NM Wing Website Admin Area

NM Wing Website Admin Area
To get to the NM Wing website go to:
This will take you to the log-in page
Username: admin
Password: nmcap
Go to the software’s “Menu” pulldown and select the pull down “Menu”
Then select the “mainmenu” area from the Menu” pulldown
Here you will locate the entire menu of the website. Scroll down the “Menu Item” column
until you locate the name of the page to which you would like to make changes.
In this particular example we are going to go use “Encampment” in the “Cadet Programs”
Follow the line to the right to the “Link – Content item” link and click on it.
When you put your mouse over the link a small pop-up will appear that says “Edit
This Content”
This will take you to the page that you would like to change
and display it in a format that you can alter with an easy to use
The page to be altered is divided
into 3 sections:
1. The title and category section
(do nothing with this area)
2. The Intro Text area – This is
already filled in so do nothing
with this area also.
3. Lastly is the page text area. Here
you can alter the text simply
by selecting the text and
choosing some of the same
type of tools used in word
processing software
Some examples are text Bold, Italic,
Underline, paragraph
When you hold your mouse over the tool bar icons a popup will
appear to explain what that function is or does. For this example we
select the text we would like to add a link to and then click on the
“Insert/edit link” icon. A small window then pops up to add the link.
In the Link URL type
Then click on Insert
Some of the Icon meanings
After all changes are made then hit the “Save” button in the top right
corner. If it does not look the way you want it then click on the
“Close” button.
After clicking on the “Save” button it will take you to a “Content Items Manager” page
DO NOTHING HERE. Either Logout Admin or go back to the Menu/mainmenu area to
change the story further or to change another page.
Things to Remember
• Only change the pages of which you are in charge
• If the page does not look the way you want it don’t hit
“Save”, hit “Close” and then go back to the Menu/mainmenu section
to try the process again.
• Do not change the style sheet in the page altering by clicking on the
following button
• If you need to upload files contact me at:
[email protected]. I will load them up for you and then give
you the URL to the file so that you can then create a link to it in the
edit mode (Type entire URL including “http://www.”).
• If you destroy a page or have any problems email me at:
[email protected].