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Knitting To Know Ewe: Berroco Yarns

Knitting To Know Ewe are yarn lovers, and enjoy working with the fine, luxury yarns that we primarily offer. Berroco specalizes in different yarns imported from countries all over the world. In addition to their yarns, Berroco yarns ( http://www.kni
Knitting to Know Ewe
About Us
Knitting To Know Ewe store is located in the heart of beautiful
Bucks County. The store itself was built in the 1830's, and was
the Town Hall of Penns Park, then the post office and general
store. It has a warm, inviting atmosphere, and is filled to the
brim with beautiful yarns. We pride ourselves in assisting our
knitters and crocheters with every part of their experience in our
store; from the purchasing of materials, to the instruction of the
project. Although we greatly appreciate store support, we do not
discriminate against customers who require assistance and
have purchased their yarn elsewhere. We believe greatly in
supporting the knitting community.
Berroco Yarns
Contact Us
Address: 2324 SECOND ST. PIKE, PENNS PARK, PA, 18943, USA
Phone: 215-598-9276
Knitting To Know Ewe
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