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Clarion Newsletter - St Clare`s College

“May the love you have in your heart be shown outwardly in your deeds”
St Clare
From the Principal
Dear Parents, Carers, Students and Staff,
The liturgical season of Holy Week is the most significant
week in our Church’s Liturgical calendar. It is a time when
we commemorate the Passion of Jesus Christ. Easter gives us
the reason for hope and new life. We all know there are many
Christians throughout the world whose lives seem like Lent
without Easter. The day we call Good Friday is so necessary,
because that’s when we remember that Jesus, the Son of God,
died for us.
Nonetheless, the Sunday morning is the real celebration as
this is when the great discovery is made. The grave could
not hold Him…because Jesus is alive; He gives us hope now
and for the future – regardless of what comes our way. This
is the perfect time of year when as a faith community and as
a family, we can make time to reflect on Jesus’ life, death and
resurrection; have a conversation about our faith with family or
friends; or connect through prayer with our living and loving
God. The Easter message is always one of renewal, forgiveness
and hope – that new life and deeper love can grow and flourish.
When I think of Easter and the way it moves from the darkness
of Good Friday to the radiant light of Easter Sunday it always
gives me the opportunity to nourish my faith and renew my
belief that hope and love will conquer all.
Term 1 Number 6 2nd April 2015
Easter Prayer
All Powerful God,
Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
By water and the Holy Spirit,
You freed your sons and daughters from sin
And gave us new life.
Send your Holy Spirit upon us
To be our helper and our guide.
Give us the spirit of wisdom and understanding,
The spirit of right judgment and courage,
The spirit of knowledge and reverence.
Fill us with the spirit of wonder
And awe in your presence.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.
Inspiration from Pope Francis
VATICAN - Pope’s Easter Message:
“Christ is hope and comfort to the Christian
communities suffering most for their faith on account of
discrimination and persecution ... is close to all human
situations of suffering and injustice”
I urge you all to attend your local parish for the ceremonies of
the Easter Triduum.
Staff Farewells
It is with much sadness that we are farewelling Mr Les
Salisbury, our Acting Assistant Principal. Mr Salisbury stepped
into this role with much experience, ease and presence that made
the start of the year that much smoother. He has shown great
dedication and commitment in ensuring the best opportunities
have been provided for our girls in the true Franciscan tradition.
Mr Salisbury will be travelling overseas with his family during
next term. We thank him for all that he has done and achieved in
the short time that he has been with us and wish him all the best.
Ms Neila Darrough, one of our Mathematics teachers, has
been given the opportunity to be the Acting Deputy Principal
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Now Enrolling for 2016
Bookings: [email protected]
at St Philomena’s School in Moree for next term. This is a
wonderful opportunity and we wish Ms Darrough every success
in this new role. However, we also look forward to her return
in Term 3.
Acting Deputy Principal
As Mr Salisbury is leaving us, next term we will welcome to
our community Mrs Kerrie McDiarmid who will be our Acting
Deputy Principal from the beginning of Term 2. Mrs McDiarmid
comes to us with a wealth of experience and expertise in
contemporary Learning and Teaching. Mrs McDiarmid has had
the role of Leader of Pedagogy at Marist College Kogarah for
the past four years. We hope that Mrs McDiarmid will enjoy her
time with us.
A reminder that all Term 1 school fees accounts should by now
have been settled. If you have fees outstanding please make sure
that these are paid as soon as possible. If you are experiencing
financial difficulties, I invite you to make an appointment to
come and see me so we can discuss a suitable arrangement.
And finally...
Thank you to all our St Clare’s families for their support this
term which has just flown by. As I look back over all the events
this term and what has been achieved I am extremely grateful
to be a part of such a generous, supportive and committed
community. I thank all the staff and students for all their hard
work this term, I look forward to seeing everyone refreshed
and renewed when school resumes on Tuesday April 21st. The
students are returning to school in their winter uniform. I would
advise parents to check the winter uniform over the holidays to
ensure that the knee length is correct and the uniform is still in
good condition.
I wish everyone the blessings of Easter. May the hope and
love of Easter and the joys of the Risen Christ be real in all our
lives. May we all be able to proclaim with great joy: “He is
Risen Alleluia!”
Blessings on you and your families,
Mrs Antoinette McGahan
For those of us who pray the Rosary, please take the
time to read the very beautiful and powerful message
from Madonna. Do you think we as Franciscans could
chose a time and pray at least one decade on Good Friday
“Imagine what might happen if every Catholic in the
world would pray a Rosary the same day!
We have an example in October of 1573, when Europe
was saved from the invasion of the mighty Turkish fleet,
by the praying of the Rosary by all Christians!
So, on Good Friday April 3rd, 2015, let us all pray a
Rosary for peace in the world and the return of moral
values into our communities.
If possible, please pray your Rosary between noon and
Also, please e-mail this message to every Catholic on
your address list, and ask them to pass it along to every
Catholic on their lists.
Let’s unite in praying one of the most powerful prayers
in existence, for these intentions, on one of the holiest
days in our Church year. God bless us all!
Did you also know that when you are about to forward
this message, Satan will try to discourage you? Forward
it anyway and help hasten the triumph of Mother Mary!
Send this to your prayerful friends and see how the Holy
Spirit works! There is a great deal to gain and absolutely
nothing to lose!”
World Youth Day
World Youth Day is one of the biggest international
celebrations in the world today. It calls young people to come
together for an amazing experience of pilgrimage, faith and
adventure. World Youth Day 2016 will be held in Krakow,
Poland, under the inspiration of Pope Francis.
This once in a lifetime opportunity will be available to Years
9 and 10 students of the Archdiocese who wish to take part in
the festive Pilgrimage. World Youth Day 2016 is an event that
enables thousands of young people to unite in a unique way
that deepens their understanding, empowers a closer bond with
Christ and allows participants to share the world with others
who have common interests and ambitions. St Clare’s College
will be offering this special opportunity for those who wish
to participate. School students and teachers will be able to
participate in a safe, organised environment in Poland. It is open
to all Years 9 and 10 students. The three pilgrimage options for
students are:
1. Krakow via Holy Land
2. Krakow via Italy
3. Krakow Direct via Prague.
Further information and meetings will occur in early Term 2
for all those interested in this extraordinary event.
Maddison Cain
Year 12
“Blessed are the merciful: for they will be shown mercy”
Matthew 5:7
Krakow 2016
25 July to 31 July
Experience the excitement of World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland
in 2016.
Join with millions of youth from around the world to experience
the love of Christ together with Pope Francis.
When? Wks 1-3, Term 3, 2016
Who? Yr 10 & 11 students 2016
Cost? Approx. $5900 - $7500 depending on your choice of
pilgrimage experience. Options include Krakow via the Holy Land,
via Italy, or via Prague*.
The Adventure of a Lifetime!
See your Youth Ministry Coordinator for more details
Senior Netball Grand Final Winners
See your Youth Ministry Coordinator about
the upcoming Information Night in your school.
*CEO subsidy and fundraising available.
Sister Joanne Schatzlein - Clare of Assisi
example for the world
Franciscan Schools Association 2015
In the beautiful grounds of the Melbourne Leadership
Conference Centre, the Franciscan Schools Australia held their
annual Conference with guest speaker, Sister Joanne Schatzlein,
a member of the Sisters of St.Francis of Assisi, Milwaukee,
Wisconsin. She spoke to the Conference about the beauty of our
Franciscan charism and the unique role that St Clare played in
living the Gospel of Christ, an “Example for the World”.
As we come close to Easter, it is a time to reflect upon the
choices St Clare made on Palm Sunday. It was during this time
that Clare rejected her family life and the comfort of her family
home to take her vows and join the Benedictine Nuns. Sister
Joanne discussed the concept of how Clare and Francis used
the imagery of the medieval mirror to lead people to see Jesus
Christ in their own lives. Key questions during discussion
groups opened dialogue about “What changes we can make in
our own spiritual life and how we make space for God”.
Sr Joanne spoke passionately about St Clare’s ability to use
strong imagery and symbolism in her faith and Clare’s ability
to bring “Light” into the lives of many, illuminating their gifts
and talents. In our modern age we try to “de clutter” our lives,
but St Clare was really the first to build upon this concept and
to explore the nature of a true relationship with our own poverty
(mind, spirit and body) as well as building a strong relationship
with our community and learning to “love” and respect each
other. The final point Sister Joanne raised was St Clare’s ability
to initiate questions about how we (community ) should all have
a meaningful and respectful relationship with God.
It was wonderful to discuss with other Franciscan School
Communities their faith and direction.
Sister Louise Hume, Chloe Traill-John and Lisa Clark were
fortunate to experience the Franciscan Conference and to learn
about the beauty of our Franciscan charism and the unique role
that St Clare played in our own school identity.
Lisa Clark
Religious Education
Public Speaking
During Term One Katya Greenup, Ella Schrijvers, Margaret
Carr, Ruby Baird (Year 7), Mahalia Rose-Larkin, Elissa Matouk,
Kate Noack, Piper Di Mattina (Year 9), Emma Grand, Mikaela
Farrugia (Year 12) and Hannah-Georgia Williams (Year 11)
competed in the CSDA Public Speaking Competition. Students
composed interesting and personal speeches in response to
topics as varied as ‘talk is cheap’, ‘thin ice’ and ‘YOLO’.
They are to be congratulated on their creativity, ability to
speak within a time limit and being able to engage with and
respond to an audience. A special mention must be made to
Emma Grand, Catherine Noack, Elise Matouk and Maggie Carr
who successfully made it to the Zone Final held at St Patrick’s
Catholc College Sutherland, placing them within the top 300
speakers in NSW Catholic schools and also to Ella Schrijvers
and Elissa Matouk who competed above their age group.
Chloe Traill-John
English Teacher
Emma Grand, Kate Noack, Margaret Carr, Elissa Matouk & Ms John
Pupil Free Day Mon 20th April
Just a reminder that due to a Staff Development Day on
Monday 20th April it will be a Student Free Day. Normal
lessons resume on Tuesday 21st April.
Chloe Traill-John, Lisa Clark, Sr Louise Hume osc
and Bishop Vincent Long OFM Conv.
Important Dates
2 Last day of Term 1
20 Pupil Free Day
21 First day of Term 2
Uniform Shop Hours
The Uniform Shop will be open during the holidays on
Monday 13th April 2015 between 8.30am and 12.00noon.
Lynda Furka
Uniform Shop Co-ordinator
Year 11 Biology - A Local Ecosystem
On Friday the 27th of February our Year 11 Biology class
attended an excursion to the Kamay Botany Bay National Park
located in the Kurnell Peninsula. Our class of thirty, along with
Miss Maher and Ms Murphy, got to experience an excursion
like no other as we were all ecologists for a day! Studying,
measuring and recording the diverse range of flora and fauna,
living and non-living factors of a rock platform. As this national
park is home to various plants and animals the Class found it to
be educational and also fun.
It was really interesting how we all learnt how an enormous
ecosystem is based on so many small aspects of it and how much
it relies on these aspects to continue growing. Our first Biology
assessment task is based on what we learnt and recorded on
this excursion. Our Class was lucky as this was the first year
that the assignment was based in Kamay National Park and not
Centennial park. Even though we still had to examine an area, by
changing the site location it was more engaging and enjoyable
for the whole class. Overall this excursion was an eye-opening,
fun and a new way of learning outside the classroom.
Courtney Barker
Year 11
Year 8 Science
During Year 8 Science this term we have been studying the
body and the different systems. On Tuesday the 31st March
we dissected a sheep’s kidney - which I have to admit was
disgusting but overall it was very interesting to see.
Over the past few days we have been focusing on the excretory
system and our last lesson was about the kidney. During this
Term we also dissected a heart which was fascinating as well.
This year has been a very entertaining one because of the wide
variety of experiments and interesting topics we have studied.
Julia McMorrow
Year 8
Poetry in Action Incursion
Year 7 and 8 English students enjoyed an educational and entertaining poetry performance which will prepare them for their study of poetry in Term 2.
Year 8 French
Hardworking Year 8 French students - these
are the Term winners of the peg tally - 1001
questions answered in class! Felicitations
Philipa Tlaskal
French and English Teacher
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