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Updated on October 21, 2010
What is DomainDEVpro?
DomainDEVpro is a website publishing platform
that allows for fast creation of fully populated
websites ready for browsing.
Users manually add domains and set keywords
then publish each domain to website. The
system handles adding the domain to the hosting
account and creating all the necessary site files.
Content management tools allow for fast and
easy creation of original content and insertion of
monetization code.
Benefits of Using
The DomainDEVpro platform was developed with proprietors of large domain portfolios in
mind that don't want to rely on parking solutions.
Parking solutions devalue domains and rely strictly on type-in traffic. Search engine algorithms
reject parked sites and thus parked domains are not permitted to organically age on the search
results pages.
The best long term solution for domain investors is to develop their domains. However to
develop hundreds to thousands of domains is not financially nor time-wise viable if developers
are hired to develop each individual domain. Large sums of money are required up-front which
can take quite some time to break even before profits can be registered.
DomainDEVpro allows domain proprietors to deploy their sites immediately and build content
over time in a financially and time managed way. The low-cost to entry and monthly investment
permit sites to be developed in an organic manner. The major part of the investment can be
devoted to content creation rather the site development. Content is the key to building
profitable websites. This guide will explain how you can do this at any rate of investment.
DomainDEVpro – – an product
Table of Contents ...
Overview of DomainDEVpro
Quick-start Guide to DomainDEVpro
Adding Custom Pages
Inviting Offers for Domains Published
Adding Header Sponsor Code
Adding Sponsor Code to Sidebar and Pages
Adding Custom Header Images
Adding Links to Sites
Editing Templates
Hiring Help to Build Content & Promote Sites
DIY: How to Add Articles
DIY: Finding website images online
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DomainDEVpro – – an product
i. Overview ...
DomainDEVpro allows you to build a network of sites and edit sites individually, in
groups and across entire network.
Once a domain is pointing to the correct nameservers, it takes just a couple of clicks
to publish a new site.
Sites are grouped based on the template selected. Any edits to the template will
effect all sites created with that template. You can make duplicates of templates and
edit the templates as you feel necessary.
Templates edit includes defaults to the Welcome (home page) and About page
content, which can be overwritten per site edits.
Master Pages and Settings edits effect entire network of sites published with
DomainDEVpro – – an product
ii. Quick-Start Guide ...
First thing to do, before starting to publish your sites is to set up or check the Setting
by selecting the settings tab option.
Next, start publishing sites.
1. Make sure your domains are pointing to the nameservers of the DomainDEVpro
server. (Allow 24-48hrs for the nameservers to propagate across the Internet after
setting them.)
2. Add the domain listing, setting the targeted keywords related to the domain.
Separate the keywords with a comma. Commit your changes.
3. Open the domain listing and select the option “Domain To Site” below the domain
4. Choose a template from the available templates list and then select the option
“Make Site”
After the successful creation process, you can edit your new website.
You can now edit the key elements of the site:
Description: This is the description of the website. It will be used in search engine
optimizing the site and in link pages.
Logo URL: If you have a logo for the site, you can replace the text title with it. Upload
it to the server using the Upload Tool and copy-and-paste the link url to the logo here.
Header URL: You can change the default header with another one of your choosing.
You can upload it using the Upload Tool and copy-and-paste the url here.
Home page: Create custom home page here, using the built-in content management
tools. Any content you add here will replace the default content created in the initial
domain to site creation.
About page: Same as the home page. Replace the default content with your own
Adding Header tags and 3rd party tracking code: Select Head Body Code option
from the Edit Site navigation.
DomainDEVpro – – a TCK Media product
iii. Adding Custom Pages ...
Creating custom pages is the salient feature of DomainDEVpro and most important to
build sites that maximize search engine presence and return visitors.
There are two types of pages you can create in DomainDEVpro. The first is pages
that are displayed on one particular website. The second is pages that are displayed
across the entire network of sites. The second option is useful for creating generic
pages such as for advertising info, disclaimers, privacy statements, and the like.
Adding pages to individual sites
Select the domain for the site you wish to edit. Open the DomainDEVpro menu
options and select Edit Site.
Order Num. is the order in which you want the page to be displayed in relation to
other pages created. This is a numerical value. A value of 0 will display the page only
in the footer navigation.
Vanity is the SEO-friendly url that is readable to the human eye. You don't need to
enter anything here. It will be generated based on your title. You can edit this value at
any time. NOTE: the vanity url should not contain spaces or unusual characters.
Adding pages to entire network
To create pages to appear on your entire network, select the option Edit Master
Pages. The process of creating a page is the same as for individual sites.
Adding 3rd party javascript or other code
You can add code such as Google Maps(tm), YouTube(tm) videos, or another, to the
Web pages you create. However, be sure to turn off the HTML Text editor as this
tool may alter the code and causing it to break.
iv. Inviting Offers ...
To invite offers on domains published with sites, go to the template you will use for
domains on sale, or select the template used to publish the domain. Enter something
in the field For Sale Text, something like: “This domain may be available for sale or
If you don't wish to publicize that the domain is for sale, then leave this field blank.
DomainDEVpro – – a TCK Media product
v. Adding Header Sponsor Code ...
To add a sponsor ad banner on all pages above the fold, follow these steps:
- Select the template for which to add the sponsor banner
- Add the sponsor code in the field that says Header.
- Select Update.
vi. Adding Sponsor Code to Sidebar
and Pages...
There are two places where you can add sponsor code to the sidebar.
1) Under Settings, add the code to the field titled Sidebar Code.
2) You can also add sponsor code to specific templates by selecting the template to
edit and inserting the code in the field titled Sidebar. Anything entered here will
appear above the sidebar code you set in Settings.
To add sponsor code above and/or below article body, add the code to the following
fields under Settings:
Top Sponsor Code – This code will appear above the article.
Bottom Code – This code will appear below the article.
vii. Adding Custom Header Images...
Although templates are designated for a specific topic by default and come with
related image header, this doesn't mean you can't use the template for practically any
topic of any domain. By simply changing the header image, any template can be used
for any given topic. This is done on editing individual sites.
To change the header image, you must upload a new header via the Upload Tool and
copy the url. Then open the editor for the website you want to use the header with
and paste the url in the corresponding field.
Unless otherwise indicated, the default header dimensions are 980px by 260px.
You can find more header images at the official DomainDEVpro website media
You can copy the url and paste it in your editor or save the images to your hard drive
(right-mouse click, then Save Image) and upload to your hosting account.
DomainDEVpro – – a TCK Media product
viii. Adding Links to Sites...
You can add links to your sites by selecting Add Links from the Edit Site navigation
menu, which will take you directly to the add link form for the site you are editing, or
by selecting Manage Links in the main navigation menu which will then give you the
option of adding links to any site you already built from a drop-down scroll list.
You can add links one at a time or add them in bulk. If you add them in bulk then you
must enter the link data in the following format:
anchor text, url (which includes the http://), description, keyword
All elements are separated by a comma and each link is on a separate line. If you
make a mistake, you can always delete or edit your links.
Why enter a keyword? This is a SEO method and also places the link on pages with
that same keyword. Suppose you have a page named anniversary_gifts.htm and
the link keyword is “anniversary gifts”. Then the link will automatically appear on that
page, in addition to the links page.
ix. Editing Templates...
You can edit each template and create or edit default home page and about page
text, for sale text, header, footer and sidebar code. If you know some html and css,
you can also edit these elements as well. You can create a duplicate of the existing
template and edit that so you never lose the original code.
Any edits you made to a template will automatically be applied to all domains you
published or will publish with that template.
Editing the home and about pages text: Any time you include the string [domain], it
will be replaced with the domain name. [keywords] will be replaced with the keywords
you set for the domain. This way you can create standard text that will then be
customized to each domain.
For sale text: You can use this area to enter a phrase such as “This domain may be
for sale” or “Inquire about this domain”, or even “Advertise on this site”. You are not
limited to what you can write here. Any text entered will appear highlighted on the
sidebar and linked to the contact page.
CSS: This is the styling code. Do not edit this unless you know what you are doing.
Header: Anything you enter here will appear at the very top of all pages. Can be
advertising or any other use you feel appropriate.
Main HTML: Again, do not edit unless you are very familiar with HTML.
Sidebar: This code will appear above the Settings' sidebar code and can be used for
monetizing purposes.
Footer: Any code here will appear in the footer area of every page this template is
used on.
DomainDEVpro – – a TCK Media product
x. Hiring Help to Build and Promote sites...
There are many developers, designers, writers, marketers, Web professionals, etc.,
that can be contracted to build your Web projects. Fortunately, with DomainDEVpro
you can hire anyone to tweak your sites rather than doing it from scratch, which can
be very expensive.
Once you publish a domain to a site, you will need to work on original content and
promoting the site on the search engines. If you want to do it yourself, just skip to the
next section. Here we'll show you were to find low cost help.
NOTE: TCK Media, the company behind DomainDEVpro, offers design and
development services, including SEO-friendly content creation. You are welcome to
write [email protected] for a quote and more info.
NOTE: this information is only provided as a way to help our clients. We do not
recommend any particular service and urge each domainer to do due research before
engaging any type of 3rd party service.
Content Writers
Freelance board, article writers
Freelance board, article writers
Forum to find and look for content writers
Content for sale
Search Engine Optimization & Link Building
Freelance board, link building services
Freelance board, search engine marketing
Link exchanges
DomainDEVpro – – a TCK Media product
xi. DIY: How to Add Articles...
You can populate your site very quickly utilizing the following sources of royalty-free
articles. Although the effect on SEO is minimal, if any, however, by utilizing free
article sources it will give you a quick way to populate and add value to your websites.
Another low cost option, and much better than using free article sources, is to write
your own articles. A 300-500 word article would not take a long time on most topics
and will have positive impact on search engine results.
Royalty-Free Article Providers
Ezine Articles
Articles Base Free content directory
Services/Free_Content/ Results on Google for free articles
Help and Resources for Writing Articles
Forum, Content for Your Site
How to write articles
DomainDEVpro – – a TCK Media product
xii. DIY: Finding Website Images Online...
The following sites, free and paid, provide a wealth of images or logos that can be
used on your website. Having an image with an article will enhance the appearance
of the page and also search engines love images.
Free Images
Free or Low Cost Logo & Icon Design
Paid Images
DomainDEVpro – – a TCK Media product
More to come soon....
This is the second edition of this ebook. Stay tuned for more info and help on
developing your domains into complete sites.
Please feel free to contact us if you need any customization done to your
service – – [email protected]
DomainDEVpro – – a TCK Media product