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Sample of an Informal letter - Weebly

Sample of an Informal
By: Asim Malik
English 1123
Paper 1
Informal paper
Sample of Informal letter
Sample of an informal letter
English 1123
Q: You have been chosen to represent your school in a general knowledge competition. You
must choose any one to be in your team. Write a letter to your friend invitation him/ her to
be on your side and you must include the following bullet points:
пѓј When and where the competition is going to be held.
пѓј Request your friend to be in your team and why do you think that he should be at
your side.
пѓј What kind of preparation you both do and Detail of prizes.
Your letter must be Informal/ friendly.
Word limit: 200- 300 words. Marks 30.
Dear Rizwan,
Hi, what’s up? , I hope things �re fine with you. Everythin’ is fine here. I wanna tell ya about the General
knowledge competition which is goin’ to held on 23rd of January, 2013 at Chenab College Jhang. I’m
happy to invite ya to be on my side, I �ill be very grateful to ya for this favor.
I’ve asked ya to be on my side because I think that ya �re the most suitable person for bein’ at my side
because ya �re havin’ talent, good knowledge and vocab Is good. Your prep must be good and high,
you’ve to seek knowledge from your teachers and from different books. So we �ld grab the position.
I wanna tell you about the prizes which�re goin’ to be given to top three winning teams. The first team
�ill be getting’ five thousand rupees and second team �ill be getting’ twenty five hundred rupees and the
team which �ill be grabbin’ third position �ill get twelve hundred and fifty rupees. DCO jhang is goin’ to
handover award to the winning teams.
Time to go,
Asim Malik
Asim Malik
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