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How To Contact Us The Services we Offer - Euroelectrix

Euro Electrix is among Ireland’s leading contractors for the installation and maintenance of all
Electrical and Mechanical Equipment.
We have the expertise, project management and manpower to develop and implement large
projects throughout Ireland and Great Britain, with the capability to expand into Europe and
EuroElectrix has over twenty years experience in the fields of Commercial, Industrial, Domestic
and Marine electrical installations, we can provide the specialist electrical services to meet all
requirements. Many clients now recognize the need for stable, reliable and competitive partners
to support their business. We have the ability, expertise and understanding to provide that
We complete projects where others have failed while working along side the most experienced
like Ansaldo, EnelPower, Premier Power, Harland & Wolff, Albion Chemicals, Dmmi and Bell
Our aim is to provide an effective, efficient and safe service for all installations in all sectors.
We are NIC EIC and RECI registered, and approved. Our affiliation with NICEIC and RECI
provides clients with a guarantee of performance and workmanship. All work is conducted to the
current edition of BS7671 IEE wiring regulations and conducted strictly to conform to all
Electricity at Work and the Health & Safety regulations.
The Services we Offer
• Thermal Imaging
• Mechanical & Electrical Plant Machinery Installation
• Trunking and Power Supplies
• Fire Alarm Systems
• Emergency/Specialized Lighting
• CCTV Surveillance
• All Types of Networking
• Large Scale Plant Mechanical &Electrical Dismantling &
• Oil & Chemical Plant Decommissioning
• Portable & Fixed Wire Test & Inspections
• IT Voice and Data Networking
• Access and Security
How To Contact Us
Please remember for quotations, or general enquiries you can also contact us by email.
Head Office Euro Electrix
2a Hillsborough Business Park
Hillsborough Gardens BT6 9DT
Telephone: (02890) 461650
Fax: (02890) 461635
Email: [email protected]
Quality People Providing Quality Service
Company Organisational Overview
This is the Identified Euroelectrix Company Project Structure:
Management Team
Senior Project Director
Financial Director
QA/H&S Manager
Construction Manager
Marking Up Team
M&E Director / Manager
Euroelectrix Management Team have overall responsibility for the Engineering
Design, Plant Procurement and De-Construction of any project: All of the
Management Team have extensive experience working within the engineering
and construction sectors of the Power Sector and Oil and Gas. Their
experience includes the Construction of the Ballylumford 600MW CCGT, the
Coolkeragh 400MW CCGT the 150MW Gas Turbine Power Plant they all have
extensive experience within the De-construction of Power Plants, Chemical
Plants and Petrol/Chemical Refineries.
The Euroelectrix Project Director will have total on site responsibility for the
construction or De-construction of any project. He has extensive experience
of this type of work.
The Euroelectrix financial Director will have total financial control of any
Project Budget with regular on site visits to ensure the allocated budget is on
tract. He will hold regular meetings with both client and the specialist subcontractors and suppliers.
The Euroelectrix HSE & Quality Manager will have total control of all matters
regarding the Safety and Quality on Site, the Health and Welfare of the
workforce and the Environmental impact of the construction process. He and
his team will ensure the plant will be constructed or De-constructed to the
highest safety standards.
The Euroelectrix Construction Manager has extensive experience in the
construction and De-construction of this type of plant. He has worked on such
plants with the Project Director in all parts of the world ensuing a quality
product is delivered each time.
The Marking up Team used by Euroelectrix has extensive experience in this
type of project. They have successfully completed projects on the
Deconstruction of power/chemical and Petrol Refineries all over the world.
They have lately completed a project in Serbia
The Euroelectrix M&E Director and Manager have extensive experience on this
type of project. They have worked on such plants with the Project Director in
all parts of the world ensuing a quality product is delivered each time.
Logistics Director / Team
Euroelectrix past experienced identified the need for on Site Logistics
Team with extensive experience to co-ordinate with our Local Partner
all movement of personnel, material, parts and stores. We have
identified the need for a dedicated logistics supervisor to be in charge
of accommodation and another for sourcing products from within local
area etc.We will set up a personnel compound on each site for
teams to allow long working days to ensure the job is pushed to
General M&E Outline
Euroelectrix is a leading electrical/mechanical contractor for the
installation and maintenance of all electrical/mechanical equipment.
The other capability Euroelectrix has, is that of Plant De-construction all
Directors, Management and personnel have vast experience in the Deconstruction of Power, Chemical and Petrol Refineries throughout Europe
the capability to extend worldwide.
We have the expertise and manpower to develop, manage and
implement large projects throughout Ireland, Great Britain and we have
the capability to expand into Europe and beyond.
Euroelectrix has over twenty years experience in the fields of Power,
Commercial, Industrial, Domestic and Marine electrical/mechanical
installations, we can provide the specialist electrical and mechanical
services to meet all requirements.
We have completed projects where others have failed while working
along side the most experienced like EnelPower, Premier Power,
Harland & Wolff, Albion Chemicals, DMMI.
Our aim is to provide an effective, efficient and safe service for all
electrical/mechanical installations in all sectors.
Contact Details
Please check out the Company Profile at which
will allow you to see the full capability of the Company and the services
can provide.
We can be contacted via the address above or via the following:
- [email protected]
- [email protected]
- [email protected]
Industrial Solutions
With the constant growth of industry in this country we have the facility and
manpower to develop, manage and construct large projects throughout Ireland, UK,
Europe & the rest of the world.
Over the years we have partaken in chemical plants and shipbuilding across the
country and are forever gathering experience while working along side the best in
their field.
From installations of mechanical machines to design and installation of complete
production lines, whether it is in a factory, onboard a ship or oilrig we offer a service,
which is unique. In today's changing environment the technologies required are of
extraordinary high standards and need to be constantly kept updated.
As a team here at Euro Electrix we work together and trace the most up to
date information, designs, ideas and products to suit every installation which
makes us one of Irelands leading electrical engineering companies.
Design, installation and completion of contracts on time are of utmost importance to
our company and we constantly monitor contracts throughout all stages to ensure
they proceed on target with no interruptions. This is how we build on our reputation;
we design cable management, power- trunking, lighting, escape lighting, heating,
fire, security, access controls structured cable systems, voice data systems, fiber
optics and closed circuit TV protection.
What makes us different?
We succeed were others have failed.
We have the expertise and manpower to develop, manage and implement large projects
throughout Ireland and Great Britain,with the capability to expand into Europe and beyond..
We deliver with pride and professionalism.
Euro Electrix has over twenty years experience in the fields of Commercial, Industrial,
Domestic and Marine electrical installations,
we can provide the specialist electrical services to meet all requirements.
We operate a strict health & safety policy.
Our aim is to provide an effective, efficient and safe service for all electrical installations
in all sectors.
We are NIC EIC and RECI registered, and approved. Our affiliation with NICEIC and RECI
provides clients with a guarantee of performance and workmanship.
All work is conducted to BS7671 IEE wiring regulations and conducted strictly to conform to
all Electricity at Work and the Health & Safety regulations.
Commercial Solutions
Due to commercial demands we offer a wide range of electrical and Mechanical work.
With over fifteen years experience and numerous contracts throughout the UK and Ireland our
service is guaranteed with the quality of professionalism and dedication that clients expect.
Throughout the years of shop fitting & storage we have finished every contract successfully
with various clients and many styles.
The installations remain of the highest standards even when the schedules are very tight. The
ever growing concerns and regulations about safety bring new challenges to our work. With
increasing fire detection and escape lighting and thermal awareness we endeavor to keep
informed of all new legislation and regulations and forward these onto you our clients.
Office installations account for over 30% of our commercial workload. The demand for a more
efficient lighting structure and time controls for energy saving have become our primary
target. We offer a full energy management plan and incorporate it into our design at an early
Emergency lighting is also one of our specialties and when designed at an early stage can also
be incorporated into our management system with the facility of a simple test key switch for
all battery operated lights, which cuts down on cost and possible risk of missing a light in the
event of a test.
With today’s knowledge of Global Warming and the requirement for energy efficiency we work
closely with clients to bring into practice logic for saving energy and introducing the
practicality of alternative energy sources.
This not only benefits the client but accrues to the efficiency of local environment policies.
One of our teams are solely involved with testing and inspecting in all areas, such as
emergency lighting, fire alarms, thermal imaging, electrical installations and portable appliance
testing. With more periodic reports needed from consultants and clients we consider ourselves
one of the best for testing.
What cover can we provide?
As a registered contractor we are always aware of the dangers of faults, whether it is
appliances or accessories we offer a service called reactive maintenance, which delivers a fast
response to any emergency at any time. This is a 24 HOUR service 365 days of the year.
There is also preplanned maintenance which involves a re-lamping program which increases
efficiency and reduces repair costs.
Domestic Solutions
Our aim is throughout the entire installation from conception to completion, we work alongside
Architects, Consultants, and the Owners to advise and complete each perfect individual project,
all to a very strict Health & Safety Management system which we believe is paramount.
We are trained and qualified to deal with every query which might arise during our schedule of
installation, giving you the peace of mind you desire.
We cover an extensive range of electrical works within the domestic domain, including the
following services.
• Specialist and Intelligent Lighting
• Complete in House Entertainment Systems
• New Heat Loss Surveys/Reports and Certificates
• Alternative Power Sources & Supplies
• Specialized Heating Systems
• Dual Systems
• Smoke & Fire Detection
• TV/Satellite Systems
• Computer Networking
• Fixed & Portable Appliance Testing
• Complete Electrical Testing & Inspecting
Our range covers building sites/single development, Rewiring/Extensions, Conservatories/Sun
Lounges and Apartments.
While working closely with manufacturers we can bring the latest technologies to every
What cover can we provide?
As a registered contractor we are always aware of the dangers of faults, whether it is
appliances or accessories we offer a service called reactive maintenance, which delivers a fast
response to any emergency at any time. This is a 24 HOUR service 365 days of the year.
There is also preplanned maintenance which involves a re-lamping program which increases
efficiency and reduces repair costs.
Fixed Wire Tests
Fixed Wire Testing is the testing of the circuits contained within the fabric of your building. This
includes the socket outlets, lighting circuits and various others.
The two main dangers associated with electricity are risk of shock and risk of fire. Over time,
installations deteriorate, and it is in the best interest of not only yourself and employees, but
your insurance company that you have an installation that is not only electrically sound but free
from risk of fire.
Different premises require their wiring to be tested at different intervals which are
decided by the BS 7671 wiring regulations.
Each Landlord or Property Owner has a responsibility to meet all the relevant requirements by
councils and for insurance policies.
In relation to these regulations failure to comply would result in claims, damage to the property
or in worse case scenarios it could lead to deaths via electrocution.
Fixed Wire Tests are carried out for the following reasons –
• Safety of Installation
• Public Licenses
• Building Control
• Re mortgages or Loans
• Personal Selling/Buying
The test regime is very involved but basically we check the complete installation with a wide
range of test and procedures, we record the results and compare them with all the latest and up
to date requirements of BS 7671. The person procuring the test will receive a list of deviations
with a priority code which gives them an indication on how urgent they need to fix or repair the
The Fixed Wire Test also checks the operation of any safety protection devices such as circuit
breakers and current devices, to ensure they disconnect within the correct timescale required.
This ensures all human safety which leads to a safer environment and the possibility of less
downtime caused by any hidden faults.
Portable Appliance Testing
These tests are relatively simply but very important for the safety for all
employees and users of equipment on site or in workshops.
The tests involved are as follows –
Checking the appliance for visual defects and abuse
The main electrical cord is not damaged or joined in any way
The fuse is the correct size for the appliance
No signs of overloading or burning
Once all these tests have passed then we move on to the electrical testing
which tests the insulation, Ariel operation of the equipment.
If all is safe and the appliance meets the specified requirements then a
pass label will be identified specifically to that appliance and it will be
logged to a general certificate for that client.
If the appliance fails then it will get a fail label informing the client not to
use this appliance as it is unsafe and could cause danger to anyone using
A certificate or register is then issued to the client with all the appliances
Example Certificates
There is a wide variation of certificates for each specific project.
These are only but a few examples of our registered NICEIC certificates which
would be issued on completion and after inspection of projects
Electrical Installation Periodic Inspection Reports
Page 2 of the periodic report states the
deviations or items requiring attention or
There may be certain items which have to
be given urgent attention to make sure
the installation remains in a safe and
complete condition
On completion of any installation a certificate is required and should be issued
to the client to confirm the status of that particular installation along with
These should remain in the property it was assigned to. This helps any future
inspection leading to a reduction in cost to the client for their periodic report
Electrical Installation Certificate
Fire Alarms
Know your Legal requirements
We provide a Nation wide service for fire, safety and security Alarm Systems
We are specialist in the supply, installation & maintenance for all types of Fire Alarm
Systems , Access Control, Intruder Alarms & CCTV Security systems. We provide a "one
stop shop service" for all your fire, security and safety requirements reducing time and
costs involved with using different companies for various systems & applications.
We also supply a service which enables 24hour working to all contractors with a
maintenance facility to maintain all of their plant and machinery on a regular basis which
not only saves money but downtime, this is a key to our driving success, working together
with local companies.
All our engineers are professionally trained in fire & security engineering and are security
screened to BS7858 so you can be secure in the knowledge that your premises are in good
hands when we carry out any installation or service.
Fire Risk Assessment
The fire precautions workplace act stipulate that a fire risk assessment is carried out and
the relevant records are made on all premises with occupying 5 or more employees. We
can provide a Fire Risk Assessment package suitable for your building to comply with
Regulation 3 (1) of the Management of Health and Safety Regulations 1999 and Regulation
3, 4, 5 and 6 of the Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations1999
The Fire Risk Assessment package that will be provided will be divided into the following
nine categories:
• Fire Safety administration
• Fire Fighting Facilities
• Identifying the Fire Hazards
• Fire Routine and Test procedure
• Means of Escape
• Review Procedures
• Staff/People at Risk
• Arson Prevention Check List
• Fire Warning Facilities
On completion a Fire Risk Assessment document will be produced and any
recommendations made will be highlighted with digital photographic evidence included.
Fire Alarm Systems
We design, supply, install & commission all types of fire alarm systems:
We can connect conventional fire alarm systems with other fire alarm panels on your site or
install communicators which are monitored by our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) ensuring a
rapid response from the emergency services.
Security Appliance
Security Solutions
Euro Electrix leads the market in the installation and maintenance of security systems
for Ireland & UK. Based on 20 years experience of implementing security systems
technologies in the marketplace our solutions cover the entire spectrum of security
We offer integrated, enterprise–wide support in countering operational risks.
In addition to securing sites with the full complement of security systems technologies,
from an enterprise perspective Euro Electrix typically delivers major performance
improvements. We will work with you to tailor solutions to meet your needs and UK &
Ireland standards requirement.
What solutions can we provide?
• Simple standalone to multi-function cameras , Monochrome or colour , Infrared
• Signal transmission by telephone lines, slow-scan, Microwave, fibre optic and infrared
• Multi-camera management systems, Video motion detection , Digital recording , Video
printers, Concealed cameras for sensitive situations
Video Surveillance
• Full-function cameras (PTZ) for general exterior approaches and interior uses- Static
cameras with software enhancements eg for motion detection
• ANPR systems – to log vehicles on and off site - Facial recognition – for high security
• Digital Video – on and off site capabilities for response, audit and evidence
The Access controls we offer are as follows:
• Paper-based �disposable’ ID card reading systems - (Smart) Card/proximity reading ID
systems – Consider both security access and �audit access’
• Relevant supporting physical controls – barriers/turnstiles/rapid transit gates- Tagging
systems for asset protection-TR access for key control
Access Control Systems • PC-Based access management systems • Standalone card reader systems •
• ID card production • Audio/visual door entry systems internal & Exterior Sensors
• Door contacts for entry to, and within, restricted areas/fire exists
• Perimeter detection systems – also used for sensitive area within the premises
• Personal attack systems – for reception, customer servers, cash handlers, security
• Anti-masking intruder detection devices – an �interior perimeter’ requirement
• Pipeline early warning systems
• Oil Rig early warning attack systems
• All systems installed to BS4737 and NACOSS
• Interactive digital addressable fire alarm systems
• Secure networking• Design flexibility• On site flexibility • Devices display address
numbers • Secure detection loops
Telecommunication Solutions
Throughout the past decade we have seen technology take off with the use of
mobiles and faster download speeds on PC’s and laptops. Even the wireless
routers for domestic and commercial premises are now widely used. At Euro
Electrix we keep inline with speed and technology and endeavour to bring our
clients the very latest in products to ensure their goals are met by speed,
reliability and quality.
There is a combination of 30 years experience within the management
personnel in the delivery of information systems to the private and public
sector. The management and engineers boost a wealth of affiliations and
accreditations to further enhance their reputation within the industry. The
experience of the management and engineers is extensive.
Each key member has a successful pre-history of many years within the
communications sector. Commendably being associated with various projects
undertaken by BT, NTL (Fibre to Desk), Marconi (SDH), Siemens and Eircomeducational, trusts and wireless (Fibre Optic Backbones Urban and Rural
The management and engineers are fully qualified in all aspects from project
management to system network design and full testing and commissioning of
Our aim as a company is to have clients consider us first when a cabling
requirement is identified within their projects and to return to us each time
secure in the knowledge that our service is dependable, competitive and
above all one to have confidence in from conception to completion.
What services can we offer?
Structured cabling systems
Single/multi-mode Fibre Optic
Certified project management
System design and planning
Wireless communication
Software development
Synchronous digital hierarchy
Underground and overhead cabling
Network integration
Telephone system maintenance
Storage area network (SAN)
Video over protocol (VidOIP)
Visual recording inc.sound and comms
Multiple data services over dedicated fibre
Working together with
Thermal Imaging Solutions
Thermal imaging technology helps us monitor and identify the conditions of buildings. This
technology helps us to pre plan preventative maintenance solutions on heating and insulation.
In today’s steadily increasing climate change we endeavor to stay ahead as one of the leading
companies using Thermal Imaging Services to help explain and give advice to our clients on the
possibilities of changing the heat loss problems they are experiencing and for them to become more
energy efficient.
Energy Loss Detection
Infrared thermography is a powerful and non-invasive technique used to monitor and diagnose the
condition of all types of buildings.
The Flir system infrared camera enables us to carry out the following services:
(a) Pre planned preventative maintenance on M&E systems.
Detect areas susceptible to mould build up. • Find badly insulated areas of a building. • Find leaks in
underground pipes. • Supervise new Builds.
Preventative Maintenance
Thermal images of the affected building are generated from invisible thermal radiation using our
thermal camera. The camera we use is the Flir Thermal Cam. Most components that use or
transmit power get hot before failure and thermal imaging can instantly locate such hot spots
prior to an electrical or mechanical failure.
Infrared can also be used to detect abnormalities to buildings which result in energy loss and this
can help catch minor building faults before they become major areas of concern. As Inspections
can be safely carried out while electrical and mechanical systems are in operation we can assess
the performance of switch gear, breakers, fuses, electrical panels, transformers and distribution
Mechanical targets for hot spots include boilers, pumps, pulley systems, heating pipes and
The survey report may be generated in a clear and concise format allowing the customer to
assess maintenance costs against energy loss.
Proven Benefits
The feedback received from our customers has demonstrated the benefits of using the thermal
imaging camera are as follows:
• Early Warnings Signs on Equipment Failure • Savings on Downtime of Equipment
• Helps Maintaining Running Equipment in Power Stations • Saving Money
• Saving Time • Eco Friendly for Residential Houses
If you have any concerns regarding heat loss, the overheating of electrical circuits or the
operational of heating & ventilation equipment please feel free to contact Euro Electrix.
Mechanical Services
Euro Electrix a unique company with a unique product offering! Through our experience and
knowledge of the Oil and Gas, and Petrochemical and Power industry, we provide a highly
professional and dedicated team to fully manage and complete all aspects of your project! All
our operations are conducted with efficiency and with the end customer in mind. Flexibility,
Ingenuity, Open communication are the hallmarks of a strong partnership which we deliver
with pride. We constantly strive to achieve the best possible conclusion for each specific task.
We are proud of our track record and growth. Our success is based on sound principles and
attention to detail with an outstanding record of safety and project management.
All our operations are carried out in a safe and careful manner. Our health and safety is
paramount to our success, and is constantly upgraded with the progression of each individual
task. Because of the education and vigilant awareness of our staff we have reached an
outstanding safety record with 0 LTI`s for seven years.
With our project management, and specialized team we maintain our high standard all the
way through from deconstruction, marking up, Shipping and reconstruction. Every phase of
each project is designed and monitored to maximize value to the end customer. The ability to
deconstruct, recycle and refurbish large plant frees up capital for our clients when faced with
the costs of new build. Our team of engineers provide considerable depth and breadth of
experience in several countries across a range of projects that include commercial,
educational, industrial, residential, retail, hospitality, medical and government facilities.
In the fields of Mechanical and Electrical engineering, there is no margin for error. Designing,
installing and completing M&E contracts to meet today's rigorous standards of excellence,
demands the depth of experience that can only be gained over time and through managing a
wide diversity of projects.
We have within several countries between our engineers a century of experience in handling
all areas of Mechanical and Electrical installations, designing and commissioning solutions for
contracts from a few thousand to multi-million pounds and giving our clients peace of mind
by completing jobs within deadline and on budget with no hassle or complications. We are a
progressive company, constantly seeking new ways to stay at the forefront of innovative
engineering technology. With today's need for renewable energy systems, we have available
technologies that can deliver a solution to our countries waste at the same time creating
renewable energy for our electrical distribution system leading to a reduction of cost for the
end consumer and bringing us into line with the rest of Europe.
Deconstruction when project managed correctly with the correct engineers and skilled professions can be
quite straight forward and stress free. This depends on key factors like the marking up. Once in place,
removing plant and shipping is planned with ease. The process is logged and stored so the plant can be
rebuilt at its new destination with the information at hand. ASSET MARKING Asset marking plays an
integral role within the process. Through experience and research, we have built and tailored a complete
asset management software package which ensures that all equipment is identified, allocated its own
unique asset transfer number (ATN) and subsequently fully tracked from the initial dismantling stage to
the loading of items into shipping containers. Our system delivers unparalleled confidence to the end user
and eliminates any technical risk involved in large asset transfer operations. Along with the built-in
"Quality Control" program, Euro Electrix have strict control measures which guarantee that all equipment
is properly labeled, dismantled, loaded into containers or break bulk shipping devices, before being
transported to the final destination.
Our technical department boasts a high level of customer satisfaction, with proven results. Over the
course of its development based on feedback from various jobs, we have created a user friendly software
package to cater for all your requirements during the reconstruction phase. Taking the Pain out of
Reassembly... Following the completion of a project, the customer receives full documentation in the
form of softcopy and a database, including an extensive set of photographs which are referenced to
specific parts of the marked drawings and can be used as reference during re-erection.
Full visibility of all the unique asset transfer numbers through the Project life cycle from beginning to end.
Plant plot plans can be divided into separate areas and further sub-areas which asset transfer numbers
are referenced to - allowing the customer to set out any amount of reconstruction areas / stores, or
isolate all of the items from a certain system or equipment setup.
In addition to the tracking of items from dismantling to shipping, equipment locations can be further
altered upon arrival at the end destination, creating full traceability of all items, from the unloading of
containerized objects and break bulk equipment to certain lay-down areas or through any required
refurbishment stages. The Power of a Database. The fully integrated database is a powerful tool that
enables a user to filter a broad range of information. Controlling Scrap and Waste. Any scrap small bore
piping / corroded spring supports etc. can also be recorded and a bill of materials supplied to the
customer. Ease of Use for the End User.
Full assembly instructions and reports can be formed based on the plant dismantling sequence, as well as
the chance to generate hard copy work packs for specific plant areas or systems. Conversion of Old Data.
If required, out of date construction drawings can be revised and altered to facilitate the re-assembly
process. equipment. Asset transfer numbers can be filtered by plant area, item type, pipeline number,
equipment number etc., creating efficient search and location procedures and giving the opportunity to
devise "picking lists" associated with any reconstruction site lay-down areas.
Full plant equipment lists, instrumentation lists etc. can be devised, along with the potential for gathering
the number of salvaged items - right down to the amount of spectacle plates salvaged throughout a
project! During the Asset marking process, our technicians can provide a clear definition of materials /
gaskets / weld procedures required for reconstruction, which can be filtered by area, pipeline or drawing
This is only one part of the specialized process involved in moving large plants We have a team of highly
qualified personnel ready to travel anywhere around the globe to assist clients to deconstruct the plant
they require and relocate it to wherever they desire.
PowerStation: Installation and maintenance
Euro Electrix working along side some of the best like Premier Power, Ansaldo,
Enelpower, can boast that they have completed several large installation projects
and also refurbishments and maintenance of large dual fired turbines. With
technical expertise and the correct project management, projects like CCGT`s can
easily be installed or overhauled, on time and within budget for any client.
We are currently working with and have ongoing maintenance projects with Ansaldo
Energia and Premier Power Ltd.
Here at Euro Electrix, we take control of the specific projects, expertly plan and
manage, construction and maintenance to alleviate any foreseen flaws so wasted
time is kept to an absolute minimum. A dedicated team of experienced personnel
with an outstanding safety record are put in place and engineers, technicians then
carry out all activities under strict supervision at all times, this has proven in the
past to keep LTI`s to zero and help protect our outstanding record of safety.
Power stations, CCGT`S, petro-chemical plants, refinery's and major industrial
plants are well within our scope of works, and with our door of opportunity always
open, we welcome all new clients and enquires.
We can claim our company has several successful relationships with large clients
throughout the Industrial Industry and have completed many projects on time with
excellent reports for Productivity, Timekeeping, Safety and Management.
Your safety is our responsibility.
We specialize in reactive and planned maintenance.
We are a quality service provider that ensures the safe operation of
any business.
Our Response times
We offer a twenty four hour service and requests will be responded to rapidly
by our technically competent engineers.
All calls are classified in accordance of priority these are as follows:
• Class A:
• Class B:
• Class C:
• Class D:
Urgent, response within one hour.
Important, response within four hours.
Important, but not urgent, response within twenty four hours.
Planned or routine call within 7 Days
Our new offices which are based in
Northern Ireland at
2A Hillsborough Business Park
Belfast BT6 9DT
Tel: 02890 461650
Fax:02890 461635
Email: [email protected]
We have the complete building with
upstairs comprising of Directors Senior
Management and secretarial and
downstairs Competent Electrical &
Mechanical Engineers
Welcome To Value Boiler Services
VALUE BOILER SERVICES NI is a renowned family run business established for over
10 years in Carryduff specialising in all types of oil fire boilers and burners.
The company is known for both its keen rates and quality of workmanship using
only OFTEC registered technicians.
We fit, repair and service oil burners for both private and commercial customers.
For our customers' peace of mind, we always leave the old parts with you and
explain why new parts are fitted.
Additionally we can provide advice and guidance on oil tank locations or
replacements, ensuring compliance with both fire and environmental regulations.
We can also supply and fit oil tanks and informs your local building control as
required by OFTEC regulations.
We provide a 24 hour emergency boiler breakdown service by contacting us on
mobile. If you wish to schedule a general routine maintenance at your convenience,
then please contact us either by phone or email.
Services Provided
VALUE BOILER SERVICES NI service all makes of oil
boilers and our Boiler Service costs ВЈ40 plus parts. Please
note that service charges for oil cookers and condensing
boilers may be higher.
All services can be carried out at a time that is convenient
to the customer. Please confirm a suitable time at booking
by either telephone or email.
Carry out a visual inspection of oil tank.
This includes oil tank fittings for corrosion/leaks for possible fire or
environmental hazards.
Any defects will be documented and passed on to the customer.
Oil flue filters cleaned as required.
Hard and flexible flue lines inspected for leakages. Flexible flue lines
replaced if over five years old,
in accordance with OFTEC requirements
Oil line Fire Valves inspected and tested to ensure correct operation.
Incorrect valve locations noted to the customer as part of fire and
environmental compliance.
Inspect Boiler room to ensure adequate air ventilation. Report any
defects to the customer.
Boiler fuse inspected and replaced with specified 5 amp fuse.
Boiler wiring visually inspected for defects and replaced if required.
Burner unit removed from boiler, tested and fired.
Boiler baffles are also removed, cleaned, replaced
and visually inspected for defects.
Fan housing removed from burner, cleaned and
Oil pump removed, cleaned, inspected and replaced.
Photocell cleaned, inspected and replaced.
Nozzle replaced with manufacturer specified nozzle.
Spark Electrodes removed, cleaned and inspected for cracks and defects, and replaced with
manufacturer-specified clearances to ensure efficiency.
Replace burner in boiler unit and re-bleed system.
Adjust Oil pump pressure to manufacturer specification using specialist oil boiler pressure gauge.
This will ensure burner uses exact amount of flue for combustion and reduce soot production.
Inspect Boiler flue for hazards such as missing cowl etc.
Perform an Oil Boiler Smoke Test using a specialist
smoke pump to ensure burner is not producing high
levels of soot, adjust burner as required.
Perform a Flue Gas Analysis Test using hand-held
computerised test module and �tune’ burner to
manufacture specification. This will ensure that the
burner is working perfect and using the exact amount of
flue for combustion and produce undetectable amounts
of Carbon Monoxide and other dangerous gases.
We will provide complete documentation to our customers detailing parts
used based on manufacturers and OFTEC requirements.
All of our customers are made aware of any safety or environmental issues
that need attention and will receive a printout of all results including
A Boiler Efficiency Report.
Phone Gary on 07917484890
Or the office number
02890 461650
Or fax on
Or visit our website
A Few Electrical & Mechanical Past and Present Contracts
Ongoing maintenance at Ballylumford Power Station-----ANSALDO and ENELPOWER
Major overhaul of CCGT Ballylumford Power Station------ANSALDO ENERGIA
Installation of new plant and relocation of existing--------Albion Chemicals
Deconstruction of IFI FERTILIZERS Belfast and Arklow---Dmmi Ltd
Decommissioning Refinery Wales---------------------------Dmmi Ltd
Large warehouses and workshops Antrim------------------Coleman Group
Large Timber frame Factory Antrim------------------------ Unitek
Large furniture Factory Carricfergus------------------------McNickles
Fitness Gym Lisburn----------------------------------------- Private
Museum- sunderland---------------------------------------- Council
Standby Emergency Generators----------------------------Belfast City Council
EuroВ ProjectВ Solutions,В partВ ofВ theВ EuroВ Electrix Group,В wereВ setВ upВ toВ provideВ professionalВ engineeringВ staffВ solutionsВ toВ theВ Engineering,В ManufacturingВ andВ ConstructionВ Industries.
WeВ provideВ professionallyВ qualifiedВ andВ experiencedВ individualsВ onВ temporary,В permanentВ andВ aВ contractВ basisВ throughoutВ theВ World.
WeВ canВ provideВ anythingВ fromВ anВ individualВ toВ anВ entireВ projectВ managementВ team,В allВ fullyВ qualifiedВ withВ provenВ trackВ recordsВ inВ theirВ fields.
WeВ haveВ providedВ localВ companiesВ withВ everythingВ fromВ TechniciansВ toВ ProjectВ managementВ staffВ andВ providedВ staffingВ solutionsВ toВ internationalВ companiesВ asВ farВ awayВ asВ Australia.
WeВ offerВ veryВ competitiveВ ratesВ andВ aВ 100%В refundВ policyВ forВ individualsВ whoВ doВ notВ workВ outВ inВ theВ firstВ 12В weeks,В whateverВ theВ reason.В ThisВ isВ exclusiveВ toВ EPSВ andВ showsВ ourВ commitmentВ toВ providingВ theВ veryВ bestВ atВ allВ times.В WeВ areВ committedВ toВ forgingВ longВ termВ relationshipsВ thatВ willВ resultВ inВ repeatВ business,В givenВ theВ qualityВ andВ valueВ thatВ weВ offer.
We look at each company on a case by case basis and assess their needs as opposed to �one size fits all’
attitudeВ ofВ ourВ competitors.В This,В alongВ withВ ourВ extensiveВ data baseВ ofВ 180,000+В candidatesВ makesВ usВ byВ farВ theВ numberВ 1В choiceВ forВ Engineering,В manufacturingВ andВ constructionВ companies.
AsВ weВ areВ partВ ofВ theВ Euroelectrix group,В ourВ costsВ areВ aВ fractionВ ofВ thatВ ofВ ourВ competitorsВ givingВ youВ outstandingВ valueВ forВ money.
Our  working philosophy is refreshingly simple; we won’t waste your time, or your money, we just supply the right people at the right time, for the right price.
CompaniesВ weВ haveВ providedВ withВ qualifiedВ andВ experiencedВ staffВ include:
*GrahamВ Construction
*ClarkeВ Energy
ToВ nameВ butВ aВ few.
*O’Hare & McGovern
*VAВ Tech
*AlВ Futtaim
ForВ furtherВ detailsВ onВ theВ servicesВ weВ provide,В youВ canВ callВ usВ onВ ++44(0)2890В 461650,В 24В hoursВ aВ day,В 7В daysВ aВ week.В Alternatively,В youВ canВ e‐mailВ usВ atВ [email protected]
EuroВ ProjectВ SolutionsВ haveВ suppliedВ professionalВ engineeringВ staffВ andВ ManagementВ solutionsВ toВ theВ Engineering,В ManufacturingВ andВ ConstructionВ IndustriesВ forВ overВ 12В years.
We pride ourselves in providing Senior Engineering manpower solutions to companies all
over the World and to date we have provided the following type of personnel all with
excellent feedback and recommendations;
*Health and safety professionals
*Project Management
*Project Control Management
*Design Management
*Construction, commissioning and start up Management
*EPC Proposal Development, Bids, Tender Analysis
*Operations Management
*Maintenance Management
*Survey Management
*Financial Management
*Proposal and bid Management
*Mining Professionals
*Senior Management to board level
*Deconstruction, decommissioning, removal and shipping management
*Consultancy Services (Every Discipline)
This is only a snapshot of the disciplines and industries that we supply to.
We provide staff to the oil & gas, chemical, building construction, power generation,
manufacturing, water, civil infrastructure, shipbuilding, aerospace and architectural
industries, to name but a few.
In recent months we have provided Project Control Managers, Project Managers, Planning
Engineers, Health and Safety Managers, Quantity Surveyors, General Managers,
Engineers and various others to companies in the Gulf region such as MMG and Al
Futtaim. We have provided architects in Yemen and Instrument and control Engineers in
We are currently recruiting for projects in KSA, Ghana, Tanzania, Abu Dhabi, Iraq,
Algeria, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Holland, Egypt and East Germany on top of our local
contracts in the UK.
Euro Project Solutions will also assist in getting working visas organised for any individual
that we place through our partners in London.
youВ canВ callВ usВ onВ ++44(0)2890В 461650,В 24В hoursВ aВ day,В 7В daysВ a week.В Alternatively,В youВ canВ e‐mailВ usВ atВ [email protected]
Health & Safety
With an outstanding record for safety, Euro Electrix has the safety
management system in place to ensure every Risk is Assessed and a
Method Statement produced and followed.
This reduces the Risk of Accidents which in turn leads to an improved
awareness of each person involved in each specific task.
With regular toolbox talks before proceeding with any task, our workforce
are content they know the possible dangers ahead and what actions to take
to prevent accidents happening.
This also ensures each employee knows what their job is and where they
should be during any specific task.
We operate a very secure safety system for everyone's benefit.
“There is no job worth losing a life”
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