E-SIM Card Market

E-SIM Card Market – Changing Network Providers In Real Time Over The Air
The global E-SIM card market is anticipated to see a rise in level of new players all across the
world. This will lead to a healthy competition among the major players. In order to expand, the
global players are going in a strategic partnership with the regional players. All players are
funding heavy on research and development in order to innovate or advance their products in
order to build the brand’s name and grow trust among the consumers. The market is expected
is anticipated to grow at an exponential rate, reports Transparency Market Research (TMR) in a
recent report. Some of the major companies leading in the global E-SIM card market are OTMorpho, Deutsche Telekom AG, Giesecke and Devrient GmbH, ST Microelectronics, Sierra
Wireless, NTT DOCOMO, Samsung, Apple Inc., Gemalto N.V., and Telefonica S.A.
The Global E-SIM market is expected to witness an impressive 13.5% of CAGR during the period
from 207 to 2025. During this time the market anticipated to be worth around US$14613.1 mn
by 2025 from US$4095.6 mn in 2016.
The E-SIM card finds application in machine to machine domain, which has accounted for the
highest share in terms of revenue amongst other. This segment is expected to retain its
dominance during the forecast period. The smartphone segment is predicted to be most
progressive segment by the year 2019. Rise in growth of smartphones is expected to expand
the global E-SIM card market at a CAGR of 26.3% during the assessed period. Geographically,
Europe is predicted to hold the leading position in terms of revenue contribution in the market.
Government policies in this region is favoring the growth of the market.
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Ability to Switch Between Network Providers Helps The Market To Grow
Numerous factors are contributing to the rise in demand for the global E-SIM card market.
Amongst these factors, the option of changing network providers in real time Over the Air, is
the key factor which is making users to pick this E-SIM card over the traditional one. This ability
helps to change the network providers to switch between network provides, thus preventing
them from suffering loss from international roaming charges. This facility turns out to be game
changer for people having smart meters and connected cars, as this helps reducing logistics and
operational costs. Other factors which drives the market growth is that the E-SIM card provides
better securities in comparison to conventional SIM Card thus attracting huge crowd who have
concern regarding securities. Design of E-SIM card favors the market growth, as the compact
design of it helps OEMs, thus making additional space for storage or increasing the size of the
battery in smartphones and tablets.