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Comunicato stampa - Fondazione terzo pilastro

I I B F 2014 Fusione e ITER OCEM Power Electronics Giuseppe Taddia Italian ITER Business Forum -­‐ Milano, 26 Giugno 2014 1
OCEM Since year 1943 OCEM is a world player in the engineering and manufacturing of power electronics systems for scienDfic and industrial applicaDons, and for airfield lighFng. More recently also for the railway sector and public lighFng. It is situated near Bologna, in the north of Italy. Its premises include over 5.000 square meters of producDon and tesDng area, warehouse and offices. OCEM is organized in two business units: •  POWER ELECTRONICS •  AIRFIELD TECHNOLOGY 2
Power Electronics Business Unit -­‐ Products Power electronics solu.ons... 3
Main ApplicaFons Plasma Physics Research ParDcle Physics SuperconducDvity Biomedical Railways applicaDons Advanced Industry 4
Core competences Power Electronics! Power Supplies and solu0ons based on power electronics in different fields, with main focus on the “big physics” projects Skills: Power Electronics Controls & Interfaces Quality System Management Project Management Assistance & Maintenance 5
> 40 years of experiences in Fusion •  Power Supply Systems for AddiFonal HeaFng: E C R H and Neutral Injectors •  and more recently Very High Power Switching Network Units JET -­‐ UK JT60 Japan FTU Italy TCV -­‐ Switzerland Tore Supra France RFX Italy Recent and current experiences: •  ECRH PS System for the European Test Facility for the 2 MW CPD Gyrotrons in CRPP -­‐ Lausanne •  Switching Network Units for the superconducDng poloidal coils of JT60SA, 4 units (ongoing) •  Ion Source and ExtracFon Grid Power Supplies System for the NBI of PRIMA TF and ITER (ongoing). 6
FUSION – ITER Project 150.000.000 ⁰C
FUSION – ITER Project: ISEPS ISEPS: Ion Source and ExtracDon Grid Power Supplies 4 installaFons: •  SPIDER Test Facility •  MITICA Test Facility •  ITER NBI-­‐1 •  ITER NBI-­‐2 •  Design •  Manufacturing •  Factory TesDng ISEPS of SPIDER OCEM layout •  Delivery •  InstallaDon •  Site Accept. Tests 9
FUSION – ITER Project: ISEPS ISEPS: Ion Source and ExtracDon Grid Power Supplies Main components (SPIDER installaFon): Ø  ExtracDon Grid PS: 12 kV, 140 A Ø  Source Support PSs: •  5.000 A, 15 V (Plasma Grid Filter PS) •  600 A, 30 V (Bias PS) •  11 other PSs Ø  4 RF Generators: 1 MHz, 200 kW each Ø  Load connecDons and grounding Ø  InsulaDon transformer 5 MVA; -­‐ 100 kV Ø  Power DistribuDon inside HV Deck (6,6 kV; 400 V) Ø  Power DistribuDon outside HV Deck (22 kV @ -­‐ 100 kVdc) Ø  Interface, Control and ProtecDon System Ø  Cooling water distribuDon Ø  AddiDonal equipment, dummy loads, lighDng, signal connecDons, tooling, spares 10
FUSION – ITER Project: ISEPS Factory Acceptance Tests on first unit (SPIDER) succesfully completed in May 2014 11
FUSION – JT-­‐60SA Project Site: Naka (JP) Advanced superconducFng "satellite" Tokamak Joint internaDonal R&D project (“Broader Approach”) involving Japan and Europe Main goals: • support of the exploitaDon of ITER • c o m p l e m e n D n g I T E R i n resolving key physics and engineering issues for DEMO reactors 12
FUSION – JT-­‐60SA Project: SNUs Switching Network Units for JT-­‐60SA The SNU is a hybrid Circuit Breaker used to generate fast magneDc flux variaDons in the superconducDng poloidal coils of the Tokamak, required to ignite the plasma. Main raDngs: 20 kA, 5 kV The switch integrates an electro-­‐mechanical device and a solid state StaDc Circuit Breaker, parallel connected. The SNU resistance can be staDcally pre-­‐arranged by motorized disconnectors and dynamically reduced by a solid state Making Switch. Contract for n. 4 units 13
FUSION – JT-­‐60SA Project: SNUs Switching Network Units for JT-­‐60SA Type Tests in July 2014 click for the paper Dimensions & weight: 7,5 x 5 x 2,5 (h) m; 12 ton 14
Partecipazione ai progee di ricerca Sfide, vantaggi e opportunità: Ø  GesDone di progei complessi Ø  GesDone di contrai complessi Ø  GesDone dei fornitori Ø  GesDone avanzata del SISTEMA QUALITÀ Ø  GesDone della Proprietà Intellemuale Ø  MoDvazione dello staff Ø  «Think big» Ø  Collaborazione con centri di ricerca ed università Ø  Know-­‐how: •  sviluppo di soluzioni innovaDve •  idee per nuovi prodoi •  esperienze impegnaDve ma sDmolanD Ø  Visibilità 15
Partecipazione ai progee di ricerca Alcune opportunità di miglioramento / problemaFche Ø  Competenze di livello elevato, formazione conDnua. Offerta formaDva? Ø  Collaborazione con Università e Centri di Ricerca, trasferimento tecnologico Ø  Partnership tra aziende Ø  ... difficoltà a «fare sistema» (in Italia) Ø  Disponibilità di fondi per la ricerca Ø  DisconDnuità del business Ø  CosD e risorse per preparare una offerta Ø  Tempi strei... e incerD 16
Partecipazione ai progee di ricerca •  Ulteriore impegno su progei «big physics» Prossimi obieevi •  Sviluppo di nuovo know-­‐how •  Integrazione “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving” Albert Einstein “Chi si ferma è perduto!” Partnership e collaborazioni 17
Main references 18
Grazie per l’akenzione! For further informa.on please contact: Giuseppe Taddia Power Electronics Manager [email protected] OCEM Power Electronics Via 2 Agosto 1980, n. 11 40016 San Giorgio di Piano BOLOGNA -­‐ ITALY Tel.: +39 051 66.56.611 Fax: +39 051 66.56.677 [email protected] Registered office: Via Farini 6, 40124 Bologna -­‐ Italy Headquarters: Via 2 Agosto 1980 n.11, 40016 S. Giorgio di Piano Bologna -­‐ Italy 19
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