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layer & specialty cakes
Chocolate Layer Cake
Moist chocolate cake layers alternating with
our rich creamy chocolate truffle icing swirled
with chocolate ganache. 10" - 32.99
Kahlua Ganache
Two layers of chocolate cake filled with chocolate
Kahlua mousse then coated with our luscious chocolate
ganache and piped with mocha icing. 10" - 33.99
An abundance of fresh grated carrots, apples,
walnuts, pineapple, raisins and spices. Finished with
our mouth watering cream cheese icing and dusted
with chopped walnuts. 7" - 21.99 10" - 32.99
Raspberry Chantilly
Layers of white cake laced with raspberry liqueur
alternating with fresh raspberries and Chantilly pastry
cream. Exquisitely decorated with more fresh
raspberries and toasted almond slices surrounding
the entire cake. 10" - 33.99
Night & Day
All 10" cakes can be pre-sliced for portion control
and less waste in 12, 14 or 16 slices.
Red Velvet Cake
This cake has been red hot since its addition
to our product line. Two red velvet layers held together
by a generous helping of cream cheese icing
decorated with red sprinkles. 10" - 33.99
Layers of chocolate cake, cheesecake and
chocolate mousse topped with chocolate ganache,
chopped pecans, chocolate chips, drizzled white
chocolate, caramel and dark chocolate. 10" - 33.99
Oreo Blackout
Two fluffy chocolate cake layers are filled and topped
with our decadent Oreo mousse. Crushed Oreo pieces
finish this delectable creation. 10" - 33.99
Tiramisu Cake
Tiramisu means “pick me up” and this great creamy light
dessert does just that. Mascarpone cheese and liqueur
laced whipped zabaglione folded together alternating
with fresh brewed espresso dipped ladyfingers. Topped
with cinnamon and cocoa. 10" - 32.99
Our two most popular desserts, chocolate mousse
and our original country cheesecake combined
with a decorative chocolate ganache topping.
7" - 21.99 10" - 33.99
A decadent combination of
semi sweet and bittersweet
chocolate. Sure to tame the
wildest sweet tooth. - 2.79
Peanut Butter Bar
Made using all natural peanut butter
drizzled atop a chewy dark fudge
brownie. Roasted and salted peanuts
are mixed throughout the batter
giving a sweet, salty and yummy
flavor. - 2.99
Raspberry Oatmeal
Chewy, crunchy and delicious.
Sweet and tart raspberry filling
tops a delicate buttery crust
topped with oatmeal. - 2.79
Lemon Bar
A smooth and soft tart lemon filling
tops a delicate buttery crust. - 2.79
Turtle Brownie
Our delicious brownie base topped
with a thick layer of chocolate
ganache and chopped pecans and
drizzled with creamy caramel and
chocolate chips. - 2.99
Small, large, chocolate or no
chocolate shell stuffed with the best
cream this side of Sicily! - 1.49 - 2.99
Pecan Bar
Chock full of pecans and pure
bourbon vanilla. - 3.29
Established over twenty five years ago Mara's continues to use only the finest, freshest ingredients Philadelphia cream cheese, pure bourbon vanilla, fresh heavy cream, fresh whole eggs, all true liqueurs,
purГ©es and fresh fruits. With close to sixty desserts available, we cater to our retail customers
to help find them something for any and every occasion.
We want to give our customers the best possible dessert for any occasion, big or small. Our desserts
will make great gifts for business owners and salespeople to give to employees or clients, as they are a hit in the
office around the holidays and all year round. If you are going to a dinner or holiday party, bring one of our
delicious specialty desserts to the host or hostess, or if you simply have a craving for a mouth-watering
dessert like none other you will ever taste, we can accommodate all.
best of the rest
Mara's Cupcakes
All of our cupcakes are filled with a
variety of mousses and creams, then
topped with whipped ganache, cream
cheese or buttercream icing - 3.39
Box of 6 - 18.99 Box of 12 - 36.99
Everyday offerings include:
White on White, Triple Chocolate,
Peanut Butter Mousse,
Cookies & Cream, Red Velvet,
Carrot, Signature, Toasted Almond,
Chocolate Chip Dipped and Cannoli.
Seasonal specialties also available.
Peanut Butter Cup, Chocolate
Chip, Triple Chocolate and Oatmeal
Raisin. Seasonal specialties
also available. - 1.49
In addition we also have an extensive line of individual desserts including brownies, bars, biscotti, fresh baked
cookies, fresh filled cannolis and cupcakes. We will also create platters and trays for any event and occasion that
are sure to please. Our luscious and beautiful desserts are a perfect way to satisfy everything from a quick craving
to a large party of those with the most demanding of tastes.
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All 10" cheesecakes can be pre-sliced for portion control and less
waste in 12, 14 or 16 slices.
Our Original Country Cheesecake
A velvety combination of the finest cheeses, freshest
creams and pure vanilla brought together to create an
exceptionally light and creamy cheesecake.
7" - 19.99 10" - 29.99
We start with our original country cheesecake
and mix in plentiful amounts of chopped
Snickers. Topped with a layer of chocolate
ganache and more Snickers pieces. 7" - 21.99
Best in
All pies are 10" and are available in your choice of a
flaky hand rolled crust or a rich buttery crumb crust,
unless noted otherwise.
10" - 31.99
We start with a rich, smooth, pure all natural chocolate
and blend it with our original country cheesecake.
Baked on a chocolate cookie crust. 7" - 21.99 10" - 31.99
We mix a generous amount of raspberries, blueberries and
blackberries into our original country cheesecake and bake
it in our graham cracker crust. 7" - 21.99 10" - 31.99
Almond Brownie
Caramel Apple Streusel
A delicious cinnamon apple cheesecake topped with
streusel crumb and drizzled with the perfect amount of
luscious caramel. Award winning: Best in New Jersey.
7" - 21.99 10" - 31.99
Our original country cheesecake baked atop a rich chocolate
cookie crust with brownie pieces throughout. Topped with
more brownie pieces, chocolate ganache and toasted
almond slices. 7" - 21.99 10" - 31.99
Strawberry or Raspberry Swirl
Chocolate Chip
Our original country cheesecake loaded with mini
chocolate chips. Baked on a cookie crust and topped with
more chocolate chips. 7" - 21.99 10" - 31.99
Oreo pieces throughout our original country cheesecake
with Oreo ganache topping. Baked on an Oreo cookie crust.
7" - 21.99 10" - 31.99
Chocolate Dipped Strawberry
Our original country cheesecake with a layer of
fresh strawberry topping covered in our special and
unique Belgian magic shell chocolate ganache. Baked on
our chocolate cookie crust. 7" - 21.99 10" - 31.99
Made from fresh ripe apples and just the right spices. - 14.59
Wild Berry
Chocolate Swirl
We start with a thick layer of rich all natural strawberry
or raspberry purГ©e and top it with our original country
cheesecake. We then blend in more purГ©e and swirl it
throughout. 7" - 21.99 10" - 31.99
Butterfinger pieces throughout our original country cheesecake
with a ganache and Butterfinger topping. Baked on a
chocolate cookie crust. 7" - 21.99 10" - 31.99
Cookie Dough
Our delicious chocolate chip cookie dough blended into our
original country cheesecake baked on a chocolate cookie
crust. Topped with ganache and chocolate chip cookie
pieces. 7" - 21.99 10" - 31.99
What could be better than lush, ripe, sweet cherries?
Those very cherries baked into this wonderful pie,
of course. - 14.59
Three Nut Cranberry
Fresh, ripe and sweet blueberries. - 15.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Our superb chocolate chip cookies in a pie. Kids favorite,
great with a scoop of gelato! - 14.59
Strawberry Rhubarb
Sweet strawberries and tart rhubarb combine to
give a summer feeling year round. - 14.59
Our original chocolate truffle cake
laced with Amaretto liqueur. Finished
with chocolate ganache and toasted
almond slices on a chocolate cookie
crust. 7" - 22.99 10" - 32.99
Beautifully balanced and not too sweet,
like those incredible truffles you tasted
in France. Seductively luscious and
creamy dark chocolate mousse covered
in a generous layer of rich chocolate
ganache on a chocolate cookie crust.
7" - 22.99 10" - 32.99
Rocky Road
The always wonderful taste of Baileys
laces our creamy dark chocolate
truffle cake to make one outstanding
irresistible dessert. 7" - 22.99
10" - 32.99
Our chocolate truffle loaded with
pecans and chocolate chips throughout,
topped with chocolate ganache and
even more chocolate chips and pecans.
7" - 22.99 10" - 32.99
Not one to be passed up. Raspberry
purГ©e combined with our already
delicious chocolate truffle cake with
fresh raspberries on top. 7" - 22.99
10" - 32.99
The unmatched taste of hazelnut
liqueur laces our already luscious
chocolate truffle, which is decorated
with chocolate ganache and toasted
hazelnuts. 7" - 22.99 10" - 32.99
Fresh key lime juice from Florida flavors our filling atop a
graham cracker crust topped with Chantilly cream. - 14.99
All 10" mousses can be pre-sliced for portion control and less waste in 12, 14 or 16 slices.
Key Lime
This pie is bursting with pecans and pure
Bourbon vanilla. - 14.59
Our elegant chocolate mousse is made with semi sweet
chocolate and fresh whipped cream on a chocolate cookie
crust. Sweetened just right. 7" - 21.99 10" - 31.99
All 10" truffles can be pre-sliced for portion control and less waste in 12, 14 or 16 slices.
Sliced almonds, chopped pecans and walnuts combined
with fresh juicy cranberries in our delicious pecan
pie filling. - 15.99
We use only the freshest, sweetest peaches
in this wonderful pie. - 14.59
A layer of chocolate mousse topped with a layer of white
chocolate mousse with Oreo pieces throughout on a
chocolate cookie crust. 7" - 22.99 10" - 33.99
Tri Color
Layers of chocolate, white chocolate and mocha
mousse with a swirled ganache topping on a chocolate
cookie crust. 7" - 22.99 10" - 33.99
Peanut Butter Silk
The ultimate chocolate and peanut butter combination.
Ultra smooth layers of peanut butter
cream and French chocolate
silk on a chocolate cookie
crust. Topped with
chocolate ganache.
7" - 22.99 10" - 33.99
A delicious combination of mint and chocolate. Creamy mint
mousse full of mini chocolate chips in our chocolate cookie
crust then covered in a chocolate silk and a beautiful design
of crГЁme de menthe cream. 7" - 22.99 10" - 33.99
Cream Puff
A look and taste like no other. We submerge delicious
cream puffs into our creamy mousse atop a chocolate
cookie crust. Topped by swirling chocolate silk, caramel
and melted white chocolate. 7" - 22.99 10" - 33.99
Key Lime
A light and satisfying dessert. Fresh key lime juice from
Florida flavors this mousse. Topped with coconut shreds
atop a graham cracker crust. 7" - 22.99 10" - 33.99
White Chocolate Raspberry
This luscious dessert is a layer of white chocolate mousse
laced with fresh raspberries atop a layer of our smooth
chocolate mousse. Topped with chocolate ganache,
more fresh raspberries and drizzled with white chocolate
in a chocolate cookie crust. 7" - 22.99 10" - 33.99