USA $8.99 “Brilliant...the strips are hilarious.”

“Brilliant...the strips are hilarious.” - Brent Frankenhoff, Comics Buyers’ Guide
“I’m surprised more by Queen Vic’s wit in a week than I am by a year’s worth of
Garfield.” - Michael Cavna,The Washington Post.
A magic lamp! The Tinsel Cannon! “Fumetto dell’Arte!” “MaddowQuest!” It’s all in
this fourth collection of The New Adventures of Queen Victoria!
Grandpa’s pregnancy, Tesla’s sandwich, and J.J. Abrams’...whatever it was. These
stories and so much more, including an introduction by TOBY, Robot Satan (as
interpreted by Corey Pandolph), all within the pages of this volume. Plus extra
exclamation points!!
The New Adventures of Queen Victoria...never amused, always amusing!
ISBN 978-0-9842157-3-7
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USA $8.99