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Cory Kingston

A Proven Non-Invasive Rehabilitation Program
for people with FM.
Dr. Cory Kingston
“The Nervous System
Controls and Coordinates all
the Systems of the Body and
Relates the Individual to Their
Gray’s Anatomy, 24th Edition,
• The Question that we should all be asking is…
• Where is the ONLY place in the body that
could physically AND physiologically affect the
function of every other system of the body?
The Impact of Positive Sagittal Balance in
Adult Spinal Deformity
Glassman, Steven D. MD*; Bridwell, Keith MD‡; Dimar, John R. MD*; Horton, William MD§; Berven, Sigurd
MD†; Schwab, Frank MD∥
• Spine 2005;30:2024-2029
• 6 Medical Orthopedists
• 752 patients (645 females, 107 males)
© 2003 – Total Health Associates, Inc.
Positive Balance Cont:
• Conclusion:
• Overall physical health status as rated by the
SF-12, SRS-29, and ODI measures decreased in
a linear fashion relative to loss of cervical
• Cervical and shoulder pain increased in a
linear fashion relative to loss of cervical
• ……..
Dr. Rene Cailliet, Director of Dept of
Physical Medicine, USC, 1987;
• Dr. Rene Cailliet, Director of Dept of Physical Medicine,
USC, 1987;
• 1-Forward Head Posture(FHP) is result of losing the
normal curve of the neck, This distorted posture will
cause a mechanical block of optimal function.
• 2-FHP leads to abnormal motion of the cervical
vertabrae, which is necessary for endorphin production.
(reduction of pain stimuli) With inadequate endorphin
production, many otherwise non-painful sensations are
experienced as pain.
Dr. Cailliet cont…
• FHP can deplete lung capacity by as much as 30%.
Shortness of breath and depleted oxygen levels leads to
heart and blood vascular disease.
• FHP causes the entire GI tract to be affected, particularly
the large intestine. Loss of good bowel function and
evacuation are a common sequel associated with this
postural weakness which leads to toxic effects and
disease in the body.
• FHP pulls the entire spine and body out of alignment
making it rigid and reduce all body motions.
Dr. Alf Brieg
 Spinal cord and nerves
with lordotic curve
(picture A). Spinal cord
and nerves are
 Spinal cord and nerves
with loss of lordotic
curve (picture B).
Functional stenosis of
the cord due to adverse
mechanical tension.
Spinal nerves are taut.
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