
We applied for and received a grant of $1,800 dollars from the Licensing Trust Charitable Foundation,
which will be used to upgrade the office suite. Last week we purchased another computer to replace one of
our aging machines; some of the recently released software discs won’t operate on the older windows 98
systems, so this will keep us up to date, we are still trying to sort out a good reliable printer /photocopier
which will be purchased in the near future.
I hope to see you all at the Annual Meeting; I’ll show a very few of the 3000 images I took in Scandinavia!!
Lindsay Holland – Convenor
Members Interests:
McKINLAY- Sanquhar – Dumfries – Scotland – pre 1863
MACADAM – Auchinleck – Ayrshire – Scotland – pre 1863
McKINLAY – Auckland - New Zealand – 1920s onwards
RYAN – Cahirdrinny – Cork – Ireland – 1800s
BOOKLE – Plebestown – Kilkenny – Ireland – 1800s
PYE – Rayleigh – Essex – England – 1800 onwards
HURRELL – Rayleigh – Essex – England – 1800 onwards
BISHOP – Steeple Ashton – Wiltshire – England – mid 1700s onwards
LOVELL – Geraldine – Canterbury – New Zealand – 1900 onwards
LOVELL – London
England – pre 1900
JOHNSTON – Roberton – Roxburghshire – Scotland – 1830s
JOHNSTONE – Geraldine – Canterbury – New Zealand – 1900s
Heaven is Where:
The Police are British,
The Chefs are Italian,
The Mechanics are German,
The Lovers are French and
It's all organized by the Swiss.
Submitted by Olwyn McKinlay
1081 Halkett Road R D 1
Christchurch 7671
Ph. 03 318 1727
[email protected]
(Who will supply a list of their Research names for the Members Interests corner in the next newsletter??? - Please??
McILVRIDE - Daniel, b 13 May 1852, Comrie, Perthshire, Scotland, d 23 Jan 1939, Parramatta, New South Wales,
Australia (son of James McIlvride, b 13 Dec 1817 at Muthill, Perthshire, Scotland, and Christian Dochard,b 27 Jun
1819, at Dunblane, Perthshire, Scotland).
Married 31 Dec 1885, Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia to
McRAE - Elizabeth B, b 17 Sep 1858, Albion Park. New South Wales, Australia d 11 Aug 1934, Warwick,
Queensland, Australia (daughter of Duncan McRae b Abt. 06 Jan 1826 in Cromarty. Scotland and Jane MacFarlane of
Inverness Scotland).
WALDEN - George Hadley, b 23 Nov 1871, London Bridge Hotel, Dean Street, Southwark, London, England, d 21
Oct 1922, Arncliffe, New South Wales, Australia,(son of George Walden, and Mary Hadley),
Married 17 Sep 1896, Maclear, Hopedale, South Africa to
HACK - Edith Mary, b 02 Jan 1876 Barkby, Leicester, England, d 28 Oct 1948, St George District Hospital,
Kogarah, New South Wales, Australia, (Daughter of William Hack b 8 April 1852 and Mary Maria Frost)
Submitted by Judith Leeming (nee McIlvride) 133 SH77 Ashburton, 7776, New Zealand.
LEEMING - John Thomas b 25 Oct 1866, Lyttelton, New Zealand, d 19 Apr 1931, Christchurch Hospital.
Christchurch, New Zealand, (son of William Webster Leeming,
b 21 Nov 1840 d 23 May 1907 of Hapton. Lancashire. England and Elizabeth Ann Abbot b 15 Dec 1840
They are buried in South Malvern cemetery.)
Married 01 Jun 1887, Baptist Church, South Malvern, to
BUCKINGHAM - Selina b Abt. 21 May 1861, Calstock, Linkinhorne, Cornwall, England.
d 18 May 1942, South Malvern, New Zealand. (Daughter of William John Buckingham and Maria Osborne
of Calstock, Linkinhorne. Cornwall. England)
DOWN - John, b 01 Feb 1852, Chilla, Black Torrington, Devonshire, England, d 02 Dec 1922, 21
Rosewarne Street, Spreydon, New Zealand, (son of John Down b c1816 of Black Torrington, and Mary
Married 09 Apr 1885, Methodist Church, Addington, New Zealand to
NEILL - Eliza, b 29 Jan 1859, Clanaghan, Bangor, Ireland, (d of Andrew Neill and Agnes Nancy
McMeckin b c1831 in Dondonnell Bangor Ireland) d 26 May 1951, 21 Rosewarne Street, Spreydon, New
Submitted by Graham Leeming, 133 SH77 Ashburton, 7776, New Zealand.
We invite members to submit their list of Grandparents for inclusion in the next newsletter – you could make contact with a
previously unknown relative! Also, please do take time to complete (and return) the “Members Interests” and “My
Grandparents’ Were” forms.
Three organisations charged with handling public records in Scotland, including the burgeoning office
responsible for the genealogy boom, have been asked to look at merging.
Ministers have asked the General Register Office for Scotland, National Archives of Scotland and Registers of
Scotland to explore the benefits of amalgamation.
It is claimed that a merger of the three bodies has the potential to deliver savings for the taxpayer while maintaining
the high level of services provided.
Hell is Where:
The Police are German,
The Chefs are British,
The Mechanics are French,
The Lovers are Swiss and
It's all organized by the Italians.
The following is some Information forwarded by NZSG:…
A breakdown of the records appearing in the 2nd edition of the British Isles Vital Record Index from The Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can be seen at The numbers in the tables
indicate the number of records for that county. Clicking on the numbers will retrieve a pdf file with the breakdown
showing individual parishes and the periods covered. This is particularly useful as it has details for many Free Church
and other congregations’ records.
The new Somerset Heritage Centre on the edge of Taunton opened on 27 September 2010. More details can be
found on the Internet at
Contact details are:
Somerset Heritage Centre
Brunel Way, Norton Fitzwarren, TAUNTON, TA2 6SF
Tel: 01823 278805 (enquiries)
Tel: 01823 337600 (appointments)
Fax: 01823 347459
Email: [email protected]
The following press release was issued by the UKBMD team:
Cheshire BMD celebrates its tenth anniversary on 15th October 2010. From its small beginnings in 2000 it has
continued to grow steadily over the years as volunteers from the Family History Society of Cheshire work with the
local register offices to put online the birth, marriage and death indexes based on the original records held by the
local register offices.
Over the years eight other regions of the country made use of the free UKBMD software and therefore have web sites
that function in an identical manner. All of these are accessible for the main UKBMD web site at
When you click on the "Local BMD" button in UKBMD's menu you will be shown a list of links to all
the sites that use the UKBMD software, and also all the other sites that are placing their original
BMD indexes online using differing systems.
Now as the project reaches its tenth anniversary the UKBMD project is pleased to announce the launch of
the tenth web site to use the UKBMD software, Cumbria BMD indexes are now online!
As with the other BMD projects this is a joint effort between the register offices and various family history
societies. Its initial launch will include data from the Barrow register office with other offices in the area
adding their data soon after.
As stated above, the software used in the UKBMD web sites is free for any society and register office to use. If your
area of the country does not have their indexes online yet, perhaps it would be a project that your society would
consider? Family Historians gain by having access to original BMD indexes, registrars gain by being able to supply
copy certificates without needing to search. Everyone wins!
Thanks to Chris Paton for informing me of this -
From: Roger Lewry, FFHS Archives Liaison
[email protected]
A chicken crossing the road is poultry in motion.
An older gentleman was on the operating table awaiting surgery and he insisted that his son, a renowned surgeon,
perform the operation. As he was about to get the anaesthesia, he asked to speak to his son. 'Yes, Dad, what is it? '
'Don't be nervous, son; do your best and just remember, if it doesn't go well, if something happens to me...
your mother is going to come and live with you and your wife.'
With her marriage, she got a new name and a dress.
Experienced speakers and long-time Irish family history researchers
will conduct two sessions aimed at helping people research their Irish ancestors.
When: Sunday 17th October 2010
Where: Upper Riccarton Community & School Library
71 Main South Road, Sockburn, Christchurch
Morning session: 11am to 1pm
Topic: PARISH RECORDS of Ireland
Afternoon session: 1.30pm to 3.30pm
Topic: PROBATE RECORDS (Wills, etc) of Ireland
Cost: $10 per session
Both sessions are suitable for researchers of any level of experience (from the novice to the more
genealogist) and will cover the following:
The sessions are designed to be informative and fun! Handout notes are included.
Positions are strictly limited & PRIOR BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL !
To secure a position at this workshop please send an email to [email protected] or
phone Malcolm McDonald on (09) 426 3674 or 027-2080832
Don’t miss out ……. BOOK NOW !!!
Two Sessions
• What records are available • Where the records are located
• How the records may be accessed • Information contained in the records
• and much more
Timpson – This is notification for a dedication ceremony of a memorial seat commemorating Jack and Nellie Timpson,
also Henry and Ann Timpson (the original Timpson couple who emigrated from England in 1886 and made their
home in the Staveley area, Mid Canterbury). The ceremony is to be held at 2pm Sunday 21st November 2010 on the
Green opposite the Staveley Store.
The Staveley Historical and Geological Centre will be open, where extensive social history records of the area are to
be found.
Family members will be in attendance on both Saturday the 20 Nov 2010 and Sunday 21 Nov 2010 for family and
friends who wish to visit the location.
Stan Smith a Timpson descendant who has been researching the family for over 40 years will be attending. Stan is
keen to gather more copies of family history documents and photographs from people who attend the event and wish
to share and will have family information from his research to share with you, at the dedication. (Copies of your
documents and photos can be taken at the event). Immediate associated families are Blyth, Andrews, Grieve &
Stockdill. Ann Timpson nee Wheelband kept a shipboard diary on their voyage out on the “Langstone”. Family
members have transcripts but if anyone knows the whereabouts of the original it would be great to view and compare
with the transcript.
It is hoped the event will be a time for family and friends to renew old and make new acquaintances and to celebrate
the pioneering spirit of Henry and Ann Timpson.
The organisers are relying on word of mouth to inform family and friends of this event.
For further information and confirmation of attendance (for catering purposes) please contact; Stan Smith (03) 358
7075 Christchurch or John Timpson (06) 877 6678
Or by email to [email protected]
We exchange newsletters with a number of NZSG Branches – recently received are: Cant. Sep 10; Whangarei Sep 10;
Westland Sep 10; Riccarton Sep 10; Papakura Aug, Sep, Oct 10; Wellington Sep 10;
these can include queries for research as well as lists of suggested websites.
There is, as always, some good stuff in these, so check them out at our Rooms. !!
Latest Accessions to the library are:
Vanguard of the South – Nelson New Zealand – C.B. Brereton (donated by Rita Wright)
K255 The Mt. Somers Tramway 1886-1943 – I.D. Maffey
O31 Doubtfull Harbour – John Hall-Jones (donated by Gwen & Merv. Beauvais)
The Jim Pearce Index – Obituaries reported in The Evening Post 1929-1977 (this CD
has been loaded on to our new computer, which is next to the 2 other computers beneath the windows. The
Victorian Outwards Passenger Lists CD has also been loaded onto this computer)
Some of the books purchased from Bookarama this year are as follows:
Memories of Old Wanganui Vol. 4
Out of Mind Out of Sight – Wendy Hunter Williams
Nelson Pilgrimage – A.H. Reed
Pioneer Passengers – To Nelson by Sailing Ship March 1842-June 1843 – June Neale
Holy Trinity Church Picton 1863-1963 – A Centennial History
J114 St. Albans from Swamp to Suburbs – An Informal History
J115 Trotting Beneath the Nor’west Arch – Hororata Trotting Club 1951-1991 – T. Brankin
J116 St. George’s Hospital - The First Fifty Years – L.C.L. Averill
J117 Many a Glorious Morning – David McLeod
J118 A History of the University of Canterbury 1873-1973 – Gardner, Beardsley, & Carter
J119 Templeton Primary School and District 1862-1987
J120 Rangiora RSA 1919-1994 & Rangiora RSA Club Inc. 1972-1993 Souvenir History
K19b Willowby School 1876-1999
K256 Mid-Canterbury Rugby Football Union 1927-2002
K257 Ashburton RSA – 70 Years On
Thomas of Timaru – The Life & Work of a Great Headmaster – George Guy
The Lyalldale Waltz – Isaac M. Thompson
Fairlie Fire Brigade 1908-1983
M34 Westland’s Golden Century 1860-1960 – Rupert A. Kay
To Fame Undying – The Otago Settlers Assn. 1898-2008 – Sean G. Brosnahan
Goldfields of Otago an Illustrated History – John Hall-Jones
History of Drummond and Gladfield – One Hundred Years More or Less
The Heart of Fiordland – George A. Howard
A Cut Above – Early History of the Alliance Freezing Co. (Southland) – Clive A. Lind
Petticoat Pioneers Book 2 – North Island Women of the Colonial Era – M. Macgregor
P183 Erewhon – Samuel Butler
P184 No Idle Rich – The Wealthy in Canterbury & Otago 1840-1914 – Jim McAloon
P185 The Long White Cloud – William Pember Reeves
P186 The Sugarbag Years – A People’s History of the 1930s Depression in NZ – T. Simpson
P187 Insight Guides – New Zealand – ed. Gordon McLauchlan
P188 Open Country – ed. Jim Henderson
P189 From North Cape to Bluff – A.H. Reed
P190 Faith & Fraternalism A History of the Hibernian Soc. in NZ 1869-2000 – R. Sweetman
P191 A Century of Change 2nd ed. NZ 1800-1900 – M. Stenson & E. Olssen
P192 Epitaph – Paul Gittins
P193 Epitaph II – Paul Gittins
P194 The Bad Old Days – A Century of Life in the Young Colony of NZ – Tony Nolan
P195 Awesome Forces - the natural hazards that threaten NZ – ed. Hicks & Campbell
P196 A Salute to Trotting – A History of Harness Racing in NZ – Ron Bisman
When two egotists meet, it's an I for an I.
Advice just to hand from Internal Affairs Department re increases in charges for certificates
(GST increase):
Standard cert (bmd) –was $26 - now $26.50
Electronic printout or photocopy of cert (bmd) – was $20 now $20.40.
Full list of charges can be emailed by Editor ([email protected]) – do ask if you would like a copy
- or inspect the list in our rooms.
Recently the Group received an email from Ireland – Brendan Hennessey lives in County Cork, and has discovered
that a relative had been a teaching Sister in Ashburton. Brendan was under the impression that Norah COMMONS aka
Sr Mary Agnes had maybe come to NZ by herself He was able to tell me that her parents were Jeremiah COMMONS
and Alice HENNESSEY. He is coming to New Zealand in October, and decided that he would like to visit Ashburton
cemetery where Sister M. Agnes was buried in 1935, and possibly view the Convent where she lived, if it is still in
existence. By coincidence I was speaking with Maree O’Neill who is the office administrator in the Holy Name office,
so I asked her whether there would be any records available of Sisters who had lived in Ashburton. Not a lot was
available, but we discovered that she had been in Ashburton by 1930 until her death. I popped out to the cemetery, and
located the grave, so took a couple of photographs, which were emailed to Brendan. By looking at the Christchurch
cemeteries database online, I was able to find what I was pretty sure were Jeremiah’s & Alice’s burial details – both
buried at Linwood cemetery in 1897 and 1918 respectively. On Papers Past (online) was a great obituary for Alice – it
mentioned how long the family had been in New Zealand (Norah was just a few months old when they arrived on the
“Rakaia” in 1874), plus the fact that two of their four daughters were resident at the Convent in Barbadoes St. There
were also four sons in the family. A few days ago, I mentioned the story to a friend whose sister is a member of the
same order as the two Commons sisters (Our Lady of the Missions) – she phoned her sister in Christchurch; and with
the phone number she supplied, I contacted the Archives for the Order in Wellington. The Archivist, Sister Theresa
was most helpful – told me heaps about the two Sisters – and has since scanned and forwarded all documents relating
to their various placements etc – a wonderful dossier on the lives of the two COMMONS daughters, Norah/Sr M
Agnes, and Ellen/Sr Mary of Loretto.
Sister Theresa is herself interested in family history, and has helped to compile her own family’s history. Brendan is
thrilled with the info that we have been able to supply re this branch of his family. Does anyone have, or know of, a
connection with this family? Please contact me 03 308 7580 if you have/know of a connection, as Brendan would
love to meet up with a/some descendants of Jeremiah and Alice Commons while he is in New Zealand
If anyone wishes to learn more details about a family member who entered the Order, Sister Theresa has indicated that
they would be willing to assist – their email address is: <[email protected]>.
– Alice McLaren.
Remember – to check out the research queries folder in the Rooms. More than 13 pages of names, all referenced for
easy access to material – you could be lucky and find a connection here!
в—™ NEW RESOURCE on ANCESTRY: Many of you will already know that Ancestry has just released a new
database with accessible images: England & Wales, National Probate Calendar - Index of Wills and
Administrations, 1861-1941.
From the website: The records were created by the Probate Registry, which took control of proving wills and
administrations in 1858. Before this, four different types of ecclesiastical (church) courts dealt with these
cases. A Principal Probate Registry was established in London in January 1858, and several district probate
registries were created around the country. From then on, the registries oversaw all grants of probate and
letters of administration. This collection is the Calendar of these grants, each year separated into a different
The entries in each volume are then alphabetised by surname. Information varies across different entries, but
each typically includes:
Probate date Full name of the deceased Death date Death place Registry where issued
Missing volumes: The collection covers 80 years from 1861 to 1941. Currently there are no books for the
years 1858-1860 and there are some gaps for the years 1863, 1868, 1873, 1876, 1877, 1883, 1888, 18991903 and 1910-1911. However, we hope to add records for these years as soon as possible.” - (Borrowed
from Papakura’s September newsletter - Thanks!!)
Cemetery Corner
Our Cemetery Archivist Michael Sheate reports that he has approached the Ashburton District Council re
the proposed imaging of the headstones in the various county cemeteries and aligning them with the ADC’s
burial records online. This will be a massive task - it is hoped that a start will be made this summer.
Shotgun wedding - A case of wife or death.
Does anyone have a photograph of the Holmeslea homestead on River Road above Barrhill?
We have received a request from Jenny Rodger of Twizel – her family lived there for a few years in the
early 1970s, and she would like to obtain a copy for a book she is compiling of all the places they have lived.
If you can oblige, please contact Linda Blackmoore (03) 308 3014 (evenings) or [email protected]
Have you visited ADFHG website yet???
I wish to give praise to the excellent service given by the North Shore Branch of NZSG.
They hold the excerpts from the "New Zealand Herald" newspapers [Auckland] for Deaths,
Memoriam etc. The service is quick. Contact Dennise Cook. P.O. Box 89 045, Torbay, Auckland 0742.
Charge is a donation. It is helpful if you know the exact death date though not necessary, The earlier
papers have been indexed by name, the later ones by surname only. Dennise is an extremely helpful
person. The information I have personally received from various death notices have been helpful in
finding cousins, aunties and uncles I never knew existed. Also placing which cousin actually belonged
to which parents. It was also most helpful in finding what cemeteries they were buried in.
Linda Blackmoore
A couple of (in fact, three) Research Queries – can anyone help, please??
McBride - I Would appreciate any help with the researching of Richard McBride, My great grand mother's brother
who has proved rather difficult in locating.
Also - Mary McBride. 17. Gen Serv. Co Down. m James Crosson. 1/4/1875 Farmer. Ashburton. d 13/3/1902 buried at
Waterton Cemt. Ashburton
Contact - Kevin Lewis – via Linda Blackmoore (03) 308
3014 (evenings) or [email protected]
POCOCK - I am researching my family "the Pocock's" who first settled in Ashburton, I noticed on the
Ashburton District Family History Group site reference to My family members, but could not find any more in
I am particularly interested in my Grandfather Claude Pocock (other Christian names Rupert Vivian) and his
father George Pocock, can you tell me where to start and if there is any information on them.
Regards Ian Pocock. (contact via Linda Blackmoore as above)
AND LASTLY - I am researching the 100 Lyon Officers of WW1, one of whom was Ashburton's own Doctor George
What I am still very keen to track down is a photo of George, preferably in his WW1 uniform, does your Group have
access to one such ?
Dan Lyon (contact via Linda Blackmoore as above)
Our collection of “Funeral Memorial Sheets”– given out at funerals – continues to grow – we are still accepting
contributions – thanks to those who have donated so far.
Sender: 5 Pages Road