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Thanks to Marie Petersen from Coburg West P.S. who
composed the article in the Dimmi Dimmi page. Her
innovativeness and expertise in the use of iPads in the
classroom is apparent and her suggestions are very useful
and informative. Thanks also to Tania Barbati for her input
into the Cultura in Briciole page. Her adaptation of a classic
folk story is both entertaining and engaging.
Our best wishes to everyone, for a happy, productive year of
Italian teaching and learning.
New additions at Museo Italiano
Three new statues are now on display in the Museo Italiano
from the Art and Heritage Collection of the City of Melbourne.
Details within.
Il Centro – Co.As.It Resource Centre Newsletter Volume 21 Issue 1
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Il Centro – Co.As.It Resource Centre Newsletter Volume 21, Issue 1
New additions in the Museo Italiano
Three new statues, from the Art and Heritage Collection of the City of Melbourne are now
on display in the Museo Italiano. These includes :
1. Lupa Capitolina (o Lupa del Campidoglio) (Capitoline wolf), c1934.
Bronze sculpture; marble base.
It depicts Romulus (the legendary founder of Rome in 753BC), his twin brother Remus
and the she Wolf that fed them.
The statue was a gift of Prince Francesco Ludovisi Boncompagni, Governor of Rome,
in honour of the Centenary of Melbourne (1934) and as a token of friendship from the
City of Rome.
2. Dante Alighieri, c1956.
Carrara marble bust.
Dante Alighieri (1265-1321), author of the Divine Comedy, which is considered one of
the greatest literary works in the Italian language.
The bust was a gift from the Dante Alighieri Society to commemorate the Olympic
Games in Melbourne in 1956. It was presented to council and publicly unveiled in situ
at the Treasury Gardens in 1958 (the Co.As.It. Italian Historical Society holds the
photograph of the unveiling). In 1968 it was removed from the gardens due to
vandalism. After requests by the Dante Alighieri Society, Dante’s nose was restored in
3. Guglielmo Marconi, c1996.
Bronze bust.
Guglielmo Marconi (1874-1937) was the inventor of long distance radio transmission.
The statue was a gift of the Committee for the Celebration of the 50 th anniversary of
the Italian Republic and the Government of the Emilia-Romagna region.
Il Centro – Co.As.It Resource Centre Newsletter Volume 21, Issue 1
The iPad Project using t he Puppet Pals Applicat ion at Coburg West P.S.
Teacher : Dr Marie Pet ersen
Year Level : 5 & 6
Context : Established in 1917, Coburg West Primary School is
located on Reynard Street, Coburg West in the northern suburbs
of Melbourne. The school enrolment has increased since 1986
from 334 to its current enrolment of approximately 490 students.
The population reflects a multi-cultural community of diverse
socio-economic backgrounds. The school provides a broad and
varied curriculum that caters to a wide range of student abilities
and interests. Coburg West Primary offers two languages,
Greek and Italian. Both languages are offered from Prep to Grade
6 with a time allocation of 60 minutes per week over the course of the year. Students select to study
either Italian or Greek at the start of Prep. Two thirds of the school’s population study Italian.
The iPad project : I introduced the use of seven iPads and the Puppet Pals application in my Italian
classroom at grade 5/6. I then sought to investigate in what ways, if any, the use of iPads assisted
students with their learning of Italian. As my investigation focused on student feedback and
evaluation, I had to devise a number of feedback processes for data collection. I wanted to ensure
that adequate and appropriate opportunities were provided for all students to give honest feedback
about the use of iPads in their learning of Italian.
I prepared and designed the following key processes in order to gain student feedback on how
students were progressing in the lessons using the Puppet Pals application. These included :
Student self reflection activities
Oral interviews (filmed)
Student questionnaire
Personal learning journal
How Puppet Pals was linked to the class topic of “Greetings and Introductions”: Using
the “Avanti”* comic strip characters, students read aloud the story of Dario and other characters.
Students discussed new vocabulary and meaning and then used the Puppet Pal application to role
play the stories in small groups (3-4 students). As a team, students chose the background and
character animation for their story.
Students were required to write their own scripts and use their own photographs on Puppet Pals to
describe themselves, e.g. “Io sono alto, modesto e simpatico.” The language focus was the
importance of noun and adjective gender agreement. Students were also expected to understand
the use of the verb essere, e.g “io sono, tu sei, lui / lei è”, in order that the team create and record
their own story correctly.
Development of the unit : Using their own vocabulary, pictures and backgrounds children were
able to successfully present a variety of dialogues. It was important that students worked in teams
Il Centro – Co.As.It Resource Centre Newsletter Volume 21, Issue 1
on this project and it was required that each team of students plan and write their scripts for each of
the characters for their digital recording. Students who were not able to work the application were
supported by other students in their team. Within each group attention was given to correct
pronunciation of words and fluency. The quality of the story that they would create depended on all
these factors.
Students were able to download photographs of themselves onto the Puppet Pals application and
also photographs of their own preferred background to construct their stories. They were excited
and engaged well while constructing their story. They also learnt the importance of editing and rerecording their scripts in order to get accurate pronunciation and fluency in their oral presentations.
Puppet Pals enabled students to have fun in speaking Italian when introducing themselves and their
friends in a story context.
When each team concluded their story they saved it onto video form on the iPad and exported it to a
server in the school for viewing by all. I will be able to directly review all the stories for assessment
purposes. The final stage of the task is the presentation to the class as a whole. I noted that all
groups who presented their story felt a sense of accomplishment and achievement.
Student feedback : Sample Written responses
E : “It has helped [my] friends with their pronunciation and mine.
For example, some people in my group could not say the work
“bugiardo” so I helped them a bit”.
A: “The iPad has helped me perfect my Italian because you can
record and listen to what you need to improve on. Practising it
over...has made me more confident and has made me remember
certain [words] and sentences...good to use in a group...”
D: “It has helped me because I can hear myself”:
M: “The iPad is helping me because it makes it fun and I want to do Italian.”
Conclusion : What did I learn?
I learnt from the student feedback that the iPad can be used as a learning tool to engage
students in the study of Italian.
I learnt that some of the grade 5/6 boys who find the study of Italian challenging or who
lacked motivation, were stimulated and enthusiastic about recording their voices in Italian
and using Puppet Pals to introduce themselves and create their own stories.
Students were able to work collaboratively in small groups using one iPad to create a story in
Italian using the Puppet Pal application.
Students were able to support each other in groups with the use of correct pronunciation,
vocabulary and expression related to the class topic of “Introductions and Greetings.” Each
team experienced a sense of success as they presented their own Puppet Pal story to their
own class and other classes.
Where to from here? :
To further investigate a range of iPad applications that can be used to enhance student
learning in the language classroom.
This project is a work in progress and more needs to be done to develop and refine the
assessment tools that can be used when introducing iPads in the classroom.
To present my ideas to other teachers in my school and selected schools for feedback.
* ”Avan t i : a f u n -f illed co u r se f o r b eg in n er s, CIS Ed u cat io n al, Carlt o n , Vict o r ia, 1982.
Il Centro – Co.As.It Resource Centre Newsletter Volume 21, Issue 1
Keeping your learners 'appy: Using iPods and iPads in the Languages Classroom
By Marie Petersen
Speaking and Listening
Tapikeo HD
Line Learner
Make Dice Lite
Comic Life
Scribble Press
Plain Text
Doodle Buddy
All four skills
Book creator
Digital Book Builder
My Story,
Explain Everything,
Show Me.
A+ Pro,
QR coder
Easy QR,
Photo T. Lite
Lightning Talk
Podcasting using iPads/iPods
Don’t forget or underestimate “Google Translate” ideal for translating English to Italian via the
(Suggested by Joanne Belvedere, Albion North P.S.)
Il Centro – Co.As.It Resource Centre Newsletter Volume 21, Issue 1
Other iPad applications
Here is a list of possible iPad apps. Teachers or students will need to make their own enquiries
regarding cost and the suitability for their Italian Language program.
Google Translate : This product can translate between 58 languages, some of which can be spoken
instead of typed, and even spoken aloud.
MindSnacks Italian : MindSnacks goes beyond food and inspires Italian learning. Use this app to play
games, complete challenges, and master words and phrases in Italian.
Free City Maps and Walks : This app allows you to take a virtual walking tour of 470 different cities
worldwide, immersing you in the city’s major attractions and routes.
AP Mobile : The Associated Press offers comprehensive news coverage, including international news.
You’ll find headlines from both local and foreign newspapers that will allow you to follow the news in
the country of the language you are studying.
Language Translator : Need a quick and free translator for several different languages? This is your
app. You can translate words, phrases, and even entire paragraphs of text between languages from
Afrikaans to Yiddish, and of course, including Italian.
World Customs & Cultures : Understand customs and cultures along with language with the help of
this app. You can find out about communciation, style, gestures, greetings, personal space, and more,
so you can not only talk like a local, but act like one too.
Translator with Voice : Get translation including voice support by using this app. It can read translated
languages aloud.
Italian Food : Spaghetti lovers and Italian students alike will love this app. It offers Italian recipes,
culture, and even a map, featuring a recipe search by towns and regions. Have fun studying the
language of Italy and its food at the same time.
Free Italian Tutor : This app offers 24/ 7 language learning in Italian, going beyond a simple talking
phrasebook and flashcards with interactive quizzes, optimization, and write-in language recall.
From : http://www.onlinecollege.org/2011/09/19/40-coolest-ipad-apps-for-language-learners/
English/Italian – Basic Vocabulary by memoryLifter : This is a beautifully designed flashcard app for
learning Italian vocabulary. There are both images and a sample phrase with the vocab word used as
well as audio files to enable one to hear a native speaker pronounce the word correctly.
Conjugation Nation Italian : This app tests you on Italian verb conjugations by asking you to write out a
certain form of a verb. And if you can’t remember exactly what the “futuro anteriore” tense is, you tap
on the verb and all the English versions of the verb in this tense shows up. This app doesn’t teach
verbs, but helps you commit what you’ve learned to memory.
Byki Italian : Byki Italian is another flashcard app that gives you sets of flashcards with a certain theme
and then enforces memorization with three steps – study, Italian to English testing and finally English
to Italian testing. The advantage of byki is that you can download other lessons and expand your
Il Centro – Co.As.It Resource Centre Newsletter Volume 21, Issue 1
Learn Italian with busuul : This is a very well done app that replicates a children’s classroom. There
are 6 lessons that include flashcards, reading comprehension and mini quizzes. Very much like a small
class in your phone.
Basic Italian for Dummies : This app is great if you’ve taken lessons and need to revise. It gives you a
general description of the grammar, a dictionary, flashcards for words and phrases. It’s by no means
comprehensive, but is perfect for beginners who are just starting out.
Italian-English Dictionary and Verbs : This language dictionary gives you both English to Italian and
Italian to English look-ups and all the verb tenses in a clear layout.
From : http://www.appolicious.com/curated-apps/1609-ciao-bella-apps-for-learnijg-italian
uTalk HD Italian : This handy little app, is designed to teach you only the basics of the language and is
especially useful if you’re needing to learn the basics very quickly. The lessons in the appare designed
to help master the language and include such things as images, quizzes and a speech recorder that
allows you to compare yor accent with that of native Italian speakers.
Basic Italian Audio Flashcards Lessons : This particular app uses a numbe of lessons to teach you
various crucial parts of the language, including greetings, food, members of the family, occupations
and many more.
Italian Audio Flashcards for iPad :
This app teacher you over 5,000 different Italian words, so
you’ll never be at loss whenever you need to learn the language. In addition to the flashcards this app
includes an audio recording of a native speaker using the workd, as well as numerous exercises to help
you see how it is used.
Italian Verb Copnjugatin Reference Quiz : This handy app helps in the learning of the most basic
elements of grammar, the conjugation of verbs. It works without an internet conneciton, so you cna
continue learning Italian even when you iPad is not connected to the internet.
AccelaStudy Italian : This app, especially designed for the iPhone, is an excellent choice for those who
would like to learn Italian in quick period of time. This app has a number of features including a
complete dictionary, statistics to help you keep track of your learniang, and much more.
24/7 Tutor-Italian 101 : This app, also edesigned for the iPhone, is alittle more advanced than some of
the other apps, and includes a number of festures that make Italian both enjoyable and easy. These
includ a puzzle that is engaging, native speaker audio for all words, and a nubmer of quiezzes that help
you to apply what you have learned.
WordPower Italian : This app, although it will not prepare you for advanced Italian is nevertheless an
excellent choice for anyone wanting to gain the basics of the language. Wiht its emphasis on 2,000 of
the most commonly used words and phrases, it ensures that your ability to interact with native
speakers and reading proficiency are greatly enhanced.
Learn a Language wiht Michel Thomas : This app, which offers language learning in a number of
languages apart from Italian, is an all-audio learning opportunity that is an excellent way to learn
Itgalian. The advantgage of this partifular app is that you pay for lessons as you can, so you can learn
as much or as little Italian as you like.
Learn Italian : This app, designed for the iPhone, uses a flashcard method to teach you the basics of
the Italian language. This particular app for learnng Italian is divided intor three sections, so it walk you
through the various stages of learning the language.
From : http://voices.yahoo.com/10-best-apps-learning-italian-6669670.html
Il Centro – Co.As.It Resource Centre Newsletter Volume 21, Issue 1
Primary Curriculum Box : CLIL lessons
and activities for younger learners, by
Kay Bentley, Cambridge University press,
This resource is ideal for teachers working in
bilingual schools or who wish to implement a
Content Language Integrated Learning
(CLIL) program. Thought-provoking topics
include art and drama, literacy, maths, science
and the environment. Easily adapted
templates make it simple to use and the handy
word and sentence banks ensure that all the
relevant vocabulary can be developed. English
An Italian Christmas Adventure by Nadia Cavallo
Nadia and Pinocchio take to the streets of Italy again,
this time to experience an Italian Christmas. Together
they share their new adventure showing us typical
Christmas traditions, interesting places while on a
search for “La Befana.”. This unit of work comprises
a Resource Book, DVD, audio Cd and story book.
Even though Christmas has just passed, well
worth remembering when next developing this unit.
Growing Honest Food : an oasis of Italian
tradition in the suburbs by Gabriella
Gomersall-Hubbard, Hyland House
Publishing, Australia, 2012
This book celebrates and records a way of life
that’s slowly disappearing. Month by month, it
details the changing seasons and the activities
that take place in the vineyard, the olive
grove, in the cellar (where wine and olive oil
are produced), and in the kitchen. This book
chronicles the story of the Siciliano’s and their
passion, daring, perseverance and hard work
in order to create a slice of the Calabrian
countryside in suburban Melbourne. A great
read with captivating photographs. Also
available to purchase from Il Negozio : Il
Globo or any good bookshop.
Lavazza Italian Film Festival 2011, Volume 1 & 2,
Palace Cinema, Victoria, 2011
Thirty-one titles from the 2011 Film Festival are contained
in this two volume compilation, and include Italian and
English subtitles. Comprises favourites such as “Benvenuti
al Sud”, “L’estate di Martino” and “L’uomo Fiammifero”.
Teacher assessment of films is necessary as some are
rated MA15+. Accompanying study notes for some titles
are available from Co.As.It. Resource Centre.
Il Centro – Co.As.It Resource Centre Newsletter Volume 21, Issue 1
GiufГ , GiuffГ or GiucГ as he is sometimes referred to, is a character from Italian
folklore. His antics have been retold and memorized through centuries of oral
tradition. Although the anecdotes from his life mainly revolve around the southern
Italian and Sicilian lifestyle, his character traits are visible in the folk characters
of many Mediterranean cultures. In fact, scholars suggest that the character
GiufГ developed from stories of Nasrudin, a Turkish folk character, also known
as Mulla, Hodja or Hoca Nasurdin. It is believed that during the Islamic rule of
the island of Sicily, stories of this man were absorbed into the Sicilian oral tradition,
transformed to exemplify cultural norms and eventually transmitted throughout
southern Italy. Although Giufà is most often recognized as the “village fool”,
his actions and words usually serve to provide a moral message. It is his peers’
reactions, rather than Giufà ’s outrageous behaviour, that are judged at the end of
each story.
The great allure of the GiufГ tales is that they are funny as well as lesson filled,
philosophical, and thought provoking. A full anthology of tales is available at the website
Following are two typical stories, the first has been reproduced as a narrative while the second has
been adapted as a dialogue and translated into Italian.
The Pot
Nasrudin borrowed a pot from his friend. The next day , he gave the friend back the pot, plus another
smaller pot. The friend looked at the small pot, and said, “What’s that?”
“Your pot gave birth while I had it,” said Nasrudin, “so I am giving you its child.” The friend, happy to
receive the pot, did not ask another question.
A week later, Nasrudin once again borrowed the original pot from the friend. After a week passed, the
friend asked Nasrudin to return it.
“I can’t,” said Nasrudin.
“Why not?” the friend asked.
“Well,” Nasrudin answered, “I hate to be the bearer of bad news....but your pot has died.”
“What?” the friend asked in disbelief. “ A pot can’t die!”
“Well, you believed it gave birth, “ said Nasrudin, “so why is it that you can’t believe it died?”
Il Centro – Co.As.It Resource Centre Newsletter Volume 21, Issue 1
The Crowded House
La casa affollata
(Adapted and translated by Tania Barbati)
One day Giuffà was talking to his neighbour, Ninnì, who lamented,
Ninnì: Povera me…La mia casa è troppo piccola. C’è mia moglie, i tre figli, mio padre, mia suocera
ed io… tutti in una casetta! Giuffà , tu, che sei un uomo saggio, mi puoi aiutare?
Giuffà : Sì. Hai delle galline?
Ninnì: Sì ne ho dieci.
GiuffГ : Allora portale nella casa.
Ninnì: Ma Giuffà la casetta è già piena.
Giuffà : Fai quello che ti dico…vedrai.
Ninnì follows Giuffà ’s advice and the next day pays him a visit.
Ninnì: Giuffà , le cose sono peggio. Con le galline siamo ancora più stretti.
Giuffà : Adesso porta l’asino nella casa.
Ninnì: Ma che sei pazzo?
Ninnì objects but Giuffà convinces him. In goes the donkey. The next day Ninnì looking more
distressed than ever says,
Ninnì: Giuffà , le cose sono ancora più peggio. Con l’asino siamo ancora più stretti.
Giuffà : Vediamo…hai ancora degli altri animali?
Ninnì: Sì ho una capra.
GiuffГ : Allora, porta anche la capra dentro casa.
Ninnì: Ma sei proprio pazzo? Impossibile! Ma no….
Giuffà : Fidati…fai quello che ti dico.
Ninnì reluctantly brings the goat into the house. The next day he returns to Giuffà and exclaims,
Ninnì: Adesso mia famiglia è arrabbiatissima con me. Si lamentano tutti. Ho mia moglie, i tre figli,
mio padre, mia suocera, dieci galline, un’asino, una capra ed io in una casetta. Ti dico non c’è più
GiuffГ : Va bene. Adesso porta via tutti gli animali.
Ninnì does as Giuffà tells him and the next day, he drops by Giuffà and remarks,
Ninnì: Giuffà … ma sei proprio un uomo saggio! La mia famiglia è contentissima! Adesso abbiamo
tantissimo spazio senza gli animali!
Il Centro – Co.As.It Resource Centre Newsletter Volume 21, Issue 1
Tax Invoice
Co.As.It. Italian Assistance Association
Italian Resource Centre
(Postal Address) Level 1, 189 Faraday Street,
Carlton, 3053
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Tel:( 03) 9349 9022
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Contact Person :___________________________________________________
Name of School : _________________________________________________
School Postal Address : _____________________________________________
Telephone : ___________________Email :_____________________________
Tick each CD Pack Title required clearly & specify number of copies
each.For Non Subscribers cost is $22.00 each :
Story Book Titles included
CD Pack Title
Pinocchio CD:
C’era una volta La festa di Pollicino
Il sole e vento
Giacco e il fagiolo
La gallinella rossa
Alla festa
Buona Pasqua CD: La colomba
Buon Natale CD:
Andiamo in Italia
Divertiamoci CD:
La sorpresa
Fra Martino
L’albero di Natale
Il presepio
La Befana
Il piccolo capitano
Sulla neve
La macchinetta rossa
Mangia, mangia
Il mio fratellino
Il pappagallo
Sogni d’oro
Aiuto! Un topo
Songs / Canzoni / Plays / Recite
La famiglia CD :
required at $5.00
Total cost of CDs $
Plus $6.00 Postage $6.00
Total cost $
Payment Details – Cheques and money orders should be made payable to Co.As.It and
stapled to this form (Please tick method of payment)
Expiry Date
пЃЇ Visa пЃЇ Mastercard пЃЇ Money Order пЃЇ Cheque
пЃЇ Cash
Card Holder’s Name (please print)________________Card Holder’s Signature______________
Il Centro – Co.As.It Resource Centre Newsletter Volume 21, Issue 1
The following are free advertisements which does not imply any endorsement
by Co.As.It. Teachers are advised to make their own enquiries regarding
La Comica Variety Productions
Melbourne’s funniest Italian show performers...
Your students will love ...
New show in 2013!
From Term 2 : Primary School
La Festa
This year Mario and his Nonno spend the day at La Festa Italiana being held at their local park.
Mario will participate in a Scopa card game, a soccer match with Del Piero, an unforgettable
Carnevale experience and a cruise in the latest Ferrari. But will Mario win his very own Vespa in
the Italian raffle? Another fun filled comedy show with wonderful characters and audience
Still on offer in 2013...
Le Vacanze : Primary and Secondary
Ristorante Mangiabanane : Primary and Secondary
Un’avventura Romana : Primary
For Bookings and more information
Contact :James Liotta
Phone : 0409 932 014
Email : [email protected] completed by
6pm on Sunday 27 Saturday evening 26
Spectacular Spettacolo Shows For 2013!
“Time Warp Part 1” may be finished, but Spectacular Spettacolo will be back in 2013 with
the fabulous sequel, “Part 2 – Dammi il Cinque” and the much anticipated “Part 3 – Vacanze
Romane” (this is the FINAL YEAR for “Part 2 – Dammi il Cinque”, so get in quickly if you
wish to book for this show). These shows are relevant for students Prep – 6 and are from
our very popular “Time Warp” series (more information on our shows including sample songs
are available on our website at www.leaporcaro.com.au/spectacular-spettacolo/). We also
Il Centro – Co.As.It Resource Centre Newsletter Volume 21, Issue 1
have a brand new cast this year and we are so pleased to have some of the most sought
after English/Italian actresses in Melbourne come on board (details also available on the
website). 2013 is set to be our most exciting year yet!!!
These shows have been written by Lea and Corrado Porcaro. Corrado has been teaching
Italian for almost 30 years in the Primary sector, as well as having developed many
programs for the Department of Education over the years. Many teachers already use
resources that he has created in their classrooms. Corrado knows the curriculum like the
back of his hand and he has written these shows knowing what teachers (and students) not
only need, but want. This is why we have had 100% positive feedback so far!
Our shows are not only dynamic, fun, engaging, interactive and contain fresh, new, popular
songs relevant for the students of today, they also cover different areas of Italy as well
as topics that relate back to the current curriculum. Every booking will also include the
fantastic teachers’ pack which contains over a semester’s worth of material, the lyrics to
all the songs sung throughout the show and a copy of the CD. The pack has also been put
together by Corrado. Feedback from teachers in regards to this pack has been
For all booking enquiries, you can do one of the following:
- log onto our website at www.leaporcaro.com.au/spectacular-spettacolo/ and fill in
the booking form on the �contact us’ page
- email Lea at [email protected]
- call Lea on 0432 388 032
I look forward to hearing from you all soon. Please keep an eye on the website for special
offers throughout the year!
Il Centro – Co.As.It Resource Centre Newsletter Volume 21, Issue 1
Make a Scene Theatre Arts Education
Commedia dell’Arte Workshops and Performances
cover maschere (masks), tipi fisi (stock characters) and
place this important Italian theatre style in a cultural and
historical context.
This program is a great way to consolidate or introduce a unit
on Commedia dell’Arte or Carnevale.
It is suitable and adaptable for primary (prep) to VCE students of Italian
and/or Drama.
Rosa Campagnaro (Director) is a qualified teacher and together with Fabio Motta (Actor) has trained
in Commedia dell’Arte in Venice,Italy.
Contact :
Rosa Campagnaro (Director)
Phone : (03) 9495 1980
[email protected]
Italian Dance Workshops
Vince Di Mitro and his team have been educating and entertaining school communities
across Australia since 1989 with their accessible blend of practical activities, high energy and
In our workshops, students learn traditional or contemporary Italian dances in which we
infuse our own creative moves. All our lessons are specially designed to cater for students in
each year level. We are committed to providing your school with a cultural, educational and
fun experience for all ages P-12.
Contact Vince at Performing Arts Workshop for bookings or a copy of our brochure.
Contact : Vince Di Mitro
Performing Arts Workshops
PO Box 2250 St Kilda West 3182
Phone : 03 9525 5550 / Fax : 03 9525 5996
Mobile : 0419 335 556
Email : [email protected]
Il Centro – Co.As.It Resource Centre Newsletter Volume 21, Issue 1