Menu - Pure Bliss Desserts

Baked On-Site
Locally-Sourced Ingredients
CHOCOLATE BLISS: Pure Bliss’ signature cake: Moist chocolate cake, blanked in smooth cream cheese frosting and poured
with chocolate ganache.
CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER: Moist chocolate cake topped with smooth and creamy peanut butter frosting and
finished with a smooth chocolate ganache.
GERMAN CHOCOLATE: German chocolate cake smothered with a gooey coconut-pecan frosting and finished with a
smooth chocolate ganache.
CREAMY COCONUT: Creamy white cake infused with real coconut, topped with cream cheese frosting and garnished
with toasted coconut flakes.
TRIPLE CHOCOLATE: Moist chocolate cake topped with fudgy chocolate frosting and finished with a smooth chocolate
VANILLA ON VANILLA: A deliciously traditional vanilla cake, frosted with vanilla butter cream frosting.
LEMON BLISS: Zesty lemon cake, brushed with a lemon syrup, filled and topped with lemon frosting.
RED VELVET: Silky red velvet cake with smooth cream cheese frosting and poured chocolate ganache.
TROPICAL BANANA CHUNK : Sweetly spiced cake made with real bananas then layered cream cheese frosting and
topped with toasted coconut and chunks of chocolate. Don’t like coconut? We can omit that, just say the word.
MOCHA CHOCOLATE: Moist chocolate cake, infused with real coffee, layered and topped with creamy mocha frosting,
then drizzled with chocolate ganache.
ALMOND: Almond flavor throughout, including bits of toasted almonds in cake batter, and frosted with a delicate vanilla
buttercream lightened with cream cheese. Recommended fillings: Raspberry or Mocha!
SALTED CARAMEL: Moist Vanilla Cake batter, ribboned with house-made salted caramel then frosted with our
signature caramel frosting, and a drizzle of caramel for garnish of course.
COCONUT CHOCOLATE CHUNK: A house favorite! Moist chocolate cake layered with toasted coconut and
dark chocolate chunks to create a delicious textured crunch in each bite.
CHOCOLATE COCONUT CRAZE : One layer of Moist chocolate cake and one layer of Creamy Coconut Cake,
frosted and layered with toasted coconut. This is the perfect cake for the chocolate and coconut cake lover who just c an’t decide!
GLUTEN-FREE CARROT: Delectable carrot cake made with a gluten-free flour blend. Bet you can’t tell the difference!
1424 Cornwall Avenue ~ Bellingham, WA ~ 98225
BITTERSWEET CHOCOLATE TORTE:: 72percent dark chocolate baked with other fine ingredients to create a smooth
finish; it is like eating a truffle. Gluten Free!:
CHOCOLATE MOUSSE: Farm fresh organic eggs whipped and blended with dark chocolate, whipping cream and vanilla
beans until silky smooth. Gluten Free!:
VANILLA BEAN MOUSSE: Vanilla beans infused in a creamy vanilla custard, then folded into whipped cream to create
a smooth and delectable mousse. Gluten Free!:
CHOCOLATE DECADENCE CAKE: Moist chocolate cake filled with our delectable chocolate mousse and a layer
of chocolate ganache, then frosted with creamy chocolate frosting for the best chocolate cake you have every had.
PETITE ALMOND CITRUS CAKES: Almond meal and whole oranges pureed together with other simple ingredients to
create a chewy treat. Baked out in individual serving sizes and are both : Dairy &Gluten-Free!
FRENCH MACARONS : Ground almonds, whipped egg whites and a hint of sugar baked together and sandwiched by a
dollop of Chocolate Ganache. ~ Gluten Free!::
DOUBLE CHOCOLATE CHUNK: Chocolate cookie base with chocolate chips to satisfy any chocolate craving.
SUPER CHOCOLATE CHIP: Fully loaded with chocolate chips; its the best chocolate chip cookie ever.
COCONUT MACAROONS: Sweetened coconut mounds baked to perfection and dunked in ganache. Gluten Free!
MOLASSES SPICE COOKIES: Subtle molasses, nutmeg and ginger mixed together to create this perfectly chewy cookie.
SNICKERDOODLES: Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside, then sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.
RUSSIAN TEA CAKES: Ground pecans and walnuts, blended together with other simple ingredients.
ICED SHORTBREAD: Traditional shortbread made with real butter and organic vanilla. Frosted with vanilla buttercream.
Petite Size Available in Lemon, Almond or Butter (unfrosted)
NANAIMO BARS: A sweet layered treat, made with ground coconut, graham cracker, nuts and chocolate. Also available
with Mocha or Peanut Butter Filling.
FUDGY BROWNIES : Devilishly moist and fudgy brownies, infused with real coffee and chocolate chunks for an extra kick.
MAPLE PECAN BARS: Real maple syrup, pecan halves and vanilla mixed together a baked on a crunchy and buttery crust.
COCOA NUTTY WEDGES: Deep flavors of dark cocoa, coconut and chewy almond meal makes this Raw & Vegan
Brownie explode with flavor.
NEW YORK CHEESECAKE: Three inch deep traditional style deep cheesecake; made with real vanilla beans and
blended cream cheese until silky smooth.
1424 Cornwall Avenue ~ Bellingham, WA ~ 98225
Our bakers are constantly inspired to create new and delicious recipes which may not appear on this
menu, but will be available in our case from time to time. Be sure to check-in to see what is new! Join
us on Facebook and Twitter for Daily Dessert Updates.
CARAMEL APPLE & OAT WEDGES: Oats and spices blended together and layered with freshly sliced, local apples.
WHITE CHOCOLATE PUMPKIN WEDGES: Spicy pumpkin batter mixed with white chocolate chips…a blend between a cookie and a
brownie. *Fall only
CRANBERRY WHITE CHOCOLATE WEDGES : Pecans, cranberries and white chocolate baked together in a chewy dough and
drizzled with white chocolate. *Winter only
CREME DE MENTHE BROWNIES: Mint spiked New York Cheesecake batter blended with our fudgy brownie concoction and baked out
to create a delicious winter treat. *Winter only
APPLE & PEAR CRISP: Crispy apples & pears tossed with the perfect blend of species and topped with a cinnamon-oat crumble of buttery goodness!
LATTICE APPLE PIE: Locally grown apples, peeled and slightly sweetened, covered in a gorgeous latticed pattern then baked until golden brown.
Also available with a crumble topping.
PUMPKIN PIE: Locally grown, organic sugar pie pumpkins roasted slowly, then pureed with a spiced filling and baked until firm and creamy.
CARAMEL APPLE TART: Orchard apples baked on top a flakey tart crust and topped with an evenly spiced crumble topping, then drizzled
with our house made creamy caramel.
PEAR FRANGIPANE TART: Nutty almond paste baked with juicy pears atop a flakey tart crust.
PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE: Whipped cream cheese until silky smooth combined with real pumpkin puree and spices.
CHOCOLATE MARBLED CHEESECAKE: A smooth chocolate cheesecake marbled into our New York batter and baked evenly.
PUMPKIN CREAM CHEESE MUFFINS: Pumpkin puree blended with spices and baked with a dollop of our New York Cheesecake batter.
DOUBLE CHOCOLATE STOUT CAKE WITH IRISH CREAM FROSTING: Double Chocolate Stout beer baked into a fudgy
chocolate cake batter, then frosted with real Irish Cream Frosting and garnished with chocolate ganache drizzle. Yum!
PUMPKIN SPICE CAKE & CUPCAKES: Sweetly spiced cake made with real pumpkin and topped with cream cheese frosting. *Fall only
PEPPERMINT PATTY CAKE & CUPCAKES: Moist chocolate cake topped with a white peppermint cream cheese frosting and finished with
a smooth chocolate ganache. *Winter only
VANILLA HAZELNUT CAKE: Moist vanilla cake with toasted hazelnut bits baked into the batter, then filled and frosted with Chocolate
Hazelnut Frosting. *Winter only
GINGER SPICE CAKE & CUPCAKES: Molasses and chunks of ginger result in a moist spiced cake, frosted with a ginger infused cream cheese
frosting. *Winter only
CREAMY LEMON WEDGES: Sweet and tart squares made with from scratch lemon curd, baked on a buttery crust.
BERRIES & OAT WEDGES: Oats and spices blended together then layered between an even spread of fresh berries.
MEYER LEMON TART: Real lemon juice blended with creamy ingredients and baked on top of a rich tart pastry shell.
SUMMER BERRY TART: Fresh and local seasonal fruit atop a from-scratch vanilla bean custard in a tart shell.
KEY LIME TART: Real key limes zested and juiced, then mixed with a light filling and baked a top a flakey pastry shell.
STRAWBERRY MASCARPONE TART: Freshly glazed strawberries atop a layer of smooth mascarpone mixture, on a rich tart pastry shell.
Available only during strawberry season.
TRIPLE BERRY CRUMBLE PIE: Raspberries, Blueberries and Marion berries mixed together and baked to perfection with a cinnamon and nutmeg
crumble topping.
ORANGE BLISS CHEESECAKE: Light orange zest added to this cheesecake creates a slightly less tang than the original version.
1424 Cornwall Avenue ~ Bellingham, WA ~ 98225
RASPBERRY SWIRL CHEESECAKE: Tart raspberry puree swirled into our creamy New York Cheesecake batter for a summery treat.
STRAWBERRY SHORT CAKE: Sweet and dense yellow cake layered with fresh whipped cream and strawberries piled high.
BERRIES AND CREME CAKE: Sweet, summer berries baked into our vanilla cake batter, then frosted with cream cheese frosting.
1424 Cornwall Avenue ~ Bellingham, WA ~ 98225