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Penelope is the daughter of Icarius and the wife of Odysseus,
the king of Ithaca.
Icarius was a Spartan king and a champion runner.
To avoid problems among Greek princes, he would not allow anyone to
marry his daughter unless he beats him in a race.
Odysseus succeeded and married Penelope. After they got married, Icarius
tried to persuade Odysseus to remain in Sparta. He did leave with
Penelope, but Icarius followed them, imploring his daughter to stay.
Odysseus told her she must choose whether to be with her father or with
her husband. Penelope did not answer, but modestly covered her face with
a veil. Icarius correctly understood that this was a sign of her will to leave
with Odysseus, let them go and erected a statue
of Aidos (Modesty) on the spot.
She only has one son by Odysseus, Telemachus, who was born just before
Odysseus was called to fight in the Trojan War. She waits twenty years for
the final return of her husband, during which she has a hard time snubbing
marriage proposals from 108 odious suitors.
On Odysseus's return, disguised as an old beggar, he finds that Penelope
has remained faithful. She has devised tricks to delay her suitors, one of
which is to pretend to be weaving a burial shroud for Odysseus's elderly
father Laertes and claiming that she will choose a suitor when she has
finished. Every night for three years, she undoes part of the shroud, until
Melantho, one of twelve unfaithful serving women, discovers her
chicanery and reveals it to the suitors.
When the disguised Odysseus returns, she announces in her long
interview with the disguised hero that whoever can string Odysseus's rigid
bow and shoot an arrow through twelve axe heads may have her hand.
When the contest of the bow begins, none of the suitors is able to string the
bow, but Odysseus does, and wins the contest. Odysseus has now revealed
himself in all his glory, yet Penelope cannot believe that her husband has
really returned, she fears that it is perhaps some god in disguise and tests
him by ordering her servant Euryclea to move the bed in their
bridal-chamber. Odysseus protests that this cannot be done since he made
the bed himself and knows that one of its legs is a living olive tree. Penelope
finally accepts that he truly is her husband, Homer implies, that from then
on, Odysseus would live a long and happy life together with Penelope and
Telemachus, wisely ruling his kingdom and enjoying wide respect and
much success.
Les Hors-d’œuvre
24 000
Broccoli, cherry tomato, carrot, cucumber & endive
Les Trempettes:
Edamame Sel ou Chili-Sel (10 minutes)
Servies avec Tranches de Baguette Dorées
Chankleech de Chèvre
9 000
Avocado, tomato, corriander, onion & lemon juice
9 000
Beetroot, tahini, garlic, almond, cumin, mint, lemon juice & olive oil
9 000
Tomato, jalapeño, chili, onions, corriander & lemon juice
6 000
Olive, vegetables, caper & olive oil
9 000
Tapenade Végétarienne
Spicy Labneh
Cow’s milk yogurt cheese, tomato, jalapeño, chili, onions, corriander & lemon juice 9 000
BaBa Ganoush
Eggplant, tahini, garlic, almond, cumin, mint, lemon juice & olive oil
9 000
Les Salades
Salad ½ Salad
Asparagus, zucchini, endive, lettuce, baby corn, cherry tomato, mushroom & linseeds 19 000
Pomme de Terre
Potato, mesclun, cherry tomato, coriander, blueberries, garlic, walnut & pumpkin seeds 15 000
Quinoa aux Legumes
Quinoa, seasonal vegetables, sundried tomato, dates, herbs & spices
Edamame: Choice of Salt or Chili-Salt
12 000
Baked vegetables spring rolls
17 000
Fruits platter: mango, pineapple, berries, kiwi, grape & red apple
24 000
Melon & Parma ham
17 000
Choice of Roquefort or Chorizo - filled dates
17 000
Garlic, mozzarella, cheddar, parmigiano, chive, parsley & olive oil
17 000
Rouleaux de Printemps au Four (6 pièces - 15 minutes)
Dried goat’s cheese, tomato, jalapeño, chili, onions, corriander & lemon juice
11 000
9 000
Assiette de Fruits
Jambon de Parme et Melon
Dattes Farcies au Roquefort ou au Chorizo (6 pièces)
Pain à l’Ail et aux Trois Fromages (5 pièces)
Cales de Pomme de Terre Cuites au Poivre Noir
Baked Potato wedges, black pepper, rosemary, cherry tomato, cucumber & olives 10 000
Mini Tortilla: Pizza ou Quesadillas
Mozzarella - Cheddar
Corn Tortilla, Mozzarella, Cheddar, mushroom & salsa
14 500
Corn Tortilla, goat’s cheese, mushroom, tomato & pesto sauce
17 000
Corn Tortilla, Halloumi, Mozzarella, tomato & pesto sauce
14 500
Corn Tortilla, Parmigiano, Roquefort, Emmental, Mozzarella & mushrooms
17 000
Corn Tortilla, Chorizo, Mozzarella, basil & salsa
17 000
Chevre - Pistou
Halloumi - Mozzarella
Quatre Fromages
Chorizo - Mozzarella
19 000
11 000
Avoccado, corriander, chives, tomato, oregano, walnut & pumpkin seeds 19 000
11 000
Les Fromages et Les Charcuteries
Asparagus, rocket, thyme, lettuce, cherry tomato & sunflower seeds
13 000
Assiette de Labneh
Roquette et Parmesan
22 000
Cow’s milk yogurt cheese, toasted bread & vegetable platter
15 000
Goat’s milk yogurt cheese, toasted bread & vegetable platter
19 000
Cow’s milk yogurt cheese, white truffle oil, toasted bread & vegetable platter
22 000
Halloumi, toasted bread, cherry tomato, cucumber & olives
16 000
Cheese platter: Brie - Roquefort - goat’s cheese & dried goat’s cheese
29 000
Fine cheese platter: truffled Brie - Manchego 12 months - Gorgonzola & pickles
48 000
Assiette de Labneh de Chèvre
19 000
11 000
Goat’s cheese, mesclun, sundried tomato, cherry tomato, fig, walnut & pumpkin seeds 19 000
11 000
Assiette de Halloumi
13 000
Assiette de Fromages
Rocket, mushroom, Parmigiano
(Maple Mustard)
Caprese “ Mozzarella di Bufala ”
Buffalo Mozzarella, basil, lettuce & cherry tomato
Saumon Fumé
22 000
25 000
14 500
Choice of Crab, mango, mesclun, heart of palm & black sesame seeds Sticks 19 000 Meat 30 000
Thon Fumé
Assiette de Labneh à L’ Huile de Truffe Blanc
Assiette de Fromages Fins
Smoked salmon, mesclun, avocado, kiwi, capers & black sesame seeds
Assiette de Charcuteries
Cold cuts platter: smoked Turkey - Parma - Chorizo - Bresaola, pickles & butter 29 000
Assiette de Jambon de Patte Noire
Pata negra served with pickles & butter
48 000
Smoked salmon platter served with lemon half, pickles & butter
48 000
Cheese & cold cuts platter served with jam, dried fruits, pickles & butter
48 000
Smoked Tuna, potato, mesclun, caper, green pepper, olives & sunflower seeds
25 000
14 500
Assiette de Saumon Fumé
Roast beef carpaccio, mesclun, Parmigiano, oregano & fennel seeds
25 000
14 500
Assiette de Fromages et de Charcuteries
25 000
14 500
Carpaccio Rôti de Boeuf
Bresaola, rocket, Parmigiano & black sesame seeds
Lemon-Oil / Lemon-Mustard / Balsamic-Mustard / Maple-Mustard / Pesto
Les Plats Chauds
Sans Gluten Penne Arrabbiata
Les Sandwich et Les Amuse-Bouches
Fromage Végétalien
9 500
Gluten free Penne, Parmigiano, black olive, tomato sauce, olive oil, basil, chili & garlic 20 000
Sandwich Bite
Vegan cheese, olive, cherry tomato, thyme, rocket, balsamic & olive oil
13 000
3 000
Guacamole, tapenade, thyme, rocket, chives, cherry tomato, pine kernels & blueberries 13 000
3 000
Mozzarella di Bufala ” et Pistou
16 000
3 500
Brie, basil & kumquat jam
16 000
3 500
Quatre Fromages et Champignons
Mozzarella, goat’s cheese, Cheddar, Emmental, mushrooms, mesclun, cherry tomato & pickles 16 000
Halloumi et Tomates Séchées
Halloumi, mesclun, basil & sundried tomato
Aubergines et Mozzarella di Bufala
13 000
Eggplant, cherry tomato, Mozzarella, zucchini, tomato, tapenade & thyme 16 000
Fromage de Chèvre et Tapenade
Gluten free Penne, cream, Roquefort, rocket, basil & mushroom
22 000
Tortellini cheese, mushroom, zucchini, asparagus, cherry tomato
Parmigiano, garlic & tomato sauce
22 000
Arborio rice, cream, cocoa powder, Parmigiano, mushroom, endive, chive & white wine
22 000
Arborio rice, cream, Parmigiano, mushroom, endive, chive, red wine & mild Chorizo
26 000
Arborio or Wild rice, onion, carrot, baby corn, coriander, bell pepper, cherry tomato, chili powder & cumin
20 000
Tortellini Fromage aux Legumes
Risotto au Cacao et aux Champignons
Risotto au Vin Rouge et au Chorizo Doux
Buffalo Mozzarella, basil, cherry tomato, pesto sauce & olive oil
Brie et Confiture de Kumquat
Sans Gluten Penne aux Champignons et au Roquefort
-3 000
Riz Mexicain ou Riz Sauvage Mexicain
Riz Sauvage Truite, Thon ou Saumon Fumé
Choice of smoked: trout / salmon / tuna, wild rice, Parmigiano, endive, chive & white wine 26 000
Quinoa au Saumon Fumé
Quinoa, smoked salmon, Parmigiano, mushroom, endive, chive & white wine
26 000
Goat’s cheese, tapenade, cherry tomato, rocket & olive oil
16 000
3 500
Choose your 6 dips
40 000
Manchego 6 months, rocket, tomato, butter, dried berries & pickles
16 000
3 500
Choose your 6 bites
22 500
Truffled Brie, basil, cucumber, butter & pine kernels
20 000
4 500
Manchego 6 Mois d’âge
Brie Truffé
Amuse-Bouches (15 minutes)
Pain au Caramel - “ Pain Perdu ” (15 minutes)
Truite Fumée et Fromage Crêmeux
Multi-cereal baguette served with one scoop of vanilla ice cream
Smoked trout, cream cheese, endive, caper, dill, balsamic & olive oil
20 000
4 500
Crème Brûlée
Smoked Tuna, pear, mesclun, caper & lemon-mustard sauce
20 000
4 500
Gâteau aux trois Chocolats
Smoked salmon, cream cheese, endive, caper, dill, balsamic & olive oil
20 000
4 500
Chantilly et Mangue
Turkey, Emmental, mesclun, cherry tomato & pickles
20 000
4 500
Parma ham, goat’s cheese, rocket, cherry tomato, balsamic & olive oil
20 000
4 500
Bresaola, cherry tomato, rocket, Parmigiano, balsamic & olive oil
20 000
4 500
Mild Chorizo, Manchego 6 months, mesclun, tapenade & pickles
20 000
4 500
Australian beef tenderloin, mesclun, Parmigiano & lemon-mustard sauce 20 000
4 500
Pata negra, Manchego 6 months, aoili sauce, mesclun, butter & pickles 24 000
5 500
Thon Fumé
Saumon Fumé et Fromage Crêmeux
Dinde Fumée et Emmental
Jambon de Parme et Fromage de Chèvre
Bresaola et Parmesan
Chorizo Doux et Manchego 6 Mois d’âge
Rôti de Boeuf Tenderloin
Jambon Patte Noire et Manchego 6 Mois d’âge
Caramelized creamy custard with notes of citrus & cinnamon
Chocolate Cake served with one scoop of vanilla ice cream
Chantilly cream, fresh mango & maple sauce
Mousse au Chocolat et aux Fruits Rouges
Chocolate mousse topped with berries
Salade de Fruits
Fruit salad: mango, pineapple, kiwi, apple, grape & berries
Boule de Glace
Ice cream scoop: Vanilla - Chocolate
Boule de Sorbet
Sorbet scoop: Lemon - Strawberry
14 750
14 750
14 750
14 750
14 750
14 750
4 750
4 750
Les prix sont indiqués en livres libanaises toutes taxes comprises
Veuillez aviser votre serveur à propos de vos possibles allergies alimentaires ou vos restrictions diététiques, avant de commander.
Saumon Fumé / Pata negra / Bresaola / Thon Fumé 3 000
Sandwich or Hot Dish + 1/2 Salad + Mini Fruit Salad + Soft Drink
Huile à la Truffe 2 000
La Formule Midi - 3pm
Nous utilisons uniquement des pains aux grains complets.
Café de Pénélope vous propose au quotidien un menu de plats et boissons internationaux confectionnés à partir de meilleurs ingrédients
disponibles sur le marché tout en maintenant des prix abordables, sous la direction de la société “ Café de Pénélope S.A.L. ”