What is a rubric?

What is a rubric?
No, it’s not just a cube.
Your assignment …
• Draw an animal.
What did you notice?
• Some scores were high and while
others were low.
• Did you know why a paper scored
how it did?
What would have helped?
• How about if there was a way to tell
what the teacher was looking for?
• What if you knew before you started
working, what was important and what
Will this score/grade make you a
better student?
• How can you know what to work on if
you don’t know why you received the
score you did?
• How can you fix it if you don’t know
what is broken?
Before you write
• You need to study the rubric.
Ask yourself:
What is graded?
How is it graded?
What is the most/least important?
While you write
• Check the rubric to make sure you
are still on course.
• It’s not too late to change/add/edit.
After You Write
• Compare your work to the rubric.
• Did you…
• Address all the requirements?
• Give yourself an honest score?
• As yourself what you can improve?