社長メッセージ/ Message from the Management
社長メッセージ/ Message from the Management
Food We Produce Delivered with Assured Sincerity and Reliability to Share
“Love around the kitchen table”
代表取締役 社長
鈴木 豊
Representative Director, President
Yutaka Suzuki
する食品を、適正な価格で消費者に提供することです。2009 年はこの原点の再確認が必要な年であり、食を扱うものとしての強い覚悟
Heightening Corporate Value through Upgrading the Organizational Structure of the Company
that Based on Overall Safety and Reliability
Since the founding of Q.P., we have thoroughly and carefully selected ingredients for various products based on our philosophy of
“good products begin with good ingredients” in order to ensure the safety and security of food. We place safety and reliability at
the foundation of everything we do, as exemplified by our proprietary traceability system through which we construct a system for
managing the production history from ingredients to the final product. It is the “underlying principle” of a food manufacturer to provide
consumers with foods that are safe and reliable and enrich the dietary system, at fair and reasonable prices.
In 2009, the industr y must renew its commitment to this “underlying principle,” and the strong determination of food-related
companies will be an essential factor. On the other hand, Japan is undergoing a vast change in its food culture due to the declining
birthrate, aging of society, decreasing of the population, entry of women into the workforce and other developments.
Within such a backdrop, Q.P. is resolved to serve the various eating scenes ranging from home dining, ready-made foods and
restaurant dining, for consumers of all generations – as expressed in the corporate message of “Love around the kitchen table.” We
are committed to further enhancing a unique system to meet future changes in the dietary system of our customers and heighten our
08 年 11 月期の業績概要
08 年 11 月期における当社グループの売上高は、4,740 億円と前期比 59 億 45 百万円(1.3 %)の増収となりました。利益面では、原材料の
するには至りませんでした。営業利益は 140 億円と前期比 17 億 88 百万円の減益、経常利益は 142 億円と前期比 16 億 52 百万円の減益
となりました。尚、当期純利益は欧州での子会社株式売却益もあり、77 億円と前期比 3 億 93 百万円の増益となりました。
Review of this Fiscal Year
Net sales for the Q.P. Group in the fiscal year ended November 2008 increased year-on-year by 5,945 million yen (1.3%) to 474,000
社長メッセージ/ Message from the Management
corporate value.
million yen. As for profits, our efforts in such measures as the lump-sum purchase of raw materials by the Group and improvement in
production yields as well as reductions in sales promotion expenses could not absorb significant increases in costs centered on edible
oils. Consequently, operating income fell year-on-year by 1,788 million yen to 14,000 million yen and ordinary income decreased 1,652
million yen to 14,200 million yen. Meanwhile, net income was up 393 million yen to 7,700 million yen partly due to the gain on sales of
its European subsidiary stock.
Our Groups’ Capability in Responding to Changes
Presently, the financial crisis triggered by the subprime loan problems in the U.S. is causing downturns in the entire global economy,
and a competition for sur vival is expected to be invoked throughout the world. In order to sur vive and firmly keep a for wardlooking stance under such severe circumstances, the Q.P. Group places utmost importance in providing safety, building reliability
and offering products at fair prices at the foundation of everything we do. We also need to ensure “high quality product producing
capability” for excellent products that are well accepted by customers, “raw material procuring capability” that realizes safety,
reliability and stability, “technological capability” that creates added value, and “capability of marketing products” to enable optimal
cost performance.
安定した配当の継続を最優先、株主資本配当率(DOE)1.5 %以上を基準に利益還元をいたします
配当性向 25 %以上を配当の基準としており、
09 年 11 月期の配当につきましても、
Topmost Priority to Continued Disbursement of Stable Dividends at 1.5% or More for DOE
(Dividends on Equity)
Q.P. believes that the returning of profits to our shareholders is of utmost importance and we place the greatest importance on
continuation of the steady payment of dividends. We have set up our dividend standard on a consolidated base of a DOE of 1.5% or
more and a payout ratio of at least 25%, and will follow this dividend standard for the year ending November 2009.