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英単語ターゲット1900(第5版) 501~1000 1 501、I cannot (c ) on

501、I cannot (c ) on reading while people around me are talking.
502、The police are still (i ) the accident.
503、It’s quite difficult to (a ) the brightness of my computer screen.
504、We have (a ) new projects to develop more powerful engines.
505、Industrialization (a )the pace of people’s lives.
506、The post clerk (c ) my identity before handing me the express letter.
507、One tree can (a ) ten pounds of carbon dioxide every year.
508、You should not (e ) yourself to too much sunlight in summer.
509、The Internet allows us to (t ) money from one bank account to another.
510、I (a ) the broken bike and walked back home.
511、Apart from a small cut to his face, he was not (i
512、Biodiversity provides the resilience to (r
) from climate disasters.
513、The Internet has been (p ) as “the world’s greatest tool for democratization.”
514、Many people in the country (f ) harsher penalties for drug crimes.
515、My grandfather (c ) his seventieth birthday last Sunday.
516、In an ideal world, just one language would (g ) mutual understanding and peace.
517、The government should (e ) that the project meets the citizen’s needs.
518、Michael Phelps was (a
) eight Olympic gold medals during the 2008 Games in Beijing.
519、Hawaii was (g ) statehood in 1959.
520、Playing musical instruments is not (p ) in this dormitory.
521、He promised me he would work hard so as not to (d ) me.
522、We need not be (e ) to admit we do not know.
523、As long as I am healthy, being a bit overweight doesn’t (b ) me.
524、Something you wrote in your e-mail (u ) your friend.
525、I (i ) the company of my new phone number last week.
526、The police are (w ) the public to be on the alert for suspicious packages.
527、”Go outside at once and wash your filthy hands,’’ her mother (c ).
528、The very idea of a society (i ) that its numbers have responsibilities.
529、Being reluctant to answer the door, he often (p ) to be out.
530、I (i ) his silence as a sign of dissatisfaction.
531、Monkeys often (r ) to drugs in the same way that humans do.
532、Living things (i ) with each other and with their environment.
533、Weather satellites (d ) from Landsat satellites in the types of information they collect.
534、When we laugh, we (b ) quickly.
535、Americans don’t like it if you just (s ) at them silently.
536、Some zoos are trying to (b ) rare animals.
537、I hear that the snow at the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro is (m
538、Our company has (i ) a lot of money in the new project.
539、In ancient Egypt, perfume was already (m ) in factories.
540、The government does not have sufficient funds to (c
) the new airport.
541、Human growth is a process of experimentation, ultimately leading to (w
542、I want my son to grow up to be a man of (i
543、He regarded his father’s (d ) as key to his success.
544、These birds will become extinct unless we preserve their natural (h ).
545、A state has a (t ) and an organized government.
546、As the British (c ) gained independence, English continued to be used.
547、There are more casual clothing stores in this once super stylish (d ) in Tokyo.
548、Meteorologists warned people to find (s ) from the approaching hurricane.
549、The Australian (l ) is beautiful beyond description.
550、The continual aftershocks terrified the village (i
551、He was in a state of (d ) following an argument with his girlfriend.
552、The (n ) can detect subtle changes of temperature and pressure.
553、Surgeons can use robotic devices to repair (w ).
554、Experienced doctors would never miss (s ) of such illnesses.
555、Why did music (t ) work so well for these patients?
556、We are all responsible for each other’s security and (w
557、In this neighborhood, we have had no terrible (i
) for a long time.
558、Mary showed herself to the police as a (w ) to the accident.
559、Kanji is very useful to express an idea at a (g
560、Many people use skin cream to protect their faces from the (r
) of the sun.
561、He wanted to know the calories and (i ) of the food.
562、One of our rental (a ) will be with you in a moment.
563、Some people climbed over the fence to avoid paying the entrance (f
564、He made a lot of (s
) to accomplish his goal.
565、In most countries, people fight over the tax (b ) on citizens.
566、The brain has two halves and is covered with thin (l ) of skin.
567、Flowers were planted in (r ) on each side of the path.
568、The work was done according to his (i
569、There are cases where (e ) change phrases and content in translations.
570、We throw away lots (s
), which is a serious problem.
571、The filmmaker’s (m ) is to get the viewer to see things in a particular way.
572、The government wants to create a (p
) to prove the identity of every citizen.
573、Through (i ), England and the USA are adding to their workforce.
574、(H ) are heavier than other cars because of their batteries.
575、You should acknowledge your (o
) good performance when he or she wins.
576、The teacher asked us to predict the (o ) of the experiment.
577、In Sweden and Denmark, emphasis is placed on gender (e ) at work.
578、He had a wonderful (r ), but he was really a thief.
579、The Kepler probe launched by the US is not (c ) of detecting life itself.
580、A lack of (p ) sanitation and water-storage facilities can cause epidemics of water-borne
581、I don’t have (s ) space on my current computer for music files.
582、His argument seemed (r
) at first.
583、The professor spoke about the (l ) development of infants.
584、There are two ways of communication : (v ) and nonverbal.
585、(B ) people can usually switch from one language to the other with ease.
586、This national museum has numerous works of (c
) art.
587、Science sometimes requires the courage to question (c
) wisdom.
588、The nationwide scholastic tests measure only part of children’s (o
) abilities.
589、The development of cities in modern times was so rapid and (w ).
590、Being exposed to (d ) violence may cause emotional problems in children.
591、A horse came running up from a (d ) field.
592、We are discussing whether or not we should use (n ) energy to make electricity.
593、The old man was sitting in his favorite chair, holding a (t
) book.
594、(C ) to his expectations, Peter ran out of money halfway through his vacation.
595、In ‘’chat rooms’’, subscribes can have (v ) conversations with each other.
596、Many drivers feel that using their horns can be interpreted as being (a ).
597、In those days we considered power (e
) and ambition ridiculous.
598、Is it a good idea to teach English in (e ) school?
599、The company’s (a ) production of cars rose sharply last year.
600、You should be aware that poisonous snake bites need (i ) medical care.
601、I greatly (a ) the works of Le Corbusier.
602、I don’t (a ) of children spending too much time playing video games.
603、My sister (d ) her life to the study of medicine.
604、Any person has the right to (p ) happiness.
605、The early Renaissance was (d ) by the Florentine artists.
606、Most animals (p ) some kind of ‘signaling’ communication system.
607、A woman can always find plenty to (o
) her time.
608、It is difficult for Japan to (s
) adequate food for its people from within its own borders.
609、At the age of sixteen, St. Patrick was (c ) by Irish invaders.
610、What happened to that book I (l ) you last summer?
611、The Johnsons (r ) an apartment when they lived in Tokyo.
612、Commercial advertising tries to (p ) us to buy a product or service.
613、The government is (u ) people to be economical with water.
614、Hunger (s ) our stomach to contract rhythmically.
615、Linda used to (a ) her coworkers by always complaining.
616、What is it about flying that (s ) you so much.
617、A train (c ) into another, killing nine and injuring about fifty.
618、The city authorities pulled down the bridge that was about to (c
619、One of my friends sarcastically (r ) that she was amazed by my knowledge.
620、Here is an anecdote which well (i ) this enthusiasm for investment.
621、The two English poets were (p ) against the First World War.
622、The UN (d ) that everyone has a right to food.
623、The villages are reported to be (i ) by the heavy snow.
624、Tim (a ) his five-year-old daughter wherever she goes.
625、We know so little about the oceans that (s ) us.
626、He (e ) his life by reckless driving.
627、At the end of the event, I was (e ).
628、It is possible for people to (d ) the balance of nature without meaning to.
629、I was (p ) that she had never mentioned that she had a brother.
630、Everybody was surprised when the new employee suddenly (q
) the company.
631、Cities cannot (c ) with the enormous influx of people.
632、Consumers need to figure out which services (e ) their lives.
633、To (e
) these symptoms, people consume a small dose of caffeine.
634、I do (a ) for any inconvenience I have caused.
635、Until disaster strikes we usually do not (a ) its power.
636、He (r ) his father in appearance.
637、She (s
) some of the pills in the medicine chest.
638、They (d ) free tickets on a first-come-first-served basis.
639、The inspectors checked food products (e ) from the region.
640、Thailand (l ) a national health-care program in 2001.
641、The lawyer said that he was determined to get (j ) for his client.
642、It took (c ) for Michael to do what he did.
643、I was pleased to find that some young people still have a (p ) for politics.
644、Their (b ) was so remarkable that they spent most of their lives together.
645、Whether you enjoy your trip or not will depend mainly on who your traveling (c
) are.
646、In cognitive realms, colors may affect performance because of the (m ) they transmit.
647、Actions based on (p ) results in unfair treatment of people.
648、That woman took a firm stand against gender (d
649、The company gives high (p ) to improved production methods.
650、The human species has probably been on this (g ) for a couple of million years.
651、In the northern (h ), the forested area is actually increasing.
652、The state possesses absolute power within its territorial (b
653、Near-Earth (a ) are a real threat to life on Earth.
654、(G ) is an attractive force – it attracts comets toward the sun.
655、Preventive care is a major (c ) of health reform.
656、At airports we cannot take most (l ) aboard planes.
657、Regular satellites have (o
) which are nearly circular in shape.
658、In her Japanese there is no (t ) that her mother language is English.
659、The painting of Christ in the museum is a national (t
660、When you read, you must evaluate all arguments for (l ) and fairness.
661、China holds some very limited elections for village (c ).
662、When choosing a (p ), you should take into account many factors, not just pay and conditions.
663、I handed the list of the document numbers to my (s
664、In Britain, only 1% of criminal cases end up before (j ).
665、Your (p ) can perform a careful physical exam and some blood tests.
666、During the early part of the Middle Ages there were no trained (s
667、He used to work as a security (g ) in Waikiki.
668、He almost forgot to renew his driver’s (l ).
669、She gets her (g ) delivered to her doorstep.
670、We make the rounds of our campus and pick up (l
) in Europe.
671、A (d ) can destroy crops that need rainwater to grow properly.
672、Easing winds and lower temperatures helped keep the (b
) from spreading.
673、The pressure to occupy free time with stimulating activity is called “the lifestyle (t ).”
674、Surviving an aircraft crash is not a matter of (f ).
675、I think it’s kind of a (l ) to drink a lot of bottled water.
676、In each country there are jealous people, and Japan is no (e
677、The bank’s losses over the year amounted to a huge (s
678、The NGO drew up a research project for penguin (c ).
679、Because of a new (d ) government, the people will have more freedom.
680、Kyoto attracts (n ) foreign tourists every year.
681、I had a (m ) accident while cycling in Europe.
682、Many people believe that their own culture is (s ) to all other cultures.
683、In ancient times, metallic toothpicks provided the (p ) means of caring for one’s teeth.
684、Consumption plays a (c ) role in our social lives.
685、Conservation is (v ) to our development and fulfillment as human beings.
686、A (r ) person is able to think clearly based on reason.
687、He was (a ) about the result of his job interview.
688、In (c ) people, internal growth takes place regardless of the outcome.
689、Cellphone users seem to have no idea how (r ) they can be.
690、I wondered what life was like in such a (r ) place.
691、In Indonesia, there are some of the Earth’s most biologically diverse (t
) forests.
692、Simple (m ) animals called corals formed the Great Barrier Reef over thousands of years.
693、I was shocked at a series of (e ) events in the past few days.
694、They regard tipping as an (o ) custom in a free-market economy.
695、Even a tiny organism contains a (b ) clock.
696、This might lead to ethnic tensions and (r ) problems.
697、She held to her (i ) proposal despite strong opposition from others.
698、The North and South Islands have two (d ) rainfall patterns.
699、Americans feel that British English is (p ) than American English.
700、She tried to make an (e ) copy of the Mona Lisa.
701、This project is vital if we are to (s ) our living standards.
702、Some people use guns to (d ) themselves from criminals.
703、The study of economics helps (f ) logical thinking.
704、Little by little, humans have (p ) up a mountain of discoveries.
705、Please (a ) a label with your name on it to each piece of baggage.
706、She (p ) warm milk into the feeding bottle.
707、All these trucks are (l ) with relief goods.
708、I stood up to (s ) my back.
709、Speech is mainly used to (c ) facts and data.
710、I didn’t know the word “ozone” (d ) from Greek.
711、Electric vehicles are able to (t ) into existing power networks.
712、Using the survey results, Marshall (c
) the size of the orangutan population.
713、I (s ) you might be somewhat vague and uncertain.
714、Birds are able to (d ) the magnetic field of the earth.
715、A medical researcher (a ) the problem of obesity to the surroundings.
716、Stock markets can correctly (e
) seemingly inexplicable events.
717、The company was (a ) of not providing enough information about the accident.
718、The tire and rubber company had not been (s
) before he started the lawsuit.
719、After people (r ), they collect their pensions and also often use the healthcare system.
720、Woolen clothes (s ) in hot water.
721、Many Asian people (b ) when they greet one another.
722、He was (p ) closely at the winding branches along the wall.
723、The mere idea of my father being elected president (d
) me.
724、Environmental conditions can intensify or (r ) loneliness.
725、We bought security cameras to (d ) robbers.
726、Structural and stability problems seem to have (f ) the gliding enthusiasts.
727、You have long (n ) your studies because of the trip.
728、Older adults (r ) new ideas, while students do not.
729、The bill to (r ) juries was approved by the government.
730、We must come up with measures to (e ) drugs from society.
731、The man hung up the carpet and began to (b
) it.
732、My favorite soccer team was badly (d ) in the final match.
733、Bars can be severely (p ) if they serve alcohol to minors.
734、The city’s committee (p ) plastic checkout bags at supermarkets.
735、He worked hard and (d ) a big bonus.
736、This situation (p ) a number of problems in the short term.
737、He (f ) up his bike and carried it on the train.
738、Policeman routinely (m ) eye movement during interviews.
739、Some lawyers (s ) in civil cases such as divorces.
740、Those who don’t take risks will (a ) nothing in life.
741、When I have lost, due to the election, is my (f ) in practical politics.
742、His (a ) to become a politician is likely to be realized.
743、He wasn’t sure if he would regain (e ) for swimming.
744、It’s my (h ) to introduce today’s guest, Ms white.
745、New customers can get a 10% (d ) at the store.
746、The cost of the air (f ) is much higher than that of the rail fare.
747、Her hair is a dark brown color, matching the (f ) of her glasses.
748、The United States uses many (m ) of transportation.
749、The area is widely known for its modern (a
750、They described the (s
) of events in minute detail.
751、Are there languages that are easier than others with respect to rules of (u
752、For some people, watching TV is a form of “substance (a )”.
753、We must be careful to keep the (p ) out of children’s reach.
754、The (p ) from trees and grasses causes hay fever.
755、Most of the students are from Aichi (P
756、The history of Belize has been shaped mainly by its (g ).
757、The new president made many reforms to the company’s (a
758、They had not yet decided for which (c ) they would vote.
759、In that country, about 80 percent of household (r ) goes to landfills.
760、Our (b ) influence the choices we make.
761、Eliminating competition in society would lead to laziness and (v
762、He spends far more than he earns and is in (d ).
763、That sales project has very good (p ).
764、He went on a series of (e
) in Europe.
765、My section is planning a training (s ) for new employees next month.
766、I guess you’ll have lots of reports to write next (s ).
767、Coral builds (r ) near the shores of continents.
768、The Republic of the Congo is a country rich in (m
769、Older children think themselves more responsible than their younger (s
) can tell us a lot about a particular culture.
771、Migrating birds know by (i ) which direction to fly in.
772、The time that most people spend at work is only the accepted (m ).
773、The economic influence of the East will become stronger in the next (m
774、The name of the picture’s (d ) was written next to it.
775、On the open grasslands of Kenya, (h ) of zebras and elephants graze.
776、In the college (l ), matches are composed of five rounds.
777、Through (c ), these companies have reduced pollution.
778、(F ) tales are part of an oral tradition.
779、The (p ) height of the tower is 634 meters.
780、Relentless, (i ) stress can eventually exhaust anyone.
781、Ice is a (s ) substance that water has frozen into.
782、These toxins cause (p ) damage to the human body.
783、For a (b ) moment we looked at each other in surprise.
784、People who believe intelligence is fixed are less (f ).
785、Real speech is filled with idioms and (i ) language.
786、We care more about our friends than our (t ) neighbors.
787、Snowfalls have become less (f ) due to global climate change.
788、Culture is not itself (v ), but is made (v ) through its representation.
789、You never solely describe the (e ) world even in a poem.
790、I have been successful in the (i ) corporate competition.
791、It’s (p ) that the more happiness you feel, the less unhappiness you experience.
792、In almost every society, (m ) people are admired.
793、10,000 lux is roughly (e ) to outdoor light.
794、We are always amazed by his (i ) piano performances.
795、I feel (g ) about visiting her so rarely.
796、Quite often, Japanese food is served (r
) or cooked lightly.
797、There are many factories that still need (m ) labor.
798、Their writing resembles the work of (l ) giants such as Kawabata.
799、Esperanto is what is called an (a ) language.
800、A lot of British comedy is (s ) and subtle.
801、The marble statues were (p ) until they were smooth.
802、Many countries (e
) bilingualism as an intellectual and economic asset.
803、The committee was (c ) of six legal experts.
804、Video games may make children (i ) improper behavior.
805、Research on language acquisition has (y
) many important findings.
806、The art gallery will (e ) some of Picasso’s paintings.
807、The photo artist was quite (i ) with the youth culture.
808、Our soccer team was (o ) by the energy and skill of the visiting team.
809、Our conversation was (i ) several times by incoming calls.
810、Lucy could (e ) poverty, but she could not (e ) loneliness.
811、We have to (c ) the urgent problem of global warming.
812、It is necessary to (c ) a specialist in data analysis.
813、On my way downtown I (b ) into an old friend.
814、The football player (d ) the judgment of the referee.
815、The Japanese company wishes to (n ) with its Arab customers.
816、Ignorance of a law does not (j ) our breaking it.
817、The president went to Europe to (r ) economic problems.
818、The new principal tried to (r
) the school’s traditional attitude of putting sporting before
academic success.
819、Our objective is to (c ) waste material to fuel.
820、Costa Rica (i ) a water tax on major water users.
821、Social norms (g ) the way that people behave within a society.
822、He is highly (e ) as a mathematical genius.
823、Developed countries need to (a ) the developing world to progress.
824、If you call me, I’ll send someone out to (r
) you.
825、Adult often use songs to (e ) children.
826、The food in the freezer was (r ) because of the power outage.
827、Only a fraction of Tokyo’s electric cables are (b ) beneath the streets.
828、I (o ) you 800 yen for yesterday’s lunch.
829、Japanese (c ) almost 0.3 kilograms of gum per person each year.
830、I’ve hurt my right elbow so badly that I can’t (b ) it.
831、He (q ) an old Japanese proverb to support his idea.
832、Scientists (c ) animals according to whether they have a backbone.
833、In the middle of winter, homes are (s
) tight.
834、I hear that the bank robbers have been (a
835、You can (s ) tofu for meat in this recipe.
836、The film star managed to (r ) his youthful good looks until well into middle age.
837、Taking a nap is one good way to (r
) one’s strength.
838、Some sea animals die from eating plastic bags that are (f
) in the sea.
839、I (l ) in the car and drove to the hospital.
840、In summer leaves reach full size and the first flowers (b
841、Traveling during the rainy season has various (m
842、One aim of education is to develop children’s reasoning (f ).
843、The (c ) of travel lies in its new experiences.
844、Being obese often results from unbalanced (n
845、The custom of drinking tea as a (b ) began in southeast Asia.
846、In bread-making, it is not essential to follow the (r ) exactly.
847、Each ozone (m ) bears three atoms of oxygen.
848、A fundamental principle of (e ) is that everything is connected to everything.
849、There is growing public concern about medical (e
850、Environmental destruction threatens the future of (m
) itself.
851、Regardless of (n ), anyone can become rich in this society.
852、Many old people have a hard time surviving on their (p
) alone.
853、This rental bicycle (s ) is aimed at easing traffic congestion.
854、Their aim was to provide a safe (h ) for abandoned pets.
855、Television has a large influence upon the (f ) of children’s views of the world.
856、The human (s ) is made up of more than 200 bones.
857、A desire for more social justice lay at the (c ) of his political philosophy.
858、Trees have a single woody (s ), from which branches grow.
859、It is said that smoking shortens a person’s life (s
860、There needs to be some (l ) to what students can wear to school.
861、Self-consciousness can be an (o ) to learning language.
862、In Canada, most speakers of French live in the (p ) of Quebec.
863、You can tell how fast a (g ) is moving by the light it gives out.
864、After the accident, he lost all (s ) in his right hand.
865、People all over the world felt great (s
) for the trapped miners.
866、I feel (p ) for today’s children whose only form of entertainment is TV.
867、Most Italian operas seem to be a combination of love and (t ).
868、According to the latest survey, one in five marriages ends in (d
869、He was sent to prison after he was found guilty of committing a series of (t
) at his workplace.
870、He looked at me with an expression that showed a kind of (p
871、The government’s new policy represents a (r ) from its earlier radical plans.
872、The judge gave him the option of paying a fine or going to (j ).
873、He found it difficult to shave with such a blunt razor (b ).
874、Smoking is a major cause of heart disease, lung cancer and (s
875、Historical research may give us (c ) to many questions we have.
876、There were a lot of girls waiting in a (q ) in front of the store.
877、The city asked 25 big (e ) to cooperate with its campaign to reduce air pollution.
878、He made a (f ) by taking out a patent on a new way to manufacture license plates.
879、Fair-trade guarantees coffee farmers a more (s ) life.
880、As the proverb goes, slow but (s ) wins the race.
881、I think I’m (m ) enough to take care of myself.
882、They believe it is not cool to appear (e ) to get ahead.
883、American people are not so (r ) to change their residences often.
884、He is a (h ) young man who likes to joke around.
885、Sachiko is widely regarded as (f ) in English.
886、The (p ) responsibility of governments is to provide safe infrastructure.
887、Nothing is more (p ) than time, but nothing is less valued.
888、In (a ) terms, the film is rated as revolutionary.
889、This custom can be seen among some (e ) minorities in the U.S.
890、Future generations will look back on modern society as too (p ).
891、The United States is a (f ) republic that consists of fifty states.
892、This (r ) palace was built in the early nineteenth century.
893、We build society on the basis of (m ) communication.
894、The improvement in her health was (a ) to everyone.
895、His (c ) remark caused us a lot of trouble.
896、I have a (s ) sense of guilt every time I tell a white lie.
897、Language is not a (m ) instrument of communication.
898、She practices yoga in her (s ) time.
899、Children don’t regard (a ) paintings as difficult.
900、What do you think your (u ) goal in life is?
901、Human beings (v ) into unknown territory in search of food.
902、The police car (c ) the escaping criminals at full speed.
903、Many people (m ) to cities looking for better job opportunities.
904、Many victims of the hurricane (f ) to Texas.
905、I (s ) my bat as hard as I could.
906、Many Japanese students (h ) to stand out among their classmates.
907、If it rains tomorrow, the gardening lesson will be (p
908、I need to (w ) some more money later.
909、He told me to (g ) the dynamometer with all my might.
910、His wife (g ) his arm and told him to calm down.
911、By the age of seven a child will have (g ) the essentials of language.
912、She (g ) at the model airplanes hanging from the ceiling.
913、He always carefully (s ) the classified ads of the English newspaper.
914、In 1984 an ozone hole was discovered, just as the scientists (f ).
915、These young men have been (r ) as unemployed for more than two years.
916、Many legal experts (a ) the abolition of the death penalty.
917、The movement of plates (t ) earthquakes and thrusts up mountain ranges.
918、The philosopher argued that reading novels (c
) empathy for others.
919、Paying the fee doesn’t automatically (q ) you for membership.
920、No state should (i ) with the internal affairs of another state.
921、Oil and dead skin cells may (c ) the skin’s pores.
922、Passengers must not (d ) the driver from driving at any more.
923、Laws (f ) cigarette companies from advertising their products on TV.
924、People are liable to be (d ) when they feel lonely.
925、We must have (o ) a major error in our project.
926、We can’t just (d ) the issues raised in these films as trivial.
927、Overcooking will (s ) the taste of the chicken.
928、We are likely to (y ) when we see other people do so.
929、It’s natural to (g ) friends with a smile and a wave.
930、He (n ) to me as if to say,“O.K.”
931、Most people (o ) the unwritten rules of their society instinctively.
932、England was the first country to (u ) an industrial revolution.
933、He has (r ) his children with loving care.
934、He devoted his life to (h ) the injuries of wounded soldiers.
935、She (c ) the case of a man experiencing chest pains.
936、We thought it absolutely necessary to (m ) our scheme.
937、We can hardly (e ) the danger of young people’s smoking.
938、The stock market was like a big balloon getting ready to (b ).
939、Jane was (t ) to hear that her application had been accepted.
940、By 2020, the country’s demand for water will (e ) supply.
941、The residents of the apartment have the (p ) of parking in this garage.
942、I grew up with a (l ) that now seems almost impossible.
943、People in those days used to put great emphasis on material (p
944、Museums should show both new pop art and old national (h ).
945、(C ) is trying to pass a law that provides for gun control.
946、The British (P ) voted to stop the hunting of foxes completely.
947、The (i ) required for high-level technology is in short supply.
948、Many religious practices have a moral (d
949、Those benefits are enjoyed by only a small (p ) of the population.
950、Using (s ) properly can lead to a balanced diet.
951、Not getting enough sleep may affect hormones that influence (a ).
952、He has a calm (t ), but his brother gets angry easily.
953、People in the town took a (f ) to the young woman.
954、Isn’t the free will that we seem to experience just an (i )?
955、(F ) from overworking can cause a wide range of illnesses.
956、(S ) has become a trivial concept without a clear set of physical symptoms.
957、Many people still smoke despite the well-known health (h ) of cigarettes.
958、When a population is weakened by lack of nutrition, (i ) are more likely to spread.
959、Many Irish immigrants came to the U.S. because of the (f ) in the 1800s.
960、The country fell into social (c ) after it was defeated in the war.
961、The war caused a lot of (d ) to both sides.
962、Don’t you understand your stupid behavior brings (s ) on your family?
963、(C ) produce a kind of gas that causes global warming.
964、Monkeys have specific alarm calls for different (p ).
965、Before immigrants arrived, the land was a (w
966、They decided to rest in the (s ) of a large tree.
967、The Buddhist (m ) have learned to live with nature.
968、Darwin hoped to become a Church of England (p ) in a country town.
969、For occasions such as (f ), flowers are often required.
970、Mozart lived in a time of (t
) to a modern, industrial society.
971、Doing aerobics is a great way to improve one’s blood (c
972、Obesity among (a ) is now several times more common as ten years ago.
973、I wonder how long it will take to solve all these (e ).
974、(P ) do not necessarily guarantee commercial success.
975、English poems usually contain many (m ) and similes.
976、The fieldworker must display culture in a (n ).
977、They are now old enough to get married without their parents’ (c
978、All human beings are born free and equal in (d ) and rights.
979、He only read the chapters of the book (r ) to his essay topic.
980、(A ) protein is available even from a vegetarian diet.
981、The audience can usually tell whether the speaker’s smiles are (g
) or not.
982、Thank you for giving (p ) attention to this matter.
983、The boys have been on (i ) terms since their childhood.
984、The police warned older people to be (a ) to the danger of fraud.
985、He was (c ) concerning the issue of the gender gap.
986、It’s a shame that many young people in Japan are (i ) to politics.
987、Giving a tip was a habit (a ) to most Japanese people.
988、The subjects of the experiment were chosen by (r
) selection.
989、There is a (s ) difference in color between these two pairs of shoes.
990、(M ) exercise can reduce the risk of diabetes.
991、A certain psychologist argues that we all have (m ) intelligences.
992、If the (p ) ice melts, islands may disappear and coral may die.
993、(A ) sea ice is necessary for polar bears to live.
994、The effects of (a ) rain are devastating to many forms of life.
995、The manufacturer guarantees that its (c
) products are good for three years.
996、Since records began, 784 species have been declared (e
997、The priest provided (s ) guidance to all the members of his church.
998、The disaster victims said the president’s visit had been a (m ) gesture.
999、The new bridge was designed by (m ) engineers at the local university.
1000、The president of this company is well known for his (d
) personality.
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