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Acetic Acid Market Share, Size, Analysis, Growth, Trends and
Forecasts, 2015 to 2022 | Hexa Research
" Global acetic acid market is expected to witness
significant growth over the next six years owing to
increasing use in industrial and household
applications. "
According to a recent study conducted by Hexa Research, global Acetic Acid Market will be valued at more than
$13 billion in 2022. Growing demand for applications like Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) and Vinyl Acetate
Monomer (VAM) will contribute to this growth. PTA is increasingly being consumed for manufacturing
polyester, which is an important constituent of the textile and packaging industries. PTA is expected to witness
the fastest growth with a CAGR of more than 4.9% from 2015 to 2022. The total global acetic acid demand for
PTA was more than 2,450 kilo tons in 2014, which is likely to rise to more than 3,750 kilo tons in 2020.
VAM is utilized in the manufacture of chemicals like EVA and EVAC. There is growing consumption of these
chemicals in the solvents and adhesives industry, leading to rising demand for VAM. Demand for acetic acid in
VAM was more than 3,500 kilo tons in 2014. This application segment is expected to gro w at a CAGR of more
than 3.9% from 2015 to 2022. VAM will be increasingly demanded by developing economies like China, India
and Brazil, consequently leading to growth of acetic acid market in future.
Hexa Research observed that China led the global acetic acid market in 2012 with a share of more than 39% of
volumes. A strong manufacturing base and possible expansion of the same in future will contribute to China
retaining its market leadership. Asia Pacific followed China in terms of market share, with ke y demand
emerging from India and Japan. The acetic acid industry in Asia is likely to grow at a CAGR of more than 10%
from 2015 to 2022.
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Hexa Research identifies Celanese, BP, DuPont, Eastman Chemicals, BASF, Wacker Chemie and Jiangsu Sopo
(Group) Co., Ltd., among others, to be the key participants in the global acetic acid market. The industry
showcases a fragmented nature with several manufacturers operating at varied levels of capacities.
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Table of Content of Acetic Acid Market
Chapter 1 Executive Summary
1.1 Acetic Acid - Industry Summary & Critical Success Factors (CSFs)
Chapter 2 Acetic Acid Industry Outlook
2.1 Market Segmentation
2.2 Market Size and Growth Prospects
2.3 Market Dynamics
2.4 Value Chain Analysis
2.5 Raw Material Analysis
2.6 Key Opportunities Prioritized
2.7 Acetic Acid - Company Market Share Analysis
2.8 Acetic Acid - PESTEL Analysis
Chapter 3 Acetic Acid Application Outlook
3.1 VAM
3.2 PTA
3.3 Acetate Esters
3.4 Acetic Anhydride
3.5 Others
Chapter 4 Acetic Acid Regional Outlook
4.1 North America
4.2 Europe
4.3 China
4.4 Rest of Asia
4.5 RoW
Chapter 5 Acetic Acid Competitive landscape
5.1.1Company Overview
5.1.2 Financial Performance
5.1.3 Product Benchmarking
5.1.4 Strategic Initiatives
5.2 British Petroleum
5.2.1Company Overview
5.2.2 Financial Performance
5.2.3 Product Benchmarking
5.2.4 Strategic Initiatives
5.3 Jiangsu Sopo
5.3.1 Company Overview
5.3.2 Financial Performance
5.3.3 Product Benchmarking
5.3.4 Strategic Initiatives
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5.4 Eastman Chemical
5.4.1 Company Overview
5.4.2 Financial Performance
5.4.3 Product Benchmarking
5.4.4 Strategic Initiatives
5.5 Carl Zeiss
5.5.1 Company Overview
5.5.2 Financial Performance
5.5.3 Product Benchmarking
5.5.4 Strategic Initiatives
5.6 Yancon Cathay Chemical
5.6.1 Company Overview
5.6.2 Financial Performance
5.6.3 Product Benchmarking
5.6.4 Strategic Initiatives
5.7 LyondellBasell
5.7.1Company Overview
5.7.2 Financial Performance
5.7.3 Product Benchmarking
5.7.4 Strategic Initiatives
5.8.1Company Overview
5.8.2 Financial Performance
5.8.3 Product Benchmarking
5.8.4 Strategic Initiatives
5.9 Sinopec
5.9.1 Company Overview
5.9.2 Financial Performance
5.9.3 Product Benchmarking
5.9.4 Strategic Initiatives
5.10 BASF
5.10.1 Company Overview
5.10.2 Financial Performance
5.10.3 Product Benchmarking
5.10.4 Strategic Initiatives
5.11 DuPont
5.11.1 Company Overview
5.11.2 Financial Performance
5.11.3 Product Benchmarking
5.11.4 Strategic Initiatives
5.12 Sasol
5.12.1 Company Overview
5.12.2 Financial Performance
5.12.3 Product Benchmarking
5.12.4 Strategic Initiatives
5.13 PetroChina
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5.13.1 Company Overview
5.13.2 Financial Performance
5.13.3 Product Benchmarking
5.13.4 Strategic Initiatives
Chapter 6 Mehodology and Scope
6.1 Research Methodology
6.2 Research Scope & Assumption
6.3 List of Data Sources
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According to a recent study, global acetic acid market will be valued at more than $13 billion in 2022.