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October '14
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We at VAK and Temples Protection Movement are thankful to the Honorable High
Court for ordering Status Quo staying the Operation of the recent Amendment to the
Endowments Act by the Government of Andhra Pradesh which abolishes all the existing
Temple Trust Boards. The Judiciary had to intervene when the Legislature has failed the
Constitution of this Country.
For the sake of devotees, we are giving details of what the new amended Law means
for Temple Trust Boards.
The number of trustees for each trust board has been increased by 3 members
for various category temples.
The Government promised before the Supreme Court in 1996 and again in 2013 that
low income temples would be left to be managed by the Archakas. This promise has been
forgotten by the AP Government as it is contemplating the Constitution of Trust Boards to
even small temples by this Amendment.
The so called legal brains in the Endowments Administration should clearly understand
that if the Government goes back on its commitments made before the Supreme Court in
1996 and in 2013, it will definitely attract Contempt Proceedings before the Supreme Court.
This is the reason that a Dharmika Parishad was incorporated in the framework
of Endwoments Administration to overlook appointments to Trust Boards. This Dharmika
Parishad also has been cancelled by the AP Government. Now, the Endowments Department
is having a free run with no statutory authority to supervise it.
The Temples Protection Movement would urge the Andhra Pradesh Government
to take steps to withdraw the Amendments to the new Act and Constitute Dharmika Parishad
immediately. The Government should hand over all of its powers to the Dharmika Parishad
and make the Endowments Department work under the Dharmika Parishad.
We would also urge the party in power in AP to keep up the promises made during
elections with regards to Temples. The Government should keep all political elements away
from the temples and entrust the appointments to the Temple Trust Boards to the Dharmika
Parishad as per the Endowments Act. The Government of India is also requested to intervene
in this issue as the subject matter is in the Concurrent List. Legislations to Religious Endowments
can be enacted by the State Legislature only with Concurrence with the Union Government.
There should be no regional boundaries for temples.
October '14
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Anecdotes on Vishnu Sahasranama - 163
Sri V.S. Karunakaran, Chennai
Readers will agree that it is not that simple to get
resurrected after death. Even epics record only a
few incidents of resurrections after death. One of
the most popular occasions like that is the
resurrection of the son of Virochana who later came
to be known as the most powerful and therefore
called Mahabali. We had seen how he rose like a
phoenix from his body by the powerful Mantras of
Sukaracharya and was able to drive away the Devas
who had tasted nectar. Mahabali had got from the
sacrificial fire kindled by the mantras of Sukracharya
a chariot, set of horses, bow and arrows that could
not get exhausted. None could face him in a war
and see victory.
On top of this, he was also a great person of personal
character. Unlike Raavana and other evil forces he
was never given to adultery. He was also devoted
to Lord Vishnu unlike his own great grandfather
Hiranykasipu. Hiranykasipu stopped all sacrifices
because that would mean honoring various deities.
There were no sacrifices, no chanting of Vedas and
no charity to saintly persons in his regime. On the
contrary, Mahabali encouraged performance of
sacrifices and also performed sacrifices himself.
During those sacrifices there would certainly be
Mantras that would evoke the blessings of Devas
like Indra, Surya, Agni and offerings were therefore
made to those deities. But how do we understand
when the Puranas tell that the Devas suffered defeat
during the ascendancy of Mahabali? Was he not
offering to devas in his sacrifices as per the Vedic
Mandate. He himself had performed Ashvamedha
sacrifice and given charity then during that sacrifice.
He should have offered to the deities as per the
directions of Vedas. Then how is it correct to say
he was keeping the Deva suppressed and drove them
way from their positions. A friend from America asked
me this question that how it was that Mahabali kept
Devas out of their position when he himself
performed the Yagas which were again in recognitions
of the glories of the Devas.
Some people say that Hiranykasipu and others did
penance and had enormous power only because
of the penance. That penance is to be on some deity.
Who was the deity on whom did Hiranykasipu perform
the penance. Was it Lord Narayana? Anybody will
say no as answer for this question because
Hiranykasipu hated Narayana to the core. He
performed penance only after his younger brother
Hiranyaksha was slain by Lord Vishnu taking the form
of wild boar..
That is why many of the people including the cinema
directors paint Hiranykasipu as a devotee of Siva
but here again problems come because Hiranykasipu
was never accepting anybody having supreme power
over him and so his being a devotee to Siva is only
a defection suiting to the cinema or drama directors.
The question of Hiranykasipu being devoted to
Brahma does not also arise because Brahma himself
was scared of Hiranykasipu.
Some of the scholars compare the penance of
Hiranykasipu to the election in democracy. Before
the election, the politicians bow down to the voters.
Pleased by that the voters vote for him. The voters
voting for him are akin to Brahma giving the boons
to Hiranya.
Once the politicians come to power they forget they
got the power only because of the voter and treat
them shabbily like Hiranykasipu treated Brahma after
getting the boons. This analogy leads us to the
thought that Hiranykasipu was a non-believer like
the Meemasaka. These are the ones who believed
that the mantras recited in sacrifices on various
deities were actually the givers of the fruits because
of the mantras only had the powers. Actually no devas
as described in mantras do exist. Their getting pleased
or accepting the offering and giving gifts all is not
The above explanation will also land us in trouble
because we hear Hiranykasipu driving away the Devas
putting them to lot of difficulties. If devas do not exists
how does one explain these incidents narrated in
We have to therefore take it that Hiranykasipu accepted
the supreme powers of Brahma and Siva and Lord
Narayana. He performed penance on Brahma to get
power. After getting powers he started behaving as
if he was the supreme. Lord Narayana had to wait
until the power he received by penance melted away.
It is like the voters waiting for the next election to
oust the ones they authorized to govern them
But in the case of Mahabali there were no such
misdeeds. He was after all offering to the deities.
Then what was the grievance for them? It appears
that Mahabali performed all the sacrifices but offered
the offerings in sacrifices only to Lord Narayana who
was the one supreme in all of them. He understood
that all Devas were only the body of Lord Narayana
and Lord Narayana alone was the soul of all these
deities. So he worshiped only Narayana through the
sacrifices without offering any thing to the deities.
Though he used the very same Vedic mantras that
spoke of Indra, Agni, Surya etc., for him Agni was
not the deity for fire. Neither did he take it to mean
Lord Narayana, the inner soul of the deity of fire. For
him the term Agni meant as per etymology the one
who leads people. This fitted only to Narayana and
so he never chanted any prayer for Agni when he
said “Agnaye Swaaha!” He was very clear in his mind
that it was none but Lord Narayana who leads him
from the front. Similarly when he said “Indraya
Swaaha!” He was clear in his mind that Indra as
per etymology meant the one with enormous wealth
ã¨=∞Ü«∂xfl ã¨iQÍ qxÜ≥∂yOK«∞‰õΩ<Õ "å_çH˜ q∞QÆ`å =∞Oz JÅ"å@∞¡ ‰õÄ_® "å@O`«@"Õ =™êÎ~Ú.
October '14
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and hence it referred only to Lord Narayana whose
wealth alone is unlimited. He was therefore having
the correct understanding of Vedas and Vedanta. That
is why it was not possible even for Lord Mahavishnu
to take on Bali in a war. Such was the power Mahabali
had obtained by his devotion to Lord Narayana and
his preceptors.
That is why he became Mahabali, the unconquerable
and a force that can counter even Lord. Only one
minus point that stood in the success of Mahabali
was his ego that none in the world except Narayana
could sensor him. His devotion to the Lord was
unmatched but was polluted by his forgetting that
he was only a tool in the hands of the Lord! Thus in
due course, he even forgot that there was a force
controlling him and he began to think that no force
could control him. That was the point where he had
to be corrected and shown that there was a force
above and the force cannot be fathomed easily.
And there was the poor mother Aditi who had been
performing surrender at the feet of the Lord to put
her sons in power.
Lord therefore took the form of a dwarf as her child
and came to Mahabali concealing himself begging
three feet of land from him. Despite the warning from
Sukaracharya, Mahabali went ahead and gave the
alms sought by the dwarf. The result was he lost
all the wealth. But that was mundane and virtual.
He still got the feet of lord Narayana placed on his
Feet of Lord Narayana are described as real wealthTreasure by Seers like Alavandar.
Please refer to the fervent appeal of Alavandar in
sloka no 30 of his Stotra Ratna seeking this real
wealth. The sloka in original reads thus.
uƒ¬ÁÃuƒN¿ ˛ Áãoú∫Áƒ∫Á¬ÆÊ
å™ÀÆtÁuo| q úmz Nw ˛ oqm™Ω @
áåÊ ™tyÆÊ oƒ úÁtúWΩ N ˛\Ê
NЛ›tГЃ ГҐГЏ ГѓГЃqГЃnN˛∫ƒÁum YqГЏ В ГЃ[email protected]@
A free English version of this by our friend Shri S.
Jagannathan is reproduced for the benefit of those
of us who cannot be that comfortable with Sanskrit:“Your lotus-feet which playfully strode the upper worlds
and lower abodes of jeevas; which drives away in a
fraction of a second the afflictions of those who pay
obeisance are the treasure of mine (and my clan).
When will I possibly see, with these very eyes of mine
Your Real Form?”
Nammalwar had to go to Vaikuntam to get this treasure.
He describes the reception given to him in Vaikunta
and says that the sandals of the Lord were brought
for placing on his head during the grand reception.
For the benefit of those who may not be able to
understand his original in Tamil I am giving the
Sanskrit version of the verse by Sri Venkatasesharya
Mahadesika (my Grand preceptor cum Grand Father)
in his Pratibimbalaharee which reads thus
EÀ™ÙÁSÆÁoΩ ú∫™™uƒ∆ãoz u o Ã˚z t ƒz � Á:
ÀƒyÆz ÀsÁåz N¿ ˛ ™™\“o: qÁ¬ÆÁ™ÁÃÏ ∫ uWΩ V ¿ ™ Ω @
В»yв„ўXZГ“ m Л™ uГҐuГЎв„ўuГє VbГЉ oys| Гє Г“ m Л™ ГјtyГєГЉ
úÓ m z | ã ˚ÁÀÆÁÀÃÏ ∫ ÆÏ ƒ oÆÁz • Æz n Æ YÁáÏ : N˛∫ÁT¿ z @ @
This means “The immaculate devotees in the absolute
abode of the Lord who are glorified by the Vedas
said “this noble soul has come to our place because
of our fortune”. They waited for the arrival of the new
entrant to Vaikunta in their quarters. As the new entrant
crossed their residence they in their orderly sequence
washed his feet. Moon faced dames (Sri Devee, Bhoo
Devee and Neela Devee with their maid servants)
greeted the new entrant with the Treasure (The
sandals of the Lord), lamps, pots full of water and
powder of turmeric and saffron”
But Mahabali got not the sandals but Mahabalis the
feet themselves.
He did not have to go up to Vaikunta. He got them
here itself on his head!
That is why Prahlada, his grandfather who was there
when the Lord was placing his feet on the head of
Mahabali could not avoid his envy!
Thirumangai Azhwar could not control his envy while
describing the incident in his Thirunedunthaandakam!
He gives the epithet Enviable to Mahabali!
Though Mahabali was to be confined in a mansion
like cell in Netherlands, Lord Narayana is still standing
in the doorstep as his gate keeper. Here his devotion
to the Lord without the negative aspect of ego has
been resurrected.
Appreciating his devotion, Lord Vamana made his
birth day to be celebrated as the day of visit of
Mahabali to his place in Bhoo Loka Kerala as Onam
and not as Vamana Jayanthi!
As the Lord controls even powerful personalities like
Mahabali thus, He is called “the force that cannot
be controlled by any other force. He is therefore called
in Sanskrit by the name Niyama.
One should remember this while performing his
assignments enjoying the authority he gets.
Whatever be the power we get in our hands, it cannot
make us the most powerful because He alone is the
most powerful and is the ultimate controlling power.
If we chant this name thinking on the form of Balaji
at Chilkoor, we are sure to realize this. We will be
led properly by Him and become an exception to
the adage “absolute power corrupts absolutely” even
when we are given absolute powers!
We will do better to appreciate the words of our new
Prime Minister who says that as Pradhana Mantri
he is the Pradhana Sevaka of the country and pray
the Lord to give him the strength to follow his utterings
in their spirit and make Bharath a golden Country!
Dear readers of VAK, Nirukti sums up this glory of
the Lord when it says
uåÆ©Æoz \T�z å uåÆ™Àà Gtyu∫o:@@
Let us therefore chant the name “Niyamaya Namaha”
to get rid of false prestige and ego. Success in all
legally and morally acceptable attempts will surely
be ours. Let us Chant
Niyamaya Namaha
@@uГҐГ†в„ўГЃГ† ГҐв„ў:@@
XHõ =ºH˜Î ZO`« L#fl`« ã≤u÷ x KÕ~∞° H�O>Ë J`«_O» `«\˜ f„=`«~° Hõi#î ѨsHõÅ
∆ #∞ JkèQqÆ ∞Oz =ÙO\Ï_»∞.
October '14
w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 6 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
FO Éèí∂`å^ŒÜÕ∞ #=∞ó G ßÓ o ÁtÆz å™:
Chant this name to amend soured friendship
or any personal relationship
FO ^è•„`Õ #=∞ó G áÁfiz å™:
For issueless couple. ã¨O`å# „áêÑ≤Î H�~°‰õΩ
FO q^è•„`Õ #=∞ó G uƒáÁfiz å™:
q∞„`«∞Å`À ¿ãflǨÏÉèÏ=O ÃÑOK«∞HÀ=_®xH˜, ^ŒOѨ`∞« Å Pregnant ladies to chant for healthy babies.
P~ÀQƺHõ~°"≥∞ÿ# tâ◊√=ÙÅ H�~°‰õΩ
=„[O ÖÏO\˜ â◊s~åxH˜....... –j ∆∫y∫ Nz˛ u¬L
Chant 28 times
FO #"≥∂ <å~°ã≤OǨÜ«∞ =„[^ŒO„ëêìÜ«∞ =„l}ËI =„[^ÕǨÜ«∞ =„*ÏÜ«∞ #"≥∂ =„[ #MÏÜ«∞K«II
H å™Áz åÁ∫uÃÊ “ ÁÆ ƒ\¿ t Ê … b~ Á Æ ƒu\~ m z @ ƒ\~ t z “ ÁÆ ƒ\~ Á Æ å™Áz ƒ\~ åQÁÆY @@
Chant 108 times
FO ã¨÷qëêªÜ«∞ #=∞ó
FO ѨÙ+¨¯~åH∆ÍÜ«∞ #=∞ó
G Àsuƒ…eÁÆ å™:
G úÏ … N˛∫ÁqÁÆ å™:
To keep Evil forces at bay.
For overcoming bad times.
^Œ∞+¨ì â◊‰õΩÎÅ #∞O_ç HÍáê_»∞H�#∞@‰õΩ.
HõëêìÅ #∞O_ç q=ÚH˜Î á⁄O^Œ_®xH˜.
Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
namaami runamuktaye
bhaktaanaam varadaayakam
Sri Nrisimham mahaveeram
namaami runamuktaye
Aanthramaalaadharam Sankha
Chakraabja aayudha dha arina m
Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
namaami runamuktaye
Smaranaat sarvapaapagnam
kadrooja visha naasanam
Sri Nrisimha mahaaveeraam
namaami runamuktaye
Simhanaadena Mahataa
Digdhanthi Bhaya Naashanam
Chant one time
Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeraam
namaami runamuktaye
Prahlaada varadam sreesam
Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
namaami runamuktaye
Krooragrahaih peeditaanaam
bhaktaanaam abhayapradam
Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
namaami runamuktaye
Brahma Rudraadi vanditam
Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
namaami runamuktaye
Ya idam patathe nityam runa
mochana samjnitam
Anrunee jaayate satyo dhanam
sheeghram avaapnuyaat
=∂#ã≤HOõ QÍ â◊H=Θ O`«"∞≥ #ÿ "åà ◊√§ ZÖÏO\˜ Hõëêì#fl~Ú<å =∞~°∞ã¨\˜ ~ÀAHõÖÏ¡ =∞iÛáÈQÆÅ∞QÆ∞`å~°∞.
October '14
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Madhura Vijayam - 36
Sri Ranganatha Travel Part – II
Tamil Manuscript : Sree Venugopalan, Chennai
Story so far: This story based on the 14th century
incidents was written by Sri Venugopalan based on
the historic facts elucidated in Madhura Vijayam
composed by Maharani Ganga Devi, Chief Queen of
King Kampanaray. Two young men Vijayendra Vallabha
and Dutta set out on expedition to locate the idol of
Lord Ranganatha, Srirangam which was saved and
kept hidden by four Kodavas without being ransacked
by Sultanate invaders. After several adventures the
two boys , with the help of Chenchu tribes found the
idol along with one Kodava who protected the idol
for more than eighteen years deep inside the forest
of Chandragiri. Vallabha with the help of few hunters
passed on this information to the King ruling there Sri
Ranganatha Yadavaraya and the King immediately
rushed to the spot.. Vallabha was advised by Yadavaraya
that it is not safe to take the idol to Srirangam
immediately as Sultan was still ruling the place. Lord
Ranganatha was brought to Tirumala by the King
Ranganatha Yadavaraya. Vallabha and Dutta stayed
in Tirumala to decide future course of action…
During the period of these events, Tirupathi and
Tirumala were very small places surrounded by
mountains and dense forest with wild life. It is said
that Tirupathi was actually established by Lord
Ramanuja in 1130 AD with a few streets around
Sri Govindarajaswamy temple. Tirupathi also has
another name known as Ramanujapuram which
is not in current use.
In a similar way Tirumala was a very small
establishment with a few mantapams and the Lords
temple. Vallabha and Dutta were staying in one
of the Mantapams which was later known as Van
Satakopa Vanam and became a part of Ahobila Mutt.
Vallabha and Dutta got the opportunity of resting
after several months of tiring and restless
expedition. They decided to spend a few days on
the Tirumala Hill to eliminate their tiredness. There
is also another reason for their stay in Tirumala.
Both the young men did not have darshan of Lord
Ranganatha in their life so far. They have just now
for the first time had darshan of him. They were
feeling fortunate to see him every day three times.
So far they have not seen a proper puja worship
in the temple. The offering of dhoopa, deepa,
prasadams, chanting of mantras, conduct of
abhishekam of Lord etc., have never been witnessed
by them. When they got a chance to witness all
the daily chores of temple worship in Tirumala they
got very interested and wanted to spend some time
as devotees witnessing the daily chores. As they
watched various chores, their levels of enthusiasm
enhanced. They also had the fortune of visiting
the sacred places of Acharyapurushas who stayed
in Tirumala to perform the daily sevas to the Lord.
They went to the south Mada street of the temple
to see a clay walled house of Tirumalai Nambi who
stayed there in the tenth century A.D. Tirumalai
Nambi was maternal uncle of Lord Ramanuja who
English Translation : CSL Narasimhan
taught Ramanuja the inner meanings hidden in
Ramayana. At the place where the south Madastreet
meets North Mada street they visited the residence
of Ananthalwar who was a famous disciple of Lord
Ramanuja. There are also many residences of
Acharyapurushas who belonged to Tiruchchukanur
(Tiruchanur) on the Tirumala hills. When they visited
all these places and tried to understand the old
glory of the Vedic religion which was their religion,
the two young people were bothered by a great
sorrowful feeling in their minds.
They began to realize that Sri Rangam should have
been a famous Divyakshetram like Tirumala. �It
is even more important than Tirumala by virtue of
its history or kshetra glory. The lord of Sri Rangam
has been worshipped by all the Alwars and Acharyas.
Alas! What a sorrowful state, we are not yet able
to see Sri Rangam. It is now in the hands of
foreigners and is getting destroyed now. There is
none who can restore the temple back to their
devotees’ thought the duo.
While thinking about restoration of Sri Rangam’s
glory and lamenting over its current state, they
considered even the current state of Lord
Ranganatha as sorrowful. � Lord Ranganatha is
living here like a guest under the cover of some
one. He left Sri Rangam, his abode, 33 years back
and he has been facing this plight since then. Why
is no one realising this situation? lamented both the
minds. As they were lamenting there was a growing
anger in their minds on Sri Ranganatha Yadavaraya
� Is he eligible to be called as king? He says he
has been a sub-ordinate king to several empires
and helped them win many battles. Why then he
is not attacking Madurai? If he thinks he can do.
He did not think. That is all!’ thought the duo in
their minds for two weeks and one day decided
to meet the king and express their feelings.
They met the king and expressed their feelings
to him in a clear manner. The king was surprised
to hear their feelings. He took both of them and
went into the Tirumala temple. He showed them
the starting of work on Rangamandapam which
is being exclusively built for Lord Ranganatha in
the front portion of the temple. Later he took them
inside to show the sanctum sanctorium of Lord
Varadaraja and Lord Narasimha.
“why are you showing these to us?” enquired the
two young men.
“When south India was attacked by the Delhi
Sultanate army I anticipated that Kanchi Varadaraja
Swamy and Ahobilam Lord Lakshmi Narasimha
will visit Tirumala. I built anticipatory places of
worship for them. But they did not come here. I
did not do any anticipatory arrangements for Lord
Ranganatha of Sri Rangam but he has arrived. I
have now immediately undertaken a separate
Mandapam for enabling worship to him. This is
rq`В«O F Ü«Ú^ŒÉú ∂íè qв€ћ. ГЎГ€~ГҐ_Г§`Г• QГ” eKГ•O^ΰ䛀 J=HГЌГўв—ЉO [email protected]в€ћOk. T~В°HГµ xГ…в€ћKВ«в€ћO>Г‹ =∂„`В«O [email protected]в€ћ `«Ñʨ ^Е’в€ћ.
October '14
w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 8 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
all I can do at present. I am unable to do anything
beyond this and I have become aged also to do
anything valliant as you are desiring” responded
Both the young men became silent after hearing
this response from Yadavaraya.
“Oh! Young men, don’t you know that I have health
issues and cannot take-up expeditions. I decided
to spend my rest of the life and die in the land of
Lord Venkateswara. Because of this, I have built
a palace for me here. Don’t you know that?” asked
Sri RanganathaYadavaraya openly expressed his
mind to the two young men. The young people
were silent. �Yadavaraya has interest but does not
have valour now’ lamented the two minds.
Immediately Vallabha looked at the King and said
“Oh King! What you say are all correct. We are also
happy that you are building a separate mandapam
for Lord Ranganatha for conducting his daily puja
. But we have a desire in our minds, can that be
“Please tell your desire” said Yadavaraya.
“We have heard a lot about our Lord Ranganatha.
He is worshipped according to religious and
emperor’s practices and he has been ruling
SriRangam as its emperor. We were told that In
his sannidhi in Sri Rangam, Tamil Prabandhams
were sung always and Lord Ranganatha enjoys
them a lot. Here also in his sannidhi we request
you to arrange for reciting the Tamil Prabandhams.”
Requested Vallabha.
Yadavaraya slowly smiled and replied “Oh! Boy!
Is this all your desire? We will fulfill this surely.
Don’t worry.”
Next day morning Yadavaraya started to organise
recitations of Tamil Prabandhams in the temple.
He had to get reciting devotees from various nearby
places such as Tirupathi etc. he took a few days
to complete the organization, but finally had started
the practice. When they started reciting the
prabandhams the temple staff objected to
introduction of a new practice and hence this had
to stop. The two young lads were heart broken with
this event.
(to be continued)
JǨϟaÅ =∞~î°OÖ’ ã�ZO, QÆ=~°fl~ü ^ŒOѨ`«∞Å „Ѩ`ÕºHõ ѨÓ[Å∞
~åO#QÆ~ü, ÃãÃÑìO|~ü 22 : #QÆ~°OÖ’x q^•º#QÆ~ü _ô_ô HÍÅhÖ’ QÆÅ
JǨϟaÅ =∞~îO° Ö’ [iy# N=∞^ŒÇϨ ŸaÅ Ñ�~åî kèÑ`¨ ∞« Å∞ N=}ü â◊~Q°î ÀѨ
N~°OQÆ<å^äŒ Ü«∞fO„^Œ =∞Ǩ^Õt‰õΩÅ 60= [#‡k# "Õ_∞» HõÅ∞ ™È=∞"å~°O
™êÜ«∞O„`«O Ѷ¨∞#OQÍ [iQÍ~Ú. D HÍ~°º„Hõ=∂xH˜ ~åR =ÚYº=∞O„u
N ÔH. K«O„^ŒâıY~ü~å=Ù, ~åR QÆ=~°fl~ü N #~°ã≤OǨÏ<£ ^ŒOѨ`«∞Å∞
=ÚYº Ju^äŒ∞Å∞QÍ Ç¨[~°Ü«∂º~°∞. D ã¨O^Œ~°ƒùOQÍ `�Å∞`« ã�ZO,
QÆ=~°fl~ü JǨϟaÅ =∞~î°OÖ’ „Ѩ`ÕºHõ ѨÓ[Å∞ x~°fiÇ≤ÏOz f~°÷„Ѩ™ê^•Å∞
ã�fiHõiOKå~°∞. J#O`«~°O ã�ZO ˆHã≤P~ü N=∞^ŒÇ¨ÏŸaÅ Ñ�~îåkèѨ`«∞Å∞
N=}ü â◊~î°QÀѨ N~°OQÆ<å^äŒ Ü«∞fO„^Œ =∞Ǩ^Õt‰õΩʼnõΩ Ѩà ◊√¡, ѨÙëêÊÅ∞
WzÛ [#‡k# â◊√ÉèÏHÍOHõ∆Å∞ `≥eÜ«∞*Ëã≤, ™êfiq∞"åiH˜ áê^•aè=O^Œ#O
KÕã≤ Pjã¨∞ûÅ∞ fã¨∞‰õΩ<åfl~°∞. J#O`«~O° QÆ=~°fl~ü #~°ãO≤ ǨÏ<£ ^ŒOѨ`∞« Å∞
‰õ Ä _® ™êfiq∞"åiH˜ Ѩ Ù ëêÊÅ∞, Ѩ à ◊ √ ¡ JOkOz â◊ √ Éè Ï HÍOHõ ∆ Å ∞
`≥eÜ«∞*Ëâß~°∞. D HÍ~°º„Hõ=∞OÖ’ áêÖÁæ#fl ã�ZO ˆHã�P~ü‰õΩ „ѨÉèí∞`«fi
ã¨ÅǨ^•~°∞ _®Hõ~ì ü HÔ .q. ~°=∞}ÏKåi, =∞~îO° K≥~· ‡° <£ ~åѶ∞¨ =<£, "Õ∞<Õ[~ü
Nx"å™êKåiÅ∞ ѨÓ~°‰‚ Ωõ OÉèOí `À ™êfiQÆ`O« ѨeHÍ~°∞. P `«~åfi`« QÆ=~°fl~ü
^ŒOѨ`«∞ʼnõΩ ã�ZO ˆHã�P~ü ѨÓ~°‚‰õΩOÉèíO`À ™êfiQÆ`«O ѨeHÍ~°∞. ѨÓ[Å
J#O`«~°O =∞~îåkèѨu N=∞^ŒÇ¨ÏŸaÅ Ñ�~îåkèѨ`«∞Å∞ N=}ü â◊~î°QÀѨ
N~°OQÆ<å^äŒ Ü«∞fO„^Œ =∞Ǩ^Õt‰õΩÅ`À ã�ZO Hˆ ã�P~ü, QÆ=~°fl~ü #~°ãO≤ ǨÏ<£
UHÍO`« K«~°ÛÅ∞ [iáê~°∞. HÍ~°º„Hõ=∞ J#O`«~°O PÅÜ«∞ Hõq∞\© K≥·~°‡<£
~åѶ¨∞=<£ =∂\Ï¡_»∞`«∂ ã¨=∂"Õâ◊OÖ’x q+¨Ü«∂Å#∞ g∞_çÜ«∂‰õΩ
q=iOKå~°∞. JǨϟaÅ =∞~î°O HÀã¨O "≥~ÚºQÆ*ÏÅ ã¨÷ÅO HÍ"åÅx
=∞~îåkèѨu ã�ZO#∞ HÀi#@∞¡ K≥áêÊ~°∞. JO^Œ∞‰õΩ ã�ZO ™ê#∞‰õÄÅOQÍ
ã¨ÊOkOz#@∞¡ `≥eáê~°∞. HÍ~°º„Hõ=∞OÖ’ JǨϟaÅ =∞~î°O ѨO_ç`«∞Å∞,
qq^èŒ âßYÅ JkèHÍ~°∞Å∞, \˜P~üZãπ <Õ`«Å∞ áêÖÁæ<åfl~°∞.
(PO„^èŒ*’ºu 23.9.2014)
Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who visited Siddaganga
Math here, hailed the religious institution for imparting
Sanskrit education and stressed the importance of
learning Sanskrit.
Addressing the students of the math on its premises,
Mr. Modi said Sanskrit was a treasure trove of science,
art and culture, and a rich source of knowledge. He
said Sanskrit would help tell the next generation about
the contribution of our ancestors towards science and
environment and “uphold the glorious tradition of Indian
Expressing concern over global warming, he said that
Indian shastras told how to live without causing any
damage to the environment. Mr. Modi touched the feet
of the seer of the Siddaganga Math, Shivakumara
Swami, and sought his blessings.
A cheque for Rs. 25 lakh was handed over to Mr. Modi
for the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund for Jammu
and Kashmir by the swami. (The Hindu 24.9.2014)
Hyderabad-based Temple Protection Movement has
taken exception to the way the Tirumala Pedda Jeeyar,
an institution established several centuries back by
savant Sri Ramanuja to preserve the customs and
traditions, was slighted during the Dhwajarohanam
a couple of days back. “The attempt to tinker with
the Jeer’s role began in 1987 and even the Supreme
Court interfered to set things right,” pointed out the
Movement’s founder Chilkur Soundararajan. He
expressed shock over the incident and cautioned
that any attempt to interfere with the institution could
amount to interfering in the custom and usage of
the temple. (The Hindu 29.9.2014)
ѨxÖ’ „Ѩu™ês ã¨O`À+¨O ÅaèOK«Hõ áÈ=K«∞Û. HÍh Ѩx J#flk ÖËHáõ È`Õ Jã¨Å∞ ã¨O`À+¨=∞<Õ^Õ LO_»^∞Œ .
October '14
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© ∞« O...✍ ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂Å áêÅHõ=∞O_»à ◊§Ö’ ~å[H©Ü«∞ *’HõºO `«QÆ^Œ∞...
PO„^茄Ѩ^Õâò „ѨÉèí∞`«fi=Ú ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂Å áêÅHõ =∞O_»à ◊§#∞ ~°^Œ∞Ì KÕã¨∂Î *Ïs KÕã≤# ã¨=~°}K«@ìO 2014 ÃÑ·
Ü«∞^•`«^Œä ã≤u÷ (¿ã@ì ãπHÀ)x H�#™êyã¨∂Î ÃÇÏ· HÀ~°∞ì =∞^躌 O`«~° L`«~Î ∞° fiÅ∞ *Ïs KÕã#≤ O^Œ∞‰õΩ '"åH±— =∞iÜ«Ú ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂Å
Ѩi~°Hõ∆} L^Œº=∞=Ú ÃÇ·ÏHÀ~°∞ì‰õΩ Hõ$`«[˝`«Å∞ `≥eÜ«∞*Ëã¨∞Î#flk. K«@ìã¨ÉèíÅ∞ ~å*ϺOQÆ q~°∞^ŒúOQÍ =º=ǨÏi¿ãÎ
<åºÜ«∞™ê÷<åÖË K�~°= K«∂Ñ≤™êÎ~Ú.
Éèí‰õΩÎÅ J=QÍǨÏ# H�~°‰õΩ ^Õ"å^•Ü«∞ ã¨=~°}K«@ìOÖ’x JOâßÅ#∞ „Ѩ™êÎqã¨∞Î<åfl=Ú.
qq^èŒ Hͺ@ys ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂ÅÖ’x áêÅHõ=∞O_»à ◊¡Ö’ =ÚQÆ∞æ~°∞ ã¨Éèí∞ºÅ∞ J^Œ#OQÍ ÃÑOK«|_®¤~°∞.
PO„^茄Ѩ^Õâò „ѨÉèí∞`«fi=Ú 1996Ö’ =∞iÜ«Ú 2013Ö’ ã¨∞„Ñ�OHÀ~°∞ìÖ’, „"å`«Ñ¨Ó~°fiHõOQÍ "åQÍú#O KÕã¨∂Î
`«‰õΩ¯= P^•Ü«∞O L#fl ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂Å#∞ J~°Û‰õΩÅ x~°fiǨÏ}ˆH JѨÊy™êÎ=∞x K≥Ñ≤ÊOk. „Ѩã¨∞Î`« ã¨=~°}K«@ìO`À
z#fl ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂ʼnõÄ áêÅHõ=∞O_»à §◊ #∞ xÜ«∞q∞OKåÅx x~°~‚ ÚOK«_O» `À ã¨∞„Ñ�OHÀ~°∞‰ì Ωõ KÕã#≤ "åQÍú<åxfl =∞~°z#@∞¡
^Õ"å^•Ü«∞ Ü«∂[=∂#ºOÖ’ `«=∞‰õΩ `å"Õ∞ <åºÜ«∞ xѨÙ}∞Å=∞x K≥ѨC‰õΩ<Õ "å~°∞ QÆ=∞xOK«=Åã≤#
q+¨Ü«∞"Õ∞q∞@O>Ë, ã¨∞„Ñ�OHÀ~°∞ì‰õΩ 1996 =∞iÜ«Ú 2013ÅÖ’ XHõ „"å`«Ñ¨Ó~°fiHõ"≥∞ÿ# "åQÍú#O KÕã≤ ^•xH˜
q~°∞^ŒúOQÍ „Ѩ=iοãÎ Jk HõO>ˇ"£∞ì (Contempt) <åºÜ«∞™ê÷# xÜ«∞=∞ LÅ¡OѶ¨∞#QÍ Ñ¨iQÆ}˜OK«|_»∞`«∞Ok.
[email protected]в€ћ=O\Лњ Ѩiã≤÷`В«в€ћГ…#в€ћ JkГЁQГ†qв€ћOKГ• L^ÕÌâ◊ºO`ГЂ ^Г•"ГҐ^•Ü«∞ Ü«∂[=∂#ВєOÖ’ ^è•i‡HГµ Ѩi+ВЁ`В«в€ћГЋ q^è•#O
U~°Ê_ç ^•x ^•fi~å ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂Å áêÅHõ=∞O_»à √◊ § xÜ«∞q∞OK«|_®Å#fl x|O^è#Œ L#flk. HÍx PO„^è„Œ Ѩ^âÕ ò „ѨÉ∞íè `«fiO
D ^è•i‡Hõ Ѩi+¨`«∞Î#∞ ‰õÄ_® ~°^Œ∞Ì KÕã≤Ok. JO^Œ∞=Å# „Ѩã¨∞Î`«O ^Õ"å^•Ü«∞ âßY#∞ K«@ìѨ~°OQÍ xÜ«∞O„uOKÕ
ÖË_»∞. WHõ "åi K«~°ºÅ‰õΩ Ѩ@ìѨQÍæÅ∞ ÖˉõΩO_® áÈ~ÚOk.
^Õ"åÅÜ«∞ Ѩi~°Hõ∆} L^Œº=∞O =∞iÜ«Ú '"åH±— „ѨÉèí∞`åfixH˜ ã¨q#Ü«∞OQÍ q#flqOKÕk U=∞#QÍ „Ѩã¨∞Î`«
KВ«@Г¬ ГЈВЁ=~В°}Г…#в€ћ "≥#HЛњВЇ fã¨∞‰õΩx "≥[email protected]<Г• ^è•i‡HГµ Ѩi+ВЁ`В«в€ћГЋ#в€ћ U~ГҐГЉ@в€ћ K͆Ƕe. ^è•i‡HГµ Ѩi+ВЁ`«∞ΉõΩ „ѨÉèí∞`В«п¬ЃO ѨÓiГЋ
JkèHÍÅ#∞ JѨÊyOz ^Õ"å^•Ü«∞ âßY#∞ ^è•i‡Hõ Ѩi+¨`«∞Î P^èŒfi~°ºOÖ’<Õ #_çKÕ q^èŒOQÍ K«~°ºÅ∞ KÕѨ\Ïìe.
PO„^茄Ѩ^ÕâòÖ’x JkèHÍ~° ѨH∆Íxfl HÀˆ~^Õ=∞#QÍ ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂ÅѨ@¡ ZxflHõÅ ã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’ KÕã≤# "åQÍú<åxfl
<≥~°"Õ~åÛÅx HÀ~°∞`«∞<åfl=Ú.
^Õ"åÅÜ«∂Å #∞O_ç ~å[H©Ü«∞ *’Hͺxfl ^Œ∂~°O KÕã¨∂Î áêÅHõ =∞O_»à ◊§ xÜ«∂=∞HÍÅhfl ^Õ"å^•Ü«∞ K«@ìO
ã¨∂zOz#@∞ìQÍ ^è•i‡Hõ Ѩi+¨`∞« Î P^èfiŒ ~°ºOÖ’<Õ [iÑ≤OKåe. ~å*ϺOQÆ xˆ~`‚ Å« ∞ ^è~Œ å‡^•Ü«∞ K«\ÏìÅ ~°∂ѨHÅõ Ê#Ö’,
ã¨=~°}ÅÖ’ Hˆ O„^Œ „ѨÉ∞íè `«fiO JOwHÍ~°O á⁄Ok`Õ<Õ `«^∞Œ Ѩi K«~º° Å∞ fã¨∞‰õΩ<Õ q^èOŒ QÍ HõOHõ~Ô O\ò eã¨∞(ì Concurrent
List)Ö’ ^Õ"å^•Ü«∞ ^èŒ~å‡^•Ü«∞ K«\ÏìÅ#∞ á⁄O^Œ∞ѨiKå~°∞. JO^Œ∞ˆH ˆHO„^Œ „ѨÉèí∞`«fiO ‰õÄ_® D q+¨Ü«∞"≥∞ÿ `«y#
K�~°= K«∂áêe.
PÅÜ«∂ʼnõΩ „áêOfÜ«∞ ã¨iǨÏ^Œ∞ÌÅ∞ LO_»‰õÄ_»^Œ∞.
October '14
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q+¨µ‚ã¨Ç¨Ï„ã¨<å=∞ QÍ^ä•=o–163
âß㨉õΩňH âß㨉õΩ_»∞
POQÆ¡=¸ÅO : N q.Ü«∞ãπ. ‰õ~°∞}ÏHõ~°<£
=∞$`«∞º=Ù#∞ á⁄Ok# `«~∞° "å`«, uiy rqOK«@O J#flk JO`«
`ÕeHõ~Ú# q+¨Ü∞« O HÍ^Œx, áê~ Ωõ ʼnõÄ `≥Å∞ã¨∞. ѨÙ~å}ÏÅ∞ ‰õÄ_® KåÖÏ
HЛ�xflO\˜Ö’ =∂„`В«"в€ћГ• =в€ћ#‰õΩ `≥eã≤ [email protected]в€ћ=O\Лњ ГЈВЁOѶ∞¨ @#Г…#в€ћ QГ†в€ћiOz
ВїГ‘~Л�ВЇ[email protected]в€ћ<åfl~Гљ. "ГҐ\˜Ö’ KГҐГ–ГЏ „Ѩãk≤ Гє K≥Ok# QГЌ^Г¤Е’ q~ГЂKВ«#в€ћ_Г§ ‰õΩ=∂~В°в€ћ_В»в€ћ
ѨÙ#sЛљqOKВ«@O. `В«~в€ћВ° "ГҐu HГЌГ…OÖ’ J`В«#в€ћ KГҐГ–ГЏ |Г–ГЏxfl ѨÙOAHГЂ[email protected]
=Å# J`«_Hç ˜ '=∞Ǩ|e— Jx ¿Ñ~°∞ =zÛOk. â◊√„HÍKå~°∞ºÅ"åi J"≥∂Ѷ∞¨ "≥∞#ÿ
=∞O„`«|ÅO =Å# J`«_∞» `«# =∞$`« â◊s~°O #∞O_ç ѨÙ#s˚q`«∞_»~Ú
ZO`À |ÖÏxfl ã¨O`«iOK«∞‰õΩx, J=∞$`«O ¿ãqOz#ѨÊ\˜H© ^Õ=`«Å#∞
Ѩ~ål`«∞Å#∞ KÕâß_»∞. â◊√„HÍKå~°∞ºx =∞O„`« „ѨÉÏè =O, J#∞„QÆÇϨ O =Å#
J`«_∞» Ü«∞[˝‰Ωõ O_»O #∞O_ç ~°^•ä xfl, QÆ∞„~åÅ#∞, JHõÜ
∆ ∞« ÉÏ}ÏÅ`À ‰õÄ_ç#
^èŒ#ã¨∞û#∞ á⁄O^•_»∞. Z=~°∂ J`«x Z^Œ∞@ xÅ=QÆey q[Ü«∂xfl
™êkèOK«@O J#flk J™ê^躌 "Õ∞!
D â◊H`Θ ÀÉÏ@∞, J`«_∞» =∞K«ÛÖËx jÅ K«i„`«, #_»=_ç QÆÅ"å_»∞.
~å=}∞_»∞ ÖË^• `«H¯˜ # ~åHõã∆ ∞¨ ÅÖÏQÆ J`«_∞» ^Œ∞â◊Ûi„`«∞_»∞ HÍ_»∞. JO`ÕHÍ^Œ∞,
`«# =Ú`åÎ`«QÍÔ~·# Ç≤Ï~°}ºHõâ◊ºÑ¨Ùx ÖÏQÆ Ç¨ÏiH˜ q~Àkè HÍHõ, |e
=∞Ǩq+¨µ=‚ Ù‰Ωõ Q�Ñ¨Ê Éè‰í Ωõ _Î ∞» . ^Õ=`«Å#∞ P~åkèã∂¨ Î KÕ¿ã Ü«∞[˝-Ü«∂QÍÅxfl\˜h
Ç≤Ï~°}ºHõâº◊ ѨÙ_∞» xeÑ≤"âÕ ß_»∞. J`«x ѨiáêÅ#Ö’ Ü«∞*Ï˝Å∞ ÖË=Ù, "Õ^ÑŒ ~¨ #°î O
ÖË^∞Œ , =∞Ǩ`«∞‡Å‰õΩ ^•#-^è~Œ å‡Å∞ ‰õÄ_® LO_Õq HÍ=Ù. nxH˜ q~°∞^ŒOú QÍ
|e, Ü«∞*Ï˝Å#∞ K≥Ü∞« º=∞x „áÈ`«ûÇ≤ÏOK«@"Õ∞ HÍHõ, `å#∂ KÕ¿ã"å_»∞.
[email protected]в€ћ=O\Лњ ГњВ«в€ћ[Лќ-Ü«∂QГЌГ…в€ћ [iЛ†Q"Õà ◊ WO„^Е’в€ћ_В»в€ћ, Jyfl, ã¨∂~В°в€ћВє_В»в€ћ
=O\˜ ^Õ=`«Å Pj~åfi^ŒO á⁄O^Œ\ÏxH˜ "åix „ѨâO◊ ã≤ã∂¨ Î "Õ^Œ =∞O„`åÅ#∞
K«^=Œ @O, "åiH˜ ǨÏqã¨∞û#∞ ã¨=∞iÊOK«@=¸ [iˆQk. J~Ú`Õ Ñ¨Ù~å}ÏÅÖ’
|e ǨÏÜ«∂OÖ’ ^Õ=`«Å∞ KåÖÏ W|ƒO^Œ∞Å áêÅÜ«∂º~°x =i‚¿ãÎ =∞#O
ZÖÏ #=∞‡QÆÅO? "≥k· Hõ Ѩ^uúŒ „ѨHÍ~°"∞Õ J`«_∞» ^Õ=`«Å‰õΩ ǨÏqã¨∞ûÅ#∞
ГЈВЁ=в€ћiГЉOKГ•"ГҐ_В»в€ћ. J`В«_в€ћВ» ГЈВЁп¬ЃГњВ«в€ћOQГЌ JГўв—Љп¬Ѓ"Г•в€ћ^ГЁГњ
Œ ∂« QÍxfl x~°fiiÎOz, Z<Àfl
^•<åÅ#∞ Pã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’ KÕâß_»∞. J`«_∞» "Õ^•ÅÖ’ xˆ~tÌ Oz# qkèÖ’<Õ
D ^•#^èŒ~å‡Å#∞, ^Õ=`«Å‰õΩ ǨÏqã¨∞ûÅ#∞ ã¨=∞iÊOKÕ"å_»∞ Hõ^•!
JГ–ГЏ[email protected]ѨC_В»в€ћ J`В«_в€ћВ» ^Г•=`«Å#в€ћ J}Лњz ГѓГ‘>Г‹"Г¬ ГҐ_В»x, "ГҐix в„ўГЄГ·#KВ«в€ћВє`В«в€ћГ…#в€ћ
KÕ¿ã"å_»x J#_»O ZO`« =~°‰Ωõ ã¨||∞? J"≥∞iHÍÖ’#∞#fl <å ¿ãflÇ≤Ï`«∞_»∞
XHõ „Ѩâfl◊ "Õâß_»∞. |e ã¨fiÜ«∞OQÍ Ü«∂QÍÅ#∞ x~°fiiÎOKÕ"å_»∞ Hõ^•, =∞i
J`«_∞» ^Õ=`«Å#∞ ^Õ=Ö’HõO #∞O_ç "≥à Q¡◊ �\Ïì_#» @O ZO`« x[O? D
Ü«∂QÍÅÖ’ ^Õ=`«Å#∞ „ѨâO◊ ã≤ã∂¨ <Î Õ Hõ^• "≥k· Hõ =∞O„`åÅ∞ K«k"Õk?
Ç≤Ï~°}ºHõâº◊ ѨÙ_»∞, `«k`«~∞° Å∞ Ѷ∞¨ ’~°"∞≥ #ÿ `«Ñ㨠∞¨ û KÕÜ∞« @O =Å<Õ,
"åiHõO`« |ÅO ã¨=∞‰õÄiO^Œx JO\Ï~°∞. P `«Ñ㨠∞¨ û Z=~À XHõ ^Õ=`«
#∞^ÕtÌ OKÕ Hõ^• KÕ¿ã"å~°∞! JÖÏ Ç≤Ï~°}º Hõâº◊ ѨÙ_»∞ U ^Õ=`«#∞ QÆ∞iOz
`«Ñ=¨ ∂K«iOz LO\Ï_»∞? P ^≥=· O N=∞<åfl~åÜ«∞}∞_®? Z=fi~°~Ú<å
nxH˜ ã¨=∂^è•#O 'HÍ^Œ∞— J<Õ JO\Ï~°∞, ZO^Œ∞HõO>Ë Ç≤Ï~°}ºHõâº◊ ѨÙxH˜
N=∞<åfl~åÜ«∞}∞_»O>Ë qѨs`«=∞~Ú# ^Õfi+¨=∞x JO^ŒiH© `≥Å∞ã¨∞. J`«_∞»
`«# `«=Ú‡_»~Ú# Ç≤Ï~°}Ϻ‰õΩ∆ _çx N=∞<åfl~åÜ«∞}∞_»∞ =~åÇ¨Ï ~°∂ѨOÖ’
=kèOz# J#O`«~"° ∞Õ `«Ñ㨠∞¨ û KÕâß_»∞.
JO^Œ ∞ ˆ H KåÖÏ=∞Ok, PYiH˜ K« Å #z„`åÅÖ’ ‰õ Ä _®
Ç≤Ï~°}ºHõâº◊ ѨÙ_xç t=Ùx Éè‰í Ωõ xÎ QÍ z„uOK«@O [~°∞QÆ∞`«∂ =™ÈÎOk. J~Ú`Õ
WHõ¯_» ‰õÄ_® PÖ’zOK«=Åã≤# JOâ◊O XHõ@∞Ok. Jã¨Å∞ Ç≤Ï~°}ºHõâº◊ Ѩ_∞»
ZѨC_»∂, Z=ih `«#Hõ#fl L#fl`«∞Å∞QÍ XѨCHÀÖË^∞Œ Hõ^•! Hˆ =ÅO HõÅÊ#ʼnõΩ
J#в€ћ"ГҐ^Е’O : _В®II ГЈВЁв€ћ=в€ћ<ВЈГ…`В«
|ÅO KÕ‰Äõ ~åÅ#fl L^ÕâÌ O◊ `À<Õ J`«_ç t=Éè‰í Ωõ xÎ QÍ z„fHõiOK«@O! J`«_∞»
„|Ǩχ‰õΩ Éè‰í Ωõ _Î "Õ ∂≥ J#fl „Ѩâflı `«Ö`ˇ ^Ϋ ∞Œ ZO^Œ∞HõO>Ë „|ǨχˆH Ç≤Ï~°}º
Hõâº◊ ѨÙ_»O>Ë =Å¡=∂e# ÉèÜ
Г­ в€ћВ« O!
H�O`«=∞Ok q^•fiOã¨∞Å∞ Ç≤Ï~°}ºHõâº◊ ѨÙ_ç `«Ñ㨠∞¨ û#∞ „Ѩ*Ï™êfi=∞ºOÖ’
[iˆQ ZxflHõÅ`À áÈeÛK«∂™êÎ~∞° . ZxflHõÅ =ÚO^Œ∞ ~å[H©Ü∞« <åÜ«∞‰õΩÅ∞
„Ѩ[Å =ÚO^Œ∞ "≥∂HõiÅ∞¡`å~°∞. Jk K«∂ã≤# „Ѩ[Å∞ "åix Z#∞fl‰õΩO\Ï~°∞.
"åix Z#∞fl‰õΩ<Õ „Ѩ[Å∞ =~åÅxKÕÛ „|ǨχÖÏO\˜ "å~°∞.
XHõ™êi JkèHÍ~°OÖ’H˜ =KåÛHõ, ~å[H©Ü∞« <åÜ«∞‰õΩÅ∞ „Ѩ[Å#∞ KåÖÏ
Ç�Ï#OQÍ K«∂_»@O "≥Ú^ŒÅ∞ÃÑ_»`å~°∞, ã¨iQÍæ =~åÅ#∞ á⁄O^•Hõ
Ç≤Ï~°}ºHõâº◊ ѨÙ_∞» „|Ǩχ#∞ Dã¨_Oç z#>Ë!¡ Dq^è=Œ ∞~Ú# PÖ’K«<å q^è•#O
=∞#‰õΩ Ç≤Ï~°}ºHõâº◊ ѨÙ_»∞ <åã≤‰Î Ωõ _»#fl ÉèÏ=O Hõeyã¨∞OÎ k. W`«x=O\˜ "å~°∞,
"≥k· Hõ „Hõ`∞« =ÙÅÖ’, Ü«∞[˝-Ü«∂QÍÅ ã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’ ѨiOî KÕ =∞O„`åÅ â◊HΘ
=Å<Õ Ñ¶e¨ `«O Åaèã∞¨ OÎ ^Œx qâ◊fiã≤™êÎ~∞° . x*ÏxH˜ =∞O„`åÅÖ’ ¿Ñ~�¯<Õ
^Г•=`«Å[email protected]∂ Z=~°∂ Г–Г‹~xВ° ÉèÏqв„ўГЄГЋ~в€ћВ° . "ГҐ~В°в€ћ „Ѩã#ВЁ ∞flÅ~Гљ ǨÏqã¨∞ûÅ#в€ћ
ГЈвЂ�п¬ЃHГµiOz =~ГҐГ…x=п¬Ѓ@O J#flk x[O HГЌ^Е’x [email protected]в€ћ=O\Лњ"ГҐi "ГҐ^Е’#.
J~Ú`Õ D ^èÀ~°}˜ =∞#Å#∞ W|ƒO^Œ∞ÅÖ’H˜ <≥\"ì˜ ãÕ ∞¨ OÎ k. Ç≤Ï~°}º
Hõâº◊ ѨÙ_∞» ^Õ=`«Å#∞ `«=∞-`«=∞ ™ê÷<åÅ#∞O_ç `«iq∞H�\˜ì "åix HõëêìÅáêÅ∞
KÕâß_В»x [email protected]∂ - KВ«^в€ћЕ’ =Г™`«∂ =ГЈВЁв€ћ<ГЋ åflO. ^Г•=`«ÖË Г–Г‹~в€ћВ° JO>Г‹ ѨÙ~ГҐ}ÏÅÖ’
K≥ÑÊ≤ D ã¨OѶ∞¨ @#Å#∞ Z=~°~Ú<å ZÖÏ "åºMϺxOK«QÅÆ ~°∞?
JO^Œ∞ˆH, Ç≤Ï~°}ºHõâ◊ºÑ¨Ù_»∞ „u=¸~°∞ÎÅ â◊H˜Îx XѨC‰õΩ<åfl_»<Õ
ÉèÏqOKåe. =~åÅ#∞ á⁄O^Œ\ÏxH˜ „|ǨχÔH· `«Ñ=¨ ∂K«iOKå_»#∞HÀ"åe.
XHõ™êi =~åÅ∞ á⁄O^•Hõ =∂„`«O `å<Õ ã¨~°fiâ◊H˜Î=∞O`«∞xQÍ J`«#∞
„Ѩ=iÎOKÕ"å_»x J#∞HÀ"åe. N=∞<åfl~åÜ«∞}∞_»∞ J`«x `«Ñ⨠≈◊ H˜Î JO`å
HõiyáÈÜÕ∞=~°‰Äõ PQÆ=Åã≤ =zÛOk. ã¨iQÍæ =KÕÛ ZxflHõÅ=~°‰Äõ „Ѩ[Å∞,
`å=Ú =ÚO^Œ∞ Z#∞fl‰õΩx JkèHÍ~åÅxzÛ# „ѨÉ∞íè `åfiÅ#∞ Ѩ_Q» �>ËOì ^Œ∞‰õΩ
Z^Œ∞~°∞ K«∂ã≤#>Ë,¡ N=∞Ǩq+¨µ=‚ Ó PQÍ_»x ÉèÏqOKåe.
J~Гљ`Г• |e K«„HГµ=iГЋ q+ВЁГњВ«в€ћOÖ’ [email protected]в€ћ=O\Лњ ^Е’в€ћ+¨µ¯ $`åºÅ‰õΩ
ZO`«=∂„`«=¸ J=HÍâ◊O ÖË^∞Œ . J`«_∞» ^Õ=`«Å‰õΩ „Ñ�uHõ~"° ∞≥ #ÿ „Hõ`∞« =ÙÅ#∞
KÕã∂¨ ,ΠǨÏqã¨∞ûÅ#∞ ã¨=∞iÊã¨∂<Î Õ L<åfl_Õ! =∞i"å~°∞ ZO^Œ∞‰õΩ Hõ+Oì¨
J#∞HÀ"åe? |Ǩïâß |eK«„Hõ=iÎ Jxfl Ü«∞*Ï˝Å#∂ KÕã<≤ å, ǨÏqã¨∞ûÅ#∞
=∂„`«O, ^Õ=`«Å∞ JO^ŒiHõ#fl Jkè‰õΩ_»~Ú# N=∞<åfl~åÜ«∞}∞xˆH
ã¨=∞iÊOKÕ"å_Õ"∂≥ ! J`«#∞, ^Õ=`«ÅO^Œ~∂° N=∞<åfl~åÜ«∞}∞_ç â◊s~°"∞Õ
Jx, N=∞<åfl~åÜ«∞}∞_Õ D ^Õ=`«ÅO^Œi P`«‡ Jx „QÆÇÏ≤ OK«∞‰õΩ<åfl_»∞.
JO^Œ∞Hˆ |e Hˆ =ÅO NǨÏi<Õ Ü«∞*Ï˝Å ^•fi~å P~åkèOKÕ"å_»∞. HÍx
ǨÏqã¨∞ûÅ#∞ =∂„`«O `«H¯˜ # ^Õ=`«Å‰õΩ ZO`«=∂„`«O ã¨=∞iÊOKÕ"å_»∞ HÍ^Œ∞.
WO„^Œ, Jyfl, ã¨∂~°º=O\˜ ^Õ=`«Å =∞O„`åÅ#∞ Ѩiãî ∂¨ ,Î Ü«∞[˝-Ü«∂QÍÅ∞
KÕã<≤ ГҐ, |e =∂„`В«O Jyfl JO>Г‹ =в€ћ[email protected]‰õΩ Jkèëêª# ^≥=В· =в€ћx Z#fl_»∂
ÉèÏqOK«Ö^Ë ∞Œ . JÖÏ Jx JyflH˜ P`«‡ J~Ú# N=∞<åfl~åÜ«∞}∞_»x ‰õÄ_®
J`«_∞» ÉèÏqOK«Ö^Ë ∞Œ . J`«xH˜ 'Jyfl— JO>Ë x~°∞H˜ÖÎ ’ K≥ÑÊ≤ # „ѨHÍ~°O „Ѩ[Å#∞
=ÚO^Œ∞‰õΩ #_çÑO≤ KÕ "å_»∞ =∂„`«"∞Õ ! D J~°O÷ Hˆ =ÅO <å~åÜ«∞}∞_çH˜
=∂„`«"∞Õ K≥O^Œ∞`«∞O^Œ#fl ÉèÏ=O`À J`«_∞» U<å_»∂ JyflH˜ ã¨O|OkèOz#
Uq^è=Œ ∞~Ú# „áê~°#÷ `À 'JQÆflÜÕ∞ ™êfiǨ!— J#ÖË^∞Œ . J`«_ç =∞#ã¨∞Ö’
KåÖÏ ã¨Ê+¨Oì QÍ, Hˆ =ÅO N=∞<åfl~åÜ«∞}∞_»∞ =∂„`«"∞Õ `«##∞ =ÚO^Œ∞‰õΩ
#_çÑ™≤ êÎ_#» fl ÉèÏ=O`À LO_Õ"å_»∞. J^Õq^èOŒ QÍ 'WO„^•Ü«∞ ™êfiǨ!—
rq`«OÖ’ ã¨~Ô #· "å\˜x ZOK«∞HÀ=_»O =Å# - ã¨O`«$Ñ≤,Î q[Ü«∞O ™ê^躌 O J=Ù`å~Ú.
October '14
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J#flѨC_»∞ ‰õÄ_® WO„^Œ∞_»O>Ë Jáê~°=∞~Ú# ã¨OѨ^QŒ ÅÆ "å_»#fl x~°∞H˜Î
J~å÷<flÕ fã¨∞‰õΩ<åfl_»∞. JO^Œ∞Hˆ N=∞<åfl~åÜ«∞}∞x =∂„`«"∞Õ Jáê~°=∞~Ú#
ã¨OѨ^Œ L#fl"å_»x ÉèÏqOKå_»∞. Pq^èOŒ QÍ J`«xH˜ "Õ^•Å<åfl, "Õ^=Œ ∞<åfl
x["≥∞#ÿ , ã¨iÜ≥∞ÿ # J=QÍǨÏ# LO_Õk. JO^Œ∞Hˆ NǨÏiH˜ ‰õÄ_® |eÃÑ#·
Ü«Ú^ŒOú K≥Ü∞« º@O ‰õΩ^Œ~Ö° ^Ë ∞Œ . JÖÏ |eK«„Hõ=iÎ `«# q+¨µÉ‚ Híè `Θ À JO`«\˜
â◊H=Θ ∞O`«∞_»Ü∂« º_»∞.
JO^Œ∞Hˆ J`«_∞» =∞Ǩ|Å=O`«∞_»∞, ÉèQí =Æ O`«∞_çx ‰õÄ_® Z^Œ∞~À¯QÆeQˆ
â◊HΘ ™ê=∞~å÷ºÅ∞#fl"å_»∞QÍ xÅ=QÆeQÍ_»∞. J`«_‰ç Ωõ #fl K≥_∞» ÅHõ}∆ O XHõ¯>Ë
- D [QÆ`«∞ÎÖ’ NǨÏi `«Ñ¨Ê "ÕÔ~=fi~°∂ `«##∞ JkèQÆq∞OK«ÖË~°#fl
JǨÏOÉèÏ="Õ∞ J`«x q[Ü«∂xH˜ J_»∞Q¤ Í xezOk. ÉèQí =Æ ^ŒƒHù Θ J`«xk
u~°∞QÆ∞ÖËxk†Z=~°∂ ™ê\˜~å~°∞. HÍx, Ѩ~=° ∂`«‡ KÕuÖ’ `å<�Hõ ѨiHõ~åxfl
=∂„`В«"в€ћГ• #x J`В«_в€ћВ» =в€ћ~В°zГЎГ€[email protected] J`В«x =ВєHЛњ`ГЋ ГҐп¬Ѓxfl =в€ћe#Ѩ~zВ° Ok.
H�kÌHÍÖÏxH˜ J`«_»∞, JO^Œih xÜ«∞O„uOKÕXHõ Q�Ñ¨Ê â◊H˜Î LO^Œx
=∞~°záÈ~Ú, `«##∞ Uq^è"Œ ∞≥ #ÿ â◊HΘ xÜ«∞O„uOK«Ö^Ë xŒ QÆifiOK«@O "≥Ú^ŒÅ∞
ÃÑ\Ïì_∞» . P aO^Œ∞=Ù =^Œ‰Ì Ωõ =KÕÛã¨iH˜ J`«xx xÜ«∞O„uOK«=Åã≤# JQÆ`º« O
U~°Ê_çOk. Jxfl\˜h q∞Oz#, JO^Œih #_çÑO≤ KÕ â◊HΘ XHõ\ ˜ LO^Œx,
^•xx JO`« ã¨∞ÅÉèOí QÍ Ñ¨H¯õ ‰õΩ ÃÑ>ˇÜ
ì ∞« ºÖË=∞x K≥Ñʨ =Åã≤# ã¨=∞Ü«∞O
^Е’Q~æÆ Ñ° _ВЁ OГ§ k. [email protected]в€ћГѓГ‘#В· áêѨO `В«# ГЈВЁO`ГҐ<ГҐxfl =в€ћ~°Å `В«=в€ћ - `В«=в€ћ
™ê÷<åÖ’¡H˜ KÕ~Û° =∞x â◊~}° ÏQÆu KÕã∞¨ #Î fl =∂`«$=¸iÎ Jku =∞~À=OHõ!
D HÍ~°}ÏÅxfl\˜ =Å# N=∞<åfl~åÜ«∞}∞_»∞ "å=∞#∞xQÍ Jku
QÆ~åƒù# [x‡OKå_»∞. `«#‰õΩ Hˆ =ÅO =¸_»_∞» QÆ∞Å <ÕÅ=∂„`«O W=fi=∞x
|e=ÚO^Œ∞ Ü«∂zOKå_»∞. â◊√„HÍKå~°∞º_»∞ "åiã¨∞<Î åfl q#‰õΩO_® |e P
"å=∞#∞_»∞ J_çy# ^•<åxfl WKåÛ_»∞. Ѷe¨ `«OQÍ `«# ã¨OѨ^Œ #O`«\h˜
HÀÖ’ÊÜ«∂_В»в€ћ. HГЌx P ГЎГ€QЛ�@в€ћГ¬HГЂ[email protected] ZO`ГЂ Ѩq„`В«"∞≥ #Гї ^Г• HГЌx HЛ† =Г…O
„áêѨOzHõ"∞≥ #ÿ k =∂„`«"∞Õ ! HÍx P^蕺u‡HõOQÍ K«∂¿ãÎ |e `«ÅÃÑ#· ™êH∆Í`«∞Î
N=∞Ǩq+¨µ=‚ Ù `«# áê^ŒÑ^¨ •‡Å#∞ ÃÑ@ì@O [iyOk. N=∞<åfl~åÜ«∞}∞x
K«~}° Hõ=∞ÖÏÅ∞ =∂„`«"∞Õ Jã¨Ö#·ˇ xkè Jx PKå~°∞ºÅ∞, Pà ◊fiO^•~°∞
=O\˜"å~°∞ ZÅ∞ÔQuΠѶ∞¨ ’+≤OKå~°∞.
Pà ◊fiO^•~°∞Å "å~°∞ `å#∞ ~°zOz# ™È΄`« ~°`åfl=oÖ’ „"åã≤#
30= â’¡HÍxfl XHõ¯™êi Ѩije¿ãΠѨ~=° ∂`«∞‡_çx PÜ«∞# `«#‰õΩ D Jã¨Ö#·ˇ
xkГЁx „Ѩ™êkOKВ«=в€ћx "Г•_в€ћВ» HГЂ[email protected] K«∂™êÎ=Гљ.
uƒ¬ÁÃuƒN¿˛Áãoú∫Áƒ∫Á¬ÆÊ å™ÀÆtÁuo|qúmz Nw˛oqm™Ω@
ГЎГҐГЉ в„ўtyÆÊ oЖ’ ГєГЃtГєWΩNЛ›\ГЉ NЛ›tГЃ ГҐГЏ ГѓГЃqГЃnN˛∫ƒÁum YqГЏВ ГЃ[email protected]@
N [QÆ<åfl^ä<Œ £ QÍ~°∞ WOw¡+µ¨ Ö’ KÕã#≤ ¿ãfiKåÛù#∞"å^ŒO WÖÏ LOk. K«∂_»O_ç.
“Your lotus-feet which playfully strode the upper worlds
and lower abodes of jeevas;which drive away in a fraction
of a second the afflictions of those who pay obeisance
are the treasure of mine (and my clan).When will I possibly
see, with these very eyes of mine Your Real Form?”
''h K«~}° Hõ=∞ÖÏÅ∞ T~°fiú Ö’HÍÅ`ÀÉÏ@∞ r=ÙÅ"åã¨=∞~Ú#
J^èÀ ÉèÏQÍÅÖ’ ‰õÄ_® ÃÑ^Œ-Ì ÃÑ^ŒÌ JOQÆÅ`À „H©_ãç ∞¨ #Î fl@∞¡ ã¨OK«i™êÎ~Ú.
P K«~}° ÏÅ =^ŒÌ â◊~}° ÏQÆu KÕ¿ã"åi ^Œ∞óMÏÅ#∞ Hõ}∆ HÍÅOÖ’ áê~°„^ÀÖË
NK«~}° ÏÖË <å‰õΩ x["≥∞#ÿ ÃÑxflkè†<å‰õΩÅ=∞O`«\H˜ © ‰õÄ_®! Ѩ~=° ∂`å‡! h
x[ã¨fi~°∂áêxfl <Õ#∞ Z#fl_»∞ <å Hõà `¡◊ À ^Œi≈OK«QÅÆ #∞?——
D Jã¨Ö#·ˇ xkèx á⁄O^Œ\ÏxH˜ #=∂‡à Ïfi~°∞Å "åiH˜ "≥‰· Ωõ O~îO°
"≥à =¡◊ Åã≤ =zÛOk. PÜ«∞# `«#‰õΩ "≥‰· Ωõ O~îO° Ö’ ÅaèOz# J"≥∂Ѷ∞¨ =∞~Ú#
™êfiQÆ`åxfl =i‚ã∂¨ .Î .. - ''P ã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’ ÉèQí =Æ O`«∞x áê^Œ∞HõÅ#∞ `«#
`«ÅÃÑ· LOK«\ÏxH˜ `≥KåÛ~°x `≥eÜ«∞KÕâß~°∞.—— `«q∞à ◊O ~åx"åi ™œHõ~åº~°O÷ ,
=∂ `å`«QÍ~°∞, <å‰õΩ =∂~°æ^Œ~°≈‰õΩÅ∞ J~Ú# N"ÕOHõ@ âıëê~°º
=∞Ǩ^Õt‰õΩÅ"åi ã¨O㨯 $`« J#∞"å^ŒO WHõ¯_» á⁄O^Œ∞Ѩ~∞° ã¨∞<Î åfl#∞.
EÀ™ÙÁSÆÁoΩ ú∫™™uƒ∆ãozuo Ã˚ztƒz�Á:
ÀƒyÆz ÀsÁåz N¿˛™™\“o: qÁ¬ÆÁ™ÁÃÏ∫uWΩV¿™Ω@
В»yв„ўXZГ“mЛ™ uГҐuГЎв„ўuГє VbГЉ oys|ГєГ“mЛ™ ГјtyГєГЉ
ГєГ“mz|ã˚ÁÀÆÁÀÃÏ∫ÆσoÆÁz•ÆznГ† YГЃГЎГЏ: N˛∫ÁTВї[email protected]@
''^Õ=Ùx ã¨xflkèÖ’ =ã≤OKÕ Ñ¨~=° ∞Éè‰í Ωõ ÅÎ #∞ QÆ∞iOz "Õ^•Å∞ 'D
Ѩq„`å`«‡ =∞# J^Œ$+¨Oì =Å# =∞#=^Œ‰Ì Ωõ =zÛOk—— Jx „ѨâO◊ ã≤™êÎ~Ú.
JHõ¯_ç"å~°∞ JO^Œ~∂° "≥‰· Ωõ O~îO° Ö’H˜ H�`«Î r=Ùx ~åHõHÔ · Z^Œ∞~°∞ K«∂âß~°∞.
`«=∞-`«=∞ ™ê÷#O =^Œ‰Ì Ωõ D H�`«Î Ѩq„`å`«‡ =zÛ#ѨC_»∞ "å~°∞ PÜ«∞#
K«~}° ÏÅ#∞O_ç Hõ_Qç Í~°∞. K«O„^Œ∞x =O\˜ "≥∂=ÚÅ∞ Hõey# N, Éè∂í ,
hà Ï^Õ=ÙÅ∞ `«=∞ - `«=∞ ^•ã¨-^•ã� [#O`À =zÛ P`«‡‰õΩ Jaè"å^ŒO
KÕâß~°∞. Jã¨Ö#·ˇ ÃÑxflkè J~Ú# Ѩ~=° ∂`«‡ áê^Œ∞HõÅ`À, náêÅ`À, Ѩã∞¨ ѨىõΩO‰õΩ=∞, ѨÓ~°‰‚ Ωõ OÉèÏÅ`À ™êfiQÆ`O« ѨeHÍ~°∞.
J~Ú`Õ |e K«„Hõ=iÎ `«ÅÃÑ#· ÉèQí =Æ O`«∞x áê^Œ∞HõÅ∞ HÍHõ, ã¨fiÜ«∞OQÍ
ÉèQí =Æ O`«∞x áê^Œ"∞Õ "≥∂Ѩ|_çOk.
PÜ«∞#‰õΩ "≥‰· Ωõ O~îO° áÈ=Åã≤# J=ã¨~O° ~åÖË^∞Œ . ã¨fiÜ«∞OQÍ =zÛ#
Ѩ~=° ∂`«‡ áê^•ÖË PÜ«∞# t~°ã∞¨ ÃÑ#· ∞OK«|_®¤~Ú.
JO^Œ∞ˆH<Õ"≥∂, P Ü«∞[˝ ã¨=∞Ü«∂# JHõ¯_»∞#fl |e K«„Hõ=iÎ
`å`«QÍ~°~Ú# „ѨÇ¨ ^¡ ∞Œ _»∞ ‰õÄ_® HÍã¨OÎ `« D~°¬ºÑ¨_®¤_"Õ ∂≥ !
u~°∞=∞OÔQ· Pà Ïfi~°∞ `«# ~°K#« Ö’ `«#‰õΩ D ã¨OѶ∞¨ @# =i‚ã∞¨ #Î flѨC_»∞
Hõey# D~°¬º#∞, |eK«„Hõ=iÎ D~°¬ºÑ¨_^» yŒ # "å_»x Jaè=i‚OKå_»∞.
|ex, áê`åà ◊Ö’HõOÖ’ HÍ~å"å™êxˆH Ѩiq∞`«O KÕã≤<å,
N=∞<åfl~åÜ«∞}∞_»∞ D <å\˜H© P `«Å∞Ѩ٠=^ŒÌ HÍѨÖÏ^•~°∞xQÍ xÅ∞Û<Õ L<åfl_»∞.
WHõ¯_», |eH˜ Ѩ~=° ∂`«‡ Ѩ@¡ L#fl ѨiѨÓ~°‚ ÉèHí ,Î ˜ JǨÏOHÍ~° ~°ÇÏ≤ `«"∞≥ ÿ ѨÙ#~°∞r˚=#O
á⁄OkOk. J`«x x+¨¯Å‡+¨"∞≥ #ÿ ÉèHí xΘ "≥∞zÛ Ñ¨~=° ∂`«‡, Éè∂í Ö’HõOÖ’x Hˆ ~°à Ö◊ ’
"å=∞# [Ü«∞Oux `«# [#‡k#OQÍ HÍHõ, |eK«„H=õ iÎ Éè∂í Ö’HÍxfl ã¨O^Œi≈OKÕ
k#=∞~Ú# 'F}O— Ѩ~fi° k#OQÍ QÆ∞iÎOKå_»∞.
|Å=O`«∞_≥#· |e K«„Hõ=iÎ =O\˜ =º‰õΩÅÎ #∞ ‰õÄ_® âßã≤OK«QÅÆ _»∞
QÆ#Hˆ Ѩ~=° ∂`«‡‰õΩ ''xÜ«∞=∞—— J#fl <å=∞O U~°Ê_çOk. ''PÜ«∞# |ÖÏxfl
=∞ˆ~ |Å=¸ âßã≤OK«Ö^Ë ∞Œ .——
Z=iHõ~Ú`Õ KÕuÖ’H˜ JkèHÍ~°O Åaèã∞¨ OÎ ^À, "å~°∞ D ã¨`åºxfl
=в€ћizáȉõΩO_В® QГ†в€ћ~В°в€ћKГЋ ГЈГ• в€ћВЁ ‰õΩ[email protected]∂, `В«=∞‰õΩ Г…aГЁOz# JkГЁHГЌ~ГҐГ…#в€ћ J#쐊qГ­ ã¨∂,ГЋ
`«=∞‰õΩ qkèOѨ|_ç# Hõ~"ΰ åºÅ#∞ x~°fiiÎOKåe.
=∞#‰õΩ Uq^è=Œ ∞~Ú# JkèHÍ~åÅ∞ ÅaèOz<å, =∞#"Õ∞ JO^ŒiHõ#fl
|Å=O`«∞ÅO HÍÖË=Ú. ZO^Œ∞HõO>Ë Ñ¨~°=∂`«‡ XHõ¯_Õ JO^ŒiHõ#fl
|Å=O`«∞_»∞, JO^Œih âßã≤OKÕ"å_»∞ Jx QÆ∞~°∞OÎ K«∞HÀ"åe.
zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞Ö’ "≥Åã≤# ÉÏÖÏr ~°∂áêxfl =∞#ã¨∞Ö’ ^蕺xã¨∂Î D
<å=∂xfl [Ñ≤¿ãÎ =∞#‰õΩ D J=QÍǨÏ# `«Ñʨ Hõ U~°Ê_»∞`«∞Ok. =∞#efl
PÜ«∞<Õ ã¨„Hõ=∞"≥∞#ÿ =∂~°Oæ Ö’ #_çÑ™≤ êÎ_∞» . ''ã¨~åfikèHÍ~åÅ =Å# ѨÓiÎQÍ
ÅOK«Q�O_»∞Å∞ J=Ù`å~°∞—— J#fl <å#∞_çx `«Ñ¨Êx x~°∂Ñ≤OK«QÆÅO.
=∞# „Ѩã∞¨ `Î « „Ѩ^•è # =∞O„u K≥ÑÊ≤ #@∞¡ ''„Ѩ^•è #=∞O„uQÍ <Õ#∞ ^ÕâßxH˜
„Ѩ^•è # ¿ã=‰õΩ_çx—— J#fl=∂@Å∞ PÖ’zOѨ^yŒ #q. PÜ«∞#‰õΩ `«# =∂@Å#∞
JHõ~∆ åÖÏ KÕã≤ K«∂Ñ≤OK«QeÆ Qˆ â◊HΘ x=fi=∞x ÉèQí =Æ O`«∞_çx „áêiú^•ÌO.
ÉèÏ~°`^« âÕ ßxfl ã¨fi~°É‚ Ïè ~°`Qü Í =∂~°ÛQÆeQˆ ã¨^∞Œ ^ÕâÌ ßxfl, â◊H-Θ Ü«Ú‰õΩÅÎ #∞
„Ѩ™êkOK«=∞x Ѩ~=° ∂`«‡#∞ HÀ~°∞‰õΩO^•O.„Ñ≤Ü∞« "≥∞#ÿ '"åH±— áê~ Ωõ ÖÏ~å!
x~°∞H˜Î „ѨHÍ~°O uåÆ©Æoz \T�zå uåÆ™Àà Gtyu∫o:@@
~°O_ç! JO^Œ~O° =∞#Ö’ LO_Õ JHõ¯~°ÖxË JǨÏOHÍ~åxfl, J~°O÷ ÖËx
Ѩ~∞° =Ù-„Ѩu+¨Åª HÔ · `åѨ„`«Ü∂« Å#∂ XkeOK«∞‰õΩ<ÕO^Œ∞‰õΩ ''xÜ«∞=∂Ü«∞ #=∞ó
—— J#fl <å=∂xfl =∞#™ê~å 㨇i^•ÌO. <åºÜ«∞OQÍ, x|^Œ`ú `« À ‰õÄ_»∞‰õΩ#fl
=∞# „ѨÜ∞« `åflÅÖ’ q[Ü«∞O `«Ñʨ Hõ =∞#ÖËfl =iã¨∞OÎ k. ~°O_ç, ÉèHí `Θ À
㨇i^•úO - ''FO xÜ«∞=∂Ü«∞ #=∞ó——
=∞x+≤ ™êkèOz# q[Ü«∂Å∞ ã¨=∂*ÏxH˜ LѨÜ∂≥ QÆÑ_¨ `ç <Õ Õ Jq x["≥∞#ÿ q[Ü«∂Å∞.
October '14
w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 12 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
=∞^èŒ∞~åq[Ü«∞O ^è•~å"åÇ≤ÏHõ...36
=в€ћ^Г¤Е’в€ћ~ГҐ q[ГњВ«в€ћO - 11
QÆ`« ã¨OzHõ `«~°∞"å~Ú ÉèÏQÆO....
[iy# HГµ^Г¤Е’ :
14= â◊`å|ÌOÖ’ [iy# H�xfl ã¨OѶ¨∞@#Å#∞ P^è•~°OQÍ KÕã¨∞‰õΩx,
„Ѩ=ÚY ~°K«~Ú`« N "Õ}∞QÀáêÅ<£ (ѨÙëêÊ `«OQÆ^�Ô~·QÍ ¿Ñ~�Ok#) QÍiKÕ
D Hõ^äŒ „"åÜ«∞|_ç#k..... tOQÆà Q◊ ~Æ ∞° _»∞ ã¨O`À+¨OQÍ, K«O„^Œyi J_»=ÙÅ
QÆ∞iOz, JHõ¯_ç HÀÜ«∞*Ïu "åi q=~åÅ∞ K≥áêÎ_»∞. =∞~°∞ã¨\ ˜~À*Ë
„ѨÜ∂« }ÏxH˜ =ÚǨ˙~°OÎ x~°~‚ ÚOK«∞‰õΩO\Ï~°∞. Ü«Ú=‰õΩe^Œ~Ì ∞° . K«O„^Œyi
J_»=ÙÖ’¡ x=ã≤OKÕ HÀÜ«∞*Ïu "åix HõÅ∞=QÍ, H�xfl ã¨O=`«û~åÅ
„H˜`«O J_»qÖ’ ^•"å#ÅO |Ü«∞Å∞^ÕiO^Œx, q„QÆǨÏO q=~åÅ∞
K≥OK«∞*Ïu"å~°∞ W=fi=K«Ûx "åi ^•fi~å `≥Å∞ã¨∞‰õΩO\Ï~°∞. =Å¡Éèí∞_»∞
=∞iÜ«Ú ^Œ`«∞Î_»∞. K≥OK«∞Å#∞ HõÅ∞ã¨∞‰õΩx ^≥·=HÍ~°ºO q=iOz K≥ѨÊQÍ
"å~°∞ ã¨Ç¨ Ü«∞Ѩ_∞» @‰õΩ JOwHõi™êÎ~∞° . K≥OK«∞ <åÜ«∞‰õΩ_»∞ S^Œ∞ J<Õfi+¨}Ï
|$O^•Å#∞ xÜ«∞q∞Oz Jxfl k‰õΩ¯Å‰õΩ ѨOѨÙ`å_»∞. .... =¸_»∞
~ÀAÅ∞QÍ Z_»`≥iÑ≤ ÖˉõΩO_® =~°¬O ‰õΩ~°∞ã¨∞Î#flk. =~°¬O Py# Ñ≤^ŒÑ¨
W^ŒÌ~°∞ "Õ@QÍà ◊§#∞ K«∂™ê_»∞ =Å¡Éèí∞_»∞. `«# Ѩiã≤÷ux "åiH˜ q=iOz,
K≥OK«∞ʼnõΩ ã¨=∂Kå~åxfl KÕ~"° Ü
≥ ∞« º=∞x Ji÷OKå_»∞. HÍh "å~°∞ K≥OK«∞Å#∞
Ѩ@∞ìHÀ=_»O J™ê^茺O, HÍ"åÅO>Ë K«O„^Œyi ~å*ˇ·# Ü«∂^Œ=~åÜ«∞xH˜
ã¨=∂Kå~°O JOkOK«QÆÅ=∞x K≥áêÎ~°∞. N ~°OQÆ<å^äŒ∞x q„QÆǨÏO
HõxÑ≤OzO^Œ#fl "å~°Î q#QÍ<Õ Ü«∂^Œ=~åÜ«∞_»∞, P#O^ŒOQÍ ã¨Ãã·#ºO`À
Ǩï\ÏǨï\˜# |Ü«∞Å∞^Õi =Å¡Éèí∞x =^ŒÌ‰õΩ =™êÎ_»∞.... N~°OQÆ<å^äŒ∞x
JHõ¯_»#∞O_ç u~°∞=∞ʼnõΩ fã¨∞‰õΩ "≥à ϧÅx x~°~‚ ÚOKå~°∞... N~°OQÆ<å^ä∞Œ x
„ѨÜ∂« }ÏxH˜ K«H¯õ x ѨÅH¡ ˜ ã≤^OúŒ KÕ™êÎ_∞» ~åA. ã¨∞n~°… „ѨÜ∂« }Ï#O`«~O°
u~°∞=∞ʼnõΩ Hˆ =∆ ∞OQÍ KÕ~∞° ‰õΩO\Ï~°∞. JHõ¯_ç ã≤OQÆà Q◊ ~Æ ü q=iOz# H�xfl
=ÚYº H�_»=~°∞Å ã¨OѶ¨∞@<å ã¨÷ÖÏʼnõΩ H�_»=~°∞_≥·# N~å=∞^•ã¨∞#∞
fã¨∞‰õΩ"≥o`Õ J`«xx ѨÓ~°fiѨ٠ã≤÷uH˜ fã¨∞‰õΩ~å=K«Û#∞‰õΩx =Å¡Éèí∞_»∞
XHõ~ÀA u~°∞=∞Å H�O_» ^ŒH}∆˜ ÉèÏQÍxH˜ N~å=∞^•ã¨∞#∞ fã¨∞‰õΩ"≥à `◊ å_»∞.
JHõ¯_ç „Ñ¨H$õ uÖ’ U^À ^Œ$âߺxH˜ N~å=∞^•ã¨∞ ÉèÏ"À^ÕfiQÆ∞_Ò`å_»∞. J`«#∞
`В«qп¬Ѓ# ㄬ^Õâ◊OÖ’ в„ўГЄп¬Ѓqв€ћ PÉèí~В°}ГЏГ…в€ћ, HЛњ[email protected] ^Л�~°∞‰õΩ`ГҐ~Гљ. =Вё_В»=
H�_»=~°∞_»∞ =∞~°}˜Oz# „Ѩ^Õâ◊O‰õÄ_® K«∂™êÎ~°∞. =Å¡Éèí ^Œ`«∞ÎÅ∞ XHõ
`À@Ö’ |㨠KÕ™êÎ~°∞...WHõ K«^Œ=O_ç...
D Hõ^Œè [~°∞QÆ∞`«∞#fl HÍÅOÖ’, u~°∞Ѩu =∞iÜ«Ú u~°∞=∞Å
K«∞@∂ì Ѩ~°fi`åÅ∞ J_»=ÙÅ∞ Hõ$Ï~° =∞$QÍÅ∞ xO_ç# KåÖÏ z#fl
„Ѩ^âÕ ßÅ∞. 1130 A.D. Ö’ N ~å=∂#∞AÅ"å~°∞ QÀqO^Œ~å[™êfiq∞
PÅÜ«∞O`Àáê@∞ K«∞@∂ì H�xfl g^èŒ∞Å`À u~°∞Ѩux ™ê÷Ñ≤OKå~°x
K«i„`«HÍ~°∞Å∞ JO\Ï~°∞. WѨC\’¡ "å_»∞HõÖ’ ÖË^Œ∞ HÍh XHõѨC_»∞
u~°∞ѨuH˜ ~å=∂#∞[ѨÙ~°=∞x WOH�Hõ ¿Ñ~°∞ ‰õÄ_® LO_Õk.
WГ–ГЏЛ†Q u~°∞Ѩu ‰õÄ_В® z#fl z#fl =в€ћ[email protected]ГЎГЄГ…в€ћ, в„ўГЄп¬Ѓqв€ћ
PÅÜ«∞O`À HõeÑ≤ Ju z#fl „Ѩ^Õâ◊O. =Å¡Éèí ^Œ`«∞ÎÅ∞ WÖÏO\˜ XHõ
=в€ћ[email protected]ѨOÖ’<Г• |ГЈВЁ KГ•в„ўГЄ~В°в€ћ. Wk `В«~В°в€ћ"ГҐ`В« =<ВЈ Гўв—Љ~î°HÀѨ =#O Jx
¿Ñ~°∞ á⁄Ok, JǨϟaÅ =∞~îO° Ö’ ÉèÏQÆ"∞≥ #ÿ k. H�xfl =∂™êÅ∞QÍ™êy#
„ѨÜ∂« ã¨Å`À ‰õÄ_ç# n~°… „ѨÜ∂« }=Ú `«~∞° "å`« WѨC_Õ =Å¡Éíè ^Œ`∞« ÅÎ ‰õΩ
JÅã¨@ f~°∞Û‰õΩ<Õ J=HÍâ◊O ÅaèOz#k. JHõ¯_Õ WOH�xfl ~ÀAÅ∞
J#∞"å^ŒO : N=∞u ã¨∞^è• ~°OQÆ~å[<£
LO^•=∞x "åi~°∞=Ù~°∞ x~°~‚ ÚOK«∞‰õΩ<åfl~°∞. "å~°∞ JHõ¯_Õ LO_»\ÏxH˜
WOH�Hõ HÍ~°}O ‰õÄ_® L#flk. "åi^Œ~Ì ∂° `«=∞ rq`«OÖ’ WO`«=~°‰Ωõ
N~°OQÆ<å^äŒ∞x ^Œ~°≈#O KÕã¨∞HÀÖË^Œ∞. "≥Ú@ì"≥Ú^Œ\ ˜™êiQÍ P ™êfiq∞
^Œ ~ ° ≈ # Éè Ï QÆ º O Åaè O zOk. ~ÀA =¸_» ∞ =∂~° ∞ ¡ PÜ« ∞ ##∞
^Œi≈OK«∞HÀ=_»O `«=∞ J^Œ$+¨ìOQÍ ÉèÏqOKå~°∞. PÅÜ«∂ÅÖ’ ã¨Ô~·#
suÖ’ ѨÓ[Å∞ x~°fiÇ≤ÏOK«_»O J<Õk "å~°∞ K«∂_»<Õ ÖË^Œ∞. ™êfiq∞H˜
[i¿Ñ ^èŒ∂Ѩ, nѨ, <≥·"Õ^Œº, =∞O„`ÀKåÛù~°}, Jaè¿+Hõ=Ú "≥Ú^ŒÅQÆ∞#q
"å~°∞ K«∂_»<ÕÖË^Œ∞. PÅÜ«∞OÖ’ [iˆQ x`«ºq^èŒ∞Å#∞ u~°∞=∞ÅÖ’
gH˜∆OK«QÆeˆQ J=HÍâ◊O "åiH˜ HõeˆQ ã¨iH˜, Éèí‰õΩÎÅ∞QÍ =∞ixfl ~ÀAÅ∞
ѨÓ[Å#∞ K«∂ã≤ `«iOKåÅx "åi~°∞=Ù~°∞ xâ◊Û~ÚOK«∞‰õΩ<åfl~°∞. ™êfiq∞H˜
[iˆQ ѨÓ[Å∞ K«∂ã¨∞#Î fl H�Ån "åiÖ’ #∂`«<À`åûǨÏO ÃÑÅ∞¡ayOk.
u~°∞=∞ÅÖ’ "≥Åã≤# ™êfiq∞H˜ x`«ºÑ¨Ó[Å∞ x~°fiÇ≤ÏOK«_®xÔH· "ÕOKÕã#≤
PKå~°ºÑ¨Ù~°∞+¨µÅ∞ |ã¨KÕã≤# qq^èŒ „Ѩ^ÕâßÅ#∞ ^Œi≈OK«∞‰õΩ<Õ ÉèÏQƺO
‰õÄ_® "åiH˜ ÅaèOz#k. "å~°∞ PÅÜ«∞O Ü≥ÚHõ¯ ^ŒH˜∆} =∂_»gkèH˜
"≥o§, 10= â◊`å|ÌOÖ’ u~°∞=∞Å #Oa Ü≥ÚHõ¯ =∞\˜ì WO\˜x ^Œi≈Oz
~å=∂#∞AÅ "åiH˜ u~°∞=∞Å#Oa "Õ∞#=∂=∞ =~°∞ã¨
J=Ù`å~°∞. DÜ«∞# ~å=∂#∞AÅ"åiH˜ ~å=∂Ü«∞}O Ü≥ÚHõ¯
JO`«~å~°úO É’kèOKå~°∞. ^ŒH˜∆} =∂_»gkè L`«Î~° =∂_»gkèx Hõe¿ã
„Ѩ^Õâ◊OÖ’x J#O`åà Ïfi~°∞ QÆ$Ǩxfl ‰õÄ_® ã¨O^Œi≈OKå~°∞.
J#O`åà Ïfi~°∞QÍ~°∞ ~å=∂#∞[Å"åi „Ѩ=ÚY t+¨µºÅ∞. u~°∞=∞Å
H�O_»ÅÃÑ· gˆ~HÍHõ u~°∞K«∞ÛHõ¯#∂~°∞ (u~°∞Kå#∂~°∞)‰õΩ K≥Ok# J<ÕHõ
PKå~°º ѨÙ~°∞+¨µÅ x"å™êÅ∞ L#flq. ã¨<å`«# "Õ^Œ "≥É· "íè åxH˜ QÆ∞~°∞ÖÎ #·ˇ
J<ÕHõ „Ѩ^ÕâßÅ#∞ K«∂ã≤ J~°úO KÕã¨∞‰õΩ<Õ H�Ån, P Ü«Ú=‰õΩÅ
=∞#ã¨∞Å∞ ÉèÏ~°"≥∞ÿ QÆ∞O_≥Å xO_® qKå~°O JÅ=Ú‰õΩ#flk.
N~°OQÆO ‰õÄ_® u~°∞=∞Å =Öˇ „Ѩã≤^Œú k=ºˆH∆„`«O J~Ú
LO_»=Åã≤#k Jx "åiH˜ Ѩ^ÕѨ^Õ JxÑ≤OzOk. N~°OQÍxH˜ L#fl
K«i„`« =∞iÜ«Ú ˆH∆„`« "≥·Éèí"åxfl |\˜ì K«∂¿ãÎ, N~°OQÆO u~°∞=∞Å Hõ<åfl
„Ѩ=ÚY"≥∞ÿ#^Œx "åiH˜ JxÑ≤Oz#k. P N~°OQÆ<å^äŒ∞_»∞ ZO^Œ~À
Pà Ïfi~°∞Å∞ =∞iÜ«Ú PKå~°∞ºÅ ѨÓ[ÅO^Œ∞‰õΩ<åfl_»∞. JÜ≥∂º! ǨÏ`«qnè!
ZO`« ÉÏ^è•Hõ~°"≥∞ÿ# Ѩiã≤÷u! N~°OQÍxfl ^Œi≈OK«∞‰õΩ<Õ ÉèÏQƺO =∞#‰õΩ
ÖË^Œ∞. â◊`«$=ÙÅ KÕuÖ’xH˜ "≥o¡ "≥∞à ◊¡"≥∞à ◊¡QÍ <åâ◊#=∞=Ù`«∞#flk. P
PÅÜ«∂xfl uiy Éè‰í Ωõ ÅÎ KÕuÖ’ ÃÑ>Ëì "åÔ~=fi~°∂ ÖË~∞° Jx ÉÏ^èÑŒ _¨ ®¤~∞°
P Ü«Ú=‰õΩÅ∞.
N~°OQÆ<å^ä∞Œ x „Ѩã∞¨ `Î « Ѩiã≤u÷ H˜ qKå~°Ñ_¨ ∞» `«∂, N~°OQÍxH˜
ѨÓ~°fi"≥É· =íè O fã¨∞‰õΩ~å"åÅx =∞iÜ«Ú WѨC_»∞ L#fl ^Œ∞ã≤u÷ áÈ"åÅx
''~°OQÆ<å^茙êfiq∞ u~°∞=∞ÅÖ’ WOH�Hõi ~°Hõ∆}Ö’ XHõ
JukäÖÏQГЌ [email protected]в€ћ<åfl~В°в€ћ. PГњВ«в€ћ# 33 ГЈВЁO=`«û~ГҐГ… =ГљO^Е’в€ћ `В«#
ã¨fiã¨÷ÅO #∞O_ç |Ü«∞Å∞^Õ~å~°∞. WѨC_»∞ ‰õÄ_® PÜ«∞#‰õΩ J^Õ
ã≤÷u. PÜ«∞# ^Œ∞ã≤÷u `≥eÜ«∞x "å~°∞O\Ï~å?—— Jx ÉÏ^èŒÑ¨_®¤~°∞.
WÖÏ QÆ`åxfl =∞iÜ«Ú „Ѩã∞¨ `Î åxfl `«ÅKÕ H�nÌ "åiH˜ ~åA N~°OQÆ<å^äŒ
gв€ћ~В°в€ћ L#fl`OВ« QГЌ Z^Е’Q\
Æ ÏxH˜ g∞‰õΩ „ѨÑO¨ K«O HÍ"åe. g∞~°∞ Zky# `«~∞° "å`« „ѨÑO¨ KåxH˜ g∞~°∞ HÍ"åe.
October '14
w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 13 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
Ü«∂^Œ=~åÜ«∞xÃÑ· HÀѨO HõÅ∞QÆ™êyOk.
''PÜ« ∞ # ~åA J#_®xH˜ J~° ∞ › _ ®? `å#∞ Z<Àfl
™ê„=∂*ϺʼnõΩ ™ê=∞O`«∞_ç<≥· Ü«Ú^•úÅÖ’ [~ÚOKÕÖÏ KÕ™ê#x
K≥áêÊ_»∞. =∞i =∞^èŒ∞Ô~·#∞ ZO^Œ∞‰õΩ =Ú@ì_çOK«ÖË^Œ∞? PÜ«∞#
J#∞‰õΩO>Ë K≥Ü«∞ºQÆÅ_»∞. JO>Ë.... PÜ«∞# J#∞H�<Õ ÖË^Œ#fl=∂@.
JO`Г• J^Г• J~Гљ [email protected]в€ћOk!—— J#∞‰õΩ<åfl~В°в€ћ Ü«Ú=‰õΩe^Е’ГЊ~В°в€ћ. P"Õâ◊O
Ѩ@ìÖËHõ ~åA#∞ J_çˆQ^•Ì=∞#∞‰õΩ<åfl~°∞ XHõ~ÀA.
"å~°∞ ~åA#∞ Hõeã≤ `«=∞ ÉèÏ"åxfl PÜ«∞# =ÚO^Œ∞
ã¨Ê+¨ìѨiKå~°∞. ~åA Pâ◊Û~°ºáÈÜ«∂_»∞. PÜ«∞# P ~Ú^ŒÌix fã¨∞‰õΩx
u~°∞=∞Å PÅÜ«∞OÖ’xH˜ fã¨∞‰õΩ"≥à ϧ_»∞. PÅÜ«∞O =ÚO^Œ∞ ÉèÏQÆOÖ’
N~°OQÆ<å^äŒ∞xÔH· „Ѩ`ÕºHõOQÍ xi‡OK«|_»∞`«∞#fl ~°OQÆ=∞O_»áêxfl
K«∂Ñ≤OKå_»∞. `«~°∞"å`« ֒ѨeH˜ fã¨∞‰õΩ"≥o§ QÆ~°ƒùQÆ∞_çÖ’x =~°^Œ~å[
=∞iÜ«Ú #$ã≤OǨÏã¨xflkèx K«∂Ñ≤OKå_»∞. ''W=hfl =∂ÔHO^Œ∞‰õΩ
K«∂ѨÙ`«∞<åfl~°∞?—— Ü«Ú=‰õΩÅ∞ „ѨtflOKå~°∞.
''^ŒH˜∆} ÉèÏ~°`«^Õâ◊O _èçb¡ ã¨∞ÖÏÎ#∞Å =Ú@ì_çH˜ QÆ∞Ô~·#ѨÙ_»∞,
HõOz =~°^Œ~å[™êfiq∞ =∞iÜ«Ú JǨϟaÅ ÅH©;#$ã≤OǨϙêfiq∞
u~°∞=∞ʼnõΩ "ÕOKÕ™êÎ~°x TÇ≤ÏOKå#∞. "åiÔH· WÖÏ ã¨xfl^èŒ∞Å#∞
=ÚO^Œ∞QÍ<Õ xi‡Oz ÃÑ\Ïì#∞. HÍh "åi^ŒÌ~°∂ WHõ¯_çH˜ ~åÖË^Œ∞.
N~°OQÆ<å^èŒ∞xH˜ JÖÏO\˜ =ÚO^Œ∞ *Ï„QÆ`«ÎÅ∞ <Õ#∞ Ug K≥Ü«∞ºÖË^Œ∞.
HГЌh, PГњВ«в€ћ# WHõ¯_Г§HЛњ "Г•OKГ•в„ўГЄ~В°в€ћ. HГЌ|\ЛњГ¬, <Г•#в€ћ "≥#в€ћ"≥[email protected]<Г• PГњВ«в€ћ#Г”HВ·
ㄬ`ÕºHГµ =в€ћ[email protected]ГЎГЄxfl U~°Ê~В°в€ћГЈВЁв€ћГЋ<åfl#в€ћ. „Ѩã¨∞Î`ГҐxHЛњ <Г•#в€ћ K͆ǰQГ†eyOk
WO`Õ. WO`«HõO>Ë g~Àz`« K«~°ºÅ∞ g∞~°∞ TÇ≤ÏOz# q^èŒOQÍ
K≥Ü«∞º_®xH˜ <å‰õΩ â◊H˜ÎÖË^Œ∞. <å‰õΩ =$^•úѨºO ‰õÄ_® =zÛ#k, <å
â◊s~°O WHõÃÑ· <å‰õΩ ã¨Ç¨ÏHõiOK«^Œ∞—— J<åfl_»∞ Ü«∂^Œ=~åÜ«∞_»∞.
Ü«∂^Œ=~åÜ«∞x =∂@ʼnõΩ Ü«Ú=‰õΩe^ŒÌ~°∂ =∞ø#O =Ç≤ÏOKå~°∞.
''F! Ü«Ú=‰õΩÖÏ¡~å! J<å~ÀQƺ HÍ~°}ÏÅ =Å# <Õ#∞
„Ѩܫ∂}ÏÅ∞ K≥Ü«∞ºÖË#x g∞‰õΩ `≥eÜ«∞^•? JO^Œ∞ˆH <å âı+¨ rq`«O
P âı+¨â◊Ü«Úx Hõ_»<Õ QÆ_»áêÅ#∞‰õΩ<åfl#∞. JO^Œ∞ˆH WHõ¯_Õ XHõ
All slokas Chant 108 times
~ГҐ[=в€ћOk~В°O xi‡OK«∞‰õΩx [email protected]в€ћ<åfl#в€ћ. Jk ‰õÄ_В® g∞‰õΩ
`≥eÜ«∞^•?—— „ѨtflOKå_»∞ Ü«∂^Œ=~åÜ«Ú_»∞. P ~åA `«# =∞#ã¨∞#∞
`«=∞ =ÚO^Œ∞ ѨiKÕ ã¨iH˜ Ü«Ú=‰õΩÅ∞ =∞ø#OQÍ LO_çáÈÜ«∂~°∞.
''Ü«∂^Œ= ~åÜ«∞xH˜ HÀiHõ HõÅ^Œ∞ HÍh ^•xfl ™êkèOKÕ â◊HΘ ™ê=∞~åúºÅ∞
„Ѩã¨∞Î`«O ÖË=Ù—— Jx J#∞‰õΩx, PÜ«∞##∞ <�Ñ≤ÊOz#O^Œ∞‰õΩ
ÉÏ^èŒÑ¨_®¤~°∞ =Å¡Éèí^Œ`«∞ÎÅ∞.
`«~°∞"å`« =Å¡Éèí∞_»∞ ~åA#∞ K«∂ã≤ ''F ~å*Ï! g∞~°∞
K≥¿ÑÊ^ŒO`å x["Õ∞! N~°OQÆ<å^虌 êfiq∞H˜ x`«º ѨÓ[Å∞ [iÑ≤OK«_®xH˜
ㄬ`ÕºHГµ =в€ћ[email protected]Ѩ x~å‡}O =∂‰õΩ ГЈВЁO`ГЂ+ВЁ^•Ü«∞HГµ"Г•в€ћ. HГЌh =∂
=∞#ã¨∞ûÖ’ XHõ HÀiHõ L#flk. Jk <≥~°"Õ~°QÆÅ^•?—— ''^ŒÜ«∞KÕã≤ P
HÀiHõ `≥eÜ«∞*ËÜ«Ú=Ú—— J<åfl_»∞ ~åA.
''N ~°OQÆ<å^虌 êfiq∞ QÆ∞iOz ZO`À q<åfl=Ú. N~°OQÆOÖ’x
PГ…ГњВ«в€ћOÖ’ qГўД±+ВЁ ѨÓ[Г…в€ћ JO^Œ∞‰õΩ[email protected]∂, =∞Ǩ~ГҐA‰õΩ ^Е’Л†HВЇ Q“~В°=
=∞~åº^ŒÅ∞ á⁄O^Œ∞`«∂, N~°OQÍ<Õfl ѨiáêeOKÕ "å_»@. N~°OQÆOÖ’
PÜ«∞# ã¨xfl^èŒVÖ’ PÜ«∞#‰õΩ J`«ºO`« „Ñ�uáê„`«"≥∞ÿ# `«q∞à ◊
ㄬ|O^è•Å∞ J#в€ћx`ǼO QГЌ#O K͆ǰ|_Г•[email protected] WHõ¯_В» ‰õÄ_В® `В«qв€ћГ в—Љ
„Ѩ|O^èŒ QÍ<åxfl PÜ«∞# HÀã¨O U~åÊ@∞ K≥Ü«∞º=Åã≤OkQÍ =∂
„áê~°÷#—— „áêi÷OKå_»∞ =Å¡Éèí∞_»∞.
Ü«∂^Œ=~åÜ«∞_»∞ z~°∞#=Ùfi`À ''JÉσ~ÚÅ∂! W^Õ<å g∞
HÀiHõ? `«Ñ¨ÊHõ <≥~°"Õ~°ÛQÆÅ#∞ zOuOK«=^Œ∞Ì—— J<åfl_»∞.
=∞~°∞ã¨\ ˜ ~ÀA „áê`«ó HÍÅO#∞O_Õ PÅÜ«∞OÖ’ `«q∞à ◊
„Ѩ|O^èŒ QÍ<åxfl U~åÊ@∞ KÕ™ê_»∞ Ü«∂^Œ=~åÜ«∞_»∞. PÅÜ«∂xH˜
K«∞@∞ì =Ú@∂ì LO_Õ JO>Ë u~°∞Ѩu "≥Ú^ŒÖˇ·# „Ѩ^ÕâßÅ #∞O_ç
„Ѩ|O^èŒ áê~åÜ«∞}O KÕ¿ã Éè‰í Ωõ ÅÎ #∞ Ñ≤eÑ≤OKå_»∞. ã¨*Ï=ÙQÍ áê~åÜ«∞}
¿ã= „áê~°OaèOK«_®xH˜ H�xfl ~ÀAÅ∞ Ѩ\ ˜ì<å, z=~°‰õΩ „áê~°OÉèíO
[iyOk. HÍh „Ѩ|O^èŒ áê~åÜ«∞}O P~°OaèOKÕ ã¨iH˜, PÅÜ«∞ ã≤|ƒOk
H�`«Î Ѩ^ŒúuH˜ XѨCHÀÖË^Œ∞, JO^Œ∞=Å# áê~åÜ«∞}Ïxfl PѨ=Åã≤
=zÛOk. D ã¨OѶ¨∞@#`À Ü«Ú=‰õΩÅ =∞#ã¨∞ "Õ^Œ<åÉèíi`«"≥∞ÿOk.
FO <å~°ã≤OÇ¨Ï =Ѩٿ+ #=∞ó FO ˆH∆„`«*Ï˝Ü«∞ #=∞ó
G åÁ∫uÃÊ “ ƒúÏ  z å™:
G qz п¬Ѓ rГЃГ† ГҐв„ў:
In moments of distress and despair For aspirants of Plots and own residence.
PѨ^ŒÖ’ L#flѨC_»∞ 㨇iOK«O_ç.
FO *’ºuëêOѨ`«ÜÕ∞ #=∞ó
G [ÆÁz u o ÁÊ ú oÆz å™:
For good eye - sight.
ã¨fiO`«OQÍ áê¡@∞¡, WO_»∞¡ H�<åÅ#∞‰õΩ#fl "åiH˜. ã¨Ê+¨ì"≥∞ÿ# K«∂Ѩ٠H�~°‰õΩ.
N˛Á™z æ Á∫ÁÆ N˛Á™ÁÆ N˛Á™úÁ¬ÁÆ N˛Áu™åz @
ГҐв„ў: NЛ›ГЃв„ўuƒ“Á∫ÁÆ N˛Á™øúá∫ÁÆ [email protected]@
HÍ"Õ∞â◊fi~åÜ«∞ HÍ=∂Ü«∞ HÍ=∞áêÖÏÜ«∞ HÍq∞<Õ I
#=∞ó HÍ=∞qǨ~åÜ«∞ HÍ=∞~°∂Ѩ^~Œè åÜ«∞ K« II
Kaameshwaraya Kaamaya Kaamapalaya Kamine
Namaha Kaamavihaaraya Kaamarupa dharaayacha
Marriages get finalised by Chanting this Sloka. Also
this sloka bestows intimacy, mutual affection and
trust between couples.
q"åÇ¨Ï „áêÑ≤Î, ÉèÏ~åº Éèí~°ÎÅ #_»∞=∞ „Ñ�u, SHõ=∞`åºxH˜
D â’¡HÍxfl 㨇iOK«O_ç.
Chant 28 times
=∂ ÃÑo§ [iy# H�xfl <≥ÅÖ’¡<Õ PÜ«∞#`À q_®‰õΩÅ∞ fã¨∞HÀ"åÅx
x~°~‚ ÚOz# ã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’ ÃÑ· â’¡HÍxfl zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞Ö’ q#_»O [iyOk.
~ÀE 㨇iã¨∂Î<Õ L<åfl#∞. Pâ◊Û~°ºHõ~°"≥∞ÿ# suÖ’ =∂ =∞^茺
J=QÍǨÏ# ГѓГ‘iy KГҐГ–ГЏ J<ГЂВє#ВєOQГЌ [email protected]в€ћ<åfl=Гљ.
XHõ Éèí‰õΩÎ~åÅ∞, =∞OQÆà ◊yi
=∂ J=∂‡~ÚH˜ 38 Uà ◊√§. Z<Àfl ã¨O|O^è•Å∞ =zÛ<å ÃÑo¡
‰õΩ^Œ~°ÖË^Œ∞. J~Ú`Õ D â’¡HõO K≥Ñ≤Ê# H�xfl ~ÀAÅÖ’ =∞Oz
=~°∞_ç`À ÃÑo§ ‰õΩkiOk.
XHõ Éèí‰õΩÎ~åÅ∞,
ǨÏ$^ŒÜ∞« O Ѩq„`«"∞≥ #ÿ ѨÙ_»∞ ^•i qâßÅOQÍ HõxÑ≤ã∞¨ OÎ k. QÆ=∞ºO ã¨Ê+¨=ì ∞=Ù`«∞Ok.
October '14
ÃÊ ú ÁtN˛yÆ ...
w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 14 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
™Êut∫Áı Nz˛ ∆ÁÃå-™lg¬Áı ™ı ∫Á\å{uoN˛ “Àoqzú EåÏuYo “{...
EÁÂá¿ Ã∫N˛Á∫ åz ™Êut∫Áı Nz˛ ∆ÁÃå-™lg¬Áı N˛Áz ∫Ú N˛∫oz “ÏL, \Á∫y uN˛ÆÁ TÆÁ ÃÊ∆Ázáå
N˛ÁåÓå 2014 ú∫ ÆsÁuÀsuo (Àbzbà N˛Áz) §åÁÆz ∫Qåz Nz˛ u¬L GÄÁ ãÆÁÆÁ¬Æ åz ™ÜÆ™ N˛Á¬ N˛y
EÁrÁL \Á∫y N˛∫åz Nz˛ u¬L <ƒÁN˛Ω> osÁ ™Êut∫ úu∫∫qÁ EußÆÁå, GÄÁãÆÁÆÁ¬Æ N˛Á EÁßÁ∫ ™Áåoz “¯@
uƒáÁå ÃßÁ N˛Á ÃÊuƒáÁå Nz˛ uƒªÚ EÁY∫m N˛Áz ãÆÁÆÁ¬Æ “y Gã“ı eyN˛ ™ÁT| ™ı ET¿Ã∫ N˛∫oz “¯@
ßO˛Áı Nz˛ u¬L á™|Àƒ uƒßÁT Nz˛ NÏ˛Z EÊ∆Áı ú∫ üN˛Á∆ gÁ¬ ∫“z “¯@
uЖ’uЖ’ГЎ MÆÁbuTu∫ NzЛ› в„ўГЉut∫Áı NzЛ› ∆ÁÃNЛ›-в„ўlg¬Áı в„ўД± oyГҐ Euou∫Mo ГѓtГЂГ† §‰jГЃ utL TГ†[email protected]
EÁãá¿ ütz∆ Ã∫N˛Á∫ ÃÏüy™ N˛Ázb| ™z Æ“ ƒÁStÁå uN˛ÆÁ uN˛ ƒz 6C Category ÆÁåz N˛™
EГЃв„ўtГЃГҐy Ж’ГЃВ¬z в„ўГЉut∫Áı NЛ›ГЃz EY|NЛ›ГЃД± NzЛ› uåÆÊfim в„ўz ZГЃzg tД±[email protected] FГѓ Ж’ГЃStГЃГҐ NЛ›ГЃz uЖ’ГЂв„ўu∫o N˛∫ ƒ“Á b~ГЂb §Ázg|
N˛Áz ¬ÁTÓ N˛∫åÁ Eá™| “{@
EÁÂá¿ Ã∫N˛Á∫ åz 1996 osÁ 2013 ™ı GÄÁo™ ãÆÁÆÁ¬Æ u¬uQo øú Ãz ƒYå utÆÁ, GÃNz˛
uƒªÚ EÁY∫m N˛∫åz ú∫ ƒ“ N˛ÁÊbz©õb (Contempt) ãÆÁÆÁ¬ÆÁı Nz˛ uåÆ™Áı N˛Á G®ÊVå ™ÁåÁ
LzÃy úu∫uÀsuoÆÁı N˛Áz úÁ∫ N˛∫åz Nz˛ GÒz≈Æ Ãz á™|Àƒ uƒßÁT Nz˛ EuáN˛Áu∫ÆÁı Nz˛ uåÆÊfim Nz˛
u¬Æz áÁu™|N˛ úu∫ t Nz˛ §ååz Ãz ™Êut∫Áı Nz˛ ∆ÁÃN˛-™lg¬ §åÁåz N˛y §Áo ßy “{@ ¬zuN˛å EÁÂá¿
Ã∫N˛Á∫ åz áÁu™|N˛ úu∫ tÁı N˛Áz ßy ∫Ò uN˛ÆÁ@ Fà N˛Á∫m EÁ\N˛¬ á™|Àƒ uƒßÁT N˛ÁzF| ƒ{áÁuåN˛
uåÆÊfim Nz˛ u§åÁ ™Êut∫Áı Nz˛ N˛ÁÆ| N˛¬Áú ™z “Àoqzú N˛∫ ∫“y “{@
™Êut∫ úu∫∫qÁ EußÆÁå EÁ{∫ <ƒÁN˛Ω> ÃuƒåÆ øúÃz uƒåoy N˛∫oz “¯ uN˛ EÁ\ Nz˛ ÃÊ∆ÁzáåÁı
N˛Áz ƒÁúà ¬z EÁ{∫ áÁu™|N˛ úu∫ t N˛y √ƃÀsÁ N˛∫ı@ Ã∫N˛Á∫ N˛Áz YÁu“L uN˛ ƒ“ ÃÁ∫z EuáN˛Á∫
ГЎГЃuв„ў|NЛ› Гєu∫ t NЛ›ГЃz ГѓГЃВЇГє[email protected] ГЎГЃuв„ў|NЛ› Гєu∫ t ˚Á∫Á “y ÃÁ∫z NЛ›ГЃГ†|NВїЛ›в„ў Eв„ўВ¬ в„ўД± EГЃГ†[email protected]
EÁÂá¿ ütz∆ Nz˛ ÃÁáÁ∫y úÁby| Ãz uƒåoy “{ uN˛ ™Êut∫Áı Nz˛ Ãʧãá ™ı YÏåÁƒ Nz˛ Ã™Æ \Áz ƒYå
utÆÁ TÆÁ sГЃ, GГѓz úÓ∫Á N˛∫[email protected]
в„ўГЉut∫Áı Гѓz ∆ÁÃNЛ›yГ† “ÀoqzГє NЛ›ГЃz tÓ∫ N˛∫[email protected] ∆ÁÃNЛ› в„ўlg¬Áı NЛ›y uåÆÏuO˛ÆÁÂ ГЎв„ў|ГЂЖ’ uЖ’ГџГЃT NЛ›y
ÃÓYåÁ Nz˛ EåÏøú áÁu™|N˛ úu∫ t N˛∫ı@ ÃÊuƒáÁå Nz˛ uå™Á|oÁ á™|Àƒ uƒßÁT N˛y øú-∫YåÁ ™ı,
ÃÊ∆ÁzáåÁı ™ı Nı˛¸ Ã∫N˛Á∫ N˛y ÀƒyNw˛uo N˛Áz úÁN˛∫ “y EãÆ N˛ÁÆ|ƒÁ“y N˛∫åz Nz˛ u¬L N˛ÁÊN˛∫ıb u¬Àb
(Concurrent List) ™ı á™|Àƒ uƒßÁT Nz˛ uåÆ™Áı N˛Áz ÀsÁå tı@ Fà N˛Á∫m Nı˛¸ Ã∫N˛Á∫ N˛Áz Fà uƒ Æ
в„ўД± GuYo NЛ›ГЃГ†|ƒÁ“y NzЛ› uВ¬L NЛ›tв„ў §‰jГЃ[email protected]
™Êut∫Áı Nz˛ u¬L üÁÊoyÆ Ã∫“t å“Î ∫“åÁ YÁu“L
October '14
w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 15 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
uƒ…mÏ Ã“œÁåÁ™Áƒ¬y TÁsÁ - 163
uГҐГ†в„ўГЃГ† ГҐв„ў:
-ƒy.LÃ. N˛ªmÁN˛∫åΩ
úÁeN˛ÁzÊ N˛Áz Æ“ §Áo EƒTo N˛∫Áåz N˛y N˛ÁzF| EÁƒ≈ÆN˛oÁ
å“Î uN˛ ™wnÆÏ Nz˛ ú≈YÁoΩ úÏå\y|uƒo “ÁzåÁ N˛ÁzF| ÃÁáÁ∫m EsƒÁ
Ã∫¬ N˛Á™ å“Î@ \“ÁÂoN˛ “™Á∫y \ÁåN˛Á∫y “{, úÏ∫ÁmÁı ™ı ßy LzÃy
§“Ïo N˛™ VbåÁEÁı N˛Á G®zQ utQoÁ “{@ Få™ı Ãz üuÃÚ “{ uƒ∫ÁzYå Nz˛ úÏfi N˛Á úÏå\y|uƒo “ÁzåÁ@ ú∫ƒoy|N˛Á¬ ™ı ƒ“ FoåÁ
§¬-ÃÊúëÁ “ÏEÁ uN˛ GÃN˛Á åÁ™ “y <™“Á§u¬> ú‰gÁ@ TϪ ∆ÏN¿˛ÁYÁÆ|
Nz˛ E™ÁzV ™Êfi §¬ Nz˛ N˛Á∫m, ƒ“ Eúåz ™wo tz“ Ãz úÏå\y|uƒo
“ÏEÁ@ GÃåz Foåz §¬ N˛Á ÃÊYÆ uN˛ÆÁ uN˛ E™wo Ãzƒå N˛∫ YÏNz
E™∫Áı N˛Áz ßy ú∫Áu\o N˛∫ gÁ¬Á@ ∆ÏN¿˛ÁYÁÆ|\y Nz˛ ™Êfi Nz˛ üßÁƒ
EÁ{∫ GåNz˛ EåÏT¿“ Nz˛ N˛Á∫m GÃz ÆrNÏ˛lg Ãz ∫s, EæÁ EÁ{∫
EqÆ oÓmy∫ N˛y üÁuõo “ÏF|@ N˛ÁzF| ßy Gà Ãz ÆÏÚ N˛∫, uƒ\Æy
å“Î “Áz ÃN˛oÁ sÁ@
Foåz ∆uO˛∆Á¬y “Ázåz Nz˛ ÃÁs-ÃÁs, Gà Nz˛ ∆y¬ EÁ{∫ Yu∫fi
uå…N˛¬ÊNЛ› [email protected] ∫Áƒm EsЖ’ГЃ EГЈГ† ∫ÁqГѓГЃД± NЛ›y ГџГЃГЉuo ƒ“ tÏ∫ÁYÁ∫y
å“Î sÁ@ FoåÁ “y å“Î, Eúåz ú∫tÁtÁ u“∫lÆN˛≈ÆúÏ Nz˛ ÙÁå ƒ“
ßTƒÁå uƒ…mÏ N˛Á ƒ{∫y å“Î §u¡N˛ GåN˛Á ™“ÁåΩ ßMo sÁ@ u“∫lÆN˛≈ÆúÏ
åz Eúåz ∆ÁÃåN˛Á¬ ™ı tzƒoÁEÁı N˛y EÁ∫ÁáåÁ EÁ{∫ GåNz˛ u¬L
Ùuú|o Ãßy üN˛Á∫ Nz˛ ÆrÁı N˛Áz ÙÁõo N˛∫ utÆÁ sÁ@ GÃNz˛ Ùƙı å Ær sz, å ƒ{utN˛ ™ÊfiÁı N˛Á úeå sÁ, EÁ{∫ å “y ™“Án™ÁEÁı N˛Áz
tГЃГҐ-ГЎв„ў| utL \ГЃoz [email protected] FГѓNzЛ› uƒú∫yo, ∫Á\ГЃ В§uВ¬, tГЃГҐ-ГЎв„ў| N˛∫åz NzЛ›
u¬L ü\Á N˛Áz üÁznÃÁu“o N˛∫, ÀƒÆÊ ßy N˛∫oÁ sÁ@
LzÃz Ær ÃÊúëÁ “Ázoz Ã™Æ Fã¸, EuSå, ÃÓÆ| EÁut tzƒoÁEÁı
Nz˛ EÁ∆yƒÁ|t úÁåz Nz˛ u¬L GåN˛y ü∆ÊÃÁ ™ı ƒ{utN˛ ™ÊfiÁı N˛Á úÁe
N˛∫, Gã“zÊ ÆsÁzuYo øú Ãz Ær ßÁT ßy utÆÁ \ÁoÁ sÁ@ uN˛ãoÏ,
úÏ∫ÁmÁı ™ı ∫Á\Á §u¬ Nz˛ Ã™Æ tzƒoÁEÁı Ãz N˛Á¢˛y N˛ueåÁFÆÁı N˛Á
ÃÁ™åÁ N˛∫åz N˛y §Áo N˛“y \Áoy “{ oÁz Fà ú∫ N{˛Ãz uƒæÁÁÃ
N˛∫ı? ƒ{utN˛ úÚuo Nz˛ EåÏÃÁ∫ “y tzƒoÁEÁı N˛Áz Ær ßÁT Nz˛
Гѓв„ўГє|m Гџy uNЛ›L \ГЃoz [email protected] ÀƒÆÊ В§uВ¬ ГҐz EæÁ™zГЎ Г†r NЛ›ГЃ uГҐЖ’ГЃ|“
N˛∫, GГѓ Гѓв„ўГ† GГѓГҐz NЛ›F| tГЃГҐ-ГЎв„ў| uNЛ›L [email protected] Æ“ ÃÁ∫Á NЛ›в„ў|NЛ›ГЃl‰g
ƒ{utN˛ ∫yuo Nz˛ “y EåÏÃÁ∫ ÃÊúëÁ “ÁzoÁ sÁ@ LzÃz ™ı Æ“ N˛“åÁ
N˛“Á oN˛ GuYo “{ uN˛ §u¬ åz tzƒoÁEÁı N˛Á t™å uN˛ÆÁ sÁ EÁ{∫
Gã“ı Eúåz-Eúåz ÀsÁåÁı Ãz XÆÏo uN˛ÆÁ sÁ@ E™zu∫N˛Á Ãz ™z∫z u™fi
åz ü≈å uN˛ÆÁ uN˛ \§ §u¬ ÀƒÆÊ ÆrÁı N˛Á uåƒÁ|“ N˛∫oÁ sÁ, u¢˛∫
Æ“ N˛“åÁ N˛“Á oN˛ GuYo “{ ÆÁ ÆsÁs| “{ uN˛ GÃåz tzƒÁı N˛Áz
tzƒ¬ÁzN˛ Ãz uåN˛Á¬ utÆÁ sÁ@ Få ÆrÁı ™ı oÁz tzƒoÁEÁı N˛y ü∆uÀo
™ı “y oÁz ƒ{utN˛ ™ÊfiÁı N˛Á úÁe uN˛ÆÁ \ÁoÁ “{@
N˛“Á \ÁoÁ “{ uN˛ u“∫lÆN˛≈ÆúÏ EÁ{∫ EãÆÁı åz ßy m oúÀÆÁ
NЛ›y EГЃ{∫ ™“Áå §¬∆Á¬y §åz [email protected] ƒ“ oГє Гџy uNЛ›Гѓy ГҐ uNЛ›Гѓy
tzƒoÁ N˛Áz üÃëÁ N˛∫åz Nz˛ u¬L “y uN˛ÆÁ “ÁzTÁ? MÆÁ ƒ“ tzƒ
»y™ëÁÁ∫ÁÆm sz? FÃN˛Á G∫ N˛ÁzF| ßy <å> Nz˛ “y øú ™ı tzTÁ
MÆÁıuN˛ “∫ N˛ÁzF| Æ“ \ÁåoÁ “{ uN˛ u“∫lÆN˛≈ÆúÏ »y“u∫ Ãz ˚z N˛∫oÁ sÁ@ ßTƒÁåΩ »y™ëÁÁ∫ÁÆm Ãz Eúåz EåÏ\ u“∫lÆÁq N˛y ™wnÆÏ
Nz˛ ú≈YÁoΩ “y u“∫lÆN˛≈ÆúÏ åz ßy m oú uN˛ÆÁ sÁ@
Fã“Î N˛Á∫mÁı Ãz N˛F| ¬ÁzT, Æ“Á oN˛ uN˛ Y¬ uYfiÁı ™ı ßy
u“∫lÆN˛≈ÆúÏ N˛Áz u∆ƒ ßMo Nz˛ øú ™ı uYufio uN˛ÆÁ \ÁoÁ “{@
uN˛ãoÏ Æ“Á uƒYÁ∫myÆ EÊ∆ Æ“ “{ uN˛ u“∫lÆ N˛≈ÆúÏ N˛ßy ßy
uN˛Ãy N˛Áz Eúåz Ãz »z…e å“Î ™ÁåoÁ “{@ GÃz u∆ƒßMo Nz˛ øú ™ı
uYufio N˛∫åÁ, Nz˛ƒ¬ N˛¡úåÁ N˛Á ÓÁ∫Á ¬zåÁ ™Áfi “{@ ƒ“ §¿—™Á\y
N˛Á ßMo “Áz “y å“Î ÃN˛oÁ MÆÁıuN˛, §¿÷Á ÀƒÆÊ u“∫lÆN˛≈ÆúÏ Ãz
ßÆßyo ∫“oz [email protected]
NÏ˛Z uƒ˚Áå u“∫lÆN˛≈ÆúÏ Nz˛ oú N˛Áz ¬ÁzN˛oÊfi ™ı “Ázåz ƒÁ¬z
YÏåÁƒÁı Ãz oϬåÁ N˛∫oz “¯@ YÏåÁƒ Ãz úÓƒ| G©™ytƒÁ∫ ü\Á Nz˛ Ùq
VÏbåz bzN˛oÁ “{@ FÃz tzQ ™o tzN˛∫ Gã“ı YÏåÁ \ÁoÁ “{@ åzoÁEÁı
N˛Áz YÏååzƒÁ¬z ™otÁoÁ, ƒ∫tzåzƒÁ¬z §¿÷Á Nz˛ ÙÁå “{Ê@
LN˛ §Á∫ EuáN˛Á∫ üÁõo N˛∫åz Nz˛ §Át, åzoÁ eyN˛ GÃy
üN˛Á∫ Ãz ™otÁoÁEÁı N˛y EÁz∫ EÁÂQ GeÁN˛∫ ßy å“Î tzQoz “¯,
\{Ãz uN˛ ƒ∫ üÁõo N˛∫åz Nz˛ §Át u“∫lÆN˛≈ÆúÏ åz §¿÷Á N˛Áz å„\∫
EÊtÁ„\ N˛∫ utÆÁ sÁ@ Fà üN˛Á∫ N˛y ÃÁzY “™Á∫z ™å ™ı Æ“ ßÁƒ
ú{tÁ N˛∫oÁ “{ uN˛ u“∫lÆN˛≈ÆúÏ åÁuÀoN˛ sÁ@ u“∫lÆN˛≈ÆúÏ EÁ{∫
GÃNz˛ \{Ãz ¬ÁzTÁı N˛Á Æ“y ™ÁååÁ “{ uN˛ ÆrÁı Nz˛ Ã™Æ úueo ™ÊfiÁı
Nz˛ §¬ Ãz “™ı ¢˛¬ u™¬oÁ “{, å uN˛ Gå™ı N˛“z \ÁåzƒÁ¬z tzƒoÁEÁı
NzЛ› N˛Á∫[email protected] LzГѓz NЛ›ГЃzF| tzЖ’oГЃ “Ázoz “y å“Î oГЃz GГҐNЛ›ГЃ üÃëÁ “ÁzГҐГЃ,
EÁ{∫ Ær Nz˛ ¢˛¬ tzåÁ \{Ãy §Áoı GåNz˛ u¬L uå∫s|N˛ “y “¯@ FÃy
ú∫ §“à “Ázoy “{@
uN˛ãoÏ Få §ÁoÁı ™ı N˛ÁzF| oÁ∫o©Æ å“Î §{eoÁ@ “™ oÁz ú‰joz
EÁ∫“z “¯ uN˛ u“∫lÆN˛≈ÆúÏ åz tzƒÁı N˛Áz tzƒ¬ÁzN˛ Ãz §Á“∫ N˛∫ utÆÁ
sÁ@ \§ tzƒÁı Nz˛ EuÀonƒ “y GÃz ÀƒyN˛ÁÆ| å“Î “{ oÁz Gã“ı ú∫Áu\o
N˛∫, ÀsÁå XÆÏo N˛∫åzN˛y §Áo N˛“Á Ãz “Áz ÃN˛oy “¯? Få ú∫
Óy √ÆÁPÆÁ N˛Á{å tz ÃN˛oÁ “{?
FÃyu¬L ™ÁååÁ ú‰gzTÁ uN˛ u“∫lÆN˛≈ÆúÏ åz ufi™Óuo|ÆÁı N˛y
∆uMo N˛Áz ÀƒyN˛Á∫Á “ÁzTÁ@ ƒ∫tÁå úÁåz Nz˛ u¬L GÃåz §¿—™Á Nz˛
u¬L oú uN˛ÆÁ “ÁzTÁ@ uN˛ãoÏ LN˛ §Á∫ ƒ∫ úÁåz Nz˛ §Át ƒ“ Eúåz
EÁúN˛Áz Ã| ∆uMo™Áå ™Áååz ¬TÁ “ÁzTÁ@ GÃN˛Á ÃÁ∫Á oúÁz§¬
uв„ўb \ГЃГҐz oNЛ›, В»y™ëÁÁ∫ÁÆm NЛ›ГЃz ГјoyqГЃ N˛∫åy ú‰[email protected] “™ı Гџy Æ“y
ÃÁzYåÁ “ÁzTÁ uN˛ ™otÁoÁ, Få VubÆÁ åzoÁEÁı N˛Áz “bÁåz Nz˛ u¬L
\{Ãz ET¬z ™otÁå oN˛ üoyqÁ N˛∫oz “¯@
x~å_»O|~°"∞≥ #ÿ `Õ<\
≥ Q© Æ Jxfl~H° ÍŠѨÙ=ÙfiÅ#∞Oz `Õ<#≥ ∞ fã¨∞‰õΩ#fl>,¡Ë `≥eq HõÅ"å_»∞ Jxfl Ѩq„`« „QÆO^ä•Å #∞Op ™ê~åxfl „QÆÇÏ≤ ™êÎ_∞» .
October '14
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uN˛ãoÏ ∫Á\Á §u¬ Nz˛ ÃÊtß| ™ı LzÃy §ÁoÁı Nz˛ u¬L N˛ÁzF|
ÀsÁå “y å“Î sÁ@ ƒ“ oÁz tzƒoÁEÁı N˛Áz üÃëÁ N˛∫åz ƒÁ¬z ÆrÁı N˛Á
uåƒÁ|“ N˛∫, Gã“ı ÆsÁƒo GåN˛Á ßÁT ßy Ùuú|o N˛∫oÁ EÁ ∫“Á
sÁ@ LzÃz ™ı ƒz MÆÁı ÃÁzYıTz uN˛ Gã“ı N˛…b GeÁåÁ ú‰g ∫“Á “{@ ∆ÁÆt
∫Á\Á §u¬, ÃÁ∫z Ær N˛∫åz ú∫ ßy, Ùú|mÁı N˛Áz tzƒoÁEÁı N˛Áz å“Î
§u¡N˛ Nz˛ƒ¬ »y™ëÁÁ∫ÁÆm N˛Áz “y Ùuú|o N˛∫oÁ ∫“Á “ÁzTÁ@ GÃz
Ù^ ™ı EÁÆÁ uN˛ ÃÁ∫z tzƒoÁ »y™ëÁÁ∫ÁÆm Nz˛ ∆∫y∫ “¯ EÁ{∫,
»y™ëÁÁ∫ÁÆm “y ÃÁ∫z tzƒoÁEÁı N˛y EÁn™Á@ FÃyu¬L ∫Á\Á §u¬ Nz˛ƒ¬
»y™ëÁÁ∫ÁÆm N˛Áz “y ÆrÁı Nz˛ ˚Á∫Á EÁ∫ÁáåÁ N˛y EÁ{∫ Ùú|m ßy
Nz˛ƒ¬ ßTƒÁå »y“u∫ N˛Áz “y N˛∫oÁ sÁ@ Fʸ, EuSå, ÃÓÆ| \{Ãz tzƒÁı
Nz˛ ™Êfi úeå N˛∫oz “ÏL Ær N˛∫åz ú∫ ßy ∫Á\Á §u¬ åz N˛ßy ßy
EuSå N˛Á Es| [ƒ¬å Nz˛ u¬L üáÁå t{ƒ Nz˛ øú ™ı ÀƒyN˛Á∫Á “y
å“Î@ GÃNz˛ ™å ™ı Æ“ ßÁƒåÁ ßy å“Î ∫“y uN˛ EuSå N˛y EÁn™Á
»y™ëÁÁ∫ÁÆm “{@ GÃNz˛ u¬L <EuSå> N˛Á Es| uåªuO˛ Nz˛ N˛så Nz˛
EåÏÃÁ∫ ¬ÁzTÁı N˛Áz EÁTz ¬z\ÁåzƒÁ¬Á ™Áfi “y “{@ Æ“ Es| Nz˛ƒ¬
ßTƒÁåΩ »y™ëÁÁ∫ÁÆm Nz˛ u¬L Euãƒo “ÁzoÁ “{ - Fà ßÁƒåÁ Nz˛
ÃÁs ßy ∫Á\Á §u¬ åz N˛ßy ßy EuSå Nz˛ ™ÊfiÁı N˛Á GÄÁÁ∫m N˛∫oz
“ÏL <<ETíÆz ÀƒÁ“Á>> N˛“oz “ÏL Ùuú|o å“Î uN˛ÆÁ sÁ@ GÃNz˛ ™å
™ı EnÆÊo Àú…b øú Ãz Æ“ ßÁƒåÁ sy uN˛ Nz˛ƒ¬ »y™ëÁÁ∫ÁÆm “y
™Ï^z EÁTz §jÁåz ƒÁ¬Á “{@ FÃy üN˛Á∫ Ãz GÃåz Nz˛ƒ¬ uåªuMo N˛Á
∆Áu£tN˛ Es| “y ÀƒyN˛Á∫Á sÁ@ Æ“y §Áo F㸠Nz˛ u¬L ßy N˛y Fã¸
NЛ›ГЃ Es| “{ EúÁ∫ ГЎГҐ EГЃ{∫ ГѓГЉГєtГЃ Гѓz ÆÏ[email protected] Æ“ oГЃz NzЛ›Ж’В¬ В»y™ëÁÁ∫ÁÆm
Nz˛ u¬L eyN˛ §{eoÁ “{ uN˛ ƒz “y Eu™o áå EÁ{∫ ÃÊúu Nz˛ ÀƒÁ™y
“¯@ ∫Á\Á §u¬ N˛Áz ƒztÁı Nz˛ §Á∫z ™ı EÁ{∫ ƒztÁão Nz˛ §Á∫z ™ı Óy
rÁå sÁ@ FÃyu¬L ßTƒÁå “u∫ N˛Áz ßy §u¬ ú∫ ÆÏÚ N˛∫åz Nz˛
u¬L EƒÃ∫ “y å“Î u™¬Á @ §u¬ Eúåy uƒ…mÏ ßuMo Nz˛ N˛Á∫m
FoåÁ ∆uMoƒÁåΩ §åÁ@
Fã“Î N˛Á∫mÁı Ãz §u¬, ™“Áå §¬∆Á¬y §åÁ EÁ{∫ ú∫™Án™Á
N˛Á ßy ÃÁ™åÁ N˛∫åz ™ı Ùs| “ÏEÁ@ uN˛ãoÏ GÙı LN˛ tÏTÏ|m Æ“y
sÁ uN˛ Fà \ToΩ ™ı ßTƒÁå »y “u∫ Nz˛ uÃÁÆ EÁ{∫ N˛ÁzF| ™Ï^Ãz
EÁTz å“Î §j ÃN˛oÁ@ Æ“y E“ÊN˛Á∫ GÃNz˛ uƒ\Æ Nz˛ ™ÁT| ú∫ ∫Áz‰gÁ
§åÁ@ GÃN˛y ßTƒtΩßuO˛ Eu˚oyÆ “{, GÃNz˛ Ùq EÁ{∫ N˛ÁzF| “Áz
“y å“Î ÃN˛oÁ@ uN˛ãoÏ Æ“ uƒÀ™wo N˛∫åÁ uN˛ ú∫™Án™Á Nz˛ “Ás ™ı
™¯ LN˛ ™Áfi GúN˛∫m“y “ÓÂ, GÃNz˛ √ÆuMonƒ N˛Áz ™u¬å N˛∫ gÁ¬Á@
NÏ˛Z Ã™Æ Nz˛ ú≈YÁoΩ ƒ“ Æ“ ßÓ¬ TÆÁ uN˛ ™Ï^z uåÆÊufio N˛∫åz
ƒÁ¬y N˛ÁzF| LN˛ ∆uO˛ “{@ GÃz Tƒ| “ÏEÁ uN˛ ™Ï^z N˛ÁzF| ∆uMo
uåÆÊuп¬Ѓo å“Î N˛∫ ГѓNЛ›[email protected] FГѓ u§ãtГЏ oNЛ› EГЃoz-EГЃoz ∫Á\ГЃ В§uВ¬ NЛ›ГЃz
uåÆÊuп¬Ѓo N˛∫åz NЛ›y EÁƒ≈ÆNЛ›oГЃ ú‰[email protected] GГѓz Гѓв„ў^ГЃГҐГЃ “ÁzTГЃ uNЛ› EВ§
Ã™Æ EÁ TÆÁ uN˛ Ãßy N˛Á ™ÁT| t∆|å N˛∫åz ƒÁ¬y LN˛ ∆uMo “{,
GÃz “™ EåtzQÁ å“Î N˛∫ÃN˛oz - tÓÃ∫y EÁz∫ Eúåy ÃÊoÁå N˛Áz
Eúåz - Eúåz ÀsÁåÁı ú∫ úÏå∫ÁƒÁà N˛∫ƒÁåz N˛y üÁs|åÁ Nz˛ ÃÁs
∆∫mÁTuo N˛∫ ∫“y ™ÁoÁ Eutuo ßy “{@
Få Ãßy N˛Á∫mÁı Ãz ßTƒÁåΩ »y™ëÁÁ∫ÁÆm åz Eutuo Nz˛ Tß|
Ãz ƒÁ™å Nz˛ øú ™ı \ã™ u¬ÆÁ sÁ@ Eúåz u¬L Nz˛ƒ¬ oyå úT
ГџГ“uв„ў NЛ›y ÆÁYГҐГЃ GГѓГҐz ∫Á\ГЃ В§uВ¬ Гѓz NЛ›y [email protected] ∆ÏNВїЛ›ГЃYГЃГ†| NzЛ› в„ўГҐГЃ
N˛∫åz ú∫ ßy §u¬ åz ƒÁ™å N˛Áz tÁå utÆÁ, u\ÃNz˛ ¢˛¬Àƒøú
GÃz Eúåy ÃÁ∫y ÃÊúu Ãz tÓ∫ “ÁzåÁ ú‰gÁ@ uN˛ãoÏ Æ“ QÁzåÁ EnÆÊo úuƒfi “Ázoz “ÏL ßy, Nz˛ƒ¬ Lzu“N˛ “y “{@
Lzu“N˛ ÃÊúu oÁz u™b TF| uN˛ãoÏ EÁÜÆÁun™N˛ ¬Áß-“ÏEÁ uN˛
ú∫™Án™Á N˛Á Y∫m uÃ∫ ú∫ ∫QÁ TÆÁ sÁ@ Æz »y Y∫m “y ƒÁÀouƒN˛
Eå™Áz¬ uåuá “Ázåz N˛y VÁz mÁ EÁYÁÆÁz˙ åz EÁ{∫ E¬ƒÊtÁ∫ \{Ãz
™“ÁåΩ úϪ Áı åz N˛∫ ∫QÁ “{@
EÁ¬ƒÊtÁ∫ N˛y ∫YåÁ ÀoÁzfi ∫oíÁƒ¬Î Nz˛ 30 ™ı ≈¬ÁzN˛ ™ı ƒz
ú∫™Án™Á Ãz üÁs|åÁ N˛∫oz “¯ uN˛ ™Ï^z FÃy ƒÁÀouƒN˛ ™Ó¬ uåuá Nz˛
üÃÁt Ãz áãÆN˛∫åÁ@ GÃz úujL....
uƒ¬ÁÃuƒN¿˛Áãoú∫Áƒ∫Á¬ÆÊ å™ÀÆtÁuo|qúmz Nw˛oqm™Ω@
ГЎГҐГЉ в„ўtyÆÊ oЖ’ ГєГЃtГєWΩNЛ›\ГЉ NЛ›tГЃ ГҐГЏ ГѓГЃqГЃnN˛∫ƒÁum YqГЏВ ГЃ[email protected]@
FÃN˛Á EÊT\z¿ y ™ı »y \TëÁÁså \y åz Fà üN˛Á∫ Ãz ßÁƒÁåσÁt
uN˛ÆÁ “{ “Your lotus-feet which playfully strode the upper worlds and
lower abodes of jeevas;which drive away in a fraction of a
second the afflictions of those who pay obeisance are the
treasure of mine (and my clan).When will I possibly see, with
these very eyes of mine Your Real Form?”
EsÁ|oΩ <<“z ú∫™Án™Á! EÁúNz˛ Y∫m N˛™¬ H܃| ¬ÁzN˛Áı Nz˛ ÃÁs ÃÁs \yƒÁı N˛Á ƒÁÃ, EáÁz ¬ÁzN˛Áı ™ı ßy ¬Ê§z gT Ãz Y¬oz “¯@ Gå
Y∫mÁı ú∫ ∆∫mÁTuo N˛∫åz ƒÁ¬Áı Nz˛ tÏ:QÁı N˛Áz ú¬ ß∫ ™ı u™bÁ
tzåz ƒÁ¬z EÁúNz˛ »yY∫m “y ™z∫z u¬L ƒÁÀouƒN˛ uåuá “¯@ ™Ï^z “y
å“Î §u¡N˛ ™z∫z úÓ∫z NÏ˛¬ Nz˛ u¬L! “z ú∫™Án™Á EÁúNz˛ Fà ÆsÁs|
Àƒøú N˛Áz ™¯ Eúåy EÁÂQÁı Ãz t∆|å N˛§ N˛∫ ÃNÓ˛ÂTÁ@>>
FÃy ƒÁÀouƒN˛ uåuá N˛Áz úÁåz Nz˛ u¬L å©™Á¡ƒÁ∫ N˛Áz ƒ{NÏ˛le
Nz˛ u¬L üÀsÁå N˛∫åÁ ú‰gÁ@ Gã“Áıåz ƒ{NÏ˛le ™ı Eúåz u¬L EÁÆÁzu\o
ß√Æ ÀƒÁTo N˛Á ƒm|å Fà üN˛Á∫ Ãz N˛∫oz “¯ <™z∫z uÃ∫ ú∫ áÁ∫m
N˛∫ƒÁåz Nz˛ u¬L ú∫™Án™Á N˛y úÁtÏN˛ÁEÁı N˛Áz ¬ÁÆÁ TÆÁ sÁ@> GÃN˛Á
ÃÊÀNw˛o EåσÁt Æ“Á üÀoÏo uN˛ÆÁ \Á ∫“Á “{@
EÀ™ÙÁSÆÁoΩ ú∫™™uƒ∆ãozuo Ã˚ztƒz�Á:
ÀƒyÆz ÀsÁåz N¿˛™™\“o: qÁ¬ÆÁ™ÁÃÏ∫uWΩV¿™Ω@
В»yв„ўXZГ“mЛ™ uГҐuГЎв„ўuГє VbГЉ oys|ГєГ“mЛ™ ГјtyГєГЉ
ГєГ“mz|ã˚ÁÀÆÁÀÃÏ∫ÆσoÆÁz•ÆznГ† YГЃГЎГЏ: N˛∫ÁTВї[email protected]@
<ú∫™Án™Á Nz˛ Ùyú ƒÁà N˛∫åz ƒÁ¬z ú∫™ßO˛Áı Nz˛ §Á∫z ™ı
ƒzt VÁzu o N˛∫oz “¯ uN˛ - <“™Á∫z ßÁSÆ “¯ uN˛ Æ“ úuƒfi EÁn™Á
“™Á∫z úÁà EÁF| “{@> GÃN˛y ü∆ÊÃÁ “Ázoy “{ EÁ{∫ ƒ{NÏ˛le ™ı åL
\yƒÁı Nz˛ EÁT™å N˛y üoyqÁ N˛y \Áoy “{@ Eúåz úÁà Fà åL
\yƒ N˛Á EÁT™å “Ázoz “y GåNz˛ Y∫mÁı N˛Á qÁ¬å uN˛ÆÁ TÆÁ sÁ@
Yʸ™ÏQy »y, ßÓ EÁ{∫ åy¬Á tzuƒÆÁı åz Eúåz-Eúåz tÁÃy EÁ{∫ uNÊ˛N˛∫Áı
Nz˛ ÃÁs, úáÁ∫åz ƒÁ¬y åF| EÁn™Á N˛Á Eu߃Átå uN˛ÆÁ@ ƒÁÀouƒN˛
uåuá N˛“¬Áåz ƒÁ¬y ú∫™Án™Á N˛y úÁtÏN˛ÁEÁı Nz˛ ÃÁs, tyú , “¡ty
EÁ{∫ NÏ˛ÊNÏ˛™ Ãz ÆÏO˛ úÓm| NÏ˛ÊßÁı Ãz úuƒfi EÁn™Á N˛Á ÀƒÁTo uN˛ÆÁ@
g∞~°∞ „Ѩu~ÀE `«$Ñ≤QÎ Í x„kOKåÅ#∞‰õΩO>Ë, „Ѩu L^ŒÜ∞« =¸ XHõ K«H¯õ \˜ ã¨OHõÅÊO`À x„^Œ ÖË=_»O JÅ"å@∞ KÕã∞¨ HÀO_ç.
October '14
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Æ“Á ∫Á\Á §u¬ Nz˛ uÃ∫ ú∫ ú∫™Án™Á N˛y úÁtÏN˛ÁLÊ å“Î
В§uВЎNЛ›, ÀƒÆÊ ú∫™Ánв„ўГЃ NzЛ› В»yY∫m “y ∫Qz TL [email protected]
GÃz ƒ{NÏ˛le \Áåz N˛y EÁƒ≈ÆN˛oÁ å“Î ú‰gy §u¡N˛ ú∫™Án™Á åz
ÀƒÆÊ úáÁ∫N˛∫ GÃNz˛ uÃ∫ N˛Áz Eúåz úÁƒå Y∫mÁı Ãz Àú | uN˛ÆÁ sÁ@
“Áz ÃN˛oÁ “{ uN˛ Gà ÆrƒÁubN˛Á ™ı GÃ Ã™Æ GúuÀso ∫Á\Á
В§uВ¬ NzЛ› uГєoÁ™“ ГјвЃ„ГЃt NЛ›ГЃz Гџy FГѓ ú∫ sГЃzg‰ y Гѓy F|…ÆÁ| “ÏF| “Á[email protected]
uoª™ÊT{ EÁ¡ƒÁ∫ åz Eúåy ∫YåÁ ™ı u¬QÁ “{ uN˛ Fà VbåÁ ú∫
™z∫z ™å ™ı F|…ÆÁ| “Áz ∫“y “{ EÁ{∫ ∫Á\Á §u¬ Ãz ™Ï^z F|…ÆÁ| “Áz ∫“y “{@
Æ�uú ∫Á\Á §u¬ N˛Áz úÁoÁ¬ ¬ÁzN˛ ™ı N˛Á∫ÁƒÁà Nz˛ u¬L
Ãyu™o N˛∫ utÆÁ TÆÁ sÁ, uN˛ãoÏ EÁ\ ßy - GÃNz˛ ˚Á∫úÁ¬N˛
§åN˛∫ ú∫™Án™Á uƒ…mÏ Q‰gz “¯@ Æ“Á oN˛ EÁoz-EÁoz ú∫™Án™Á Nz˛
üuo ∫Á\Á §u¬ N˛y ßuMo úÓm| øú Ãz úÏå\y|uƒo “ÏF| “{@ GÃNz˛
Fà uå…N˛¬ÊN˛ ßuMo Nz˛ üuo ™ÏSá “ÁzN˛∫ “y »y™ëÁÁ∫ÁÆm åz ƒÁ™å
\ÆÊoy N˛Áz Eúåz \ã™ utå Nz˛ øú ™ı å“Î §u¡N˛ §u¬ ˚Á∫Á
ßÓ¬ÁzN˛ (Nz˛∫¬ütz∆) ú∫ EÁåz Nz˛ utå Nz˛ üoyN˛, <EÁzm™Ω> nÆÁz“Á∫
NzЛ› ГёГє в„ўД± в„ўГЃГЈГ†oГЃ [email protected]
§¬∆Á¬y, ™“Á§¬y, ∫Á\Á §u¬ \{Ãz √ÆuMoÆÁı N˛Áz ßy EåÏ∆ÁÃå
™ı ∫Q ÃN˛åz Nz˛ “y N˛Á∫m ú∫™Án™Á N˛Á LN˛ åÁ™ <uåÆ™> ú‰gÁ@
GåN˛y ∆uMo N˛Áz EÁ{∫ N˛ÁzF| ∆uMo ∆ÁuÃo å“Î N˛∫ ÃN˛oy “¯@
u\å Nz˛ “Ás ™ı EuáN˛Á∫ N˛y üÁuõo “Ázoy “{, Gã“ı Fà ÃnÆ
N˛Áz uƒÀ™wo uN˛L u§åÁ, ÃtÁ À™∫m ∫Qoz “ÏL Eúåz EuáN˛Á∫Áı N˛Á
EГЃГЂЖ’ГЃtГҐ N˛∫oz “ÏL, NЛ›o|√ÆÁı NЛ›ГЃ úÁ¬å N˛∫åÁ YГЃu“[email protected]
PÅÜ«∂Ö’¡ ~å[H©Ü«∞ *’HõºOÃÑ· L^Œºq∞™êÎO '^Õ"åÅÜ«∂ŠѨi~°Hõ∆} L^Œº=∞O— Hõhfi#~ü ™œO^Œ~°~å[<£
ÃÇÏ· ^Œ~åÉÏ^£, ÃãÃÑOì |~ü : ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂Å x~°fiǨÏ}Ö’ =∞m¡ ~å[H©Ü∞« *’HõºO
f„==∞=Ù`ÀO^Œx |∞∞^Õ"åÅÜ«∂ŠѨi~°H}∆õ L^Œº=∞O— Hõhfi#~ü _®Hõ~ì ü
ZO.g. ™œO^Œ~~° å[<£ PO^Àà ◊# =ºHõOÎ KÕâß~°∞. ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂Å x~°fiǨÏ}Ö’
~ГҐ[H©Ü∞« *’HõºO ÖˉΩõ O_В® KГ•в„ўГЄГЋ=в€ћ[email protected]∂ W\В©=e ZxflHõÅ ГЈВЁO^Е’~Ж’В° OГ№ QГЌ
"Õ∞xÃÑ™¶ ÈìÖ’ ¿Ñ~�¯#fl áêsìÅ∞ "å\˜ J=∞Å∞#∞ =∂„`«O =∞iKåÜ«∞x PÜ«∞#
F ㄬ[email protected]Гµ #Ö’ ВїГ‘~Л�ВЇ<åfl~В°в€ћ. „Ѩã∞¨ `ГЋ OВ« PO„^è„Œ Ѩ^ГўГ• ГІ ѨikèÖ’ ^Г•"ГҐГ…ГњВ«в€ћ
Hõq∞\©Ö’¡ ~å[H©Ü∞« <Õ`Å« xÜ«∂=∞HõO "≥Ú^ŒÖO·ˇ ^Œx, Wk ZxflHõŠǨg∞x
q㨇iOK«@"Õ∞#<åfl~°∞. „ѨÉ∞íè `«fiO Ѩiã≤u÷ x K«H¯õ k^Œ‰Ì Ωõ O>Ë L^Œºq∞OKåeû
=ã¨∞OÎ ^Œx ™œO^Œ~~° å[<£ ÃÇÏK«ÛiOKå~°∞.
(™êH˜∆ 3.9.2014)
^Õ"åÅÜ«∂Å áêÅHõ=∞O_»à ◊¡ ~°^Œ∞Ì Pi¤<≥<£ûÃÑ· 'Ü«∞^è•`«^äŒ ã≤÷u— ÃÇ·ÏHÀ~°∞ì =∞^茺O`«~° L`«Î~°∞fiÅ∞
ÃÇÏ· ^Œ~åÉÏ^£ : ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂Å áêÅHõ=∞O_»à #¡◊ ∞ ~°^∞Œ Ì KÕã∂¨ .Î .. PO„^è„Œ Ѩ^âÕ ò
„ѨÉèí∞`«fiO QÆ`« <≥Å 9# *ÏsKÕã≤# Pi¤<≥<£ûÃÑ· HÀ~°∞ì `«^Œ∞Ѩi L`«Î~°∞fiÅ∞
"≥Å∞=iOKГ• =~°‰Ωõ 'ГњВ«в€ћ^è•`В«^Е’Г¤ ã≤uГ· — (ВїГЈ@Г¬ ™È¯) HЛ�#в„ўГЄyOKГҐГ…x ВїГ‘~Л�ВЇ[email protected]∂
ÃÇ·ÏHÀ~°∞ì =∞^茺O`«~° L`«Î~°∞fiÅ∞ *ÏsKÕã≤Ok. D =º=Ǩ~°"≥∞ÿ ^•YÖˇ·#
ѨÅ∞ Ñ≤\ ©+¨#¡ÃÑ· qKå~°}#∞ "å~°O ~ÀAÅ∞ "å~Ú^• "Õã≤Ok. L=∞‡_ç
YÁ“z “™ı uN˛Ãy ßy üN˛Á∫ Nz˛ EuáN˛Á∫ üÁõo “Áı uN˛ãoÏ “™
“y ГѓЖ’ГЃ|uГЎN˛Á∫y å“Î “Á[email protected] ГҐ çÃz §¬∆Á¬[email protected] À™∫m ∫“z uNЛ› ú∫™Ánв„ўГЃ
“y Ã|∆uMo∆Á¬y EÁ{∫ Ãßy N˛Á ∆ÁÃN˛ ßy “{@
uY¬NÓ˛∫ ™ı uƒ∫Á\ ™Áå ú∫™Án™Á §Á¬Á\y Nz˛ øú N˛Á ÜÆÁå
N˛∫oz “ÏL ET∫ “™ Fà åÁ™ N˛Á ÜÆÁå N˛∫ıTz oÁz “™ı Æ“ Ã∫¬oÁ
Ãz EƒTo “Áz \ÁLTÁ@ ú∫™Án™Á ÀƒÆÊ “™ı Óy ™ÁT| ú∫ EÁTz §‰jåz
Nz˛ u¬L ™ÁT| t∆|å N˛∫zTÁ@ <<ÃÁ|uáN˛Á∫Áı N˛y üÁuõo Ãz ¬ÁzT úÓ∫y
o∫“ Ãz VÓÊÃQÁz∫ §å \Áoz “¯@>> Fà GuMo N˛Áz T¬o uåøuúo N˛∫
ГѓNЛ›oz “¯, Г†Л�uГє “™Á∫z ГєГЃГѓ úÓ∫Á EuГЎN˛Á∫ MÆÁı ГҐ “Á[email protected]
ƒo|™Áå ™ı “™Á∫z åL üáÁå ™Êfiy N˛y Æ“ VÁz mÁ uN˛ <<™¯
üáÁå™Êfiy Nz˛ øú ™ı ™{ tz∆N˛Á üáÁå ÃzƒN˛ “ÓÂ@>> ÃÁzYåz ¬ÁÆN˛
“¯@ “™ ú∫™Án™Á Ãz üÁs|åÁ N˛∫ıTz uN˛ Gã“ı Eúåz N˛så N˛Áz N˛∫
utQГЃГҐz NЛ›y ∆uMo uв„ўВ¬[email protected] ßÁ∫o NЛ›ГЃz ГЂЖ’um|в„ў ßÁ∫o в„ўД± Гєu∫ƒuo|o
N˛∫åz NЛ›y ∆uMo EГЃ{∫ ÆÏuMo Gã“ı ГјГЃГµo “Á[email protected]
<Ж’ГЃN˛Ω> NzЛ› uГјГ† ГєГЃeNЛ›[email protected] uГҐВЄuOЛ› NzЛ› EåÏÃÁ∫ uåÆ©Æoz \TЛ�zГҐ uГҐГ†в„ўГЂГѓ Gtyu∫o:@@
EÁFL! “™Á∫z EÊt∫ ƒÁà N˛∫ ∫“z EåÁƒ≈ÆN˛ V™Êg, utQÁƒÁ
\{Ãz tÏTÏ|mÁı N˛Á úyZÁ ZωgÁåz Nz˛ u¬L <<uåÆ™ÁÆ å™:>> åÁ™ N˛Á
\Áú úÓ∫y »ÚÁ Nz˛ ÃÁs N˛∫ı@ GuYo EÁ{∫ ãÆÁÆ ÃÊTo “™Á∫z N˛ÁÆ|N˛¬ÁúÁı
™ı “™ uƒ\Æy ∫“ı@ “™Á∫z ãÆÁÆÃÊTo üÆnåÁı ™ı “™ı ⲬoÁ Eƒ≈Æ
ГјГЃГµo “Á[email protected] EГЃFL ГџuOЛ› EГЃ{∫ »ÚÁ Гѓz \ГЃГєД± @@HГ‚ uГҐГ†в„ўГЃГ† ГҐв„ў:@@
ÃÇ·ÏHÀ~°∞ì „Ñ¨^è•# <åºÜ«∞=¸iÎ [ã≤ìãπ HõÖϺ}ü *’ºu¿ã<£QÆ∞áêÎ [ã≤ìãπ
Ñ≤.q.ã¨O[Üü∞‰õΩ=∂~ü`À ‰õÄ_ç# ^èŒ~å‡ã¨#O QÆ∞~°∞"å~°O D "Õ∞~°‰õΩ
P^ÕâßÅ∞ *ÏsKÕã≤Ok. ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂Å áêÅHõ =∞O_»à ◊¡#∞ ~°^Œ∞Ì Pi¤<≥<£û#∞
ã¨"åÅ∞ KÕã¨∂Î... z`«∂Î~°∞ lÖÏ¡ HÍ}˜áêHõO =~°ã≤kú q<åÜ«∞Hõ™êfiq∞
^Õ=™ê÷#O =∂r K≥·~°‡<£ P~ü. Å`«`Àáê@∞ „ѨHÍâ◊O, J#O`«Ñ¨Ù~°O,
Hõ~°∂flÅ∞ lÖϡʼnõΩ K≥Ok# ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂Å =∂r K≥·~°‡#∞¡ ÃÇ·ÏHÀ~°∞ìÖ’
"Õˆ~fi~°∞QÍ Ñ≤\ ˜+¨#∞¡ ^•YÅ∞ KÕâß~°∞. „Ѩ^è•# <åºÜ«∞=¸iÎ <Õ`«$`«fiOÖ’x
^è~Œ å‡ã¨#O D Ñ≤\+˜ #¨ á Ñ· QÆ∞~°∞"å~°O qKå~°} [iÑ≤Ok. `«=∞ Ѩ^gŒ HÍÅO
=ÚyÜ«∞‰õΩO_®<Õ áêÅHõ=∞O_»à #¡◊ ∞ ~°^∞Œ Ì KÕÜ∞« _»O K«@qì ~°∞^Œ=ú ∞x Ñ≤\+˜ #¨ ~°∞¡
HÀ~°∞‰ì Ωõ q#flqOKå~°∞. ^Õ"å^•Ü«∞ K«@Oì Ö’x x|O^è#Œ Å#∞ LÅ¡OѶ∞≤ ã¨∂Î
„ѨÉèí∞`«fiO D Pi¤<≥<£û#∞ fã¨∞H�zÛO^Œ<åfl~°∞. Wk =∞`«, ^è•i‡Hõ ã¨Oã¨÷Å
ѨiáêÅ<å =º=Ǩ~°OÖ’ „ѨÉèí∞`«fiO *’HõºO KÕã¨∞HÀ=_»"Õ∞#<åfl~°∞. D
JOâßÅ#∞ ѨiQÆ}#Ö’H˜ fã¨∞H�x ã¨O|Okè`« Pi¤<<≥ û£ #∞ H�\˜"ì Ü
Õ ∂« Åx
HÀ~°∞ì#∞ JÉèíºi÷OKå~°∞. Ñ≤\ ˜+¨#~°¡ "å^Œ#Å#∞ ѨiQÆ}#Ö’H˜ fã¨∞‰õΩ#fl
^ГЁЕ’~å‡ã¨#O PiВ¤<≥<£ûÃÑ· 'ГњВ«в€ћ^è•`В«^Г¤Е’ ã≤÷u— HЛ�#в„ўГЄyOKГҐГ…x ВїГ‘~Л�ВЇ[email protected]∂
=∞^茺O`«~° L`«Î~°∞fiÅ∞ *ÏsKÕã≤Ok. J~Ú`Õ Pi¤<≥<£ûÃÑ· HÀ~°∞ì =∞^茺O`«~°
L`«Î~°∞fiÅ∞ *Ïsx `≥Å∞ã¨∞‰õΩ#fl J^Œ#Ѩ٠J_ÀfiˆH\ò [#~°Öò ^Œ=∂‡Åáê\˜
Nx"åãπ "å\˜x LѨã¨OǨÏiOK«∞HÀ"åÅx (sHÍÅ) ^èŒ~å‡ã¨<åxfl
JÉèíºi÷Oz<å „Ñ¨Ü≥∂[#O ÖËHõáÈ~ÚOk. (D<å_»∞ 12.9.2014)
»y∫Á™∫Á™ ∫Á™z u o ∫™z ∫Á™z ™åÁz ∫ ™z @ ÓœÁåÁ™ oÏ ¡ ÆÊ ∫Á™ åÁ™ ƒ∫Áååz @@
N~å=∞ ~å=∞ ~å"Õ∞u ~°"Õ∞ ~å"Õ∞ =∞<À~°"Õ∞ I ã¨Ç¨Ï„ã¨<å=∞ `«`«∞ÎźO ~å=∞ <å=∞ =~å#<Õ II
`«# *Ï˝ÑH¨ ÍÅ`À<Õ rqOKÕ"å_»∞ =$^Œ∞_ú ∞» J=Ù`å_»∞. Éèqí +¨º`«∞Î QÆ∞iOz „Ѩ}ÏoHõÅ`À rqOKÕ"å_»∞ x`«º Ü«∞ø=#OÖ’ =ÙO\Ï_»∞.
October '14
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áÁ∫ÁƒÁu“N˛ Lzuo“ÁuÃN˛ GúãÆÁà <<™áÏ∫Á uƒ\Æ>>
™áÏ∫Á uƒ\Æ -
E§ oN˛ EÁúåz ú‰jÁ....
Fà N˛“Áåy 14 ƒyÊ Ãty Nz˛ VbåÁEÁı ú∫ EÁáÁu∫o uƒ\ÆåT∫
Nz˛ ™“Á∫Áåy TWïtzƒy ˚Á∫Á uƒ∫uYo ™áÏ∫Á uƒ\Æ™Ω åÁ™ N˛Á√Æ Ãz EÁáÁu∫o
»yƒzmÏTÁzúÁ¬åΩ \y N˛Á GúãÆÁà N˛Á u“ãty EåσÁt áÁ∫ÁƒÁu“N˛ “¯@ ut®y
ÃϬoÁåΩ ™“©™t u§å oÏT¡N˛ N˛Á tuqm ßÁ∫o Nz˛ EÁN¿˛™m ™z N˛F| u“ãtÓ
™Êut∫Áı EÀo-√ÆÀo ƒ åÁ∆ “Áz TF|@ »y∫Wï™Ω ßy §Y å“y úÁÆÁ@ »y
∫WïåÁs \y Nz˛ Gnà ™Óuo| N˛Áz Ã{uåN˛Áı Ãz §YÁoz “ÏL 15 ÃÁ¬ ÃÁ∫z
tuqm ßÁ∫o ß¿™m N˛∫ EÊoo: YÁ∫ N˛Ázgƒ∫ ßMoÁı åz YʸuTu∫ Nz˛ \ÊT¬Áı
в„ўД± В¬[email protected] GГҐв„ўz oyГҐ Гѓ{uГҐNЛ›ГЃД± ˚Á∫Á ™Á∫z [email protected] LNЛ› NЛ›ГЃzgĺ ∫WГЇГҐГЃs \y
NЛ›ГЃz В§YГЃГҐz в„ўz ГѓВўЛ›В¬ “Ï[email protected] 18 ГѓГЃВ¬ §Át В»y ∫WГЇГҐГЃs NzЛ› в„ўГ“uo| NЛ›ГЃz jÓÊjoz
“ÏL ƒ®ß EГЃ{∫ tпЈї ГҐГЃв„ўNЛ› tГЃz ÆσNЛ› uГҐNЛ›В¬ Гє[email protected]
»y∫WïåÁs \y N˛Áz Yã¸uTu∫ ∫Á\Á Nz˛ ÓÁÆ Ãz uoª™¬Á ™ı
ÀsÁuúo N˛∫oz “¯@ ƒ“Á LN˛ ™lbú ™z EÁ∫Á™ N˛∫åz N˛Á uåm|Æ ƒ®ß EÁ{∫
t ozoz “{@ ÃÓYåÁ üÁõo N˛∫oz N˛∫oz uÃÊTpT∫ oN˛ ú“ÏÊYoz “¯@ GåNz˛
ГѓГ“YГҐГЃ EåÏÃÁ∫ YГЈВёuTu∫ в„ўД± jÓÂjГҐz В¬Toz “{@ EВ§ EГЃTz Гєu‰[email protected])
\§ Æ“ N˛“Áåy Y¬ ∫“y sy GÃ Ã™Æ uoªúuo LƒÊ
uoª™¬Á Nz˛ YÁ∫Áı EÁz∫ úƒ|o, \ÊT¬ EÁ{∫ N¿˛Ó∫ \Áåƒ∫Áı Ãz
ГєГ“m| ZГЃzb-z ZГЃzbz Гјtz∆ [email protected] ÃåΩ 1130 в„ўД± В»y∫Á™ÁåÏ\ ГҐz TГЃzuЖ’ГЈt∫Á\
Nz˛ ™Êut∫ Nz˛ ÃÁs-ÃÁs N˛F| Tu¬ÆÁı N˛Áz ßy uoªúuo ™ı uåu™|o
uN˛ÆÁ sÁ - LzÃÁ Fuo“Áà N˛Á∫Áı N˛Á N˛så “{@ EÁ\N˛¬ FÃ
åÁ™N˛Á G®zQ å“Î “ÁzoÁ, ú∫ uoªúuo N˛Áz o§ ∫Á™ÁåÏ\úÏ∫
N˛“Á \ÁoÁ sÁ@
GÃy üN˛Á∫ uoªúuo ™ı ßy ZÁzbz-ZÁzbz ™lgú osÁ üßÏ
Nz˛ ™Êut∫ Nz˛ Ùzo Æ“ LN˛ ZÁzbÁ ütz∆ sÁ@ ƒ®ß EÁ{∫ t
ГҐz LzГѓz “y в„ўlgГє в„ўД± ∫ÁoNЛ›ГЃby [email protected] FГѓNzЛ› §Át <ƒåΩ ∆eNЛ›ГЃzГєЖ’ГҐ>
åÁ™ Ãz PÆÁo “ÁzN˛∫, E“Ázu§¬ ™e N˛Á ßÁT §å TÆÁ@ Æ“
™lgú NÏ˛Z ™“yåÁı Nz˛ úu∫»™ Nz˛ EåÊo∫ ƒ®ß EÁ{∫ t
N˛Áz EÁ∫Á™ N˛∫åz N˛Á ™Á{N˛Á u™¬Á@ Æ“Î Gã“Áıåz NÏ˛Z utå
EÁ{∫ e“∫åz N˛Á uå≈YÆ uN˛ÆÁ@ GåNz˛ ƒ“Á e“∫åz N˛Á LN˛
N˛Á∫m EÁ{∫ ßy “{@ Eßy oN˛ Gã“Áıåz Eúåz \yƒå ™ı »y∫ÊTåÁs
Nz˛ t∆|å å“Î uN˛ÆÁ sÁ@ ú“¬y §Á∫ üßÏ-t∆|å N˛Á EƒÃ∫
u™¬Á sÁ@ ∫Áz\ oyå §Á∫ Gã“ı t∆|å N˛∫ ¬zåz N˛Áz Gã“Áıåz
EúåÁ ÃÁ{ßÁSÆ ™ÁåÁ@ ™Êut∫Áı ™ı N{˛Ãz úÓ\ÁEÁı N˛Á uåƒÁ|“
N˛∫oz “¯, Gã“Áıåz tzQÁ å sÁ@ áÓú, tyú, å{ƒz�, ™ÊfiÁzÄÁÁ∫m,
Euß zN˛ EÁut N˛Áz Gã“Áı åz tzQÁ “y å sÁ@ \§ Gã“Áıåz
uoª™¬Á ™ı uånÆ úÓ\ÁEÁı N˛Áz tzQÁ, o§ GåN˛Á ™å ƒ“Á Ãz
\Áåz N˛Áz å“Î “ÏEÁ@ NÏ˛Z EÁ{∫ úÓ\ÁEÁı N˛Áz tzQåz N˛y GåNz˛
в„ўГҐ в„ўД± ГџГЃЖ’ГҐГЃ \ГЃT [email protected] \{Гѓz-\{Гѓz Ж’z ГєГ“\ГЃEГЃД± NЛ›ГЃz tzQoz,
GåN˛Á ™å åÆz GnÃÁ“ Ãz ß∫ \ÁoÁ@ EãÆ ßMoÁı Nz˛ \yƒåuƒáÁå N˛Áz tzQåz N˛Á ƒ“Á Gã“ı ™Á{N˛Á u™¬Á@ ƒz ™Êut∫ Nz˛
EåσÁtN˛ : gÁ} . L™. ∫Ê T ´ÆÁ
tuqm в„ўД± uГЂso TВ¬y в„ўД± TГ†[email protected] ƒ“Á Gã“Áıåz 10 Ж’ГЋ ∆oГЃВЈty
Nz˛ uoª™¬Áåʧy Nz˛ u™cy Nz˛ Tw“ N˛Áz tzQÁ@
В»y ∫Á™ÁåÏ\ NЛ›ГЃ в„ўГЃв„ўГЃ В¬Toz sz uoª™¬Á ГҐГЉВ§[email protected] Fã“Áıåz
∫Á™ÁåÏ\ NЛ›ГЃz ∫Á™ÁÆm в„ўД± uГҐu“o Es| NЛ›ГЃz В§oГЃГ†z [email protected] tuqm
EÁ{∫ G∫ N˛y Tu¬ÆÁı Nz˛ u™¬å ÀsÁå ú∫ uÀso EåÊoÁ¡ƒÁ∫
Nz˛ V∫ N˛Áz ßy Fã“Áıåz tzQÁ@ EåÊo EÁ¡ƒÁ∫ ∫Á™ÁåÏ\ Nz˛ ™ÏPÆ
u∆…Æ [email protected] uoª™¬Á NzЛ› ú“Á‰gГЃД± ú∫ NzЛ›Ж’В¬ Г†z “y å“Î uoВЄYÁåÓ∫
NzЛ› EГҐzNЛ› EГЃYÁÆÁzЛ™ NzЛ› EГЃЖ’ГЃГѓ [email protected] ГѓГҐГЃoГҐ Ж’zt-Ж’{ГџЖ’ NzЛ› uå∆ÁåÁı
N˛Áz tzQåz EÁ{∫ Ù^åz N˛Á Gã“ı ™Á{N˛Á u™¬Á@ Gã“ı tzQ
GåN˛Á ™å GtÁà “Áz TÆÁ@
ƒÁÀoƒ ™ı »y∫ÊT™Ω ßy uoª™¬Á \{ÃÁ üPÆÁoΩ ut√ÆáÁ™
sÁ@ »y∫ÊT™Ω Gã“ı “∫ üN˛Á∫ Ãz uoª™¬Á Ãz ü™ÏQ “{@ »y∫ÊT™Ω
N˛Á Fuo“Áà qzfi-™“u™Á EåÏú™ “{@ »y∫ÊTåÁs ÃÁ∫z EÁ¡ƒÁ∫Áı
LЖ’ГЉ EГЃYÁÆÁzЛ™ Гѓz ГєГ“\z TL [email protected] EГЃ\ uГЂsuo ußëÁ “{@ В»y∫ÊT™Ω
Nz˛ t∆|å N˛Á ßÁSÆ E§ å“Î sÁ@ ∆fiÏEÁı Nz˛ “Ás ™ı ú‰gN˛∫
“oüß “Áz TÆÁ sÁ@ Gà ™Êut∫ N˛Áz ßO˛Áı Nz˛ “Ás ™ı ∫Qåz
N˛Á ÃÁ“à uN˛Ãy ™ı å sÁ@ Æ“ ÃÁzY GåN˛Á ut¬ §Ázu^¬
“Áz TÆÁ@
»y∫ÊT™Ω Nz˛ úÓƒ| ƒ{߃ N˛Áz úÏå: ÀsÁuúo N˛∫åz Nz˛ uƒYÁ∫
Ãz GåN˛Á ™å uƒ¤¬ “ÁzTÆÁ@ »y∫ÊTåÁs N˛y Fà tÏuÀsuo
ú∫ uYГЈoГЃ - в„ўSГҐ “Áz [email protected]
<<»y∫ÊTåÁs uoª™¬Á ™ı EÁ{∫Áı Nz˛ ÃÊ∫qm ™ı LN˛ Euous
- ÃÁ ∫“oz tzQ GåN˛Á ™å uƒN˛¬ “Áz GeÁ@ Gã“ı EúåÁ
ГЂsГЃГҐ ZГЃz‰gz33 Ж’В | “ÁzYГЏNzЛ› [email protected] EВ§ Гџy GГҐNЛ›y t∆Á в„ўД± NЛ›ГЃzF|
В§t¬Áƒ å“Î sГЃ@ ГѓГџy FГѓ §Áo Гѓz EЖ’To [email protected]>> Æ“ ГѓГЃzYoz
<<MÆÁ Æ“ ∫Á\Á ∆£t Nz˛ ÆÁzSÆ “{? ÆÁtƒ∫ÁÆ åz §oÁÆÁ
sÁ uN˛ GÃåz N˛F| YN¿˛ƒuo|ÆÁı Nz˛ ÃÁ™ão ∫“ YÏNz˛ “¯@ ú∫
в„ўtÏ∫{ NЛ›ГЃz MÆÁı å“Î uN˛ÆÁ@ Ж’z YÁ“oz oГЃz N˛∫ ГѓNЛ›oz [email protected] FГѓ
N˛Á oÁnúÆ| Æ“ uN˛ GÃåz N˛ßy Fà ú∫ ÜÆÁå “y å“Î
utÆÁ@ §Ã Æ“y §Áo “Á[email protected]>> LNЛ› utГҐ Ж’z ∫Á\ГЃ Гѓz FГѓ
§Áo N˛Áz úÓZåz N˛Á uå≈YÆ uN˛ÆÁ@ N˛Á¢˛y ÆÏÚ N˛∫ N˛F|
qzfi N˛Á ∆fiÏEÁı Ãz ™ÏO˛ uN˛ÆÁ@
FГѓNzЛ› §Át Ж’z ∫Á\ГЃ Гѓz uв„ўВ¬[email protected] Gã“Áıåz EГєГҐz в„ўГҐNЛ›y
§Áo ∫Á\ГЃ NzЛ› EГЃTz ∫Q [email protected] ∫Á\ГЃ YuNЛ›o ∫“ TÆÁ@ ∫Á\ГЃ
Gå tÁzåÁı N˛Áz uoª™¬Á Nz˛ ™Êut∫ ™ı ¬z TÆÁ@ Gã“Áıåz ƒ“ÁÂ
»y∫ÊTåÁs Nz˛ u¬L uå™Á|m “Ázoz ∫ÊT ™lgú N˛Áz tuQÁÆÁ@
ßyo∫ Tß|Tw“ ™ı ¬z\ÁN˛∫ Gã“Áıåz »y ƒ∫t∫Á\ üßÏ EÁ{∫
åwuÃÊ“ ÃuëÁuá N˛Áz utQÁÆÁ@ <<Æz ç “™ı MÆÁı utQÁ ∫“z
“¯ ∫Á\åΩ?>> ÆσN˛Áı åz ü≈å uN˛ÆÁ@
PtOz rqOKГ• =ВєHЛњГ–
ГЋ ’ #@# [email protected]в€ћOk. PtOK«‰Ωõ O_В® rqOKГ• =ВєHЛњГ–
ГЋ ’ Pf‡Ü«∞`В« =Г™[email protected]в€ћOk.
October '14
w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 19 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
<<tuqm ßÁ∫o \§ uƒtzu∆ÆÁı Nz˛ EÁN¿˛™m N˛Á u∆N˛Á∫
§åÁ N˛ÁÊYy N˛Á ƒ∫t∫Á\ EÁ{∫ E“Ázu§¬ N˛Á å∫uÃÊ“ “™åz
<ГѓГЃzYГЃ uNЛ› Ж’z Гџy Æ“yГЉ> EГЃГ†Д±[email protected] FГѓ N˛Á∫m onÃʧÊáy в€љГ†Ж’ГЂsГЃ
ßy N˛y TF|@ ƒz Æ“Á EÁÆz å“Î@ »y∫ÊTåÁs Nz˛ u¬L ™¯ åz
NЛ›ГЃzF| uƒ∆zВ в€љГ†Ж’ГЂsГЃ å“Î NЛ›[email protected] ú∫ Ж’z Æ“Á EГЃT[email protected] FГѓ
N˛Á∫m GåNz˛ u¬L ™¯ LN˛ uƒ∆z uå™Á|m ™ı ¬TÁ “ÓÂ@ E§
oÁz ™¯ FoåÁ “y N˛∫ ÃNÓ˛ÂTÁ@ oÏ™ \Áz ™Ï^Ãz ƒy∫ÁzuYo N˛ÁÆ|
N˛y EúzqÁ N˛∫ ∫“z “Áz ƒ“ ™Ï^Ãz “ÁzTÁ å“Î@ å Foåy
ÃÁ™·Æ| “{ EÁ{∫ å “y ™¯ ÆσN˛ “ÓÂ@ ™¯ §Ï‰jÁúz N˛y tz“∫y ú∫
Q‰gÁ “ÓÂ@>> ÆÁtƒ∫ÁÆ åz N˛“Á@
Æ“ ГѓГЏГҐ tГЃzГҐГЃД± ÆσNЛ› в„ўГЃ{ГҐ ∫“ [email protected]
<<“z ÆσN˛Áı! EÀƒÀs “Ázåz Nz˛ N˛Á∫m ™¯ ÆÁfiÁ ú∫ å“Î
\Á ÃN˛oÁ@ MÆÁ oÏ™ å“Î \Áåoz? Fà N˛Á∫m ™¯ Æ“Î
∆z ∆Æå N˛y ZÁÆÁ ™ı ∆z \yƒå TÏ\Á∫åÁ YÁ“oÁ “ÓÂ@ Æ“Î
LN˛ ∫Á\™Êut∫ N˛Á uå™Á|m N˛∫ƒÁÆÁ “ÓÂ@ Æ“ ßy å“Î \Áåoz?>>
ÆÁtƒ∫ÁÆ åz ü≈å uN˛ÆÁ@ Æ“ ÃÏå tÁzåÁı ÆσN˛ YÏú ∫“
[email protected] Gã“ıåz ГѓГЃzYГЃ - <<ÆÁtƒ∫ÁÆ N˛∫åz NЛ›y FXZГЃ oГЃz ∫Qoz
“¯, ú∫ Gå™ı ∆uMo å“Î “{@>>
oÏ∫ão ƒ®ß åz N˛“Á <<∫Á\åΩ! EÁúN˛Á N˛“Á eyN˛ “{@
EÁúåz uƒ∆z ™lgú N˛y ÆÁz\åÁ N˛y “{, ƒ“ ÃÊoÁz tÁÆN˛
“y “{@ ú∫ “™Á∫z ™å ™ı LN˛ Eu߬Á Á “{@ MÆÁ EÁú GÃz
úÓ∫Á N˛∫ıTz?>> MÆÁ oÏ™ §oÁ ÃN˛ÁzTz? ∫Á\Áåz N˛“Á@
»y∫ÊTåÁs Nz˛ §Á∫z ™ı “™åz §“Ïo ÃÏåÁ@ ™“Á∫Á\ \{Ãz
EÁt∫ - é™Áå Nz˛ ÃÁs GåNz˛ üuo ßy EÁt∫ßÁƒ sÁ@
FÃy EÁt∫ßÁƒ Ãz »y∫ÊT™Ω ú∫ ∆ÁÃå ßy uN˛ÆÁ sÁ@ GåN˛y
ÃuëÁuá ™ı “™åz ÃÏåÁ uN˛ ou™¬ ü§ãá N˛Á√ÆÁı N˛Á TÁå
“ÁzoÁ sÁ@ “™Á∫y üÁs|åÁ “{ uN˛ Æ“Á ßy ou™¬ ü§Êá N˛Á√ÆÁı
NЛ›ГЃ TГЃГҐ “Á[email protected]>> ƒ®ß ГҐz ГѓuЖ’ГҐГ† N˛“Á@
ÆÁtƒ∫ÁÆ åz ™ÏÀNÏ˛∫Áoz “ÏL <<ƒnÃ! MÆÁ Æ“y “{ oÏ©“Á∫y
FXZГЃ? Eƒ≈Æ úÓ∫Á NЛ›ГёГ‚TГЃ@>> uYГЈoГЃ в„ўo N˛∫Á[email protected]
ET¬z utå üÁo:N˛Á¬ Ãz “y ™Êut∫ ™ı ou™¬ ü§ãáÁı
NzЛ› TГЃГҐ NЛ›y в€љГ†Ж’ГЂsГЃ NЛ›y TF|@
EÁÃúÁà Nz˛ ütz∆Áı Ãz ü§Êá N˛Á√Æ-TÁå N˛∫åz ƒÁ¬z
ßO˛Áı N˛Áz §Ï¬ÁÆÁ TÆÁ@ FÃNz˛ u¬L NÏ˛Z utå “ÏL ¬zuN˛å
™Êut∫ Nz˛ N˛™|YÁu∫ÆÁı åz Fà åF| úÚuo N˛Á EåÏ™Áztå å“Î
uN˛ÆÁ@ Fà N˛Á∫m N˛Á√Æ - TÁå ªN˛ TÆÁ@ FÃÃz ÆσN˛Áı
(Ã∆z )
N˛Á ™å §zY{å “Áz TÆÁ@
|∞∞} q"≥∂K«# #$ã≤OÇ¨Ï ™È΄`«O
1. ^Õ=`å HÍ~°º ã≤^Œúº~°÷O ã¨ÉèÏã¨ÎOÉèí ã¨=Ú^Œƒù=O
N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞
2. ÅH∆͇º eOy`« "å=∂OQÆO ÉèíHÍÎ<åO =~°^•Ü«∞HõO
N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞
3. PO„`« =∂ÖÏ^èŒ~°O â◊OY K«„HÍÉÏ˚Ü«Ú^èŒ ^è•i}O
N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞
4. 㨇~°}Ï`ü ã¨~°fiáêѨѶ¨∞flO Hõ„^Œ∂[q+¨<åâ◊#O
N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞
5. ã≤OǨÏ<å^Õ# =∞ǨÏ`å kQÆúOuÉèíÜ«∞ <åâ◊#"£∞
N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞
Chant one time
6. „ѨǨ¡^Œ =~°^ŒO Nâ◊O ^≥·`Õºâ◊fi~° q^•i}O
N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞
7. „‰õÄ~°„QÆÃÇ·Ïó Ñ�_ç`å<åO, ÉèíHÍÎ<å=∞ÉèíÜ«∞„Ѩ^ŒO
N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞
8. "Õ^Œ "Õ^•O`« Ü«∞*Ë˝â◊O „|Ǩχ~°∞„^•k =Ok`«O
N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞
9. Ü«∞ W^ŒO Ѩ~î°`Õ x`«ºO |∞∞}"≥∂K«# ã¨Ol˝`«O
J#$}©*ÏÜ«∞`Õ ã¨`Àº ^èŒ#O j„Ѷ¨∞=∞"åѨÙflÜ«∂`ü
D ™È΄`åxfl Jxfl JiëêìÅ∞, ^ÀëêÅ∞, Pi÷Hõ W|ƒO^Œ∞Å`À
L#fl"åà ◊√§ ™êÜ«∞O ã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’ XHõ™êi 㨇i¿ãÎ K«Hõ¯x
Ѷ¨e`«O Åaèã¨∞ÎOk.
NǨÏ#∂=∞K«ÛùO„`«∞O[Ü«∞ =∞O„`«=Ú
Chant 28 times
=∞O„`«ó : FO#"≥∂ ÉèíQÆ=`Õ =∞Ǩ|ÅѨ~å„Hõ=∂Ü«∞ =∞ǨqѨuÎ x"å~°}ÏÜ«∞ ÉèíHõÎ[# =∞<Àcè+¨ìHõÅÊ<å
HõÅÊ„^Œ∞=∂Ü«∞ ^Œ∞+¨ì[# =∞<À~°^Œäã¨ÎOÉèí<åÜ«∞ „ѨÉèíO[# „áê}„Ñ≤Ü«∂Ü«∞ N"£∞.
D =∞O„`åxfl Ѩi¿î ãÎ ã¨=∞ã¨Î â◊„`«∞=ÙÅ #∞O_ç ~°HO∆˜ K«|_»`å~°∞ =∞iÜ«Ú â◊„`«∞=ÙÅ =∞#ã¨∞ûÖ’ =∂~°∞Ê U~°Ê_ç =∞Oz q∞„`«∞Å=Ù`å~°∞.
H å™Áz ßTƒoz ™“Á§¬ ú∫ÁN¿ ˛ ™ÁÆ ™“Áuƒúu uåƒÁ∫mÁÆ ßO˛\å ™åÁz ß y…bN˛¡úåÁ N˛¡ú¸Ï ™ ÁÆ tÏ … b\å ™åÁz ∫ s ÀoÊ ß åÁÆ
üß±Áå üÁmuüÆÁÆ »y™Ω@@ ∆fiÏEÁı ú∫ uƒ\Æ Nz˛ u¬Æz
Om Namo Bhagavathe Mahaabala Paraakramaaya Mahaa Vipatthi Nivaaranaaya Bhaktha jana
manobhishta Kalpanaakalpa drumaya Dushta Jana Manoratha Sthambhanaya Prabhanjana
PranaPriyaya Sreem. Chant this Mantra freeing ourselves from enemies...
÷ ‰õΩ J=~À^è•Å∞QÍ JxÑ≤OKÕq ã¨=∞~°∞Å
÷ ‰õΩ J=HÍâßÅ∞QÍ HõxÑ≤™êÎ~Ú.
October '14
w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 20 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
- M.V.Soundara Rajan
Events so far:
We are narrating to the readers on how Ahobila Mutt as
an organization is democratic in composition and how
Shishyas (disciples) have been protecting the interests
of the Mutt. 39th Pattam Sri Azhagiyasingar is in his ripe
old age and is also not keeping well. An Ahobila Mutt
Shishyasabha with 17 members have been formed in
this regard which was running a journal called VEDANTA
DEEPIKAI. A successor needs to be nominated and there
have been vested interests trying to take advantage of
the situation. Shishyas have congregated in
Madurantakam Maharangham on December 25, 1912
to influence the Jeer for the same and have concluded
that it is as per their dharma to do the same. Read further….
We are reproducing the chair person’s speech
of Diwan Bahadur Shri T.T. Rangachariar Swamy who
delivered this lecture at the Madurantakam
Mahasangam during December 25, 1912. The translated
text of the lectureis as follows:
There should be no room for hatred due to
Philosophical differences (contd.)
One who is desirous of salvation or upliftment should
never forget that there exists one almighty Paramatma
who protects and controls all the souls Jeevatma. All
of us exist for his glory and are subservient to him.
ГѓЖ’Л™ QuВЎЖ’tГЉ §¿÷ o¶Á¬ÁåΩ Fuo ∆Áãoв„ўГЏГєГЃГѓ[email protected]
(Everything in this world including creation, protection
and pralaya is controlled by Brahman, Paramatma.
Please pray him with this mind set)
FtÊ §¿÷, FtÊ qfiÊ, F™Áuå ßÓoÁuå, FtÊ Ãƒ˙ ÆtÆ™Án™Á ÆÀoÏ ÃƒÁ|um
ГџГ“oГЃuГҐ EГЃnв„ўГЈГ†zƒÁåÏú≈Æ[email protected]
(He is the soul for all souls in living beings, humans
including Brahmins and Kshatriyas and all non-living
items or basic elements. All are controlled by him)
ГѓЖ’|ГџГ“ozВ ГЏ YГЃnв„ўГЃГҐГЉ ooГЃz ГҐ uЖ’\ГЏTÏõÃ[email protected]
(Since he is the inner soul of all beings he is not hated)
Ã|ßÓouÀsoÊ ÆÁz ™ÁÊ \TuoEÁn™Ázú©Æzå Ã|fi Ã™Ê ú≈Æuo ÆÁz\Ï|å@
Ã|fi t{nÆÁÀÙoÁ™Ïú{o Ùnƒ™Á∫Ááå™XÆÏoÀÆ@
LoÁƒÁåzƒ¬ÁzNz˛uÀ™åΩ ÀƒÁs|: úÏÊÃÁÊ ú∫: À™wo:@
LN˛ÁãoßuO˛TÁz|uƒãtz ÆnÃ|fi otyqm™Ω@
(I am the inner soul of all beings including the demons.
One who worships me as inner soul in every being in
this world that worship is the real way to see this world.)
Keeping all the above sayings of sacred texts a person
interested in salvation should practice to worship the
entire universe as Lord Govinda’s part.
At this juncture it is worth listing frequently occurring
questions in our mind.
“(1) Many people are following many religions and
philosophies. Can all religions and philosophies be correct?
(2) Can we accept other sampradayas which have been
shown to have lots of defects and inconsistencies equal
to Our Sampradaya (Ramanujasampradaya) which is
blemish less from top to bottom ?
(3) Have our preceptors not brought out all the defects
in other religions and philosophies?
(4) Have our Acharyas not told us to stay away from
opponents like staying away from fire and serpants
and when we see people who don’t believe in the
almighty leave them away and ignore them ?
(5) How can we think everything is Paramatma other
than our Sampradaya people?
(6) Is it not said ÆsÁ ∆uO˛ uåTw�yÆÁoΩ tzƒoÁTϪuåãtN˛ÁåΩ meaning
as far as possible oppose those who belittles Lord
and Acharyas?
For all the above type of questions which can come to
ones mind my submission is to act according to the existing
times. I have following submissions or suggestions:
(1) Religious differences or philosophical differences
should not affect the basic humanitarian unity
among human beings.
(2) If people lose their unity based on the religious
and philosophical differences it will cause
unthinkable damage to the world which should
be not resorted to and avoided.
(3) Our, country, India is a greatest example of how
hatred due to religious and philosophical
differences have destroyed the country
(4) No philosophy or religion has ever been so far universally
accepted by all so far starting from days of yore.
(5) So far each of the religious or philosophical
followers believe in their religion or philosophy
and think that it is the right one.
(6) Therefore, people should realize that it is not
possible to eliminate religious and philosophical
differences and behave in such a way that while
they maintain belief in their religion or philosophy
not hate others.
(7) It is said that only people who hate the almighty
will become opponents. If we think deeply people
of other religions or philosophies cannot be
classified under those who hate the almighty. They
also worship him in some form and love him.
(8) Therefore only those who are like Hiranyakashipu,
Ravana, Shishupala can be considered as
opponents and not other religious people
(9) People who don’t believe in the almighty are only
living beings and it is said that they should not
be mingled with during prayer times, puja times
and at times of discourses about lord. As they are
not haters of almighty they don’t have to be hated.
(10) Can the sayings of sacred texts like Bhagawatgita and
Vishnupurana go waste? E.g. it is said in Bhagawatgita:
EЛљz…bГЃ ГѓЖ’|ГџГ“oГЃГҐГЃГЉ в„ў{п¬Ѓ: NЛ›ВЄm LЖ’ [email protected]
(Not to hate any living or non-living being here
is friendliness and kindness)
And in Vishnupurana
ГѓЖ’|ГџГ“oГЃnв„ўNzЛ› oГЃo \TëÁÁsz \TГЈв„ўГ†[email protected]
ƒ∆™Án™uå TÁzuƒãtz u™fiÁu™fi N˛sÁ NÏ˛o:@@
(when Lord Govinda who is the Lord of universe
and is the inner soul of universe has become
yours and is staying in you where is the question
of friend and foe type of differences and need
for those type of stories)
nƒ´ÆuÀo ßTƒÁuヅmÏ: ™uÆ YÁãÆfi YÁuÀo Ã:@
ÆoÀooÁz S Æu©™ëÁ©™z ∆fiÏ≥Ázuo úws≤Ï˛o:@
(Lord Vishnu is in me, in you and is in everywhere.
Then where is the question of differences such
as enemy and friend. All are your friends)
Hence We have to relinquish at all times and all
states creation of hatred among different religious
and philosophical practitioners and grow love and
( to be continued...)
harmony with all people.
#∞"≥fiO`« Hõ+Ñì¨ _¨ ç ѨxKÕã∞¨ <Î åfl"À K≥á⁄Ê^Œ∞.Ì ZO`«Ñx¨ ѨÓ~°~Î ÚO^À K≥ÑC¨ .
October '14
w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 21 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
Fight for Devotees’ Rights over Temple Trust Boards
We at VAK and the Temples Protection Movement have taken the fight for
freeing the Temples from Political Elements to the next level. When the AP
Government enacted the Endowments Amendment Act 2014 cancelling all
the Trust Boards and increasing the number of Members to the same, more
with an intention to fill the Temples with Political Cadre… we petitioned to
the Governor.
We are assisting in the Legal battle against this Amendment Act also…. Editor
9th Sept 2014
His Excellency Sri E.S.L. Narasimhan,
Subject: Assent to AP Endowments amendment Bill No. 6/2014 under Art 200 of Constitution of India
AP Endowments amendment Bill No 6/2014 as passed by Legislative Assembly and Council
The Hindu dated 7.9.2014 Press Report titled “ Bill on Temple Administration Opposed”
We know that the interests of our temple system are very dear to your heart as a devotee as your
Excellency has probably spent most time in temples than any other Governor since independence. As
a Governor which is a secular institution though, we understand that your Excellency is bound
to work under the four pillars of the Constitution in deciding on assent to anti temple AP Endowments
amendment Bill No 6/2014 under Art 200. The Governor is also bound by the oath under Art 159
read with Art 51A(f) to protect and defend Art 25 and Art 26 of the Constitution which protects
the rights of the Hindu devotees and temple worshippers to propagate the religion through spiritual
administration of our temples. The Committee on working of Constitution in its report available
at defines Art 51A (f)
“3.40.1 Clause (f) of article 51A requires us to value and preserve the rich heritage of our composite culture.
It follows that we may not break each other’s places of worship, set fire to religious texts, or beat up one
another’s priests or obstruct those who exercise their Fundamental Right under article 25 to profess, practice
and propagate religion. “
The following are the reasons why the Andhra Pradesh Charitable and Hindu Religious Institutions and
Endowments (Amendment) Bill No 6/2014 is dangerous to the very future of our temple system and
does not deserve consent under Art 200 :1. The Government succumbing to political pressure to rehabilitate party men in temple trust
boards in large numbers has put the short term interests of the Political Party in power
ahead of the long term interests of the temple system in the Country in drafting this Bill.
“The Andhra Pradesh Charitable and Hindu Religious Institutions and Endowments (Amendment)
Bill, 2014 will result in politicization of temple administration and undo the efforts made so
far to free temples from political interference,..... C. Ramachandraiah” (The Hindu dated 7.9.2014)
2. What are the efforts taken to free temples from political interference? The draconian AP Endowments
Act 30/87 on the basis of Justice Challa Kondiah Commission was passed on 9.4.1987 against the
wishes of Religious leaders and overriding the concerns of the opposition for referring it to a select
committee has caused grievous damage to the religious institutions in the State leading to excessive
politicization, commercialization and corruption in the temple administrations.
A strong devotee movement started for reformation in temple administration due to the havoc created
by the AP 30/87 Act and by divine grace the Act was referred to a Select Committee exactly on
9.4.2007! 20 years hence correcting a historic blunder. The Select Committee consisting of members
from all Political parties functioned as pure devotees and came up with a revolutionary report and
the Act was amended through Act 33 of 2007 which was also appreciated by the Supreme Court.
The Act mandated the constitution of a Dharmika Parishad based on the following Select Committee
“A semi autonomous Apex body called Andhra Pradesh Dharmika Parishad is sought to be created
to oversee the management of the entire temple system in the state. It would most likely discharge
^è#Œ O L#fl"å~°O^ŒiH© ^•#QÆ∞}O LO_»^∞Œ . ^•#QÆ∞}O L#fl"åiH˜ `«y#O`« ^è#Œ O LO_»Háõ È=K«∞Û.
October '14
w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 22 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
Fight for Devotees’ Rights over Temple Trust Boards...
most of the functions being currently performed by the Government. It would have the authority and
responsibility to institute appropriate administrative, financial and legal mechanisms to ensure that
Endowments are preserved, dilapidated temples are renovated, temples become pilgrim-friendly, the
rich traditions and cultural heritage are preserved and all stake holders participate in a spirit of partnership
with devotion and dedication to bring temples back into social life as centers of moral education,
human welfare, fine arts and architecture. It will not be merely an advisory body as envisaged earlier.
It will be the policy making
body with substantial autonomy to coordinate and facilitate better management of temples. The Sec
152 A(1) proposed in the amendment Bill is modified accordingly
The present Government succumbing to political pressure within the Party to rehabilitate party workers
in temple trust boards in large numbers has embarked upon this misguided amendment to an Act
which had broad Political consensus and has acted unilaterally without taking anybody into confidence.
The Process followed in coming up with this amendment itself is faulty as the Dharmika Parishad
was first abolished and the views of the Parishad was not sought which was the intention of the
Select Committee in creating such a body.
3. One of the key objectives of amendment Act 33 of 2007 is to revive the low income temples
which constitute over 90% of the temples as articulated in the Statement of Objects and
Reasons and approved by the Select Committee and this has been put in jeopardy by this
amendment. For small low income temples of income less than 2 lakhs under Sec 15(2) the Select
Committee had deliberately kept the number of members in the trust board as a low count of three
as already there is a �may’ clause for constitution of trust boards here. It was felt that the trust
boards are a burden to such small low income temples and the move to now increase this number
to five members through the amendment Bill is not correct and will cause strain on the meagre resources
of such temples. The Bill also goes against the commitment given to the Supreme Court
and recorded as such in the 1997 judgement that low income temples will be exempted. In
fact the Dharmika Parishad had resolved that such temples are to be managed by the Archakas
themselves without trust boards and now by adding members it creates incentive for political pressure
to constitute unnecessary trust boards for such small low income temples.
4. With regards to the other amendments to Sec 15 of the Act the concept of reserving a place
in the trust board of all temples to the �donor’ has been given a goby through rewording of
Proviso No 5 and deletion of the word �donor’. The proviso itself was inserted after considerable
deliberation by the Select Committee to give due recognition to donors and this has been
considerably diluted with an objective to insert more political members in trust boards of
all categories of temples.
A GO based approach to abolish trust boards by a fresh Government and filling the same
with their own political party members was negated by the High Courts in Tamil Nadu
and Karnataka in the past. A new approach has been invented to circumvent judicial intervention
by amending Sec 15 to increase members and show this as a reason to abolish existing trust boards
through new Sec 163. This will set a dangerous precedent as every new Government will keep adding
members by amending Sec 15 in the future to achieve this same purpose and thus cause excessive
politicization of the temple system. If this approach is consented under Art 200 then many State
Governments will follow suit and this will lead to excessive politicization of temple trust boards all
over the country.
In view of the above we request your Excellency to kindly act as per �Dharma’ and as a devotee within
the four pillars of the Constitution to protect the rights of the Hindu devotees and temple worshippers
under Art 25 & Art 26 by invoking the powers resident with the Governor under Art 200 of the
Constitution read with Art 159 and Art 51A(f) and refuse consent to the AP Endowments amendment
Bill No 6/2014 when it comes up for your kind consideration.
Thanking You,
Yours Sincerely
(M.V. Soundararajan)
=∞Oz ѨxH˜ q∞Oz# ѨÓ[ÖË^∞Œ . =∂#=`åfixH˜ q∞Oz# =∞`«O ÖË^∞Œ .
October '14
w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 23 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
Fight for Devotees’ Rights over Temple Trust Boards...
Governor urged to reject Endowments Bill
�Govt. succumbs to pressure to rehabilitate
partymen in temple trust boards’
Hyderabad : Concerned over the recent AP Endowments
(Amendment) Bill, 2014 that will �threaten the very future
of temples’, the Temple Protection Movement has petitioned the Governor to protect the rights of the Hindu
devotees and temple worshippers.
Representation Temple Protection Movement convenor
M.V. Soundararajan, who submitted a representation to Governor E.S.L. Narasimhan here on Tuesday, said the government had succumbed to political pressure to rehabilitate party men in temple trust boards and ignored the long
term interest of the temple system in drafting this Bill.
Dr. Soundararajan urged the Governor to invoke the powers vested under Article 200 of the Constitution read with
Article 159 and Article 51 A(f) and refuse consent to the
AP Endowments amendment Bill when it would come
up for his consideration.
Interference The amendment was also opposed by
Opposition leader in the Legislative Council C.
Ramachandraiah as it would undo the efforts made so
far to free temples from political interference, he said.
The earlier AP Endowments Act 30/87 which was passed
in April, 1987 against the wishes of religious leaders
and the concerns of the Opposition had caused serious
damage to the religious institutions in the State leading
to excessive politicisation, commercialisation and corruption in the temple administration. Thankfully the Act
was amended 20 years later in year 2007 by Act 33 of
2007 following a strong devotee movement for reformation in temple administration and a report submitted by a
Select Committee. Significantly the Act mandated the
constitution of a Dharmika Parishad to oversee the management of the entire temple system in the State, review
low income temples, reduce political interference and
transform temples into centres of moral education, Dr.
Soundararajan said.
Donors Unfortunately the present government abolished
the Dharmika Parishad too, he said.
The recent Act also has done away with the concept of
reserving a place to the donor in the temple trust boards,
he added.
(The Hindu 10-9-2014)
HC Restrains AP Govt from Appointing New Trust
Boards to Temples
HYDERABAD: In a setback to the Andhra Pradesh
government, a Division Bench of the Hyderabad High
Court on Thursday ordered status quo on the ordinance
issued by the AP government abolishing all the trusts
and temple committees in the State.
The Bench comprising Chief Justice Kalyan Jyoti
Sengupta and Justice PV Sanjay Kumar pronounced
this in a batch of writ petitions by R Latha, ex-chairman
of Sri Varasidhi Vinayaka Swamy temple, Kanipakam
in Chittoor district and several others challenging the
AP Charitable and Hindu Religious Institutions and
Endowments Ordinance dated August 9, 2014.
The petitioners submitted that with the said ordinance
all the chairpersons and members of the trust boards
of all institutions, including the TTD, shall cease to
hold office forthwith and thereby empowering the
government making it a competent authority to appoint
a person or persons to exercise the powers and perform
functions of these institutions till new trust boards are
reconstituted and chairmen/members are appointed in
accordance with the provisions of Section 15 and 96
of the Principal Act, as amended by the said ordinance.
The petitioners sought the court to declare promulgation
of Andhra Pradesh Ordinance No 3 of 2014 to the extent
of adding Section 163 to the existing provisions for
the AP Charitable and Hindu Religious Institutions and
Endowments Act, 1987, as illegal and arbitrary. They
also sought the court to suspend operation of the
ordinance pending disposal of the writ petitions.
While ordering status quo until further orders, the bench
directed the registry to post the matter after one week.
(The New Indian Express 12.9.2014)
Temple trust board members can seek
reappointment: AP govt tells HC
It made the submission in its counter to the batch of
petitions challenging the ordinance through which trust
boards of all temples were terminated.
The Andhra Pradesh Government has told the Hyderabad
High Court that members of trust boards of temples in
Andhra Pradesh could reapply for continuation and their
right to reapply has not been taken away.
The Government put up this argument in its counter to
the batch of petitions challenging the ordinance through
which trust boards of all temples were terminated.
The Government maintained that the right of the trust board
members to reapply was not taken away. The Government
could consider the reappointment of the trust boards.
The Telugu Desam Government had earlier brought an
ordinance cancelling all the temple trust boards and
later brought a bill, which is awaiting the assent of
Governor ESL Narasimhan.Several petitions were filed
in the High Court challenging the government decision.
(The Hindu 18.9.2014)
HC asks Andhra govt to suspend ordinance on temples
HYDERABAD: Taking a critical look at ordinance issued
by Andhra Pradesh government aimed at removing all
trustees of temples in the state, the Hyderabad high
court on Friday sought to know from its advocate general
P Venugopal whether the state can suspend it for now.
The aggrieved parties will challenge the Act, following
which, the court can adjudicate the issue, the bench
said. The AG told the bench that he would consult the
state government.
The bench comprising Chief Justice Kalyan Jyothi
Sengupta and Justice P V Sanjay Kumar made this
observation while hearing a batch of petitions that
challenged the state’s decision to remove the existing
temple committees en masse.
When the AG told the court that there is no point in
challenging the ordinance since the same has been
made into an Act after obtaining the approval of both
the Houses, the Chief Justice enquired about the current
status of the ordinance.
The AG replied that after the approval of the legislative houses,
the temple committees bill will be sent to the governor for
his assent, following which, it becomes an Act.
The CJ then made a suggestion asking the state to
suspend the ordinance till it becomes an Act. Appearing
for one of the temple trustees, senior counsel
UO KÕÜ∂« e, ZÖÏ KÕÜ∂« e Jx J~°=÷ ∞ÜÕ∞º =~°‰Äõ KÕã∂¨ <Î Õ LO_®e.
October '14
w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 24 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
Fight for Devotees’ Rights.....
R Raghunandan Rao said that the action of the state
in removing all the trustees was arbitrary and
unconstitutional. He cited several cases where such
arbitrary decisions of the states were struck down by
the High Courts and the Supreme Court.
The bench posted the matter to Tuesday for further
hearing. Earlier, due to non-appearance of the AG during
a hearing, the court had ordered a status quo.
(Times of India 20.9.2014)
AP govt. on the back foot on Endowments Bill
The case of the AP Endowments (Amendment) Bill
passed by the legislature to replace the earlier ordinance
is turning out to be embarrassing for the government
as the Governor sought clarifications in the wake of
representations against it.
The �controversial’ Bill passed by both the Assembly
and the Council on September 6 despite concern from
the Opposition that it would pave the way for politicisation
of temple trust board committees was sent to the
Governor for his consent soon after.
Interestingly the Bill was introduced even as the High
Court issued status quo orders on the ordinance
terminating the trust boards of all temples when it was
challenged by several petitioners.
In the wake of serious reservations from many quarters,
the Governor sought clarifications from the Endowments
Department. However the department is yet to give the
clarifications sought even after nine days. But the
government went ahead and submitted an affidavit in
the High Court on Thursday in response to the petitions
opposing the Bill.
Sources said that if the Governor was not satisfied
with the clarifications, he may refer the Bill to the
President under Article 200 of the Constitution.
Expressing concern over the amended Bill that was
passed hurriedly particularly when the original
legislation was enacted after approval from the Select
Committee, the Temple Protection Movement had
submitted a representation to the Governor on
September 9 urging him not to give his assent.
„\ãπìÉ’~°∞¤Å ~°^Œ∞ÌÃÑ· ¿ãì@ãπHÀ UÑ� Pi¤<≥<£ûÃÑ· ÃÇ·ÏHÀ~°∞ì P^Õâ◊O
ÃÇ·Ï^Œ~åÉÏ^£, ÃãÃÑìO|~ü 11 : PO„^茄Ѩ^ÕâòÖ’ ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂Å „@ã¨∞ìÅ∞,
Hõq∞\©Å#∞ ~°^Œ∞Ì KÕã¨∂Î ~åR ^Õ"å^•Ü«∞ âßY *Ïs KÕã≤# Pi¤<≥#∞ûÃÑ·
Ü«∞^•`«^äŒ ã≤÷ux H�#™êyã¨∂Î ÃÇ·Ï^Œ~åÉÏ^£ ÃÇ·ÏHÀ~°∞ì P^ÕâßÅ∞ *Ïs
KÕãO≤ k. D P^ÕâßÅ#∞ ÃÇÏ· HÀ~°∞ì „Ñ¨^•è # <åºÜ«∞=¸iÎ [ã≤ãì π Hõà Ϻ}ü¿ã<£
QÆ∞áêÎ, [ã≤ìãπ Ñ≤q ã¨O[Üü∞ ‰õΩ=∂~ü`À ‰õÄ_ç# ^èŒ~å‡ã¨#O =∞^茺O`«~°
L`«Î~В°в€ћп¬ЃГ…#в€ћ QГ†в€ћ~В°в€ћ"ГҐ~В°O WzГ›Ok. PO„^茄Ѩ^Õâò KГҐ[email protected]|в€ћГ–ГІ, Ç≤ÏO^ζ
=∞`« ã¨Oã¨÷Å∞, ^Õ"å^•Ü«∞ ã¨=~°} Pi¤<≥#∞û 2014#∞ ã¨"åÅ∞ KÕã¨∂Î
J<ÕHõ Ñ≤\ ˜+¨#∞¡ ^•YÅÜ«∂º~Ú. D Ñ≤\ ©+¨#¡#∞ ^•YÅ∞ KÕã≤#"åiÖ’
HÍ}˜áêHõO N =~°ã≤kú q<åÜ«∞Hõ ™êfiq∞ ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞O =∂r K≥·~°‡<£ P~ü.
Å`« `«k`«~°∞Å∞ L<åfl~°∞. QÆ`« <≥Å 9= `Õn# ~åR„ѨÉèí∞`«fiO *Ïs KÕã≤#
Pi¤<≥#∞û`À \˜\ ˜_ç`Àáê@∞ Jxfl ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞ „@ã¨∞ì É’~°∞¤Å∞, Hõq∞\©Å∞
ÌŒ ∂« ºÜ«∞x, H�`«Î Hõq∞\©Å U~åÊ@∞ KÕ¿ã JkèHÍ~°O ^Õ"å^•Ü«∞ âßY‰õΩ
HõeÊOKå~°<åfl~°∞. „ѨÉ∞íè `«fi *Ïs KÕã#≤ Pi¤<#≥ ∞û J„Hõ=∞=∞x „ѨH\õ O˜ KåÅx
Ñ≤\+˜ #¨ ∞¡ ÃÇÏ· HÀ~°∞#ì ∞ JÉèºí i÷OKå~°∞. Pi¤<#≥ ∞û J=∞Å∞#∞ xÅ∞ѨÙ^ÅŒ KÕÜ∂« Åx
HÀ~å~°∞. "å^Œ#Å∞ q#fl `«~åfi`« ÃÇÏ· HÀ~°∞ì ¿ã@ì ãπ HÀ L`«~Î ∞° fiÅ∞ *Ïs KÕã∂¨ Î
„ѨÉ∞íè `åfixH˜, ^Õ"å^•Ü«∞âßY‰õΩ <À\©ã∞¨ Å∞ WzÛOk. D Hˆ ã¨∞ qKå~°}#∞
"å~°O ~ÀAÅáê@∞ "å~Ú^• "Õã≤Ok. (PO„^èŒÉèí∂q∞ 12.9.2014)
Temple Protection Movement convenor Soundararajan
in his representation said that the Bill would threaten
the very future of temples as the government was
succumbing to political pressure to rehabilitate party
men in temple trust boards. (The Hindu 20.9.2014)
Fresh writ needed to challenge govt. action: HC
A Division Bench of Hyderabad High Court comprising Chief
Justice Kalyanjyothi Sen Gupta and Justice P.V. Sanjay Kumar
on Tuesday made it clear that fresh writ petitions had to be
filed challenging the action of the A.P. State Government in
dissolving all the Trust Boards of temples as the ordinance
was replaced by the Act, after the Legislature had passed
the Bill and Governor gave consent. The bench was
dealing with a batch of writ petitions filed by several
members of Trust Boards challenging the ordinance
amending the AP Charitable Hindu Religious Institutions
and Endowments Act, 1987. Initially there were orders
of statusquo.
On Tuesday, Advocate-General of AP P. Venugopal
informed the Court that the Act was published after the
Legislature approved the ordinance and Governor gave
his consent. The bench declared that the present writ
petitions were closed and the petitioners were at liberty
to file fresh cases challenging the new Act.
(The Hindu 24.9.2014)
Plea against trust boards Ordinance closed
Hyderabad: A division bench comprising Chief Justice
Kalyan Jyoti Sengupta and Justice P.V. Sanjay Kumar
of the Hyderabad High Court on Tuesday closed a
plea challenging the AP Charitable and Hindu
Religious Institutions and Endowments (Amendment)
Ordinance as infructuous.......
P. Venugopal, advocate general of the AP, said
the Ordinance was culminated into an Act as both
the house of the legislature passed the Bill and
the Governor has given his ascent to the Bill.
While vacating the status quo granted on
September 11 on the Ordinance, the bench closed
the petition by granting liberty to them to file fresh
pleas against the Bill. (Deccan Chronicle 24.9.2014)
„@ã¨∞ì É’~°∞¤Å ~°^Œ∞Ì Pi¤<≥<£ûÃÑ· "åº*ϺÅ#∞ `Àã≤ѨÙzÛ# ÃÇ·ÏHÀ~°∞ì
ÃÇÏ· ^Œ~åÉÏ^£, ÃãÃÑOì |~ü 23 : PÅÜ«∞ „@ã¨∞ì É’~°∞Ť ∞, Hõq∞\©Å#∞ ~°^∞Œ KÌ ãÕ ∂¨ Î
UÑ�„ѨÉ∞íè `«fiO *ÏsKÕã#≤ Pi¤<<≥ û£ ÃÑ· ^•YÖˇ#· "åº*ϺÅ#∞ ÃÇÏ· HÀ~°∞ì „Ñ¨^•è #
<åºÜ«∞=¸iÎ [ã≤ãì π Hõà Ϻ}*’ºu ¿ã<£Q∞Æ Ñ¨Î [ã≤ãì π Ñ�g ã¨O[Üü∞ ‰õΩ=∂~üÅ`À
‰õÄ_ç# ^èŒ~å‡ã¨#O =∞OQÆà ◊"å~°O `Àã≤ѨÙzÛOk. Pi¤<≥<£û#∞ K«@ìã¨ÉèíÖ’¡
P"≥∂kOz# J#O`«~°O QÆ=~°fl~ü P"≥∂^ŒO`À K«@ìOQÍ ~°∂á⁄OkO^Œx
PO„^茄Ѩ^Õâò Ur Ѩ~åO‰õΩâ◊O "Õ}∞QÀáêÖò HÀ~°∞ì‰õΩ q=iã¨∂Î XHõ „Ѩux
HÀ~°∞ì ѨijÅ#‰õΩ WKåÛ~°∞. K«\Ïìxfl ã¨"åÖò KÕÜ∞« ‰õΩO_® Pi¤<<≥ û£ #∞ ã¨"åÖò
KÕÜ∞« _»O x~°~H÷° "õ ∞Õ J=Ù`«∞O^Œx, D "åº*ϺÅ#∞ H�\˜"ì Ü
Õ ∂« Åx HÀ~å~°∞.
Ur "å^Œ#Å`À UH©ÉèíqOz# ÃÇ·ÏHÀ~°∞ì D "åº*ϺÅ#∞ H�\˜ì"Õã¨∂Î...
KВ«\ГЏГ¬xfl ГЈВЁ"ГҐГ–ГІKÕã¨∂Î "ГҐВє[ВєO "Õã¨∞‰õΩ<Г• ВїГЈп¬ЃK«Ûù Ñ≤\ Лњ+ВЁ#~°¡‰õΩ [email protected]в€ћO^Е’x
ã¨Ê+¨Oì KÕãO≤ k. PÅÜ«∞ „@ã¨∞ì É’~°∞Ť ∞ ~°^∞Œ Ì KÕã∂¨ Î PQÆã∞¨ ì 9# PO„^è„Œ Ѩ^âÕ ò
„ѨÉ∞íè `«fiO *ÏsKÕã#≤ Pi¤<<≥ û£ #∞ ã¨"åÖòKãÕ ∂¨ Î z`«∂~Î ∞° lÖÏ¡ HÍ}˜áêHõOÖ’x
N=~°ãk≤ ú q<åÜ«∞Hõ™êfiq∞ PÅÜ«∞ „@ã¨∞ì =∂r K≥~· ‡° <£ P~ü.Å`«, =∞iH�O^Œ~∞°
"Õ~ˆ fi~°∞ Ñ≤\+˜ #¨ `¡ À ÃÇÏ· HÀ~°∞#ì ∞ P„â◊~ÚOz# q+¨Ü∞« O `≥eã≤O^Õ....
(PO„^èŒ*’ºu 24.9.2014)
B#fl`º« =∞O>Ë HÀiHõÅ#∞ K«OѨÙHÀ=_»O HÍ^Œ∞. "å\˜x J^Œ∞ѨÙÖ’ LOK«∞HÀ=_»O.
October '14
w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 25 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
Fight for Devotees’ Rights over Temple Trust Boards...
In the wake of controversy over Secular Governments taking over the control of Hindu Temples,
the Jijnyasa and the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha have jointly organised a seminar on 6th
September at Bangalore to address and discuss the urgent issue of freeing Hindu temples from
Government control.
The event was attended by Dr M.V. SoundaraRajan, Convenor Temples Protection movement,
Chilkoor, Dr. Subramanian Swamy, former Union Minister, Swamy Dayanad Saraswati of Arsha
VidyaGurukulam, Shri Justice Rama Joyce, MP, Shri Ramesh Dikshitar, Advocate among other
eminent dignitaries and Mutt heads.
The seminar started with the introduction by Shri Amit Malvia of Jignyasa who gave various examples
of various movements across the country in various states which fights against government
interference in temples.
He also cited the example of Chilkoor Balaji temple which fights against government interference
by following hundiless and non-VIP treatment system .
Shri T.K. Ramesh spoke about the success of the Chidambaram case which they fought against
ShriJagadeeshShetty a member of TWS gave a power point presentation of how the government
looted the lands, wealth of Hindu temples.
Shri DayanandaSaraswathiSwamysaid that a secular government cannot interefere in religious
activities such as temple management.He insisted that temple income cannot be spent for executive
officers. He insisted that the responsibility of the management should be by a governing body free
from government control.
The keynote address at the seminar �Hindu Temples and Government Control’ was delivered by
Subramanian Swamy. The seminar also discussed several other issues relating to Hindu religious
Subramanian Swamy’s address was focussed on questions like why should a �secular’ government
control any religious institution, and why should it control only Hindu places of worship and not
those of other non-Hindu denominations?He too stressed the need of centralized governing body
independent of government interference.
Shri M.V.Soundararajan while answering in the questioning session gave an elaborate reply for
the question on what can be the alternative for managing the temples without government
He cited the below four valid points:
1. Chilkoor system should be followed as an alternate system like non- hundi/non VIP
2. If the devotees want to contribute something to the temple, a Daily Pooja fund scheme , a
corpus for temple can be created where the devotees can contribute online.
A centralized independent governing body “DharmikaParishad” should be created with
eminent scholars and archakas in the governing body and not by government bodies like
Endownments Department.
4. Ticket systems should be abolished.
JO^ŒOÖËx Ö’@∞#∞ =∞Oz ã¨fiÉèÏ=O ѨÓiã¨∞OÎ k, HÍh =∞Oz ã¨fiÉèÏ=O ÖËx Ö’@∞#∞ JO^ŒO ѨÓiOK«Ö^Ë ∞Œ .
October '14
w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 26 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
Éè‰í Ωõ ÅÎ J#∞Éè"í åÅ∞ –
Chilkur Balaji's Grace - 122
I had lost an important document in my computer,
and had been reaching many days for it, using search
engines, etc. while again searching for it. my mother
recited the mantra "Kartaveeryarjuna Raja bhanu..."
25 times. Suddenly, in the same folder that I had
checked at least 10 to 15 times, I found the lost
document! It was the most amazing miracle.
We lost a valuable coral necklace when out shopping.
We recited this mantra all night, and next day went
around all the shops we had visited earlier. Finally
in one of the shops, the shop owner gave us back
our necklace, which had fallen on the floor! similarly,
I found my lost mobile phone, in another incident.
We thank the Lord for his kindness and "Raja
Kartaveeryarjuna.." for restoring our lost property
to us. We thank you for publishing this mantra, which
has been so very useful to us.
- A Devotee
zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ÉÏÖÏr J#∞„QÆÇϨ O – 122
`«Ñ≤ÊáÈ~Ú#q ^�iHÍ~Ú...
<ГҐ HГµOѨӺ@~üÖ’ KГҐГ–ГЏ =ГљYВє"≥∞ÿ# _®‰õΩº"≥∞[email protected]в€ћ HГµxÑ≤OK«ÖË^Е’в€ћ.
^•xx "≥`«Hõ_®xH˜ Z<Àfl ~ÀAÅ∞QÍ Z<Àfl „Ѩܫ∞`åflÅ∞, ã¨~üÛ
WOl<£Å∞ "å_ç<å „Ñ¨Ü≥∂[#OÖË^Œ∞. =∞m§ "≥uˆH ã¨O^Œ~°ƒùOÖ’ =∂
J=∞‡ ''HÍ~°Îg~åº~°∞˚<À <å=∞ ~å*Ï ÉÏǨï...—— J<Õ =∞O„`åxfl 25
™ê~°∞¡ LK«ÛùiOzOk. J^Œ∞ƒù`«O! <Õ#∞ 10 #∞O_ç 15 ™ê~°∞¡ "≥uH˜#
á¶ÈŤ~À¡ `«Ñ≤ÊáÈ~Ú# _®‰õΩº"≥∞O\ò ÅaèOzOk. Wk K«=∞`å¯~°"Õ∞!!
WOH�Hõ™êi KåÖÏ qÅ∞= KÕ¿ã PÉèí~°}O XHõ\ ˜ ëêÑ≤OQ∑ ã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’
áÈQ�@∞ì‰õΩ<åflO. ~å„`«O`å D =∞O„`åxfl LK«ÛùiOz =∞~°∞ã¨\ ˜ ~ÀA
"≥Ú^Œ\ ˜~ÀA "≥o§# ^Œ∞HÍ}ÏÅ∞ Jxfl\˜Ö’ J_»∞QÆ∞`«∂ "≥à ϧO. XHõ
^Œ∞HÍ}O Ü«∞[=∂x D #QÆ <ÕÅÃÑ· ^�iH˜`Õ KåÖÏ *Ï„QÆ`«ÎQÍ LOz
=∂HõOkOKå_»∞. WOH�Hõ ã¨O^Œ~°ƒùOÖ’ <å "≥Úɡ·Öò á¶È<£ uiy
ÅaèOzOk. Wxfl™ê~°∞¡ P^Œ∞‰õΩ#fl P ''HÍ~°gÎ ~åº~°∞#˚ ™êfiq∞H˜—— Jq∞`«OQÍ
Hõ$`«[˝`«Å∞ JOkOKåe. D â’¡HÍxfl =∂HõOkOz# '"åH±— Ѩ„uHõ‰õΩ
KåÖÏ ^èŒ#º"å^•Å∞.
-XHõ Éèí‰õΩÎ_»∞
Chant 28 times
N˛Áo| ƒ yÆÁ| \ Ï | å Áz åÁ™ ∫Á\Á §Á“Ï Ã“œÁƒÁåΩ @ oÀÆ À™∫m™Áfiz m ToÊ å…bÊ Y ¬•Æoz @ @
HÍ~°Îg~åº~°∞˚<À <å=∞ ~å*Ï ÉÏǨï ã¨Ç¨Ï„ã¨"å<£ I `«ã¨º 㨇~°} =∂„`Õ} QÆ`«O #+¨ìO K« ÅÉèíº`Õ II
Please chant this sloka to locate lost objects, persons and belongings.
`«Ñ≤ÊáÈ~Ú# =º‰õΩÎÅ∞, =ã¨∞Î=ÙÅ∞ uiy ÅaèOK«∞@‰õΩ D â’¡HÍxfl ÉèíH˜Î`À ѨiîOK«O_ç.
All slokas Chant 28 times
FO ǨÏ$+�ˆHâßÜ«∞ #=∞ó
G J  yNz ∆ ÁÆ å™:
For overcoming bad habits
^Œ∞~°Å"å@¡#∞O_ç q=ÚH˜Î á⁄O^Œ_®xH˜.
FO =+¨\ϯ~åÜ«∞ #=∞ó G ƒ bΩ N ˛Á∫ÁÆ å™:
For Success in Business, Interviews, Visa
Interviews, building relationship
"ГҐВєГЎГЄ~ГҐaГЁ=$kГєHЛњ, [email protected]~°∂fi ºÅÖ’ ã¨Ñ¶¨ÅO
HÍ=_®xH˜ 㨇iOK«O_ç.
FO N=в€ћ`Г• #=в€ћГі G В»yв„ўoz ГҐв„ў:
Please Chant for Handsome Appearance and wealth.
â◊s~° ™œO^Œ~åºxH˜, ã¨OѨ^Œ‰õΩ.
FO JHõ∆~åÜ«∞ #=∞ó G Eq∫ÁÆ å™:
For Education and better Financial strength.
q^•ºaè=$kúH˜ =∞iÜ«Ú Sâ◊fi~åºaè=$kúH˜.
FO Ѩ~°=∂`«‡<Õ #=∞ó G ú∫™Án™åz å™:
For self employed people, for promotions and
success in games.
„H©_®HÍ~°∞ʼnõΩ, ã¨fiÜ«∞O LáêkèÖ’ L#fl "åiH˜, L#fl`«
Ѩ^Œ=ÙÅ∞ PtOKÕ "åiH˜.
FO Éè∂í `«ÉÏè =<åÜ«∞ #=∞ó G ßÓoßÁƒåÁÆ å™:
For better health. =в€ћOz P~ГЂQГЌВєxHЛњ.
FO ѨÓ`å`«‡<Õ #=∞ó G úÓ o Án™åz å™:
To remove mental stress and for mental
=∂#ã≤ H õ P~ÀQͺxH˜ =∂#ã≤ H õ XuÎ _ ç #∞O_ç
FO â◊~°‡}Ë #=∞ó G ∆™| m z å™:
For Job Satisfaction
L^ÀºQÆOÖ’, KÕ¿ã ѨxÖ’ JOH˜`« ÉèÏ"åxH˜, `«$Ñ≤ÎH˜.
Q�Ñ¨Ê =ºH˜Î jÖÏxH˜, 㨄`« Ê=~°#Î ‰õΩ, „Hõ=∞tHõ}
∆ ‰õΩ „áê^è•#º`«x™êÎ_∞» .