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How to Make a Bed Frame
from PVC Pipe
Kyle Travis
How to Make a Bed Frame from PVC Pipe
These are pictorial instructions on how to build a stylish and inexpensive bed
frame from PVC pipe. This bed is great for kids or adults who are looking for
something unique. Construction of this bed frame takes only 2 hours and
requires very few tools. Benefits of this bed frame are that it’s…
1) Cheap to make
2) Very durable
3) Has no sharp edges (kid safe)
4) Can be easily dressed up
This is a great and inexpensive solution if you have an extra bedroom to
furnish, are looking for a new children’s bed, or are looking for something
unique. Also, this bed can be easily personalized with stickers and paint to add
to its uniqueness. Furthermore, if you make this for your child he/she won’t
quickly outgrow it like he/she would a typical children’s bed. This frame will
last into his/her late teens and maybe even early twenties. I used my PVC pipe
bed from the age of 5 until I was 23. While growing up, I regularly had friends
comment on how much they liked my bed. If you like these instructions visit
my blog at frugalhomediy.com for more cool tips, tricks, and projects.
How to Make a Bed Frame from PVC Pipe
Let’s Get Started…
First, go to your local hardware store and purchase 10 tee’s, 6 end caps, 4
elbows, and about 45 feet of PVC pipe. The type of PVC pipe that was used
here is called high pressure PVC water pipe, not drain pipe. Other items you’ll
need are pipe glue, a handsaw, and a tape measure.
Tip: Fit all parts together then glue to ensure a proper fit.
End Cap
1) Establish your mattress size.
This will determine the size of the bed
frame. The last page of this ebook has a list of mattress size
Figure 1
Figure 3
Figure 2
Figure 4
Next, assemble the PVC pipe as shown in figure 1. This is done by
inserting two 5” pieces of PVC pipe into each end of a tee. This needs to
be done in order to hold two fittings together. If you look closely in figure
How to Make a Bed Frame from PVC Pipe
1 you can see this small piece sticking out of the tee. Only let these 5”
pieces hang out 2” to 2 ½.” After that, insert an end cap over one end and
glue. Cut two longer pieces of pipe equal length and insert each piece into a
tee as shown in figure 2. These pieces will be about 38” for a queen size
bed, but will vary for other mattress sizes. The end cap here is also glued to
the bottom of the tee by a 5” piece of pipe. This is then inserted into the
part made in figure 1, which gives the final structure shown in figures 3 and
4. Glue all parts together. Do this twice to create two identical pieces.
Figure 5
Figure 6
Step 3 consists of making the two identical pieces shown in figures 5 and 6.
This is done be gluing an end cap onto a tee (the same as the others), and
then gluing a piece of pipe approximately 20” long into the other end.
These two pieces are then attached to the other two pieces made in the last
step, creating the structures shown in figures 7 and 8 below. DO NOT
Figure 7
Figure 8
How to Make a Bed Frame from PVC Pipe
Figure 9
Step 4 involves making the structure shown in figure 9. First, cut a piece of
pipe approximately 12” long and glue a tee on one end and an elbow on the
other. Make two of these. Next, cut two pieces of pipe to connect the
pieces you just made together. The length of these will vary depending on
what mattress size you have. For example, these are approximately 50” in
length for a queen size bed. Check the back of this ebook to see other
mattress sizes and plan accordingly. Glue these together as shown in figure
9. Do this twice to create two identical pieces.
Figure 10
Figure 11
Step 5 involves placing the two pieces made in figure 9 together with the
pieces made in figures 7 and 8. The end result is shown in figures 10 and
11. This gives the basic bed frame. DO NOT GLUE THESE
HEADBOARD PIECES ON EVER!!! This will allow the bed to be easily
disassembled and moved.
How to Make a Bed Frame from PVC Pipe
Figure 12
Figure 13
Figure 14
For the final step cut three 1” by 4” boards the length between the two bed
rails. Next, measure the height of the 1” x 4” off the floor and cut three 2”
by 4” boards to that length. Screw the 2” by 4” in the middle of the 1” by
4”. This is shown in figure 14. Make three of these. Then screw these into
the pipe as shown in figures 12 and 13. This will add extra support to the
box spring and prevent it from falling off the bedrails. This could also be
done with PVC pipe by purchasing an additional 9 tees, 3 end caps, and 15
feet of pipe.
How to Make a Bed Frame from PVC Pipe
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How to Make a Bed Frame from PVC Pipe
Mattress Sizes
Twin Mattress Size
39" wide x 75" long
Twin Extra Long Mattress Size
39" wide x 80" long
Full Mattress Size
54" wide x 75" long
Full Extra Long Mattress
54" wide x 80" long
Queen Mattress Size
60" wide x 80" long
Queen Split Mattress
60" wide x 80" long
Two 30" x 80"
King Mattress Size
76" wide x 80" long
King Split Mattress
78" wide x 80" long
Two Twin Extra Long beds together
California/Western King Mattress
72" wide x 84" long