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‫קהילת תפארת ישראל‬
Welcome to Congregation Tiferes Yisroel
Parshas Vayakel-Pekudei/Mevorchim Nisan
Rabbi Menachem Goldberger
‫הרב מנחם ראובן הלוי גולדברגר‬
‫שליטא מרא דאתרא‬
Pushka total: $2,821.91 (see p. 3)
Celebrating our 29th year
Candle Lighting:
6:53 pm
6:55 pm
Shabbos Day
Shabbos is over after:
8:30 am
6:20 pm
8:10 pm
8:24 pm
8:00 am
7:00 pm
minutes before shkia; check the seasonal
davening schedule or the Lev Echad for exact
7:00 pm
7:00 pm
Congregation Tiferes Yisroel is pleased to
announce our 29th Anniversary Banquet on
March 22. Our honorees are Yaakov Jon and
Batsheva Goldman, and the Jewish Leadership Award will be presented to The Shmira
Project, Pairing IDF Soldiers with People
You have missed the deadlines for both
getting your ad in and the banquet itself. If
you still need to place an ad, or would like to
go to the banquet, please contact Glenna Ross.
Want to Be a “Minyanaire”?!
Want to impress your Creator? Looking for
a way to increase your “spiritual equity”?
Come join the TY minyan. We are looking
for a few (10+) good men ages 13-120 to join
our daily minyan. Shacharis is at 6:30 am
during the week, 8:30 am on Shabbos, and 8
am on Sundays. Mincha/Maariv begins 10
prior to his becoming king and during his
reign. Please bring a Sefer Shmuel with Rashi.
Baruch Dayan HaEmes
This Shabbos
6:30 am
Mincha/Maariv followed by Malchus
Shlomo with Rabbi Goldberger: 7:00 pm
Next Shabbos – Parshas Vayikra
Candle Lighting:
Friday Mincha:
23 Adar 5775/March 14, 2015
 Kiddush welcoming our new members:
Yosef David and Ruth Berman; Paltiel and
Brooke Brodsky; Eli and Lena Fleminger;
Shaina Gleiberman; Baruch and Rus
Jankowitz; Ilan Roth; and Yocheved
Schechter. Sponsored by: Rabbi and
Rebbetzin Goldberger; Ken and Chana
Birnbaum; Ari and Caryn Blum; Jared and
Stephanie Ezra; Baruch and Rus Jankowitz;
Fred and Rena Levi; Dr. Marc and Elaine
Lowen; Stuart and Esther Macklin; Jerry
and Elka Rottman; George and Chava
Schwartz in memory of the yartzeits of their
fathers, Lawrence Schwartz, Eliezer
Mordechai ben Moshe a”h and Harvey
Taschman, Hirsch ben Melech a”h, and in
memory of Chava's mother, Roslyn
Taschman, Rozolla bas Chaim Zev a”h; Jay
and Devorah Taffel; and Elie and Esther
Mazel Tov to
 Lev Avraham and Rachel Rosenstock on the
bris of Yehudah Shalom. May they be zoche
l’gadlo l’Torah l’chuppah u’l’ma’asim
Final Session for Rabbi
Goldberger’s Navi Shiur for
Join us for the final session of our women’s
shiur with Rabbi Goldberger on Sunday
evening, March 15, from 8 to 9 pm in the
Nancy Taffel Annex. We have been learning
Navi, “Shmuel,” about Dovid HaMelech both
Congregation Tiferes Yisroel is saddened
to inform the Kehillah of the passing of Mr.
Norman Patinkin a”h of Chicago. Mr. Patinkin
is the brother of Rebbetzin Ida Goldberger,
and the uncle of Rabbi Menachem
Goldberger. Rebbetzin Goldberger will be
sitting shiva at the Goldbergers, Friday, March
13, 10 am-noon and 2-3 pm, and Motzei
Shabbos, March 14, 9-10:30 pm.
May the Goldberger and Patinkin families
be comforted among all the mourners of Zion
and Jerusalem.
Free Banquet Ticket
We are still looking for a volunteer to do
videography at the banquet so that we can
have that as a memento for the honorees. The
volunteer will be our guest for dinner at the
banquet. If you know of anyone, please have
them contact Caryn Blum at [email protected]
Maos Chittim
Please give a check or cash to Rabbi
Goldberger or our Gabbai Tzedakah, Nathan
Franco, to help support families in need for
Pesach. Rabbi Goldberger will distribute the
money before Pesach, b’ezras Hashem.
Checks can be made out to Tiferes Yisroel
RDF (Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund).
Mechiras Chometz
Rabbi Goldberger will be available this
week for Mechiras Chometz at his home on
Thursday night, March 19, from 9 to 10 pm.
Times for the next two weeks will follow.
This week’s Lev Echad is sponsored by:
Lev Avraham and Rachel Rosenstock in honor of the birth and bris of their son, Yehudah Shalom.
Visit us at tiferesyisroel.org
The Weekly Parsha
Binding to the Upper
from Torat Moshe by Rabbi Moshe Alshich;
translation and commentary by Eliyahu Munk
(from www.kabbalaonline.org)
… the people were restrained from
bringing. (Ex. 36:6)
When one possesses understanding,
wisdom, and knowledge [tevuna, chochma,
and daat], then the work one wants to do
performs itself, much like the way in which
the universe was created by the Supreme
Intelligence by merely issuing directives. This
is what David meant when he said: “They
came into existence by a mere word of G‑d.”
(Psalms 33:9)
The scriptural proof of this is found in the
unusual expression: “Every intelligent person
among those who performed the work” (Ex.
36:8). The words “among those who
performed the work” seem superfluous. Had
these people really been performing the work
it should simply have stated: “anyone
performing the work.” Unless we understand
that upon commencement of the task these
intelligent [i.e., exclusively scholarly] people
suddenly were able to complete tasks they had
never learned to perform, we would have to
assume that this verse discusses two
categories of people: the theoreticians and
those who performed the work with their
To the extent that these intelligent people
voluntarily willed their hands to perform these
tasks, the work was performed by itself. When
someone sets out to perform a mitzvah, a
meritorious deed, G‑d considers it as having
been performed. Therefore, at this point, G‑d
assisted in the carrying out of the work.
The phrase “every intelligent person” (Ex.
36:10) is written in the singular, as opposed to
“all intelligent people.” The verse, however,
does not continue in the singular, i.e., “he will
bring and he will do.” Rather, the plural form,
“they will bring and they will do,” is included,
indicating that their work would enjoy
heavenly assistance; each person would in fact
become plural, through divine assistance.
The reason why the various parts of the
Tabernacle are described with the prefix hei
denoting the definite article “the” [suggesting
that these parts had existed already], is simple.
The entire Tabernacle is a materialized
reproduction of what exists in the celestial
spheres. Just as G‑d has an abode in the
spiritual world, with the building of the
Tabernacle, He would have such an abode in
Parshas Vayakel-Pekudei/Mevorchim Nisan
the physical, i.e., the “lower,” world. The
letter hei in each instance reflects the fact that,
upon completion, each component of the
Tabernacle corresponded to its counterpart in
the celestial spheres, the “higher world.”
The appointment of Bezalel is reported as
having emanated directly from G‑d. Since he
was the grandson of Moses’ brother-in-law
Hur, Miriam’s husband, some people might
have accused Moses of nepotism. Therefore,
the Torah reports that G‑d Himself singled
him out.
This is also evident from Bezalel’s very
name, which means “in the shadow of G‑d.”
In the merit of his father, who had been
murdered while trying to restrain the people
from turning to idolatry, his son achieved this
eminence. G‑d inspired not only his spirit and
his heart, but also his body.
This is why the Torah says: “He filled him
… to carry out, etc.” The fact that he could
not have been older than eight years old at the
time further illustrates that his hands merely
reflected divinely inspired motions and
movements. It was G‑d’s work; Bezalel was
merely the tool.
Graphic courtesy of Chinuch.org.
Used Book Sale
New arrivals include:
 English/Hebrew Mishnah Berurah
 Nehama Leibowitz Studies in the Parsha
 Gateway to Self Knowledge by Pliskin
Most titles are still $5 or less. Our used
book sale is located upstairs outside the Bais
Medrash. All proceeds go to the shul.
For more information or to donate gently
used Jewish books, please contact Steve
Schwarz at [email protected] or call
Thank you for supporting your shul.
Grape Juice Campaign
Wondering what to do with all your extra
grape juice you received from shalach manos?
Donate them to Bikur Cholim to be used for
patients and the pantries in the various
hospitals. There will be a box in shul for you
to drop off sealed bottles of any size.
Big Brothers/Big Sisters
Right now, there are young people in our
community who need a mentor and a friend.
Become a Big Brother or Big Sister and find
out how rewarding this volunteer experience
can be. For more information, contact Mrs.
Bracha Goetz at Jewish Community Services,
410-843-7453 or [email protected]
Project Chavrusa
The idea is simple: we are filled with
understanding and sometimes even inspiration
for the good that we should do. But the
strength to act independently on our
knowledge is very difficult indeed. Behold!
Project Chavrusa! Based on the wisdom of
Chazal, the solution to unfulfilled dreams is
here. Simply arrange a chavrusa for any
amount of time on Monday and/or Wednesday
nights in our Bais Medrash, and that commitment will, G-d willing, compel us to bring our
ambitions to fruition. We can do this together.
Coming Up
 March 21: Kiddush sponsored by Yaakov
and Batsheva Goldman in honor of their
granddaughter Chaya Sarah and Batsheva’s
mother, Wendy Bruck
 March 22: Banquet
 March 25: 7-9:30 pm, Matzoh pickup,
Nancy Taffel Annex
Portrait of a Rabbi
Men’s Bais Medrash
For a limited time only, a beautiful pencil
lithograph of Rabbi Goldberger, drawn by
Rabbi Hillel Shepard, will be available on the
shul’s website. Framed lithographs are $275
for nonmembers and $175 for members.
Members may also buy unframed lithos for
$125. To purchase a portrait or for additional
information, please go to tiferesyisroel.org/
Our Bais Medrash Program for men is on
Monday and Wednesday nights from 8 to 9,
followed by maariv. There are different
learning opportunities of varying lengths to
make it possible for everyone to participate.
As an added incentive, there will be freshly
brewed coffee and refreshments.
 Monday
 8-8:35, Reb Shlomo Goldberger, Mishna
 8-9, Jay Taffel, Rambam Hilchos Tzitzis
 8:45-9,
 Wednesday
 8-8:35, Reb Shlomo Goldberger, the
Weekly Parsha
 8:45-9,
Torah Institute Annual Chometz
Please donate your unwanted unopened
food packages (think leftover shalach manos!)
to Torah Institute. Please drop off on the
Feldman’s porch, 3715 West Strathmore
Avenue, until March 30 or the T.I. lobby until
April 1. There will be a mega-sale, right after
Pesach in the T.I. lobby.
Daven with us at 6201 Park Heights Avenue
Parshas Vayakel-Pekudei/Mevorchim Nisan
Get to Know Your Shul Members — Fred and Rena Levi
Giving tzedakah in the name of the
departed has the power to elevate their soul.
When you give charity on behalf of your
loved one, consider giving to Tiferes Yisroel.
And may the soul of your loved one be bound
in the bond of life, together with the souls of
Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov; Sarah,
Rivka, Rachel and Leah; and together with the
other righteous men and women in Gan Eden.
Fred and Rena Levi were featured in the February 7 issue of the Lev Echad.
Max Havelock, Mendel ben Yitzchak a”h, 23
Adar, uncle of Emily R. Lipsitz
Gerschon Frank, Gerschon ben Yitzchak a”h,
24 Adar, grandfather of Glenna Ross
Annie Appelstein, Chana bas Leib HaLevi
a”h, 25 Adar, grandmother of Harold
Lipsitz a”h
Stephen Bien, Zalman Yosef David ben
Aaron Shimshon a”h, 25 Adar, brother
of Shoshana Shamberg
Chana Leah bas Reb Gershon a”h, 26 Adar,
grandmother of Chana Leah Kuritsky
Ida Marton, Chaya bas Reb Yom Tov Lipman
a”h, 26 Adar, mother of Esther Macklin
Ina Green, Sora bas Nosson a”h, 26 Adar,
cousin of Ira Hisler
Abraham M. Feinstein, Avraham Meir ben
Leib a”h, 28 Adar, grandfather of Louis
Philip Saltman, Pesach ben Yaakov a”h, 28
Adar, father of Zachariah, Alumah and
Sarah Saltman
Pauline Weiner, Pesha Faiga a”h, 28 Adar,
aunt of Elka Rottman
Edith Kahn, Eta bas Nussin a”h, 29 Adar,
mother of Bert Kahn
Women’s Tehillim Group
Sign up by emailing [email protected]
The pushka challenge is to put whatever
amount of money one is able into a pushka
every day or as often as possible. The
recommended amount is only 36 cents a day.
When your pushka is full, please empty it
into a ziplock bag marked with your name,
and drop it into our locked mailbox at 3310
W. Strathmore Avenue. If it is difficult for
you to drop it off, please contact Shlomo and
Ahuva Goldberger at 410-358-4456 to
arrange a pickup. If you need a shul pushka,
you may take one from the shul window sill,
and they will be replenished as needed.
Latest contributors:
Rabbi and Rebbetzin Goldberger
Ari and Caryn Blum
Shul Pushka
Lev Avraham and Rachel Rosenstock
Running total: $2,821.91
Rabbi and Rebbetzin
Shlomo and Ahuva
Yisroel and Yaffa Addess
Dvora Balaban
Esther Barak
Mordechai Beleck
Ze’ev Beleck
Mayer and Atarah Berman
Samira Bethea
Yisrael and Rina Bethea
Jon and Ila Bierer
Ken and Chana Birnbaum
Nisan and Meira Blaxberg
Chaim and Rivka Bluestein
Ari and Caryn Blum
Moshe and Shelly Cohen
Saul and Raizy Cohen
Sima Cooperman
Moshe and Joyce Dreyfuss
Jared and Stephanie Ezra
Louis and Gail Feinstein
Sarah Friedman
Ken and Yocheved Gelula
Ida Goldberger
Keely and Jillian Goldberger
Yaakov and Batsheva
Dov and Tayna Goldstein
Rabbi Howard and Felicia
Yaakov and Ester Gur
Shulamis Heldoorn
Kenneth Hendon and Aliza
Yosef and Aliza Hertzmark
Betzalel and Esther Huff
Nisan and Marietta Jaffee
Rabbi Chaim Tzvi and
Libbi Kakon
Efraim Katz and Judy
Suzanne Kayne
Ben Kristall-Weiss
Rafi Kristall-Weiss
Zvi and Rochelle Kushner
Barbara Landsman
Ed and Mesa Leventhal
Elie and Esther Levi
Fred and Rena Levi
Gregg Levitan
Binny Margolese
Mo and Shaina Margolese
Mordecai Zev and Aviva
Aryeh Leib and Simy
Hillorie Morrison
Saul and Toby Passe
Dov and Karen Pear
Binyomin and Elisheva
Fred Petersen and Alisa
Jonathan and Talia Raun
Howard and Dvora Sora
Victor Reznick
Jerry and Eileen
Bob Rosenfelt
Lev Avraham and Rachel
Lenny and Glenna Ross
Rottman family
Tehilla Rottman
Tim Ryan
Yosef and Tova
Aaron and Shoshana
Ann Stiller
Morty and Beth
Steven and Shari Rosen
Elie and Esther Weiner
Itchy and Sara Weingot
Nosson and Aviva
Avrum Weiss and Joan
Zussman family
The Women’s Tehillim Group meets every
Sunday at 10 am in the Nancy Taffel Annex.
Please join us when you can.
TY Matzoh sale
Yup, you’ve missed the deadline. But if
you still need matzoh, contact Mrs. Devorah
Taffel at 410-358-9029. Remember, pickup is
March 25, 7-9:30 pm, at the Nancy Taffel
Rebbetzin’s Soup Gmach
To enjoy, when unfortunately necessary,
please contact Rebbetzin Goldberger for pickup at 410-542-9656.
Centerpieces for Rent
The TY Sisterhood has centerpieces for
rent for a nominal fee. Great for Sheva
Brachos or a Bar Mitzvah. Please contact
Devorah Taffel for more information.
Download our phone app
 March 14: Women’s shiur in memory of Chaya
Malka Barkai and Esther Nechama Margolese.
Sefer HaChinnuch, led by Dr. Dovid Clay. Home
of Joyce Dreyfuss, 3820 Menlo Drive, each
Shabbos at 3:30 pm. All women and high school
girls are invited.
March 14: Pi Day.
March 14: Seven Famous Jewish Historians.
Rabbi Dovid Katz. 9:30 pm, Shomrei.
March 15: Baltimore Holocaust Survivors and
Descendants Group meeting. 2-4 pm, PHJCC.
March 18: Rabbi Heinemann’s Annual Pesach
shiur. Free, 8:30 pm, Agudah Park Heights.
March 22: Baltimore Holocaust Survivors and
Descendants Group “Storytelling Pre-Workshop”
for second- and third-generation survivors in the
Baltimore area. 9:30-11 am, PHJCC. For
information and RSVP, contact Felicia at
[email protected] or 443-759-5556.
March 22: Jewish Genealogy Society of
Maryland presents Ken Bravo, “Why the New
York Times Is Wrong — Using Basic
Genealogical Tools to Show That Your Family
Name Was Not Changed at Ellis Island.” Free for
paid members and $5 for non-members (applied
to membership fee when a visitor joins JGSMD)
after their first meeting. Refreshments will be
available. Please check www.jgsmd.org for late
updates and for the time, location, and program of
future meetings. 1:30 pm, Pikesville Library’s
meeting room.
Refuah Shalaimah to
Raizy Cohen, Raiselle bas Sarah
Hillel Zeitlin, Hillel Mordechai ben Miriam
Risha Saperstein, Risha Yonah bas Masha Shusha
Sima Cooperman, Sima bas Sarah
Emunah Friedman, Emunah L’Ori bas Nachas
Joblink. Joblink provides job seekers, recruiters
and employers with valuable information regarding
employment opportunities and career information.
If you are looking for a job or know of one at
your office, please contact our shul liaison, David
Sawilowsky at [email protected], or Marthe
Vidaver at Joblink, 410-602-8700, [email protected]
Candle Gemach. Need yahrzeit or Shabbos
candles? The Schwartzes have a candle gemach at
their house at 3413 Olympia Avenue.
Mitzvah Cards. For $18, you get four cards that
you can mail out yourself. For $10, we will send the
card out for you, and your donation will be
announced in the Lev Echad.
Contact Glenna Ross at 410-358-1687 or e-mail
[email protected]
Ride G’mach. Call the Ride G’mach at 410358-RIDE (7433). We need ride offers when
anyone drives interstate, any direction. Not door-todoor, just city-to-city. Often, Chesed of Boro Park
calls, needing a ride to/from New York for people
with medical appointments in Baltimore hospitals.
Parshas Vayakel-Pekudei/Mevorchim Nisan
Shul Rentals. To reserve the use of the shul’s
simcha hall or Nancy Taffel Annex, please contact
Eileen Rosenbaum at 410-764-8443 or [email protected]
tiferesyisroel.org. There is no fee to reserve the
date. For availability, go to www.tiferesyisroel.org,
and click on the “Calendar” button on the left. This
online calendar is kept up-to-date continuously.
No Peanuts! The shul is peanut-free. In
consideration of our members with peanut allergies,
please refrain from bringing peanut products into
the shul.
Sponsorships. To arrange your sponsorship,
email [email protected] or go to
www.tiferesyisroel.org and click donate. Please
send your donation to Congregation Tiferes Yisroel,
6201 Park Heights Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21215.
To sponsor Shemen Lamaor for a month or the
Lev Echad or Camp Shabbos for a week, the
donation is $36. To sponsor Father/Son Learning
for a week, the donation is $90. Half-sponsorships
are also available for $45.
For the following, please contact Nisan Blaxberg
at 443-527-1726 or [email protected]
Siddur $50
Chumash $75
Yahrzeit Plaque $300
Other seforim may be dedicated as well.
TY Shiurim Schedule
 9:30-10:15 am: Men’s Gemara Megilla shiur
given by the Rabbi. Rashi, selected Tosfos and
Maharsha following Shacharis.
 10-10:45 am: Women’s Tehillim gathering for
cholim (Nancy Taffel Annex).
 8-9 pm: Shmuel, given by Rabbi Goldberger. For
women. Nancy Taffel Annex.
 8-9 pm: Rambam Mishnah Torah, Hilchos
Tzitzis, given by Jay Taffel. Upstairs Beis
 8-9 pm: Gemara Horayos, given by Jay Taffel.
Upstairs Beis Midrash.
Daily (Monday-Friday):
 Every morning following davening — a chabura
for strengthening Hebrew reading with Nesivos
Shalom. With fresh hot coffee!
 Monday through Thursday between mincha and
maariv: Rabbi Goldberger, 5 minutes of Mesillas
Yesharim by the Ramchal.
 Sunday through Thursday evening after mincha/
maariv for 15 minutes — Rabbi Goldberger shiur
for men. Malchus Shlomo.
 8-9 pm: Men’s bais medrash. Monday and
 8-8:30 am: Mishnayos Chabura. Nezikin.
 President Dov Pear 410-358-9825
[email protected]
 VP Programming Saul Passe 410-585-0182
[email protected]
 VP Membership Lev Avraham Rosenstock 443-
255-4343 [email protected],
[email protected] yahoo.com
 Secretary Louis Feinstein 410-764-2532
[email protected]
 Treasurer Yaakov Gur 410-358-2005
[email protected]
 Bais Medrash Reb Shuki Nissan 347-706-5620
 Calendar Eileen Rosenbaum 410-764-8443
[email protected]
 Camp Shabbos Adriana Steinberg 202-641-6677
[email protected]
 Candyman Ari Blum
 Chesed Committee Chana Birnbaum (shiva) 410358-7736; Ester Gur (births) 410-358-2005; Raizy
Cohen (cholim) 410-764-8852
 Davening Schedule Jay Taffel 410-358-9029
 Father/Son Learning Dov Pear 410-358-9825
 Gabbai Rishon Jay Taffel 410-358-9029
 Gabbai Sheni Hillel Zeitlin 410-358-7316
 Gabbai Tzedakah Nathan Franco 240-472-3815
 Hospitality Gail Feinstein 410-456-4306
 Kitchen Coordinator Batsheva Goldman
 Lev Echad
Editor Suzanne Kayne [email protected]
Know Your Shul Members Talia Raun
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 Mitzvah Cards Glenna Ross 410-358-1687
 Seforim
Purchase Nisan Blaxberg 443-527-1726
Repair Mark Hart
 Shalosh Seudos Coordinator Hinda Blum 410764-2279
 Simcha Hall Reserve Eileen Rosenbaum 410-7648443 [email protected]
 Sisterhood Batsheva Goldman 410-358-3768
[email protected]; Elka Rottman 410-3585427 [email protected]; Devorah Taffel
410-358-9029 [email protected]
 Supplies Ordering Shulamis Heldoorn 410-6641212 [email protected]
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 Shul Business [email protected]
Lev Echad Deadline:
Wednesday, 6:13 pm
[email protected]
Good Shabbos!
Rabbi Goldberger’s Shul
Congregation Tiferes Yisroel
6201 Park Heights Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21215