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High Speed Serial Switch Fabrics Market

High Speed Serial Switch Fabrics Market
High Speed Serial Switch Fabrics Market Feeding off Increased Defense Budgets of
Emerging Economies
High speed serial fabrics have been a boon for the industries such as defense and
aerospace that require embedded parallel processing architectures for diverse
applications including signal intelligence, radars, and electronic warfare. For
aerospace and defense industries, it is essential to transfer humongous amounts of
data in swiftest and quickest manner possible. As the defense budgets of several
emerging economies have been increment by the respective governments, and the
aerospace industry is touching new heights are a result of globalization, the market
for high speed special switch fabrics market is poised for potent profits.
According to a recent business intelligence study published by Transparency Market
Research (TMR), the demand in the global high speed serial switch fabrics market
will increment at a notable CAGR of 12.3% during the forecast period of 2017 to
2025. Revenue-wise, the market is estimated to attain a value of US$1,156.2 million
by the end of 2025.
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The analyst of the report has picked out Intel Corporation and Cisco Systems Inc. are
the two companies who are currently holding major shares in the global high speed
serial switch fabrics market. That being said, the competition pyramid also has
several small players who come up with niche technologies to make a mark in the
market. Major players generally indulge into merger and acquisition activities to
maintain their stronghold. One of the instance can be the merger of Broadcom
Corporation with Avago Technologies Ltd back in 2015. This helped Broadcom to
overcome debts as well as improve its overall business outlook.
Apart from that, product innovation is another key mode of gaining greater shares in
the high speed serial switch fabrics market. For instance, in January 2017, Xilinx
launched XMC modules based on Kintex Ultrascale Technology for radar phased array
Based on product type, the report segments the high speed serial switch fabrics
market into VLAN switching, network core switching, layer switching, and others.
Application-wise, the market has been bifurcated into audio and video transmissions,
security, data center consolidation, and others. Geographically, North America has
been identified as the region with maximum demand potential, which is a reflection
of the presence of several pioneering companies in the U.S. That being said,
emerging economies in Asia Pacific are primed to generate potent demand over the
course of the forecast period.
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Apart from increased defense budget and high adoption rate of new technologies in
the aerospace industry, the market for high speed serial switch fabrics is also gaining
from the prosperity of the semiconductor industry. With these fabrics, systems can be
integrated in simplicity with low installation costs and are easy to maintain in terms
of data transfer. The consistent improvements to the products and increasing demand
for Ethernet switches are some of the other factors augmenting the demand in this
On the other hand, obstacles pertaining to traffic management is challenging the
market from attaining greater profitability.
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