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When celebrities embody
They have all marked their generations, they all have
an iconic object that we naturally associate with their
names and that we adore adopting. Audrey Hepburn’s
little black dress, Bridget Bardot’s Vichy gingham skirt,
the striped sailor shirt worn by Picasso. The ageless
watches that Don Draper changed with each season of
Mad Men, the satin dresses made sublime by Grace
Kelly, the hat created by Vivienne Westwood and worn
at the Grammy’s by Pharell Williams.
Iconic offers an history of objects rooted in our collective memory through portraits of iconic characters who
did so much to magnify them.
• Two authors that are journalists for Grazia and Elle
ource of inspiration for fashion enthusiasts
ubject in spirit of the times, celebrities of the
moment who make fashion trends
Format 230 x 300 or 200 x 260 mm
Number of pages 192 pp
Approx. 32,000 words
Price 25/30 €
Release fall 2015
All rights available except for France
Sandrine Lajus
Sandrine Lajus worked as associate editor-in-chief
for the famous Reuters agency, she was responsible
for societal and political segments for TF1, France 2,
France 3 with Paul Amar, Marc Olivier Fogiel and
Valérie Bénaïm. Today, she works for the magazine
Elle and teaches writing at EFAP.
Raphaëlle Orsini
A graduate in journalism, for three years Raphaëlle Orsini
held the position of head of the fashion section for the
internet site of the women’s magazine Grazia. Specialist
of contemporary fashion and its influence on current
trends, she is now a fashion writer for Galeries
Lafayette’s online magazine.
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• Marilyn Monroe, the
“subway dress”
• Ladies’ lingerie,
ambassador of charm
• Rita Hayworth,
the black gloves
• Feminine shoes,
perched high
• Cary Grant,
the three-piece suit
• Twiggy, the miniskirt
• Ursula Andress,
the white bikini
• Thigh-high boots,
between chic and daring
• Brigitte Bardot, the
Repetto ballerinas
• Mad Men style, all fans
of the sixties
• Ryan Gosling, retro-chic
Cool attitude
• Timeless Levi’s jeans,
an American story
• Serge Gainsbourg,
Repetto Zizi shoes
• Sunglasses, personal
• James Dean,
nobody is perfecto!
• The striped sailor shirt,
an eternel classic
• The Beatles,
the no-collar label
• Beards and mustaches,
a hairy issue!
• Pharrell Williams,
Mountain hat
by Vivienne Westwood
• Tattoos, a lasting label
• Chloë Sevigny, edgy style
• Kate Moss,
the Burberry trench coat
• Sneakers, all stars!
• Woody Allen,
the bespectacled man
• Audrey Hepburn, the little
black Givenchy dress
• Steve McQueen, chinos
• Lauren Bacall,
the houndstooth suit
• Humphrey Bogart,
the Borsalino
• Gabrielle Chanel,
the tweed suit
• The handbag, sovereign
• Robert Redford,
the elegance of white
• A masculine feminine,
the androgynous look
• Marlene Dietrich,
the man’s suit
• Catherine Deneuve,
the little Yves Saint
Laurent dress
• Grace Kelly, her wedding
• Matched sets, a timeless
• Jackie Kennedy,
the pink suit
• Michael Jackson,
the suit
• Elvis Presley,
his jumpsuit
• Lady Di, the Lady Dior
• Madonna,
the conical corset
• Cher, bell-bottom pants
• Lady Gaga,
the meat dress
• Dita Von Teese,
vintage lingerie
• Frida Kahlo,
the flowers of evil
• Hairstyles, essential
• David Bowie,
the avant-garde suit
• Stromae, the maestro
in a bow tie
104 boulevard arago | 75014 paris | france | contact nicolas marçais | +33 1 44 16 92 03 | [email protected] | copyrighteditions.com