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How To Rank Your Website
At The Top of Google
A Special Report by Alex Cleanthous
Head Online Strategist, Web Profits
Copyright 2010 – All Rights Reserved
If you want your website ranking at the top of Google but you don't know how then this report will
literally turn your fortunes around.
Here's why: The use of the internet has grown massively over the last few years, particularly in
advertising. Marketing media that was once popular is fast falling out of fashion as businesses
concentrate their efforts online. The Yellow Pages directory is shrinking and even long trusted
publications such as the Trading Post are now only available online.
Getting a top ranking in Google is critical because if you don't get one of the 10 spots that are
available for each keyword then your business becomes virtually invisible. And while a few
businesses will dominate, the vast majority will become virtually invisible overnight.
Unfortunately there are a lot of 'sharks' passing themselves off as SEO consultants. And I'm
worried that people are being taken advantage of. Almost every week we find a client who's tried 3
or 4 other consultants before us, and this has cost them tens of thousands of dollars in fees as well
as the money they could have been earning if they'd had a good ranking.
Take one of Australia's top building companies. They spent nearly $40,000 on SEO but never got
higher than 4th spot on Google. When we stepped in...
We got them to the top spot in only 27 days.
Or a local printer who worked with 4 other companies before coming to us after we guaranteed
we'd outperform the rest.
We delivered.
Or even a supplier of online hampers and gourmet baskets...
We increased her profits by 700% in less than 10 weeks.
All we do is help our clients grow their businesses on the internet. Sure, we charge a lot of money
for it, but we make our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars, and in some cases millions.
Have you heard of Youi Insurance? They're Australia's fastest growing insurer and they now
dominate Google, thanks to the strategies we put in place for them.
The challenge with SEO is deciding who to listen to. If you speak to 3 different SEO �experts’ you’ll
get 3 different answers. I mean, who should you trust? Who should you listen to?
Listen. There's a golden rule about using the internet to make money...and it doesn't have anything
to do with how much money you spend or how much time you put in. You can be the hardest
working business owner and still starve to death! You can slave over your computer reading course
after course and listening to expert after expert and still only get the occasional order or enquiry. I one time I did exactly that, stubbornly believing that all the work I was doing
would be good enough. As long as I stuck it out I'd be sure to make money.
Wrong! It didn't matter how much I spent or how much work I put in.
© 2010 Web Profits –
I tried everything I could to rank higher...followed all the so-called experts and did exactly what
they told me...but still couldn't get paying customers to my sites. I was running out of money fast.
Things were getting really desperate and I was almost at the point that if someone broke into my
house they'd probably just leave a donation.
Then I met someone from the US who changed my life. He was an internet marketing expert who
ran a dozen different sites, all making big money. He changed my life and if you pay attention to
what I tell you, you’ll learn...
How To Get Your Site To The Top Of The Search Engines And Keep It There...
At first I started getting a trickle of customers to my sites. It wasn't long before they were actually
making me money instead of losing it. Every week my sites were marching up the search engines
and the trickle turned into a steady flow, and soon after an absolute flood.
I was making thousands a month, and I was spending a quarter of the time I used to.
And that's when I realised the biggest secret to quickly building a business using the internet is
...the money is NOT in the hours you spend or the money you put in. The money is in the
techniques you use and the systems you put in place so your entire internet strategy virtually
runs on auto-pilot.
So armed with my new found skills I took a job as an internet marketing specialist for a ringtone
company. Armed with these strategies I helped make the company so successful that they won an
award from Delloite as the fastest growing company in Australia.
All down to my strategies.
I mean I went from managing a $300 a day budget to $15,000 a day budget when I left. Sure, it was
hard work but I made its owners multi-millionaires.
Still it was unrewarding, and I wanted to help businesses grow and develop. So in April 2006 I
started up Web Profits.
Now when I look back I realise that 95% of the people out there telling you how to do SEO don’t
really know how to achieve top SEO rankings (most of them don’t even have rankings for
themselves!). When I think about their advice I realise how little idea they have. So many of our
clients tell us about how much time and money they spent with our competitors, only to end up
"Dear Web Profits,
I want to thank you for the success you have achieved in improving our web page SEO
performance. What you have achieved in a short period of less than two months is
significantly better than what we have been trying for over 18 months with another SEO
optimization company (your competitor).
© 2010 Web Profits –
Thanks again and keep up the good work."
Mel Koumides - Director
Academia International
The reason I wrote this report was to share the strategies we use on a daily basis to achieve top
rankings for every client we work with. With this information in hand you’ll be better armed with
the knowledge of what it takes to achieve top SEO rankings for your website, and you’ll be able to
spot wrong advice as soon as you hear it. My goal is to get this report into the hands of as many
people as I possibly can so they know how SEO is done properly.
But first let me warn you. This report is not going to be for everyone. It’s really only for business
owners that are serious about growing their business online. It's based on my years of experience
running an SEO and online marketing agency, and backed up with an estimated $50 million we've
made our clients and partners.
The information is real. It’s what actually works for our high paying clients day in and day out. So if
you want someone telling you it's easy to get to the top of Google in a couple of hours then I
suggest you look elsewhere. But if you want the cold hard facts about getting ranked at the top of
Google (and staying there) from someone who does it every day then keep reading...
I'm about to show you how SEO experts drive sales and profits for their clients through achieving
top SEO rankings for the right keyword phrases.
In the next few pages I'll reveal strategies that few people know and fewer people actually use.
Strategies like...
The three different types of keywords there are, and why you should only focus on one
and ignore the other two.
Getting the jump on your competitors by taking advantage of the all new Google Caffeine.
The role website optimisation really plays. The answer will surprise you.
Link building – what it is and why it's the most powerful way to shoot you up search engine
What social media is all about and how you can harness its phenomenal power.
Why systems, not technology will make you rich.
Why content is still king, and why article marketing is critical to your success.
How to reverse engineer your competitors' strategies to beat them at their own game.
Better yet, knowing how they do it could save you a small fortune. I'll explain why in a
The reason your website is the key to making the big dollars.
© 2010 Web Profits –
How to tame and then control social media. Everyone thinks they know how it's done but
few have any idea. I know because I've done it over and over again, and it’s not done how
most people tell you.
The strategies we use all the time to knock off much better resourced competitors.
Plus I'm going to tell you the most common myths and misconceptions about making money
with SEO because I see people telling the same old lies every single day.
Let's begin there:
1. Myths, Lies and Out-dated Ideas.
Apparently everyone's an expert these days but the problem is they keep repeating the same old
myths just to sell their products and services. And it really frustrates me, because good people like
you get taken in all the time and then the entire SEO industry gets a bad name.
Like I say, I'm not here to sugar-coat things. I tell it how it is and that's based on getting #1 rankings
in some of the most competitive markets in Australia.
Anyway here are the 7 most common myths people still pass off as truth...even though I've proven
them wrong time and time again.
1. It's All About Rankings.
I'm not saying rankings aren't important. But what's more important? Getting lots of people to
your site, or getting high quality people there who want to spend money with you? No point being
#1 if you get flooded with time wasters. That brings me onto...
2. SEO Traffic Will Make You Money.
Just getting traffic isn't enough. It's only part of the story. If your site isn't designed to convert as
many people as possible then it doesn't matter how many people you get there. It'll never turn a
profit. Reminds me of the site we updated recently for a conveyancing company. All we did was
change the design and conversions went from 2.3% to 10.4%.
3. There’s A Magic Formula for Top Rankings.
There are plenty of people looking for the next shiny object. And they'll fall for this every time. But
here's the harsh truth. There is no tooth fairy; no Santa Claus. And there's no magic formula...
because if there was, everyone would be using it and then how would anybody stand out? I've
read just about every claim made by so called 'experts' and I've never found the magic pill they
© 2010 Web Profits –
4. Web Hosting Companies And Web Designers Are SEO Experts.
You don't go to a neighbourhood doctor for open heart surgery. You go to a specialist. So why
would you go to a web-host or designer for something as specialised as SEO? Sure, they have some
basic knowledge but you won't get very far with them, and you definitely won’t rank for any
competitive keyword phrases.
5. SEO Is Cheap.
The truth is, it's a real dog eat dog world out there, and everyone's clawing at each other to get to
the top. So if you think you can stroll along with a really small budget and knock the big guys off
then you’ve got another thing coming.
We've taken struggling businesses to 6 or even 7 figure profits, just on our SEO strategies, so if you
do it right it's worth every cent. Oh, and I'll show you a way to make it a lot more affordable in a
moment too.
6. Throw lots of keywords onto your page.
Google's far more sophisticated and can spot this a mile off. Adding a bunch of keywords to your
web pages worked a few years ago, but SEO has changed significantly since then. Too many people
still fall for this, and then wonder why they aren’t getting top SEO rankings.
7. SEO is Easy.
It's not easy. There are so many things to get right like keywords, articles, blogs, social media, links,
website design and testing. And it gets tougher every day. Worse still, getting there is only half the
battle. Once you've got a good ranking it's easy to fall back again when technology changes or
another competitor comes up from behind and catches you unaware.
But that doesn't mean there's not an easier way to get there though, as I'll explain shortly.
2. SEO Is The Best Growth Strategy There Is...So Good That It
Leaves Whatever Is Next For Dead
Think about your typical prospect for a second. Do they have internet access? It's in most homes in
the western world and more and more people are jumping on Google to find products and services
near where they live. The Yellow Pages directory is getting smaller, and that's got to tell you
© 2010 Web Profits –
People want to find you, find out more about you and get more information...without even picking
up the phone. The reality these days is that it doesn't matter how good you are, what your prices
are or how well you deal with customers...if they go looking and you aren't on Google then none of
that other stuff even matters.
“In the very near future your SEO ranking will be the thing that determines the dollar value of
your business.”
The good news is there's no limit to the amount of traffic you'll get from a top ranking. Even better,
we've proven that top rankings for the right keywords can give you a ROI that's up to 50 times
better than other marketing strategies.
Of course the best news is that most markets are still babies when it comes to SEO and we're yet to
see the big players move in yet. So my advice is to get in now, get a top ranking and keep yourself
there. It's far easier to keep a top ranking than it is to get there, so do it now before competition
gets tougher.
3. Be Very Cautious About Who You Take Advice From.
I can't stress this enough. The world's full of sharks. There's people out there calling themselves
SEO experts and I don't think they've even done much SEO at all. And like I said, even watch web
designers and hosting companies making claims because it's not their area of expertise.
Worse still a heap of them are still telling you what worked 1 or 2 years ago. But my message to
them is... “That was then. Your out-dated techniques will get killed now”.
It's very simple. Check out anyone giving you advice to make sure their testimonials and results are
real and not just made up. And type in �search engine optimisation’ and see where they rank... if
their strategies were so effective then they should be ranking at the top of Google, right?
4. You Can't Take Your Search Engine Ranking To The Bank
We're both in business here, so I'm sure you agree with me that what really counts is the money
you put in your bank account. After all, will you feel better seeing your site on top of Google, or
seeing a big bank balance that's going to give you the freedom to live life on your terms? The point
is, don't go after keywords just for traffic. You need to know how profitable each keyword is first
and then go after them.
Once you know what works the best, you build your strategy around it. It's a critical mistake but
one that most people fall into when they start out... and sadly there's no shortage of people
teaching these outdated ideas.
5. The TRUTH About Keywords
There's been a lot said about keywords, and probably too much said by people who don't know
any better. But did you realise that there are actually 3 critical things you must know about
© 2010 Web Profits –
keywords first? Get these things right and you'll be heading for the goldmine that only the internet
offers. But get them wrong and our experience shows you won’t make any money from your top
SEO ranking, even with thousands of visitors per month.
Getting your keywords wrong will lose you a year of massive profits
1. There are 3 different categories of keywords. They are...
a. Navigational – keywords used to find a specific web page (eg a search for �IBM’
should list the IBM site)
b. Informational – keywords used to find information on a topic (eg a search for
�tsunami’ should list a Wikipedia entry), and
c. Transactional – keywords used to complete a transaction on the web (eg �beatles
poster’ should list a page where the user can buy a beatles poster)
Of these you want to find the highest searched transactional keywords because these will
get you the highest number of sales in the shortest time.
2. Focus on 'short tail' keywords which are basically 1 or 2 word search terms. The amount of
traffic going to 'long tail' keywords which are 3 or more words is far less, and even though
you can dominate them more easily, you will still get less leads.
Too many beginners fall into this costly trap.
Let’s take a look at a quick example…
�Home Loans’ has a search volume of approximately 18,000 searches per month. With a top
ranking you can conservatively estimate receiving around 10% of the monthly search
volume as website traffic, which equates to 1,800 visitors per month. With a 1% website
conversion rate you would receive 18 sales leads per month.
�Home Loans Sydney’, on the other hand, has a search volume of 170 searches per month
which equates to approximately 17 visitors per month for a top ranking. If the conversion
rate for this keyword phrase was 10x that of �home loans’ (ie 10%) you would still only
receive 2 sales leads per month compared to 18 for the short tail phrase. Which would you
Target the short tail keywords in your scope and attack them ruthlessly. You won't just have
access to a vastly bigger market but you'll also improve your 'long tail' keyword ranking as
well, because the effort you put into achieving top rankings for short tail keywords will
usually result in top rankings for long tail keywords too.
If you research your keyword volumes properly you will know straight away if that keyword
is right for you or not. There's a really powerful process to follow to find this out, and I'll tell
you shortly how you can get your hands on it. But once you do it right (and most people
miss critical steps) you'll know everything you need to decide which keywords to target.
© 2010 Web Profits –
Not only that but you can find out how much people are spending on Adwords for those
keywords, and this will tell you whether you've got any chance of dominating your market
on your particular budget. Everyone wants to dominate the top keyword, but despite what
some people might say, you won't get to #1 for a hot keyword without implementing the
right strategy and investing the right amount of money.
6. Did you know that Google is the ONLY search engine worth
I came across a product a few years ago that promoted the idea of targeting smaller engines like
Bing and Yahoo instead of Google. Their point was that everyone goes after Google so why go
there when you can easily dominate the others?
It sounds reasonable but here's why it’s completely wrong (See, another example of the blind
leading the blind, but unfortunately some people will fall for it).
First, Google has over 90% of search traffic across Australia. So for a start why would you want to
miss over 90% of the traffic before you even begin?
Second, Google keeps increasing their market share with cool new services like maps, docs and
Gmail so they're getting even more and more search volume.
And third, because it’s so difficult to get ranked on Google, you’re going to get picked up by the
others anyway by default. The strategies for ranking on Bing and Yahoo are simple compared to
This is why we tell all our clients that we're going after Google traffic only, and why they still end
up ranking at the top of the other search engines as well.
In our experience, with every single site we have worked with, Google gets more than 20 to 30
times the traffic of Yahoo and Bing combined... sometimes even more! And when you translate
that into profits, it makes a massive difference.
7. Why Google Caffeine Is The Most Exciting Change In Search
Engines Lately, And Why It's Time To Embrace Social Media.
If you're worried about Google Caffeine then you should be. Google Caffeine now integrates realtime search, has a greater focus on relevant quality content, takes note of a website’s speed and
places a greater importance on overall website authority.
With the wrong strategy you won’t get anywhere with your Google rankings, but with the right
strategy you’ll leave your competitors behind. We've studied it extensively and think it's a great
opportunity for people to leapfrog their higher ranked competitors by using content to build trust,
authority and links.
© 2010 Web Profits –
Just imagine, you can become 'the' market leader by developing high quality content and then
simply taking advantage of what millions use every day.
You see, the pathway to riches now lie in social networking too. Sites like Twitter and Facebook are
being trawled by Google for real-time information, and sharing your content can not only lead to a
big move up the rankings, but also to a flow of qualified prospects to your site as well.
8. The More You Spend, The Higher You Go Right? Wrong.
One of our clients came to us after spending $40,000 dollars on SEO with a competitor. They
probably told him that if he spent more and more he'd eventually get there. Well a 50 year old is
never going to win the 100m at the Olympics, no matter how hard he trains. And a bad strategy
will never get you a top ranking, no matter how much money you spend on it.
It's called throwing good money after bad.
And if this makes sense, why do so many people keep falling for it?
Look, a smart strategy beats a big budget any day of the week. It's all about getting the right ideas
together and coming up with a strategic plan that's going to knock your competitors off.
With the right strategy you can acquire more new customers than your competitors (even though
you're spending less) and watch your profits increase every month. That's why you've got to do
whatever it takes to avoid being taken for a ride by unscrupulous vendors out there.
9. Why You Should Never Ignore Website Optimisation.
Achieving top rankings for a competitive keyword phrase is mostly about building quality links into
your site. But optimising your website in the right way will significantly reduce the number of links
you need to achieve a top ranking, which means you can achieve top rankings in a shorter time
frame and at a lower cost.
One of the first things we do for our clients is optimise their website. And it’s not just about
updating their Title Tags and Meta Tags... it’s also about adding a blog and ensuring that there is a
web page for every top level keyword we want to rank highly for. That's something most so-called
consultants skip over but having made our clients over $50,000,000 in extra sales in the last 4 years
we know what we're talking about.
Don't get me wrong though. Building links is critical, but it's only when you combine it with your
own optimised site that the magic starts happening. Put them together and BANG! It goes off like a
And the best part is that you only need to optimise your site at the start and then review it every
few months. From then on you're out there building links and watching your website rise up the
© 2010 Web Profits –
10. Blogging – Your Secret Weapon
Google just loves blogs. It's like taking a hungry man to a smorgasbord restaurant. He's going to
gorge on everything in front of him, sampling each dish as they bring it out and consuming
everything to his heart's content.
Google is like a blog-eating monster whose appetite can never be satisfied.
Keep feeding it with fresh content and it'll keep lapping it up. It's easy for it to find, and it's been
prepared just the way it likes it.
Adding a blog to your website and posting quality content to it regularly is one of the best ways of
increasing the trust and authority of your site. Blogs are also one of the best ways of building
incoming links to your site and, most importantly, to the pages you want to rank at the top of
Never underestimate the power of the humble blog because Google will sniff it out and grab it any
time you put something out there for it.
So while everyone else talks about links and keywords, just remember there's one meal Google
loves above all others, and it's so easy to serve up.
11. Content Is STILL King
Google searches far and wide for the best content for its users. That's why content still rules. When
you create content and it gets passed around and viewed a lot, Google notices and figures that it
must be top quality.
And Google only wants the best for its users, because if it kept returning bad results then people
would use another search engine, right?
Needless to say, this keeps the low quality content from getting much attention and gives the high
quality content the recognition it deserves. That's why we always put out the highest quality and
most researched content possible and then promote it effectively online. It's so Google bypasses
all the second-rate content in our markets and slams our clients' sites into top spot.
12. Top SEO Rankings Are All About Links
If you want to get to the top, then building links is the most valuable skill you'll ever possess. Take
Adobe Acrobat for example. If you search for 'Click Here' the Acrobat download page is in the #1
spot because there are so many sites that link to the page with the words “if you don't already
have Adobe Acrobat, click here to download it” (try it out for yourself right now).
There are three main factors you need to keep in mind when building links:
© 2010 Web Profits –
1. Link Popularity - is the number of links pointing to your site. The higher the number of links
you have pointing to your site the higher your link popularity. Each link to your site is
counted as a vote for your site. The more votes you receive from other sites, the higher you
will rank. Saying that, all links (or votes) are not created equal, and link popularity alone is
not enough for top rankings. Link authority also plays a very important role.
2. Link Authority - defines how much value a vote from a particular website has for your
overall rankings. Authority is measured by Google in the form of PageRank. And the higher
the PageRank of a web page the greater the influence of its vote to your rankings. A link
from a PageRank 5 web page is worth more, from a link authority perspective, that 100
links from PageRank 1 web pages. Of course, the 100 links would have an impact with your
link popularity. The key to achieving top rankings is getting a lot of votes (or links) from high
PageRank websites.
3. Link Reputation - is what the links from other websites say in them, also known as anchor
text. To build link reputation you need to have text links from other websites pointing to
your website with the keywords in them. Link reputation defines what keywords you rank
As a general rule, the more sites which link to yours the higher your website will rank in Google.
And did you know that the easiest links to get are the least valuable, and the hardest to get are the
most valuable?
It's true. That's why if you want to get to the top spot, our recommended strategy is to use content
to build links.
13. Why Your Competitors Are Also Your Closest Ally
It almost seems wrong to say this but it's absolutely true. Please let me explain.
At the end of the day, the only person who's going to stop you getting to top spot is the person
who's already there! Let's face it, if you're going to get there you have to know what they're doing
to get there and take it a step further.
There's no other way around it, and all those people out there telling you how anyone can do it is
lying to you. Only ONE website can be #1 for a keyword phrase at one time, and for that to be you,
you have to know what your competitors are up to.
The good news is you can find out whatever you want about your competitors, including what
keywords they're targeting, how successful they are at it and what strategies they are using to
achieve their top rankings. All you need to do is look at how their website is setup and see which
sites are linking to them. And then it's simple to go back to the drawing board and figure out a
strategy for beating them.
Do you think any army would have lost a war if they had the complete blueprint of their enemy's
battle plan? When you know what they're doing you'll run rings around them and best of all, they'll
© 2010 Web Profits –
be scratching their heads wondering where you came from and how you took over so fast, never
knowing that it was their strategy that got you going in the first place!
14. WARNING: Is Your Website Able To Make Money From All
Your New Visitors?
One of the most common problems I see, and too frequently ignored by SEO companies is that
most websites aren't designed to convert visitors to paying customers.
That's why Web Profits is more than an SEO company. We set the whole thing up to help
businesses get a massive explosion in their profits by using everything the internet has to offer, not
just SEO.
The bottom line is how much money you're making. And you can have all the people coming to
your site you want.
At the end of the day if they aren't convinced you're the person they want to spend their money
with then it's all been a wasted effort.
The conveyancing company I mentioned earlier went from converting 2.3% of their traffic to 10.4%
just by changing their design. Just think about that for a second...they’re now getting more than
FOUR times the number of sales from their website, without spending a cent more on marketing.
And then there's the sales copy; the actual words you use to take a visitor and turn them into a
loyal, paying customer.
You see, this isn't a shotgun approach where you get as many visitors as possible and hope that
from time to time you'll get lucky and one of them will become a customer. It’s about getting the
right people to your site and giving them exactly what they need as soon as they land on your
website. After all, when you can just change the design and get a whopping 450%+ increase in
performance then you'd be mad not to do it, right? And then the sales copy can make a similar, if
not bigger jump.
Making your website sell is the most important thing you can do, and even's probably the
easiest thing too.
15. Why Systematising Your Strategy Is The Way To Big Profits
Make no mistake...
...building a business using the power of the internet is NOT about technology.
It's about systems.
In fact, making money in any business is all about finding the winning formula and then creating
systems to do it over and over again without needing to touch it.
© 2010 Web Profits –
Take McDonalds restaurants for instance. Every McDonalds is the same as every other. Same setup,
same design, same everything. What you might not know is that to become a shift manager you
have to study 2 folders that are 2 inches thick! That's how systematised they are, and why they're
so successful. They've not only perfected their business, but they've documented it all and rolled it
out to every restaurant across the world.
That's why they're so successful!
SEO is exactly the same. You just have to know what works and implement it consistently every
month. No point messing around when you can find a quicker way of doing things. Your time is
valuable, and I bet you can find more productive things to do than manually implementing an SEO
strategy that could have easily been automated.
And face it. If you spend too much time doing everything manually, there's no way you'll provide a
quality service to your customers and your business will suffer badly.
Why Do Clients Pay Us Over $100,000 A Year?
Simple. It's the freedom of being able to earn what they want, when they want. Some of our
clients have gone from nothing a little over a year ago to dominating their market place, and they
owe most of it to their online presence.
Take online car insurer Youi. They went from the wilderness to dominating Google in this incredibly
competitive market. Their competitors are insurers with very deep pockets and we're still beating
Or what about Lauretta from The Gourmet Basket who increased her sales by over 700% after only
10 weeks with us.
Or Mel from Academia International who told us we did more for him in less than 8 weeks than
our competitors did in a year and a half.
And what about a top building company here in Australia. They spent nearly $40,000 (that's
enough to buy a pretty decent car) on SEO with a competitor and never got higher than 4th on
Google. We took over and do you know how long it took to get him to top spot?
We got them to #1 on Google in only 27 days.
But I'm realistic too and I know our prices are out of reach of a lot of smaller businesses and startups. And that really upsets me because good people like you are left out in the cold to fight against
the sharks who want to take your money but won't deliver results. And I think any business owner
who is serious about making it online should have that chance.
That's why we produced the most accurate course on SEO ever produced. It gives you all our
strategies in painstaking detail and how you can implement them. And better yet it's a tiny fraction
© 2010 Web Profits –
of the price of using our full consulting services, even though you get to peel back the covers and
see why our clients always out-perform the clients of our competitors.
We've reproduced the exact same system we use to get our clients to the top of Google and to
stay there.
But there IS a catch. You have to do all the work yourself. But what would you prefer? To start
forking out money to someone in the hope they'll get you there, even though they probably never
will? Or put some time aside and work through a system which gives you everything all laid out on
a silver platter, and has been proven over and over again?
After all, if you're afraid of a little work then you probably shouldn't be in business. And if you're
not prepared to make some sacrifices to make it then this is probably not for you. Exceptional
results have to be earned. You have to put in the hard yards along the way. But once you get
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