Lesson 29 解答例 1. What is the man ordering? (男性は何を注文して

Lesson 29 解答例
1. What is the man ordering?
- The man is ordering noodles.
2. What is the waiter doing?
- The waiter is taking the order.
3. What is the waitress carrying?
- The waitress is carrying plates.
4. What objects can you see on the couple’s table?
- I can see a glass, a spoon, a knife and a fork on the couple’s table.
5. What is the bartender doing?(バーテンダーは何をしてますか)
- The bartender is making cocktail.
6. What is the waiter wearing around his neck?(ウエイターは首の周りに何をつ
- He is wearing a bow-tie around his neck.
7. What time of the day do you think it is? Why?(何時だと思いますか。なぜです
- I think it is night time as it is dark outside and we can see lit windows.
8. What is the waiter holding behind his back?(ウエイターは後ろに何を持ってま
- He is holding a tray behind his back.
9. What does the sign say?(看板にはなんと書いてますか)
- The sign says ‘Beer and Restaurant’.
10. What job in this picture would you like prefer to do?(この写真の中で、どの
- I would prefer to work as a bartender.
11. Are there any kinds of food you dislike?(嫌いな食べ物はありますか)
- I dislike foods with too much oil.
12. What is the strangest food you have eaten? How was it?(今まで食べた中で一
- The strangest food I have eaten was whale steak. It was not tasty at all.
13. How many cups of tea or coffee do you drink a day?(お茶やコーヒーを一日何
- I drink 3 cups of coffee a day.
14. What kind of snacks do you like to eat?(どんなお菓子がすきですか)
- I like to eat salty snacks like popcorn.
15. What did you eat for breakfast today? How about last night’s dinner?(今日
- I ate rice and fish for breakfast today. Last night, I had sushi for dinner.
16. If you could go to any country in the world for a meal, where would you go?
What kind of meal would you order?(もし世界のどの国にも行けるとしたら、ど
- If I could go to any country for a meal, I will go to Italy. I would order a
traditional pizza.
17. What do you prefer, white or dark meat?(白肉ともも肉どちらがすきですか)
- I prefer white to dark meat.
18. How often do you eat out? Where do you usually eat?(どのくらいの頻度で外
- I eat out twice a week. I usually eat in the restaurants in Sapporo station.
19. What kind of food do you think visitors don’t like to eat in your country?(日
- I think visitors don’t like to eat fermented beans (natto).
20. How much was the most expensive meal you have ever eaten? How was it?
Where did you eat it?(今まで一番高い外食はいくらでしたか。どうでしたか。ど
- The most expensive meal I have ever eaten was a beef steak for 4500 yen. I ate
it in Onuma koen.