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Apr-May 14 Phos pp.pdf - Greek Orthodox Church of St Anna

Περιοδικό τῆς Ἐνορίας-Κοινότητος
Ἁγίας Ἄννας, Χρυσή Ἀκτή
Newsletter of the Greek Orthodox ParishCommunity of St Anna, Gold Coast
Apr-May 2014
31 a Crombie Ave, Bundall PO Box 5074 GCMC Qld 9726 (07) 5574 0777, 5574 0434 [email protected]
If you would like to receive the Phos in colour by email send your email address to
[email protected]
Easter is fast approaching. While we keep our
customs and traditions at this special time, we
hope you are able to participate in the religious
observances and services so beautifully presented
to us each year by Father Roman. All our committees are in the preparation phase for Easter and, as
always, we look forward to seeing so many of you
over the next few weeks. Please refer to the details
inside for church services, events and functions
over this very significant time of the year.
On Sunday the 23rd of March 2014 our community celebrated Greek National Independence Day.
A large gathering attended the Divine Liturgy and
following the Church service a wreath laying ceremony took place at our cenotaph in front of our
After the church service, parishioners and our
Greek School teachers and students gathered in
our Hellenic Centre for the commencement of the
Greek School program with the focus and theme
of Greek National Day.
Our special guests were from Ahepa - Mr John
Elisseos, State Vice- President of Ahepa Qld and
his wife Koula and Mr Manual and Joanna Ballandinos. At every Greek National Day our community is always very pleased to welcome representatives from Ahepa. We thank them sincerely
for their presence, time and generosity to this community over many years. Our other guests were,
Associate Professor of Anatomy (Bond University), Athanasios Raikos; representing the Northern Rivers of N.S.W , Dr Chris Markopoulos, his
wife Koralia and their children; and Patricia Gizas
and her son.
The Greek School principal, Mr Michael Christoforou introduced the program and each student
from the Prep to Year 12 level recited their poems
and gave their presentations. They provided an
excellent and informative program with the focus
on the history and heroes of Greek National Day.
The students are to be commended on their efforts
and we also congratulate the Principal, the teachers and the parents. We thank the Ladies Auxiliary who prepared the Lenten lunch. Our gratitude is warmly extended to all the volunteers who
assisted on the day, in particular Spiro Levanes.
We wish to acknowledge the work done by John
Alexiou for repairing the posts in the back carpark
and number signage. Many thanks to John for so
kindly offering his time and labour all without
charge. We are very grateful to the anonymous
donor who so generously assisted us with the
We also acknowledge the work carried out by
Dimitri and Themor Bourne for tidying the gardens and removing palm fronds and weeds in the
church precinct and then laying down the garden
mulch. The work took many hours and they
transported a huge trailer load to the tip. All this
work was done voluntarily. A big thank you to
Dimitri and Themor!! Again, we thank the anonymous community member who donated the
Our Community is very blessed to have so many
generously spirited men and women who are always there to donate their efforts and time, keeping our community functioning and, at the same
time, reducing our community expenses. We
thank each and every one of you.
Dr Voula Castan, Chairman of the Lexion Alliance in Brisbane has generously donated a number
of books written by her late husband, the highly
respected intellect, Dr Con Castan. The books, entitled ‘The Greeks in Brisbane – Migration, Arrival,
Home’ are for sale at our book and religious stall
and we are grateful to Dr Voula Castan for making
these volumes available to us. The book is a very
inspiring historical reflection of all the elements,
including people, that played a role in the Greek
life of Brisbane. We are pleased to donate the proceeds of these books to the Bribie Island Retreat.
Last week we laid to rest one of our former Committee members, Mr Lambros (Bert) Voukelatos.
Our community wishes to our express our deepest
condolences to his immediate family and to his
extended family. May his memory be eternal.
We take this opportunity to wish everyone a
Happy Easter. Kalo Pascha.
James Nides
Coming up
in Apr-May:
Apr 12 St. Lazarus
Cross Making/
cleaning bee
Apr 13 Palm Sunday
Apr 20 Easter Sunday
May 15 Biggest
morning tea
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Ladies Auxiliary Report
– On 24th March, light Lenten food
and refreshments were made by the
Auxiliary for the many people who
attended Greek National Day. It
was very inspiring to hear the Greek
School children’s poems and tributes in honour of our War of Independence heroes. The Auxiliary offers its congratulations to these children, their parents and their teachers for their fine efforts.
PSYCHOSAVATA – Again, this
year, The Ladies Auxiliary was very
pleased to provide the kollyva for
the three Saturdays of Psychosavato. Many families availed
themselves of this service in memory of their family members who
have passed. We would like to
thank the volunteers who assisted
us in making and decorating the
plates of kollyva. May we all live
long to remember our departed
family and community members.
KALO PASCHA - The Ladies Auxiliary extends our warmest wishes to
Father Roman and to all for a Holy
and blessed Easter. May Christ’s
crucifixion and resurrection continue
to give all of us strength and to fill
our soul with the spirit of everlasting
we do every year, the Ladies Auxiliary would love to help you with
your Easter baking, including
Tsourekia and red eggs. Please see
the enclosed order form for the list of
sweets. Our products are made with
the best ingredients with tried and
tested recipes. Simply fill in the form,
and return to the community, making
sure you mark which day you wish to
pick up your Easter treats. By allowing us to assist you, you also help
the Church. Thank you.
ST LAZARUS DAY – Saturday 12
April – After the Divine Liturgy for St
Lazarus, all are welcome to gather to
make the crosses needed in readiness for the next day, Palm Sunday.
Do come and be part of this beautiful
morning. No experience is needed
for the cross making as it is easy to
learn. If you are able to bring a pair
of scissors on the day, it would be
PALM SUNDAY – Sunday 13 April
– You are all very warmly invited to
join us at our traditional Fish Luncheon at Ashmore Seafood Restaurant, Ashmore Rd, on Palm Sunday.
The cost of the luncheon is $20 for
Adults and $10 for children. Come
and be part of this joyous celebration
just before we enter the solemnity of
Holy Week.
aware, each year on Good Friday,
the sepulchre representing Christs’
tomb, is decorated with hundreds of
flowers. If you would like to assist by
donating towards the purchase of
these flowers, please see any Ladies
Auxiliary member of make your donation to Eleni Liopyris in Church on
wish to join us on what is the
most joyous luncheon of the
year, the traditional lamb on- thespit Easter luncheon, please refer
to the enclosed flyer for details.
Everyone is very welcome, so
bring your family and visitors.
Bookings, however, are essential.
MORNING TEA – Thursday, 15
May - You are warmly invited to
attend our annual Biggest Morning Tea at our Community Centre
with all your friends. As well as
helping to raise valuable funds
for Cancer research, it is a very
pleasant morning with a great
array of sweets and savouries for
your morning tea plus some fantastic raffle prizes to be won. The
ticket price is $20. We would love
to build on the great efforts made
by you of previous years. Please
call the office (55740434) or
email ([email protected]) to
make your bookings.
DINNER DANCE – July – More
information will be sent to you
about a planned Dinner Dance to
be held in July. Please watch out
for this forthcoming information.
HIGH TEA – Sat 8th November Details will be given in the second half of the year.
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia
4th District of Qld & PNG
Church Family Retreat
29-31 August 2014 (Date subject to change)
For enquiries contact:
Fr Dimitri Tsakas: 0413 813 136; Fr Romanos Stergiou: 0414 740 477 or 5574 0777;
Dimitri Mavromatis: 3844 3669/0448 199 833; Chris Sakley: 0413 705 543
Photo Gallery
Blessing of the Main Committee
Page 3
Memorials with Kollyva can not be conducted between the Sat. of Lazarus and the
Sun. of St. Thomas; on the major feast days
of our Lord and the Parish Church nor on
the 15th Aug, the Dormition of the Virgin
To arrange for Kollyva, contact contact Eleni
Paris on 0419 309 417
25th March Celebrations
The Jesus Prayer
Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me.
This is prayed repeatedly, throughout the day either mentally or verbally, in times of peace and in times of
temptation, when busy or quiet, as one is able. It is prayed
in response to evil or disturbing thoughts. This simple
prayer leads us towards fulfillment of the directive of St.
Paul in I Thessalonians 5:17 to "pray without ceasing."
It draws us to continual remembrance of God. We
ask "mercy" as a word which signifies all that God knows
best that we need from the abundance of His "tender mercies."
St. Ignatius Brianchaninov (+1867) says: Properly
speaking, the Holy Fathers call the prayer which goes thus:
"Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me," the Prayer of Jesus. St.
John of the Ladder says of the hesychasts (monastics who
practiced this inner prayer in its fullest intensity) that "one
of them chants, and devotes the greater part of his time to
this chanting, and the others continue in prayer." By
"chanting" here we must understand the prayerful recitation of the Psalms, (this practice is continued to this day in
the reading of the kathisma in church) for in those days
they did not have the other forms of prayers used now
(composed prayers from the prayerbook), and by "prayer"
we must understand that Prayer of Jesus.
The Prayer of Jesus comes in two forms, oral and
mental. The ascetic (spiritual athlete) changes from oral
prayer to mental himself according to the circumstance,
when oral prayer is attentive. The essential requirements
for this prayer are: attention, holding the mind within the
words of the prayer, being extremely unhurried in pronouncing it and contrition of spirit. Although these things
are necessary for every prayer, they are more easily safeguarded and are more necessary in the practice of the Jesus
Prayer. In the Prayer of Jesus, the mind is concentrated on
one thought: the thought of the sinner being forgiven by
Jesus. The activity appears to be the driest of all, but practice in it will show it to be the most fruitful of all spiritual
activities. Power and worth are granted it by the allpowerful, all-Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Προς όλους τους Γονείς, Κηδεµόνες και Φίλους ,
Εορτασµός της Εθνικής µας Εορτής.
Με εθνική ερηφάνια γιορτάσαµε την Κυριακή 23
Μαρτίου 2014 , στην Αίθουσα της Κοινότητάς µας, την Εθνική
µας Εορτή, την 25η Μαρτίου 1821. Τα αιδιά µας, αν και δεν
είχαν αρκετό χρόνο στη διάθεσή τους, αρουσίασαν, ένα
εορταστικό, εθνικό ρόγραµµα , ου αοτελείτο αό οµιλία,
τραγούδια, διαλόγους και ααγγελίες και χειροκροτήθηκαν αό
τον ικανοοιητικό αριθµό, γονέων, αούδων, γιαγιάδων και
φίλων ου αρευρέθηκαν.
Συγχαίρουµε κι ευχαριστούµε , τόσο τα αιδιά για το
εξαιρετικό ρόγραµµα ου µας αρουσίασαν, όσο και τους
συναδέλφους και τους γονείς ου τα ροετοίµασαν.
Θα ήτο µεγάλη αράλειψη αν δεν ευχαριστούσαµε τις
Κυρίες της Βοηθητικής Ειτροής για το ωραίο, νηστίσιµο
φαγητό ου ετοίµασαν και τον Πρόεδρο της Κοινότητας,
∆ηµήτρη Nides και τη σύζυγό του Ανθούλα, ου ετοίµασαν την
Αίθουσα και της έδωσαν την εορταστική όψη ου αολαύσαµε
στη γιορτή
Τέλος Πρώτου Τριµήνου
Φθάνοντας στο τέλος του Πρώτου Τριµήνου θα θέλαµε
να σας ληροφορήσουµε/ υενθυµίσουµε τα ακόλουθα:
- Μέχρι της στιγµής έχουν εγγραφεί και φοιτούν στο σχολείο µας
άνω των 60 αιδιών, αριθµός ολύ ικανοοιητικός. Οι εγγραφές
βεβαίως συνεχίζονται......
- Τα αιδιά των Τάξεων ∆΄, Ε΄, ΣΤ΄ ∆ηµοτικού και Α΄Γυµνασίου
ακολουθούν ρογράµµατα, εγκεκριµένα αό το LOTE (Γλώσσα
Άλλη Α’την Αγγλική).
Η διδασκαλία βασίζεται ερισσότερο στην Ανάγνωση
και Κατανόηση, στην Γραφή, στην Ακρόαση και Οµιλία, µε
αώτερο σκοό να µάθουν τα αιδιά να εικοινωνούν στα Νέα
Φέτος, όως και έρσι λειτούργησε και Προδηµοτική Τάξη
( Prep), .
-Τέσσερα αιδιά του Λυκείου αρακολουθούν τα Ελληνικά στο
Σχολείο µας και τα αοτελέσµατά τους θα ληφθούν υ’ όψη στο
«ΟP» ( OP= Ο τελικός βαθµός ου χρησιµοοιείται σαν κριτήριο
για εισδοχή στο Πανειστήµιο). Τους ευχόµαστε καλή ειτυχία.
-Μία φορά τον µήνα ( για 30 λετά), τα αιδιά αρακολουθούν
θρησκευτικά µαθήµατα, τα οοία διδάσκει ο Ιερέας µας, Αιδ.
Πατέρας Ρωµανός.
-Σας υενθυµίζουµε ως το σχολείο µας λειτουργεί κάθε
Τετάρτη αόγευµα αό τις 4.20-7.00µ.µ. µε ένα σύντοµο
διάλειµµα, 5.50-6.00µ.µ.
-Το ∆ιδ. Προσωικό εργάζεται µε ζήλο κι αινθουσιασµό για να
φέρει σε έρας το δύσκολο έργο του.
∆ιακοέςτου Πάσχα
ΤοΣχολείο µας θα αραµείνει κλειστό την Τετάρτη 9
Αριλίου και την Τετάρτη 16 Αριλίου, 2014, λόγω των εορτών
του Πάσχα. Θα εαναλειτουργήσει την Τετάρτη 23 Αριλίου
Εορτή της Μητέρας:
Θα εορτασθεί στο Σχολείο µας την Τετάρτη
7 Μαΐου , στις 6.15µ.µ. Παρακαλούνται τα αιδιά, να φέρουν
ένα ιάτο µε γλυκά ή αλµυρά για να µοιραστούµε .
Σας Ευχόµαστε
Εκ της ∆ιευθύνσεως του Σχολείου
To all Parents Guardians and Friends
Greek National Day Celebrations
With considerable pride and festive pomp we gathered in our
community hall to celebrate our Greek National Day of 25th March
1821. Despite limited presentation time students presented a wonderful, celebratory, national program consisting of speeches, songs and
recitations. Parents, grandparents and friends were clearly delighted
given their enthusiastic applause throughout our various performances and presentations.
Congratulations and thanks are extended to students for
their great efforts, their teachers for their consistent hard work and
their parents who provide the vital support which is essential for the
success of these events. Well done to all.
We would be remiss if we did not thank the Ladies Auxiliary
for the much appreciated lenten meal and the President James Nides
and his wife Anthoulla who worked to decorate and prepare the room
to create a festive, noticeably ethnic appearance.
End of Term
Upon reaching the end of first term we would like to inform/
remind you of the following:
Enrolled and attending our school children total over 60 in
number which is very pleasing. Enrolments are continuing.
Children in grades 4, 5, 6 and 7 are participating in programs accredited by the LOTE (Language Other Than English).
The teaching framework is centred on Reading Comprehension, Listening and Speaking and How to Communicate in Greek.
The preparatory class is in full swing with an encouraging
number of our youngest students.
Four students are enrolled in our OP program and their results will be taken into account in their final year. (OP = the final
grade is used as a criterion for admission to University). We wish
them every success.
Once a month (for 30 minutes), the children attend religious
classes, which are taught by our priest, Rev. Fr. Father Romanos.
Please remember that the school is open every Wednesday
evening from 4.20-7.00pm with a short break between 5.50-6.00pm.
Our professional teaching and administrative staff work with much
zeal and enthusiasm to deliver an engaging core curriculum for the
benefit of all students.
School Holidays
Our school will be closed on Wednesday, April 9 and April 16 for
Easter holidays.
Lessons will resume Wednesday, April 23, 2014.
Mother’s Day Celebrations
Our students are very excited to celebrate this special day on Wednesday 7 May. The celebration will take place at our school hall at
6.15pm. Students (with the help of their parents) will provide a savoury or sweet treat to share with all the guests.
Happy Easter! Happy Holidays !
The School Administration
An activity of The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia
The Board of Governors and Management Committee of the Bribie
Island Retreat and Recreation Centre have been working tirelessly to
bring the Retreat to a position where it can receive its first residents.
This has involved the need to employ a Coordinator, make the Retreat and its facilities fully compliant with local government requirements, establish rental tariffs and associated agreements and develop cash flows and budgets.
The aim is to bring the Retreat to a position where the facilities and
programs to be offered will be second to none.
As an update we provide the following:
The position of Coordinator was advertised on SEEK and also in the
VEMA Newspaper. A total of 83 applicants applied for the position
and after a short listing and interview process a successful candidate
has been selected for the position. We are currently in the process of
formalising employment contracts but we are hopeful that the successful applicant will be able commence employment in the very near
Page 7
Because the Retreat is recognised as a Public Benevolent Institution through its association with St Andrew’s Theological
College, we are able to receive general donations as well as
donations that are tax deductable to the donor.
It is up to the donor to state whether they wish to make a general donation or a tax deductible donation, however, it is important to understand that tax deductable donations can only
be applied to the buildings and building related costs. All operations costs are to be covered from general donations,
rental income, church collections and fund raising events such
as the forthcoming BRIBIE Island Paniyiri on 6 July, 2014.
In some instances the donor may wish their donation to go to
a specific purpose. It is important that all parties clearly understand what can be tax deductible and what can not. If you
wish to make a donation and are uncertain how this should be
made, please speak with myself, Father Dimitri Tsakas, Mr
Stathi Efstathis or any member of the Board of Governors or
the Management Committee. They will be able to help you or
direct you to the appropriate person to speak with.
We are in urgent need of funds to allow for specific items of
plant and equipment to be purchased.
Please put in your diaries that the Bribie Island Paniyiri will be held at
the Retreat on Sunday 6 July, 2014. The event will operate from 9.00
am until 5.00pm and will involve a morning service in the Chapel and
then traditional Greek food and sweets, fun and entertainment. A
sub-committee has been put in place to plan the event and further
details will be announced in the next edition of LOGOS.
We will be arranging a number of meetings with Local, State and Federal Government Representatives for their assistance. The first of
these was held recently on 24th February, 2014 where we met with
Councillor Allan Sutherland, Mayor of Moreton Bay Regional Council
as well as Councillor Gary Parsons, Division 1 Moreton Bay Regional
Council. Given their busy schedules, we are extremely grateful to
both Councillors for the time set aside to meet with us. The meeting
was attended by myself, Father Dimitri Tsakas, Mr Stathi Efstathis
and Mr Peter Cassimatis and discussions were very beneficial in the
advice and assistance offered.
The Bribie Island Retreat and Recreation Centre will be income generating in the very near future, however, to be self sufficient will not
happen immediately. At this point in time, Stages 1 (Chapel) and
Stage 2 (Auditorium and 8 Accommodation Cabins) have been completed, however, there is still Stage 3 involving the remaining cabins,
grounds infrastructure and Sporting Fields to be completed.
To date the facilities on site have been made possible from not only a
substantial Federal Government Grant but also through the generosity of many individuals and organisations. We have also been fortunate to have received a number of bequests and we are extremely
grateful for this financial assistance.
To book contact:: Chris Sakley 0413 705 413,
Sally Cominos Dakin 0411 095 220 or James Nides 0414 641 272
Page 8
Senior Citizens
We meet at our Hall at 10.30 am on
Tuesdays. BYO Food
Θά συναντηθούμε στο χώλ μας 10,30
π.μ. με τα φαγητά μας
Providing Home Care Packages:
Providing in home services for ACAT approved seniors
Supporting your lifestyle needs and helping you stay
in your home longer.
For Enquiries contact Elizabeth Thomas or Kellie Burr on (07) 5574 3920
Mon – Fri.
GOC Care Day Respite Centre for adults:
60 to 65years, with disabilities (chronic pain, vision or hearing loss,
chronic illness etc)
over age 65 years who are frail, have chronic conditions or are socially isolated
caring for spouses or adult children with disabilities
Mondays or Thursdays; morning tea and lunch provided. Based in
community Hall, with regular outings.
Older Men’s Group meets alternate Mondays: active,
excursion group. Members meet at community Hall.
On the 21st March the Senior Citizens were invited to the Multicultural Communities Council Gold Coast office in Ashmore to
join with other communities to celebrate Harmony Day. Many of
our regulars went along and a wonderful time was had by everyone with a lunch and entertainment provided . We had such a
good time we would really like to have more Harmony Day’s
throughout the year!
The Senior Citizens celebrated the 25th March with a fish luncheon and songs to commemorate Greek National Day.
For Enquiries contact Joanne or Rebecca: 5574 3920 or 0438 443 666,
Mon and Thurs only.
The members and staff of GOC Care Day Respite Centre Gold Coast enjoyed a gourmet standard lunch for Clean Monday 3
March, as shown in the photos. Volunteer Chef Spiro Levanes created Roasted Vegetable Stacks from carrots, sweet potatoes, zucchinis, potatoes, red and yellow capsicums and accompanied the spectacular dish with fresh homemade coleslaw.
There was eggplant in there too! And topped with a whole Roma tomato. The delicious dessert featured fresh fruits and a
taste of rich Filippino vegan sweet potato and coconut pudding, to celebrate Harmony Day.
On Monday 17 March (which was St Patrick's Day, Holi in the Hindu calendar and Purim in the Jewish calendar - the DRC attendees include all three faiths), the St Anna's kitchen was visited by a friendly Mr Mouse - carved by Mr Levanes from a large
lemon! With whole cloves for his eyes, and using the green twig stripped of its leaves for the tail, Mr Mouse said Hello to the
diners from his comfy position of the fresh fruit platter served for dessert.
Enquiries about GOC Care services are always welcome; please see the ad on this page.
Father Romanos Stergiou—Parish Priest
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07 5574 0777 Mobile: 0414 740 477
Fax: 5574 2287
Office Hours: by appointment please call directly
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