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A Stranger in Our Midst Mission Gate Celebrates 25 Years on

“All that is
necessary for
evil to triumph is
for good men to
do nothing.”
– Edmund Burke
January 9, 1795
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Jesus is America’s, the World’s, and Our Only Hope
By Jim Day
A Stranger
in Our Midst
By Robert Weissberg
“evil.” Babies are killed in
their mother’s womb out of
convenience. Homosexuality is
now celebrated while traditional
marriage between a man and a
woman is being destroyed.
The Christian work ethic
and desire for individual
independence through our own
labors has been replaced by
a mindset of entitlement and
dependence upon government.
False doctrines, false
prophets, and false teachers fill
our churches while cults and
false religions flourish.
Jesus is constantly mocked,
scorned and ridiculed while our
government kicks God out of
our schools, court houses and
public squares.
Persecution of Christians
world-wide is increasing at an
alarming rate including within
the United States. Some in our
own government believe being
a Christian is akin to being a
All of this doom and gloom
barely scratches the surface
of what we are faced with and
experiencing in today’s world.
Are we witnessing the
judgment of God on our nation?
On our world? Can we turn
things around by electing new
leaders? Can we undo decades
of corruption within our society
by passing new laws? Can
we save America from selfdestruction? Is there any hope?
The only hope that any man
has anywhere in the world is
faith in Jesus Christ. In light
of what’s happening around
us today, the truth of that
statement is more painfully
obvious than ever before.
Christ is the ONLY hope for
our world because only He can
deal with every thing that is
destroying it. And all of it can
be summed up in one word.
That word is “sin.” Jesus died
on Calvary to erase sin, but we
must accept Him, take Him into
our very being, follow Him and
trust in Him, �…because He
who is in you is greater than he
who is in the world’ (1 John 4:4).
Those without Jesus have no
hope at all.
We can, God willing, reverse
the aforementioned trends. But
first, you must accept Jesus’
sacrifice and receive redemption
if you haven’t already done so.
Always remember that God is in
control regardless of what ever
happens. Also remember that
we have been commanded to
spread the Gospel, stay in God’s
Word and continually pray. We
have also been commanded to
stand for righteousness, resist
evil, pray for our enemies,
guard our tongues from all
unrighteousness, do everything
in love, and emulated Christ in
all that we do. Never ever forget
See Our Only Hope page 2
Mission Gate Celebrates
25 Years on September 24th
By Robert Arb
that the Obama administration
and its congressional collaborators almost resemble a foreign
occupying force, a coterie of
See Stranger in Our Midst page 3
St. Louis MetroVoice
P.O. Box 1533
St. Peters, Missouri 63376
As the Obama administration
enters its second year, I -- and
undoubtedly millions of others
-- have struggled to develop a
shorthand term that captures
our emotional unease. Defining
this discomfort is tricky. I reject
nearly the entire Obama agenda,
but the term “being opposed”
lacks an emotional punch.
Nor do terms like “worried”
or “anxious” apply. I was
more worried about America’s
future during the Johnson or
Carter years, so it’s not that
terminology, either. Nor, for that
matter, is this about backroom
odious deal-making and pork,
which are endemic in American
After auditioning countless
political terms, I finally realized
Gloom, doom and despair
fill the air. Massive floods,
earthquakes and other major
catastrophes seem to be
everyday occurrences.
The outbreak of a war in the
Middle-East or in Asia could
happen at any moment.
We are told that a terrorist
attack on U.S. soil more
devastating than 911 will
happen and that it’s just a matter
of time.
Most of the world’s nations,
including the U.S., are on the
verge of economic collapse.
The U.S. is being invaded
by tens of thousands of illegal
aliens and suspected terrorists
and our government refuses to
stop the invasion.
The nation which our
Founding Fathers established
no longer exists. Our
Constitution means nothing
to our government leaders and
courts, and at every turn they
are destroying what freedoms
we have left.
Hollywood and television
now depict and glorify every
conceivable evil known to man
while mocking traditional
Judeo-Christian values.
Mainstream media, once the
guardians of freedom, are
now tools of deception and
propaganda for everything but
the truth.
Evil is now called “good”
and “good” is now called
How would you like to help
Mission Gate Prison Ministry
celebrate 25 years of leading
prisoners from crime to Christ?
If you would, then you need
to make plans to attend this
year’s Septemberfest dinner
at 7 p.m. on Friday evening
September 24th at the Sheraton
Hotel Lakeside Chalet, which is
located at 191 Westport Plaza
Dr. in Maryland Heights, MO
This year’s featured speaker
will be Jay Sekulow of the
American Center for Law and
Justice – one of the nation’s
leading Christian attorneys.
As many of you know, Jay
has a nationally broadcast
radio program which keeps
Christians informed and active
in protecting their constitutional
Jay Sekulow
rights of freedom of speech and
The Master of Ceremonies
for the evening will be former
Missouri U.S. Senator Jim
Talent who now serves as a
Distinguished Fellow at The
Heritage Foundation.
Music will be provided by
Christian artist Randy Mayfield
who is the Director of Missions
and Outreach for Central
Presbyterian Church.
Our guests that evening
will also be captivated by
the testimonies of former
prisoners whose lives have
been transformed by the power
of the Holy Spirit. There
are no words to describe the
compelling stories of men and
woman who previously �burned
their bridges,’ but who are now
rebuilding their lives with help
from Mission Gate’s volunteers
and staff.
The Mission Gate Prison
See Mission Gate page 3
St. Louis MetroVoice
Page 2
September 2010
Don’t Let Freedom Slip Away!
By Kitty Werthmann
What I am about to tell you is
and they had a high standard of
something you’ve probably never living. Nothing was ever said
heard or will ever read in history
about persecution of any group
-- Jewish or otherwise. We were
I believe that I am an
led to believe that everyone was
eyewitness to history.
happy. We wanted
I cannot tell you that
the same way of
Hitler took Austria
life in Austria. We
by tanks and guns; it
were promised
would distort history.
that a vote for
We elected him by a
Hitler would
landslide - 98% of the
mean the end of
vote. I’ve never read
that in any American
and help for the
family. Hitler also
Everyone thinks that
said that businesses
Hitler just rolled in
would be assisted,
with his tanks and
and farmers would
Kitty Werthmann
took Austria by force.
get their farms
In 1938, Austria was in a deep
back. Ninety-eight percent of
Depression. Nearly one-third of
the population voted to annex
our workforce was unemployed.
Austria to Germany and have
We had 25% inflation and
Hitler for our ruler. We were
25% bank loan interest rates.
overjoyed, and for three days we
Farmers and business people
danced in the streets and had
were declaring bankruptcy daily.
candlelight parades.
Young people were going from
The new government opened
house to house begging for food.
up big field kitchens and
Not that they didn’t want to
everyone was fed. After the
work; there simply weren’t any
election, German officials were
jobs. My mother was a Christian appointed, and like a miracle,
woman and believed in helping
we suddenly had law and order.
people in need. Every day we
Three or four weeks later,
cooked a big kettle of soup and
everyone was employed. The
baked bread to feed those poor,
government made sure that a
hungry people - about 30 daily.
lot of work was created through
The Communist Party and
thePublic Work Service.
the National Socialist Party were
Hitler decided we should
fighting each other. Blocks and
have equal rights for women.
blocks of cities like Vienna, Linz,
Before this, it was a custom
and Graz were destroyed. The
that married Austrian women
people became desperate and
did not work outside the home.
petitioned the government to
An able-bodied husband
let them decide what kind of
would be looked down on if
government they wanted.
he couldn’t support his family.
We looked to our neighbor on
Many women in the teaching
the north, Germany, where Hitler profession were elated that
had been in power since 1933.
they could retain the jobs they
We had been told that they didn’t previously had been required to
have unemployment or crime,
give up for marriage.
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Hitler Targets Education
- Eliminates Religious
Instruction for Children
Our education was
nationalized. I attended a
very good public school. The
population was predominantly
Catholic, so we had religion in
our schools. The day we elected
Hitler (March 13, 1938), I walked
into my schoolroom to find
the crucifix replaced by Hitler’s
picture hanging next to a Nazi
flag. Our teacher, a very devout
woman, stood up and told the
class we wouldn’t pray or have
religion anymore. Instead, we
sang “Deutschland, Deutschland,
Uber Alles,” and had physical
Sunday became National Youth
Day with compulsory attendance.
Parents were not pleased about
the sudden change in curriculum.
They were told that if they did
not send us, they would receive
a stiff letter of warning the first
time. The second time they
would be fined the equivalent
of $300, and the third time they
would be subject to jail. The first
two hours consisted of political
indoctrination. The rest of the
day we had sports. As time went
along, we loved it. Oh, we had
so much fun and got our sports
equipment free. We would
go home and gleefully tell our
parents about the wonderful time
we had.
My mother was very unhappy.
When the next term started, she
took me out of public school and
put me in a convent. I told her
she couldn’t do that and she told
me that someday when I grew up,
I would be grateful. There was a
very good curriculum, but hardly
any fun - no sports, and no
political indoctrination. I hated
it at first but felt I could tolerate
Every once in a while, on
holidays, I went home. I would
go back to my old friends and
ask what was going on and what
they were doing. Their loose
lifestyle was very alarming to
me. They lived without religion.
By that time unwed mothers
were glorified for having a baby
for Hitler. It seemed strange to
Equal Rights Hits Home
In 1939, the war started and a
food bank was established. All
food was rationed and could
only be purchased using food
stamps. At the same time, a
full-employment law was passed
which meant if you didn’t work,
you didn’t get a ration card,
and if you didn’t have a card,
you starved to death. Women
who stayed home to raise
their families didn’t have any
marketable skills and often had to
take jobs more suited for men.
Soon after this, the draft was
implemented. It was compulsory
for young people, male and
female, to give one year to the
labor corps. During the day, the
girls worked on the farms, and
at night they returned to their
barracks for military training just
like the boys. They were trained
to be anti-aircraft gunners and
participated in the signal corps.
After the labor corps, they
were not discharged but were
used in the front lines. When
I go back to Austria to visit my
family and friends, most of these
women are emotional cripples
because they just were not
equipped to handle the horrors of
Three months before I turned
18, I was severely injured in an
air raid attack. I nearly had a
leg amputated, so I was spared
having to go into the labor corps
and into military service.
Hitler Restructured the Family
Through Daycare
When the mothers had to
go out into the work force,
the government immediately
established child care centers.
You could take your children ages
4 weeks to school age and leave
them there around-the-clock,
7 days a week, under the total
care of the government. The
state raised a whole generation
of children. There were no
motherly women to take care of
the children, just people highly
trained in child psychology. By
this time, no one talked about
equal rights. We knew we had
been had.
See Freedom page 9
Our Only Hope
Continued from page 1
that God is always with you.
Fight the evils of the world as
if it were all up to you to defeat
them and remember that with
Jesus nothing is impossible.
With His guidance, within His
will, and in His timing, we can
overcome all obstacles facing
our nation and hopefully return
our country to God.
As recorded in John 14:1-6,
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Jesus said, “I am the way, the
truth, and the life; no man
cometh unto the Father, but
by me.” Jesus did not say that
He is �a way of many ways,’ �a
truth of many truths,’ �a life of
many lives.’ He said He is THE
LIFE. This means that He is the
only way to life everlasting, the
only divine truth! Thus, Moses,
270 & Olive
(314) 567-3300
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me that our society
changed so suddenly. As time
went along, I realized what a
great deed my mother did so that
I wasn’t exposed to that kind of
humanistic philosophy.
“You have my word...You’ll be treated with the respect,
dignity, & honesty you deserve for a stress free
car buying experience!” – Mike Dunn
Your Christian Car Counselor
Buddha, Allah, Science and
all others are excluded. It is as
though all blessing, hope, mercy
and goodness were placed
by divine will in a room into
which there is but one entrance.
There is no way to obtain these
blessings except to enter therein
through that one entrance.
Truly Jesus is the center of
our hope. He is our only hope
and salvation. Trust in Him.
Accept Him as your Savior,
follow Him, and tell the world
their only hope is in Him, too.
“If My people, who are called
by My Name, will humble
themselves and pray and seek My
face and turn from their wicked
ways, then I will hear from
Heaven and will forgive their
sins and will heal their land.”
(II Chronicles 7:14)
St. Louis MetroVoice
September 2010
Page 3
Stranger in Our Midst
Continued from page 1
politically and culturally nonindigenous leaders whose rule
contravenes local values rooted
in our national tradition. It is
as if the United States has been
occupied by a foreign power,
and this transcends policy
objections. It is not about
Obama’s birthplace. It is not
about race, either; millions of
white Americans have had black
mayors and black governors, and
this unease about out-of-synch
values never surfaced.
The term I settled on is “alien
rule” -- based on outsider values,
regardless of policy benefits
-- that generates agitation. This
is what bloody anti-colonial
strife was all about. No
doubt, millions of Indians and
Africans probably grasped that
expelling the British guaranteed
economic ruin and even worse
governance, but at least the mess
would be their mess. Just travel
to Afghanistan and witness
American military commanders’
efforts to enlist tribal elders with
promises of roads, clean water,
dental clinics, and all else that
America can freely provide.
Many of these elders probably
privately prefer abject poverty
to foreign occupation since it
would be their poverty, run by
their people, according to their
This disquiet was a slow
realization. Awareness
began with Obama’s odd prepresidency associations, decades
of being allegedly oblivious to
Rev. Wright’s anti-American
ranting, his enduring friendship
with the terrorist guy-in-theneighborhood Bill Ayers, and
the Saul Alinsky-flavored anticapitalist community activism.
Further add a hazy personal
background -- an Indonesian
childhood, shifting official
names, and a paperless-trail
climb through elite educational
None of this disqualified
Obama from the presidency;
rather, this background just
doesn’t fit with the conventional
political rГ©sumГ©. It is just the
“outsider” quality that alarms.
For all the yammering about
George W. Bush’s privileged
background, his made-in-theUSA persona was absolutely
indisputable. John McCain
might be embarrassed about
his Naval Academy class rank
and iffy combat performance,
but there was never any doubt
of his authenticity. Countless
conservatives despised Bill
Clinton, but nobody ever, ever
doubted his good-old-boy
American bonafides.
The suspicion that Obama
is an outsider, a figure who
really doesn’t “get” America,
grew clearer from his initial
appointments. What “native”
would appoint Kevin Jennings,
a militant gay activist, to oversee
school safety? Or permit a
Marxist rabble-rouser to be a
“green jobs czar?” How about an
Attorney General who began by
accusing Americans of cowardice
when it comes to discussing
race? And who can forget
Obama’s weird defense of his pal
Louis Henry Gates from “racist”
Cambridge, Massachusetts cops?
If the American Revolution
had never occurred and the
Queen had appointed Obama
Royal Governor (after his
distinguished service in Kenya),
a trusted locally attuned aide
would have first whispered in
his ear, “Mr. Governor General,
here in America, we do not
automatically assume that the
police were at fault,” and the day
would have been saved.
And then there’s the “we are
sorry, we’ll never be arrogant
again” rhetoric seemingly
designed for a future President
of the World election campaign.
What made Obama’s Cairo
Mission Gate
Continued from page 1
Ministry began on April Fool’s
Day, 1985 when Rick and Trish
Mathes decided to dedicate
their lives to carry the Gospel
to prisoners and the family
members they left behind. Rick
and Trish were “fools for Christ”
(1 Cor. 4:10). Since that time,
God has greatly expanded their
Currently, Mission Gate
volunteers conduct Bible studies
and chapel services in 25
prisons and jails in Missouri and
southern Illinois. They also host
a very special event each year
known as “Angel Mission,” where
volunteers buy gifts and throw a
Christmas party for children of
prisoners who otherwise wouldn’t
have much of a Christmas. The
ministry has been blessing over
2,000 children each year with this
Perhaps the most innovative
part of the ministry is Mission
Gate’s aftercare program. Let me
set the scenario: You are getting
out of prison, you want to live
your life for the Lord, but you
have no job, no transportation,
no place to live and just enough
money to get you back to the
“friends” you were hanging
around with when you went to
prison. Is it any wonder that our
nation has a nearly 80% return to
prison (recidivism) rate? Mission
Gate’s innovative aftercare
program provides safe housing
in a Christian environment
along with job placement,
transportation, counseling and
educational programs. This is
a no nonsense program that is
designed to help Christian exoffenders become productive
members of society. It’s thrilling
to be part of a ministry where you
see firsthand men and women
being reunited with spouses,
parents and children because of
authentic confession of sin and
Mission Gate has 5 guest
houses in South St. Louis and a
125 acre rehabilitation campus
south of Cuba, Missouri on the
upper Meramec River called Fort
Good Shepherd. All together,
Mission Gate provides housing
and rehabilitation services to over
85 Christian ex-offenders.
Such an incredible undertaking
utterances so distressing was
how they grated on American
cultural sensibilities. And he
just doesn’t notice, perhaps akin
to never hearing Rev. Wright
anti-American diatribes, an
American president does not
pander to third-world audiences
by lying about the Muslim
contribution to America.
Imagine Ronald Reagan, or any
past American president, trying
to win friends by apologizing.
This appeal contravenes
our national character and
far exceeds a momentary
embarrassment about garbled
syntax or poor delivery. Then
there’s Obama’s bizarre, totally
unnecessary deep bowing to
foreign potentates. Americans
look foreign leaders squarely in
the eye and firmly shake hands;
we don’t bow.
But far worse is Obama’s
tone-deafness about American
would not be possible without
the prayers, financial support
and personal sacrifice of our
faithful volunteers, supporters
and staff. However, Mission Gate
needs more volunteers, financial
supporters and prayer partners
to expand their territory (1
Chronicles 4:10) and reach the last
and least for the kingdom of God.
Incredibly, God chooses
to use us – even with all our
shortcomings – in His eternal
plan to lead others to Jesus Christ.
That’s bigger than the Super
Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup,
Academy Awards, American Idol
and Nobel Prize all rolled into
one! Perhaps Mission Gate is the
ministry which God is calling you
If you would like to learn
more about Mission Gate’s legacy
and vision, please join us at the
Septemberfest dinner, which
starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are $45 a
person and $400 for a table of ten
which includes a delicious dinner
and great Christian fellowship.
Contact Mission Gate today
to make your reservations by
calling (636) 391-8560. Seating is
I look forward to meeting you.
government. How can any
ordinary American, even a
traditional liberal, believe that
jamming through unpopular,
debt-expanding legislation
that consumes one-sixth of
our GDP, sometimes with sly
side-payments and with a thin
majority, will eventually be
judged legitimate? This is thirdworld, maximum-leader-style
politics. That the legislation
was barely understood even by
its defenders and vehemently
championed by a representative
of that typical American city,
San Francisco, only exacerbates
the strangeness. And now
President Obama sides with
illegal aliens over the State of
Arizona, which seeks to enforce
the federal immigration law to
protect American citizens from
marauding drug gangs and other
miscreants streaming in across
the Mexican border.
†††Robert Arb is a Christian
Attorney and mediator
whose office is located in
Valley Park, MO. He is also
the Chairman of the Board
of Directors of Mission Gate
Prison Ministry as well as their
Reciprocal public
disengagement from President
Obama is strongly suggested by
recent poll data on public trust
in government. According to a
recent Pew report, only 22% of
those asked trust the government
always or most of the time,
among the lowest figures in
half a century. And while
pro-government support has
been slipping for decades, the
Obama presidency has sharply
exacerbated this drop. To be
sure, many factors (in particular
the economic downturn)
contribute to this decline, but
remember that Obama was
recently elected by an often
wildly enthusiastic popular
majority. The collapse of trust
undoubtedly transcends policy
quibbles or a sluggish economy
-- it is far more consistent with a
deeper alienation.
Perhaps the clearest evidence
for this �foreigner in our midst’
mentality is the name given
our resistance -- “tea parties,”
an image that instantly invokes
the American struggle against
George III, a clueless foreign
ruler from central casting. This
history-laden label was hardly
predetermined, but it instantly
stuck (as did the election of
Sen. Scott Brown as “the shot
heard around the world” and
tea partiers dressing up in
colonial-era costumes). Perhaps
subconsciously, Obama does
remind Americans of when the
U.S. was really occupied by a
foreign power. A Declaration
of Independence passage may
still resonate: “HE [George III]
has erected a Multitude of new
Offices [Czars], and sent hither
Swarms of Officers [recently
hired IRS agents] to harass
our People, and eat out the
Substance.” What’s next?
†††Robert Weissberg is Professor
of Political Science-Emeritus,
University of Illinois-Urbana.
general counsel. For more
information regarding Mission
Gate visit their website at www. or email
them at [email protected] For more information
regarding Robert Arb’s law firm
visit or
call (636) 225-6500.
Mission Gate Prison Ministry’s
September 25th
With Special Guest Speaker
Jay Sekulow
Of the
American Center for Law
& Justice (ACLJ)
Dinner starts at 7 p.m.
at the Sheraton Hotel Lakeside Chalet
191 Westport Plaza Dr.
in Maryland Heights, MO 63146
Tickets: $45 a person or $400 for a table of ten.
Call (636) 391-8560 for reservations.
Seating is limited.
St. Louis MetroVoice
Page 4
September 2010
The Necessity of One Nation Under God
By Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas
Jeremiah 18:7-9 states, “At what
instant I shall speak concerning
a nation, and concerning a
kingdom, to pluck up, and to
pull down, and to destroy it;
If that nation, against whom I
have pronounced, turn from
their evil, I will repent of the
evil that I thought to do unto
them. And at what instant I shall
speak concerning a nation, and
concerning a kingdom, to build
and to plant it; If it do evil in my
sight, that it obey not My voice,
then I will repent of the good,
wherewith I said I would benefit
Our Founding Fathers
were very much aware of the
implications of this Scripture.
They believed according to
Scripture that God ruled and
reigned in the affairs of men.
He possessed and dispossessed
nations according to the council
of His good will. He set up
kingdoms and knocked them
down according to the spiritual
and moral state of men and
nations. He blessed and cursed
nations according to their
obedience or disobedience to His
moral laws.
George Mason, Father of the
Bill of Rights, declared, “Every
master of slaves is born a petty
tyrant. They bring the judgment
of heaven upon a country. As
nations cannot be rewarded or
punished in the next world, they
must be in this. By an inevitable
chain of causes and effects,
Providence punishes national
sins, by national calamities.”
John Adams, 2nd President
of the U.S., stated, “We have no
government armed with power
capable of contending with
human passions unbridled by
morality and religion. Avarice,
ambition, revenge, or gallantry,
would break the strongest
cords of our Constitution as a
whale goes through a net. Our
Constitution was made only for
a moral and religious people.
It is wholly inadequate to the
government of any other.”
Noah Webster, Father of
American Education, taught,
“The moral principles and
precepts contained in the
Scriptures ought to form the basis
of all of our civil constitutions
and laws....All the miseries and
evils which men suffer from
vice, crime, ambition, injustice,
oppression, slavery and war,
proceed from their despising or
neglecting the precepts contained
in the Bible.”
In recent times, President
Ronald Reagan warned, “If we
ever forget we are One Nation
under God, we will become
one nation gone under.” Since
then, America has begun her
downward slide into perdition.
We have become One Nation
apart from God or One Nation
over God or One nation under
many gods. As a result, good has
become evil and evil has become
good. Grave abominations,
such as child-killing (abortion),
the shedding of innocent
blood and homosexuality have
become codified into law. As
our government defends these
indefensible crimes, they must of
necessity censor Christianity and
punish the righteous.
Currently, we are suffering
from moral rot from within and
terroristic threats from without.
Our federal government has
turned from a servant of “We the
people” to a dangerous tyrant
that poses the greatest threats to
our liberties and freedoms. How
have we arrived at such a pathetic
place? Turn with me to Proverbs
28:2, “For the transgression of a
land many are the princes thereof:
but by a man of understanding
and knowledge the state thereof
shall be prolonged.”
When a culture becomes
lawless, it automatically enlarges
the size and scope of civil
government. Many rulers,
more bureaucracy, increased
regulations and a plethora of laws
will grow like weeds to suffocate
the true vine of freedom. Why?
Because lawless men lose the
moral fortitude to correctly
handle their freedoms. Thus,
moral anarchy always leads to
governmental tyranny.
Robert Winthrop articulated
The President can only propose
a budget. He cannot force the
Congress to accept it.
The Constitution, which is the
supreme law of the land, gives
sole responsibility to the House
of Representatives for originating
and approving appropriations
and taxes. Who is the Speaker of
the House? Nancy Pelosi. She is
the leader of the majority party.
She and fellow House members,
not the President, can approve
any budget they want. If the
President vetoes it, they can pass
it over his veto if they agree to.
It seems inconceivable to
me that a nation of 300 million
can not replace 545 people who
stand convicted -- by present
facts -- of incompetence and
irresponsibility. I can’t think of
a single domestic problem that
is not traceable directly to those
545 people. When you fully
grasp the plain truth that 545
people exercise the power of the
federal government, then it must
follow that what exists is what
they want to exist.
If the tax code is unfair, it’s
because they want it unfair. If
the budget is in the red, it’s
because they want it in the
red. If the Army & Marines
are in Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s
because they want them in Iraq
and Afghanistan. If Senators
and Congressmen do not receive
social security but are on an elite
retirement plan not available to
the people, it’s because they want
it that way.
There are no insoluble
government problems.
Do not let these 545 people
shift the blame to bureaucrats,
whom they hire and whose jobs
they can abolish; to lobbyists,
whose gifts and advice they can
reject; to regulators, to whom
they give the power to regulate
and from whom they can take
this power. Above all, do not
let them con you into the belief
that there exists disembodied
mystical forces like �the
this premise in a speech to the
Massachusetts Bible Society back
in the 1800s. Winthrop stated,
“All societies of men must be
governed in some way or other.
Men, in a word, must necessarily
be controlled either by a power
within them, or by a power
without them; either by the Word
of God, or by the strong arm of
man; either by the Bible or by the
Our Founding Fathers knew
if America ever rejected God
as the Sovereign of our nation
and the supreme authority in
the land, there were only two
failed options left to adopt.
First, the state is sovereign.
Historically, when man believed
civil government is the ultimate
authority, the ultimate power,
inevitably nations degenerate into
“isms,” Communism, Fascism,
or Nazism to name a few. As
humanity foolishly rebels and
transfers sovereignty from God to
government, it has paved the way
for terrible atrocities. If earthly
governments are the highest
authority with no accountability
to a Holy God, they can become
emboldened to exploit and harm
the very ones they claim to serve.
This, in a nutshell, reveals much
of the bloody history of mankind.
The other failed option is the
individual is sovereign. This
pride in man inevitably leads to
chaos, confusion, and anarchy.
Thus only One Nation under God
can protect men from statism
and tyranny on one hand and
moral anarchy on the other hand.
Only One nation under God
can provide the delicate tension
between authority and liberty.
See Necessity page 5
545 People
By Charlie Reese
Every citizen needs to read
this article and think very hard
about what it says and about the
state of our nation!
Politicians are the only
people in the world who create
problems and then campaign
against them.
Have you ever wondered, if
both the Democrats and the
Republicans are against deficits,
WHY do we have deficits?
Have you ever wondered, if
all the politicians are against
inflation and high taxes, WHY
do we have inflation and high
You and I don’t propose a
federal budget. The President
does. You and I don’t have the
constitutional authority to vote
on appropriations. The House
of Representatives does. You
and I don’t write the tax code,
Congress does. You and I don’t
set fiscal policy, Congress does.
You and I don’t control monetary
policy, the Federal Reserve Bank
One hundred Senators, 435
Congressmen, one President,
and nine Supreme Court Justices
equates to 545 human beings
out of some 300 million citizens
are directly, legally, morally, and
individually responsible for the
domestic problems that plague
this country. I excluded the
members of the Federal Reserve
Board because that problem
was created by the Congress.
In 1913, Congress delegated its
Constitutional duty to provide
a sound currency to a federally
chartered, but private, central
I excluded all the special
interests and lobbyists for a
sound reason. They have no
legal authority. They have no
ability to coerce a Senator, a
Congressman, or a President
to do one cotton-picking
thing. I don’t care if they offer
a politician $1 million dollars
in cash. The politician has
the power to accept or reject
it. No matter what the lobbyist
promises, it is the legislator’s
responsibility to determine how
he votes.
Those 545 human beings
spend much of their energy
convincing you that what they
did is not their fault. They
cooperate in this common con
regardless of party.
What separates a politician
from a normal human being is
an excessive amount of gall. No
normal human being would
have the gall of a Speaker, who
stood up and criticized the
President for creating deficits.
economy,’ �inflation,’ or �politics’
that prevent them from doing
what they take an oath to do.
Those 545 people, and they
alone, are responsible. They,
and they alone, have the power.
They, and they alone, should be
held accountable by the people
who are their bosses. Provided
the voters have the gumption to
manage their own employees.
We should vote all of them
out of office and clean up their
†††Charlie Reese is a former
columnist of the Orlando
Sentinel Newspaper and has
been a journalist for 49 years.
St. Louis MetroVoice
September 2010
Page 5
Do Hard Things Tour Hits St. Louis Aug. 28
By Sara Greek
They may be the least
respected - and the least
respectable - members of society.
So not surprisingly, you probably
expect less from them than
from any other segment of the
population. And yet, biblically
and historically, you ought to
expect the most. Who are they?
Now, a growing movement of
teens is choosing to rebel against
low expectations for the glory of
God, led by Alex and Brett Harris
— authors of the best-selling
book Do Hard Things, which they
wrote at age nineteen.
On Saturday, August 28th, the
Do Hard Things Conference is
coming to Missouri for the first
time. More than 1,500 teens,
parents, and youth workers
will gather at Church on the
Rock in St. Peters for worship
and challenging presentations.
Topics will include “The Myth
of Adolescence,” featuring the
surprising history of modern
adolescence and a clear charter
for the future, and “Do Hard
Things,” a challenge to teens to
get serious about life, God, and
the future.
In 2005, 16-year-old twins
Alex and Brett Harris embarked
on a summer reading regimen
that would change their lives.
As they digested literature on
culture, science, and a changing
global landscape, they were
struck by the ways that foreign
students were surpassing their
increasingly lax American
peers. Further reading on the
21st century teenager revealed
a history that Alex and Brett
would come to call “the myth of
And thus was born a
movement that would speak
to the hunger of a generation
and jar the complacency of
thousands. Alex and Brett, sons
of homeschool pioneer Gregg
Harris and brother of Josh Harris
(best known as the author of I
Kissed Dating Goodbye), stepped
out with a handful of new ideas
and found that their concerns
echoed deep with friends. Their
went on to receive more than 35
million hits.
“Brett and I have both been
just blown away and overcomed
by what God is doing in the
hearts and the minds of our
generation,” Alex Harris told
Harold Hendrick on KSIV in
July. “Reject the idea that the
teen years are just a vacation
from responsibility. Embrace
what the Bible says and what
history says: the teen years are
all about the launching pad of
life – a time when God wants
to use His children as teenagers
to impact the world for Him.
Brett and I are challenging our
peers to do hard things for the
glory of God… It’s really a new
way of living life - to embrace
challenges, to grow, and to rebel
against low expectations. It’s a
is the default position for an
aimless generation.
“The word �rebelution’ is
a combination of the words
�rebellion’ and �revolution,’”
Alex and Brett explain on
their site. “So it carries a sense
of an uprising against social
norms. But in this case, it’s not a
rebellion against God-established
authority, but against the low
expectations of our society. It’s
a refusal to be defined by our
ungodly, rebellious, and apathetic
culture. Actually, we like to
think of it as rebelling against
“Do Hard Things” is the battle
cry of the Rebelution. When
Alex and Brett released their
first book with Multnomah in
the spring of 2008, the response
was immediate. Do Hard Things
struck a chord with teens the
world over and gave voice to a
really neat thing when you see
that happening as a whole family,
or as a whole group of young
people, or as a youth group.”
The �Rebelution’ has taken
1 Timothy 4:12 as its goal. It aims
to equip a community of countercultural teens hungry to live the
kind of life the Gospel calls them
to: an exemplary one.
The message comes at a
strategic time. There was a
generation that pursued the
American dream with everything
they had, and there was also a
generation, their children, that
inherited that dream. But if
the dream was materialism, the
reality of that dream has been
less than satisfying. As the
grandchildren come of age and
witness the unhappiness that
plagues their parents’ generation,
they wonder if anything is worth
fighting for. A recent Reuters
article labeled nearly one-third
of the world’s children “couch
potatoes.” Protracted adolescence
widespread restlessness. “It was a
practical way to do what I already
felt in my heart I wanted to do,”
said Ian Maupin, 14, of St. Louis
City after reading Do Hard Things
and the book that followed, Start
Here. “I’m concerned about
where this country and the
world is headed, and I believe to
prepare myself for - or to change
that - is to be responsible now.”
Dakota L, 17, another St.
Louis area teen, has put feet to
his Rebelutionary passion. He’s
leading a group of a dozen young
people who have committed
to spend 15 minutes daily
this summer praying for their
generation and the upcoming
Rebelution Conference. He
calls the �do hard things’ lifestyle
“a surprisingly rewarding
venture.” “I felt like waiting
until I was twenty-something to
start accomplishing something
with my life was a tragic waste
of time,” he says. “Through
Alex and Brett’s ministry, I
was the key to liberty. Only a
religious, moral, and virtuous
people who put restraints upon
their appetites, lusts, and greed
can remain a free people. Both
the Bible and our history attest to
these truths. May we return to
these truths before America sinks
further into lawlessness, tyranny,
destruction, and despair. Let us
the founder of Elijah Ministries
which is devoted to challenging
Christians everywhere to pray,
believe, and work for repentance,
reformation and revival to sweep
America. The ministry is also
dedicated to imparting a biblical
Christian Worldview to the
Church of Jesus Christ that will
provide the theological impetus to
fulfill the Great Commission. For
more information about Elijah
Ministries visit their website at
Alex and Brett Harris
found that I was not alone in
my thinking. There are tens of
thousands of other teens who
share my view of the teenage
years, and who are actively doing
hard things for the glory of God.”
“I didn’t really feel like I was
missing anything. I was just a
kid!” Abby Hopkins, 15, of St.
Charles, wrote recently. “There
was nothing I really needed to
do. But then I read the book,
and my eyes were totally opened.
I had never realized how much
people can do when they’re
younger. And really, I had been
feeling that for some time. I
would always get annoyed when
people thought I couldn’t do
something because I was too
young. Do Hard Things showed
me that yes, I could do big things,
hard things, things that no one
expected me to do. It filled me
with a purpose to do something
with my life, rather than wasting
my teen years saying, �Oh,
when I’m older.’ You get older
everyday. Keep saying �when I’m
older,’ and before you know it, it’s
too late. Now is the time, and we
are the next generation. We need
to get to work!”
Katelyn W, 19, of Ferguson,
will be attending the Rebelution
Conference with her youth
group. “DHT changed my
attitude towards my family and
the way that I interact with
them,” she says. “Before I read
the book, I was passionless and
visionless, not really interested
in setting an example or making
an impact on anyone. Do Hard
Things changed all of that! It has
equipped and motivated me to
live life intentionally.”
Young people from ten to
college-age and their parents are
encouraged to attend. Doors
open on August 28th at 8 a.m.
The conference begins at 9 a.m.
and the event continues through
5 p.m. The deadline for discount
pre-registration pricing is August
21st, though registration is
ongoing and will be available
at the door. A group discount
applies to groups of ten or
more, and a pay-what-you-can
policy is available for anyone
with financial need. For more
information, or to register,
†††Sarah Greek is the Local
Coordinator for the St. Louis
Rebelution conference. Questions
may be directed to [email protected]
Continued from page 4
Lastly, Alexis de Tocqueville,
French Historian stated, “I sought
for the key to the greatness and
genius of America...Not until
I went into the churches of
America and heard her pulpits
aflame with righteousness did
I understand the secret of her
genius and power. America is
great because America is good,
and if America ever ceases to be
good, America will cease to be
Our Founding Fathers knew
our goodness came from our faith
in Jesus Christ and His blessed
Word. They knew that only One
Nation under God can produce
order in society and freedom to
individuals. They knew freedom
was the power to do as we ought,
the power to do right and not
to do what we want. They knew
there were two enemies to liberty,
licentiousness amongst the people
and tyranny in civil government.
They knew self-government
†††Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas is
Now Enrolling 2010 - 2011
Grades 9 - 12
Quality Christian Education at an Affordable Price
1811 Smizer Station Rd., Fenton, MO 63026
Office: 636-225-2217
St. Louis MetroVoice
Page 6
September 2010
Not Your 1930’s Depression
By Patrice Lewis
The news headlines have
been screaming lately: “Market
forecaster sees Dow plunge
to 1000,” “Dow repeats Great
Depression pattern,” “7.9 million
jobs lost, many never to return.”
If you’re self-employed like
we are, headlines like these make
us nervous. So we’ve gotten
caught up in the “preparedness”
movement purely out of anxiety.
You see, if our country is
heading toward a 1930s-style
depression or worse, I fear it
won’t be �just’ an economic
depression. We are missing some
key elements that were present
during the 1930s that will make
that decade-long economic
disaster a relative walk in the
park compared to today.
Those key factors are a work
ethic, independence, civility and
a religious foundation.
Remember the old stories of
how someone would knock at
your grandmother’s back door
and offer to split some firewood
in exchange for a meal? Does
anyone honestly think hungry
people will do this any more?
We’re so used to entitlements that
the idea of lowering ourselves
to exchange labor for food is
outrageous. No, today a person
who is hard up on their luck
and not getting a government
handout is much more likely
to kick in the back door, tie
grandma up, pistol whip her (or
worse) and clean the house of any
usable items before departing for
the next victim. In their minds
this is because grandma has no
�right’ to have food when they
The elders in our society often
recall with fondness some of the
good elements that came out of
the horrible Great Depression.
They remember the sense of
community that sprang up,
born of common hardships.
They remember how hard the
indigent would work to maintain
their dignity and not sink to
accepting charitable handouts
without offering something else
in exchange (such as splitting
But no more.
After decades of government
entitlements, many people no
longer have a work ethic. My
concern is if we encounter the
economic depression analysts
have the right to the pursuit (not
the achievement) of happiness.
These rights derive from our
Creator, not from the fools in
You do NOT have the �right’
to food. It’s up to you to get
that for yourself or, if you can’t,
to look to private individuals
or organizations to voluntarily
provide it. You do NOT have the
predict, it will result in societal
turmoil – because far too many
people haven’t the slightest clue
how to work, how to exchange
labor for food, or how to
restrain their most vicious and
animalistic desires in order to
keep civilization civil.
If it weren’t so tragic, it
would be laughable to hear
people spouting on and on
about their �rights.’ Criminey,
folks, most people wouldn’t
recognize a real �right’ if it bit
them on the butt. Rights are a
gift from God. They do NOT
come from the government. All
those entitlements – subsidized
housing, food stamps, free
medical care – are not �rights.’
We have the right to life. We
have the right to liberty. And we
right to housing,
medical care,
checks, or anything
else people bleat
about when they want something
but don’t want to work for it.
Only when we struggle to be
as independent as possible are
the chains of slavery seen so
Because we have been so
caught up with false �rights’ for
the last 50 years, we’ve gotten
to the point where we are
helpless and dependent and no
longer able or willing to achieve
anything on our own. And only
someone pathetically caught up
in a liberal mentality can argue
that entitlements help people
heading for a depression in
this country, we need to brace
ourselves for much, much more
than financial hardship. We
need to brace ourselves against
millions of lawless people
demanding �entitlements’ they
have not earned and for which
they have no intention of offering
anything in exchange.
What does the future hold
for America? There are two
possibilities – a loss of freedom,
or a return of freedom. Sadly,
most people don’t like freedom.
turned the school over to a parent
run board in the spring of 2008.
Formerly known as Victory
Christian School, the Academy
has maintained enrollment and
has even grown throughout the
transition from being church run
to parent run.
Victory Christian Academy
(VCA) will start the 2010-2011
school year at 618 W. Ripa
Avenue where the school doctrine
and focus will remain unchanged.
The building has been leased
for five years from St. Martin of
Tours parish.
David Talley, administrator
of VCA for the past four years is
excited about moving forward
and the success of the previous
year. “I am looking forward to
another successful year at Victory
Christian Academy, as we train
young minds both spiritually and
academically so that they might
find success in whatever they do,”
he stated.
Following the transition
Victory Christian Academy
retained all of their current
teachers and has even added
a middle school teacher and
Spanish teacher for the coming
year. Teacher turnover is
uncommonly low at the Academy,
which is a testament to the
dedication of the staff and to their
vision of Christian education.
Victory Christian School,
established in 1975 by parents
attending the Bible Chapel,
began meeting in the basement
of the church building. By 1982
a public elementary school was
purchased on Musick Road
to accommodate the growing
enrollment. A high school was
added shortly thereafter. The
Bible Chapel enjoyed over thirty
years of training up students in
excellence while teaching them
to view the world through a
biblical lens. Victory Christian
Academy now educates students
in kindergarten through eighth
grade representing families from
eight different denominations and
29 churches. With an enrollment
of 117, they currently have the
highest enrollment of any other
area non-denominational private
school and consistently score
higher than other Christian
schools in the Association of
Christian Schools International
Michael Reeve, a parent on the
board with two sons attending
Victory has been amazed at
achieve independence.
This mentality has set the stage
for a modern collapse to be worse
than any throughout the annals
of history.
Right now there are economic
forces at work that are beyond
our control. We can go from
homeowner to homeless in the
blink of an eye. It can happen to
anyone, no matter how prepared
or unprepared
they believe
themselves to be.
But a work
ethic, an
spirit and a moral
foundation are
entirely within
our control and
can be acquired
just as quickly.
To their ultimate
loss, most people
choose not to
acquire them.
So if we’re
Victory Christian Academy Moves
They want someone to rescue
them if things go wrong,
which means they only like the
�freedom’ of an extra-long chain.
We have allowed
independence to slip into
dependence. We have allowed
a work ethic to descend into an
entitlement mentality.
Our country can survive an
economic depression. We’ve
done it before and we can do it
again. It won’t be easy, but we
can do it. But I fear we cannot
survive an economic depression
when it’s coupled with an
unwillingness to embrace a work
ethic, independence, civility and
religious foundation. Once the
artificial props of government
entitlements are removed, it
will be every man for himself.
The results may be anarchy
and chaos. And it will give the
government a clear opportunity
to take advantage of the �crisis’
and put in place a government
such as we could never imagine.
It was Thomas Jefferson who
said, “I predict future happiness
for Americans if they can prevent
the government from wasting the
labors of the people under the
pretense of taking care of them.”
Freedom is hard work, and it
isn’t free. But too many of our
fellow citizens are unwilling to
pay the price. Since they get
what they pay for, freedom will
not be in their future.
†††Patrice Lewis is a freelance
writer and the author of The
Home Craft Business: How to
Make it Survive and Thrive. She
is co-founder (with her husband)
of a home woodcraft business. The
Lewises live on 40 acres in north
Idaho with their two homeschooled
children, assorted livestock, and
a shop that overflows into the
house with depressing regularity.
Visit her blog at http://www.
By Terri Stoner
Victory Christian Academy
is moving! It only seems
appropriate considering all
the changes the school has
experienced the past 18 months.
Bible Chapel, the schools’
founder and main supporter,
Conveniently located just off I-255 in South Roxana, IL
3 Yr. Olds through 12th Grade
* State of the Art Computer Lab
* Elementary & High School Foreign Language
* Music & Art Programs
* Proven Sports Program
Over 25 Years of Serving the
Metro East Christian Community
“Partnering with parents to make a difference for Christ”
Email: [email protected]
the smooth transition the new
leadership has experienced.
“When I was asked by our
administrator, David Talley, to
be a member of the board, I was
excited at the prospect of being
involved with growing our school
since I am very passionate about
Victory Christian Academy and
what it has meant to my family.
It has been great to be a part of
a team dedicated to Christian
education and how that can shape
our children for the glory of
God’s Kingdom. Although I was
not fully aware of what was ahead
in this process, God has shown
me how He is at work supplying
our needs and seeing us through
the challenges we have faced.”
Parents and students will be
chipping in this week moving to
the new location. The first day
of school is August 23. There
is still time to enroll for the
2010-2011 school year and those
interested should visit www. or call (314) 6386700 for information on making
an appointment to tour the new
September 2010
St. Louis MetroVoice
Page 7
Men of Valor Conference September 25th
By Jim Day
All men wrestle with sex. All
How to Have That Pesky Sex
a man tell his wife about his
men! Some put a better face on
Talk With Your Kids will be
issues with porn? Once she
it, but sex is every man’s struggle. presented by John Splinter who is finds out, what should she do?
Singles look at married men and
the St. Louis Executive Director
Should she stay or go? What are
think they don’t struggle, but
for the National Coalition.
the double binds of secrecy vs.
married men know that when
John, who holds a Masters in
disclosure? Rick’s porn addiction
the honeymoon ends it’s back to
Christian Education, a Masters
destroyed his first marriage.
the same old battle again. Young
in Counseling, and a Ph.D. in
He’s now the Executive Director
men look at older men and
Family Therapy, was once a pro
for the National Coalition on
imagine they’re off the hook football chaplain, pastor for
the East Coast. Together Rick
and they are! If they’re dead. But 35 years and psychologist. His
and Vicki are dynamite as they
let a tight outfit and great figure
seminar will teach parents about
discuss this very sticky wicket.
walk past and even dead men rise how to talk with their kids about
Strategies for Regaining Sexual
for one last glance.
sex. Most parents don’t do it.
Purity will be presented by John
Everyone knows that the
Of those who try, research finds
Bilhorn who is a businessman
Internet brings the �big three’:
most do it badly and with no
who wrestled with porn for
Anonymity, Affordability, and
decades. Today he’s on the local
Availability. It’s so easy these
John will also be presenting
board of the National Coalition,
days to get sidetracked…, and
Building Positive Self-esteem In
and is developing “For Men
then owned. When the Apostle
Your Family. In this workshop
Only” groups where men can
Paul wrote about
he’ll unpack one of
share and heal. John will share
slavery in Romans 6,
the most powerful
his story of how the Lord helped
sex had to be one
scripture verses
him overcome his addiction, and
of his main issues.
which teaches how
what it takes to stay clean.
While no man likes
to dramatically
Raising Kids in a XXX Culture
being a slave to sex,
enhance positive
will be presented by Rick
most have trouble
self-esteem in
Schatz who is the CEO of the
finding the key to
spouses, children,
National Coalition and a former
unlock their shackles.
employees, and all
businessman with an MBA from
And as terrific
those around you.
Harvard. As Rick will relate, this
as many churches
Dealing With
is actually a dangerous time to
are, most pastors
Same-sex Attraction raise kids and nobody knows the
would rather kiss
will be presented
subject of raising kids in a XXX
Dr. John Splinter
a copperhead than
by Jim Venice,
culture better than Rick. He’ll
preach on biblical sexuality.
President of Pure Heart
provide information regarding
That’s why the National
Ministries, who is well versed
the problem, and will provide
Coalition for the Protection of
in this subject and brings both
multiple solutions to help parents
Children and Families is putting
compassion and answers.
raise their kids safely in this
on a �men’s purity’ conference
Whether you deal with same sex
highly sexualized culture.
September 25th at Canaan
attraction, or know someone who How One Man Found Freedom
Baptist Church. Because this
does, this workshop will bring
From The Six Roots of Sexual
is tough stuff, they’re calling it
a wealth of understanding and
Sin will be presented by Tony
a “Men of Valor” conference.
tools. Jim will also bring helpful
Ingrassia. With a B.A. in Biblical
This is not going to be the kind
written information and will be
Education and a Masters in
of conference where guys get
available for sidebar chats.
Counseling, Tony’s story of God’s
hammered on. Rather, it’s going
Sex and the Brain - Recent
restoration in his life when he
to be a place where a few brave
Research will be presented by
was completely hooked on porn
men tell their own stories, give
Darrell Brazell who brings to
is nothing short of a miracle.
answers as to how they broke the
the table a Masters in Biblical
Today he’s a pastor and therapist,
shackles of sexual addiction, and
Studies and 10 plus years of
and God is using him in some
then offer a hand. They know
freedom from his addiction to
quite amazing ways. You’ll need
that every guy at the conference
porn. He is the Director of New
to ask him about prison.
will be a fellow struggler, because Hope Recovery Ministries, pastor Overturning the Money
all men wrestle with sex.
of New Hope Fellowship, and a
Changers’ Tables will be presented
This seminar is going to be
bow-hunter. Through porn the
by Phillip Cosby. Phillip is
unique and high powered. You’ll human brain actually becomes
the Executive Director for the
get two keynote addresses, and
rewired - it’s called “neuroNational Coalition in K.C.
three breakout workshops, in a
plasticity.” Among other things,
Prior to this he was a career
half day.
Darrell’s workshop will look at
Sergeant in the U.S. Army. In
Ted Roberts, a former U.S.
brain research, the impact of sex
2009 Phillip brought 21 separate
Marine fighter pilot will be the
on the brain, and what happens
legal actions against sexually
keynoter. Ted came to faith in
in the brain when a guy breaks
oriented businesses in Kansas
Christ while fighting in Vietnam, free.
and has been very involved
became hooked on sex and will
Sexual Integrity: His Problem
in the legislative process in
tell his story. With an M.Div.
– Her Dilemma will be presented
Kansas. He’ll teach about how
and a Ph.D. in family therapy,
by Rick & Vicky Kardos. Should
to challenge sexually oriented
Ted was a pastor and started a
ministry called, “Pure Desire.”
Topics to be presented by
speakers will include:
Freedom from the Siren’s Song
of Pornography which will be
presented by Rick Kardos who
is a former businessman and
porn addict. He’s now the East
• Christ-centered curriculum
Coast director for the National
grades K-8
Coalition. Rick will teach
• Music and art training
about breaking free from sexual
• Computer-networked facilities
• Keyboarding and safe Internet
How Support and
Accountability Help Build Purity
• Affordable tuition
will be presented by Sean Maney,
CEO of First Light. Sean’s
• Small class sizes
workshop will focus on breaking
• Middle school sports
free from porn, which can be
• Biblically conservative
extremely difficult. Therapists
say it’s more difficult than kicking
New Address
heroin addiction. Sean will teach
Ripa, St. Louis, MO 63125
about two of the most important
strength-building components of
For more information, call ((314)
314) 849-3425
638-6700 or visit
recovery and healing.
Dr. Ted Roberts
businesses in your city or town.
a Masters in Counseling. His
How to Come Along Side a
workshop will provide solid,
Guy When He’s Facing Tough
positive tools for building and
Stuff (situational mentoring) will
strengthening a marriage.
be presented by Kurt Ramspot,
The cost for this conference
Founder of Guys for Life. A guy
is minimal – just $29 if you sign
gets a girl pregnant or is hooked
up before September 1st - and
on porn, or is busted for flashing. you can sign up on line at www.
Kurt broaches the subject of
how a Christian can come along
The September 25th Men of
side and love this man as Jesus
Valor conference will be held at
would have loved him in his
Canaan Baptist Church, 5409
Baumgartner in St. Louis, MO
How Christian Therapy Can
(63129). Canaan is a quick
Help When Dealing With Sexual
shot down 270 to 55, South a
Issues will be presented by Jeff
couple miles on 55 to Meramec
Oberle, Director of Wellspring
Bottom Road, and then left a
Counseling who has a Masters
mile. You’ll automatically run
in Divinity and a Masters in
into Baumgartner and the church
Counseling as well as additional
is on the corner of Baumgartner
training in recovery from sexual
and Lemay Ferry Rd.
issues. Have you ever wondered
For more information,
just what therapists do, or how
brochures, conference business
they help people overcome deep
cards, or posters, call John
and lasting personal problems?
Splinter at (636) 671-7118,
This workshop will discuss what
or e-mail him at [email protected]
happens, and how people change,
through Christian therapy.
Pastors are encouraged to
Building Marital Intimacy will
either shepherd men from their
be presented by Ben Bhasme,
church to this conference, or start
CEO of Kaizen Counseling. Ben, preaching on biblical sexuality.
born in India and then becoming Your men need this information.
an American citizen, brings with
This issue is not just outside the
him a Masters in Divinity and
walls of the church.
Every child deserves to grow up in a
safe, nurturing environment. When a
child’s family is not able to provide that
for a child a FOSTER or ADOPTIVE
In Missouri a foster parent
at least to
years up
of age
Every must
in a safe,
When a child’s
be single or married
family ismust
not able
complete training
child, a Foster Family can.
process (offered at no charge through
MBCH Children and Family Ministries
and Family
is seeking
to become
Foster Care Families for hurting kids.
“family” for a hurting child.
MBCH Children and Family Ministries provides for Contractors:
Families Make
the Difference
A daily Children
rate of pay
is an affiliate of
one parent to remain at home,
Missouri Baptist Children’s Home
available for the child
v Specialized training and
licensing at no cost
v Workers who provide
weekly contact and are available
to the family 24 hours per day
v One weekend per month
respite care provided
For more information about
foster care, adoption or employment,
call (314) 739-6811
or visit
You can make a difference by becoming
“family” for a hurting child.
MBCH Children and Family Ministries is an
affiliate of Missouri Baptist Children’s Home
For more information about Therapeutic Foster Care,
Adoption or Employment, call (314) 739-6811
or visit
St. Louis MetroVoice
Page 8
September 2010
Counting the Cost of Your Child’s Education
By Joshua Haveman
Christian education can
of American adults have a
get expensive. A prominent
Biblical worldview. The survey’s
Christian high school in St. Louis qualification for Christian/
charges $12,000 per year for its
Biblical worldview included
students to attend. In Asheville,
points on the nature of moral
NC its $8,800, Houston, TX is
truth, the validity of the Bible,
$15-17,000 and, at a relative steal and the path to salvation. People
of a price, Christian
who identified
education costs about
themselves as “born
$5,000 per year in
again Christians”
Moscow, ID. All of
were more likely to
those numbers reflect
have a worldview
the cost of sending
that held to the
one student to a
Bible’s stance on
Christian high school
these points, but
for one year. When
not much. Only
public education is
19% of born-again
free, many Christian
believers have what
parents look at the
the Barna Group
cost of sending
calls a “Biblical
Josh Haveman
multiple children
to Christian school for multiple
For example, more than half
years, and choose to buy a house
of the born again Christians
surveyed thought, to some
In fact, most American
degree, that they could earn their
Christians don’t send their
salvation. That is most definitely
children to Christian schools.
inconsistent with what the Bible
Three quarters of the country
teaches. But people who say
identifies itself as Christian,
Christ has given them new life
but only five percent of schoolclaim to believe it’s true. Clearly,
aged children attend private
a breakdown in the education of
schools. Since not all private
these Christians has occurred.
schools are Christian schools,
Where is the breakdown
the ratio is even smaller than it
occurring? Well, consider that
might appear. A rough estimate
the average American child
would be 40:1. That is, for every
spends six hours a day in a public
Christian family that sends a
school that necessarily excludes
child to a Christian school, there
God from the curriculum. If
are forty children from Christian that child is a teen, they’re also
families attending public schools. consuming around seven hours
Most people probably point to of media a day. It’s likely that
the prohibitive monetary costs as Christian parents and churches
their reason for choosing public
are enforcing biblical truth
over Christian education. But
in their kid’s lives. They may
one cost for Christian parents
even do home Bible studies and
might be getting overlooked. In
set strict guidelines for media
saving money, Christian parents
consumption. But even with the
may be giving up on their kid’s
best of intentions, these parents
only have a few hours each week
A recent, nationwide survey
to reach out to their children.
by the Barna Group suggests
It’s true that school doesn’t
that as few as nine percent
meet year round or on weekends
for most students. And teenagers
in America definitely know how
to see family, do homework and
consume media all at the same
time. So in many cases, the
hourly distribution is more fluid.
Some people have empty hours
each day that could be devoted
to learning Christ’s path, and
receiving instruction in what it
means to walk on it.
Many Christian teens spend
four or five hours a week going
to church, attending youth
group and reading their Bible.
But having time to pursue God
does not negate the influence
of those who oppose God. And
Children in public schools are
learning in a system that opposes
the God of the Bible. It isn’t just
in the science curriculum and
the absence of prayer at certain
events, public education’s entire
learning model is built on the
assumption that there is no God.
So when a public school student
spends twelve years learning
that way, their Christian parents
shouldn’t be surprised when the
child wants to leave the church
after graduation. In those cases,
the public system has simply
succeeded in showing the child
that God is irrelevant.
The U.S. Government will
spend almost forty-seven billion
dollars on public education
this year. That is more than
the gross domestic product
(GDP) of about thirty different
countries. Granted, the U.S. has
a significantly larger population
than all of those countries, but
that makes this predicament
more troubling, not less.
Even though there are
some fifty million school-aged
children in the U.S. right now,
the government is trying to
educate them all the same way.
There is a little leeway here and
there throughout the system.
But ultimately, uniformity is
the goal. Any child, from any
public school, should be able
to transfer to any other public
school in the U.S. and continue
their progress unchecked. This
isn’t possible of course, and the
government knows that great
disparity exists from one district
to another and from state to
state. But the goal of our public
education system is to provide
every child with the exact same
education, regardless of the
child’s abilities, desires or beliefs.
The government holds to no one
religion as being ultimately true,
and so government schools teach
accordingly. In accordance with
the First Amendment to the U.S.
Constitution, no public school
can proclaim the name of Jesus
and teach that He is Lord.
But, because of that same
Amendment, a private U.S.
school can teach the Truth about
Christ. That doesn’t mean the
300,000 private school grads
of 2010 were guaranteed an
education grounded in a Biblical
worldview, but at least they had
the chance to learn about the
Lord every day.
For this year’s three million
public school graduates, as
far as school curriculum was
concerned, God didn’t exist. Yes,
their public education was free.
But for the Christian students in
public schools there was also a
terrible cost.
Recent studies suggest that
between 30-70% of young adults
who went to church in high
school quit going in their early
twenties. For these individuals,
even if they remain Christian by
personal conviction, the value of
their faith is likely to plummet.
Their worldview is not consistent
with the Bible, and their
education has not taught them
that Christ is essential. Instead,
professionally and personally,
they’ve been taught to succeed
without Him.
Some Christians may know
these things, but still find
themselves financially pressed.
After all, the cost of sending
children to Christian schools
amounts to the sacrifice of a
lot of money. But, the cost
of sending children to public
schools amounts to the sacrifice
of the Christian worldview.
There is a great expense in both
cases. Christian parents must
weigh these two costs as they
decide what is best for their
children. Sending them to public
schools is by no means a death
sentence. Nor do Christian
schools guarantee salvation.
But one system will train the
children in the ways and words
of the world, while the other
is concerned with the Word of
God. To say one option is free
and the other costs money puts
the emphasis in the wrong place.
The emphasis for people who
want to follow Christ needs to be
placed on Christ. The Christian
school allows for that - public
schools do not.
†††Joshua Haveman is the
administrator of Crosspoint
Christian School in Villa Ridge,
MO. He has degrees in English
and culture studies and has
worked in Christian education
as a teacher, advisor, director
and administrator for the last
six years. For more information
about Crosspoint Christian
School call (636) 742-5380,
visit their website at www.
org or email [email protected]
New Ministry Reaches Out to Muslim Women
By Jim Day
Acts 18:9 “Do not be afraid;
keep on speaking, do not be
silent. For I am with you, and no
one is going to attack and harm
you because I have many people
in this city.”
Why would a Christian author
write a book condemning radical
Islam and then take a 180 degree
turn by attending a week-long
conference on how to share the
Gospel of Christ with Muslims
using the Qur’an?
B. J. Armstrong did just
that. After sharing with a
friend, Bill Federer, that she
had unexpectedly shared the
Gospel of Christ with a Muslim
woman in a Q.T. gas station
parking lot, Bill suggested she
pray about starting a ministry
to Muslim women. She didn’t
hear from Bill for weeks, but
then came an e-mail from him
with information about Crescent
Project, an organization founded
by a Muslim background believer
(MBB), to train Christians how
to reach Muslims with the same
love that Jesus has for them.
“The training seemed to be
the answer to prayer,” she said,
“but there was a problem. I
didn’t have the $700 to attend the
conference. Then
out of the blue
one of our church
members decided
to raise the money
for me.”
Training was
just the first step.
The next step was
the challenge of
allowing God to
fill her heart with a
love for the MBB’s
she met at the
Conference and
for Muslims of
the World, and to
bring back training
materials to utilize
this training to
teach others how
to effectively approach and
witness to Muslims. According
to Armstrong, “I quickly
learned that it isn’t hard to love
Muslims. We just have to meet
them where they are and pray
that they respond to the Gospel
of Christ. A lot of Christians
view the Muslim world as a
threat to Christianity and to the
Jewish people, but they tend to
be complacent in their efforts
to counter Islam’s command for
Muslims to create a community
of the faithful, which replaces the
body of Christ with a worldwide
Muslim community.”
When asked what prompted
her to write a book on Islam she
hesitated for a minute, “Two
years ago I didn’t have a hint that
I would be called into a ministry
to Muslims. I was focusing
on the political campaign and
Obama’s unprecedented rise to
power. My ears really perked up
when Obama refused
to allow media into his
personal life after they
found evidence that
he is a Muslim. That’s
when my research into
Islam, the religion of
the Muslims, began.
The deeper I dug into
the Islamic movement
in the United States
the more apparent it
became that Obama’s
interest was in the
Muslim world. My
focus now was to write
a book that would
wake up Christians to
the fact that Islam is
attempting, through
deception, to take
this country for Islam.” “I’ll be
honest,” she said, “for two years
I prayed that the Lord would
somehow remove Muslims from
this country because I could
see from months of research
that their goal is to take the
United States for Islam, and their
teaching is to kill the infidel anyone who will not denounce
Jesus. I also learned, too, that
their intent is to take the name of
Jesus completely out of the world,
but I know that Jesus’ intent is
that they know Him as their
B. J. says she has been
approached several times by
people who want to know why
her book, entitled Is Barack
Hussein Obama Claiming
America for Islam – Obama’s
Ancestry vs. America &
Christianity, is still on the market,
while she trains Christians how
to reach out to Muslims with the
Gospel of Christ.
“It’s simple,” she said. “The
book is filled with documented
evidence of the purpose behind
this fast-moving, silent Islamic
movement into the United
States. It serves as a witnessing
tool to help people understand
how important it is that we do
not become complacent and
simply shrug this false religious
movement off as just another
phase in United States’ history.
My prayer is that reading this
book will open the eyes of
Christians and non-Christians
alike that this radical religion is
not going away! The best way
to counter this movement is to
See Muslim Women page 11
St. Louis MetroVoice
September 2010
Continued from page 2
Health Care and Small Business
Suffer Under Government
Before Hitler, we had very
good medical care. Many
American doctors trained at
the University of Vienna. After
Hitler, health care was socialized,
free for everyone. Doctors were
salaried by the government. The
problem was, since it was free, the
people were going to the doctors
for everything. When the good
doctor arrived at his office at
8 a.m., 40 people were already
waiting and, at the same time, the
hospitals were full. If you needed
elective surgery, you had to wait a
year or two for your turn. There
was no money for research as
it was poured into socialized
medicine. Research at the
medical schools literally stopped,
so the best doctors left Austria
and emigrated to other countries.
As for health care, our tax
rates went up to 80% of our
income. Newlyweds immediately
received a $1,000 loan from
the government to establish a
household. We had big
programs for families. All day
care and education were free.
High schools were taken over
by the government and college
tuition was subsidized.
Everyone was entitled to free
handouts, such as food stamps,
clothing, and housing.
We had another agency
designed to monitor business.
My brother-in-law owned a
restaurant that had square tables.
Government officials told him he
had to replace them with round
tables because people might bump
themselves on the corners. Then
they said he had to have additional
would go to the farms, count the
live-stock, then tell the farmers
what to produce and how to
produce it.
bathroom facilities. It was just
a small dairy business with a
snack bar. He couldn’t meet all
the demands. Soon, he went out
of business. If the government
owned the large businesses and
not many small ones existed, it
could be in control.
We had consumer protection.
We were told how to shop and
what to buy. Free enterprise
was essentially abolished. We
had a planning agency specially
designed for farmers. The agents
Mercy Killing Redefined
In 1944, I was a student teacher
in a small village in the Alps. The
villagers were surrounded by
mountain passes which, in the
winter, were closed off with snow,
causing people to be isolated. So
people intermarried and offspring
were sometimes retarded. When
I arrived, I was told there were
15 mentally retarded adults, but
they were all useful and did good
manual work. I knew one, named
Vincent, very well. He was a
janitor at one of the schools. One
day I looked out the window and
saw Vincent and others getting
into a van. I asked my superior
where they were going. She said
to an institution where the State
Health Department would teach
them a trade, and to read and
write. The families were required
to sign papers with a little clause
that they could not visit for 6
months. They were told visits
would interfere with the program
and might cause homesickness.
As time passed, letters started
to dribble back saying these
people died a natural, merciful
death. The villagers were not
fooled. We suspected what was
happening. Those people left in
excellent physical health and all
died within 6 months. We called
arm of Focus on the Family, said
parents in both communities have
plenty of reasons to be upset.
“Parents are the primary
teachers of sexuality to their
children,” Hills told Baptist Press.
“This is not an issue that is without
morals, without values. This issue
is highly specific to families, and
it’s not the school’s place to impart
values and morals to the children.
It’s the parents’ place to do that.
person’s physical and/or romantic
attraction to an individual of the
same and/or different gender, and
is one part of one’s personality.”
Sixth-graders would learn
that “the penis, fingers, tongue or
objects” can be used in sex. They
would also learn that “gender
identity is different from sexual
Beginning with seventhgraders, students would discuss
The school is there to educate
them in English, math. Parents
should be outraged.”
Hills added, “Parents should
be neck-deep in what their
schools are teaching their kids,
especially in science class or
physical education class, where
sex-education is typically taught.
Parents need to attend board
meetings. Parents need to be
involved in local elections of the
offices within their schools.”
Among the other controversial
elements of the Helen, Mont.,
Kindergarteners would learn “a
baby grows in a woman’s uterus.”
Third-graders would learn
“the ovary produces eggs and the
testicles produce sperm.”
Fifth-graders would learn that
“sexual orientation refers to a
Supreme Court decisions that have
given people “the right to make
personal decisions concerning
sexuality & reproductive health
matters, such as abortion,
sterilization, and contraception.”
Ninth-graders would begin
learning that “erotic images
in art reflect society’s views
about sexuality & help people
understand sexuality.”
Parents would have the
opportunity to opt out of the
curriculum, but some parents say
that’s not sufficient.
“Much of this information is
weaved into curriculums other
than sexual [education],” Mikal
Wilkerson, a parent who attended
the board meeting, said on Fox
News’ Hannity program. “So even
if I opt my child out of the sexual
[education], they will still receive
Page 9
this euthanasia.
The Final Steps - Gun Laws
Next came gun registration.
People were getting injured by
guns. Hitler said that the real
way to catch criminals (we still
had a few) was by matching serial
numbers on guns. Most citizens
were law abiding and dutifully
marched to the police station to
register their firearms. Not long
after-wards, the police said that
it was best for everyone to turn
in their guns. The authorities
already knew who had them,
so it was futile not to comply
No more freedom of speech.
Anyone who said something
against the government was taken
away. We knew many people who
were arrested, not only Jews, but
also priests and ministers who
spoke up.
Totalitarianism didn’t come
quickly, it took 5 years from
1938 until 1943, to realize full
dictatorship in Austria. Had
it happened overnight, my
countrymen would have fought
to the last breath. Instead, we
had creeping gradualism. Now,
our only weapons were broom
handles. The whole idea sounds
almost unbelievable that the state,
little by little eroded our freedom.
After World War II, Russian
troops occupied Austria. Women
were raped, preteen to elderly.
The press never wrote about this
either. When the Soviets left in
1955, they took everything that
they could, dismantling whole
factories in the process. They
sawed down whole orchards of
fruit, and what they couldn’t
destroy, they burned. We called
it The Burned Earth. Most of the
population barricaded themselves
in their houses. Women hid in
their cellars for 6 weeks as the
troops mobilized. Those who
couldn’t, paid the price. There
is a monument in Vienna today,
dedicated to those women who
were massacred by the Russians.
This is an eye witness account.
It’s true! Those of us who sailed
past the Statue of Liberty came to
a country of unbelievable freedom
and opportunity.
America truly is the greatest
country in the world. Don’t let
freedom slip away. After America,
there is no place to go.
much of this information in other
curriculums. In addition, if my
child goes out to recess, you know
they’re going to hear it from the
kids. Now it’s even in a different
The sex-ed curriculum,
Wilkerson said, puts the child “in
the middle” of the controversy.
“The school teaches one set of
values,” she said. “I teach another
set of values. And now the kid’s
stuck right at the middle. And it
undermines the authority of both
the parent and the teacher in the
Supporters of the curriculum
say it is needed because children
and young teens already are
having sex. It will help cut down
on teen pregnancy and STDs, they
say. Hills, of CitizenLink, says
supporters are off the mark. “My
answer for that is that the school
nurse should not be handing out
condoms,” Hills said. “Instead,
the school nurse should be sitting
down with these kids, in the same
room with their guardian or
their parent, and saying, �Look,
this is not a healthy direction for
you to be traveling. Here are the
potential outcomes if this behavior
continues in your life.’”
A handful of organizations,
Hills said, are promoting similar
sex-ed program nationwide.
Among them are Planned
Parenthood, SIECUS (Sexuality
Information and Education
Council of the United States) and
Advocates for Youth (AFY). The
controversy will be “coming down
the pike” in a “lot more states,” he
“There’s such a thing as
awakening passions before
their time,” Hills said. “This
is exactly what these types of
groups do, because they’re
focusing on sexuality. Many
teens are pursuing sex instead of
relationships. And a lot of the
college students are beginning
to rebel against that because
they’re saying, �There is no lasting
satisfaction in that. There’s only
temporary pleasure and there’s this
hollow emptiness left inside of me
after that experience.’
“What they’re beginning to
realize -- without even being told
this -- is that sex has context, and
that context is within the stable
lifelong commitment of marriage
between one man and one woman,
the way God designed it to be.”
Montana Sex-Ed Opens Parents’ Eyes
†††Kitty Werthmann, grew up in
Austria and lived through the Hitler
regime both before and after WWII,
and the suppression of human rights
and freedom by the Nazi Party. She
moved to the USA and became a
citizen in 1962. She is 83 years old
and lives in Pierre, South Dakota
where she has written and spoken
extensively about the danger of
losing our freedoms. This is one of
many that she has written. You can
check out this info for yourself on
the Internet by going to Google and
searching for Kitty Werthmann.
By Michael Foust of Baptist Press
A controversy over proposed
sex-ed curriculum in Helena,
Mont., for students as young as
kindergarten should lead parents
elsewhere to be more in tune with
what their schools are teaching, an
expert on the topic says.
The proposal, which has drawn
nationwide attention, attracted
an overflow crowd at the Helena
School Board Meeting July 14,
when more than 300 people
attended, although the board
had time to hear from only 64.
It could take a vote next month
on whether to approve the
Among the more controversial
elements, the proposal says
kindergarteners would learn the
“basic reproductive body parts
(penis, vagina, breast, nipples,
testicles, scrotum, uterus)” and
first-graders would learn “human
beings can love people of the
same gender & people of another
gender.” Fifth-graders would
learn that “sexual intercourse
includes but is not limited to
vaginal, oral, or anal penetration”
and seventh-graders would learn
about Supreme Court opinions
on abortion and “reproductive
It’s at least the second
controversy over public school
sex-ed in recent weeks that has
made the national news. In June
the school board of Provincetown,
Mass., adopted a policy to make
condoms available to all students
-- without parental consent -- and
did not set an age or grade limit.
Several weeks later the board
amended the policy so that it’s
“age-appropriate” and dependent
on “specific circumstances,”
although parents still will not be
Chad Hills, an analyst for
sexual health with CitizenLink, an
†††Michael Foust is an assistant
editor of the Baptist Press.
Read the curriculum online
at http://www.helena.k12.
Accountability and Accountancy in Pro-Life?
How are your donations really being used?
Questions have been raised...
What are the answers?
St. Louis MetroVoice
Page 10
September 2010
Professional Directory
Construction Co.
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& Business Advisor
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Christian Community Calendar
August 22
Grace Church Saint Louis, 2695
Creve Coeur Mill Rd., Maryland
Heights, MO (63043) will host
a one-time grand Festival of
Praise Reunion and Concert
starting at 5 p.m. Among the
alumni planning to attend
and perform will be : Karen
Wheaton, recording artist, TV
host, and pastor of the powerful
youth ministry in Hamilton, AL,
The Ramp; Ray Gene Wilson,
tenor soloist for many years with
Kenneth Hagin and Kenneth
Copeland crusades, pastor of
West Coast Believers Church
in Santa Barbara, CA; Andy
Gazak, one of the original PTL
Singers from The PTL Club
long-running TV program,
recording artist from Concord,
NC; and Anne Durant, former
member of Truth and The
Rhema Singers, evangelist,
recording artist and soloist from
Birmingham, AL. The concert
will be co-hosted and directed
by contemporary Christian
producer, the legendary Thurlow
Spurr and Bob Pickett, as well as
other former Festival of Praise
directors. It will feature a live
band and brass section and The
Spurrlows, resident featured
ensemble from Festival of Praise.
This is a free concert and no
tickets are necessary. Everyone
is welcome and a free will
offering will be received to cover
concert expenses. For more
information call (314)292-8320
or email [email protected]
August 27
During the month of August,
The Family Vision Library, 516
S. Fifth St. in St. Charles, MO
(63301), will celebrate music
and local musicians with a Local
Musicians Coffeehouse Night
from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Some of
the musicians who will perform
include Curtis Buckhannon,
Matthew and Bethany Coad,
Steve Morris, Samuel Vandersaul
and others. All are invited to
attend for a fun filled evening of
coffee and baked goods, acoustic
music and fellowship. Admission
is free. For more information
call (636) 669-0111, stop by the
library or visit their website at
August 27
South St. Louis County CBS
begins its 2010-2011 study year at
Concord Church, 13775 Tesson
Ferry Rd. South County CBS
moved to Concord Church in
January 2009 from its previous
location that it had been at for
13 years and had outgrown. The
2010-2011 study, The Divided
Kingdom will begin August 27th
at 9:15 a.m. and continue each
Friday thereafter until May 2011.
This study covers I & II Kings and
the Minor Prophets. Community
Bible Study is an international,
interdenominational ministry
devoted to in-depth Bible study
for all. For more information
about St. Louis South County
CBS or this year’s study contact
Kathryn Workman at (314)
993-1322 or on the web at www.
August 28
Church on the Rock, 900 Birdie
Hills Rd., St. Peters, MO 63376
hosts the Do Hard Things Tour
from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. See article
in this issue of the MetroVoice.
September 1
The 5000 Year Leap begins at 6:30
p.m. at Pillar in the Valley, 229
Chesterfield Business Parkway in
Chesterfield, MO (63005). This
DVD study from the National
Center for Constitutional Studies
will cover the Twenty-Eight
Principles of Liberty-Ideas that
Changed the World. Learn where
the Founding Fathers got their
ideas for sound government and
how a return to these ideas can
solve our nation’s problems today.
Register by calling Bev Ehlen at
(314) 608-0168 or emailing her at
[email protected] for more
information. A book will be
available for the study at the first
class for $6.
September 9 –
Rosh Hashanah
September 12 –
Grandparents Day
September 17
Celebrate Constitution Day by
attending a two hour movie
entitled A More Perfect Union.
A More Perfect Union is a very
well done dramatic presentation
on the Constitutional
Convention. You’ll be drawn
into the effort, the excitement,
the discouragement and the
ultimate victory of those who
met in Philadelphia to give us our
Republic and a Constitution that
was designed to define what this
new Federal Government was
to be. The movie will begin at 7
p.m. and is being shown at Pillar
in the Valley, 229 Chesterfield
Business Parkway in Chesterfield,
MO (63005). This a free event
open to the public.
September 18 – Yom Kippur
September 18
Concerned Women for
America of Missouri presents
an educational class on the
Constitution of the United
States entitled The Document
That Changed the World from
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Pillar in
the Valley, 229 Chesterfield
Business Parkway in Chesterfield,
MO (63005). Class includes,
Founding Principles, Issues of
Contention and State Sovereignty
presented by an authority on the
U. S. Constitution Jeff Teismann.
The class is free and open to the
public. For more information, or
to reserve your place, contact Bev
Ehlen at (636) 932-4496 or email
[email protected]
September 18
Castlewood Baptist Church, in
association with the Metro West
Fire Dept., St. Louis County
Police Canine and D.A.R.E.
units, Adventure Learning
Center, and McAlisters Deli
will host a Back To School
Picnic at Castlewood State
Park which is located at 1401
Kiefer Creek Rd., in Ballwin,
MO (63021) from 10 a.m. to 2
pm. For more information visit or
call (636)-227-3757.
September 23 –
The first day of Autumn
September 24
Mission Gate Prison Ministry
celebrates 25 years of leading
prisoners from crime to Christ at
their annual Septemberfest dinner
starting at 7 p.m. at the Sheraton
Hotel Lakeside Chalet, 191
Westport Plaza Dr. in Maryland
Heights, MO (63146) with
featured speaker Jay Sekulow of
the American Center for Law and
Justice. See article in this issue of
the MetroVoice.
September 25
Canaan Baptist Church, 5409
Baumgartner Rd., St. Louis,
MO (63129) will host the Men
of Valor: Pursuing Integrity in
a Sexualized World conference
presented by the National
Coalition for the Protection
of Children and Families. The
conference will begin with a
continental breakfast/registration
at 7 a.m. followed by worship at
Continued on page 11
St. Louis MetroVoice
September 2010
Page 11
Obama Complies With Agenda 21
and Expands Federal Power
By Henry Lamb
President Obama’s Executive
Order 13547 issued July 19,
further extends federal power,
embraces global governance,
diminishes the rights and
privileges of individuals, and
brings the United States into
compliance with Agenda 21,
Chapter 17.6, which says: “Each
coastal State should consider
establishing, or where necessary
strengthening, appropriate
coordinating mechanisms
(such as a high-level policy
planning body) for integrated
management and sustainable
development of coastal and
marine areas….”
The National Ocean Council
created by the Executive Order
creates this mechanism - and
much more.
The genius of the American
system of governance created
by the U.S. Constitution is
the delicate balance of power
between the federal government,
state and local governments, and
the people.
The founders recognized
the people as the source of
power; the people came first. It
was the people who organized
states. The states created a
federal government and through
the Constitution, limited the
power of the new government
to those specific powers set
forth in Article 1, Section 8.
All unspecified powers were
explicitly retained by the states
or the people.
In the first 200 years, the
United States of America
produced greater wealth and
prosperity than the rest of
the world had produced in
2000 years. Why? Because
individuals were free to pursue
their own individual happiness.
Throughout our entire
history, however, there have
been those who believe that
government is, or should
Continued from page 10
7:45 and will conclude at 2 p.m.
Keynote speaker for the day will
be Dr. Ted Roberts, a former
fighter pilot, who later became
a pastor, and currently serves
as the Founder of Pure Desire
Ministries International.
During the day men will be
given the opportunity to choose
three breakout sessions from
among 15 topics. Lunch will
be provided. Register online
The due date for entries
for our October 2010 issue
Christian Calendar is
August 31st. Our October
2010 issue will be distributed
beginning September 16th.
Please E-mail your
event/calendar entry to
[email protected]
or mail it to
St. Louis MetroVoice,
PO Box 1533,
St. Peters, MO 63376
be, the source of power; that
the people are, or should be,
subjects of the state. Since the
1970s, these people have used
“environmental protection” as
an excuse to expand the power
of government. They argued
that free people, in their pursuit
of personal happiness, were
polluting the environment.
Therefore, government had to
restrain free people in order to
save the earth.
Their arguments prevailed
in Congress, in the schools,
and throughout society.
The result has been everexpanding government power
that continually diminishes
individual freedom, which
results in less investment in the
pursuit of individual happiness
and a gradual slowdown in
the growth of prosperity for
Once, Americans could do
whatever they could conceive,
restrained only by the possible
consequences of infringing
their neighbors’ right to do the
same. Now, Americans must
get permission from multiple
layers of government to do
anything that produces income,
pay multiple taxes on whatever
income is generated, and comply
with expensive regulations that
govern every activity that might
be pursued. Consequently,
the individual entrepreneurial
spirit is steadily being replaced
by the ever-expanding reach
of government’s ambition to
manage society.
President Obama’s most
recent Executive Order is
another example of government’s
ever-expanding reach. First,
Obama created an Interagency
Ocean Policy Task Force in
June of 2009. This group
worked a year to produce a
report that recommends how
government can better protect
the environment relating to the
oceans and the Great Lakes.
The Executive Order essentially
adopts the recommendations
in the report as national policy,
and creates a new bureaucracy
called the National Ocean
Council to implement all the
recommendations in the report.
The two most egregious
recommendations are: controlling
activities on land that affects the
ocean, and ratification of the
Convention on the Law of the Sea.
Before America became
a nanny-state subject to the
tyrannical decrees of the federal
government, people were subject
to laws that forced polluters to
make whole anyone who was
harmed. People who used their
own property in the pursuit of
their own individual happiness
who inadvertently, through
negligence, or deliberately
polluted water that harmed a
neighbor could be brought to
court and forced to pay damages.
Now, the federal government
ignores private property rights
by requiring government
approval of any proposed use of
private property, payment of fees
October 1
finest guitar players in the world
First Christian Church of
as he presents his solo acoustic
Florissant (2890 Patterson Rd.,
set. Tickets are $15 and $25, and
Florissant, MO 63031) will host
are on sale now at www.iTickets.
Phil Keaggy in concert starting
com and at First Christian
Inc. For more
at 7Facilities
p.m. This willManagement
be a terrific
of Florissant.
opportunity to see one of the
information call (314) 246-0622.
& BuildingSystems,
Systems, Inc.
Facilities Management Systems, Inc.
• Tile •&&Windows
Carpets • Tile • Windows Industrial
Carpets • Tile • Windows
Floyd, Karen & Matthew Stewart
for the privilege, and payment of
penalties for any infraction of a
myriad of rules that govern the
activities that government may
The trampling of private
property rights is not as bad,
however, as the subjugation
that would result from the
ratification of the Convention
on the Law of the Sea. This
treaty was rejected by Ronald
Reagan in 1982. Despite the
so-called improvements to the
treaty boasted by the Clinton
administration, the U.S. Senate
rejected it in 2000. President
Bush tried to have it ratified,
but the Senate rejected it again
in 2004. Now Obama is trying
again to force this horrible treaty
down America’s throat.
This treaty would give the
U.N. power to regulate activity
within our territorial seas
(Article 2, (3)); it would give
the U.N. the power to levy
taxes in the form of application
fees ($250,000) and royalties;
it provides no benefits that
the United States does not
already enjoy. Yet, the Obama
administration has set up this
new National Ocean Council to
convince the Senate to ratify the
This treaty is another
expansion of global governance,
which is defined by the U.N.
to be that “framework of rules,
institutions, and practices
that limits the behavior of
individuals, organizations, and
companies” (U.N. Development
Report, 1999, p. 34).
Obama’s expansion of
government is taking the nation
in the wrong direction. The
federal government should
be reduced in size, scope,
and function. The federal
government should be pushed
back inside the bottle of
those limited powers defined
in Article 1 Section 8 of the
U.S. Constitution. States and
individuals should reclaim the
power given to them by the
Constitution and guaranteed
by the 10th Amendment. No
elected official – including
President Obama – is immune
to the power of the ballot box.
Those in power who support
Obama’s brand of foolishness
should be forced to find a new
career path this November.
†††Henry Lamb is the author
of The Rise of Global
Governance, Chairman of
Sovereignty International,
(, and
founder of the Environmental
Conservation Organization (ECO)
and Freedom21, Inc., (www.
Muslim Women
Continued from page 8
reach out to this misinformed
people group and show them
the difference between their god
and the God of Christianity.
Islam’s god is vengeful, merciless,
unforgiving and commands
Muslims to take the world for
Islam even if it means killing
those who will not submit to
him. We know that Muhammad
was a warrior who claimed to be
a prophet of god and whose quest
was to become powerful over
all nations in the name of Allah.
Most Muslims fear Allah because
he is vengeful and can change
his mind, so they struggle to
obey the law of the Qur’an. The
God of Christianity is forgiving,
just, loving, merciful, and gives
people a free will and will not
force His creation to worship
Him. Unlike Muhammad, Jesus
came as a humble servant who
was willing to die in our place to
reconcile us to the Father. We
need to show Muslims in a loving
way the differences in the god
they worship and the God we
The Bridges DVD Small
Group Study, narrated by Fouad
Masri, President and Founder
of Crescent Project, provides
biblical teaching about Islam,
what Muslims believe and how
to effectively approach and share
the Gospel of Christ with them.
The first six-week session, held
in the St. Louis area, started
on July 29, 2010 at the Family
Vision Library in St. Charles,
MO and concludes on September
2. The next session (August 25
through October 6) will be held
at Countryside Family Church,
which is located at 310 Veterans
Dr. in Millstadt, IL (62260).
Our prayer is that B. J’s new
ministry will spread throughout
Missouri and surrounding
If you would like B. J. to
present her training to a group in
your church or in an individual
home setting, please call (314)
922-9949. The cost is minimal.
B. J. Armstrong is a retired
Administrative Secretary who is
active in various mission projects
and is a first responder in the
Southern Baptist Convention
Disaster Relief Program. Her
book can be purchased at Back
to Basics Christian Book Store in
O’Fallon, MO and on Amazon.
com or by contacting her at the
above phone number.
The Goldilocks Quest:
Symmetry, Subsidiarity, Solidarity, Authority, Tradition,
Modernity, Postmodernity, Progress, Freedom, University
A Quest with Political Purpose: Government -- local, state, federal -- not too large, or too small, but just right!
By Michael Curran, MLitt.
September sponsor: Moncey Plumbing (314) 355-5558
The Goldilocks Quest is a ten-part series sponsored by a different local business each month. Sponsors do not
necessarily endorse the views presented in these essays or the MetroVoice; they endorse and demonstrate free speech!
Our previous two topics –
modernity and postmodernity
-- provide the basis, the foundation
and reason for a politician’s
response to problems and visions
of progress, the goal(s) of our
journey: freedom, (little to no
problems, no child left behind,
no injustice, no losses, no lack of
health care, nearly infinite miles per
gallon, no illnesses?) We all vote
for that candidate(s) which offer
that progress as it relates to our
particular or collective view of that
future worth pursuing.
Thus, let us first seek to
determine Scriptural foundations
beneath contemporary visions of
progress – politically speaking –
and determine which candidates
offer such versions of progress.
For example, no small numbers
of Americans think universal
access – unsure where/when denial
ever occurs although payment a
separate issue – represents progress
whilst larger numbers loathe the
accomplishment as a setback to
freedom (next month’s theme).
Where and how does Scripture
address this conflict?
Further, and making the
question more difficult, if the
phrase “beauty lies in the eyes of
the beholder” ever applies, then no
better fit is defining and arguing
for a particular vision of progress
when Scriptural guidance is either
silent on a particular matter, only
addresses the matter thematically
and quite generally, or appears by
superficial review to actually offer
contradictory advice!
Second, we shall determine
if Scripture affords guidance
via silence, theme or apparent
contradiction and draw a
conclusion appropriate to our
context. Upon doing such, we
shall have enhanced our ability to
assess candidates and their vision of
progress as it is proffered and cast
an informed vote.
Deafening Silence
Is it that difficult for Christians
to recall and restate the reasons the
Declaration of Independence and
Constitution may not have and do
not cite chapter and verse from the
New Testament is because there is
neither verse nor reason for the
Granted, Romans 13:1, Ephesians
6:12 and Colossians 1:16 speak to
angelic hierarchy and authoritative
structure – within the context of
attitude for the believer – but these
verses hardly offer insight to the
structure of a republic, a democracy
or even a dictatorship! Who wants
to use the Pentateuch to construct a
Further, if Jesus did indeed come
primarily to establish a kingdom
not of this world yet in that world
He would build His Church, then
such perspective when reading the
New Testament should be apparent
in our deductions.
Seven distinctly different
letters to seven distinctly different
churches (Revelation 2 & 3) reveals
Jesus as always having a word for
His people within a particular
context and not limited to any
desired or necessary context,
or even specific ending! Why?
Because the �here and now’ for each
was supplemental to a superior
cause (Rev. 1:6; 1:10; 2:17; 2:25 &
28; 3:5; 3:12; 3:21).
Finally, would not a detailed
and highly organized verse by
verse argument in the founding
documents of our republic
undermine the fundamental
truth of our republic: IT IS SELF
EVIDENT! (Romans 1:19).
Broad Parameters
The essence of our �self-evident’
foundation takes us logically to
a second key notion: the general
parameters in which to operate
speak to a large �freedom of
movement’ rather than a rigid
�march of the Penguins.’ So,
whether liberal or conservative, let
us briefly peruse one word and find
this notion at work in context.
From the days of Cain, the
means and methods have changed
but for the most part there is
no dispute that Pol Pot’s Khmer
Rouge MURDERED millions;
Mao MURDERED millions; Stalin
MURDERED millions; Hitler
MURDERED millions whilst in
America an alleged parameter
is constructed to justify infant
slaughter by the MILLIONS and
call it termination rather than
Conversely, nearly no one would
call the execution of 911 terrorists
For most, the parameters allow
for terrorist’s execution whilst
for most the parameters do not
allow for the termination of an
unwanted pregnancy, most call that
Balance in Contradiction
If only the Washington
Monument and/or Jefferson
Memorial were replaced with a
giant tablet with the verse “Render
to Caesar the things that are
Caesar’s and to God the things that
are God’s” (Mark 12:14).
Think of the changing mess:
whatever the ruling group in
Washington or varied state
legislature adopts simply shut
up and give or do until the next
contrary edict comes down. Is
that what Jesus meant then or
now? Then why is it so frequently
esteemed as a universal answer
to ALL difficult socio-political
(taxation too!) concerns?
If it is not the �catch all’ verse it is
so frequently cited as, then how do
we balance apparent contrary verses
whilst adhering to the previous
notions of deafening, self-evident
Whether Scripturally or
politically, you exercise due
diligence; you find that overarching beauty, balance and
symmetry which embraces the
distinct components of diversity,
difference or apparent contradiction
and ensure their respective
For example, a military which
keeps all Americans free from
foreign invaders allows for quite a
lot of individual diversity; does the
recent Health Care Freedom Act
do likewise? Do most tax laws do
Your varied candidate’s vision of
progress presumes upon the notion
of silence/self-evidence; presumes
upon the notion of parameters and
upon balance in contradiction.
Does it match yours?
Likewise, your candidate’s view
on postmodernity is inseparable
to their view on modernity which
is inseparable to their treatment of
traditions and to the traditions
they will attempt to eradicate or
If we continue in our Quest
then we will be prepared to
Remove, Replace and Re-found
our country with candidates who
understand authority, solidarity
and subsidiarity. May your
symmetrical vote reflect such!
Participate in discussions with
Michael, host of �Heart, Head and
Soul,’ a bi-weekly show on AM 1350
�The Mouth,’ or live-stream http://
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