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Global Penoxsulam Market

Global Penoxsulam Market was worth USD 325.34 million in 2018 and estimated to be growing at a CAGR of 5.10%, to reach USD 417.21 million by 2023. Penoxsulam is a chemical compound having the chemical formula C16H14F5N5O5S with molecular mass of 483
Raising demand for rice put forth the need for Penoxsulam market
Global Penoxsulam Market was worth USD 325.34 million in 2018 and estimated to be growing at a
CAGR of 5.10%, to reach USD 417.21 million by 2023. Penoxsulam is a critical part of sulfonamide-based
herbicides. The global Penoxsulam market has taken up a huge position within the international
herbicide market in recent years due to its growing call for rice plantations.
Penoxsulam is a systemic pesticide and is noticeably powerful in opposition to diverse weeds, such as
grass weeds and broadleaf weeds. This makes Penoxsulam ideal for use in residential plantations as well
as commercial sports complexes and farms.
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Penoxsulam precise mechanism to kill pests and weed while not having an effect on human or animal
lives has been a major contributing element for its growing call. This trend coupled with favorable
environmental regulations is predicted to have a tremendous effect in the marketplace over the
following six years.
Increasing meals manufacturing due to developing populace has pushed the call for vegetation which
includes rice, wheat and maize that's similarly predicted to have an advantageous impact on
penoxsulam’s call for mainly in agriculture and herbicide industries. Moreover, its superior chemical
houses and overall performance over different traditional herbicides is predicted to undoubtedly affect
the marketplace. Availability of substitute merchandise and fluctuating expenses resulting from unstable
charges of key feedstock is expected to pose demanding situations to market members in phrases of
demand and profitability.
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The Asia Pacific occupies more than half of the global penoxsulam market. Rice is a staple diet
throughout many countries in the Asia Pacific together with China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia,
Australia and New Zealand. China and India are foremost rice producers in the place and account for
more than half of the regional Penoxsulam demand. Growing importance for high yield in rice cultivation
resulting from increasing demand for meals is anticipated to force Penoxsulam market within the
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This market is extremely disjointed with numerous big and developing players operating in the business.
The major companies dominating the global Penoxsulam market are Dow Chemical Co., Bayer
CropScience AG, Syngenta International AG, Chemtura Corp., Monsanto Co., Nufarm Ltd., Shijiazhuang
Xingbai Bioengineering Co. and BASF SE.
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