HOW TO: Access your SIGs / Google Groups profile STEP 1. STEP 2.

HOW TO: Access your SIGs / Google Groups profile
Go to
Then click �sign in’
Use the
address with
which you
receive emails
from SIG
groups. This is
not necessarily
the one OTNZ
uses to
with you.
If you do not have an
account, click �create an
account’ and follow the
steps. You can either use a
gmail account or a different
If you needed to make an account, make sure you are logged in
You may
see this
screen, you
can either
�skip’ or
enter your
number and
wait for the
code (we
You will then be taken back to
the home screen. Click on your
email address in the top right
corner, then click �account’
To change your primary email
address if it is not a gmail account
click �edit’ next to the email address
If it is a Gmail account and you wish to use another address as the primary
account, you need to either:
add your new email as an alternative email, and have emails from the
original account forwarded to your new account (to be done in gmail) or
close the account and send a request to [email protected] listing the
SIG’s you wish to rejoin. This will affect your email account, and any
other services you have with it - for example, photos or documents on
google drive, and potentially videos you’ve uploaded to Youtube.
Click on �edit’ to
add alternative
email address.
See below for
next screen
You can add an
alternative email
address here, to
help if you ever
forget your
password, or as an
alternative sign in.
Emails will continue
to go to your primary
You now should have either been able to change your primary email address,
added an alternative email address or closed your account and opened a new
one. If you have closed your gmail remember to request to be re-added to the