CSM Anatomy Female Reproductive System Review Female

 CSM Anatomy Female Reproductive System Review Female Reproductive System 1. Identify the parts of the female reproductive system on a picture. Describe the actions of each part. Identify primary and secondary structures. Define menarche and menopause, menstruation and menses. 2. Describe the location and anatomy of the ovaries. Describe and draw the process of oogenesis within the menstrual/ ovarian cycle. Use proper terms for egg cells and follicles. 3. Describe the ebb and flow of hormones that control the menstrual cycle from the pituitary. What stimulates ovulation? What hormone does the follicle create? The corpus luteum? Detail the timing of events in the menstrual/ovarian cycle. 4. Tie in the events and hormones of the ovaries to the changes that occur in the endometrium of the uterus. 5. Describe the oviducts/Fallopian tubes anatomically and functionally. What is an ectopic pregnancy? 6. Label the parts of the uterus. What is the function? What layer of the endometrium grows and is shed each month, which layer is stable? 7. Label the parts of the external genitalia/ vulva and describe the functions of each one. What are the homologous structures between male and female? 8. Label the parts of the mammary glands and breasts. Describe the functions of each part. What hormones control lactation, and how do they work? Martin Spring 2010