CT Scan Centre in Sanpada

CT Scan Centre in Sanpada, Mumbai
CT scans are incredibly vital in the diagnosis of numerous lifethreatening conditions faced by patients, today. They combine XRay images of the body, taken from different angles, create a 3D
image of the structures, such as the bones, blood vessels, and
tissues in the body. This allows for a more in-depth analysis, by
visualizing nearly every part of the body in order to diagnose
disorders or injuries that require medical intervention.
An accurate diagnosis in the Best CT and PET CT Scan Centre in
Mumbai can help you avail timely treatment for a positive
What are the uses of a CT scan?
CT scans have many uses for doctors, helping in:
Locating a tumor or clot in the body
Detecting muscle and bone conditions such as fractures
Diagnosing and monitoring disorders such as cancer, lung
diseases, heart ailments, etc.
Identify the presence of internal bleeding and injuries
Guiding with visualization, during procedures such as
radiation therapy or biopsy
Measuring the success of current treatment plans for
conditions such as cancer
How does CT scan work?
During the CT scan, you may be administered contrast material,
depending on the target area, to see the structures more clearly.
Then, you will be made to lie on a narrow table that slides into a
CT scanner, which looks like a large doughnut placed on its side.
As you are moved into the scanner, the X-ray and scanning
technology take numerous pictures of the target area, from
various angles. There is no downtime after the procedure, and
you can return home. However, if you were given any contrast
material, you may be asked to wait for a short while, to ensure
you feel well before leaving. The results can be collected within
24 hours.
What are the benefits of a CT scan?
There are numerous benefits of a CT scan in the best CT and
PET CT Scan Centre in Sanpada
Improves the diagnosis and treatment for cancer
Reduces the need for surgical procedures to diagnose
certain conditions
Allows for a 3-dimensional view of the structures in the
Delivers, clear, high-quality images
Non-invasive procedure
Improves the outcome of treatments
What is the cost of a CT scan?
The cost of a CT scan depends on various factors, ranging from
location, technology, and more. When choosing a CT scan centre,
it is essential to ask a few questions, ‘Which is the best CT and
PET CT scan centre near me?’, ‘what technology do they use?’, ‘do
they have experienced specialists? ‘how clean is the centre?’.
Based on these factors you can choose the best CT scan center
that fits your budget. Get in touch with our team for an estimated
CT and PET CT scan cost in Sanpada.
PET CT Scan Mumbai is among the best CT and PET Scan Centres
in India, owing to the precise and accurate scanning technology
available in our state-of-the-art clinic. Aiding in a timely diagnosis
of cancer and other ailments since its establishment, we use
cutting-edge technology that produces high-quality scans in a
quick time, with maximum patient comfort. With highly-skilled
technicians and radiologists, we ensure an accurate diagnosis of
the highest standard of excellence, which has helped numerous
patients overcome their condition with ease. Get an estimate,

PET CT Scan Sanapda is among the best CT and PET Scan Centres in Mumbai, owing to the precise and accurate scanning technology available in our state-of-the-art clinic.