Literature Study Extension Project Options

John Wesley North
Mayor Bailey
John W. North‟s founding principles for Riverside were
identical for education. He believed that by working hard
and taking advantage of all opportunities, people would
succeed. North High is an important part of that heritage,
as it prepares students with a 21st century education to
seize their destiny.
Kathy Allavie
Founder of Riverside, 1870
Founder of Riverside Unified
School District, 1871
John W. North High School
“North students who successfully complete their Senior
Exhibition in the spring should be grateful that their
school has the foresight to require this particular
challenge. The “real” world of college and career
demands these skills…preparation, cohesive thinking, and
the ability to successfully convey thoughts to virtual
strangers. What may seem a hoop-jumping exercise is
anything but that! It is practice for the days to come. The
tougher the speaking challenge, the more each student
will receive back in confidence and competence. I admire
each North senior for pushing themselves to complete this
presentation with polish and éclat.”
John W. North High School has been identified by the
U.S. News World Report as one of the best high schools
in the state.
Riverside’s Premier Academic High School
Founded 1965
John W. North High School prepares students to meet the challenges of
a diverse global society by improving student learner outcomes,
fostering mutual respect for others, recognizing personal excellence,
promoting community and school involvement, utilizing technology and
instilling a commitment to a lifetime of learning.
1550 Third Street
Riverside, California 92507
Fax 951.328.2581
Principal Trevor Painton
There shall be no discrimination among students who are applying for
admission or who attend the schools of Riverside Unified School District
with respect to color, race, creed, religion, national origin, sex, age, handicap
(Policy #51453). A lack of fluency in English shall not prevent admission to
or participation in a school or program because the District offers programs to
assist non-English speaking children.
John W. North High School has been lauded by the
Washington Post for providing challenging educational
opportunities for our under-represented students in
advanced level courses.
Over 1.5 million dollars in scholarships awarded to 489
students over the last 9 years. This amount does not
include scholarship money awarded directly from college
or universities.
JW North has had 38 National Merit Scholarship finalists
since 2001, with 4 semi-finalists waiting to hear for 20122013.
“We wish to form a colony of intelligent, industrious and
enterprising people so that each one‟s industry will help to
promote his neighbor‟s interests, as well as his own.”
John W. North
Home to AVID college preparatory program for
underrepresented and/or economically disadvantaged students.
Expository Reading and Writing classes taught in partnership
with Riverside Community College and Cal State University of
San Bernardino.
Sister school to Sendai Senior High School in Sendai, Japan
Blue Star Regiment has a long history of success and
recognition with multiple Marching Band Championships,
Drill Team Championships, and has participated in the
Macy‟s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Tournament of Roses
Parade, Disneyland, and events in China and Japan
The North Star, our school newspaper- Took 2nd Place
nationwide at National Scholastic Press Conference in
Yearbook- contact Keith, I can‟t remember the name of
the award the yearbook received.
Sports - Over 20 CIF Championships in Football Baseball,
Basketball and Track and Field
Born January 4, 1815 Sand Lake, New York
Died February 22, 1890, buried in Riverside
Teacher- Committed to free education for all
Anti-slavery debater
Lawyer, judge
Married Ann Loomis (see the plaque in her honor east of
North High School‟s Library.)
Fathered six children
Moved to Riverside September 18, 1870
Found the area to be a “forbidding place” with a few adobe
Opened the first square mile of Riverside
Planned the Sixth Street School, Riverside‟s first school,
Sam Brandon, NFL safety
Chris Claiborne, NFL linebacker
Completed the irrigation canal in Riverside
Duane Clemons, NFL linebacker
Story of his life, his letters, and memories are part of the
collection in the Huntington Library, San Marino
Alvin Davis, MLB Baseball player, former Seattle
His biography is John Wesley North and the Reform
Frontier by Merlin Stonehouse
Dan Dotson, Star of "Storage Wars"
Danny Garcia, Former MLB Baseball Player, New
York Mets
Ed Gray, Former Atlanta Hawk
Joanna Hayes, Olympic gold medalist
Chaunte Howard current American Record holder in
the High Jump
Adam Kennedy, MLB Baseball player, Los Angeles
J.F. Lawton, screenwriter, with credits including Pretty
Malcolm Lee, NBA Basketball player, drafted by
Marcus Slaughter, NBA basketball player, undrafted
free agent
Honorable Otis Sterling III, Superior Court Judge
Susan Straight, Author
Notable Alumni
Located in Riverside, a residential suburban community
with a population of some 360,000, 55 miles east of Los
Committed to serving “One community...diverse,
challenged, prepared”
Accredited by the Western Association of Schools &
Authorized to award the International Baccalaureate
Diploma and Certificates
Serves a socio-economically and ethnically diverse group
of over 2,400 students
Offers numerous co-curricular and extra-curricular programs
Highly competitive athletic programs
Highly competent and caring staffHome to three California
Partnership Academies: Education & Human Services, Law
& Protective Services and Global Business Information &
Senior Exhibition Booklet
Table of Contents
Welcome to North High School .................................. 1
John Wesley North: The Person/The School/Alumni. 2
Table of Contents ........................................................ 3
Purpose and Overview ................................................ 4
Comments from Community Panelists ....................... 5
Senior Exhibition Responsibilities.............................. 6
Portfolio Contents Checklist ....................................... 7
Personal Statement ...................................................... 8
University of California Personal Statement .............. 9
Personal Statement Rubric ........................................ 10
RГ©sumГ© Writing Tips ................................................ 11
Sample RГ©sumГ© ......................................................... 12
RГ©sumГ© Rubric .......................................................... 13
Letter of Introduction ................................................ 14
Sample Letter of Introduction ................................. 145
Letter of Introduction Rubric .................................... 16
Senior Exhibition Proposal & Examples A-G ..... 17-18
Proposal Exception Request ..................................... 19
Sample Typed Proposals A-G ................................... 20
Application for Employment Rules .......................... 21
Employment Application .......................................... 22
College/University Application ................................ 23
Application for Employment/College Rubric ........... 24
Evaluated Writing Sample with Justification ........... 25
Letter of Recommendation ....................................... 26
Presentation Guidelines ............................................ 27
Ten Helpful Ideas for Senior Exhibition................... 28
Tips for Effective Presentations (Including Powerpoint) ... 29
Presentation Outline .................................................. 30
Dress for Success ...................................................... 31
Scoring Rubric for Senior Presentations ................... 32
PowerPoint Presentation Rubric ............................... 33
Panelist Evaluation Form .......................................... 34
Final Score Sheet ...................................................... 35
Student Learning Goals............................................. 36
Senior Exhibition Index ............................................ 37
John W. North High School
Senior Exhibition
Purpose and Overview
The Senior Exhibition, as a final display of knowledge, provides each senior with an
opportunity to demonstrate through effective communication in both oral and written
expression, mastery of career and academic skills. These skills include the following “10
Skills Employers Want You to Have”:
o Time management
o Planning
o Organization
o Problem-solving
o Leadership
o Working cooperatively with others
o Verbal and written communication
o Self-motivation
o Interpersonal skills
o Flexibility, able to adapt to changes
п‚· Each senior individually presents a project completed during high school. Senior Exhibition
Presentations must include the PROCESS students utilized in creating and completing the
project/performance selected.
п‚· The presentation is between 5-9 minutes.
п‚· Presentations must be taken from a course which meets A-G requirements, unless the Senior
Exhibition committee approves the special application with justification.
п‚· All seniors are mentored by their Advisory period teacher, but they may also seek additional
support from other teachers, such as in specialty areas like the arts or publications.
Each senior will submit a portfolio to the evaluation panel which contains:
Personal Statement
A rГ©sumГ©
A letter of introduction
A proposal description
An application for employment or copy of college application
A student-selected best piece of writing with a reflection paper
A letter of recommendation
Students are assessed on a number of criteria including:
Speaking skills
Ability to answer questions
Organization of project
Demonstration of critical thinking skills
Appropriate appearance
John W. North High School
Senior Exhibition
Comments for the seniors from Community Panelists
Every year, North invites civic leaders and community members to be part of the students’ panels. These
panelists spend their entire day at North, listening to presentations. Community member evaluations make
up two of the three scores that the student receives.
п‚· Be enthusiastic in your presentation!
п‚· Look to the skills you learned in completing your project.
 “If each student can realize this project is very similar to their career and life choices,
they can reach all their goals.”
 “I was impressed that the seniors handled the process so positively and put in the
effort necessary to perform well. I sense an excitement with their experience at JW
 “Choose a topic you‟re enthusiastic and proud to present. Do not wait until the last
minute to choose a topic.”
 “Something I saw and it was not part of the interview . . . while walking around the
campus, I saw students encouraging each other.”
п‚· Very good job this year! Students were well prepared to address each point.
 “It was enjoyable to hear content of exhibitions especially to see how important the art
department is for North High.”
 “I‟m so impressed with the confidence and poise of the students. I would have been
petrified to do that as a high school student.”
 “The process keeps getting better. After 3 – 4 years of participation, I found this
year‟s students to be the best prepared.”
 “The students that I observed reinforced my belief that our future is in good hands.
Also, our teachers are to be commended for doing a great job preparing the student.”
п‚· They complain about this, but they have to know how amazing they are for following
through. Our community members-well, they almost cry to watch these things.
 Conclusions need more work – students are skipping them and going straight to
questions & answers.
 “Their enthusiasm and positive attitudes are their best assets”
 “I am so impressed with their preparation and the thought put into their presentations
– bravo!”
John W. North High School
Senior Exhibition: Responsibilities
п‚· Follow the Senior Exhibition Timeline to meet all deadlines.
п‚· Complete all portfolio items with attention to each detail.
п‚· Complete PATHWAYS assignments in Advisory or Senior English class
п‚· Submit portfolio to advisor for evaluation.
п‚· Submit evaluated portfolio to senior English teacher.
п‚· Give government/economics teacher, advisor and English teacher a copy of approved
NOTE: Completion of the Senior Exhibition portfolio with advisor evaluated work is
ultimately the responsibility of the senior.
Advisory Teachers
п‚· Assign, review, and score, using rubrics, the contents of the Senior Exhibition portfolio
п‚· Score thoughtfully and carefully as seniors need helpful feedback, and community
members often see the portfolio contents.
 Accept the letter of recommendation for the senior‟s portfolio
п‚· Enter and total the individual assignment scores on the Portfolio Score Sheet.
п‚· See and approve any visuals to be used in the presentation.
п‚· Schedule Advisory time for practice as needed by students, particularly those who do not
have Government or Economics.
Senior English Teachers
п‚· Assign and score the Personal Statement (using the rubric).
п‚· Assign and score the Letter of Introduction(using the rubric)
п‚· Assign and evaluate proposals and/ or special applications.
п‚· Approve choice of Best Piece of Writing. It CAN NOT be the Personal Statement.
п‚· Assign and score the Reflection essay which accompanies the Best Piece of Writing..
Government/Economics Teachers
п‚· Provide seniors with presentation practice; give constructive feedback.
п‚· There are useful suggestions about oral presentation in the Senior Exhibition booklet.
п‚· Seniors not enrolled in government/economics must arrange to practice presentation
with Advisor.
John W. North High School
Senior Exhibition
Portfolio Contents Checklist
THE PERSONAL STATEMENT (Due Date Set by English)
RESUME ~ Due to Advisor
PROPOSAL ASSIGNED ~ By English Teacher
PROPOSAL ~ Due to English Teacher
APPROVED PROPOSAL ~ Copies due to Advisor, Senior
English teacher, and Government/Economics teacher
PROPOSAL- Expanded and typed. Submitted to teachers
listed above.
Due to Advisory when scored
~ Due to
English teacher for approval, then given to Advisor for scoring.
Scored Portfolio goes to the English Teacher
John W. North High School
Senior Exhibition
Personal Statement
Personal Statement Format
 Use 8.5”x11” white paper only. Use only one side of each sheet.
п‚· Type using double-spaced 12-point font. Use a common font such as Times or Arial. DO NOT
п‚· In the top right hand corner of each paper, type your name and the words Personal Statement.
п‚· Indicate clearly which question you are answering by repeating the question above your
п‚· Students must write between 500 to 1,000 words on ONE of the topics below.
1. Reflect on personal experiences and/or circumstances that may have affected your academic
performance and discuss how you responded to them.
2. What you do in the classroom defines only a part of who you are. How do you spend your time
when you are not in class or studying? Focus on one activity, two at the most, and discuss what
you have gained from your involvement.
3. If you participated in a special program such as EAOP, AVID, Upward Bound, or an Academy,
describe your involvement in the program and discuss how you have benefited from the
4. What are your educational goals and what have you done thus far to reach them? How has North
High School helped you prepare to meet these and other goals both academically and socially?
Writing Guidelines
п‚· Use thoughtful, incisive reflection. The reader wants to get some sense of who you are
п‚· Discuss your personal qualities
 “Quality over quantity” should be the guideline
п‚· Read the instructions and stick to the prompt
п‚· Write in your own voice, speaking honestly about yourself and your experiences
п‚· Avoid lists
п‚· After you have finished the first draft, allow the essay to sit. Read the draft aloud to a
trusted friend. Ask for a critique of your writing and validation of your representation of
п‚· Do not manufacture hardship
University of California Personal Statement
Since students applying to the University of California must complete a different kind of Personal Statement,
these students may submit the UC Personal Statement for their Senior Exhibition requirement. Directions for
completing the University of California Personal Statement are available from the University of California
Application. The application can be found at and the admissions website is
The Personal Statement final draft submitted to the Senior Exhibition portfolio must:
 Be on 8.5”x11” white paper only. Use only one side of each sheet.
п‚· Type using double-spaced 12-point font. Use a common font such as Times or Arial. DO NOT USE
п‚· In the top right hand corner of each paper, type your name and the words Personal Statement. DO NOT
п‚· Indicate clearly which questions you are answering by repeating the question above your response.
Your English teacher will score your essay. Please staple this
rubric to the front of your Personal Statement.
John W. North High School
Senior Exhibition
Personal Statement Rubric
Student Name ______________________________________
Advisor‟s Name ______________________________________
4 = Satisfactory
2 = Unsatisfactory
0 = No statement included in portfolio
Topic is appropriate and
Information and ideas are
presented in focused, indepth, thoughtful and
meaningful manner
Information and ideas are
supported with specific
Topic is not approved or
paper is a list of
accomplishments only
No statement included in
Statement is disorganized,
superficial, and informal
Information and ideas are
unsupported or lack
specific examples
Essay is handwritten
Essay is typed, edited and and/or with errors which
relatively free from errors. require editing and further
Total Score
If the total score is 14 - 16, the rubric score = 10
If the total score is 10-12, the rubric score = 5
If the total score is 8, the rubric score = 2
If the document is missing, the rubric score = 0
Rubric Score
John W. North High School
Senior Exhibition
RГ©sumГ© Writing Tips
Write it yourself
Make it error free
Make it look good
Be brief and be relevant
Be honest
Be positive
Be specific
Use action words and short sentences
Avoid anything negative
Edit - and edit again
Note: ―Computers – not human beings—may do the first read of your resume.‖
Tips for creating a computer-read resume
 Choose a standard typeface and a font size between 10 –14 points. Recommended fonts are
Arial, Helvetica, Times, or Times New Roman.
п‚· Avoid underlining, italics, boldface, bullet points, and rule lines.
п‚· Laser print the rГ©sumГ© on standard-size white paper.
п‚· List your name and phone number on separate lines at the top of the resume.
п‚· Keep all text in one column.
 Make sure that nouns predominate as computers are “taught” to look for certain keywords,
which are often nouns.
 Computers don‟t care if your résumé is one page or three pages.
п‚· Remove all graphics; they confuse scanners. This includes art, shading, and lines.
--Kiplinger‟s Personal Finance Magazine, November, 1998
List the job position which you‟re seeking
John W. North High School
1550 Third Street
Riverside, CA 92507
Diploma, June 20__
List any college courses taken concurrently
List additional training and/or certificates, such as from ROP or Academy
Use the experience or non-experience resume samples which you received in
Advisory to help you with this section.
Work experience can include: child care, yard maintenance, pet or house sitting;
tutoring, and/or unpaid volunteer work.
List computer programs which you use; languages which you speak fluently and
whether you can also read and write in a language; special certification, such as
CPR or lifeguarding; communication skills, such as blogging, web page
construction and/or maintenance; ANY marketable skill
Clubs and organizations
These can be both inside and outside of school. Do not list religion.
List one professional on-campus
Name and title
Business Address and phone
List someone off-campus (should not be member of immediate family)
Name and title
Business and/or personal address and phone
Always ask permission to list someone as a reference!
Seniors: your advisor will evaluate your rГ©sumГ©. Please ask
him/her to staple this rubric as a cover to your rГ©sumГ©.
John W. North High School
Senior Exhibition
RГ©sumГ© Rubric
Student Name____________________________________
Advisor Name______________________________________
2 = Satisfactory -- Met the requirements
1 = Unsatisfactory -- Did not meet the requirements
0 = Not in the Portfolio
Contains all personal
information, education, work
experience, awards,
achievements and references
RГ©sumГ© typed or computer
printed and is clearly
presented/formatted; easy to
All words spelled and
capitalized correctly
Missing one or more of the
rГ©sumГ© components
RГ©sumГ© handwritten and/or
poorly presented/formatted;
difficult to read
Errors in spelling and/or
Total Score
If total score above is 6, the rubric score = 5
If total score above is 5, the rubric score = 4
If total score above is 4, the rubric score = 3
If total score above is 3, the rubric score = 2
All other scores or if the document is missing,
the rubric score is = 0
Rubric Score
John W. North High School
Senior Exhibition
Letter of Introduction
Due to English teacher on _________
Due to Advisor on _______________
The purpose of a letter of introduction is just that, to introduce you to a prospective
employer. It tells about the qualities/skills which you will bring to the workplace.
Your letter must focus on at least 3 of the skills desired by employers (listed in
Purpose and Overview) and how you developed them during your time at North
High School. Intercultural awareness may also be discussed.
Please demonstrate:
• The ability to write an original letter.
• Effective writing which is neat, organized, and clear with correct grammar
and spelling.
Include these points in your letter of introduction:
• Workplace Skills
• Career and Education Goals
• Plan to reach goals
• Important Achievements
п‚· Address your letter to a specific person at a specific organization. You may
a) look on-line to get the names of CEO's, company presidents, and/or
human resources managers for real companies.
b) address your letter to Mr. Painton, BUT still refer to a specific position
c) Make up a realistic name and company. Spiderman at WEB, inc. is not
п‚· Keep it to one page
 Mention the specific position for which you‟re applying
п‚· Keep sentences and paragraphs brief and to the point
 Tailor letter to company‟s needs and explain why you are a good match for the
position by talking about the 3 skills you‟re highlighting
п‚· Check spelling and grammar and give to others to proofread
п‚· Use matching white or off-white bond paper and a high-quality printer
Sample Letter of Introduction
This is a SAMPLE only. Do NOT copy the letter. Think of a job that you would like after you graduate from
high school or a career after you graduate from college. What can you tell an employer that would make
him/her want to hire you over all the other candidates for the position?
Dear Ms. Brown:
Your advertisement in Tuesday’s Press Enterprise for an entry-level position with Pathways
Industries interests me. I have basic computer skills, excellent writing and communication skills,
a talent for organizing and a strong sense of responsibility. It would be a pleasure to have the
opportunity to use these qualities in a position with Pathways Industries.
As a John W. North High School student, I have received instruction/training in all academic
subjects. I am proficient in Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and am familiar with
the basic operations of an office.
Through the Regional Occupational Program, I have earned a Business Computer Certificate. I
have a strong work ethic, am eager to learn, enjoy a challenge, and pride myself on being a team
player. The enclosed resume offers more details about my skills and qualifications.
I welcome an opportunity to meet with you to discuss the position.
Your Name
1550 Third Street
Riverside, CA. 92507
email: use your school email
Seniors: Your advisor will evaluate your Letter of Introduction.
Please ask him/her to staple this rubric over your letter.
John W. North High School
Senior Exhibition
Letter of Introduction Rubric
Student Name_________________________________________
English Teacher‟s Name _______________________
Advisor‟s Name _____________________________
SCORE: 2 = Satisfactory -- Met the requirements
1 = Unsatisfactory -- Did not meet the requirements
0 = Not in the Portfolio
Typed letter targets a
specific situation.
Letter is general &
No letter included
Letter included, but
Personal qualities/skills
in a job setting fully
explained. Career goals
well defined.
Grammar, mechanics
and spelling used
forgot to mention
Personal qualities/skills
briefly mentioned or did
not discuss 3.Career
goals briefly mentioned. Limited/no reference to
career goals.
Grammar, mechanics
Poor grammar,
and spelling reveal
mechanics & spelling.
multiple errors..
hinder communication
Total Score
Rubric Score
If score above is 6, the rubric score = 5
If score above is 5, the rubric score = 4
If score above is 4, the rubric score = 3
If score above is 3, the rubric score = 2
If score above is 2 or 1, the rubric score = 1
If document is missing, the rubric score is = 0
John W. North High School
Senior Exhibition
Proposal & Examples A-G
Complete the proposal form IN INK. If your English teacher approves
it, then TYPE the explanation from the back of your form. Make 3
copies of the typed proposal and the approved form. Attach the form to
the front of each proposal. Give one to your Advisory teacher, one to
your Government/Econ teacher, and one to your English teacher.
A. Name____________________________________ Advisor _________________________
Please print
Please print
English Teacher __________________________ Govt./Econ Teacher ____________________
B. My Senior Exhibition presentation will be based on:
_____ Class project
_____ Research
_____ Essay
_____Newspaper or yearbook publications
_____ Creative writing for Polaris or a class
_____ Performance for band, theatre, choir
_____Drawing/painting, ceramics, stagecraft
C. My presentation is taken from work done in :
Name of class
Year Completed
D. The 3 college/career skills (minimum) which I will be showcasing are:
Additional skills:______________________________________________
Using the first person, state:
What you will be presenting for your Senior Exhibition.
Why you are choosing this particular topic.
How your topic/project relates to an A-G course you have taken
How you learned and applied at least 3 of the 10 Skills
The process you followed to create the project
Its strengths and weaknesses.
What you will take with you from this experience into your adult life
Senior Exhibition
Proposal Exception Request
Complete the proposal form IN INK. If your English teacher approves
it, type the paragraph explaining your project and why you’ve chosen to
present it. Make 3 copies of the approval form and attach to 3 copies of
the typed proposal. Give one to your Advisory teacher, your English
teacher, and your Government/Econ teacher.
A. My proposed presentation is connected to:
пЃї Academic Decathlon
пЃї Academy Tech class
пЃї Campus Club
пЃї Class Office
пЃї Debate Team
Mock Trial
ROP class
Science Olympiad
B. Use the bottom of this form to explain why you should be allowed to
present this project, why you wish to do it instead of a project from an A-G class,
what you learned from doing this project which you did not/could not learn from
other classes at North High School, and how it relates to your future educational
and career goals by utilizing at least 3 of the 10 Skills.. The Committee will be
better able to decide on your request if your explanation is clear, complete, and
thorough. If necessary, you may write on the back.
Advisor: ______________________
For my Senior Exhibition, I will present a series of portraits that I created. The
portraits are of various members of my family and were created with different media
and using different styles. I began two of the paintings in my art class, when we began
working with oils. After that, over the next four months, I produced a portrait of each
member of my family, capturing each personality with the most fitting medium and
style. I am choosing this project because I learned a great deal about style and the
effects created by using different media. Also, I am proud that I was able to complete
such a time-consuming task.
For the Senior Exhibition, I will present the research paper I wrote in my senior English
class. In this paper, I examine the effect of the rot imagery in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
This paper was assigned at the beginning of the year, and I am still adding some
finishing touches. Over the course of writing the paper, I have learned many problemsolving skills, including how to conduct library research, use parenthetical citations and
create a bibliography, as well as how to budget my time. I enjoyed working on this
paper and reached some unexpected conclusions which I will address in my
presentation. I realized that through literary analysis I can learn a great deal more
about a play or any literature
For Senior Exhibition, I will present my organization of the USL blood drive. This year I was in
charge of putting together the community participants, publicity, logistics, and gym set up. I had to practice
good written and verbal communication skills in meeting with Red Cross representatives, writing daily
bulletins, and composing a flyer for parents and students explaining the project. As the head of the blood drive,
I had to use my leadership skills to coordinate all the participants and oversee the responsibilities of 20 other
individuals. Finally, I also had to be flexible as I encountered many unexpected challenges, such as having to
reschedule due to a Red Cross emergency, permission slips not going out in a timely fashion due to printing
problems, and needing to spend additional time recruiting student donors. These skills will help me as I go on
to college in the fall because I plan to major in communication. My career goal is to be a media representative,
which will entail interacting with a variety of people and organizations and communicating my company‟s
message effectively. Organizing the blood drive was the most challenging experience I have ever had and I
know that I matured from going through the process of setting up and running it. While I have had to apply
these same skills in my classes, it has never been on such a large scale, under so much pressure, while trying to
interact professionally with community members and students. This is why I‟ve chosen my work with the USL
blood drive to present for Senior Exhibition.
Seniors & Advisors: Please note that you must complete ALL sections (A-D) or the form will be returned for revision.
English Teacher Approval __________________
Application for Employment
Rule No. 1: Bring your own pen. Whether you
are a walk-in applicant or have an appointment,
nothing screams apathy louder than someone who
has to ask for a pen to fulfill the purpose for coming
Rule No. 2: Dress properly. When you walk in to ask if
the company is hiring, you are making that classic “first
impression.” Look presentable. No sandals or flip-flops.
No shorts. No tank tops. No hats. No nose rings.
Groomed hair.
Rule No. 3: Fill out the application
completely and correctly. Answer ALL the
questions on the form. This means you must
know your Social Security number, where you
went to school, and the names of your previous
supervisors, their phone numbers, and
addresses. Use the ROP Pocket Resume to
keep this information readily available.
Rule No. 4: Grammar, penmanship and spelling count. If asked why you
would be the perfect candidate for this position, DON’T LEAVE THAT
SPACE BLANK. Write neatly and clearly, and only use words you know how
to spell. Write that you are always on time and are a quick learner. Let the
prospective employer know you are not afraid of a challenge and love working
with people. This is another opportunity to make a good impression.
Employment Application
Personal Information
Full Name
Social Security #
Do not add on this sample
Present Address
Telephone #
Mailing Address (Street)
Message #
We are committed to providing reasonable accommodations to applicants and employees that have a disability.
Are you 18 years or older? (Please circle one)
If you are not a U.S. citizen, do you have the legal right to work in the United States?
If Yes, what type of Visa:
Expiration Date:
You do not need to complete this box – but you will when you apply for a job.
If No, please explain:
Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
Are any criminal charges pending against you?
High School
If yes to either, please explain:
Name & Location of School
Years Attended
Company & Title
Business Phone
May we contact your current employer? (Please circle one)
Years Acquainted
Employment Dates
Company Name & Location
Title & Responsibilities
Base Salary
Base Salary
Reason for Leaving
Phone #
Phone #
The information in this application and my resume is accurate, current and complete. I understand that misstatements or omissions may result in
disqualification from further consideration or termination of employment. I authorize Success International to investigate my background,
employment history and credentials and to obtain any relevant information needed to make an employment decision. I agree to cooperate and assist
in any such investigation, and I release Success International and those supplying information to Success International from liability with regard to
the information supplied. I also agree that:
Business needs may require, as a condition of continued employment, travel, and/or work different hours, positions or overtime.
If hired, I will comply with Success Internationals Standards of Business Conduct even though they may change from time to time.
Any employment is not for a fixed period of time and terminable at the will of either party.
No contrary representation or promises have been made to me and no such promise or representation shall be binding unless in writing and signed by
the President of Success International.
Applicant Signature: ____________________________________________ Date: ___________________
This Acknowledgement must be signed for the application to be complete.
It is the policy of our company to provide Equal Opportunity Employment (EEO) without regard to race, color, citizenship status, ancestry, religion,
creed, sex, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, medical condition, marital status, or veteran status.
John W. North High School
Senior Exhibition
College/University Application
In lieu of an Application for Employment, you may submit a copy
of your college/university application. Follow the same rules for
neatness, spelling, and completeness as you would for an
Application for Employment.
Your advisor will score the application you submit.
Seniors: Your advisor will evaluate your Employment/College Application. Please
ask him/her to staple this rubric over your Application.
John W. North High School
Senior Exhibition
Student Name ______________________________ Year of Graduation ______________
Advisor’s Name (Seniors only)
RUBRIC: 1 = Satisfactory – Met the requirements
0 = Unsatisfactory – Did not meet the requirements
Complete according to directions
Incomplete according to directions
Printed and in ink
Cursive or in pencil
Signed and dated
Not signed or dated
Clearly presented; easy to read
Poorly presented; difficult to read
Capitalization and punctuation used
Capitalization and punctuation used
All words spelled correctly
Some words misspelled
Rubric Score
If the score is 5 or 6, the final score = 5
If the score is 4 or less, the final score =0
John W. North High School
Senior Exhibition
Evaluated Best Writing
Sample with Justification
Evaluated Piece of Writing: Please choose a best evaluated writing
sample. It may be from any A-G class and be of any genre:
п‚· Essay
п‚· Research paper
п‚· Creative
п‚· Narrative, or descriptive essay
п‚· Summary (from course notebooks)
п‚· A collection of short poems (or one long poem)
2. Justification: Attach one TYPED paragraph to the sample explaining why
this selection is the best representation of your written communication skills.
Please staple the justification to the top of the writing sample.
Address the following questions in your justification.
 This is my best piece of writing because…
 What I like most about this work is…
 If I revised this, I would change…
 From this assignment I learned…
 This assignment is like/unlike my other work because…
*Unacceptable response: “The reason I think this is my best piece of writing is
because I received an „A‟ on the assignment.”
John W. North High School
Senior Exhibition
Letter of Recommendation
Assigned by Senior English Teacher
Due to Advisor ____________
Someone who knows you well should write your letter of recommendation.
This writer should be able to describe your skills, qualities and experience.
Employers, religious leaders, community leaders, or neighbors are examples of
people who could write your letter. Do not ask a family member to write a
letter for you because a relative is considered a biased judge of your qualities
and skills.
Help the person who is writing your recommendation by reminding him/her
about your background. Provide a rГ©sumГ© or a brief written summary of your
work and/or interests to assist him/her.
The letter can be addressed to the principal or “To Whom It May Concern”.
Mr. Trevor Painton
John W. North High School
1550 Third Street
Riverside, CA 92507
Even though your teachers and counselor know you well, you MUST ask
someone else to write your Letter of Recommendation. Letters submitted
from staff members will receive a 0. By involving others in North‟s Senior
Exhibition, the school‟s pride in your achievement and the community‟s
knowledge of your excellence will be more widely known.
John W. North High School
Senior Exhibition
Presentation Guidelines
 Your Senior Exhibition topic must be connected to one of North’s classes which
meets A-G requirements, unless an exception petition has been approved by the
Senior Exhibition committee of English teachers.
п‚· Your presentation subject may be taken from any time during your years at North
п‚· High School; HOWEVER, it is strongly suggested that you pick something from
your senior year. (New seniors can choose a topic from their previous school.)
п‚· Your presentation must be between 5 - 9 minutes in length. For presentations
shorter than 5 minutes, presenters will lose one point per ten seconds. Up to 2
minutes of the presentation may be a videotape IF the oral presentation is at
least 5 minutes in length, i.e. a 6 or 7 minute presentation minimum.
п‚· Your project must be in good repair.
п‚· You may not give a group presentation on Senior Exhibition Day.
п‚· You are MUST use a visual aid of some type.
п‚· If your project has current event value, please make yourself aware of any recent
issues that relate to the topic.
If your original project is lost, please do not report on that project. Choose a
different topic.
You may refer to the rubric for guidance in planning the presentation.
Presentation Ideas
Video of musical performance. (No live performances.)
Theatrical performance done for theatre or a class, such as English
Dramatic reading done for theatre or a class such as Enlglish
Career project (e.g. industrial technology, business, health, academy, ROP) IF approved
Oral interpretation
Visual art project
Science project
History Day project
Social Science project
Research paper
Extended essay
Creative writing for English or Polaris magazine.
John W. North High School
Senior Exhibition
Ten Helpful Ideas for Senior Exhibition (And Job Interviews)
Check yourself on these 7 basic points before you present your Senior Exhibition:
1. Look Sharp. Clothing should always be clean and wrinkle-free. Select something appropriate
for an interview. Gentlemen must wear ties and dress shirts; no jeans and a belt should be worn
with pants. Ladies must wear clothing which is not too short or too low-cut; a dress, skirt &
blouse, or pants with blouse and/or jacket are fine clothes. Above all, dress for confidence. If
you feel good, others will respond to you accordingly.
2. Be on Time. Never arrive late to an interview. Allow extra time to arrive early in the
vicinity of your assigned room.
3. Be Prepared. Bring along an outline or note cards and your visual.
4. Show Enthusiasm. A firm handshake and plenty of eye contact demonstrates confidence.
Speak distinctly in a confident voice, even though you may feel shaky.
5. Listen. Listen carefully to any questions the panelists may ask.
6. Answer the Question Asked. Presenters often don't think about whether or not they
actually are answering the questions asked by their panelists. Make sure you understand what
is being asked, and get further clarification if you are unsure.
7. Give Specific Examples. If panelists ask you to say a little about yourself and your goals, a
specific example is worth 50 vague stories. Prepare before the presentation. Give examples
that highlight your successes and uniqueness.
Check yourself on these 3 additional points in preparation for a Job Interview:
8. Do Your Research. Researching the company before the interview and learning as much as
possible about its services, products, customers and competition will give you an edge in
understanding and addressing the company's needs. The more you know about the company
and what it stands for, the better chance you have of selling yourself. You also should find out
about the company's culture to gain insight into your potential happiness on the job.
9. Ask Questions. Many interviewees don't ask questions and miss the opportunity to find out
valuable information. Your questions indicate your interest.
10. Follow up.
Whether it's through email or regular mail, the follow-up is one more chance to remind the
interviewer of all the valuable traits you bring to the job and company. You don't want to miss
this last chance to market yourself.
It is important to appear confident and cool. One way to do that is to be prepared to the best of your
ability. By following these important rules you will feel less anxious and will be ready to present
yourself positively.
Source adapted from--
John W. North High School
Senior Exhibition
Tips for Making Effective Presentations
Every good presentation begins with a thorough understanding of the topic being presented, as well as practicing delivery over and
over again until it is flawless.
Arrive on time.
Know your material. If you’re not familiar with your material or are uncomfortable
with it, your nervousness will increase. Practice your speech and revise it if necessary.
Relax. Ease tension by taking a deep breath and blowing it all out.
Visualize yourself giving your speech. Imagine yourself speaking with a loud, clear
and assured voice. When you visualize yourself as successful, you will be successful.
Realize that people want you to succeed. Audiences want you to be interesting,
stimulating, informative and entertaining. They don’t want you to fail.
Don’t apologize. If you mention your nervousness or apologize for any potential
problems, you may be calling the audience’s attention to something they hadn’t
noticed. .
Concentrate on the message. Focus your attention away from your own anxieties
and outwardly toward your message and your audience. Your nervousness will
Gain experience. Experience builds confidence, which is the key to effective
Effective PowerPoint Presentations
When presenting a PowerPoint, the impact of color, fonts and layout sends a
message to the audience that helps set the mood. Maximize these options to ensure
that you get your message across.
Keep it large and legible
Spell correctly
No more than two fonts
The main message comes through clearly
The presentation grabs attention
InfoTech Partners North America, Inc.
John W. North High School
Senior Exhibition
Presentation Outline
Below is an outline of a presentation based on the criteria from the exhibition evaluation form.
If you address each of these points, your presentation will meet the minimum length of 5
minutes. Points will be deducted if presentation is less than 5 minutes. You can speak up to 9
minutes with 1 more minute allotted for questions from the panel. If you show a video, the
presentation minimum remains 5 minutes of speaking. Up to 2 minutes of video may be used,
making the minimum length for presentations with video 6 minutes..
1. Hook - 30 second visual or anecdote to get panel‟s attention
2. Overview of project – What is the project?
3. Reason you chose this project- Consult the 10 Skills list for
4. Explain process of project. Make sure that it has a beginning,
middle, and end.
5. Explain how you applied the skills mentioned in number 3
6. Identify challenges in completing your project and explain
how you solved them
7. Strengths of project
8. Weaknesses of project
9. Overall, what are you taking away from this
process/experience which you can use as an adult?
10. Provide closure for your presentation. You may return to the
„Hook” to frame your presentation, connecting the beginning
to the end.
Senior Exhibition
Keep in mind that you should be dressed as if you were going to
a job interview. Looking professional and appropriate is
important for making a good first impression.
Please wear a dress, skirt suit, skirt/blouse or matching pantsuit
Extremely short skirts/dresses are not appropriate
Dresses or skirts with mid-thigh slits are not appropriate
See-through clothes are not appropriate
Wear nylons and dress shoes (no sport shoes)
Conservative business make-up
If you wear jewelry, wear small conservative earrings, necklaces, etc.
Please keep jewelry, body piercings, and visible tattoos to a minimum
Please wear slacks or dress pants. No sagging!
Dress shirt, long or short sleeved
Jacket is optional
Dressy shoes (not sport shoes)
Please keep jewelry, body piercings, and visible tattoos to a minimum
John W. North High School
Senior Exhibition
Score Points
Effective and original attentiongetter; clear identification of
purpose; purposeful and brief
overview of project
Appropriate and interesting
attention-getter; clear identification
of purpose; clear and brief
overview of project
Sketchy and simple attentiongetter; little identification of
purpose; brief and inadequate
overview of project
Thorough and perceptive
explanation of process, skills,
and research; substantial
discussion of strengths as well as
weaknesses of project;
thoughtful reflection on the
value of the process, including
“What I learned” and “What I
still need to know”
Clear and adequate explanation of
process, skills, and research;
adequate and complete discussion
of strengths as well as weaknesses
of project; clear but predictable
reflection on the value of the
process, including “What I
learned” and “What I still need to
Substantial and clear summary;
memorable impression;
impressive closure
Clear and adequate summary;
adequate impression; clear closure
Professionally and appropriately
dressed; appropriate posture and
movement; clear and audible
voice projection and voice
vitality; direct and appropriate
eye contact; effective use of
language; obvious evidence of
careful and thorough
preparation, demonstrates
enthusiasm for the project
Appropriately dressed; good
posture and movement; audible
and generally clear voice
projection and voice vitality;
usually maintains eye contact;
generally correct use of language;
some evidence of careful
preparation, demonstrates some
enthusiasm for the project
Impressive evidence of
creativity, critical thinking and
Answers all questions fluently,
confidently, and easily
Inappropriate attentiongetter; unfocused
identification of purpose;
confusing overview of
Simple and inadequate
explanation of process, skills,
and research; incomplete
discussion of strengths as well
as weaknesses of project;
sketchy and inadequate
reflection on the value of the
process, including “What I
learned” and “What I still need
to know”
Predictable and simplistic
summary; vague overall
impression; brief and
inadequate closure
Neatly dressed; some evidence
of good posture and
movement; somewhat
inaudible and unclear use of
voice; some eye contact; some
use of correct language; very
little evidence of careful
preparation, demonstrates
limited enthusiasm for the
Little attention to dressing
appropriately; poor posture;
generally inaudible and
unclear use of voice; little, i
any, eye contact; difficulty
using language correctly;
minimal evidence of careful
preparation, demonstrates
no enthusiasm for the
Adequate evidence of creativity,
critical thinking and originality
Demonstrates little evidence
of creativity, critical thinking
or originality
Minimal evidence of
creativity, critical thinking
or originality
Answers most questions
appropriately and without
Simplistic or brief answers
Unable to answer questions
Confusing explanation of
process, skills, and research
little discussion of strengths
as well as weaknesses of
project; confused reflection
on the value of the process,
including “What I learned”
and “What I still need to
Confusing summary; leaves
no impression; very little
John W. North High School
Riverside's Premier Academic High School
Senior Exhibition
PowerPoint Presentation and/or Visual Aid Rubric
80% of screens show evidence
of effective use of design
elements: consistency,
repetition, ratio of text to white
space, alignment, image file
size, proximity, color use, font
size, type, and style.
Almost all screens show
evidence of effective use of
design elements: consistency,
repetition, ratio of text to white
space, alignment, image file size,
proximity, color use, font size,
type, and style.
The screen is covered with too
many design elements or a
"blank slate" with too few
Screen Design
Navigation buttons, if required,
are absent or hard to locate.
Navigation buttons, if
necessary, are easy to locate.
Navigation buttons are attractive
and easy to locate.
Uses few transitions,
animation effects, sound, or
graphics; video content is
incomplete or inaccurate.
Transitions, animation effects,
sound, and video are added
and function correctly.
Transitions, animation effects,
sound, and video are added to
enhance the content and mood
of the presentation.
Use of
Sources are not cited.
Content is complete, but
paraphrasing or summarizing
is weak. Sources are cited,
but APA format is not correctly
Content and
Many grammatical and
spelling errors are evident.
Image Capture
& Editing
Clip art is used. Graphics
saved from the Internet are
Content is complete and is
paraphrased or rewritten to fit the
"voice" of the presenter and to
speak to the particular audience.
Sources are cited in proper APA
Few grammatical and spelling
errors are evident.
Fewer than three grammatical or
spelling errors are evident.
Clip art and Internet graphics
are inserted. Some images
are scanned, downloaded from
a digital camera, edited,
cropped or converted.
Clip art and Internet graphics are
inserted. Only images that
enhance the mood or content are
scanned, edited, cropped, or
John W. North High School
Riverside’s Premier Academic High School
Senior Exhibition
Panelist’s Evaluation
Panelist: Please complete this form for each senior you observe. Seniors will receive your evaluation.
Student Name
Presentation Evaluation Sheet
Instructions: Place an "X" in the column you feel is deserved. Add the number of "X's" at the bottom of each column and multiply
by the column number (i.e. multiply by 4, 3, 2 or 1)
PUNCTUALITY (Score 4 or 0)
Arrives on time
Provides an interesting attention getter
Presents an Overview
Defines project and explain which class the project originated
States reason for presentation choice
Explains techniques used to complete the Project
(i.e. process, skills and problem-solving)
Discusses strengths and weaknesses
Reflects on the value of the project
(e.g. "What I learned", "What I still need to know” and "How this relates to my future")
Summarizes, makes a memorable impression and comes to closure.
Effective posture, eye contact and use of gestures
Dresses for professional success
Projects voice adequately (volume, clarity, vitality);appropriate use of
Demonstrates enthusiasm for project
Demonstrates creativity/critical thinking/originality(Score for
powerpoint/visual aid should be part of this total)
Answers questions fluently, confidently and easily
Length – for presentations shorter than five minutes, there is a one point deduction per each ten seconds
Time Deduction
Add the quantity of "X's" in each column:
Multiply by: x
Column Score Totals
4 x
3 x
2 x
1 x
John W. North High School
Senior Exhibition
Total Score – points possible = 40
Total Score – points possible = 60
Please average all scores from the Individual
Panelists‟ Evaluation Forms and insert them here.
Portfolio Score + Presentation Score
Maximum of 100 points possible
Length of Presentation ______
(minimum 5 minutes/maximum 9 minutes)
(2 minutes may be video)
John W. North High School
Student Learning Goals
Our School Vision
John W. North High School is a diverse community which strives to develop compassionate life-long learners who are
college and career ready and will make a positive impact in society.
Expected Schoolwide Learning Results
North High School’s mission is to prepare its graduates to have Husky PRIDE.
What does this mean? To have Husky Pride we must be:
North High School’s mission is to prepare its graduates to have Husky
PRIDE. What does this mean? To have Husky Pride we must be:
Problem Solvers – Think critically to organize and synthesize information from a
variety of traditional and electronic sources and apply resulting knowledge to new
and different situations.
Responsible Members of Society – Evaluate options and take responsibility for
personal and academic decisions. Demonstrate respect toward self and others and
recognize the impact of our decisions on our lives and the lives of those around us.
Independent Learners – Demonstrate self-motivation and self-discipline while
setting high school, post-secondary and career goals.
Dynamic Communicators – Listen, speak, and write effectively while using all
available resources, including technology.
Effective Collaborators – Strive to collaboratively work toward individual and
group goals.
Senior Exhibition Index
Application for Employment – 20
Application for Employment Rules – 19
Attendance and Advisory meetings – 34
College/University Application – 21
Comments to the Class of 2006 from 2005 Community Panelists – 5
Dress for Success – 29
Evaluated Best Piece of Writing (sample and justification) – 23
Final Score Sheet – 33
10 Helpful Ideas for Senior Exhibition and Job interviews – 26
John W. North Student Learning Goals – 35
John W. North The Person/ The School – 2
Letter of Introduction (explanation and checklist) – 14
Letter of Introduction Rubric – 16
Letter of Introduction (sample) – 15
Panelist Evaluation Form – 32
Personal Statement Rubric – 10
Portfolio Contents Checklist – 7
Proposal Information and Examples – 17
Proposal Template – 18
Presentation Guidelines – 25
Presentation Outline – 28
Purpose and Overview – 4
Responsibilities – 6
Resume Writing Tips – 11
Resume (sample) – 12
Resume Rubric – 13
Rubric for College – 22
Scoring Rubric for Senior Presentation – 30
Tips for Making Effective Presentations – 27
UC Personal Statement – 9