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Introducing the First Time Auto
Buyers Program
You never forget your first car. It seems that everyone has a story about an old
rusty beater that blows blue smoke out the tailpipe and breaks down at the most
inopportune times possible. But we at Stark Federal Credit Union want memories
of your first car to be happy ones.
We understand that a lack of
credit history is the biggest
barrier when it comes to getting that first car loan. It can
be a chicken-or-the-egg
game…how can you establish
a good credit history when
lenders won’t approve a loan?
However, our new First Time
Auto Buyer Loan Program is
intended to help those who
need a car but have not yet
established a credit history.
Stark County Hunger
Task Force to purchase
four tons of food
thanks to Shred Days
The Stark County Hunger Task
Force and Stark FCU wish to extend their appreciation to members for raising over $1,200 during
the Shred Day events last month.
Each dollar raised can purchase
seven pounds of groceries. The
food will help the hungry of Stark
County. Stark FCU gave everyone
who donated a reusable grocery
bag or drawstring backpack.
If you, a family member or friend is looking for their first car, give us a call! Stark
FCU offers free pre-approvals, no hidden costs like application fees and no prepayment penalties. Call us at 330.493.7602 for more information or stop in to the
Stark FCU office nearest you.
Welcome back to
school, kids!
Kids up to age 16 will receive a free
drawstring backpack when they open
a new account or make a deposit of
$5 or more into an existing account.
One per member, please.
While supplies last - hurry in!
The events took place on Saturday,
August 11 at the Dressler Road office and Saturday, August 18th at
the Alliance office. About 200
local residents dropped off six
tons worth of old check books, tax
forms, financial
statements and other personal
documents. This material will be
recycled into paper products, thus
saving the equivalent of 97 trees.
Does Stark Federal CU do mortgage loans?
Attention members
with a Christmas
Can you believe it? There are only
a few weeks until your Christmas
account pays off. As promised,
your funds will be transferred to
your share draft (checking) or savings account during the second
week of October.
Stop in after October 9, 2012 for
your complimentary Christmas account gift. This year’s gift will be
a pack of ten Christmas Cards with
artwork from employees of The
Workshops, Inc. TWI is a division
of the Stark County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Supplies
are limited.
Turn your hobbies
into income
Confusius once said, “Find something
you love to do, and you'll never work
a day in your life.” Baking, car repair, woodworking, photography and
music are examples of hobbies that
could be turned into a side business.
Stark Federal Credit Union is offering
assistance for anyone wishing to turn
their skills and hobbies into an extra
source of income. Call 330.493.7602
for more information.
Yes! I’ve been assisting members with their mortgage
and home equity needs for almost 3 ВЅ years, yet this
question is still asked frequently.
Stark FCU has provided and continues to provide quality
first mortgage loans for our members. We offer a wide
range of Conventional and FHA lending programs that can
fit almost every members need, with a variety of terms
to meet almost any budget. All this along with fixed and
variable rate mortgages for either refinancing or
Call me, Steve, for more info 330.639.2300.
Steve Pflugh
Mortgage Originator
Avoiding credit cards can hurt your credit score
Credit cards have got a bad rap recently. It is true that overspending habits have
led some people to ruin their credit. But used responsibly, credit cards are a vital
part of managing household finances.
Avoiding credit cards may be a good
way to get rid of debt, but it's utter
destruction to your credit score. Why?
Because per Fair Isaac, the creator of
the credit scoring system, there are 5
factors that make up your credit score,
one of which is how you use and manage your credit card debt - a factor
that makes up 30% of your score. That's
255 points!
In order to prove to the scoring system that you know how to manage revolving
debt, you MUST have active credit card accounts. Use your cards every month, for
groceries, gas, etc. and pay them off every month. Establishing a history of ontime payments will help build a rock-solid credit rating.
If you’re looking for a low-rate credit card with no annual fee and no games, talk
to us in person or call 330.493.7602.
It’s not surprising that many people are looking for ways to build (or rebuild) a good
credit score. One effective way to do this is to reestablish a good payment history.
That’s where our Credit Builder Loan comes in.
A Credit Builder Loan, or “share secured” loan, is simply a loan that is guaranteed by the
money in your share account. Since the loan is secured by your shares, the interest rate
for a Credit Builder Loan is very low – currently 3.2% APR.* This loan is an
excellent way to establish credit or help rebuild a credit history. Call us at 330.493.7602
or visit to get started.
Tips for first-time car buyers
It’s no secret that the auto industry has had its share of challenges over the
past few years. The silver lining is that many car dealers are offering attractive prices on both new and used cars. Here are a few pointers for buying that
first car.
Find a price range you’re
comfortable with. This requires
looking at your monthly incoming and outgoing
expenses. A Stark FCU loan
officer can help you determine a
good payment plan that won’t
strain your finances.
You put your coins in, press the
button and you're rewarded with
big bucks. No, we're not talking
about Las Vegas. We're talking
about the coin
counter at the
Dressler Road
Shop around. Some car dealers will use pressure tactics to get you to buy a
car on the spot. Resist the urge. Remember, there are a lot of car
dealerships and cars for sale in our area.
Holiday Closing - Our offices will be closed on
Monday, October 8th in observance of Columbus Day
Online at
Anyhour Loan By Phone: 866.467.0427
To report a lost or stolen
debit card call 800.523.4175
If you’re a Facebook user, go to
the Stark FCU Facebook page and
click “Like.” We’ll update you with fraud
alerts, valuable offers
and all the great new
things that are happening within your credit union.
Exchange your
coins for cash
New or used? Of course, most
of the time, new cars cost more
than used cars. However,
consider the costs of repairs and
maintenance. Check to see if
the car is still under warranty
and, if so, find out exactly what
that warranty covers.
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With the coin
there's no longer a need to roll
your coins. Simply dump your
loose change into the machine
and turn in your receipt to a
teller for cash. Members with a
checking account pay just 2%,
compaired with 9% at other coin
counting machines.
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Saving Takes Time
If you wait until you're 45 years old to
start saving for retirement, you'll need to
save about $24,000 per year just to
reach a comfortable retirement level.
But if you start when you're 25, you can
reach that same level by saving just
$4,000 per year. So use the simple tips
below to start getting your savings on
track right away.
1 The next time you get a raise, invest
that extra money in your future.
2 If you're about to pay off a car loan
or some other monthly expense, you
can make a huge impact on your investment plans by simply adding that
extra money to your retirement account.
3 Make your investments automatic. To
make saving easier, sign up to have a
specified amount conveniently deducted from your paycheck and electronically deposited into your savings
investments. You'll
consistently add to your savings,
without even thinking about it.
Individual Credit
Member Name
by Larry Hackenberg
4 If you have access to a 401(k) re-
tirement plan, make sure you are
using it-especially if you get
matching contributions from your
employer. You'll double your
money with the employer's
match...and your contributions
are generally taken out of your
check pre-tax, so your savings cost
even less in real, after-tax dollars.
The most important point is to get
started right away - not next month
or next year, but right now with
whatever amount you can. You can
always increase the amount you invest...but you can never get back
the compounding interest you'll lose
by waiting. today
for tomorrow!
Hackenberg Financial Group 2209 Fulton Drive NW
Canton, Ohio 44709. Securities offered through
Sigma Financial Corporation. Member FINRA/SIPC.
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Guarantee. Not a deposit product and may lose
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