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How to Make
Money Online
How I Make Thousand's Online Every Month (and you can too)
Hey there,
First of all I want to say congratulations for downloading this eBook. I always
admire people who take their life situation into their own hands and start to
make things happen for themselves. I've been fortunate enough to come from a
great background with parents that supported me, and now less than 2 years
later since starting my journey, I make a full-time income online and work from
With so many scam artists out there it can be hard to know who to trust, so I
promise you one thing: I only recommend things in this guide that have worked
for me. I created this guide to help people out there who really want to work on
their lives to make some additional income.
This guide is very detailed and should tell you everything that you need to know.
I'm going to quickly state something that gets its own page at the end of the
eBook, but the only reason people fail to make money online is that they don't
take action. There is a lot of potential in this industry.
“What is the potential?”
First of all I want to say that I'm not here to sell you anything, so I hesitated
about whether I should put up some of my income stats. Then again, sometimes
people need a bit of 'social proof' to believe that ideas work so here goes.
At 18 years old, I was the social media manager for companies like Nissan, Land
Rover, ABSA Bank and other large corporations. I moved from the UK to South
Africa to get the job and didn't know one single person in the country so that
should show you my dedication to this aspect of my life. I've been in this
industry for almost 4 years so it's up to you whether to trust my advice or not,
but I think it's safe to say I know what I'm doing.
This is a screenshot from one of my PayPal accounts, and only half of December,
note that I have 6-7 places where I collect money, and PayPal is only a small part
of my income:
(this is all that would fit on one page)
Of course, this continues throughout the months, here are a couple of recent
payments from the last few days (I'm writing this guide as of March 24th 2009).
I'm also waiting of a payment for around $500 to come through in the next few
days. As I said, this is just PayPal, I earn money through:
Google Adsense
Selling Products
Affiliate offers (what this course will be about)
etc etc
As I say, I'm not here to prove anything, however as an example, I put together a
website in four hours a couple of weeks ago and so far in March it has made me
$855 $888 (I literally made a sale as I was typing this). This is my first time with
Motive Interactive and they've been working out well for me.
One thing to note is that I don't pay any money for this traffic and I only worked
on the site for less than four hours. Of course, I'm experienced with putting up
websites quickly so this would take you a little longer, but the fact is still the
same: you can make a lot of recurring income by building websites that get free
That screenshot is for one website, for one product, for one keyword and for one
month. And I set it up in less than four hours. Now imagine if you can do that in
one day's work, what you could achieve in a month? Exactly
And this is exactly what I'm going to teach you how to do in this course.
Update: Just to prove that this website which I do not touch still continues to
make money, here's the update as March comes to a close:
Here's what we are going to cover in this guide:
Becoming an Affiliate
Deciding What Product to Promote
Keyword Research
Testing the Competition
Choosing a Domain
Getting Your Site Hosted
Setting Up Your First Website
Tracking Your Stats
Building Backlinks
Why 99% of People Fail to Make Money
Becoming an Affiliate
How You'll Make Money
One of the easiest ways to make money online is to become an affiliate. What this
means is that you will be selling products, trials or other offers made by
someone else, and earning a commission. So for example, if you sell a product
that is worth $40, you will probably make around $30 in commission (75%).
If you sold only one product per day, for a month, you would make 30 x 30 =
$900. Not a bad side income when you see that you can literally have your site up
and running in a matter of hours and there are thousands of products to
There are a few companies where you can sign up as an affiliate, I recommend
that you use Clickbank. That is not an affiliate link, it is a genuine
recommendation. I've been a member of Clickbank for over 3 years, they have
over 100,000 affiliates (people like me and you) and have paid out over
$1billion to their members.
Sign-up is completely free, and it won't take more than 2 minutes of your time.
This is not an affiliate link, so I don't get anything for you signing up, just a
genuine recommendation for a service that is used by people who started out
with nothing and are now making thousands of dollars per month online.
This is completely legal and legitimate, you are basically helping people find
products that they want to buy, and being the middle man to help them do just
You can sign-up here:
Do this right away as they can take a few days to approve your account,
then continue reading.
So, just to recap on the current situation. The process in which we are going to
make money is this:
Build a website
Drive natural, search engine traffic to the website
Send that traffic to the page of someone else with our affiliate link
If they make a purchase, then we automatically make a commission
In essence, all you have to do is put the site together and get visitors, the
payment processing and tracking is all handled by Clickbank (free). They earn
their money by people advertising their own products in the system who get
people like you and me to promote them. So, it's a win-win situation for
Step 1: Register on Clickbank
Deciding What Product to Promote
What You'll Be Selling
The first step you need to decide is which product you should promote. To be
honest, there are no right and wrong products. You can make money in any
industry as long as you can get relevant traffic, so it's probably best to promote a
product that has interest to you, as you have to build a site about it.
Some products will get more conversions than others and some won't do so well.
If I mentioned a product that you should promote in this eBook then you would
all jump on it, therefore making it very competitive and no longer easy to make
money with.
As an example, I tried promoting a product in the Tattoo niche, I sent 2,500
visitors to the sales page and made only 6 sales, making me just over $100. Yet
when promoting another product, I sent only 600 visitors to the sales page, and
made just short of $900. Now, if I had done a quick Google search I would have
discovered that the Tattoo niche is converting poorly, but this proves that you
can make money in any industry with any product. Even though the Tattoo niche
is very difficult to make money in, I still managed to do it.
There is actually no product on Clickbank harder to promote, so I've just made
things a lot clearer for you.
Now, first things first, you need to browse the Marketplace. You don't need to
have your Clickbank account approved before you do this so click here and start
If you click on a category such as 'Health and Fitness' you will be presented with
a page like this:
The part in blue is the usually the name of whatever you are promoting.
$/sale = This is how much you will make for a successful sale, so for item 1 you
would make $32.02
%/sale = This is how much the product owner is paying you out of a total sale,
you will generally earn around 70-75% commission
The final column 'grav' is perhaps the most important. As said in Clickbanks FAQ,
gravity is ”the number of distinct affiliates who earned a commission by
referring a paying customer to the publisher’s products”. ClickBank also specifies
that “this is a weighted sum and not an actual total. For each affiliate paid in the
last 8 weeks we add an amount between 0.1 and 1.0 to the total. The more recent
the last referral, the higher the value added”.
Basically, the higher the grav number a product has, the better it is selling and
the higher the number of people that are making money with it. However, this
also means that it's likely there will be a lot of search engine competition for this
Taking a look at the product in number 4, you may be interested to note that in
2008 alone, this simple page made $4,000,000. Yes, that's over $3,000,000 paid
out to Clickbank affiliates alone in one year, as they offer 75% commission.
The first rule to choosing a product is to promote something that you are
interested in, especially if this is your first venture into making money online.
Task 2: Write down 5 – 10 products that interest you
That's it, just browse around the Clickbank marketplace and write down around
5-10 products that interest you and note down their names. Some products
won't have the best title, for example this listing doesn't make clear what the
product is:
If you get a listing like that and it isn't clear what it is about, click on 'view pitch
page' and a site should open. So in the case of this listing, which I found in the
health category the site that opened was this:
Now you can see that the product is actually called 'Fat Loss 4 Idiots' so if this
looked interesting to you then right down the name. When you are writing down
the products do not worry about the stats below them, I've explained them all
above but they are not hugely important. Simply note down 5-10 products that
look interesting to you, and you would promote if you knew you could earn
money with them.
Keyword Research
Narrowing Down Your List
For this case study we are going to be driving traffic from search engines. Every
day, millions of people go to the likes of Google, Yahoo and Live search and look
for whatever they want to find. Luckily for us, many people are searching for
products directly, or things that could make them want to buy a product.
I like search engine traffic because it is completely free and highly targeted.
Search engine visitors are very likely to turn into buyers, much more likely than
many other sources of traffic.
Consider �dog training’ for example. Somebody might go to Google, type in �how
to train my dog’ and then click around on the top results for some decent
This is what is known as a keyphase. A keyphrase is a number of words that
people type as a search engine query in order to get their results. Also known as
keywords, but I prefer to say keyphrase if it is in-fact, a phrase.
How to train my dog is a good example of a close to buying keyword, if this
person came across a really nice looking dog training product for $19 or
whatever price in the top results, there’s a good chance they will make a
purchase, because it is what they are looking for.
So essentially the Google Keyword tool tells us what people are searching for and
how often they are doing it. It is not perfectly accurate, obviously, but it is usually
pretty damn close.
Running Your List Through the Tool
You should have a list of a products that looked interesting to you after you
browsed around Clickbank, and now it is time to run them through the Google
Keyword research tool.
You can find the Google Keyword tool here.
When you open the tool you should see a box that looks like this...
What you need to do first is make sure that you change the country option on the
left hand side to be all countries and territories, like so:
What you want to do now is to enter keywords that are related to the products
that you have written down. For example, if I picked 'truth about abs' as my
product, then I would type truth about abs into the search box, and this is the
result I get:
Make sure that you change the drop down box on the right from 'broad' to
'exact'. What you can see then from the results above is that the key phrase 'the
truth about six pack abs' is likely to be searched around 12,100 times in
February. The other keyphrases are used a lot less and don't have enough data to
For each of your products, you should write down all related keywords that
get at least 1,500 exact searches.
Now, if you scroll down the listing, you will see a segment which looks at related
keywords which you can see below:
Now, looking at the suggested keywords, see which ones you think would
convert a searcher into a buyer. Would someone looking for 'abs exercises' be
interested in a program that helps them get six pack abs? I certainly think they
If a key phrase is getting more than 20,000 searches per month, it's very likely
that they are going to be very competitive to rank for in search engine results.
Try to pick keywords that are relevant to what you are looking to promote and
have between 1,500 and 20,000 searches.
To give another example, let's say you are promoting a product about six pack
abs that gives $40 per sale. You rank highly for an abs related keyword that gets
you 100 visitors per day from the major search engines. 5% of your visitors
convert into buyers, so that is 5 people every day.
5 x $40 = $200 per day, if you can keep this up for 22 days in the month
(excluding weekends when traffic tends to be lower) you would make a nice
$4,400 in that month. Of course, these stats will vary, but don't be surprised,
there are people making this amount of money on a daily basis with companies
like Clickbank.
The best thing is that once you are ranking highly in the search results (we'll
cover how to do this later in the guide) it's likely that you will keep your position
for quite a while without any additional work, leaving you time to set up more
sites or just enjoy your profits.
As an example I’ve just ran the product 'Panic Away' through the Google
Keyword tool and here are some of the relevant results that came up along with
their search volumes in brackets:
Panic Away (5,400)
Anxiety Relief (6,600)
Anxiety and Panic Attacks (3,600)
Panic Attacks Treatment (3,600)
Stop Panic Attacks (3,600)
Treatment for Panic Attacks (2,400)
Note that these results will vary depending how recently you are reading this
eBook to when I wrote it. Don't worry though, all the information is still relevant ;)
I think that most of the people searching for things like this would be interested
in buying a product that could help cure their panic attacks. Do this for all items
in your list, and make a note of the keyphrases and their search volume.
Step 4: Run all your product names through the keyword research tool.
Look at suggested keywords from Google and ask yourself whether someone
searching for that term might be interested in buying a product that you are
Now, make a separate list of all relevant keyphrases that the tool returned that
get more than 1,500 searches per month.
For some products it may not be clear which keywords will be relevant. For
example there is a product on Clickbank called 'laws for success' and if you
entered that into the Google Keyword Tool then you wouldn't know which
keywords would be relevant. What I advise you to do in this situation is to look
at the full product page (click 'view pitch page' on the Clickbank listing) and see
what they offer.
For the laws of Success program you can see that they plan to help you increase
your energy and they use the law of attraction. Therefore you could enter
keywords like increase energy, improve energy and law of attraction into the
Google keyword tool.
Remember: You are looking for buying keywords. Ask yourself, would
something looking for [whatever keyphrase] be interested in my [clickbank
product]. If so, and it gets over 1,500 searches, write it down.
If you have any questions about this step, just send me an email to
[email protected] and I'll get right back to you!
Testing the Competition
Making Sure Your Keyphrase Isn't Too Difficult
Before we get right into testing the keyphrases that you should have by now, I
want to give you a quick guide on how search engines work.
SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimisation, is the �art’ of getting a website
to rank highly in the search engines. I could write a 400 page eBook on this topic
but I’m going to try and keep this as simple as possible.
Every single day, millions of people go to one of their favourite search engines
(Google, Yahoo, Live) and type in what they are looking for. Some people want
free information, some people want a quick link to their favourite websites and
some want to buy products.
Have you ever wondered why some sites rank above another? Why when I
search for �dog training’ in Google, does one site get to rank 1st and one not even
show on the first page, even if they both have excellent content?
The answer is simple: backlinks.
Backlinks are links from one website to another, and help search engines to
understand what is a quality site and what isn’t. A link is basically a �vote’ saying
“Hey I trust this site, it has good content”. Google constantly ’spiders’ the web
and finds these links, and then ranks sites accordingly, a lot of results pages
fluctuate on a daily basis because of this.
Thankfully, good sites do tend to rise to the top of search results, because people
link to them. If I wanted to rank on the top of Google for �Personal
Development’ then I would try and get as many links as possible to my site that
look like this: Personal Development.
This is why, time and time again, you will see sites like Wikipedia, Amazon and
other trusted sites rank highly in the search results, because they have millions
of links.
The reason I’m telling you this is because this method of making money online
is going to require you to get traffic from search engines. Don't worry, it is a lot
easier than it sounds. Your aim will be to get relevant links to your finished
website (I’ll show you how to do this) and trust that it will rank for the keywords
you want it rank for.
As long as you understand the basic concept that links from websites are the
main factor that help a page rank in search engines then that is enough to
understand for now. The benefit of search engine traffic is that it is completely
free and once you’re ranking (showing in the top Google results for that term)
for a keyphrase then you could be receiving that traffic for a long time with no
extra effort.
This is how I earn thousands of dollars on auto-pilot, because I’m constantly
getting search engine traffic that wants to buy products, and I’m ranking highly
for relevant keywords. I could die tomorrow and I would still make money for
months to come.
By now, you should have a list of keyphrases that are related to products that are
found on Clickbank. So if you wanted to sell a forex product on Clickbank, it
would be good for you to rank in Google for �forex software’ because that
searcher is looking for what you have to offer, and is likely to buy.
However, some keyphrases are very competitive. Think about this: it is said that
the number 1 spot in Google for Credit cards is worth $10,000 per day (because
they can promote tons of credit cards)! Now you are obviously going to need a
lot of links about credit cards just to rank on the first few pages. There are
companies that do nothing but spend all day building links for competitive
keywords and making money that way.
This is not what we are going to do, it’s simply not possible to compete, or at
least not in a short time frame. Therefore, what we are going to do now is take
your keyword phrases and see how competitive they are, if they are too
competitive then they are not worth trying to rank for.
To give you a good understanding of how to do this, I'm going to use the phrase
�stop panic attacks� and test the competition.
Step 1. Enter your phrase into the Google Search box
Step 2. Note how many homepages there are in the results
Homepages are basically the first page of a website, so when you look at the URL
in Google, a homepage will have nothing after the .com or .net or whatever the
extension is.
Ideally you don’t want there to be more than 4-5 homepages in the search
results. This is because it is a lot easier to get a homepage to rank than an
individual page.
Step 3. Check the backlinks of one of the top pages
It doesn’t matter exactly which page you pick, but when you enter your
keyphrase into Google, choose a page that is ranking in the top 5 results. 3, 4 or 5
are usually the best. This is because we need to see around how many backlinks
it is going to take to �outrank’ these pages and jump above them in the results.
To do this, get the URL for the page, so for my example it might be:
This page ranks 4th in Google for �Stop panic attacks’ which is my keyphrase. So
now what you need to do is go over to Yahoo and type in the following:
So after link you put the URL of the page, even if it is a domain and then after
-site: you put the domain name, in this case it is
The part I’ve circle is what you need to check. If a site in the top 5 results has less
than a few hundred links to the specific page, then assume that you can probably
rank for this easily, especially with the help of Bookmarking Demon.
Based on these three tests, it is safe to assume that I could make some very
easy money online by ranking for ’stop panic attacks’.
The reason we use Yahoo for the test is that Google are known to only show a
small portion of the backlinks they know about. Yahoo results for backlinks
show most, if not all links to a site and is updated much more regularly. I can
assure you that Google will know about the same links, they just would not show
it if you ran the link: query in their search engine.
Step 5: run all the keyphrases from your list through this three point test,
and note which ones �work’ successfully. These are keyphrases that you can
probably rank in Google for with minimal experience of doing this before and
keywords that will make you money.
There are some other factors that apply, as this test is rather basic but does look
at some of the most important points you need to observe.
1. Who is ranking in the top results? Sites like Amazon don’t always have many
links to their individual pages but because they are so trusted they rank highly
and will be hard to beat.
If you see top results from sites like Amazon,, Wikipedia or other
sites that have some strong authority, then it’s probably best to stay clear,
especially if this is your first time doing this.
2. How relevant are the links? Google don’t just check to see how many links a
site has, they see how many links are from relevant websites. So for example if I
wanted to rank PluginID for �Personal Development’ it would be a lot better to
get links from self improvement blogs, rather than say, a cooking website.
Relevant links will be harder for you to pick up, and you can get a quick idea of
whether a sites links are relevant or not by looking at the results from the Yahoo
backlink check.
Once you've done this section you should know which keyphrase you want to try
and rank for. Remember, it should be relevant to your product and it should be a
keyword that might mean people would buy what you have to offer. Ideally it
should have at least 1,500 exact searches as shown in the Google Keyword tool
and it should pass the three tests above.
If you have any questions about this section feel free to email me at
[email protected] I'm more than happy to help you all make money online.
Choosing a Domain
Where People Will Find Your Site
There are two routes that you can take for domains and they usually depend on
what type of site you are building. For example, if I’m building a blog on a
reputable topic and I’m offering a lot of value, then you might want to pick a
brandable domain that people can remember. I chose PluginID because it is
short, it is based around a slogan and you can remember it.
However, in all honesty, the domains that I use for campaigns like this are not as
pretty. They have a lot of words in them and they often end in .net or .org instead
of the more popular .com. The reason for this is that you get a �boost� in search
engines if you have all the words that you are targeting in your domain and the
.com isn’t always available. Google only gives you a slight boost, but having all the
keywords in your URL helps you greatly in Yahoo and MSN.
Yahoo and MSN do get less traffic than Google but they can still send you
targeted visitors that buy what you have to offer. MSN visitors are actually much
more willing to spend money than any other search engine visitor based on my
If the keyphrase I have chosen was 'stop panic attacks' then I would try to get
Some domain name options I think you should consider include:
…and so on. If you can get the .com that’s excellent, if you can get something
close to that then that’s great.
Buying Your Domain
There are hundreds of websites online where you can buy domain names. I use
NameCheap (that is not an affiliate link) and a .com will usually set you back
$9.69. The reason I use NameCheap is that they offer free WhoisGuard which
basically protects your registration data so that people can’t search the domain
database and find all your personal details, which they could if you use providers
which don’t offer this option.
A .com, .org or .net domain will all be the same price. However, a .info domain
will only cost you $2.98. I personally don’t like using .info domains as they look
spammy to me. I also believe that search engines devalue them very slightly; my
reasoning behind this is that one day not long ago, all .info’s disappeared from
Google’s index.
Do you ever think they would make such a big mistake with .com’s or .net’s? I
don’t think so. Either way, there are .info’s that rank well, I just prefer not to use
If you do go with Namecheap there is a coupon code that I’ve found for April
2009 which is 7tulips. This will reduce the price of a .com or other extension to
$8.81. If you’re reading this after April, then you can find updated coupons here.
You can pay via Paypal or your Credit Card, and they’ve been around for years so
you can trust them with your money. I personally have over 30 domains with
NameCheap and have used them for a number of years.
Getting a Host
A Server Where You Place Your Website Files
What is a Host?
A host is basically somewhere that you can put the files for your website, and
people can access them from anywhere with an internet connection. As an
example for this website I use Hostgator so my process was:
Buy Domain ( >> Add domain to Hostgator Account >> Install
Wordpress or Add Website Files to the Hostgator Server >> The site is now live
and viewable like you see here.
The host is my web-space online that allows me to host files, databases, images,
videos and all that kind of thing. Without a host there is no way for people to
view your website online.
Before you can set-up your hosting, you need a host. As stated, I use Hostgator
and they cost a measly $5 per month; that’s the price of just one Starbucks coffee
that you can leave out of your monthly expenses. What I love about Hostgator is
that you can host unlimited domains so that means if things start working well
for you and you want to set-up more websites, you can do so with no added cost.
Additionally, their live support is just brilliant. If you go over to their website
now and click on �live chat’ you can see that they always have 10-20 technicians
online that you can talk to at anytime. They guarantee 99% uptime so if your
website is ever down for more than 1% of the month (a few hours), they will
completely refund you your monthly spend for that month.
They host over 1,800,000 domains, yes that’s over 1.8million so they can be
trusted and they are a very well known company.
You do not need anything more than the option that costs more than $5 per
month. So what you need to do is go over to the site, and you will see the
following page:
If you click �Learn more’ you basically get the information that I’ve just shared.
Note that while it says �Linux’ on the learn more page, this is simply the
operating system that the server runs on, it does not mean you need to have a
Linux PC (somebody sent me an email about that).
Once you are on the Order page, simply click �I will use my existing domain’ and
then fill in the domain that you have purchased like so:
Click on next and then you will be asked to select your hosting plan. Note that
hatchling offers unlimited bandwidth and webspace, but you can only host one
domain. I use baby to host my sites and that means you can host unlimited
It is completely up to you how long you want to host for, but note that the
longer you set-up your plan for the cheaper the monthly price becomes.
Once you’ve done this, just continue with the following steps and you’ll be the
proud owner of a new hosting account. What we need to do now is link your
domain to your hosting account.
You can use the coupon code 'Wordpress' and your first month will only be
Getting Your Site Live
How to Get Your Website Online
What we need to do is tell the company where we purchased the domain
(NameCheap) where it can find our host (Hostgator). In the domain section I
recommended that you use NameCheap, if you used a different domain registrar
you will have to find out for yourself how you can change your nameservers.
First of all, when you sign-up to Hostgator you will receive an email that looks
like this:
The email will contain two nameservers. Make sure you do not delete the email,
we will use these 2 URL’s in NameCheap (or wherever you purchased your
domain) to tell the domain registrar about your Hostgator hosting.
Now what you need to do is go over to NameCheap, log into your account and go
to the Manage Domains section. Click on your domain and a new page will open.
On the left hand side of the page there will be a link that says �Transfer DNS to
Webhost’. Once that page loads simply enter the URL’s from your hostgator
confirmation email from before, like so:
Once you’ve done this, hit �Save Changes’ and you’re all done. Congratulations,
within an hour or so your site should be ready to go!
Free Landing Page
Setting Up Your First Site
I've decided to create a completely free website design for you all that you can
use to set-up your first website. Here is how the design looks:
Design Features
You should know by now that I go above and beyond any normal offerings. I
spent quite a few hours putting this together, and even integrated the following
• Integrated Google Analytics code for stats tracking
• Change one file for the footer and it will change on every page
• Optimised for Search Engine rankings with unique titles, descriptions and
• A Cloak script which will help you hide your affiliate links
• Optimised Images and placement
• A 9 page eBook how to tweak all aspects of the design
• The eBook also contains recommendations for what content should be on
your page
How to Install the Template
Instead of taking up this whole guide with how to do it, instead what I've done is
created a zip file for you to download. This zip file contains all the files you need,
and a 9 page eBook of how to tweak everything.
Do not worry if you have never setup a website before or even looked at HTML,
the eBook will show you everything (there's even a video). Download the zip
folder here and read it when you are up to this part.
Site Contents
What Should Be On Your Site
My recommendations here are going to be based on the free theme that I
released. If you do not want to use the theme or have some other solution, please
feel free to just incorporate some of the ideas into your own design.
Here is the screenshot of the design with different sections numbered, I've gone
into detail about each below:
1. Here you should simply put the name of your site. This is small, but website
visitors will still see it, and it’s right at the top of the page so search engines will
relate it as being relevant to your site, therefore, you should put relevant text
here. If I was building PluginID with this landing page then I would change the
text to �PluginID’
If I was marketing a cure acne website and my domain was �How to Cure Acne’
then that is exactly what I would write there.
2. This heading really grabs people’s attention, so you have to make the text
If I was writing a site for an acne cure I might write “I Finally Discovered the
Truth About Removing Acne That You’re Doctor Won’t Tell You!”
3. The idea behind asking your readers a question is simply that it engages them
into your website.
• Do You Want to Know How to Remove Acne, Naturally?
• Do You Get Frustrated with Forex Software?
• Are You Sick of All the Shady Marketers Online?
Ask a question that is relevant and makes them want to read the bullet points.
Remember, the key secret of copywriting is this: the job of the first sentence is to
get someone to read the second, and the job of the second is to get someone to
read the third. You want them to be engaged and then click on your link.
4. The bullet points that you use on your page should obviously be related to the
question you asked or the statement you made. For example, if you asked �Do You
Get Frustrated with Forex Software’ then your bullet points should highlight
points of some Forex Software you are promoting:
• Find Out Exactly Why People are Going Crazy for [Product Name]
• Learn the Crucial Tactic to Massively Increase Your Income
• Stay Completely Risk-Free with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
Sometimes it’s good to be clear you are promoting a product, other times you
just might want to say how you found a solution to their problems and outline
the benefits. Remember this page is all about �pre-selling’ and then hoping the
visitor converts when they go over to the Clickbank product page.
Look at the features that are highlighted on the page of the site you are
promoting if you need additional inspiration.
5. Make sure that you change the link text to that of your Clickbank URL or the
link cloaker that has been included.
6. If you are doing a PPC campaign (buying ads on search results) then you do
not need to worry about having a lot of text on the homepage. However if you are
doing SEO (which is what I’m doing in the case study) and trying to rank in
search results naturally, then you need a decent amount of text on the homepage.
Think about it, the search engines only want to provide their users with quality
results. If Google results were full of spam and ads people would simply not use
them. This is why it’s good to make sure that your site is around 3-4 pages and
has some quality content on the site.
The important thing is that part 5 is clear, that should be enough for most
visitors to click through to your site. Then start writing more content that is
related to what you are offering, or what the site is about. If your site is about
Acne, tell an embarrassing acne story, if your site is about Forex then write about
your struggles with Forex and how you started making money.
This is exactly why from the start I recommended that you pick products that
you have an interest in. I only promote the likes of Bookmarking Demon and
about the product because I actually use it and it works well for me. If I didn’t use it,
then I wouldn’t write great reviews, that would be unethical. I could promote it if
I hadn’t used it, but I certainly wouldn’t say it had helped me make a lot of
money when it hasn’t…but it has.
7. Change the image here to something that is relevant to your niche. You may
even just want to put a software box or an eBook cover here. This image helps
people identify with what the site is about, and lets them make sure they are on
the right page.
Tracking Your Stats
How to Know Where Your Visitors are Coming From
Now that your site is online, you need to track where your visitors are coming
from. For this I use Google Analytics, a free tool that gives you a snippet of code
to put on your website, and then you can login and find out all sorts of stats
about your visitors.
You can see which sites they are coming from, which countries they are coming
from, which search engine keywords they are coming from and even which
search engines.
You will then get a snippet of code which looks like this:
<script type="text/javascript">
var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www.");
document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "'
<script type="text/javascript">
try {
var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-382292-49");
} catch(err) {}</script>
To add it to WordPress, simply go to:
Design >> Theme Editor >> Footer.php and paste the code before the end
</body> tag.
It will take around a day for your stats to start generating, but once they do you
can start monitoring your visitors and how they find you.
Note: If you are using the free template that I have released then you do not need
to add this code, it is already in the theme for you!
Building Backlinks
Getting Traffic from the Search Engines
What are Backlinks, and Why are They Important?
Backlinks are basically hypertext links that connect the web. Backlinks, in the
most simple way to describe them, are links from other websites to your
Backlinks are important because Google and other search engines use backlinks
to determine their ranking algorithms. For example, if you search for �dog
training’ or �remove acne’ in Google, it’s likely that the site that ranks in 1st place
will have a lot more links than the site that ranks in 10th place. The one in first
place will obviously be getting a lot more traffic, and they are probably
converting that traffic into a lot more income.
Backlinks basically tell the search engines “This site looks good and deserves to
rank for this term”. A good example of the power of backlinks is the Google
results page for click here. You will notice that some of the sites don’t even have
the text �click here’ on their pages. They are simply ranking highly because
they have a lot of links to their site with that text. Adobe rank highly because a
lot of people probably link to their site saying �click here to download abode
It’s important that you build backlinks to your site so that you can improve your
search engine rankings, and start getting traffic to your sites from sources like
Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines. Some of my sites get over 500
visitors per day just from the major search engines, and this is what allows me to
earn a passive income with no work involved.
With the keyphrase that you have chosen, you should also look to get more links
from other websites. Ideally, you want links with the name of your keyphrase in
them. So for example if I wanted PluginID to rank for �Personal Development’
then I need links from other sites pointing to this one with that text, like this:
Personal Development.
How to Build Links
In this section I’m going to share two ways that you can build links to your site.
One of the ways requires no fees but manual work, and the other way requires
you to purchase software which will greatly help with this aspect of making
money online.
I am including multiple options so it is clear I’m not just writing this eBook to
make money, I genuinely want to help people. I would not recommend anything
that I have not used myself and has helped me.
1. Manual Backlink Acquisition
You can build links to your site manually in a number of ways, some are simple
and don’t take long, others will require a bit more work. Some ideas for this
• Changing Your Forum Signature - If you are a member on any forums, it’s
usually possible to add a link in your signature that will show on the
bottom of any of your posts.
Write Articles - If you write articles related to your subject then you can
add them to article directories and get a link on the end of the piece. You
can find hundreds of article directories here.
Submit to Directories - Just as there are directories for articles, there are
also directories for links. These aren’t high quality links at all but they will
help somewhat. You can find thousands of directories here.
Leave Blog Comments - There are blogs out there which allow �dofollow’
comments which basically means that any comments you leave on their
websites with a link will help towards your search engine rankings. You
can find a list of do follow blogs here, just make sure you do not spam the
Write Guest Posts - There will be blogs in your niche that allow you write
articles for their site, and in return you can put a link to it on the end of
your post. Search around for top blogs that are relevant to your niche
Building links by using some of these methods is free, but certainly not the only
method you can use. I personally use a tool called Bookmarking Demon to build
links to my site. If, after a week or 2 I notice that I need to improve my rankings
(or longer if the phrase is competitive) then I will use some of the methods
2. Bookmarking Demon
Bookmarking Demon is a social bookmarking tool which can get you links on
hundreds of sites, automatically. Basically the software:
Allows you to auto-create accounts on hundreds of websites
Submits your link to all of these sites at once
Has an option for you to use proxies when submitting sites
Is updated constantly (I’ve had it for 2 years)
Allows you to save your accounts and load them whenever
I only ever really use this tool on my affiliate sites, and sometimes this is all I
use to get links which result in search engine traffic. For some sites that have
a lot of competition then I might do blog guest posts, submit to article directories
and that kind of thing, but if you’ve picked a fairly uncompetitive keyword then
you’ll find that this is usually enough.
There is a 60-day money back guarantee that comes with the tool so if you have
any problems or it doesn’t work out for you then you can get a full refund. I
recommend that you check out the free videos on their site.
Why 99% of People Fail
...and why you might too
Do you want to know why 99.9% of people fail to make money online? It's
simply because they never take action. Even though I've laid out exactly what
you need to do in this guide, 99% of people will not do anything about it.
Despite the fact that there are over 100,000 people using Clickbank and the fact
that every single person who picked a product and promoted it properly
probably made a sale; some people just never get started.
How do I know this? Because in the four years I've been doing this, I've watched
my friends and even forum members keep planning and keep saying what they
are going to do, yet they never take action. You could literally have your website
up and running in 2 hours from now. That's buying a domain, getting hosting,
putting some content on the page and having your website live for the world to
I was one of those people who researched for a year, making sure I had
everything 'perfect' before I started my venture into the unknown. Yet the only
way I've learned to do what I can these days is by trial and error, actually taking
action and then tweaking what I do depending on the results I get.
You can only learn so much by reading, you won't start to understand everything
and earn money until you take action.
Are you going to be part of the 99% that reads a guide like this, and never opens
the file again? Or are you going to be the 1% that starts to make money online
and makes a huge change to their reality?
For over a year I was part of the 99%, thankfully I woke up :).