Lesson 31 解答例 1. What department is this in the department store

Lesson 31 解答例
1. What department is this in the department store?(デパートには、どんな部門がありま
-This is the clothing department in the department store.
2. Can you name other departments in a department store?(デパートで、他の部門をあげ
-The other departments in a department store are sports department, shoes department
and food department.
3. What do we call the woman in uniform?(制服を来た女性はなんと呼びますか)
-The woman in uniform is called ‘elevator operator’.
4. What is she wearing on her hands?(彼女は手に何をつけてますか)
-She is wearing a pair of gloves on her hands.
5. How many floor does the department store have?(このデパートは何階ですか)
-The store has 7 floors.
6. Why is the young girl crying?(なぜ少女は泣いてますか)
-She is crying because she wants to buy a teddy bear.
7. What is the man holding?(男性は何を持ってますか)
-The man is holding gift boxes.
8. Which do you prefer, escalators or elevators?(エレベーターとエスカレータとどちらが
-I prefer escalators to elevators.
9. How much does the coat on the left cost?(左のコートはいくらですか)
-The coat costs 7900 yen.
10. What kind of clothes can you see on the hangers?(ハンガーにはどんな服があります
-We can see sweaters on the hangers.
11. What is your favourite store? Do you prefer big or small stores?(あなたの好きな店はな
-My favourite store is Daimaru. I prefer big stores.
12. What products are cheap to buy in Japan?(日本ではどんな製品が安いですか)
-I think electronic goods are cheap to buy in Japan.
13. Where did you buy the clothes you are wearing now?(あなたが今着てる服はどこで買い
-I bought these at Uniqlo.
14. How many times a week do people do grocery shopping in your country? Do you think
grocery shopping in America differs from Japan? How?(あなたの国では、日用品を週何
-People do grocery shopping 2 times a week in my country. It differs from shopping in
America because they buy a lot of things at once in America.
15. What is the most expensive thing you have ever bought?(今まで一番高価な買い物はな
-The most expensive thing I ever bought is my car.
16. What did you buy today?(今日何を買いましたか)
-I bought a pair of gloves today.
17. What do you dislike to shop for?(あなたが買い物で嫌いなものはなんですか)
-I dislike to shop for clothes.
18. Would you rather shop alone or with friends?(一人か友だちとの買い物どちらがいいで
-I would rather shop with friends.
19. What was the last present you received? When did you receive it? Who gave it to you?(あ
-The last present I received was a watch. I received it on my birthday. My parents gave it to
20. If you could go anywhere to shop in the world, where would you go?(もし世界のどこで
-If I could go anywhere to shop, I’d go to Paris for shopping.