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CV Giulia Garofalo Geymonat

 Dr Giulia Garofalo Geymonat Marie Curie Post-­‐Doctoral Research Fellow Department of Gender Studies, University of Lund Allhelgona kyrkog. 14 M, Lund, Sweden Email: [email protected] Education and Degrees Ph.D. Social Sciences University of East London, School of Social Sciences, Media and Cultural Studies, passed with no corrections (2010) Dissertation on the Political Economy of Sex Work in Europe Postgrad. Intensive Program University of Utrecht, Gender Studies (2004) Focus on sexuality and migration MSc Gender Research London School of Economics, Gender Institute with merit (2003) Dissertation on Queer Theory and Commercial Sex BA&MA Political Economy University of Bologna, Economics, Laurea mag. summa cum laude (2002) Dissertation on Economic Analyses of Prostitution Erasmus Exchange Student University of Cambridge, Selwyn College (2000) Baccalauréat Littéraire Lycée Fénelon, Paris, mention bien (1995) Professional Development Teaching Course University of Linköping, Gender Studies ‘Teaching Intersectional Gender, Sexuality, Ethnicity and Equality’ (Sept.2011 – June 2012) Professional Experience VISITING SCHOLAR, SOUTH KOREA (April 2012 – June 2012) Researcher at Department of Cultural Anthropology, Graduate Program in Culture and Gender Studies, Yonsei University, Seoul; Teacher at Network for Glocal Activism/School of Feminism, Seoul TEACHING STAFF MEMBER, ITALY (April 2011 – June 2011 ) CIRDFA, UniVirtual, University of Venice On-­‐line prostgraduate teaching on Trafficking, Honour Crimes and Forced Marriage 1/5 POST-­‐DOCTORAL FELLOW, SWEDEN (Nov. 2010 – Feb. 2011) University of Linköping, Gender Studies Research Project: 'Relational Labour, Stigma and the Class of 'Abnormals' Supervisors: Prof. Anita Göransoon, Prof.Nina Lykke Funded by GEXcel Center for Gender Excellence, University of Linköping
RESEARCHER, SWITZERLAND (Mai 2010 – Oct.2010) Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, Knowledge Management Unit, Geneva Research: ‘The Global Fund HIV Investments for Most-­‐at-­‐Risk-­‐
Populations: Men Who Have Sex with Men, People Who Inject Drugs, Sex Workers’ Supervisor: Andy Seale (Senior Advisor Gender: Sexual and Gender Diversity) PHD RESEARCHER, UK (Oct. 2004 – Jan. 2010) University of East London, School of Social Sciences, Media, and Cultural Studies. Dissertation: ‘The Political Economy of Sex Work in Europe’ Supervisors: Dr. Merl Storr (Anthropology), Prof. Massimo De Angelis (Political Economy), Examiners: Prof. Lisa Adkins (Newcastle, Australia), Dr. Gail Pheterson (Paris VIII, France). Partly funded by the University of East London (3 year fully funded PhD scholarship) PART-­‐TIME ORGANIZER, UK (Feb. 2006 – March 2007) x:talk Project, English Classes for Workers of the Sex Industry, London RESEARCHER, NL (Oct. 2003 – Sept. 2004) Utrecht University, Gender Studies, the Netherlands Research Project: 'Sex Work and Migration in Europe' Supervisor: Prof.Rosi Braidotti Funded by the Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education PART-­‐TIME RESEARCH ASSISTANT, ITALY (Oct. 2002 – Sept. 2004) University of Siena, Dpt. Political Economy Supervisor: Prof. Francesca Bettio (Labour Economics). Oct. 2002 – Sept. 2004: NEWR, Network of European Women’s Rights (Based at the Centre for the Study of Global Ethics, Birmingham, funded by the European Commission, FP5) March 2004-­‐ Sept. 2004: Italian Research Project: 'Analysis of Migration Flows at Risk: Prostitution and Trafficking' funded by the Italian Ministry for Higher Education SEMINAR AND CONFERENCE CONVENOR & ORGANIZER (2003-­‐2006) London, Postgraduate Seminar NextGenderation ‘Materialist Feminist, Feminist Materialism’ (Fall 2006) Athens, European Social Forum, NextGenderation: ‘What is wrong with the current anti-­‐traffikcing politics?’ (May 2006) Amsterdam-­‐Brussels ‘European Conference on Sex Work, Human Rights, Labour, Migration’, International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe (Member Organizing Committee 2003-­‐2005) GUEST LECTURER (2002-­‐2013) Lund University, MA Gender, BA Gender 2013 Rome University La Sapienza, MA Gender 2010, MA Law 2011 Trento University, MA Sociology 2010 Prato, Università delle Donne, 2010 Siena University, MA Gender 2003 Modena University, MA Political Economy, 2002 2/5 Awards and grants European Commission Marie-­‐Curie Actions Intra-­‐European Fellowships, 2 year Post-­‐Doctoral Fellowship (to Lund University) University of Linköping, GEXcel Center for Gender Excellence, 3-­‐month Post-­‐doctoral Fellowship University of East London 3-­‐year fully funded PhD Scholarship Oct. 2004 – Oct. 2007 Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education, 1-­‐year Huygens Grant (to Utrecht University) University of Bologna, Oct.2003 – Sept. 2004 Nov. 2012 – Feb. 2015 Oct. 2010 – Jan. 2011 Oct. 2002 – Sept. 2003 9-­‐month Postgrad. Grant Studies Abroad (to LSE) University of Bologna 6-­‐month Erasmus Grant (to Cambridge University) Jan.2000 – June 2000 Publications Books • Vendere e comprare sesso. Tra piacere, lavoro, e prevaricazione [Selling and Buying Sex. Pleasure, Work, Abuse of Power], Il Mulino, Bologna, 2014 Articles • ‘La lunga storia del delitto d’onore’ [The Long History of Honour Crimes], Rivista Il Mulino, 1/2012, pp.135-­‐43 • ‘Lavoro sessuale in Europa [Sex Work in Europe], Rivista Il Mulino, 2, 2011, pp.291-­‐
299 Chapters in books • ‘Sex Work and Sex Workers’ Unionization’ Entry, Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies, Wiley-­‐Blackwell, forthcoming 2014 • ‘Prostituzione. La fabbrica del sesso’ [Prostitution. The Factory of Sex] in S.Marchetti et al. (eds.) Femministe a parole. Grovigli da districare, Edizioni Ediesse, Roma, Collana sessismoerazzismo, 2012, pp. 223-­‐228 • ‘Sex Workers’ Rights Activism in Europe: Orientations from Brussels’, in M. Ditmore et al. (eds.) Sex Work Matters, Zed Books, New York, 2010, pp. 221-­‐238 • ‘Feminist Policies’ in P. O’Hara (ed.) International Encyclopedia of Public Policy-­‐
Governance in a Global Age, vol.3, GPERU, 2009, pp.188-­‐203 (co-­‐authored with I.Robeyns) • ‘Towards a Political Economy of Trafficking’ in C. van den Anker, J. Doomernik (eds.) Trafficking and Women’s Rights, Palgrave, London, 2006, pp.54-­‐69 Book Reviews Book Reviews • ‘Laura M. Agustín’s Sex at the Margins: Migration, Labour Markets and the Rescue Industry London: Zed Books, 2007’, European Journal of Women's Studies, Sage 15,4, 2008, pp. 419-­‐422 • ‘Chris Bruckert Taking It Off, Putting It On. Women in the Strip Trade, Women's Press, Toronto, 2002’, Feminist Review, Palgrave, 81, 2005, pp.129-­‐131 3/5 • ‘Chris Ryan and Michael C. Hall Sex Tourism. Marginal People and Liminalities, Routledge, London, 2001’, Feminist Review, Palgrave, 81, 2005, pp.131-­‐133 Translations • Brigitte Grésy Petit traité contre le sexisme ordinaire [Small Treatise Against Ordinary Sexism], Michel Albin, Paris 2009, Translated from French into Italian for Cooper&Castelvecchi, Rome 2010 (co-­‐translated with C.Ciccioni) Newspapers and magazines • ‘L’assistenza sessuale in Europa: una ricerca comparata’ [Sexual Assistance in Europe: A Comparative Research], 2, 2013, pp.44-­‐49, HP-­‐Accaparlante, Edizioni Centro Studi Erickson [cultural magazine on disability] • ‘Politiche repressive e di controllo sulle sex workers’ [Repressive and Control Policies on Sex Workers] 8 of March 2011, Zero violenza sulle donne [online magazine on violence against women] • ‘Non c’è onore ad uccidere’ [There Is No Honour in Killing] 5th August 2011, Rivista Online del Mulino [online political and cultural magazine] • ‘Prostitute, amanti, protette’ [Prostitutes, Lovers, Protected] 28th January 2011, Rivista Online del Mulino [online political and cultural magazine] • ‘La prostituzione come lavoro’ [Prostitution As Work] May 2010, InGenere. Donne e uomini per la società che cambia [online magazine on gender issues] • ‘Lavoro sessuale una chance per le migranti?’ [Sex Work: An Opportunity for Migrant Women?], 7th of January 2007, Liberazione [Italian national newspaper] • ‘Lavoro sessuale, perché no?’ [Sex Work: Why Not], 14th of October 2007, Liberazione [Italian national newspaper] • ‘Può una donna comprare sesso?’ [Can a Woman Buy Sex?], 28th of October 2007, Liberazione [Italian national newspaper] • ‘Diritti umani, diritti del lavoro, e migrazione in Europa delle/dei sex workers’ [Sex Workers’ Human Rights, Labour Rights and Migration in the Europe of Sex Workers], 18th of November 2005 Il Paese delle Donne [online magazine on gender issues] TV and Audio-­‐Visual Experience 2014 Video-­‐inquiry on Sexuality and Disability in Europe, Interview as an expert, Bologna, Project part of Mediane, EU and CoE 2011 Pan-­‐African Cable TV: Télésud Interview as an expert on Trafficking in Human Beings 2011 National RAI Radio 3, Italy Program title: ‘Pagina 3’, ‘Corpo di scambio’ [The body exchange]. Debate based on Dr.Garofalo’s research on sex work policies, 5/6/2011 2011 Video-­‐inquiry on Trafficking in Tuscany: ‘Dalla parte della dignità e dei diritti’ [From the side of dignity and rights], Interview as an expert on sex work, CESVOT production, “I Quaderni”, n.53 Academic Conference and Seminar Papers University of Lund, Gender Department Series, 13/3/2013 ‘This Work Which Is Not One. Rethinking Paid (and Unpaid) Sex through Materialist Feminism’ 4/5 Yonsei University, Seoul, Graduate Program in Culture&Gender Studies Colloquium, ‘Not Just Sex! Not Just Work! Conflicts, Policies, Research on Sex Work in Contemporary Europe’ 31/5/2012 International Women’s House, Rome, Queer It Yourself, 16/3/2012 ‘Cosa ci insegnano i movimenti di sex workers’ University of Linköping, Tema Genus Seminars 8/9/2011 ‘What If All Sex Contained Labour? Revisiting Paola Tabet’s ‘sexuo-­‐economic exchange’’ Senigallia Town Hall, RAPViTE Project Tratta degli esseri umani, crimini d’onore e matrimoni forzati, ‘Trafficking of Human Beings in Europe’ 18/6/2011 University of Linköping, Power Shifts and New Divisions, 15/6/2010 ‘Relational Labour, Stigma and the Class of ‘Abnormals’’ Université de Lausanne, Transactions Sexuelles, 28/5/2010 ‘Vers une analyse matérialiste du travail du sexe: stigmate et travail relationnel’ École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris, Semin. *uck My Brain, ‘Repenser le travail sexuel et les mouvements de sex workers’, 25/6/2009 University of Utrecht, 7th European Feminist Research Conference, 5/6/2009 ‘Sex as Work in Europe’ British Library, London, New Femininities, 26/1/2007 ‘Is there another space for a feminist critique of ‘trafficking’?’ CUNY, New York, US, Sex Work Matters, 30/3/2006 ‘The European Conference on Sex Work, Human Rights, Labour Rights and Migration’ University of Birmingham, NEWR (Network of European Women’s Rights) Final Conference, 30/6/2005 ‘Which kind of critiques does the trafficking debate prevent us from?’ University of East London, Sexuality Seminar, 9/6/2005 ‘Queer critiques and the politics of paid sex’ Warwick Centre for the Study of Women and Gender, 17/11/2004 ‘What is the problem with a gender analysis of prostitution?’ Editorial Experience Dec. 2009 – ongoing: Editorial Board member of the Book Series ‘Generi, culture, Sessualità’ [Genders, Cultures, Sexualities], Franco Angeli Publisher, Milan Nov. 2011 – ongoing: Scientific Committee member of AG About Gender, International Journal of Gender Studies, Italy Professional Service and Memberships Sept.2014-­‐ ongoing: Member of the Advisory Board on Seminars and Public Events, Gender Studies Department, Lund University Aug. 2013-­‐ ongoing: Member of ProsPol ‘Comparing European Prostitution Policies’, COST Action, IS1209, EU Peer Reviews: Feminist Economics, Routledge (3), Third Space: A Journal of Feminist Theory and Culture (1), European Journal of Women’s Studies, Sage (4), Sexuality Research&Social Policy, Springer (2), ERQ Ethnography and Qualitative Research, Il Mulino (2) 5/5 
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