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Industrial Agitator Market

Industrial Agitator Market : Widespread Application across Various Industries Drives
EKATO GROUP, Sulzer Ltd., Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd., Chemineer Inc.,
Xylem, Inc., Tacmina Corporation, Mixel Agitators, Dynamix Agitators Inc., Silverson
Machines, Inc., and SPX Flow Inc. are to name a few prominent names operating in
the global industrial agitator market.
The global industrial agitator market, so far, has grown at a steady pace. In 2016,
the market was valued at US$2.245 bn. Rising at a steady 5.7% CAGR during the
period between 2017 and 2025, the market is slated to attain a value of US$3.647 bn
by 2025 from US$2.245 bn in 2016, finds a report by Transparency Market Research.
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Easy Access to Serviceable Parts Accorded by Top Entry Industrial Agitator Makes it
Key Segment
The different types of industrial agitators available in the market are side entry, top
entry, bottom entry, static, and portable. Of them, the top entry industrial agitator
grossed maximum revenue in 2016. The segment is expected to maintain its dominant
position in the near future too.
This is because the top entry industrial agitator caters to most of the requirements of
mixing and homogenization of customers and also have a long service life.
Apart from that, other unique perceived benefits of top entry agitators are that they
can be used on either open or close tanks. The shaft is vertical with one or more
impellers. Top entry agitators are mostly being installed from the top of the tank,
which enables easy access to serviceable parts. This in turn, helps to avoid direct
contact with effluent and sludge, which is an obvious safety and health benefit. In
addition, top entry industrial agitators find application in manufacturing and process
industries such as oil and petrochemical, chemical, and gas.
Geographically, the key segments of the global industrial agitators market are North
America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa. In
terms of growth rate, Asia Pacific will likely outshine all other regions because of the
high degree of pollution, acute water shortage, key regulatory change, and swift pace
of urbanization and industrialization. The region is predicted to clock a CAGR of
6.2% during the period between 2017 and 2025. China and India are main engines of
growth in the region.
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Rapid Industrialization and Urbanization in Developing Countries Drives Market
Industrial agitator are used in mixing two or more materials – often having different
viscosity – in different proportions to accomplish a desired level of uniformity in end
products. Industrial agitators are used in mixing applications in manufacturing
industries such as oil and petrochemical, chemical, gas, pharmaceutical, and food and
beverages. Industrial agitators also find application in water and wastewater treatment
industries as they help in removing pollutants such as sulfur in water.
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