Unit 2: Living in Our World Case Study List

 Case Study List for GCSE Geography Unit 2: Living in Our World (Paper 2) Theme A: People and where they live 1.
Evaluate the positive and negative impacts of international migration on one country within the European Union (from Turkey to Germany) 2.
Describe and explain the growth, location and characteristics of shanty town areas on one LEDC city (Sao Paulo) 3.
One urban planning scheme that aims to regenerate and improve the inner city zone in one MEDC city looking at housing; employment opportunities and the environment (Belfast) Theme B: Contrasts in World Development 4.
Describe and explain how one named strategy that is attempting to reduce the global development gap (Jubilee 2000/ the Jubilee debt campaign) 5.
How does globalisation help and hinder development in one LEDC or NIC (Nike and China) 6.
A sustainable project in an LEDC that uses appropriate technology to progress economic, environmental and social improvements (The development of a borehole and hand pumps in Uganda) Theme C: Managing Our Resources 7.
Identify and evaluate measures to manage traffic in a sustainable manner in a city within the EU, excluding the British Isles (Freiburg) 8.
Evaluate the benefits and problems of one renewable energy source (wind or solar or biofuels) as a sustainable solution in one MEDC (Walney Wind Farm, Cumbria) 9.
Know and understand why a range of sustainable waste management approaches is required using a case study of a local government area (Belfast City Council) 10.
Assess the impact of one sustainable tourism project on the local community and the environment in either an LEDC or MEDC (Tourism in Kenya) Case Study List for GCSE Geography Unit 2: Living in Our World Tim Manson