October 2014 - Temple Beth Emunah

Tishrei/Heshvan October 2014
HIGH HOLY DAYS - 2014/5775
First Day of Sukkot
Friday Oct. 3
Kol Nidre Service 5:45 PM
Candle Lighting 6:05 PM
(candles should be lit before coming to Temple)
Saturday Oct. 4 Shacharit
9:00 AM
Torah Reading 10:15 AM
Children’s Programming
10:15 AM - 1:00PM
Sermon & Yizkor 11:15 AM
11:45 PM
Ask the Rabbi
3:30 PM
4:30 PM
5:30 PM
Maariv & final Shofar blast 7:09 PM
May the New Year bring all the blessings of
peace, health, and happiness to you and
your families.
Wednesday Oct. 8
Candle Lighting
5:55 PM
(candles should be lit before coming to Temple)
Dinner at 6 PM (RSVP Req’d) followed by
Evening Service at TBA Randolph 7 PM
Thursday Oct. 9
Shacharit in Brockton
9:30 AM
Second Day of Sukkot
Friday Oct. 10
Shacharit at TBA Randolph
6:30 PM
9:15 AM
Wednesday Oct. 15
Candle Lighting
5:43 PM
(candles should be lit before coming to
Evening Service in Brockton 6:30 PM
Thursday Oct. 16
Shacharit & Yizkor Brockton
9:30 AM
Friday Oct. 17
Evening Service Brockton
6:30 PM
Including singing, dancing and hullabaloo
Morning Service TBA Randolph
9:15 AM
More singing and danciing
Blessing of the Animals
October 19, 2014 on the portico
Make plans to attend our first Blessing of the Animals ceremony.
We will wish our pets good health in the coming year. This is the week of reading the
story of Noah and we will thank God for the beauty of creation.
Pets of all kinds are welcome to be part of this event as long as they are on
leashes or in appropriate carriers. If you cannot transport your pet, you may
bring a picture. Light refreshments will be served.
479 Torrey Street
Brockton, MA 02301
(508) 583-5810
Fax: (708) 778-5801
Ilana Foss, Rabbi
H. David Werb, Rabbi Emeritis
Stu Kirsch, President
Beth Goldstein, B’yachad Educ. Director
Deb Kirsch, Administrator
Aaron Riseman Editor
Tom Robinson, Circulation
November Bulletin
October 22, 2014
Articles must be submitted via e-mail to:
[email protected]
Friday at 6:30 PM
Saturday at 9:30 AM
Weekdays at 7:30PM
Sundays at 9:00AM
Unless otherwise announced
Visit our website at
From The Rabbi's Desk
We have so much to celebrate at Temple Beth Emunah in the month of October. I
hope to see you at some of these meaningful and exciting programs:
Yom Kippur Services: Friday, October 3rd and Saturday October 4th: We
join together as a community to ask forgiveness from one another and God. We will
sing and pray that God inscribe us in the Book of Life.
Succot- After the solemnity of Yom Kippur we have the festival of Succot. Whether at
services at our Sukkah hop, at Scotch and Cigars in the Sukkah or Sangria
in the Sukkah- it is a perfect way to mark fall and the harvest holiday
Simchat Torah: We’ll be dancing all night on Thursday evening, October
16th. We’ll unroll an entire Torah to see all the different stories and laws. We’ll dance
and sing our way into the New Year. Festivities will continue the next day in Randolph,
for more singing dancing and fun.
October 18th is Pink Shabbat- an opportunity to honor those affected by Breast cancer
with special guest speaker, pink foods and fun.
October 19th at noon we will have our first ever blessing of the animals. Many of us have pets that are important members of our families and lives. In
honor of Parshat Noach, the story of Noah which we will read the following Shabbat we
will have a special blessing of our pets. Bring your pets (leashed or in carriers please)
for this furry fun event!
We'll wrap up October with the Blood Drive and Keeper of the Flame
events. The blood drive is one annual reminder of how important it is to give to others
particularly when blood supply in Massachusetts is so low. Please give!
The Keeper of the Flame dinner will see over 300 people dining with us celebrating men’s clubs from around the region. The Brotherhood will need all of our volunteer
assistance to make this a successful event.
As you can see, there is no shortage of ways to be involved at TBE. See you soon!
Rabbi Ilana Foss
I close my eyes and easily recall the image of a tall slender man (giant like), bearded, deep voiced, giving
instructions to the hundreds gathered on whose turn was next, how we should march, which lines to read and where
the table was that held the drinks of celebration.
The time and year, Fall, 1970. The place, Temple Beth Emunah, Cottage Street, Brockton. The man, Rabbi Isaac
Moseson. The sanctuary was long, narrow and tall enough to reach the stars in this 10 year-old boy’s eyes. I recall thinking how odd that the Rabbi and the sanctuary were built the same.
I recently drove by Cottage Street. This was my first shul. Upstairs and down there were dozens of places where my
friends and I could play and hide. It was awesome.
Then I walked. We all did. We walked through Brockton in a parade of euphoric celebration. We sang and danced
at our new location at the corner of Torrey and Pearl Streets. Speeches, food, music and dance filled the air and our
It’s been forty- three years since that parade. Many who marched are no longer here. They’ve grown up, married
and all too many have died. However, as many have moved on, so many others have come, all with similar
memories of their first shuls, their parades and their celebrations. And with those that are here we are planning our
next parade. We may not walk this time (please let us drive) but the celebration will be just as grand and imprinted
into the memories of the next generation of 10-year olds.
This narrative walk down memory lane came to me as we are about to celebrate the holiday of Simchas Torah. We
march, sing and dance as we have finished our year long journey reading the history of our ancestors and recalling
why we have chosen to be Jews. We finish the story and can’t wait to begin to read it again.
The beauty of Simchas Torah is not just in the celebration of finishing a good book (or five) and beginning to re-read
it, but rather our sense of accomplishment in doing so. So too do we celebrate the years of our history here at the
corners of Torrey and Pearl Streets. Even more so in writing new chapters of our Jewish journey as we seek to
create a new community to provide for and fill our Jewish lives.
I along with so many others that help lead our congregation are working to create the next chapters. We need
writers. We need editors. We need publishers. Most of all we need readers.
As we work to define how, where and whom we want the next chapter to be read by and about, we must always
remember our parades. For those are the foundation, the preface of our congregation’s book, needed to write the
new chapters. Like a good book, the beauty of Torah clings to you wherever you call home. So as we begin our
celebration of the New Year, celebrate with me and those leading us into our next parade. Help us plan, create and
write our next chapters.
Howard Shore
B’Yachad South Area Religious School.
During the Days of Awe, we think about the past year, make amends, and promise to do better in the year
ahead. This time of year we feel introspective and also sometimes sad as we focus on the ways in which we
need to improve. And, yet, at this High Holiday season it is also important to look back on the past year and
recognize the ways we grew as individuals and families, and also the many things for which we have to be
proud. Especially as parents, the High Holy Days are the perfect time to ask your children not only about the
ways they hope to improve in the coming year, but also about the good things they would like to continue to
do in their lives. This will help them and us to use the inspiration from this past year’s growth to foster future
growth and development.
In the religious school we are looking towards the future, learning and having a great time while we
are doing it. We are excited to share that we have welcomed 10 new students at B’yachad!!! School opened
on September 7th with a mixer and fun activities for the whole family. We also welcomed Bonnie Benford
from the Plymouth County Beekeepers Association who spoke with us about bees and honey in preparation
for Rosh Hashanah.
This year the school will be learning about what Judaism says about protecting the environment. To
kick off our theme, each student received a water bottle with the school logo on it. Please consider bringing
this water bottle to school as we work to cut down on our use of plastic bottles. There are water fountains
available to fill up your bottles!
The month continued with our first Jr. Congregation of the year at Temple Beth Am on Saturday,
September 20th. The group sang some new fun tunes, learned about prayer and the high holidays. In
addition, we had our first PJ Library event for children 2-6 years old! They also explored the theme of Rosh
Hashanah through stories, art and music. Wow! What a great first month.
During October there is even more learning and excitement to look forward to. On Sunday, October
5 the Kindergarten and 1st grade class will have their family education morning from 9:00-Noon. Also,
please join us on Wednesday, October 8th at Temple Beth Am for Pasta and Pizza in the Hut prior to Erev
Sukkot Services. Dinner is $15 per family and reservations can be made by emailing
[email protected] On October 26th we will hold our second B’Yachad Story Time with PJ
Library for children 2-6 years old and their families.
For questions about B’Yachad South Area Religious School, please feel free to email Beth Goldstein
at [email protected]
Do you know
someone who has an upcoming
Birthday or
Who just got a
new job?
Could use some
well wishes during an illness?
Consider sending a Nedorim card!
(Cards start at $5)
Contact the Temple
Office for more details.
Would you like to commemorate a
special occasion, such as a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, wedding,
anniversary, or birthday; or honor or memorialize your loved
You can purchase a personalized, laser engraved brick to be
placed in the Rabbi H. David Werb Meditation
Garden or the Temple Beth Emunah Honors Walkway, both
located in the Temple’s Korim Courtyard.
The net proceeds go towards the
Temple’s Endowment Fund, which helps our Temple and
Religious School. Your purchases will keep Temple Beth
Emunah strong for many years to come, and also add to the
beauty of the garden - an area for reflection, relaxation and
enjoyment. Please be sure to visit it when you’re at the
4” x 8” and 8” x 8” bricks are available, and are permanently
laser engraved with your special inscription.
Please pick up an order form at the Temple office, or call for
more details.
How Can YOU Help?
Donate with an impact
When we’ve needed something (heating repairs, painting and new doors, to name but a few) our members have
been there!
The call is going out again for your help. Could you pay a month’s worth of the electric bill? Or perhaps a
week’s worth? Maybe you’d rather pay the Insurance bill?
Below are a few ideas, but all donations welcome!
Electric Bill
$2,400 for a whole month or $600 for a week
Gas Bill
$1,000 for a whole month or $250 for a week
$2,000 for a whole month or $500 for a week
Trash Collection $260 for a whole month or $65 for a week
Alarm Monitoring $240 for whole year or $20 for a week
Sunday, November 2nd - Brockton Train Show
Sundays, Nov 16th & Dec 7th - Brotherhood Flea Market & Craft Show
Rabbi Werb Named Brotherhood Keeper of the Flame
Every year, the New England Region Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs honors a member of the Brotherhood from each Temple that belongs to the Federation. Honorees are chosen for long and distinguished service to
their Brotherhoods, Temples and communities. The Brotherhood of Temple Beth Emunah takes great pride in the
service it does for the Temple and the community. We are proud to announce that this year’s honoree is Rabbi H.
David Werb.
For over forty years, Dave and Linda Werb have been a leading part of the fabric that makes up Temple Beth
Emunah, its Brotherhood and Sisterhood. They came to Brockton in 1971 with two small children and one on the
way. Their fourth was born later on. Even though, as our Spiritual Leader, Rabbi Werb helped shape the direction,
goals and activities of the Temple, this honor is more for Dave, the person. The Werbs immediately became part of
our community upon their arrival. They grew as friends and parents with all of us. Their children grew up with our
children. Their grandchildren were friends with our grandchildren. Even as Rabbi, he shared the joys and sorrows of
all of us. He named many of us, officiated at our children’s B'nai Mitzvah, and then married our children. He even
followed the cycle for their children. He officiated at the funerals of our parents. In turn, we shared the joy of his
family’s joys and the sorrows of his family’s sorrows. With Dave Werb, he treated all members of the congregation
as family. Yes, being a Rabbi is a job, but Dave Werb made it a family affair.
As Rabbi, David Werb was innovative. Long before Keruv was a popular program for congregations, Temple
Beth Emunah was a leader. The program he set up at Temple Beth Emunah was a model later followed by FJMC.
Rabbi Werb was also a founding member and a vital mover in BIC, the Brockton Interfaith Community. This led to a
greater understanding of our relationships with Christians, Blacks and other ethnic groups in the city. He helped establish our annual Martin Luther King Luncheon long before it was fashionable to do so. Even today, it is the highlight of the Brotherhood calendar. Every year there is a “greetings from sunny Florida.” Rabbi Werb is still a very
active participant in the Catholic-Jewish Dialogue program at Stonehill College, which he helped start in the early
�90’s. Serving consecutively as President of the Massachusetts Board of Rabbis and the New England Region Rabbinical Assembly his executive abilities came to the fore. The South Area Solomon Schechter Day School, which
Rabbi Werb helped establish, has honored him on two separate occasions. In 1992 Rabbi Werb received an honorary
Doctor of Divinity Degree from the Jewish Theological Seminary for 25 years of devoted service to the Jewish Community.
Even in Florida in the winter months, Rabbi Werb continues to serve. He is still an active member of our
Brotherhood, being a part our programs when in Brockton. Living in Florida, along with many other transplanted
Brocktonians, he is looked up to both spiritually and socially. Everything he does, he does 100%. Since retirement,
David Werb has made himself an authority on exotic bird species at a bird sanctuary in Florida. Visitors from Brockton that go there are amazed at Dave’s expertise.
Dave will be honored at a dinner on Sunday, October 26 here at Temple Beth Emunah in Brockton.
Watch mail & October bulletin for details.
Electric Wire Recycling Fundraiser
We can turn
obsolete, no longer
used electric wire
of all types and in
any condition into
$$$ $$$ $$$ $$$
Do you have a smartphone or a
cell phone that you no longer
use? Please donate any
unneeded phones to Temple Beth
Emunah as we can recycle these
items for C$SH.
Old, cracked, or no longer used or needed electric wire
can be recycled for ca$h. Check your cabinets, closets
and basements…time to clean up, recycle and Temple
Beth Emunah will benefit!
Bring your phones and leave
them in the main office. If the
office is closed just place them in
the open window.
Please bring to the Temple any and all electric wire that
you no longer use:
п‚· Computer, audio and TV cables
п‚· Equipment power cords and chargers
п‚· Appliance and lamp power cords (cords only)
п‚· Telephone and speaker wire
п‚· Cell phone chargers and wire
п‚· House and building wire
п‚· Extension cords
Temple Beth Emunah
479 Torrey Street
Brockton, MA 02301
Phone: 508.583.5810
All types of electrical wire accepted. Place in basket
located on main floor in the school hallway.
Electrical wire can be recycled for ca$h.
Please send any questions to Alan Castaline at
[email protected]
The letter �shin’ is based on a pictogram of teeth
We know Orthodontics from aleph to
Dr. Robert Chavez Dr. Andrew Chase
ARCH Orthodontics
1 (800) 28- SMILE
Sisterhood Judaica Shop
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We have everything for that special Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Bride- tobe, & Housewares for the new home owner and, we are in the
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Hours: Sunday 9-11am & by appointment:
Heidi Bourque 508-828-9515
Robin Ekpunobi 781-424-3276
Sharon Wolf 508-238-1507
I address this note to EVERYONE who attended the Temple on the
evening of 8/22/14. You made it a memorable Shabbat and 90th
birthday celebration for me. I want to give an extra special Thank
You to Rabbi Foss, Rabbi Werb, Stan Marcus, and Stu Kirsch for the
Service which my friends and relatives enjoyed tremendously.
I also want to thank everyone who called me, sent beautiful notes,
gifts and gave donations in my honor.
Also, I received 2 lovely gifts with no cards. PLEASE call me if you
think they might be from you s I can thank you.
Rena Hurwitz
It’s not hard, To Send a Card
Just give us a Call, And we will help you all.
Call Selma at (508)587-4278 or
Marge at (508)588-5516 at any time except Shabbat.
We are at your service to send the Simcha. New
Baby, Mazel Tov and Get Well Torah Fund Cards.
Recycle for a Profit!
Bring in your used printer and toner cartridges and the
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We Now Have Whole Foods!!!
L’DOR V’DOR (From Generation to Generation)
A Temple Beth Emunah Cemetery, located
Are you attending a…
Wedding or B’nai Mitzvah?
One stop shopping! Get your Gift Cards in the
Temple Office!
On South Street, Stoughton,Ma.
Plots are available for purchase, to anyone of
the Jewish Faith.
Directions to the cemetery from Brockton:
Take Pearl Street north into Stoughton (Route
Many cards in stock!
If we don’t have it, we’ll order it!
For Daily Use
Or Gifts!
These stores and a whole lot more!
After the T.J. Maxx Plaza, take your next right,
this is South Street. The cemetery is 1/2mile
on the left side, it has a white stone wall in the
For more information please contact:Harriet
The Temple Beth Emunah section of Plymouth
Rock Cemetery offers families an affordable, wellmaintained location as a final resting place.
We offer our community two options: the Temple
Beth Emunah section and Shaarei Emunah: the
Gates of Faith Interfaith section.
The cemetery is located on Pearl Street (west side)
just south of Belmont Street (route 123) in Brockton.
For more information please contact Mort Saftler
(508) 587-2470
In Memory of:
Herman B Steinberg
Reva Stickler & Family
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In Memory of:
Albert Hunt
The Skerker Family
In Honor of:
Rena Hurwitz’ 90th Birthday
Morton Saftler
Bob, Judy & Emily Fishman
Steve Raphaelson’s Engagement
Ed & Debbie Baron
Congratulations to Carmela Caplain on
her son’s Aufruf
Ed & Debbie Baron
In Memory of:
Al Hunt
Morton Saftler
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Milton Winnerman
Morris & Ina-Lou Cohen
The Temple thanks you for
In Memory of:
your support
Edward Salomons
Nedorim donation –
Howard & Jennifer Salomons
Minyan Circle Donation - $10.00
Chai Circle Donation $18.00
Silver Circle Donation - $25.00
Special Gifts Donation - $50.00+
In Memory of:
Josephine DeGirolimo
Robert & Marie Finger Please help us expedite matters by
making all requests in writing, with
complete names and addresses,
including zip codes.
In Memory of:
Elizabeth Sher
Marjorie Fleisher OTHER FUNDS YOU MAY
Hachnasat Orchim
Aliyah Fund
In Memory of:
Herbert Cohen Fund
Brenda Gentile
Rabbi H. David Werb
Andrew, Arlene. Skyler,
Meditation Garden
Gemma & Jayden Wolfe
Rabbi H. David Werb Youth
Carol & Steve Wallach
Endowment Fund
Schmuel Purlwurmacher
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Louis and Ruth Zax Fund
Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
Jacob N. Lipman Religious School
Michelle Goldstein Bornstein Fund
Harry and Bessie Lemelman
October 2014
Build Sukkah 7 AM
B’Yachad 9 AM
Membership 11 AM
SAUCY event at Launch
2:30—5:15 PM
B’Yachad 9 AM
Brotherhood Breakfast 9 AM
Blessing of Animals 12 PM
Saucy Quidditch 1 to 4 PM
B’Yachad 9 AM
Story Time at PJ Library
Keeper of Flame 4 PM
Scotch & Cigars in
the Sukkah 8 PM
Sangria in Rabbo’s
Sukkah 8 PM
B’Yachad 3:45 PM
Brotherhood Meeting Erev Sukkot
7:30 PM
dinner 6 PM
Services 7 @ TBA
B’Yachad 9 AM
Sukkah Hop 10 AM
Ritual Committee
7 PM
B’Yachad 3:45 PM
Erev Shmini
Sukkot Services
Brockton 9:30 AM
Evening service
6:30 PM
B’Yachad 3:45 PM
Shabbat Service w/
Bar Mitzvah of Jared
Moser 9:30 AM
Shmini Atzeret 9:30
Simchat Torah 6 PM
SimchaT Torah
Randolph 9:15 AM
Kabbalat Shabbat
6:30 pm
Candle light 5:42 pm
Pink Shabbat 9:30 AM
Tot Shabbat 11 AM
Community Shabbat
6 pm in Stoughton
Candle light 5:32 pm
Community Shabbat 9:30
AM in Stoughton
Jr Cong at TBA 10 AM
Sukkot Services
Randolph 9:15 AM
Kabbalat Shabbat
6:30 PM
Candle light 5:54 pm
Yom Kippur services
9 AM
Ask the Rabbi 3:30
Mincha/Neellah 4:30
Blood Drive 2—7:30
B’Yachad 3:45 PM
Board of Directors 7 PM
Kol Nidre 5:45 PM
SAUCY lounge in
Stoughton 6:30 to
8:30 PM
Kabbalat Shabbat
6:30 pm
Candle light 5:22pm
Providing legal services to and for
Individuals, Families and Small Businesses
Concentrating in Family Law, Business Matters and Organization,
Wills, and Estate Administration
Metro South Executive Park // 1115 West Chestnut Street, Suite 206
Brockton, Massachusetts 02301-7501
(508) 587-2929 // www.belinskylaw.com