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Volume 26, No. 4
Bald Head Association
April 2015
Island Report
Communication, Advocacy and Protection of BHI Property Values
President’s Letter: Favorite Expression
~Kit Adcock
One of the favorite expressions I’ve learned in my
years on Bald Head Island is this gem from BHI
Patriarch Thad Wester regarding committees: “After
all is said and done, more was said than done.”
of the beach towards the Shoals Club. The next
waterfront project is the extension of the marina
entrance, to be immediately followed by construction
of the terminal groin.
There are certainly lots of committees on this Island.
With each new organization added to the mix and
as all organizations grow, ever more committees
are needed. Communication between and among
organizations often passes through many layers to
get to the heart of any matter, to obtain answers, and
ultimately to get something done.
The relocation of the Village dog park next to the
Association’s community garden is finished. The
Association boat park, located at the site of the old
dog park, should be completed by mid-April. The
Village is actively working on two ramps at the Creek
Access as this is written. Of course, there are always
tweaks to be made; your patience is requested as each
is addressed. Community
input is invaluable in order
to ensure these amenities
meet owners’ needs.
Many Islanders serve
on multiple committees
and many who are
actively involved
live off island. Even
arranging times to meet
can become rather
complex. For most
matters, stakeholder
input is sought. Time
slips by with seemingly
little action. Often,
as the clock ticks by,
organizations elect new
leadership, committee
memberships change
and time is spent
bringing new folks
up to date with what has already transpired. New
ideas swirl about and the process continues, perhaps
perfected, but assuredly ignited with new energy to
get “something done.”
Hopefully, by the time this article reaches your
mailbox, several major Island projects will be
complete. The Village has coordinated with seemingly
split-second timing three waterfront projects. The
beach re-nourishment is complete in perhaps one of
the quickest and most seamless efforts ever. Most
of South beach is wide and beautiful and the Village
expects the sand to move Eastward to fill in more
It is delightful to see so
many visible projects come
to fruition after so much
behind-the-scenes effort.
Thanks to all who have
worked so hard to enhance
our Island paradise. There’s
been a lot of talking,
negotiating, coordinating,
working with various
Island organizations
and jumping through
governmental hoops
The Watcher, by Janet Holt Hilton
and hurdles. Numerous
schedules, including Mother Nature’s, have been
accommodated. This year there is concrete evidence
of successful committee functioning because “as
much was said as was done!”
In this Issue:
Fuel Surcharge Eliminated - page 2
Thank You – page 3
Wounded Warrior Weekend – page 5
Safety Tips – page 6
Village Projects Update – page 8
Foxes sighted - page 10
April 2015 Island Report
Volume 26, No. 4
ARC Corner
Karen Mosteller,
Architectural Review
Ode to Spring ~ YEAH! Everyone seems excited
that winter is behind us and the trees are waking
While the T.V. ads are encouraging homeowners to
get out in the yard, it’s important to note that here on
Bald Head the first consideration regarding yard work
is always the protection of the existing flora on your
property. Whether in the dunes or the forest, along
with protecting existing plants, it’s important that
any new landscaping increases the productive natural
systems of your own particular mini-environment.
“Natural” landscaping can help you accomplish both
ends. This means, for the most part, planting and
allowing the native plants to flourish of their own
There are bonuses that come with staying natural.
This approach is opposed to spending a lot of time
and money establishing lawn grass or ornamental
plants and wasting our most valuable resource, water.
Letting nature run its course does not mean total
abandonment of planting maintenance. Rather, it will
mean a controlled and guided landscape in character
with the charm and beauty of Bald Head Island.
Hopefully, your landscaping plan will leave you with
more time on your hands to enjoy that natural beauty.
Landscaping improvements, costing more than $1000
for an existing home, require ARC approval. Also,
any approved clearing should take into account the
potential environmental impact of the activity and the
need to protect plants of special value to the island
ecology. This ensures the preservation that is crucial
to the delicate environmental balance on the island.
Please keep in mind, the understory is critical to the
survival of the maritime forest and the forest prevents
wind erosion and traps wind-blown sand to eventually
form the large dunes on the seaward edge.
Regarding tree maintenance, the Village has
ordinances that protect the trees and the ARC should
Page 2
be consulted regarding the removal of trees 3 inches
or greater in caliper at 48 inches height above grade.
The Village also reviews limb removal and consults
with the ARC. It’s important to get approval from
both the Village Building Inspector and the ARC
before taking any action. These rules apply to existing
homes, new construction, undeveloped lots and
common area.
The BHA Design Guidelines include information on
how to bring Bald Head Island’s natural beauty closer
to your home. If you have questions about the Design
Guidelines or the ARC process, call Karen Mosteller
at 457-4676 ext. 22.
Photo by Carrie Moffett
NCUC Approves Elimination
of Ferry Fuel Surcharge
The North Carolina Utilities Commission approved
a request by Bald Head Island Transportation, Inc.,
(BHIT) to eliminate the current $0.50 Fuel Surcharge
per round trip ferry ticket as of April 1, 2015. The
existing $63 Fuel Surcharge per Annual Pass will also
be eliminated.
The request was made after BHIT’s fuel expenses for
the past several quarters were less than previously
forecast, largely due to the recent drop in diesel fuel.
Contact Joyce Fulton at 910-457-7478 with questions.
Volume 26, No. 4
You know what they say about opinions and the fact
that everyone has one. Anyone that knows me knows
that I am also happy to share my opinion but rarely
do I do this in such a public forum. There are so many
things that Property Owners could say about the
value of owning a piece of Bald Head Island. Since
my husband Ray was diagnosed with cancer in 2013,
we experienced the central core value that makes our
community so spectacular. It’s the people. It is not just
those of us that own property but the people that work
with us and for us, the island entities and their staff, the
business owners and their employees and the visitors
that cherish this island as much as we do. It is all of
these people that make up our wonderful community, a
community that sets aside politics, special interests and
disagreements to wrap themselves around my family
and lift us up during a long and difficult journey.
So how do I say thank
you for an infinite number
of acts of kindness,
support and generosity.
I could say or write
the 2 words thank you
over and over again but
they just don’t seem to
cover what is truly in my
heart. Since my husband
Ray was diagnosed
with cancer of the esophagus in October of 2013 the
outpouring of support, prayers, good wishes, notes,
cards, gifts, advice, dinners, food deliveries has been
overwhelming. As time went on and he experienced
some life threatening complications the acts of
kindness grew exponentially from small well wishes
to major projects. Ray said thank you many times
throughout his perilous journey. Towards the end
of his battle he would say, I have no idea how I am
ever going to thank everyone. So that in a nutshell is
my problem. How do you say thank you to an entire
community and beyond.
When he passed away on February 2nd this year Bald
Head Island joined me and my family to celebrate
Ray’s life. The generosity continues and so much of it
is anonymous. A long list of names for personal thank
you notes awaits my attention. There are just so many
more people who selflessly extended themselves to
me and my family without giving a thought of being
recognized or thanked. My heart is full of gratitude
to everyone knowing that you honored Ray and his
April 2015 Island Report
contributions to the island. Ray worked very hard for
the island while working diligently for his client. Ray
was passionate about the island and its people.
Paying it forward is the best way for me to say thank
you. Throughout Ray’s illness he required many units
of blood provided by the American Red Cross without
ever asking for replenishing the supply. Initially
planned to honor Ray but now in his memory I have
organized the very first American Red Cross Blood
Drive on Bald Head Island. The Blood Drive will
be held at the Bald Head Association Building on
Tuesday May 5th. Donors must make an appointment
by emailing me at or calling
me at (910) 454-8065.
Appointments are available from 10AM – 1:45PM.
For eligibility requirements go to: http://www. If you are not
able to give blood we could use some volunteers.
The Blood Drive is made possible because of service
donations from Bald Head Association, Bald Head
Island Transportation, The Village of Bald Head
Island, Maritime Market and Delphina Cantina.
Unique and inspiring...
Bald Head Association Center,
the perfect setting for weddings, receptions
and events large and small.
You can have a destination event
without leaving the country!
Bald Head Association
P.O. Box 3030, Bald Head Island, NC 28461
910-457-4676 ext 21
Page 3
April 2015 Island Report
The Way it Was:To East Beach
Volume 26, No. 4
Island Service
Providers Event
There were no streetlights and no fire hydrants, and
the roads were not maintained as they are today.
Most of the side roads were either unpaved or had
crumbling pavement. North Bald Head Wynd led to
Federal Road, where it became entirely a narrow onelane path. This was the only way to get to East Beach.
Thursday, April 2, 2015
2pm to 3pm
BHA’s Association Center
Once past the Kent Mitchell Nature Trail you returned
to woods,whose foliage was so dense it barely cleared
golf cart roofs. It was a tunnel of trees with only a
small light at its end where the 20th century lighthouse
foundation and oil house sit.
Come and meet the businesses that provide
service to the island properties. Whether you
are interested in HVAC, security, renovation
or interior design there will be businesses
representing a wide variety of island services.
Turning right before the lighthouse base and
climbing the hill, you arrived at the Captain Charlie’s
cottages. The first of the three buildings housed the
BHI Conservancy interns and the classroom where
nightly turtle talks were presented during the summer.
Bald Head Island Limited donated the use of these
facilities to the BHI Conservancy. The Conservancy’s
legendary annual fishing schools were also held at the
top of this drive. These schools were always sold out
months in advance and provided a great way to get to
know other islanders, both the “old salts” who taught
the program and more recent island property owners
and guests.
Spring 2015 Island Service Providers
Open House~Bigger than ever!
Once you reached the lighthouse base, Federal Road
veered left following the path South East Beach Drive
takes today. Where the East Beach paved parking
lot is today, “Access 42”, was a gazebo with two
bathrooms and a Coke machine. This was the sole
public access point for East Beach. Traveling to The
Point back then took some planning and good timing.
The only alternative route to The Point was from
Captain Charlie’s.
Come meet a variety of men and women that
provide essential services to Bald Head Island. As of
printing we have: The Island Retreat and Spa with
aestheticians and a chiropractor, Barbara Miller from
BHI Design, James Capps from Pelican Enterprises,
Betsy Kimmel – Yoga, Jeremy Downey from A-Wolf
Security, Amy from the BHI Conservancy to discuss
programs, Darren Witt – Witt Works – repair and
maintenance, Greg Kinlaw from Charlotte Grill
Works, Cindy from Mannings Pest Control, Nance for
HVAC install and service and several more.
What made this location so special was that except
for a handful of houses further north up South East
Beach Drive, you could look out from the gazebo
toward both Frying Pan Shoals and up toward Fort
Fisher and see miles and miles of unspoiled beaches
and few, if any, humans. This view of Cape Fear was
then, and remains today, one of the most the majestic
vistas of Bald Head Island. When the first murmurs
of development of Stage Two were heard, those who
treasured this view successfully formed the Smith
Island Land Trust to preserve The Point at Cape Fear
for posterity.
To be continued…
Page 4
Photo by Carrie Moffett
Volume 26, No. 4
2014 BHI Wounded Warrier photos (both) courtesy of Woody Fulton
Wounded Warrior Weekend
April 30th – May 4th
The eighth annual BHI Wounded Warrior Weekend
will begin on Thursday, April 30th with the arrival
of five military personnel who have been wounded
in active service, plus their families and caregivers,
for an all-expense paid respite on Bald Head Island.
For many of the troops and their families, this will
be their first vacation opportunity since becoming
seriously wounded.
The weekend kicks off with the traditional community
“Pot Luck” recognition dinner that is open to
everyone. It will be held at the
marina tent site on Friday, May
1st. The participants will spend the
remainder of the weekend relaxing
on the Island until their departure
on Monday.
The BHI community is honored
to host the annual BHI Wounded
Warrior Weekend for the families,
caregivers and Wounded Warriors.
This event is made possible
each year through the generous
contribution of financial aid,
goods and services within the
caring community of Bald Head
April 2015 Island Report
New this year: The
BHI Wounded Warrior
Weekend has joined forces
with the Halo for Freedom
Warrior Foundation. Halo
for Freedom is a 501(c)(3)
organization based in Texas
that will help identify
and select the weekend’s
participants and connect
the participants to sponsors
that will help provide
transportation to Bald Head Island for the warriors
and families at no cost to them. You can learn more
about Halo for Freedom at
Please consider making a donation by check payable
to Halo for Freedom with “BHI Wounded Warrior
Weekend” in the memo. Donations may be dropped
off at Bald Head Association (111 Lighthouse
Wynd) or mailed to: Bald Head Association,
P.O. Box 3030, Bald Head Island, NC 28461.
All contributions go directly to support the BHI
Wounded Warrior Weekend. Please contact Diane
Mesaris at BHA at 910-457-4676 x21 diane@ or John Fisher at fisher5@ if you have questions.
g et in good
with the locals .
A friendly team of Island experts. First in real estate sales
since 2007. Full-service rentals. Visit,
call 910.470.0000, or stop by 6E Merchants Row and
©2014 Wendy Wilmot Properties
114251 wwp bluefish bonaza ad-bhi.indd 1
Page 5
10/1/14 2:35 PM
April 2015 Island Report
Volume 26, No. 4
Did You Know:
Spring Cleaning and Furniture Pick Up.
For those property owners wanting to freshen up the
look of their home this spring, the Village of BHI,
Public Works department will pick up one to two pieces
of furniture and take them off the island for a small fee.
First, property owners wanting this service will
need to call Village Hall, 910-457-9700 to make a
reservation for pick up. When Public Works takes the
furniture off-island, cast-off items are then distributed
to several charities including the Salvation Army,
Habitat for Humanity and multiple churches benefiting
underserved children in the area.
Remember, they will not take your whole household
of furniture but, for $50 will move one or two pieces
for you.
Photo courtesy of
Chris Kostman,
AdventureCORPS, Inc.
50k and 51-mile
Cape Fear Recap
The second annual Badwater Cape Fear ultramarathon
run was held on Bald Head Island in late March.
This year, the race had 115 racers representing 23
American states, Canada, Philippines, and Singapore,
a sizable increase over the 80 runners from 17
American states and Canada at the inaugural race in
2014. Thirty-three of 36 finished the 50km officially;
only one did not finish. Of the 79 51.4-mile racers,
78 completed the long route and earned the coveted
Badwater Cape Fear belt buckle (only one did not
finish). It was great day for ultramarathon racing
on Bald Head Island and up to Fort Fisher and back
along East Beach, with a cool morning and a glorious
Badwater Cape Fear is the first of three annual races
comprising the BADWATER® ULTRA CUP, which
includes the 51-mile Badwater Cape Fear, the 81-mile
Badwater Salton Sea and the Badwater 135.
Page 6
Safety Tips -
Bald Head Island is a magical place of extraordinary
natural beauty. Please use common sense and follow
our few rules while enjoying this fantastic island
On the roads:
• Golf Cart Safety: Speed Limit 18 MPH, 5 MPH at
the Maritime Market area
• Drivers must be 16 or over and possess a valid
driver’s license
• No driving under the influence of controlled
• Use seat belts when available
• Follow standard bicycle rules of the road - helmets
and lights recommended
In and around the water:
• Be mindful of riptides
• Do not venture out onto the shoals
• Always swim with a buddy
• Watch children and inexperienced swimmers
• No fishing in fresh water ponds - lagoons
• Use red cellophane to cover flashlights at night
from May 1st to November 1st when on the beach
On land:
• Do not feed any wild animals or alligators
• There are steep fines for feeding or harassing any
• No fishing in fresh
water ponds - or
• Fires require a permit
from the Department
of Public Safety
• Boats must be
concealed from view
of a public road or the
golf course fairway
• Golf carts must
be parked off the
roadways and wynds
Volume 26, No. 4
April 2015 Island Report
Old Baldy Lighthouse and
Smith Island Museum
Spring Hours of operation will be:
Tuesday through Saturday 10 am to 4 pm,
Sunday 11 am to 4 pm
Closed on Mondays.
Spring Sale
Lots of merchandise marked down! Discontinued tee
shirt styles 20% off. Come by the Keeper’s Cottage
Porch and find great savings.
Guided Tours
The Old Baldy Foundation offers guided tour
packages for both on island residents and visitors and
for those visiting the island for the day. It is a great
way to experience the uniqueness that Bald Head
Island has to offer. Travel this 3,000 acre island with
a knowledgeable guide and explore the rich maritime
history, stunning natural beauty and climb to the top
of North Carolina’s oldest lighthouse, Old Baldy!
For those already on the island the package includes
a 1½ hour guided tour, admission to Old Baldy &
museum and a 10% discount at the gift shop. The tour
is offered on Thursdays at 1 pm- Adults (13 and up)
$25.00 and Youth (3-12) $20.00 – RESERVATIONS
REQUIRED – 910-457-7481.
We also offer a package for those visiting the island
for the day from the mainland. This guided tour
includes all of the above with ferry tickets. The tours
are offered on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday starting
with boarding the 10:00 am ferry to the island –
Adults (13 and up) $50.00 and Youth (3-12) $40.00 –
April Island Events
Island Service Providers
Good FridayBHA office closed
Spring Litter Sweep
BHI Artisans Show
May Island Events
Southport Nature Fest May Cardmaking Class
Annual Gala River Cruise
Smith Isl. Art League
2 pm
9 am
10 am
2 pm
5 pm
Old Baldy by the Numbers
$11,359.14 Cost of the first Bald Head Light
1794-1813 Years the 1794 Bald Head Light
stood on West Beach
$333.33 Annual salary of 1st lighthouse keeper
Henry Long
36’ Diameter at base of Old Baldy
5’ Thickness of the walls at the base of Old Baldy,
up to 20’ high.
$15,915.45 Cost to build Old Baldy
109’ Height above sea level of Old Baldy’s
lantern room.
108 Wooden Steps
8 sides, 6 windows, 5 landings
1935 year Old Baldy decommissioned
1975 Old Baldy placed on the National Register
of Historic Places
1985 Old Baldy Foundation forms
1988 Old Baldy relit with a symbolic light
2017 Old Baldy turns 200
Page 7
April 2015 Island Report
Volume 26, No. 4
Update from the Village - On the Village projects…
~Chris McCall, Assistant Village Manager and Shoreline Protection Manager
Corps 2015 Channel Maintenance Dredging Update
– Great Lakes Dredge & Dock have completed dredging
operations as of earlier this week. The contractor is
still underway with removal of shoreline pipe from the
beach strand as well as dragging the beach to smooth it
out. The project fill limits extended along South Beach
to the west end of Brown Pelican Trail. As reported
earlier, the total amount dredged from the channel was
approximately 1.4Mcy (million cubic yards).
The Island
continues to
move along…
anticipated date
for opening
is still Spring
Village Terminal Groin Project – Due to the Corps
dredging project having finished much sooner than
historically, Village staff will also be meeting with
the contractor, Orion, to discuss specifics of the
construction of the terminal groin. First order of
operation is for Orion to install a “temporary trestle”
just around “the Point,” along the southern end of
West Beach that will be used as an off-loading system
to receive supplies to construct the terminal groin
Page 8
BHI Creek courtesy of BHI Limited
Construction is currently underway for the new Creek
Access Ramp and Launching Apparatus. After some
delay as a result of weather, the retaining wall and a
portion of the ramp are being torn out first with the new
section of the ramp, walkway and launching apparatus
coming soon. The dock is open but please use caution
when in the area. Expect the project to take about 2
weeks more or less.
Marina Jetty Wall Extension Project - Village
staff will be working with the contractor early
April to hold a pre-construction meeting to discuss
specifics of the jetty wall extension project which
is currently underway. The contractor, Orion, is
currently mobilized to their mainland location and are
preparing the geo-textile grid mattresses that will be
used as the base for the rock to be placed on. All of
the work to extend the jetty walls will be performed
from the contractor’s barge and will not interfere with
daily ferry transportation operations.
Volume 26, No. 4
April 2015 Island Report
Offshore Energy Development
Community Forum
Monday, April 6th at 9am
Association Center
Organized by the Bald Head Association
and the Bald Head Island Conservancy.
A community forum on offshore energy development
for BHI property owners on Monday, April 6th at 9am
at the Association Center.
The goal of the forum is to inform the
BHI community on the environmental and
economic impacts of wind and oil/gas exploration.
Contact Carrie Moffett at or
Suzanne Dorsey at
with questions.
Collaboration by
Bald Head Association and
the BHI Conservancy
910-457-4676 •
111 Lighthouse Wynd, Bald Head Island
We Need Your Connections!~
Today, we are facing two huge challenges: two wind
turbine farms planned off Bald Head’s shores, and
exploration and potential drilling for oil. To preserve
what we hold near and dear about the Island and to
have our voices heard, we must work together to
maximize our six degrees of separation. Who do you
Please contact Carrie Moffett at 910-457-4676 x21
or email her at with
any suggestions or contact information. There will be
several opportunities for property owners to engage
in the process analyzing these two proposals so stay
tuned for information about how you can help.
Page 9
April 2015 Island Report
BHI Wildlife Caught on Camera
By Courtney Spears, Coastal
Ecologist, BHI Conservancy
Volume 26, No. 4
encounter them in the wild. Without human
intervention, like feeding, coyotes and
foxes will avoid human contact and will
maintain a healthy distance.
While our wildlife projects are still in process, we
have captured quite a few of Bald Head’s residents
on film. As we learn more about the movements and
status of each population, we will provide updates via
Interested in conservation? Become a citizen scientist!
We have several opportunities for families to get
involved in science and learn more about the unique
habitats of Bald Head. For more information visit
Spring is bringing Bald Head to life! Our wildlife
cameras have been deployed for several different
projects including the deer management project, fox
survey, and coyote survey.
latrans) and
foxes (Vulpes
vulpes) are
species and
help keep
small mammal populations in check. Foxes have
been slow to repopulate after disease wiped out the
population here a couple of years ago, so it is great
to see them on Bald Head once again! Presence of
these predators could help control the population of
the invasive roof rat (Rattus rattus), which is part of
the reason we are so keen to study the predator-prey
relationships on the island. Coyotes and foxes likely
came down from Fort Fisher via the land bridge that
connects Bald Head to the mainland.
Although it may
seem alarming
to see photos of
these predator
species near
areas, you are
unlikely to
Page 10
Hop into Turtle Central Gift Shop this spring
for great deals and new merchandise!
Our new SCOUT bags are here. Receive a free gift
with every SCOUT bag purchase. We still have many
25-75% off sale items throughout the store for the
bargain hunters!
Our toy section is ready for the Easter bunny with
new toys (including a great golf cart), plush bunnies
and more! We look forward to seeing you this spring
season! All proceeds support the Bald Head Island
Conservancy. We are open daily from 10 am -5 pm.
You can also shop online at BHIC.ORG/STORE.
Volume 26, No. 4
Card Making Class
April 2015 Island Report
Spring Island Litter Sweep
Wednesday, April 1st
2 - 5 pm at the Bald Head Association Center
Join Pattie Caban for this fun class
on card making with stamps!
Class size is limited to 8 individuals and the fee is
$25 for 12 cards (4 each of 3 different designs).
All materials needed to
complete the cards are furnished.
Contact BHA at 910-457-4676 x21 with questions.
Beach Clean-Up - Saturday, April 4, 2015
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Public Safety Department “Fire Station”
Please come volunteer to pick up litter on BHI.
We have gloves, big litter bags and grabbers.
Participants will be treated to coffee, donuts and Easter candy.
Prizes for the most unusual litter found.
School community service credit for kids!!!
Sponsored by:
Sponsored by:
BHA’s Communication, Education
and Recreation (CER) Committee
BHA’S Natural Resources and
Beautification (NRB)
910-457-4676 •
111 Lighthouse Wynd, Bald Head Island
3rd Monday
Community Potluck Dinner
910-457-4676 • www.baldheadassociation. com
111 Lighthouse Wynd, Bald Head Island
BHA Activities at Bald Head Association
Yoga for all levels
Mondays & Wednesdays 11:45am to 1pm.
The daily drop in fee is $16.00 Discounted fees are available for weekly and monthly
Laugh & Breathe Yoga Class
Tuesday and Thursdays 9:00 am – 10:00 am
Fee: $16.00 per person. All levels are welcome to attend. Call Betsy Kimmel at (404)
426.7515 or email her at
Tuesdays & Thursdays 10:45 - 11:45 am
8 Session Card $120/ Walk-in fee $17
Monday, April 20th
6:00 pm at the Bald Head Association Center
Plan to join in the Community Potluck Dinner
social held in the Generator Society Hall.
Bring an entrée, side dish or dessert to share and your
own beverage. Paper products will be made available.
Contact FA McLeod at
for additional information.
American Mah Jongg
Thursdays 1pm to 4 pm
Card Making
1st Wednesday of the month 2 pm to 5 pm
Class size is limited to 8 individuals and payment is due the beginning of the class. The
fee is $25 for 12 cards (4 each of 3 different designs) and all materials needed to complete
the cards are furnished. Contact BHA at 910-457-4676 x21 with questions.
Wednesdays 9:30 am to 11:30 am
All skills of knitters are welcome to come and join in.
Sponsored by:
Sponsored by:
BHA’s Communication, Education
and Recreation (CER) Committee
BHA’s Communication, Education
and Recreation (CER) Committee
910-457-4676 •
111 Lighthouse Wynd, Bald Head Island
910-457-4676 • www.baldheadassociation. com
111 Lighthouse Wynd, Bald Head Island
Page 11
April 2015 Island Report
Volume 26, No. 4
Chris Hutchens
Branch Manager, VP of Mortgage Lending
P: 910.344.0304 C: 910.231.4375
F: 773.357.4643
1123C Military Cutoff Rd.
Wilmington, NC 28405
Guaranteed Rate NMLS: 2611 • NMLS ID:117377 NC - I-113842 - L-109803
Pack light. We’ve got it covered.
910-457-7450 | 8 Maritime Way |
Page 12
Volume 26, No. 4
April 2015 Island Report
Leading You through the Sale of
Your Property One Step at a Time.
When you’re ready to list your island home, homesite or shared ownership property for sale, turn to the company
that knows the lay of the land better than any other—Bald Head Island Limited Real Estate Sales. Along with a
complete understanding of market conditions, we bring a comprehensive marketing strategy to maximize sales
results within your time frame. For a free comparative market analysis of your property’s value, email, call or stop
by our sales office near the island ferry landing.
4 Marina Wynd | 1-800-888-3707 | |
If you are currently working with a real estate broker, this is not meant to be a solicitation of your business.
Page 13
April 2015 Island Report
Volume 26, No. 4
Distinctive Design
Custom Built
4 Merchants Row
behind the
Hardware Store
Page 14
(910) 457-4497
~ April 2015 ~
Volume 26, No. 4
6:45 Sunrise
Ser.(Old Baldy)
8:30 & 10 am
Rev. Dr. Robert
6Offshore Energy 7
9 am - noon
11:45 am (AC)
Flow Yoga
9-10 am (AC)
9:30 am
11:45 am (AC)
Card Making
2 pm - 5 pm
11:45 am (AC)
April 2015 Island Report
10 Men’s Bible
Flow Yoga
9-10 am (AC)
Pilates 10:4511:45 am (AC)
Service Providers
Open House
2-3 pm (AC)
Maundy Service
4 pm (VC)
Flow Yoga
9-10 am (AC)
10:45-11:45 am
COC BOD mtg.
11 am (AC)
Mah Jongg
1-4 pm (AC)
Good Friday
BHA Holiday
Office Closed
Litter Sweep
9 am -12 pm
BHI Artisans
Show & Sale
10am-5pm (AC)
Howl at the Moon
6:30 - 8:30 pm
(access 39)
8 am (AC)
BHA Board
Public &
1 pm (AC)
21 Flow Yoga
23 Flow Yoga
24 Men’s Bible 25
30 Flow Yoga
8:30 am
Rev. David
8:30 am
Rev. Jack
Church of the
8:30 am
Rev. Rockwell
11:45 am (AC)
Mtg. 9 am (Club)
11:45 am (AC)
3rd Mon. Pot Luck
6 pm (AC)
Deadline for
5/1/15 ARC Mtg
11:45 am (AC)
Flow Yoga
9-10 am (AC)
10:45-11:45 am
9-10 am (AC)
10:45-11:45 am
Flow Yoga
9 - 10 am (AC)
10:45-11:45 am
AC (BHA Association Center)
BHIC (BHI Conservancy)
Club (BHI Club)
VC (Village Chapel)
PSD (Public Safety Operations Building)
11:45 am (AC)
11:45 am (AC)
11:45 am (AC)
Flow Yoga
9-10 am (AC)
10:45-11:45 am
Mah Jongg
1-4 pm (AC)
9-10 am(AC)
10:45-11:45 am
Mah Jongg
1-4 pm (AC)
9-10 am(AC)
10:45-11:45 am
Mah Jongg
1-4 pm (AC)
Warrior Weekend
Village Council
9:30 am
& 2:30 pm (AC)
8 am (AC)
7:30 (VC)
Standing Events:
• Alcoholics Anonymous—Mon & Fri, 12 - 1pm,
Association Ctr. Contact John B. at 454-9251 or
• Knitting—A group of knitting enthusiasts meets
every Wed at the Association Ctr., 9:30 - 11:30 am
April 2015 Island Report
Bald Head Association
Volume 26, No. 4
P.O. Box 3030 111 Lighthouse Wynd
Bald Head Island, NC 28461-7000
Phone: (910)457-4676
Fax: (910) 457-4677
that stays with you for the entire island ownership
experience: sales, rentals & decor.
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