Lynda Milligan

Height: Birthdate: Eye Colour: Hair Colour:
161cm/5ft 3 in
Actor, Singer, Voiceover
ACCENT: New Zealand, can do a variety of other accents including: Standard US, Sthn US/ New York;
Scottish; Irish; RP; Australian
VOCAL RANGE: Soprano – Low G – Top C, also has a very strong ‘Belt’
“A Land Called Happy” – Children’s Programme – Puppeteer and voices for four hand puppets – 2 male, 2 female requiring four completely different voices. Two 13 episode series – Producer Kim Gabara.
“Jigsaw” – Children’s Programme – Boing Boing the Kangaroo, a puppet character. Several series. Producer Keith
“Close to Home” – Raeleen Robinson barmaid. Worked for 6 months on this programme.
“It is I, Count Homogenised” – 13 episode Children’s Programme. Character of Rhonda Dearsley, crazy, over-the-top
comedy. Producer Kim Gabara.
“Country Kiwi & the Cool City Cat” – Children’s Programme. Puppeteer & voices for 2 puppets, Joyce Prout the
woodpidgeon and Weta.
“What Now?” – Various characters & roles
“Posy Narkers” – Children’s Programme – Character of “Posy” a creature from outer space, in a huge blue costume.
40 episodes (one per day).
“Son of a Gunn” – A regular weekly spot playing “Nursie”, a character imparting general health & fitness information.
Also recorded weekly “Double Takes”, sketches with a difference, with viewers writing in with the answers.
“Bumble” – Children’s Programme. Puppeteer & voice for Boo, a mouse character.
Involvement in many other TVP’s in medium to small “one-off” roles, including “A-Haunting We Will Go”, “A Week
of It”, “McPhail & Gadsby”, “Stars on Sunday” and Telethons.
PO Box 30023 St Martins Christchurch New Zealand
Phone/Fax: +64 3 332 1310
[email protected]
FF – Wait Up Harriet – “Marty”. 2006 Directed by Angus Benfield/ Hanna Eichler.
Limelight Motion Picture Company
FF - Hang On A Minute Mate
SHORT - Catcam
THEATRE – Various productions with the Court Theatre Christchurch including a large number of musicals:
Arsenic and old Lace – Lead - The Court Theatre
The Producers –Co-lead - The Court Theatre
Guys and Dolls – Matilda Cartwright, Dir. Sandra Rusmussen, Court Theatre
Oliver – Mrs Bedwin/ Mrs Sowerberry / Old Sally, Dir. Cathy Downes, Court Theatre
The Rocky Horror Show – Company, Dir. Cathy Downes, Court Theatre
Jerry’s Girls – Cast of 3, Dir. Sandra Rasmussen, Court Theatre
Taking Off – Frankie, Sth Island Tour and Court Theatre
Mum’s Choir – Cathy, Dir. Ross Gumbly, Court Theatre
And professional engagements with the following musical societies in including:
Les Miserables – Madame Tenadier, Showbiz
The Pyjama Game – Abe Williams, Showbiz
The Sound of Music – Maria, Showbiz Canterbury
Oliver – Nancy, Showbiz Canterbury
Mac and Mabel – Mabel, Showbiz Canterbury
42nd Street – Maggie Jones, Showbiz Canterbury
42nd Street – Maggie, Wellington Music Theatre
Annie – Miss Hannigan, Wellington Music Theatre
A Little Night Music - Desiree Armselvt, Christchurch Repertory
Other theatre includes:
“Canterbury Tales” – Alison, Molly, May and the Convent Girl
“A Game of Love & Chance” – Lisette the Maid – Comedy Role
“Songs of Coward” – Lunchtime Theatre
“Hay Fever” – Jackie – Comedy Role
“The Boys from Syracuse”
“Much Ado About Nothing” – Margaret
“Waiting for Heathcliff” by Sue McCauley – Zee – Female Lead
“After the Crash” – by Roger Hall – Zena
“Lettice & Lovage” – Miss Framer & Tourists
“Bright Birds” – Katherine Mansfield – 7 different main roles
“The Three Musketeers” – Christmas Production – Queen & Kitty
“Steel Magnolias” – Truvy
“A Streetcar Named Desire” – Eunice Hubbel
“Three Men on a Horse” – Mabel
“Once Upon a Mattress” Christmas Production – Queen Aggravain
“The Philadelphia Story” – Elizabeth Imbrie
“Blood Brothers” – Mrs Lyons
“The Sex Fiend” – Desiree O’Hara, the call girl
“Rumours” – Clare Ganz
“On the Razzle” – Christmas Production – Madam Knorr
“By Degrees” by Roger Hall – Shirley – 2 five week sell-out seasons
“Raging On-Ladies Night 2” – Undercover cop-Call girl-follow spot
“Big River” – Christmas Production – Miss Watson, Tart, Joanna Wilkes, Slave
“Legless” – Gaylene Harvey – Lead
PO Box 30023 St Martins Christchurch New Zealand
Phone/Fax: +64 3 332 1310
[email protected]
“Jerry’s Girls” – Musical Review of Jerry Herman’s music, with Vicki Haughton, Yvonne Martin. A sell-out season
with rave reviews – extended for 3 weeks
“Money & Friends” – Penny
“The Learners Stand” – Eunice the Sheep, & Liz the Lizard Lynch a shearer
“The Wind in the Willows” – Christmas Production – Washerwoman, Rabbit, Weasel
“Social Climbers” by Roger Hall – Maxine – Sell-out season at the Court. Transferred to Theatre Royal for extra week
“Dirty Weekends” by Roger Hall – Iris – Lead – Sell-out 9 week season
“The Way of the World” – Mincing, Maid
“The Farm” – Maddie Green
“The Jungle Book” – Mowgli’s wolf mother and human mother, monkey
“The Killing of Sister George” – The lead
“Hay Fever” – Judith Bliss – The Lead
“The Diary of Anne Frank” – Mrs van Daan
“Take a Chance on Me” by Roger Hall – Eleanor – Sell-out 9 week season
“The Big OE” – Jean – named Best Professional Actor of the Year by the “Christchurch Star”
“Noises Off” – Dotty Otley
“Netballers” – Trish
“Sound of Music” – Frau Schreider
“Ladies Night” – Bernie
Many voice-overs for radio commercials and performed in or provided voice-overs for several TV commercials.
PO Box 30023 St Martins Christchurch New Zealand
Phone/Fax: +64 3 332 1310
[email protected]