Margarita Machine Single Compartment

Margarita Machine Single Compartment 315-­‐6500 DIRECTIONS 1. Pour one quart of the mixture into the bowl (1 quart = ½ of the container). Pour 1 gallon (1 gallon= 4 quarts) of water into the bowl. If using alcohol, use 3 quarts of water and 1 quart of alcohol. Be careful not to overfill beyond the max level indicated. 2. Plug into direct socket, if you must use an extension cord use a heavy thick cord. 3. Switch @ in position I. Switch in position I. 4. Product takes 90 minutes to freeze. 5. Once bowl is completely empty, pour the rest of the mix and 4 more quarts of water into the bowl. Because the machine is already cooled, it will take 45 minutes to refreeze. 1.
CLEANING Press in position O to shut off refrigeration system Empty bowl. If needed, it’s ok to pour a few cups of water into the machine to clean out the excess slush. Never introduce hot liquids (77+) DO NOT IMMURSE IN WATER OR SPRAY WATER ONTO MACHINE. Turn off and unplug. Simply wipe machine down to clean. East (Main) 2209 S. Stoughton Rd. Madison, WI 53716 Phone (608) 222-­‐5004 Fax (608) 222-­‐5063 West 8123 Forsythia St. Middleton, WI 53562 Phone (608) 664-­‐9661 Fax (608) 664-­‐2059 North 6485 Blanchar’s Crossing Windsor, WI 53598 Phone (608) 846-­‐5004 Fax (608) 846-­‐5428