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重要犯罪事件(9/20~9/21) アラバマ州 (16件)

中部地区(Area Code 205)(5件)
1. 薬物事案, 住居侵入事件, 銃器使用の事件 ( ジェファーソン地区 )
日付: 9/20/2012
見出し Bessemer woman charged with burglary, possession of marijuana in Brookwood home
要旨: A 30-year-old Bessemer woman was charged with burglary and marijuana possession after
entering a home in Brookwood Thursday morning. The woman earlier sent Jefferson County
Sheriff's deputies, including a K-9 unit, on a search for an accomplice who she later
admitted did not exist, according to Jefferson County Sheriff's office reports.
記者: Madison Underwood
2. 強盗事件, 銀行, 銃器使用の事件 ( バーミングハム地区 )
日付: 9/20/2012
見出し Birmingham man charged in three robberies, including two banks
要旨: A 58-year-old Birmingham man arrested Monday after police said he used a U-haul moving
truck as his getaway car following a bank robbery has been charged in three robberies,
Birmingham police said today.
記者: Jeremy Gray
3. 殺人事件, 強盗事件, 銃器使用の事件 ( バーミングハム地区 )
日付: 9/20/2012
見出し Suspect in 5 west Birmingham slayings indicted on new attempted murder, robbery
要旨: Reginald Mims, one of three teenagers facing capital murder charges in the Jan. 29
shooting deaths of five men in west Birmingham, today was charged with attempted murder
and robbery stemming from a shooting less than two weeks before the mass slaying, court
records showed.
記者: Jeremy Gray
4. 強盗事件, 薬物事案, 銃器使用の事件 ( バーミングハム地区 )
日付: 9/21/2012
見出し Drug deal leads to car theft; 3 women robbed at gunpoint
要旨: A man told Birmingham police he went to buy marijuana Thursday but instead had his car
stolen. In another case, three women were robbed at gunpoint late Wednesday night,
according to Birmingham police.
記者: Jeremy Gray
5. 殺人事件, 銃器使用の事件 ( バーミングハム地区 )
日付: 9/21/2012
見出し Victim identified in Wednesday night Birmingham homicide
要旨: A man who died after being shot Wednesday night in west Birmingham was identified by
the Jefferson County Coroner's Office today as Devondae Martez Jones, 18, of Birmingham.
記者: Jeremy Gray
北部地区(Area Code 256,938)(6件)
1. 薬物事案, 爆弾使用の事件 ( モーガン地区 )
日付: 9/20/2012
見出し Five arrests made in 'hotbed for criminal activity' in Morgan County, sheriff
要旨: The Morgan County Drug Task Force made five arrests Wednesday and is searching hundreds
of acres in Somerville that investigators describe as a "hotbed of criminal activity,"
reports The Times news partner, WHNT News 19.
記者: Staff
2. 強盗事件, 銃器使用の事件 ( ハンツビル地区 )
日付: 9/20/2012
見出し Gunman tries to rob man responding to craigslist ad
要旨: A gunman tried to rob a man Wednesday who was responding to an ad on craigslist, police
from the west precinct said.
記者: Keith Clines
3. 銃器使用の事件 ( ハンツビル地区 )
日付: 9/20/2012
見出し Gunshot fired into car trunk on Turf Avenue
要旨: Someone fired a gunshot into the trunk of the car of a man visiting a friend on Turf
Avenue Wednesday night, police from the west precinct said.
記者: Keith Clines
4. 強盗事件, 傷害事件, 住居侵入事件 ( マディソン地区 )
日付: 9/20/2012
見出し Madison police looking for attempted murder suspect
要旨: Madison police have a man in custody for attempted murder and searching for another in
a Sept. 9 home invasion investigation, according to a police report.
記者: Amethyst Holmes
5. 薬物事案, 爆弾使用の事件 ( モーガン地区 )
日付: 9/20/2012
見出し Suspects identified in Morgan County bust
要旨: The Morgan County Sheriff's Office has released the names of four suspects arrested in
Somerville on Wednesday night that resulted from a search that uncovered what Morgan
County Drug Task Force investigators say is a "hotbed of criminal activity."
記者: Jonathan Grass
6. 強盗事件, 銃器使用の事件 ( ハンツビル地区 )
日付: 9/20/2012
見出し University Drive grocery store robbed by two gunmen
要旨: Two men robbed a University Drive grocery story at gunpoint Wednesday night, a north
precinct police report said.
記者: Keith Clines
西南部地区(Area Code 251)(5件)
1. 強盗事件, 傷害事件, 銃器使用の事件 ( モービル地区 )
日付: 9/20/2012
見出し Accused shooter in Mobile Winn-Dixie robbery to be tried as adult
要旨: A 19-year-old man accused of shooting an off-duty police officer at a midtown
supermarket will be tried as an adult, a judge ruled today.
記者: Brendan Kirby
2. 強盗事件, 傷害事件, 住居侵入事件, 銃器使用の事件 ( モービル地区 )
日付: 9/20/2012
見出し Man grazed by gunfire after interrupting burglars at home
要旨: Burglars fired a gun at a man who interrupted them when he came home Wednesday, Mobile
police said. The home occupant suffered a graze wound to the arm but did not seek
medical attention, spokeswoman Ashley Rains said.
記者: Mark R. Kent
3. 薬物事案 ( アトモル地区 )
日付: 9/20/2012
見出し Man, stepson busted for pot after they let police into their home to look for
missing boy
要旨: Atmore police went looking for a missing boy but found a stash of marijuana instead,
according to a story in the Atmore Advance.
記者: Debbie M. Lord
4. 強盗事件, 銃器使用の事件 ( モービル地区 )
日付: 9/20/2012
見出し Mobile police on the lookout for suspects after three robbed at home
要旨: Police are on the lookout for two men after a brazen morning robbery at a Mobile home
on Wednesday.
記者: Theresa Seiger
5. 薬物事案 ( ジャクソン地区 )
日付: 9/20/2012
見出し One pound of synthetic marijuana seized during traffic stop
要旨: Jackson County deputies seized approximately one pound of synthetic marijuana, or
SPICE, during a routine traffic stop on Alabama 71 Wednesday night.
記者: Jonathan Grass
中部地区(Area Code 803)(3件)
1. 殺人事件, 銃器使用の事件 ( コロムビア地区 )
日付: 9/20/2012
見出し Columbia police searching for car involved in weekend shooting death
要旨: The Columbia Police Department is asking the public for help in identifying a vehicle
that may be connected to a weekend homicide.
2. 殺人事件, 銃器使用の事件 ( リッチランド地区 )
日付: 9/20/2012
見出し Man in deadly Richland County
要旨: An argument at a Leesburg Road community early Thursday morning turned deadly, and a
man detained for questioning now has been charged with murder.
記者: Kelly Davis
3. 薬物事案 ( コロムビア地区 )
日付: 9/20/2012
見出し Two West Columbia residents face drug charges
要旨: Two West Columbia residents were arrested in connection with an alleged meth operation
in their home, the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department announced Thursday.
記者: Staff
アトランタ都市圏(Area Code 770,678,404,478)(4件)
1. 薬物事案 ( チェロキ地区 )
日付: 9/20/2012
見出し Bond granted for manager charged with selling bath salts
A Cherokee County judge has granted a $50,000 bond for the manager of Smoke 911 stores
who was arrested earlier this month on charges of selling illegal synthetic drugs from
a Woodstock store.
記者: Staff
2. 銃器使用の事件 ( アトランタ地区 )
日付: 9/21/2012
見出し Buy a diamond, get a gun
The juxtaposition of diamonds and guns may seem a bit peculiar on the surface, sort of
like Britney Spears judging musical talent or Dr. Phil writing a diet book.
記者: Christian Boone
3. 殺人事件, 傷害事件, 銃器使用の事件 ( アトランタ地区 )
日付: 9/21/2012
見出し Lounge owner shot 1 attacker before she died
Atlanta lounge owner Vanessa Elaine Thrasher fought back against the men who were
robbing her, firing her gun once before she was shot to death, an Atlanta police
investigator testified in court Friday.
記者: Marcus K. Garner
4. 殺人事件, 傷害事件, 銃器使用の事件 ( グイネット地区 )
日付: 9/21/2012
見出し Woman fatally shot next to Gwinnett Transit Center
An employee of the Hertz Rent-a-Car next to the Gwinnett County Transit Center was shot
and fatally wounded outside the car rental office Friday afternoon, police said.
記者: David Ibata
中部地区(Area Code 919,984)(1件)
1. 強盗事件, 銃器使用の事件 ( ラーレー地区 )
日付: 9/21/2012
見出し iPhone app leads police to crime spree suspects
要旨: An iPhone stolen Thursday was an unexpected assist for police, who were able to use the
phone’s Life 360 app to track three men as they went on what appears to be a mini
crime spree that possibly included the shooting of a Durham teen.
記者: Thomasi McDonald
沿岸部地区(Area Code 757,804)(5件)
1. 強盗事件, 銃器使用の事件 ( リッチモンド地区 )
日付: 9/20/2012
見出し Armed robbery in Bellevue neighborhood of North Richmond
要旨: Police are investigating an armed robbery that occurred late Wednesday night in the
Bellevue neighborhood of North Richmond.
記者: Staff
2. 傷害事件, 銃器使用の事件 ( ホプウエル地区 )
日付: 9/20/2012
見出し Arrest made in Hopewell incident early Thursday
要旨: A Hopewell man faces charges after an incident in a restaurant parking lot early
Thursday morning.
記者: Staff
3. 強盗事件, 銀行, 爆弾使用の事件, 銃器使用の事件 ( チェスターフィルド地区 )
日付: 9/20/2012
見出し Detectives identify female bank robbery suspect
要旨: A Chesterfield County woman was charged Wednesday with four bank robberies after
detectives randomly knocked on her door while investigating an unrelated street robbery
in her neighborhood, police said.
記者: Mark Bowes
4. 強盗事件, 銃器使用の事件 ( ヘンリコ地区 )
日付: 9/20/2012
見出し Henrico investigates armed robbery in Short Pump parking lot
要旨: Henrico County police are investigating the armed robbery of two women in the parking
lot of a skating rink in Short Pump late Wednesday afternoon.
記者: Staff
5. 強盗事件, 銃器使用の事件 ( リッチモンド地区 )
日付: 9/20/2012
見出し Same 3 believed responsible for 2 armed robberies in Richmond
要旨: Police believe two armed robberies committed minutes apart Wednesday night at a South
Richmond apartment complex may have been the work of the same three suspects. One was
quickly arrested, and two remained at large today.
記者: Staff
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