wacky summer daily desriptions aug 2015

Mon. August 3
Fear Factor
“Fear is not a factor for you!” Come checkout what’s on the menu and have a blast.
Cost: $30.00 1st child $27.00 2nd child
Tues. August 4
Adventure Golf
Do you like miniature golf? If you do, Adventure Golf is for you. Bring Lunch, snacks, water,
sunscreen and a hat. Bus leaves @9:00 am
Cost: $40.00 1st child
$ 37.00 2nd child
Wed. August 5
Denver Zoo
Join us for a mini safari at the Denver Zoo! Can you guess Mrs. Schulze’s favorite animal?
Bus leaves @ 8:15 am Bring Lunch, snacks, and water. Cost: $40.00 1st child $37.00 2nd child
Thur. August 6
Casa Bonita
Grab your sand toys kids, we are off to the Island! Lunch will be provided. Please send snacks.
Bus leaves @ 9:30 am
Cost: $40.00 1st child $37.00 2nd child
Fri. August 7
Camp Day
Wake up and enjoy a pancake breakfast in your favorite pj’s. Breakfast will be served at 8:30 am.
The kids may bring a tent, pillow and flashlight. Bring Lunch & snacks.
Cost: $ 30.00 1st shild $27.00 2nd child
Mon. August 10
The Island
Everyone can use another “ Island Get Away,” which includes sandcastle competitions, table
tennis, volley ball and lots of friend time.
Cost: $40.00 1st child $37.00 2nd child
Tues. August 11
Nickel –A-Play
Grab your nickels, kids! Nickel-A-Play has many arcade games to choose from and free games
after the kids spend their 100 nickels. Bring Lunch & snacks. Bus leaves @ 12:30 pm
Cost: $40.00 1st child $37.00 2nd child
Wed. August 12
Magic Rob
Last day of summer camp! We will end with another fantastic magic show by Magic Rob &
Chik –fil-A for Lunch.