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December 2011 - Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church

3149 Glen Carlyn Road
Falls Church, VA 22041
The monthly newsletter of
Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church
Volume 9, Number 12
When the Lord Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judah, Magi coming from the East worshipped God made man. And eagerly opening their treasures, they offered Him precious gifts:
refined gold, as to the King of the ages; frankincense, as to the God of all; myrrh they offered
to the Immortal One as one three days dead. Come all nations, let us worship Him Who was
born to save our souls. (Compline of the feast day of the Nativity)
Gifts are what come to most people’s minds when we think about Christmas. Which
pleasures us most—giving or receiving a gift? The answer is that both giving and receiving are equal in the eyes of God. Let us be gracious in our reception of the most
important gift of all, Jesus Christ Incarnate.
Are we willing to be satisfied this year knowing that God the Father giving us His
Son is the most awesome gift—the gift of eternal life, the gift that is and should be the
number one request on our Christmas list? We should be humbled by how God thinks
of each one of us. Now, what do we give to our Lord? What gift do you think God
would want?
Calling the Magi by a star, heaven brought the first fruits of the Gentiles unto Thee, a Babe
lying in the manger: and they were amazed to see neither scepter nor throne but only utter
poverty. For what is meaner than a cave, what is humbler than swaddling clothes? Yet therein
shone forth the wealth of Thy divinity: glory to Thee, O Lord. (Hypakoe of Nativity Matins)
The Lord rejoices when we treat each other as brothers and sisters. The Lord rejoices when we love one another. The Lord rejoices when we care for each other. I
want to thank all of you for the early Christmas present we, the congregation of Saint
Katherine, gave to the children of the Hogar Rafael Ayau Home for Children in Guatemala. Nicole Leontsinis, team leader; along with Alex and Jennifer Carr; Korinna
Garbis; Jerry Rich, DDS; Betty Slanta; Mary Stathopoulos; and I have some very
memorable moments of receiving the smiles, hugs, and joys of being with the orphaned children.
Our children, here in the United States, have the freedom to participate in activities
outside of their homes on a daily basis. The children at the Hogar do not. They broke
out in cheers when the gates opened and our mission team took them to a park. A simple gift? Not at all. A gift that is at the core of Christian outreach? Definitely! We received much more than we gave.
Make your list and check it twice. Do you have God at the top of your list? If not,
you have plenty of time to add, or move, Him to the number one spot. I will see all of
you in church as we celebrate the blessing of giving and receiving together.
Today Christ is born of the Virgin in Bethlehem. Today He who knows no beginning now
begins to be, and the Word is made flesh. The powers of heaven greatly rejoice, and the earth
with mankind makes glad. The Magi offer gifts, the shepherds proclaim the marvel, and we
cry aloud without ceasing: Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will among
men. (Great Doxology and Dismissal)
Christ is born! Glorify Him!
AHEPA Christmas Ornament ... 6
Bookstore ........................ 10
Calendar ........................... 9
Catechetical School .............. 4
Community Christmas Card .... 6
Daughters of Penelope ........ 10
Family Fun Night ................ 8
GOYA (ages 13-18) ........... 15
Greek Article and School ....... 5
HOPE (ages 7 and under)....... 4
Missions and Outreach .......... 7
New Year’s Eve Party .......... 8
Nursery .......................... 16
PAIDEIA Preschool ............. 6
Parish Council .................... 3
Philoptochos..................... 10
Registry .......................... 11
Stewardship ................. 12-15
Weekday Services ................ 6
Women’s Book Club .......... 10
. . . AND MORE!
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
Greek Orthodox Metropolis of New Jersey
Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church
3149 Glen Carlyn Road
Falls Church, VA 22041
703-671-1515 phone
703-671-1385 facsimile
Rev. Protopresbyter Konstantinos A. Pavlakos, Proistamenos
571-213-1109 cell, 703-239-2627 home
John Vlachos, Chief Financial Officer
Anna Vassilopoulos, Assistant Financial Officer
Sophia Tsangali, Secretary/Teacher
Roberto Medina-Valdez, Maintenance Supervisor
Theodoros Theocharis, Information Technology
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Daphne Papamichael, President
Maria Wills, Vice President
Christina Vazquez, Secretary
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John Andre
Andrea Ballard
Frances Campbell
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Christian Demeter
Chris Euripides
Korinna Garbis
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Youth Catechetical (Sunday) School
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Journey to Orthodoxy
(An intro class to the Orthodox Faith)
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Bill Polizos
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Dr. George Silis
Pierre Tavoularis
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Anastasios Galatis (First Liturgy)
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George K. Eliades, President
Angelo Toutsi
Christopher and Frances Kalavritinos
John Doulis
Jane Moore, President
Presv. Pauline Pavlakos
Tiffani Wills, President
Fr. Costa Pavlakos
Elena Lagos, President
Kelly Alexis, Director
Presv. Pauline Pavlakos
Tina Papamichael, Director
Dr. John Demakis
Andrea Ballard, President
James Loizou, Protopsaltis
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Dear Saint Katherine Family,
It seems like just yesterday it was January 2011 and now the year is drawing to a close! It is a busy, festive time but
also a time to reflect on the year that has passed, as well as the one that is quickly approaching. We reflect on our goals
and see if we have met them. We think about our hopes for 2012. We do this as a church, too. If we have fallen short,
we ask God for the strength to do His will and His work.
Our Parish Council elections will be held Sunday, December 4. Thank you to those who have chosen to take on this
important ministry of our church!
The Annual Christmas Pageant will take place on December 11, following the Divine Liturgy. This tradition continues
after so many years as the children of our schools come together to tell the story of the birth of Christ.
Have you double-checked your Christmas list? Is Saint Katherine on your gift list? It’s still not too late to fulfill your
2011 Stewardship pledge. Nor is it too early to fill out your 2012 Stewardship pledge card!
This time of year always brings to mind those dear to us. It is also a time to acknowledge those people who work so
hard for our faith and our Church: our office staff, those who teach and guide our youth, the members of our choir and
our chanters, and those who reach out to the poor and helpless. Thank you to our faithful Stewards--YOU are our
Wishing you all a blessed Christmas, I am
Your servant in Christ,
Daphne Papamichael
President, Parish Council
Merry Christmas! Καλά Χριστούγεννα!
A George Mason student needs a ride to church. If you are able to offer assistance, please contact Fr. Costa. What a blessing it is that a young person, away
from home, wants to come to church. Let’s make this happen. Thank you!
December 4, 2011 8:00am
December 4, 2011 9:30am
Pierre Tavoularis, Captain Costas Mavromatakis
Andrea Ballard Bill Polizos
Chris Christou Bill Porter
Martha Lampros
December 11, 2011
*One Liturgy Only*
George Silis, Captain
Chris Christou
Chris Euripides
Korinna Garbis
December 18, 2011 8:00am
Frances Campbell, Captain Iacovos Ioannou
John Andre Daphne Papamichael
Andrea Ballard Christina Vazquez
Christian Demeter
December 25, 2011
*One Liturgy Only*
Bill Porter, Captain
Korinna Garbis
Costas Mavromatakis
Bill Polizos
John Andre, Captain Korinna Garbis
Frances Campbell Daphne Papamichael
Dr. John Demakis George Silis
Chris Euripides
Iacovos Ioannou
Martha Lampros
Christina Vazquez
*One Liturgy Only*
December 18, 2011 9:30am
Chris Christou, Captain Chris Bota, GOYA Captain
Dr. John Demakis plus 5 add’l GOYAns
Chris Euripides
Maria Wills
George Silis
Pierre Tavoularis
Maria Wills
*One Liturgy Only*
Now after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of
Herod the King, behold, wise men from the East came to Jerusalem, saying, “Where is He who has been born King of the
Jews? For we have seen His star in the East and have come to
worship Him.” And when they had come into the house, they
saw the young Child with Mary His mother, and fell down and
worshiped Him. And when they had opened their treasure,
they presented gifts to Him: gold, frankincense, and
myrrh.” (Matthew 2:1-2; 2:11)
FOR OUR YOUTH AND OUR FAMILIES, the most significant
aspect of the month of December is Christmas and, like
the three wise men, our focus is on the birth of our Lord
and Savior Jesus Christ. On December 11, the students of
both the Catechetical (Sunday) and Greek Schools will
present our annual Christmas Pageant. The Pageant will
give our young people the opportunity and privilege to
present the scriptural narrative of the birth of Our Lord
and Savior Jesus Christ to our community. The actors will
pantomime as narrators recite Biblical passages in both
Greek and English. Some of our other students from both
schools will be angels and some will be singers. The singers, together with members of our Adult Choir, will sing
the accompanying music. A number of our senior high
school students will serve as guides and ushers. A cast
request list and rehearsal schedule has been distributed to
all students to take home. Parents are urged to review the
schedule and make sure that the children meet their rehearsal assignments. On December 10, beginning at
10:00am, we will have a dress rehearsal and following that
enjoy a party and a visit from Saint Nicholas. The Pageant
will be presented on Sunday, December 11 in the Meletis
Charuhas Center, immediately after the Divine Liturgy.
Our students are very excited about this presentation, and
we are certain that our parents will be eager to see and
hear them as they relay to us the TRUE MEANING OF
In the last issue of DOXA, we related to you that during
both November and December our young people and staff
focus on the scriptural lesson that, “It is more blessed to
give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). Through the kindness
and devotion of Mrs. Sherry Maggio, a Giving Tree has
been decorated and placed in the downstairs foyer of the
community center. Each student has been given the opportunity to take one of the tags from the tree. The tag suggests the purchase of a gift for an adult male or female. It
is requested that the gift consist of new warm clothing
such as a sweater, gloves, scarf, hat, socks, etc. It is requested that the giver wrap this gift and place the tag from
the giving tree amidst the ribbon used to make the bow.
Our young people will bring in their presents for the
homeless and place them under the Giving Tree on either
Sunday, December 4, 11, or 18. On December 18, the
gifts will be taken to the homeless shelter in Falls
Church.We know that when our students return to school
on January 8 they will be excited talking about Christmas
and New Year’s. We look forward to that reunion.
HOPE (ages 7 and under)
the second liturgy, as we celebrate the beginning of the
holiday season with a Christmas craft, pizza lunch, and the
story of the Nativity for our little ones. We ask that you
bring an unwrapped toy for Toys for Tots. Please RSVP to
Kelly Alexis ([email protected] or 703-909-2256) so
we can have enough food and craft materials on hand. We
look forward to seeing everyone!
WE’VE BEEN QUITE BUSY these past weeks: We found out
about our families and neighborhoods; and all about the
Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving. We noticed the changes
in nature as winter approaches; and learned our letters and
numbers, of course. We talked about being healthy and eating healthy foods, and enjoyed a delicious vegetable stew
that we made ourselves.
We also learned to be thankful for what we have and
about helping those in need. To share our blessings we will
collect Toys for Tots. We talked about the people who help
the poor in our community and around the world—like
Doctors Without Borders and the mission teams from our
church. We also made pretty holiday cards, which our parents will take to the Bailey’s Crossroads homeless shelter
where they will serve dinner on December 8.
With many holiday festivities coming up, we practiced
our table manners at a “formal dress-up” lunch. So, Mom
and Dad, we’re ready!
Best of all, we are preparing for the birth of Baby Jesus!
We’re making wonderful crafts and decorations to put up in
our classrooms. We are baking cookies and learning how
Christmas is observed in Greece and elsewhere.
Our music teacher, Mrs. Gilda Vretea Kornhauser is
teaching us Greek carols. Mrs. Shelby Tombras has choreographed a lovely routine for our movement class. We look
forward to performing these at our Christmas Program on
December 22. We are so blessed to have these two delightful and talented ladies working with us, in addition to our
wonderful PAIDEIA teachers: Mrs. Elsa Papageorgiou,
Mrs. Elena Papadopoulou, Mrs. Yianna Kehaiov, Mrs.
Chryssa Giakoumaki Cook, and Miss Fotini Kotsoroni.
Καλά Χριστούγεννα σε όλους σας! May the Blessings of
Christmas be with you throughout the New Year!
In other news: Enrollment for the Spring 2012 session is
now open! Meet our teachers and learn about our program
at the Open House on Wednesday, December 7 from
8:30am to 10:30am. Please contact the director, Maria Papathanassiou, at [email protected] or 703671-7715, for more information.
December Dates to Remember
Parent-Teacher Conferences, No Aftercare
Toys for Tots collection
Christmas Program, 4:00pm-5:30pm
23-30 Christmas Break
Σοφία Δ. Τσαγκάλη
ΧΡΙΣΤΟΥΓΕΝΝΑ! Έφτασαν κι όλας! Και οι χριστιανοί,
μικροί - μεγάλοι, προσφέρουμε στο Θείο Βρέφος ύμνο, την
ζωή και τις πράξεις μας, όπως οι άγγελοι στον ουρανό.
Ουράνιο, αγγελικό τραγούδι αντήχησε στην γη τη νύχτα
εκείνη! Και ο ουρανός έγινε πιο λαμπρός από ποτέ άλλοτε.
Μυριάδες άγγελοι φτερούγισαν από τον ουρανό στη γη και
αυτά τα αγγελικά τους φτερουγίσματα λες και έδιωξαν την
παγωνιά από τα σώματα και τις καρδιές των ανθρώπων.
Ζεστασιά και γαλήνη σκορπίστηκε στην πλάση από την
παραδεισένια, γλυκειά αρμονία της αναρίθμητης αγγελικής
στρατιάς, που γλύκανε τις πονεμένες ψυχές των ποιμένων.
Ελπίδα, γαλήνη, ανακούφιση φέρνει στην καρδιά τους. Και
άγρυπνοι, καθώς φύλαγαν την νύχτα εκείνη τα πρόβατά
τους στα λιβάδια εκεί πιό πέρα, ξαφνιάστηκαν,
θαμπώθηκαν με μιάς, όταν άστραψε ολόγυρά τους το θεϊκό
φως. Σταλμένος από τα ύψη του ουρανού ο αρχάγγελος
τους φέρνει το χαρμόσυνο μήνυμα «Ευαγγελίζομαι υμίν
χαράν μεγάλην... ότι ετέχθη υμίν σήμερον Σωτήρ»!... Και
στη συνέχεια πλήθος αγγέλων σπορπά ολόγυρα «Δόξα εν
υψίστοις Θεώ και επί γης ειρήνη εν ανθρώποις ευδοκία».
Τί ουράνια μελωδία! Τί αγγελική αρμονία! Πόσες φορές
δεν έχουμε επιθυμήσει κι εμείς να ήμασταν την θεία εκείνη
νύχτα εκεί, να ακούγαμε την θεϊκή υμνωδία και να
υμνούσαμε κι εμείς μαζί με τους αγγέλους το Θείο Βρέφος!
Και όμως! Κι εμείς μπορούμε να ακούσουμε την γλυκειά
εκείνη αρμονία και να την κηρύξουμε και στους
συναθρώπους μας! Αλλά πώς; Αν ανοίξουμε την καρδιά
μας καθαρά και ταπεινά σαν την φτωχική φάτνη γιά να
δεχτούμε τον Χριστό με την Θεία Κοινωνία. Με τον
εκκλησιασμό, όπως οι φτωχοί ποιμένες πήγαν στην φάτνη
γιά να τον προσκυνήσουν. Με να τον βάλουμε στην καρδιά
μας Πατέρα και Σωτήρα μας. Με το να πράττουμε το άγιο
θέλημά Του! Τότε σίγουρα θα νοιώσουμε μεγάλη χαρά και
θα μπορέσουμε να ακούσουμε τα γλυκοτόνιστα τραγούδια
της καλωσύνης. Οι μελωδικοί σκοποί θα συγκινούν την
ψυχή μας, την ώρα που θα δίνουμε στοργικά το χέρι μας
στον άρρωστο, στον ηλικιωμένο, στον φτωχό, στον
πονεμένο. Θα τους νοιώσουμε τους πρωτογνώριστους
σκοπούς, όταν δώσουμε από το εορταστικό μας φαγητό και
γλυκό, όταν δώσουμε ένα ένδυμά μας, ένα χέρι βοηθείας σε
κάποιον ανήμπορο, σε κάποιον που ζει μόνος χωρίς
οικογένεια, σε κάποιο ορφανό. Θα ακούσουμε αγγελικό
ύμνο στην καρδιά μας, όταν μονοιάσουμε με τον μαλωμένο
συνάνθρωπό μας, γιατί όχι και με τον εχθρό μας; Θα
σκορπίσουμε τριγύρω μας χαράς τραγούδια, όταν
καταφέρουμε και τους άλλους συνανθρώπους μας να
λευκάνουν την φάτνη της ψυχής τους με κάθε έργο αγαθό.
Κι όταν με αγάπη κλεισμένη στέρεα στην καρδιά μας θα
τρέχουμε να βοηθήσουμε εκεί, όπου υπάρχει ανάγκη, χωρίς
να μας καλέσουν, τότε γλυκόλαλους σκοπούς θα γεμίζει
στην ψυχή μας ο φύλακας άγγελός μας, μαζί με όλα τ’ άλλα
αγγελούδια του ουρανού! Τότε η καρδιά μας θα είναι
πράγματι κομμάτι του ουρανού! Με χαρούμενη την καρδιά
και την όψη μας, με τους γλυκούς, χριστουγεννιάτικους
(Continued on page 15, column 2)
ΧΡΙΣΤΟΥΓΕΝΝΑ! ΄Οπως κάθε χρόνο, έτσι και φέτος, με χαρά
μεγάλη περιμένουμε την Γέννηση του Χριστού μας! Να
προσφέρουμε κι εμείς με το δικό μας τρόπο την
ευγνωμοσύνη μας στο Θείο Βρέφος! Μαζί με το
Κατηχητικό σχολείο, ετοιμαζόμαστε πυρετωδώς γιά το
Χριστουγεννιάτικο πρόγραμμά μας, που θα γίνει την
Κυριακή 11 Δεκεμβρίου, αμέσως μετά την Θεία
Λειτουργία. Θα μας δοθεί έτσι η όμορφη ευκαιρία να
μπούμε στο πνεύμα των Χριστουγέννων για να μπορέσουμε
να κάνουμε αγνή σπηλιά την καρδιά μας έτσι, ώστε να
κατοικήσει παντοτινά η χαρά μέσα μας, που δεν τελειώνει
ποτέ και που δεν είναι άλλη καμμιά, παρά ο Λυτρωτής του
κόσμου, ο Ιησούς Χριστός! Οι μαθητές του Ελληνικού
Σχολείου μαζί με τους δασκάλους και γονείς τους θα
τραγουδήσουν και φέτος σε σπίτια, σε καταστήματα κι
εστιατόρια τα παραδοσιακά Κάλαντα. Κατ’ αυτόν τρόπο,
όχι μόνο παίρνουμε και δίνουμε χαρά και δεν χάνεται αυτή
η όμορφη παράδοσή μας, αλλά παράλληλα βοηθούμε και
το σχολείο μας και κατά συνέπεια την διαιώνιση της ιδέας
«Ελλάδα», που τόσο πολύ έχει πληγεί τώρα τελευταία,
αλλά και της Ορθοδοξίας!
Ευχαριστούμε θερμά όλους που πρόσφεραν τα δώρα τους
κατά τον μήνα Νοέμβριο σε εκείνους, που δεν έχουν την
δυνατότητα να τα αγοράσουν. Χαρούμενα Χριστούγεννα!
Παρακαλούμε σημειώστε τις ημερομηνίες που
ON DECEMBER 11, the Greek School, together with the
Catechetical School, will present the Christmas Pageant.
The Pageant will help us to think more of Christ’s Incarnation and let Him live in our hearts forever. Our students,
with their teachers and parents, will again sing Christmas
Carols at homes and businesses. When singing the Christmas Carols, we give and receive joy, and keep this beautiful tradition of ours alive. Furthermore, we help our
Greek School and consequently the perpetuation of the
idea of “Greece,” which lately suffers so much, as well as
our Orthodoxy.
Warm thanks to our students who offered presents to
those who are less fortunate than we are, during the month
of November.
Please make note of the following dates:
Dec. 03 Teachers’ Meeting, 1:30pm
Dec. 10 Christmas Pageant Dress Rehearsal, 10:00am
Christmas Luncheon with Santa Claus, 12:30pm
Dec. 11 Christmas Pageant, 12:30pm
December 10, 11, 19, and 20
Christmas Caroling
December 22 – January 7
No Classes – Christmas/New Year’s Break
December 06*
December 09*
December 12*
Nicholas the Wonderworker
Conception of the Theotokos by
Saint Anna
Spyridon the Wonderworker
*9:30am Orthros | 10:30am Divine Liturgy
Friday, December 23
10:30am: Orthros, Great Hours
Saturday, December 24, Christmas Eve
6:00pm Orthros
7:00pm Divine Liturgy, Great Vespers
Sunday, December 25, Christmas Day
9:30am Orthros
10:30am Divine Liturgy
AHEPA #438
continue the sale of the Fourth Annual Community Christmas Ornament. These collectable ornaments have grown in
popularity from year to year and are beautiful. This year’s
ornament is no exception!
A stunning 3-D rendition of The Star of Bethlehem
serves as the inspiration for our 2011 offering to the community—a perfect ornament for the Christmas season, depicting the divine light that served as a beacon to all mankind, heralding the joy of the Nativity.
These high quality ornaments are manufactured by the
same firm that creates the famous White
House Christmas ornaments. The decorative boxed packaging makes them ideal for
gift giving...they are the perfect stocking
stuffer. The cost is $20, with proceeds supporting our AHEPA Charities such as Vacation Bible Camp, Greek School, Church
Missions, and College Scholarships. Please
support our chapter with your purchase of these highly
collectable and sought- after ornaments. Place your orders
by emailing [email protected] or calling 703-6711515 or 703-929-6110.
YOU ARE INVITED TO participate in
the annual Christmas card of our
parish. Our Community Christmas
Card brings us together as a family,
expressing prayers and love to all
of our brothers and sisters. It will
be mailed by the church office to
everyone on our mailing list for only
$25.00. Please send your name, as
you want it to appear in the card,
and a check payable to Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church to the
Church Office by Monday, December 5.
Thank you and Merry Christmas!
November 2011 Guatemala team and Madre Ines, Abbess, with the Orthodox Monastery of the Holy Trinity-Lavra Mambre in the background.
MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL and thank you for your support of the Missions and Outreach Committee’s activities
during 2011!
November’s Guatemala mission team to the Hogar Raphael
Ayau Orphanage in Guatemala has returned safely. The
January 19-26 team is making final preparations for their
mission trip. Fr. Maximus Urbanowicz is the spiritual
leader and Antonia Chelpon is the team leader. Other
members include Alicia Banks, Katerina Chelpon, Maria
Chelpon, Frank Landry, Tasso McCarthy, Vivian Spathopoulos, Daphne Vaccarello, and Maria Wills. To see more
of the orphanage and hear its charismatic abbess, Mother
Ines, as she describes the special challenges they face,
watch the YouTube video:
Maria Roeber, the OCMC long-term missionary to Tanzania from the DC area, recently participated in a health
care assessment project in the Lodwar area of Kenya. She
[T]here is a lot of healthcare education that can and needs to be
accomplished, along with supporting the goals of the government healthcare officers...[O]ne of the biggest challenges for
the government is recruitment and retention of healthcare
workers to live and work in the area, since the cost of living is
so high and the environment so harsh. I will admit, I was very
intimidated about the idea of possibly serving in such a remote,
hot, dry climate, and being so far from the healthcare resources I would want as “backup.” But then again, this is why
it is so important for us to be ministering in Christ’s name—to
go to the people others cannot or do not wish to serve. Christ
doesn’t tell us only to minister where it’s pleasant, or convenient, or even where it’s safe...I ask for your prayers for the
people of Lodwar and the surrounding region.
The joyful and uplifting part of the trip, for me, was witnessing the celebration of the first Orthodox liturgy in one of
these remote villages, and to be there to help welcome 110
souls into the Church. The baptisms took place after a liturgy,
in a river that appeared overnight after a surprise rainstorm.
While Fr. Martin [Ritsi, OCMC Director] stood waist-deep in
muddy water, baptizing men, women, and children...I sat on
the riverbank with some children and prayed for those who
were beginning their new life in Christ. I had a beautiful view
of Fr. Martin, a line of faithful waiting patiently in the water
for their turn, and of camels standing under palm trees on the
other side of the river, looking on. A couple of children sat
with me, and started to mimic me as I made the sign of the
cross at each submersion—three for each new Christian. It was
fun to teach the kids how to participate in the service, and to
pray with them. Glory to God for that day!
Learn more about Maria’s work at http://
Watch for news about a Saint Katherine mission team to
Alaska, which is in the planning stages for summer 2012.
Contact Gregory McKinney at 571-338-6929 for more
information. God willing, parish teams will also return to
Guatemala in 2013.
Orthodox Christian Mission Center 2012 Mission Team
Opportunities. These short-term mission trips offer evangelism, health care, construction, catechism, and/or youth
ministry in eight foreign countries: Mongolia, Kenya,
Uganda, Guatemala, Moldova, Romania, Tanzania, South
Korea, and Alaska in the United States. More information
is available at
Support our Troops. If you know of someone serving in
the military overseas, send their names and APO addresses
to Christina Vazquez at [email protected] or Ray Vazquez
at [email protected] The soldier will be prayed for
during Liturgy and we will send them a bag of toiletries
and sweets, along with the name and website address of
our church and assurance of our continuing prayers for
them. To contribute, please make your checks out to Saint
Katherine with “Support our Troops” in the memo line.
The person need not be Greek or Orthodox. Thanks to the
Vazquez family for initiating this important ministry.
Diaper Collection. On Sunday, December 4, we will have
our third annual Saint Nicholas Diaper Drive. Emergency
food pantries in the immediate area love to have disposable
diapers to aid the numbers of parents who come in for
help, since families cannot use food-assistance dollars to
purchase diapers. Please bring any size disposable diapers,
in their original packaging (but no pull-up pants types), to
the foyer of the Meletis Charuhas Center.
Furniture Donations. The Bailey’s Crossroads shelter
collects furniture to be used by people leaving the shelter
for housing. The shelter will pick up the furniture within,
roughly, a ten-mile radius. To arrange pickup or if you
have questions, please call the Shelter Director, Thomas
Nichols, at 703-659-3460. Please do not bring the furniture to church.
Clothes and Toiletries Collection. We continue to collect
new and used (clean) clothing and toiletries for the shelter.
There is a collection bin in the foyer of the Meletis Charuhas Center. With winter approaching, warm clothing in
new to good used condition, is needed—especially coats,
scarves, long underwear (new), etc., in adult sizes.
Emergency and Hygiene Kits. Thanks to everyone who
helped with the collection of items and/or assembled the
Emergency and Hygiene Kits for clients at the shelter.
Each winter, many people end up being turned away from
the shelter because of lack of space. They use 500-600 of
each kit from November to March. Our parish was able to
assemble over 300 kits on Sunday, November 20, thanks
to generous donors and church organizations.
Christ is born! Glorify Him!
Saint Katherine YAL
invites you to celebrate
Family Fun Night!
fun, dancing and a delicious dinner!
Saturday, January 21, 2012
5:30pm - 10:00pm
Cash Bar
Face Painting (6pm-7pm)
New Year’s Eve
with the one and only
Meletis Charuhas Center
Saturday, December 31, 2011
8:30pm - 2:30am
Raffle Tickets
1 for $5, 5 for $20, 15 for $40)
Win great prizes: restaurant gift certificates, electronics, and more!
Full Dinner Buffet
Midnight Champagne Toast
Adults: $25 | Children: $10
Kids 5 and under are FREE!
All proceeds benefit the Saint Katherine
Bilingual Preschool and Nursery
To reserve your seat and purchase raffle tickets: Email [email protected] Call 703‐655‐5420 Call 703‐909‐2256 Reserve today…
space is limited.
Open Bar
For more information:
Call 703-615-0110
Adult Greek School
6:00pm Intermediate
7:30pm Advanced
Christmas Pageant
18 Sunday before Nativity
Sebastian and His Companions
8:00am Divine Liturgy
9:30am Orthros and
Catechetical School
10:30am Divine Liturgy
9:30am Greek School
1:30pm Greek School
Teachers’ Meeting
8:30am PAIDEIA Open
Adult Greek School
House (thru 10:30am)
6:00pm Intermediate
10:30am Women’s Book
7:30pm Advanced
6pm Conversational Greek
9 Conception of the The-
9:30am Greek School
10:00am X-mas Pageant
Dress Rehearsal
12 Spyridon the Wonderworker 13
9:30am Orthros
Adult Greek School
10:30am Divine Liturgy
6:00pm Introductory II
7:30pm Introductory I
7:30pm YAL Deuteri
7:30pm AHEPA #438
10:30am Women’s Book Adult Greek School
6:00pm Intermediate
6pm Conversational Greek 7:30pm Advanced
5:00pm Greek School and 9:00am Challenge LitPractice for Kalanda
urgy at Saint George
6pm Conversational Greek 4:00pm PAIDEIA Christ- 10:30am Orthros, Great
mas Program
6 Nicholas the Wonder-
9:30am Orthros
10:30am Divine Liturgy
Deadline for the Community Christmas Card
Diaper Drive
~Parish Council Elections~
HOPE Lunch, Craft, and
Nativity Story
11 11th Sunday of Luke
9:30am Orthros and
Catechetical School
10:30am Divine Liturgy
5:00pm Greek School
New Year’s Eve 2012!
Saturday, December 31, 2011
8:30pm - 2:30am
See page 8 for information.
4 10th Sunday of Luke
Barbara the Great Martyr
8:00am Divine Liturgy
9:30am Orthros and
Catechetical School
10:30am Divine Liturgy
Adult Greek School
6:00pm Introductory II
7:30pm Introductory I
Adult Greek School
6:00pm Introductory II
7:30pm Introductory I
otokos by Saint Anna
9:30am Orthros
10:30am Divine Liturgy
5:00pm Greek School and SS. C & H, Newport
and Practice for Kalanda News Tournament
9:30am Greek School
Deadline for December
DOXA Submissions
6:00pm GOYA Making
Lunches for the Homeless
in Washington, DC
24 Eve of the Nativity
Christmas Eve
6:00pm Orthros
7:00pm Divine Liturgy,
Great Vespers
Pageant Snow Date
25 Holy Nativity
Christmas Day
9:00am GOYA distributing lunch bags to the
homeless in DC
9:30am Orthros
10:30am Divine Liturgy
Please check the online calendar,, for the most current information.
31 New Year’s Eve
8:30pm New Year’s Eve
THIS MONTH, OUR NATIONAL PHILOPTOCHOS commitments are for UNICEF, benefiting the United Nations
Children’s Emergency Fund, and to the General Medical
Fund, which provides financial resources for individuals in
need of assistance not specifically covered by other restricted National Philoptochos funds or programs.
This year, in addition to supporting the 18 National
Philoptochos Commitments/Programs and those in need,
we have supported local charities such as the World Foundation for Children Volunteer Farms Program to help
combat children’s hunger, Bailey’s Crossroads Fire Department, Bailey’s Crossroads Shelter, Saint Katherine
Missions and Outreach programs, as well as the Saint
Katherine heating/air conditioning fund. We hope to sponsor a local Marine Corps family through the Marine Corps
Adopt a Family Program at Henderson Hall in Arlington
again this year.
Philoptochos dues for 2012 are due in January. Please
consider joining us by becoming a member. Many things
can be accomplished by working together. Quoting Metropolitan Evangelos, speaking of Philoptochos, “You are not
only the Right Hand of the Church, you are the mothers of
the Church who unselfishly nurture every need that arises
and follow the path of Philanthropy without complaint, but
with a smile on your faces.…”
May you receive the Lord’s Blessings and continue to
help those in need. Merry Christmas and Happy New
Year! Christ is born! Glorify Him!
Featured Items for December: Orthodox Calendars
Daily Lives, Wisdom, and Miracles of the Saints and Fasting Calendar 2012. On each page there is a story about the
life of a saint celebrated that day, a listing of other saints
commemorated that day, a quote from a saint or elder of
the Church, fasting guidelines, and Scripture reading for
the day. This is one of the most complete Orthodox calendars available. This calendar could also be used as a daily
devotional. (Journal format)
The 2012 Icon Calendar. This full-color wall calendar,
measuring 11" x 12", features icons of saintly families and
large calendar boxes for recording your important date
reminders. It also lists major saint and feast days traditionally celebrated in Orthodox countries around the world
(dates according to the new calendar).
The 2012 St. Herman Calendar. Dedicated to the 30th
anniversary of the repose of Hieromonk Seraphim (Rose),
the 2012 St. Herman Calendar features an article by Fr.
Seraphim entitled, “How to read the Holy Scriptures,”
taken from a lecture given by him at the St. Herman Pilgrimage in 1979. Also included are selections from Fr.
Seraphim’s writings on some of the feasts, icons, saints,
and righteous ones listed in the calendar. This year’s calendar is eight pages longer than last year’s. Many additional saints have been included, especially new martyrs of
Russia. (Journal format)
THE WOMEN’S BOOK CLUB will meet on Wednesdays,
December 7 and 14 at 10:30am. We just finished our discussion on Ella: Princess, Saint & Martyr last month. This
book was about the life of Saint Elizabeth the New Martyr
of Russia. Prior to becoming a nun, Ella lived in this
world and was known as Grand Duchess Elizabeth Fyodorovna of Russia.
Having read about her great love for Christ, we will
now turn our attention to Bishop Kallistos Ware’s book,
The Inner Kingdom. Bishop Kallistos begins his book with
the story of his personal journey to Orthodoxy and then
focuses on repentance and confession, prayer, monasticism, martyrdom, “fools for Christ,” and concludes with
salvation. If you are interested in attending the discussions
and/or would like to learn more about the Women’s Book
Club, contact Christina Vazquez at [email protected] or
703-723-7424, please.
sisters from Arion and Hermione chapters at Alfio’s Trattoria in Chevy Chase. We remembered our departed sisters
at a memorial service and hosted the coffee hour afterwards. We collected lots of canned goods and boxed food
items which we are donating to a local food bank.
By the time you read this, you should have already made
your reservations for our Christmas Luncheon on Sunday
December 4 at Westwood Country Club in Vienna. The
event this year promises to be an elegant affair. If you
would like to attend, please contact Kathy Misleh at 703448-0296 to see if there are any seats still available. The
donation for this event is $40 for adults and $22 for children 10 and under. Spouses and guests are welcome!
Please bring a new, unwrapped winter hat, gloves, mittens, or scarf for our Children’s Winter Coat Drive (ages 3
to 12).
Our chapter plans to go to Oatlands Historic House and
Gardens near Leesburg on Saturday, December 10 for Afternoon Tea and a tour of the mansion. The cost is $24.95
(plus tax) for tea, plus an additional $5 for the tour. The tea
starts at 1:00pm. The menu includes assorted delicate tea
sandwiches, delicious sweets, scones with preserves and
cream, and Oatlands Afternoon Tea Blend. Join us at Oatlands, a place for all seasons. If you are interested, please
contact Kathy Cavallo ([email protected] or 703-9781539) as soon as possible because this is a busy time for
the plantation.
Upcoming in January…a bowling tournament against the
Brothers in AHEPA Chapter #438! The challenge is ON!
From all the Sisters in Helle Chapter #283, our best
wishes to all of you for a wonderful Christmas holiday and
a New Year filled with much health and happiness!
Elizabeth Desta Akosua (November 12)
daughter of David and Zemma Chachu
Godparents: Zeleka Mekuria and
Dennis Owusu Fianko
Cinthia Minan
Omiros Giannakos (November 5)
Koumbaroi: Robert and Georgia Dendrinos
Andrew Kenneth (November 19)
son of Trent and Joanna O. Rogers
Godparents: George and Taryn Sifakis
Kiriaki George Avramidis
Daniel James Kelly (November 12)
Koumbara: Lynn Patsis
George Odysseas (November 19)
son of Dimitri and Cheryl Ann Alexson
Godparents: Andreas and Suzette Xenos
Toni Loiza (November 26)
daughter of Christopher Michael & Anna Loiza Conroy
Godparent: Andrea Kyriacos Pieri
Christos Angelo (November 27)
son of Angelo and Eleni Linardakis
Godparents: Panagiotis and Penny Zoutis
Correction: John Tsempales (October 10)
Kamil N. Haje (October 28)
Christoforos D. Mamalis (November 3)
May their memories be eternal.
Χριστέ μου, Προστάτευσε και Ευλόγησε τους Νέους μας. Στην καρδιά τους να έχουν Εσένα και το Φώς να τους οδηγεί στον δρόμο της αρετής. Εσύ μόνο μπορείς να Ασφαλίσεις και να Προστατεύσεις τα παιδιά μας. Να καταλάβουν ότι οι επίγηες ”χαρές” και “ευτυχίες” προσφέρουν μία φευγαλαία “απόλαυση” γιατί αφήνουν την ψυχή άδεια, έρημη και σκοτεινή. Όταν τα κύματα του πειρασμού χτυπούν μανιασμένα, όταν η σάρκα επαναστατεί τότε να σκέπτονται το ατίμητο θησαυρό που κρύβουν μέσα τους, την ψυχή τους. Τα λόγια τους να είναι σεμνά και ταπεινά. Να κυριαρχεί στην ψυχή τους ο φόβος του Θεού που θα τους προφυλάσσει από την αμαρτία και η αγάπη που θα τους κατευθύνει στον όμορφο δρόμο της αρετής. Να εξετάζουν την συνείδηση, τα λόγια, τις σκέψεις, τις πράξεις κατά πόσον είναι σύμφωνες με το θέλημά Σου. Να καλλιεργούν την αρετή της Προσευχής, της Νηστείας, της Ελεημοσύνης, της Αγάπης που εξευγενίζουν την ψυχή. Η προσευχή και η Θεία Κοινωνία γίνονται φάρμακο αθανασίας και γεύσης αιωνιότητος, γεύση παραδείσου και θείας μακαριότητος! Χριστέ μου, δώσε δύναμη και κουράγιο και σε μας τους γονείς. Εσύ γνωρίζεις την αγωνία, τον πόνο, την ολοκληρωτική μας προσφορά. Να μην απελπιζόμαστε αλλά να έχουμε στραμμένα τα μάτια της ψυχής σε Σένα. Κάνε την ψυχή τους όμορφη εικόνα δική Σου. Αμήν.
In an attempt to “go green” and
save green (money), starting
with the March 2012 issue of
the DOXA, an email with a link
to an electronic copy of the
newsletter will be sent to everyone for whom we have an
email address. A hard (paper)
copy will continue to be mailed
to everyone for whom we do
not have an email address. A
message will be sent to those
on our listserv, along with instructions on how to opt-in for
a hard copy of the newsletter,
if so desired.
What does Stewardship mean to you? Does it mean signing a pledge card and sending in your weekly or monthly
pledge? Does it mean selling baklava at the Festival? Does it mean volunteering to take on a project for one of
our Ministries? Of course, there isn’t one correct answer. Each answer to the question, “What is Stewardship?”,
is as unique as each of us.
One definition of Stewardship is the conducting, supervising, or managing of something, especially the careful
and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care. The something is our Orthodox faith and
An Orthodox Christian definition of Stewardship encourages spiritual growth and strengthens our faith. As
Stewards, we affirm that every aspect of our lives comes as a gift from God. Stewardship calls the faithful to
cheerfully offer back to God a portion of the gifts with which they have been blessed. This last sentence is so
important. We are to give willingly and happily that which we feel shows our thanks and love to God for His
many gifts.
We often hear the phrase “time, talent, and treasure” when referring to Stewardship. Singing in the choir,
teaching Sunday School, cooking a meal for the homeless shelter, doing carpentry or plumbing work for the
church are just a few ways of offering time and talents. Our skills are treasures that we offer to the Church. Often, though, treasure refers to funds donated towards the Ministries, programs, and operations of one’s Church.
Our Stewardship goal for 2011 is $504,000. This figure has been the same for the past few years and has yet
to be reached. Just because we have not yet accomplished this goal does not mean that we cannot. At a projected
$504,000, that still accounts for less than 50 percent of our revenue. The rest comes, primarily, from our Festivals and rentals.
How can we reach this goal? The following Stewardship figures from 2010 might explain why the goal has not
been met.
2010 Stewardship Amounts for Families or Individuals
$1 - $250
$251 - $500
$501 - $1,000
$1,001 - $2,000
$2,001 - $3,000
$3,001 - $5,000
$5,000 - $10,000
$10,000 +
If we could all consider increasing our Stewardship by $5, $10, or even $20 per week, the results would be
dramatic. This would allow us to support our Ministries and meet our obligations without such great dependence
on our Festivals and rentals. As it is often said, each of us must examine our list of priorities and decide where
our Church is on that list, in order to decide how we give our time, talent, and treasure. Additional giving may
require an additional sacrifice on the part of each Steward, but it will also bring financial stability to our parish.
It might be difficult to reach our 2011 Stewardship goal of $504,000, but it is not impossible. It is definitely
within our power and ability to do so. God often challenges us to go beyond that which is easy. Each of us will
decide if this challenge will be met and what our roles will be.
With thanks,
Daphne Papamichael
Parish Council President
Maria Wills
Stewardship Chairman
SHOWN BELOW is a list of families and individuals who participated in the 2011 Saint Katherine Stewardship Program as
of October 30. Thank you for responding to the needs of our church.
Our stewardship pledge form is on page 15. If you have not yet sent a pledge, please complete the form and send it to
the office as soon as possible. Alternatively, you may pledge online today at Your
Church and community depend on your stewardship commitment.
If you have any questions, please contact Anna Vassilopoulos at 703-671-1515 or [email protected]
Donald and Irenelee Adams
Mr Frank Agnos
M/M John Agnos
M/M Nicholas Agnos
Mr Anthony Alatis
Dr/Mrs James Alatis
Ms Marianne Alberti
Ms Karen Aldana
Ms Petranda Alevrofas
M/M Tony Alexis
M/M Dimitri Alexson
M/M Peter Aliferis
M/M Elias Alpos
M/M James Anagnos
M/M Larry Anagnos
Mrs Cleoniki Anastasiou
Ms Helen Anderson
M/M John Andre
Mr Alexandros Andreou
M/M Paul Anson
M/M Tasie Anton
Mrs Voula Antonaiou
Mrs Helen Apergis
Mr George Apostolakos
Mr Pericles Apostolou
M/M Dennis Argerson
Dr/Mrs Nicholas Argerson
Mr James Argodale
M/M Nektarios Athanasiou
Ms Kiriaki Avramidis
M/M Michael Bakatsias
Mrs Panagiota Bakatsias
Capt/Mrs James Ballard
M/M James Ballis
M/M Konstantinos Balos
M/M Andreas Baltatzis
Mr Richard Bambacus
Dr/Dr George Banks
M/M Dennis Barborak
M/M George Barborak
M/M Michael Barborak
Mrs Sophie Barfield
Mrs Hope Bazaco
M/M Tom Beck
Dr Dean Bellas
Mrs Irene Bells
M/M George Bilidas
M/M Adam Birnbaum
M/M Michael Bohle
Mr Constantinos Bokis
Mr Basil Boobas
Mrs Eleni Boosalis and
Mr Cary Scot
M/M George Boosalis
M/M Peter Boosalis
M/M Jeff Borst
M/M John Broening
Mrs Joanna Bose Hanford
Ms Beth Botsis
M/M Theodore Bousbouras
M/M James Brackman
Mr Brackney and Mrs Galifianakis
M/M David Buddendeck
Mrs Theresa Burrage
M/M Christopher Bursenos
M/M Bryan Burton
M/M Elias Burton
M/M John Calamos
Col/Mrs Paul Calbos
M/M Edward Cameron
M/M Michael Campbell, Jr
Mrs Catherine Speleos Canard
Mrs Gisella Caparell
M/M John Capetanakis
M/M Aggie Capsalis
M/M Manuel Capsalis
Ms Kiki Caracostis
Mr George Caridakis and
Mrs Casandra Becker
M/M Alexander Carr
M/M Todd Carr
Dr/Mrs Dumitru Carstea
M/M Adam Caskey
Mrs Katherine Cavallo
Mrs Anna Chaconas
M/M Christopher Chaconas
Mr Paul Chaconas
Ms Georgia Chakeris
M/M Pete Chambers
M/M Peyton Chandler
M/M Demetris Charalambous
M/M George Charuhas
Mr Telly Charuhas
Miss Antonia Chelpon
M/M Constantine Chelpon
Miss Ekaterina Chelpon
M/M Harry Chelpon
Rev/Presv Theodore Chelpon
M/M Louis Cherpes
M/M Mark Cherpes
Mr/Ms Peter Cherpes
M/M Christopher Chiames
M/M Emmanuel Chiaparas
Mrs Emerald Chiotakis
M/M John Chipouras
M/M Louis Cholakis
Ms Afrodite Christ
M/M George Christacos
Dr Nicole Christacos
M/M Stavros Christacos
Dr/Mrs Andrew Christopher
M/M Aristotle Christou
M/M Chris Christou
M/M Christos Christou
M/M Paul Christou
Mr Aristotelis Chronis
M/M Athanasios Chronis
Mr Themistocles Chronis
Miss Ljiljana Ciric
Mrs Mirjana Ciric
Mr Kenneth Cline and Mrs V
M/M Charles Cogar
Mrs Nadia Comninidis
Mr Constantine Constant
Mrs Froso Constant
Dr/Mrs James Constantine
Mrs Ileana Constantinescu
Dr George Contis
M/M Harry Contos
Ms Christine Cope
Dr Susan Coronis
M/M Gus Costas
M/M Adamantios Coulouris
M/M Gus Coutlakis
Adm/Mrs Robert Cowley
Mrs Betty Craten
Mrs Theodora Dacales
M/M Nikolaos Dais
Mr Michael Dakes
M/M Stephen Dakes
Mrs Theodosia Dampier
M/M Ivan Danzig
Dr/Mrs Nicholas Darzenta
Mr Lycurgus Davey
M/M Michael Davey
Mrs Dorothea Davidian
Mr Apostolos Dedes and
Mrs Evangelia Tzanavara
M/M James Dehart
Dr/Mrs John Demakis
Mrs Antoinette Demeres
M/M Christian Demeter
M/M Demetrios Demetriou
Ms Elpida Demetriou
M/M Lambros Demetriou
M/M Peter Demetriou
M/M Demetrios Demson
Ms Venetia Demson
Ms Nancy Deoudes
Mrs Helen Derzis
M/M James DeSatnick
Mrs Mary Diakides
Ms Effrossini Dianelli
Miss Alexandra Diapoulis
Mrs Kaliope Diapoulis
M/M Nicholas Diapoulis
Ms Georgia Dimitras
M/M Alexios Dimopoulos
M/M Arthur Dimopoulos
Dr/Mrs Harry Dinella
Mr/Dr Stephen Dinos
Mr James Dishaw
Mr Nicholas Dopuch
M/M John Doulis
Mr/Dr Steven Doulis
Mr Gregory Drake
Mrs Mary Drakoulis
M/M Stavros Drosos
M/M Spiros Drossos
M/M Konstantin Economou
Mrs Nicolitsa Economou
Mr Paul Economou
Mrs Catherine Edginton
M/M Christos Elefantis
Dr/Mrs Peter Ellis
M/M Michael Emanuel
M/M James Eskinzes
M/M Christopher Euripides
Mr Kyriacos Charlie Euripides
Mr Richard Euripides
Ms Rosemary Filou
M/M Samuel Fischer
M/M Argires Flevarakis
M/M John Flevarakis
M/M Dennis Floros
M/M Pete Floros
M/M Stephanos Flossos
Mrs Dianne Kavros Fogarty
Ms Despina Foster
Mr Spiros Fotelargias
M/M Vasilios Fotinos
Mrs Vasiliki Fotopoulous
M/M James Francis
M/M Stephen Francis
Mr Demetrios Gadonas
M/M Dimitrios Gadonas
Mr William Galanis
Mr Demetrios Galatis
M/M Richard Gamble
Ltc and Mrs Dennis Garbis
M/M John Garbis
Ms Korinna Garbis
M/M Martin Gardner
M/M David Garnett
Mr Thomas Garzlaff and
Mrs Angela Goanos
M/M George Gasparis
M/M James Gasparis
M/M Chris Gavras
M/M Demetrios Gellios
Mrs Aspasia Georgatos
M/M Evans George
M/M George Georgeadis
Mr Nicholas Georgeadis
Mrs Angelina Georgelas
Mr Nicholas Georges
Ms Mary Georghiou
M/M Frank Gerow, Jr
Mrs Helen Gianelos
Mr Omeros Giannakos
M/M Constantinos Giannoukos
Mrs Helen Glekas
M/M Michael Goldsmith
M/M Arthur Gomez
M/M Dimitrios Goranitis
M/M John Gouvis
M/M Peter Gouvis
Mr Tony Grantsaris and
Mrs Leah W
M/M George Greanias
M/M Corey Greeneltch
M/M Spiro Grivas
M/M Mark Gull
Mrs Christina Kehayia Hadigian
M/M Andreas Hadjichristodoulou
M/M Doros Hadjidamianou
Ms Hera- Maria Hadjidamianou
Ms Thecla Hadjidamianou
Mr Menbere Haile
M/M John Hall
M/M Donald Halstead
Mrs Antigone Harocopos
M/M Peter Hatzi
M/M Karl Hickson
Ms Georgia Higley
M/M Dimitrios Hios
M/M Bryan Holloway
Mrs Agoritsa Holmes
Mr Steve Hondros
M/M James Howard
M/M Dennis Hughes
Ms Alissa Iatridis
Mrs Eftihia Ioannidou
Mrs Hariklia Ioannou
M/M Iacovos Ioannou
Col/Mrs George Jatras
M/M James Jatras
Mrs Marieta Koustenis Jemison
Mr James Jeweler
M/M John Jeweler
Mr John Joannou
Ms Kim Johnson
M/M Timothy Johnson
M/M Gregory Joiner
M/M Tom Jouvanis
Mr Benjamin Jurado and
Mrs Smaragda Strifas
Mr Christ Kacoyannakis and
Mrs Nancy Thompson
Mrs Irene Kakaviatos
Mr Kalamatianos and
Mrs Adamopoulos
M/M James Kalaris
Mr Mark Kalaris
M/M Christopher Kalavritinos
Mrs Maria Kalis
Mr Nicholas Kalis
Ms Naomi Kaloudis
Dr/Mrs Stergos Kaloudis
Ms Christina Kanakis
M/M Tom Kanakos
Mr Constan Kanellos
Mr John Kapelos and
Mrs Niki Viglas
M/M George Kapetanakis
Mrs Konstantina Kapetanakis
Ms Joanna Kappas
Mrs Anastasia Kapranos
M/M Bill Kapsidelis
Ms Koula Karabelas
M/M Apostolos Karageorge
M/M Peter Karageorge
M/M Michael Karagiannis
Ms Persephoni Karakosta
M/M Dimitrios Karamanis
M/M John Karamanis
Mrs Helen Karambelas
M/M Nick Karanikas
Mrs Lula Karas
M/M Peter Karounos
Mrs Rene Katsaitis
M/M Anthony Katsakis
M/M Eythimios Katsapis
M/M Dean Katsikes
M/M George Kavarligos
Mr Vasilios Kavarligos and
Mrs Demetra Tsantes
M/M George Kavros
M/M Michael Kavros
M/M Pete Kayafas
Mrs Anne Kaylor
Ms Susan Kaylor
M/M George Kehaiov
M/M Anastasios Kehayias
M/M Michael Kiklis
Mr Chris Kiros and Mrs. Vasiliki
M/M Mike Kiros
M/M Thomas Kiszka
Mrs Panagiota Kitsantas
M/M Andreas Kokkinis
M/M Costas Kolas
Mr Stavros Kolas
M/M Steven kolias
M/M Konstantinos Kollias
M/M Nickolaos Kollas
M/M Alexandros Kolovos
Mr Nicholas Kolovos
M/M Peter Kolovos
Mrs Barbara Koltos
Ms Penelope Koltos
M/M George Konstas
M/M Panos Konstas
M/M George Kontzias
Mr Zachary Kontzias
M/M Justin Konz
Mr Vitali Kopylov
M/M Dionisios Korkos
M/M Christos Kosmakos
M/M George Kosmakos
Miss Sofia Kosmetatos
Ms Vanessa Quick Kostopoulos
M/M Peter Kouchis
M/M Konstantinos Koukides
M/M John Koukis
Mrs Danae Koulizakis
Mrs Marika Koumanelis
M/M George Koumarianos
Mrs Paraskeve Koumarianos
Mr Teddy Koumarianos
M/M Dimitris Kouretas
Mrs Maria Koustenis
Dr/Mrs Panos Koutrouvelis
Ms Georgia Koutsaris
M/M Angelo Koutsoupias
M/M Gregoris Kozakos
Ms Christine Krithades
Mr Konstantinos Kteniadakis
M/M Peter Kulic
M/M Ken Kunec
M/M John Kushner
Ms Christina Kutschenreuter
Dr/Mrs Andy Kydes
Mr Nicholas Kyrus
Mr Vasilios Lagakos and
Mrs Kyriaki Kyriakou
Mrs Alike Lagos
M/M Nicholas Lagos
Mrs Maria Laliotis
M/M Thomas Lallas
Mr Aris Lambropoulos
M/M Arthur Lambros
M/M Lambros Lambrou
M/M Sheldon Lampert
M/M Michael Lampros
Mr Nicholas Larigakis
M/M Lee Larsen
Ms Anna Lecos
M/M Brian Lehman
M/M Vassilios Lekkas
M/M Spiro Lekoudis
M/M John Lemondes
Ms Nicole Leontsinis
Mr Nikolaos Liappis and
Mrs Maria Panagopulos
Mrs Bessie Ligelis
Ms Elaine Ligelis
Ms Tina Ligelis
Mrs Georgia Lindroth
M/M David Lobue
Mr Logman and
Mrs Katsenes Logman
M/M James Loisou
M/M James Loizou
Mrs Koula Lolos
M/M Michael Loulakis
M/M George Louvis
M/M Robert Lower
M/M Klaus Luthardt
Mrs Patricia Lyristis
M/M Allen Lyubinsky
Mr Joseph Macekura
M/M Nikolaos Makrigiorgos
Miss Gaye Mallis
Mark and Mary Mallus
Ms Rebecca Malone
Dr Thomas Mandes
Dr/Mrs Spiros Manolas
M/M George Manoleras
Mr Nagi Mansour
Mr Aristides Mantzavinos
M/M Constantinos Mantziaras
Mrs Angelike Maoury
Dr Joan Markessini
M/M Peter Marketos
M/M James Marko
M/M Christos Markogiannakis
M/M John Markogiannakis
Mrs Anne Masters
M/M John Masterson, Jr.
Mrs Stasia Mastorakis
M/M Georgios Mavromatakis
Mr Constantinos Mavromatakis
Mr Tassos McCarthy
M/M William McCarthy
M/M Gregory McKinney
Ms Joanna Meadows
M/M David Mentis
Mr/Ms Gary Michel
M/M Peter Michos
Mr Andrew Miller
M/M Brett Miller
Mrs Kathyleen Milton
Ms Melissa Mimidis
M/M Marwan Mina
Mrs Evdoxia Mitchell
M/M Louis Mitchell
M/M Kosmas Mitrakas
M/M Nicholas Monis
Ms Jane Moore
M/M William Moore
M/M George Moratis
Mrs Paraskevi Morlock
M/M Ralph Morris
Mr Stylianos Moschou and
Mrs Efthymia Rapti
M/M John Moschopoulos
Mrs Anna Moshos
Mr George Moshos
M/M Gus Moshos
M/M James Moshos
Ms Tina Moshos
M/M Nickolaos Moustakas
Mr Emanuel Mpras
Mr/Dr Michael Mpras
M/M Nicholas Mpras
Ms Mary Mullekom
M/M Nicholas Myseros
Ms Mitzi Natsios
Dr/Mrs Peter Neff
Mrs Iro Nestoros
Mrs Erma Nettles
M/M Veldon Newtson
M/M Demetrios Nicholakos
Dr/Mrs George Nichols
Ms Virginia Nicolaidis
Mr/Ms Clayton Nightingale
Mr Greg Nightingale
Mrs Nadia Nikas
Mrs Eugenia Nobes
Dr/Mrs Constantine Nonas
Mrs Catalina Novac and
Mr Igor Bosnjak
Mrs Roula Oktay
M/M George Opacic
M/M Crysilios Orphanides
Mr Evan Owen and
Dr Joanna Athanasopoulos
M/M Anthony Pagonis
M/M Kyriakos Pagonis
Mrs Jean Panagakos
M/M Demetrios Panagopoulos
M/M Alkis Panagoulias
Mr John Panagoulias
M/M George Panteleos
M/M Nickolas Panteleos
M/M Chris Papachristos
Mr John Papadopoulos
Mr Panagiotis Papadopoulos
Mr Nico Papafil
Mrs Maria Papageorgiou
Dr E.C. Papailias
Mrs Anastasia Papalios
Ms Crystallo Papamichael
Ms Daphne Papamichael
Mrs Mamie Papamichael
Mr Konstentino Papaminas
Dr/Mrs Alexander Papas
M/M Panayiotis Papasavvas
Dr/Mrs George Papastergiou
M/M Dennis Papathanasopoulos
Mrs Agatha Papathanassiou
Ms Maria Papathanassiou
M/M Athanasios Pappas
Dr/Mrs Chris Pappas
M/M Jim Paras
M/M Dimitrios Paraskevopoulos
M/M Haralabos Paraskevopoulos
M/M Michael Parrish
M/M Charalambos Pashiardis
M/M Christos Passakos
M/M Dimitrios Patrianakos
M/M Costas Patsalosavvis
M/M Paul Pattak
Ms Alexandra Pattaras
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Mr Andrew Pavlakos
Mr Christopher Pavlakos
Rev/Mrs Konstantinos Pavlakos
M/M Pavel Pekarsky
M/M Nick Pekatos
M/M Patrick Pennella
Mrs Katherine Pergola
Mrs Kathy Pesavento
M/M John Petalas
Mrs Eli Petrova
Col/Mrs Daniel Peyser
Mrs Catherine Phass
Dr/Mrs Dean Phass
Mr Andrea Kyriacos Pieri
Ms Anna Loiza Pieri
Mrs Loiza Pieri
Mr Chris Pikrallidas
M/M Demetrios Pikrallidas
M/M Euripides Pikrallidas
M/M Kostas Pikrallidas
Mr Dean Pilarinos
Mrs Frances Pilarinos
M/M Nick Ploutis
Mr Jerry Pnevmatikatos
M/M Bill Polizos
M/M John Polizos
M/M John B Polizos
M/M Manolis Ponirakis
Mr John Pors
M/M William Porter, Jr
Mr Pete Poulos
M/M Cary Prokos
Mrs Sylvia Psarakis
M/M George Psihas
M/M Anthony Quebral
M/M Stephen Rader
M/M Mitchel Raftelis
Dr/Mrs Demosthenes T. Rantis
M/M Theofanis Rantis
M/M Kevin Reinhardt
Mrs Kathy Rice
Dr/Mrs Jerry Rich
M/M Ronnie Rinaldi
Dr/Mrs Haris Riris
Mr Stephen Rogers and Mrs.
Joanna Apergis Rodgers
M/M George Roiniotis
Mr Spiro Roiniotis and
Ms Julia Young
M/M Dimitri Romais
M/M Douglas Rosenburg
M/M Basil Rousos
M/M Emanuel Rouvelas
Mr Larry Rouvelas
Mr Aaron J. Rusnak and
Mileva Sturgis
Mrs Evangelia Sabbarese
M/M Anastasios Sakkas
M/M William Salavantis
Ms Stephanie Samergedes
M/M Panagiotis Sapountzis
M/M Christos Sarantis
Ms Sophie Sarantis
Ms Christina Sarris
M/M George Sarris
M/M Michael Sarris
M/M Milton Sarris
Mr Nicholas Sarris
M/M George Sauter, Jr
Mrs Kaliope Sauter
M/M Andrew Scafetta
Mrs Katherine Scourby
Mrs Ann Sedor
M/M John Seward
Mr Jon Sheldon and
Mrs Tina Papamichael
Mr Eric Shiflett and
Ms Lilyanna Peyser
M/M William Shipley
M/M Panos Siatis
Mr Perry Siatis
Dr George Silis
Dr/Dr Manny Silis
M/M Panagiotis Silis
Mrs Katherine Simmons
Mr/Dr George Smaragdis
M/M John Smaragdis
M/M Eleftherios Smirniotopoulos
Mr Chris Snear
Mrs Helen Snear
Mr Frank Sofocleous
M/M James Soiles
M/M Alex Solomos
M/M Gregory Soter
Mr Jason Soter
Mr Peter Soukas
M/M Harry Spanos
Ms Helen J. Spanos
M/M John Spanos
Ms Stella Spathopoulos
M/M Nicholas Spyros
M/M Louis Stack
Mrs Vasiliki B. Stafilatos
Ms Panorea Stalter
M/M Nick Stames
M/M John Stamos
M/M Apostolos Stamoulas
Ms Maria Stamoulas
Ms Stephanie Stanga
Mrs Helen Stassinos
M/M John Stathis
M/M Peter Stathis
M/M George Stathopoulos
Dr/Dr William Steele
M/M Ioannis Stefanopoulos
M/M Peter Stefanou
M/M Demetrios Stergiou
M/M James Stoucker
Dr/Mrs Tom Stoumbos
Mr Clifford Stouts
M/M Evangelos Stoyas
M/M Vasilios Stratakos
Rev/Mrs Milan Sturgis
M/M Tommie Summers
M/M Marcus Talbott
Mr Alexander Taousakis
M/M Panagiotis Taousakis
M/M Pierre Tavoularis
Mrs Mary Tetradis
M/M Leonidas Theodorakoglou
M/M Athanasios Theodoropoulos
M/M Craig Thomas
M/M James Thomas
M/M Gene Thornton
Dr/Mrs John Topping
Mr Angelo Toutsi
Mr Thomas Toutsi
Mr Christakis Trahili
Dr/Mrs Michael Trahos
M/M Basil Trikas
M/M Michele Trizio
Ms Sophia Tsangali
Mrs Angelika Tsatsakis
M/M George Tsempales
Mr John Tsempales
M/M Thomas Tsianakas
Mrs Anna Tsimbidis
Mrs Helen Tsintolas
Ms Marilena Tsipoulas
M/M Constantine Tsoukatos
M/M Constantine Tzafolias
M/M Themis Tzamarias
M/M Craig Underhill
Mrs Marie Unkle
M/M Thomas Vaccarello
Ms Ann Vaffis
Dr/Mrs Charles Valases
Mr Peter Vamvakaris
Col/Mrs Nicholas Vamvakias
Ms Catherine Vangellow
M/M Christopher Vargas
M/M Stratis Varlas
Ms Christine Varoutsos
Hon/Mrs George Varoutsos
Mrs Olga Varoutsos
Stefan and Cristina Leventis Vasilis
Mr Constantine Vassilopoulos
M/M George Vassilopoulos
M/M Ramon Vazquez
Mr George Veletsis
M/M Stavros Veletsis
Col/Mrs James Velezis
Miss Joanna Veltsistas
M/M Pete Veltsistas
Mr Thomas Veltsistas
M/M Larry Visos
Mr John A Vlachos
Mr Peppino Vlannes
M Volakis
M/M Demetris Voudouris
Mrs Nausika Vouvalis
M/M Sakellarios Vouvalis
M/M Jim Vricos
M/M George Vroustouris
M/M Colin Waitt
Rev Christodoulos Wallace
M/M Pavlos Washburn
Mrs Galatia Whittemore
Mr Carter Wilkinson and
Mrs Andrea Gevas
M/M Donald Wills
Mrs Deatra Wood
Mr Jack Wuerker and
Mrs Effie Triarhos
Mr Peter Xefteris
Mrs Elaine Xenos
Mrs Aliki Xepapas
Ms Antonia Xereas
M/M Panagioti Xereas
Rev Michael Yachnis
M/M Aris Yortzidis
Mrs Dimitra Yowell
M/M Nicholaos Zacharatos
M/M Angelos Zaloumis
M/M Elias Zarkadoulas
M/M Manuel Zavolas
M/M Nicholas Zavolas
M/M Stratis Zervos
Capt/Mrs Christos Zirps
M/M John Ziu
M/M Mihail Ziu
Mr Peter Ziu
Did you know that Saint Nicholas was born during the third century in the village of Patara? At that time, the area was
Greek. It is now on the southern coast of Turkey. His wealthy parents, who raised him to be a devout Christian, died in
an epidemic while Nicholas was young. Obeying Jesus’ words, “sell what you possess and give to the poor” (Matthew
19:21), Nicholas used his whole inheritance to assist the needy, the sick, and the suffering. He dedicated his life to
serving God and was made Bishop of Myra while still a young man. Bishop Nicholas became known throughout the
land for his generosity to the those in need, his love for children, and his concern for sailors and ships.
Below are the lyrics to one of the most popular Greek carols (kalanda),
Agios Vasilis Erhete, in English phonetics and with an English translation.
Now you can join in the singing of this popular carol (and understand it, too).
Ayios Vasilis erhete
Ke den mas katadehete
Apo, apo tin Kessaria.
Si sa arhon, si sa arhondissa Kiria!
Saint Basil comes,
And does not acknowledge us
From Caesarea.
You are, you are the mistress of the house!
Vastaei penna ke harti
Zaharokandio zimoti
Harti, harti ke kalamari
Des kai eme, des kai eme, to pallikari!
He holds a pen and paper
And leavened sweets
Paper, paper and ink.
Look at me, look at me, the brave one!
To kalamari egrafe
Ti mira tou tin elege
Ke to, ke to harti milouse
To hriso, to hriso mas kariofili!
The ink wrote
And told fortunes,
And the, and the paper spoke.
Our golden, our golden clove!
Arhiminia ki arhihronia
Psili mou dendrolivania,
Ke arhi, ke arhi kalos mas hronos.
Eklisia, eklisia, me t’ ayio throno!
It is the first day of the month and the year,
My tall rosemary,
And from, and from the beginning a good year for us.
The church, the church with the holy throne!
Arhi pou vgike o Hristos
Ayios ke Pnevmatikos,
Sti gi, sti gi na perpatisi
Ke na mas, ke na mas kalokardisi!
Christ came in the beginning,
Holy and Spiritual;
On earth, on earth he walked
To give us, to give us good cheer!
OUR GOYA BOYS B TEAM will participate in the Saints
Constantine and Helen, Newport News Basketball Tournament the weekend of December 10-11.
On Sunday, December 18, GOYA has Church Duty.
Chris Bota will be GOYA Captain and read the Epistle.
Five other GOYAns will join him in executing church
duty. Proceeds from the second tray will be used to purchase food gift cards for GOYA’s annual “Feed the Homeless in DC on Christmas Day” project. GOYAns will prepare lunch bags on Friday, December 23, at 6:00pm. On
Christmas Day, Sunday, December 25, GOYAns will
meet at church at 9:00am to distribute these lunch bags
(Christmas cards and food cards included) in the District.
They will return in time for Liturgy.
Upcoming events include the Epiphany Celebration in
Ocean City, MD on Saturday, January 7, cooking for and
feeding the homeless at Bailey’s Crossroads Homeless
Shelter on Tuesday, January 10, and Ice Skating at the
Sculpture Garden in Washington, DC on Friday, January
13. All teenagers of our community are invited to join us.
GOYA would like to take this opportunity to thank the
entire community for their support throughout the year and
wish everyone a blessed Christmas and a New Year filled
with love, health, and happiness. Christ is born!
The Journey to Orthodoxy class will meet on Sundays, 9:30am-10:30am, in the hall where coffee is
served. In addition to covering the fundamental
teachings of the Orthodox Church, the class will
provide an open forum for participants to address
questions and concerns about becoming Orthodox.
Those interested may contact Georgia Kazakis at
[email protected] or Elena Ziu at [email protected]
We hope to see you there!
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ύμνους μας, με την καλωσύνη μας και με της αγάπης μας τα
δώρα, θα φέρνουμε στους γύρω μας το μήνυμα «επί γης
ειρήνη»! Θα κάνουμε να ξανακουστεί στον πλανήτη μας
εκείνη η θεϊκή, η αγγελική, η πιο γλυκειά αρμονία «Δόξα εν
υψίστοις Θεώ και επί γης ειρήνη, εν ανθρώποις ευδοκία»!
Στόχος μας λοιπόν και τα φετεινά μας Χριστούγεννα, να
γίνει η ζωή μας ολόκληρη ύμνος αγγελικός! Ευλογημένα
«Τ’ ουρανού και γης ο Κτίστης
εγεννήθηκε στη γη, μεσ’ στης νύχτας τη σιγή.
Ας χαρεί κάθε πιστός, εγεννήθη ο Χριστός»!
It’s not too late to
become a 2011 Steward!
In faith, prayer, and sacrifice, my family and I wish to share in the support and work of our Greek Orthodox Church
of Saint Katherine. Out of our love and gratitude to God for all His blessings, we would like to pledge the amount of
$____________ for the year 2011
Today’s Date: _______________
Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip: ____________________________________________________________________________
Telephone and email address: _________________________________________________________________
Με πίστη, προσευχή και θυσία, η οικογένειά μου και εγώ επιθυμούμε να συμμετάσχομε στην υποστήριξη και
υπηρεσία της Ελληνικής Ορθοδόξου Εκκλησίας Αγ. Αικατερίνης. Από αγάπη και ευγνωμοσύνη στον Θεό γιά τις
ευλογίες Του, θα θέλαμε να υποσχεθούμε το ποσόν των
$____________ γιά το έτος 2011
Ημερομηνία (σημερινή): _______________
Όνομα: ___________________________________________________________________________________
Διεύθυνση: ________________________________________________________________________________
Πόλη, Νομός, Ταχ. Κώδικας: __________________________________________________________________
Τηλέφωνο και Διεύθυνση email: _______________________________________________________________
3149 Glen Carlyn Road | Falls Church, VA 22041
Return Service Requested
Please expedite. Dated material.
The Saint Katherine Nursery is located on
the lower level of the church. This space is
available to parents with young children
who need a place to take a break with
their babies and toddlers and for moms
who want to nurse. Children must be supervised at all times.
Non-Profit Org.
Falls Church, VA
Permit No. 19
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