News Letter - Lamesa De Dios

La M esa De Di o s Em m au s Co m m u n i t y
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MW # 69 Pil grims
Garry Mil l er
Lay Direct or
St eve Pawl ik
David Kl assen
Greg Ol iver
Pet e Friesen
Jerad Zachary
Timot hy Drew
Lance Sl ough
David Bachman
Ben Carreon
Andrew Breaux
Donal d Breaux
Rick Val dez, Jr.
St even Respondek
Robert Garcia
Timot hy Edwards
Chris Hanie
Fransisco Sil va
Fabian Madrid
James Vick
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Pet er Wiebe
Chance Bost ick
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Joe Vasquez
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Richard Duran
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Corey Ant wine
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Johnat han McMurt ray
Lanny Hughes
Herb At zbach
Cecil's Letter to the Community
Greetings to the community.
I hope that everyone?s summer break is off to a great start.
Community will be at First Baptist Church in Denver City on June
20, 2017 at 7:00 pm. Board meeting will start at 6:30, Babe Chick
meeting at 6:30.
Please be in prayer for Garry Miller?s and Kayla Churchwell?s
upcoming Walks. Don?t forget Father?s Day. Hope to see everyone
in Denver City!
In Christ,
Cecil Robles
Community Lay Director
M W #69 - Garry M iller
September 7-10, 2017
WW #70 - Kayla Churchw ell
November 9-12, 2017
M W #71 - Terry Crutcher
January 2018
WW #72 - M elissa Roper
M ay 2018
M W #73 - Blane Churchw ell
September 2018
WW #74 - Debra Crutcher
November 2018
Heinry Friessen
La Mesa De Dios
Board of Direct ors
Cecil Robles - Community
Lay Director
Kalith Brown - Community
Spiritual Director
Kyle Putman - 2017
[email protected]
Em m au s
Com m u n it y Gat h er in g
First Baptist Church, Denver City, Texas
June 20, 2017
Board Meeting - 6:30 pm
Babe Chick Meeting - 6:30 pm
Community - 7:00 pm
Childcare Provided
Bring your favorite covered dish!
Cecil Robles - 2017
[email protected]
Annie Wiebe - 2017
[email protected]
Wyatt Birkner - 2018
[email protected]
Patrick Cumbie - 2018
[email protected]
Jan Henning - 2018
[email protected]
Heidi Spruill - 2018
[email protected]
Melanie Burris - 2019
[email protected]
Risa Coleman - 2019
[email protected]
Terry Duncan - 2019
[email protected]
Marci Reed - 2019
[email protected]
I t's not to l ate to si gn up Pi l gri ms f or
M en's Wal k #71!
Pi l g r i m A p p l i cat i o n s an d Sp o n so r
Fo r m s can b e f o u n d o n o u r
w eb si t e at
w w w .l am esad ed i o s.o r g / f o r m s